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    OOC: was requested to carry things farther, so here we go.

    IC: Darth Lolarus/ Undercity/ Coruscant
    Blues Berry Diner

    Being pulled around by a whimpering semi-attractive twi'lek would be something many a male would have dreamed of. Considering this was the Avatar, he was thinking about what to do to the cook for being so slow. Oddly enough the waitress took him to the manager, who was in the office somewhere in the back. "He-here's my boss, Sir. Please let go of my hand..." The blue Twi'lek cringed away from both of them, not wanting to be in trouble.

    The manager, an Ithorian of all things, tried to apologize for whatever the inconvience was and how it would be made right. The problem with this was that Ithorians physically can't speak basic, and Lolarus had never bothered to learn their language. Why would he have, having practically no use for the beings save as a hammer to crush someone elses head? Squeezing the females hand tighter, "Why do you all look like some dispropotionate hammer? Don't you know the head's supposed to be bigger than the grip?" Stretching out his other hand, Lolarus began to crush the other being until it fit his personal opinion of what their propotions should be. It wasn't the quickest thing in the world, condensing all of that matter into the shape of a handle, but once you got all of the liquids out it was amazing what could be managed. The Ithorians screams had been subsonic, which only further angered the Sith. Nice job, just keep the blood off of us. And you might want to do something about the noise... "What? Oh thank you." Letting the now hammershaped Ithorian drop to the ground, Lolarus turned back towards the blubbering waitress.

    Becoming almost tender, he helped her to sit down (on the now rather damp floor, but still it was better than falling) the Avatar soothed her to calm down. "I'm not going to hurt you, that thing was completely useless anyways." Sure, Lolarus was lying through his teeth, but she didn't know that. "Just got a bit frustrated with all of his jibbering, and disproportionate state. That and I get rather grumpy when I'm hungry." Sool did shutup, but mainly because she didn't want to be next. LESSON! Turning aroung, "Butt out of it you ingrateful little morons! I'll deal out lessons when I want to, not whenever it suits your malformed whims." Sool tried to pull away during this outburst, but Lolarus jerked her back towards him. "You aren't going anywhere until you take me to your boss. Got it?" If you taught her a lesson she'd do what you want. "Later you ungrateful little twits." Sticks and stones chum, sticks and stones. With that an already foul mood was ruined even farther.

    Forcing himself to ignore the muses that tortured him so Lolarus turned back to the waitress who was talking to him. "I... Th-that was... You just..." Sool ended up just pointing to and saying "Boss."

    Rolling his eyes in exhasperation, "No, no, no I mean the person you report to constantly. You know, the thing that sears the meat and boils all those pretty little veggies within an inch of their taste buds." Boy this broad's dense. Make her denser. "Why must you always interupt me? Have I ever done anything to you? I'm trying to think logically, and you simply can't seem to let me do this." Logic is boring. Shrugging, "Well, you got me there." For the last time, I hope. Never. A wordless growl slid from Lolarus throat as he glared at a random plant.

    Jerking the poor waitress up, "Boss! Now!" Trying to shrink away from the man leaning over her she whimpered as the pressure on her hand started again. Pulling Lolarus towards the kitchen, having finally figured out what he wanted, Sool tried to completely disappear when they entered the kitchen. Instead Lolarus held her like a vice.

    Looking straight at the Dev
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    Darth Avarice the Great and Magnificent Messiah
    at least in his head

    Avarice sighed as Lolarus grabbed the waitress and toted her off demanding to see her 'boss'. ?Damn you Lolarus, I didn't get to order my Muja Berry Juice!? The Sephi Sith lord slid his chair up so he could stand and a rather rude human bumped into him, turned, with a rather disgusting face, ?Hey buddy watch it!?the small speck said shoving Avarice lightly on the shoulder.

    Avarice took a moment, observing the man, then his hand, then his own shoulder. Then his anger flared, and the Sith Lords cane slammed into the back of the mans legs causing him to fall square on his back. Avarice raised his cane and slammed the end of it down into the man's shoulder with a sickening crunch. The other individuals of the restaurant looking towards him as a muffled scream could be heard in the back kitchen, and from the man.

    ?Allow me to enlighten you of your sin transgressed.? Avarice said calmly, ?Thou shalt not layeth thy hands on thou Lord, for my wrath,? He lifted a foot and shoved it sharply into the mans nether regions. ?Is severe.? he narrowed his eyes at the other patrons, ?Do we understand our God's words?? One of the males, a rather muscular Twi'lek stood and stuttered ?Hey... Hey man your crazy!?

