Lit EU fans in high places

Discussion in 'Literature' started by The Man Who Sold the Moon, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Okay, I need to phone a friend who works in the BBC media archive, I fully trust him to have been the one to provide that pic just to promote the comic. [face_tee_hee]
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    I read somewhere that the Glenn Quinn (the guy who plays Doyle) had a drug problem and that was a large part of the reason he got offed.

    You should skip ahead to Season 5 of Angel, the best season ever. <3 Spike
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    I agree, I don't like the way he has handled virtually every retcon either, but the point I was trying to make is the situations he has been put in sure have helped him.
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    simply out of curiosity is there a comprehensive list of retcons?
    the wook has an insanely abbreviated list and i found this relatively comprehensive article but its dated
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    Okay, Conan just had a Fan Correction pointing out that Darth Vader couldn't vacation on Endor because Endor is a gas giant and he properly means the Forest Moon of Endor . . . to which Conan responded with a segment of Vader on Endor's core . . . Insulting the doubter as a "Blenjeel sandworm."

    You know, from that one mission in Jedi Academy.
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