O.C, CA 1-17-2009 Monthly Meeting and Post-Holiday Party!

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    Hey, The Orange County Fanforce will start the year off right. We are going to combine our first meeting of the year, with our Annual Post-Holiday party! There will be games, food, a gift exchange, movies, and more!

    Details to follow soon, any questions, just ask!
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    more details [link=http://www.ocsws.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1256]here[/link]
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    January Meeting Minutes

    New members in attendance: Welcome Keith and James.

    Treasury Report-
    Currently we have $182 in funds, before dues were collected. Recycle not turned in yet. Reminder that if you pay for dues for a year, in advance, then it's only $20, instead of $24 if you pay $2 per month.

    Lori has taken over managing our MySpace page. I (Lori) have added a new Star Wars themed layout including a music player with several selections of sound track music from the movies for your listening pleasure.

    I will be going on our page every few days to approve new friends, and look for others. I've recently added Daniel Logan and Frank & Sons, Anthony Forrest and Joe Corroney (well know Star Wars artist) to our Friends List.
    Please add OCSWS if you're on MySpace and aren't on our Friends List yet.

    I will be sending out Bulletins as reminders before our Meetings and Social Activities, as well as keeping a Blog of our activities.

    I'll be changing the layouts/back grounds periodically, so check back often. And check out our Friends List which will keep growing as I find new cool people to add.

    Jan-Feb Events-

    Past Events-Mercedes' Birthday party. Darrin has posted links to the photos taken.
    Doo-dah Parade was Jan 18th

    501st Event-Frank & Sons on Jan. 31st
    Lazer Tag in March, tentative.
    More Charity Events to be added-CHOC and Boys and Girls Club.

    Relay for Life-June 20th. Our Team is already Registered. Please go register for the Team.

    Saber Alliance-
    Sunday is now by Appointment only.
    Wed. nights we will be starting to work on new choreography.
    The 6th Annual Tournament is coming up in March. If you want to learn to fight and be in the Tournament, come out at least a week before then and join us and we will teach you.

    Show Choreo Group-
    They have a productive meeting, many ideas shared.
    New script will be posted soon.
    Anyone who can help design, build and paint sets, run audio or lights please get involved to help.

    Next Meeting will be Feb. 8th

    Trivia Quiz-
    Another challenging quiz by James with a lot of EU stuff. Aaron won handily, Matt came in 2nd, Lori just one under Matt's score.

    Meeting Attendance:
    Phil, James, Don, Lu, Lori, Val, Grif, Shades, Jim (and sons), Darrin and Lola, Matt, Kat Lisa and Marley. New Members: Keith and James.

    The Post Holiday Party afterward was a lot of fun. More people showed up to this, like Anthony and his wife Kat, Liane, Dini and her girlfriend Heather.

    The gift is exchange is always fun. Games were played, pizza eaten and movies watched. A good time was had by all.
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