    Avarice extended his right hand and clamped his hand shut, the man, grabbed for his throat and struggled to breath as he was lifted off the floor. ?Indeed, I am crazy. Insanity is a sign of the Divine. You should read your holy texts more often. But sadly you have yourself committed a sin. Thou shalt not speaketh to the Lord out of line.? Avarice clamped his fist tighter and the mans neck snapped sideways at an odd angle and his arms went limp.

    ?Do any of you others wish to test your God's patience today?? The man below Avarice's feet made what sounded like a gurgle and Avarice looked down. ?But don't get me wrong, your Lord is also merciful.? The cane lifted off the mans shoulder and slammed down into his throat, piercing the skin and shattering the neck bone beneath ending the mans life. ?I shall be your shepherd I shall lead you along the path.? The Sith lord pulled a small vial of green liquid out of his pocket and threw it onto the floor, on contact with the air it turned into a bright green gas. ?And you shall walk the path smiling...?

    Avarice turned his attention to the kitchen ?Lolarus my friend, these lost sheep will soon walk the path. And as such this place should be cleansed do you have any suggestions or shall we just do the usual??

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    IC: Cain Ras
    Outside Blues Berry Diner, Undercity, Coruscant

    Journal entry 557

    What is he

    Cain looked in the cantina window at the strangely dressed man. He watched as another man walked in and joined them. He watched the girl in between them. He listened as all conversation stopped. He watch as the man grabbed his waitress and left with her. He felt her scream. He felt the Ithorian die. He watched the dark man kill.

    ...He felt all of the peoples fear. And he did nothing.

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    IC: Lola
    Diner, Coruscant Undercity

    As Lolarus grabbed the waitress by the hand, Lola felt a twinge of jealousy. Lolarus almost never touched her. Well, Lola really couldn?t complain. She knew the waitress was not likely to live much longer. Lola simply shrugged and let her slight pouty face turn into a grin.

    The seventeen-year-old girl skipped along behind her master, humming a happy little tune. She paid little attention as the deranged man ?spoke? with the manager and then insisted on seeing the cook. Lola did not care much for this particular facet of Lolarus?s personality. She was not into the whole blood and guts kind of thing? so, instead she just escaped into her favorite little fantasy: her and Lolarus on a nice beach somewhere, all by themselves, not a care in the world? and Lola sighed.

    Lolarus?s sudden move from the room caught her attention and Lola grinned again, skipping after him. The three entered the kitchen, and the smell instantly assaulted Lola. She couldn?t believe she was going to eat something that came from a place that stunk this much.

    Stupidly, the being that appeared to be the head cook was rude, and chose to insult Lolarus?s sense of dress. Lola gasped, her eyes growing wide. Not even Lola would go that far. No one would? not even one as crazy as their little psycho group.

    Expectedly, Lolarus soon had several knives in the man?s back, and he had moved onto the waitress, who was now blubbering and trying to get away.

    "What do you think Lola, do we need to tenderize these a bit?"

    The question caught her off guard. Lola looked into the waitress?s eyes and was about to answer when Lolarus began his? eh?. fun. Her smile disappeared as she saw the pain in the Twi?lek?s face. Fortunately for her, the waitress shortly passed out. Lolarus still continued, and chopped of her fingers? and Lola, for one brief moment, hated him? no, not him. She hated that this being had to go through this.

    And just as quickly as this thought came, it left. A cook was rushing towards Lolarus?. her Lolarus ?. a knife in hand. No one would hurt her Pumpkin. No one hurts her puddin?. Without thinking, she pulled out her gun, leveling it at the charging man, who then faltered. The look of fear on his face was hilarious.

    Lola pulled the trigger, and the concussive blast flew towards the man, knocking him back through the wall. At such close range, the blast more than likely killed the man. The deafening noise drew the attention of the other three. Lola holstered her gun, and her lightsaber was in her hand within a moment.

    Gracefully, the young woman flipped through the air, landing on the counter in a crouch, spinning on her foot as she did so. Her saber ignited, decapitating two of the chefs as the blade came around. She stopped her spin, staring at the last cook who was now cowering away from her.

    She spun her saber from its standard reverse grip and deactivated it, holding it in a much more normal style. She flashed an alluring smile at the man, and the fairly attractive human cook seemed to ease up a little? but only a little.

    Making use of everything she had, Lola slipped off the counter and swaggered towards him. The man seemed transfixed by Lola, which wasn?t all that uncommon a reaction. As she approached him, she pressed close and stared into his eyes. When she spoke, her voice was soothing, and the man was trembling now.

