Lit Black Fleet Crisis

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    I tend to wonder how they didn't know at all. Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin would've at least told them and the comic adaption of Heir to the Empire did have Padme's portrait up there. To be honest the only good thing about the series from what I've read was Lando's story and the introduction of new ships, oh and A'baht, he was a cool character.
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    Yeah, ideally I think Luke and Leia should've found out about Padme's identity earlier than 31 years after their father's death. But given that Padme was unknown at the time OOU, it's just the way it went. I too think that the Luke story should have been vetoed.
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    I did my first post-ROTJ runthrough without touching the Black Fleet Crisis.
    Didn't seem to be any missing much, LOTF/FOTJ has sufficient information on Akanah/the Fallanassi.

    Went back and read BFC just to humour myself, deeply regretted it by the end.
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    While the BFC weren't great by any measure, I never minded them. You get some decent fleet-action and lots of Lobot (who can complain about that). My only complaint about the EU, is outside of the BFC there are not many mentions of the the ships involved in the New Class Modernization Program. Especially the Nebula Star Destroyer. Easily my favorite capital ship along with the Viscount. Would have loved much more action with both of those.