    ?Hiya handsom?. I betcha? you?re a smart one, ain?t ya puddin??? The man nodded nervously. Lola brought a finger up to stroke his face. ?It?s a shame, ya? know? You?re cute.? The girl giggled, and the man returned the laugh. His face changed quickly as the lightsaber ignited into his gut. Lola pulled it out, deactivated it, kissed the man gently on the lips, and then let him slide down to the floor to die.

    Lola once more sauntered over to where Lolarus still stood when her eyes fell on the waitress, starting to stir slightly. She walked past her master and kneeled down next to her. Her eyes started on her face, and then let her gaze move down to the wom
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    IC: Emperor Fel II
    Imperial Palace, Bastion, Braxant Sector, Empire

    ?Yes my lord, I have a Single question. Though it is more of a request. I have no ship to speak of that is my own. And, your Knight who jest left, will likely choose the X-wing, since it has a history with the Jedi. I would, if he indeed did not pick it. Like to use the Preybird for my craft. It has a history with Pirates, and since their not as unwelcome in Hutt space it would make it much easier to sneak in, and too throw attention away from the Empire, my lord. Aside from this, I have no questions or requests.?

    Emperor Fel looked at the adjunct, who nodded for him. "His Majesty approves. Maximum destruction. There is to be nothing left alive, and no evidence linking the assault to us. Absolutely none. Dismissed."

    The Emperor watched as the man left, and then gestured the adjunct to leave. Standing, the Emperor clicked his fingers and took the lightsaber from his belt. It was time for him to personally intervene in this, the Imperial considered. He signalled his double, and departed from the chamber via the secret walkway. A pair of Imperial Knights were there, and immediately bowed. Fel passed them, expecting them to follow, which they did.

    "I wish to take my personal ship. I seek to maintain a hand in the events on Karfeddion. If the Sith are truly back, the Empire must remain strong enough to repel them." As he spoke, he took pieces of his armour off of the statuettes dotted down the corridor, placing them on his arms and legs as he walked.

    "Your Majesty, Zayl is an unknown factor. We cannot afford to dispatch you alone with him, surely?"

    The Emperor paused and turned, allowing the two Knights to place his armour's breastplate upon him, reclipping the purple robes to his shoulder pads. "I trust Zayl. He could have sat out the second Jedi Civil War with ease, simply buried his head in the sand on Dagobah, or some-such. Instead he sought to continue fighting the good fight. That is the marking of a true man."

    "His StealthX has a slower hyperdrive than my personal craft, no?"

    Realising neither of them could disagree with their master and lord, they conceded to their Emperor. "Yes sir, if you leave now you should decant at the same time as he does."

    "So be it."


    The Emperor's personal StealthX decanted next to Zayl's above Karfeddion, and he immediately reached out with the Force, already knowing the reversion coordinates of his Knight. It was hardly an ideal situation, but he wanted his young Knight to understand what was happening quickly, and to follow him down. With a waggle of his wings - even the Emperor occasionally forgot nobody could see these fighters - he drifted towards the outskirts of the slave city.

    The Emperor landed his fighter near Zayl's, and jumped out, keeping the Force close. He kept his face hidden behind a mask, and his body hidden behind dust-coloured robes and nodded to Zayl. "You are Imperial Knight Zayl, yes? My name is Rem. I am an Imperial Knight also. Intelligence has suggested the Sith may be aware of your efforts, and thus his Imperial Majesty sent me to support you efforts."

    He bowed, smiling to himself.

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    IC: Damon

    Damon hastily followed his master into the ship, not wanting to make the Sith Lord wait. He was not always a patient man. They boarded the ship, and Insipid quickly activated the autopilot. The two entered the center of the ship, and Damon waited rather impatiently to get on with this. He?d been cooped up for far too long, and his various female company only went so far to calm his restlessness.

    Insipid snatched the holocron, and it began to levitate in the center of the room.
    "The Gorog Sith Holocron is nearly thirty thousand years old, and was created by a member of the original Sith species. It is technically speaking the first Sith Holocron."

    "In the traditional Sith, the second to the Dark Lord is the Shadow Hand. The Shadow Hand is the Sith apprentice, the second member of the Rule of Two, the supreme Dark Lord's apprentice, and so forth. The title was attached to the first Sith King, Adas, in 28,000 BBY, as his second."

    "However," said Insipid, casually smiling. "This was not always the way. The Shadow Hand was a political title on ancient Korriban, and in the past was pitted against a similarly named Sith - the Night Herald. The two Sith pushed Korriban towards technological heights, but a switch of betrayals - one of hundreds in Sith history - saw the Night Herald - Gorog - dispatched on a sleeper ship towards the heart of the galaxy."

    Insipid nodded to himself, and then started to funnel Sith lightning into the Sith Holocron. "The Holocron shall be opened by a Sith reciting the Code of the Sith. Do so. Now."

    Damon listened intently. His knowledge of Sith history was limited, and so he gratefully absorbed all of this information. As Insipid gave Damon his order, the apprentice nodded and looked at the Holocron. When he spoke his voice was? not particularly reverent, but quieter and more subdued than his normally abrasive voice.

    ?Peace is a lie, there is only passion.?

    The Jedi speak of peace, but Damon had gathered enough in his life to know that peace could not be found. Passion, however, was real.

    ?Through passion, I gain strength.?

    It was his passion that allowed the young Damon to stand against his own father. It was passion that let Damon survive on the streets of Coruscant until Insipid found him. Passion had indeed made him strong.

    ?Through strength, I gain power.?

    Power. That was what Damon desired. Not the power to destroy, or conquered, but the power to never be hurt. The power to never have to rely on another. The power to stand on his own, and to destroy any that threatened his stability.

    ?Through power, I gain victory.?
    Victory. A relative term. What Damon desired was to be victorious over himself?

    ?Through victory, my chains are broken.?

    To not be chained down by others. To live his life, and to do his own bidding?

    ?The Force shall set me free.?

    To be free. That is what the young Sith desired. That is what the young Sith fought so hard for. He would learn all he could from Insipid, perhaps the strongest Sith in the Dominion, and he would survive, free to do as he pleased.

    Silently, Damon looked to his master to see what he must next do.

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    IC: Alexander Rendush
    Council Pod

    Alex sat silently, listening to Brutus speak. He heard the Master's request to incorporate Knight Secura into his padawan's training, and Alex had trouble deciding why he thought this necessary. He decided to say so. "Brutus, I do not see how such an arrangement, official or unofficial, would benefit your padawan. I am sure that Knight Secura would be more than willing to help in any way possible, but her talents would best serve the Order in other places. However, we have more important matters to attend to."

    Alex listened silently as Vance called in Knight Finwerk. When he was finished, Alex picked up his own commlink. "Raleesha, Send in Knight Gigias as well, if you do not mind. Neither mission was particularly sensitive, and there is little reason wh
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    IC: Darth Insipid
    En route to Dathomir

    With the perfect rendition of the Sith Code, the Sith Holocron of Gorog activated. The gatekeeper activated, showing a member of the Sith species with what appeared to be a dark-blue Killik limb was attached where his left arm should have been. The red-skinned Sith looked from Darth Insipid, apparently recognising him, and looked to Damon. He sniffed, and looked back at Insipid. "You told him who I was?"

    "I instructed him that you were a Sith from Korriban originally named the Night Herald."

    "And?" Gorog speaking Basic didn't match to his guttural tones, never had done. Insipid was glad, nonetheless, the Holocron had learnt basic from Darth Rem, the man who had found the Sith Holocron on Sarafur in 6 ABY.

    "That's all."

    "So he wants to hide himself from everyone," the Sith said as he wheeled around, his image growing as he loomed over Damon, snapping his pincer. It became apparent he had one of his eyes replaced with that of an insect. "He wants the ability to conceal himself behind someone's doubt, to have a slippery presence that fades from memory. To learn how to slow his opponent down, to the point they can be crushed with ease."

    Gorog had grown to epic size, a massive monster looming over the young man. Insipid said nothing. He had nothing to say. Gorog, his head twice the size of Damon's body, leaned close to Damon and roared. "Is that what you want?"

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    IC: Zayl
    Karfeddion Orbit

    Karfeddion displayed itself in front of Zayl's craft as soon as he dropped out from light speed and for a moment Zayl wasn't in Karfeddion's orbit as he stared at the planet. Instead, his surroundings momentarily shifted, becoming that of a classroom like the one that could be found at the Jedi Academy with a holodisplay showing an image of the planet.

    It only lasted for a moment and Zayl just shook it off once it passed. Those times were long gone. While what he learned at the Academy was still useful to him, he was no longer a part of the Jedi any longer once he came to realize that they weren't the only ones that wished for peace and balance in the galaxy.

    He had been about to check for a landing zone on the surface but stopped when a sudden sensation in the Force caused him to pause and look to where it was originating. Nothing, but when he reached out with the Force in return and squinted, he could barely see something moving through space, blocking out stars as it flew. He wouldn't have been able to find it if he hadn't known that there was something out there, but it was another StealthX.

    Backup? An agent that had been waiting for him to show him down? Keeping the questions to himself and refusing to use the comms, Zayl just followed the StealthX down, landing it on the planet side-by-side with the other before hopping out and making sure that his lightsaber was still at his belt.

    "You are Imperial Knight Zayl, yes? My name is Rem. I am an Imperial Knight also. Intelligence has suggested the Sith may be aware of your efforts, and thus his Imperial Majesty sent me to support you efforts."

    Zayl blinked, slowly, but otherwise showed no other sign of what he thought of this. A trap or a setup immediately came to mind but there were plenty of evidence against it. Zayl didn't know an Imperial Knight named Rem but then again a good portion of Imperial Knights didn't want to get to know him. The mask and robes unnerved Zayl but he reminded himself that the Emperor wanted this to be a secret mission pointed at the Jedi, and only Fel had to have known about where Zayl was going for an agent to have come and found him.

    "So it seems," Zayl replied, finally returning the bow that Rem had given him. "He has told you of the mission then?"

    It was a simple question but it was just one that Zayl wanted to ask so that Rem could further prove that it was indeed the Emperor that sent him.

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    Norn Dukai

    Before leaving the presence of the Emperor, Norn stood and saluted the Emperor. And it struck him, that you don't Salute the Emperor you bow. However he didn't show the embarrassment on his face, instead he bowed lightly turned on his heel and walked out at a brisk, but not to urgent pace. When he was clear of the Emperor and his assistance presence he quietly cursed himself for being so foolish.

    His attention quickly shifted when the contents of his mission flooded back into his mind. A mission of espionage and destruction. This was precisely what he was trained to do, to go behind enemy lines, gain intelligence, and then wreak havoc. This is what he was meant to do, what he was made to do, what he was destined to do. This is what he would do.

    It wasn't too long a walk to the hanger the datapad designated as the location of the Preybird. And once there, Norn couldn't help but fall in love with the craft. Preybirds didn't have a huge following anymore. But that didn't detract from the beauty of the craft. This model was painted black, apparently with the same matte-black fiberplast that the StealthX's had. Would help him in looking invisible but unless there were modifications to the engines, which outwardly there wasn't any apparent mods in that regard, he'd still light up the sky with his engines.

    But there were some modifications Norn noticed. The ship had more bulk than a standard Preybird, and upon farther inspection it was apparent that additional cargo space had been added. Not specifically for him, but it would suit his needs. At a glance it seemed to have the space he'd need to carry his armor, weapons, ammo, and various other supplies. Norn looked up at the datapad, looking at the available weapons and supplies he could take, particularly explosive devices.

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    IC: Michealle

    Her short trip was uneventful, and actually boring. She had brought up some information of the planet and sighed, ?This is going to be fun, trees and more trees to look at.? Shrugging, she headed straight for the star port, flying low, just barely a few meters above the tree tops, looking for the JedI Temple, not that she really wanted to find it real quick, but have an idea which way to head. However, she could find that information by other means.


    Her sensors chimed, to let her know that a spaceport was in sight. She radioed in for a space. After several minutes of haggering, she got a secured spot from the normal spots. It cost her more than she would prefer, but she needed secrecy for her work. Then the fun can start, however she had some Jedi to dispose of first. Doing that may acquire some thinking first. Her joke about joining them came to mind, but she shook her head no. She never had the knack of hiding her powers of the Dark Side. If any down fall was hers, it was that.

    She sat the fighter facing the back of the landing pad, so if she was harried, the blast will kill anyone following her to this place of escape. Swinging out of the cockpit and landing with her legs bent to soften the landing, than she straightened up, then proceeded to the luggage compartment. Pulling out her bag, she then made sure her alarm was set; she strode over to some crates that were lying around and changed.

    When she stepped out, she had on a light blue shirt, with loose fitting slacks. Making sure she had her blue saber tucked in a pocket on her pants, she slipped on knee high, brown boots. Tucking her hair into the shirt and pulling a blond wig to cover what was left, she called her bag to her, as she walked to the door of her landing pad. As she opened it, she stepped right out into the walkway and headed straight to the bar.

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    OOC: just keeping things going for the moment, lolarus and vance will come later. on another note, if someone else needs to use raleesha, she is an NPC. for the record.

    IC: Raleesha Nomani/ Reception Desk outside the council Chambers

    The reply was fairly immediate, but there was a vaguely unexpected addendum. Trying to hide her slight surprise, but knowing it was highly unlikely given her current company Raleesha relayed the messages. "Go on in dearie," this was directed at Knight Fenwerk, who was still standing right in front of her desk. Giving him an encouraging smile, she circled around and walked over to where Knight Gigias and Padawan Ark'kadd were conversing. Absently noting the spilt coffee, and sincerely hoping she wasn't interupting anything important, "Knight Gigias? The Grandmaster requested that you go in as well." Again she gave an encouraging smile. "I'll get right on that spill, don't worry about it."

    Messages relayed, Nomani went over to the counter the caf pot was on and opened the cabinet. Underneath there were varied stores, be it for more caf, some of that exotic hot cocoa stuff, or cleaning up of messes. Grabbing one of the rags she proceeded to clean up where ever the spill had ended up. "I do hope I didn't get in the way of something you two needed to finish, but you know how the council can be." This was directed at the Padawan. "You had mentioned coming from a powerful family on Onderon. Do you mind my asking why I've not heard of it before?" Hopefully this would turn into basic chitchat that would allow the Ral to look after the young girl until the council was ready for her. Smiling pleasantly, she put up the rag and stood near to Alex'xandria.


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    IC: Alex?xandria Jinn Ark?add
    Waiting Room, Jedi Temple

    It was as if Gigias had never changed. A mighty wroshyr tree that defied the wind, its limbs unbending at the most forceful of gales. Indeed, Gigias appeared to feed off of circumstances that would break most mortal beings, his strength surging with each impossible task that he underwent. Not even the Council could defy the will of such a man, the vigorous intensity in which he believed in the power of the light.

    The Jedi Council is not the Jedi Order, her Master had once said. The Council strives to serve the will of the Force, as do all Jedi, but sometimes, it seems as if they?ve blinded themselves. Perhaps they are simply trying too hard.

    But Atius had always sensed some shred of darkness in Gigias, a certain unpredictability that was exemplified by his recklessness. Now near the broad, crescent-shaped window overlooking the veranda, Arkania reached out with the Force and brushed gently against Gigias?s presence.

    Yes, the darkness was there, pulsing against his aura in the tendrils of the Force. But not the darkness that one finds chasing the light. It was almost as if the light kept the darkness in check, a perilous act of balance that only a man of Gigias?s persona could pursue.

    Arkania started as the darkness swelled slightly, Gigias?s brow furrowing as he realized that he had poured caf onto his unprotected hand. Struggling to hide his distraction behind a hurried manner, he thrust a cup of caf into Arkania?s arms and strode toward the window. The caf quickly warmed her chilled palm, and she walked over to meet him.

    ?Looking back on my history, I never had any attachments to anyone. No friends, no Jedi, no one really.? He paused, sipping his caf. ?It was weird. After a while, I begin to look at people as assets and tools. Tools of success. My success. I do not regret it, because it made me who I am today.?

    Arkania nodded, unwilling to interrupt his quiet words.

    ?I guess what I am trying to say is?you are young and have the potential to be a good Jedi. Whatever happened with Master Atius, you better not regret it, but accept it and make yourself stronger for your sake and make his death mean something. Stray on your master too long and fail yourself, then you might as well be in his place.?

    Arkania took a long pull of her caf, her eyes half-lidded in a scalding mélange of anger and shame. This was not what she had expected from someone who Master Atius had considered a friend. He had come to her as a mentor, a guide, to reassure her that she had not done wrong, and that Atius?s death had been a product of the will of the Force. Not to criticize and patronize her about something he didn?t even understand! That he could never understand! This was madness. This was willful ignorance. This was not the way of the Jedi.

    Be mindful of your thoughts. They will betray you.

    Oh, Master! Why aren?t you here when I need you most?

    ?Master Gigias, I understand what you say. My Master held you in high esteem, and he spoke of you often. But Master,? she began drawing closer, ?I saw him die. I saw his breath go out of him for the last time, and he?his last words were to me. When he died?? she licked her lips, her mouth suddenly very dry, ??when the Sith??

    Arkania shook her head slowly.

    ?I cannot speak of his last moments, Master. I?m sorry. I cannot tell you what I know.?

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    Gigias Henruliken

    Ah, so there was more. The man's eyebrows rose with temporary surprise, but was quickly erased with the swiftness of a cool, sly predator. His face recaptured the enigmatic appeal that had become his image to the people who knew him, a look that seemed to symbolize that he was in deep thought, while it also seemed as if it was busy with something else at the same time. This padwan was interesting, most interesting indeed. He had felt her brush her awareness against his person and had allowed it. It was not polite to shut someone off without good reason and Gigias had nothing to hide.

    Tilting his empty cup to Padawan Ark'add and cocking his head to the side, Gigias smiled. "Your emotions betray you. You thought that I would cradle your sensitivity and tell you that it was not your fault. You, and only you, can decide what you could have done and what was out of your control. No one else can help you until you choose to help yourself."

    His words were sharp and stern. "Your Master and I had a good relationship. His passion and wisdom balanced out evenly with my apathetic and, sometimes, irrational behavior. It was a balance that we could personally control, free of the Force. Personal Balance, young Ark'add. You need to find that, whether it be within these hollow walls of the temple, the peaceful waters of Glee Anselm, or the heart of another person. Just...just take care of yourself."

    The knight paused, staring into his empty cup for a moment. "You are the last student of Atius and that means something only if you make it mean something."

    Gigias sat his cup down on the dispenser, bowed in farewell to Padawan Ark'add and Raleesha, moving on to the doors of the Jedi Council. Instead of contemplating what was in store for him among the "great" masters of the Order, Gigias made his way inside and gazed at the masters, one by one. The seats they sat upon gave them increased power while they were in the chamber. Which was why it seemed overbearing just to be in their presence; nigh impossible to fight one of them here.

    They did not think he knew it, but he did. Just another secret they kept for themselves.

    After coughing into his sleeve and straightening up, Gigias put on the obedient, solemn smile of a Jedi Knight.

    "Good Afternoon, Masters."

    Tag: Council, Ark'add
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    OOC: would just like to note that my last post as Ral comes after QGRs most recent post. i wrote mine after i read hers. so... yea. more later, not up to writing anything ATM.

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    IC: Rani D'Alba

    Temple Library

    Rani was still sitting in front of the viewing console in the Temple Library reading. Once she got going, nothing could distract her. The viewing screen glowed on her pale face making her look alien-like.

    Someone dropped a data pad and the sound echoed through the library, rousing Rani from her task. She rubbed her eyes, sore from staring at the screen for so long. She had learned alot about the Yuuzhan Vong War. She saved the current file to her personal data pad then got up and returned her used data pads to the desk. Then she walked confidently out of the library out into the rest of the Temple. She decided to see if she could find her friends.

    TAG: Anybody or Nobody in the Temple.
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    Chuckles38 approved

    Character Sheet

    Name: Sula Ru
    Alias (If Any): Nope
    Age: 31
    Species: Hoomun
    Planet: Corellia
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 15544... er i mean 154

    General Description: Shoulder length chestnut colored hair generally pulled back in a ponytail. Misty ice blue colored eyes with a smallish pointed nose as the center point. Sharp featured with prominent cheekbones, not quite thin lips and well sculpted eyebrows. She moves like a well trained fighter and has a very athletic build.

    Affiliation: CorSec
    Rank: Lt. Detective/ Sniper/ Vigilante

    Weapon Description: Customized service blaster with an enlarged power pack, increased stopping power and is fully automatic kept in a shoulder holster. Always wears this as well as a customized vibrodagger in her boot. Also has a collapsible beskar bo staff that her father gave her upon making detective that goes on her belt that is about a foot and a half long. Hold out blaster up her left sleeve.

    At Home: Custom built sniper rifle and assault rifle built to her specifications.

    Fighting Style: Echani

    Biography: Her mother died in child birth, leaving her to be raised by a very military father. He wanted her to go into the military officer corps, but regardless of her career choice wanted her to be able to defend herself in the current turbulent galaxy and so had her in Echani hand to hand and melee combat training since the age of three.

    Her boyfriend in high school went into the police academy, and thinking she was in love she followed him, against her fathers advice. things didn't work out but she had become enamored with the concept of being an officer in Corsec she continued her education and became a police sniper, eventually working into detective. Ironically the boyfriend washed out soon after she found him cheating on her.

    She distinguished herself and at the tender age of twenty five, and was assigned to be the liaison for the Jedi profiler Cain Ras, whom she had met a few months earlier on a case where the Jedi had inadvertently gotten involved. They complimented each other well and soon became friends, and after a fiasco where they where forced to kill a particularly high profile suspect under suspicious circumstances [and Cain being very... undiplomatic] she soon lost popularity with her superiors.

    With no one else in the department even wanting their names on her reports she and Cain grew ever closer.

    After Cain ended up killing a few more suspects in ongoing investigations, people whom the regular department would never have even looked at let alone could have proved where mass-murdering psychopathic abominations to the term "Sentient life" she even lost favor with her fathers military contacts that she had used occasionally in the past. Neither she nor Cain [or so she thought at the time] ever understood why these nonsens [a private joke between her and Cain that stands for "non sentient"] would so often fight to the death rather than let themselves be captured.

    And then about two years into their working relationship they had the first of the Feral cases dropped on them.

    For some unknown reason a female wookiee name Rrowleroo had gone berserk and literally torn a family apart in their home. And then she had done it again. And again. A swat team had tracked her into a warehouse on Treasure Row but after killing two of a seven man team she got away. After that the Regs [regulars, another private joke] had had enough and wanted to bring a Jedi into it. They went to master Vance and he, knowing how Cain and Sula had been treated from talking to Cain, told them that since they basically had a jedi on staff he might as well take care of it. "He already has the connections and all that," the master had said smiling.

    They went into the Treasure Row. They found a trail of bodies, and followed it to an apartment building.

    They found Rrowleroo on the roof in a den she had made. She was terrified of them, cowering in a corner, covered in blood and filth with blaster scoring covering much of her body.

    Sensing that something was wrong, Cain attem
  21. WINKWINK Jedi Knight

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    Cain Ras, Sula Ru
    Coronet, Warehouse district, Cain's Speeder.

    Journal entry 164

    Vance doesn't understand what I'm talking about. But then, at first I didn't know what he was talking about either so fairs fair huh.

    Cain started to slow down once they got to the warehouse district, eyelids drooping.

    "Uh Cain, didn't we already have a talk about reckless driving?"

    "Force," Cain said, smiling slightly.

    Sula glared and then turned to look out the window until he pulled to a stop.

    "I... I think we're walking in from here," looking around Ras pointed at a building straight ahead of them down the street and across an intersection about two hundred yards away. "Yep, there's that building I was telling you about the other day after I got back from snooping around down here."

    "What's so special about it, you said you looked in and didn't see anything suspicious."

    "No what I said was i didn't see anything."

    "Oh, duh."

    "Yeah some detective you are, empty warehouse? no sir that's not suspicious at all," Cain said smiling again at his friends expense. He looked at the building again, smile fading. "And also, everyone down here is afraid of that 'empty' building," the remainders of his smile turning into a frown. "Come on lets go check it out, but be very, very careful Sula."

    "Hey I'm the sniper remember, careful is my middle name."

    "You mean aside from Nope," the Profiler said, smile returning.

    They continued bickering this way, passing by an abandon building, ignoring the squatters looking out the broken windows at them, until they were about fifty yards away. Then they got reeaaaallllll quiet.

    "Come on," Sula whispered, "lets circle around, see if we can find easily accessible high ground."

    They went into the alley between the large warehouse and a smaller one to it's right, going all the way around, then circling back to a possible entrance that Cain had seen.

    Sula looked up and said in quiet skepticism, "You have got to be kidding me."

    Cain looked up to the door up on the third story with the fire escape that was broken halfway down. He smiled again.

    "Not at all, I'll just jump up to the shorter building and then lift you up."

    Sula looked at Cain, up to the roof thirty feet up, and then back at Cain

    "Cain honey... um, I'm not certain even you could jump that."

    Slightly taken aback the Profiler started to say something, changed his mind and jumped.

    Now, originally he had intended to just jump up at an angle and then bounce off the target building and up onto the roof. He didn't do that.
    Instead he jumped as high as he could and instead of just strengthening his muscles as he usually did, also pushed of the ground and let physics take over. He made it with room to spare.

    "... and then again maybe you can," she said waiting for him to get back to lift her up.

    She saw him peer over the edge and then she started to lift smoothly off the ground. She stuck her tongue out at him as she passed.

    Once she was certain that the rusty metal would support her and Cain's weight she signaled the Profiler that it was safe for him to jump up.

    Tag... :,(
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    IC: Greyst Denali
    The Pool outside the Temple: Zonama Sekot

    Greyst patiently waited for Vincent to put on the wet suit, calmly staring at the sky and counting the clouds. He only looked back towards Vincent when he heard the man ask a question. "If I expected you to stay under water I would have given you an oxygen tank," Greyst said calmly as he walked over to the water and pulled a small red rock from his pocket. Holding it up to his lips, he blew gently upon it, at which point it began to glow. As each second passed it glowed brighter and brighter until it was almost hard to look at.

    "Calling stone," Greyst said, "Marvel of engineering. The Therali made it. Its like a beacon light for fish. Don't know how they make them but they work every time." He then threw the calling the stone into the water where it exploded into a flash of light and then went dark once more. After a few seconds passed ten large fish like creatures popped their heads above the water, chirping and cooing their curiosity at both Greyst and Vincent. Thick and smooth scales covered their bodies and some of the creatures had diamond shaped scales, others had triangle shaped ones and a couple others had arrow shaped ones. Their heads resembled aligators and their mouths were full with large, sharp teeth.

    "They are Tem'lagaru," Greyst said to Vincent before clapping his hands and whistling towards the creatures who all chirped excitedly and began making their way to the shore. As they got closer, their size became more apparent. Each creature was between four and six meters long and half a meter to a full meter wide, easily dwarfing Vincent by their size. "They are found on only a few worlds in the entire galaxy, and we were amazed to find them here, although they are slightly smaller here than on another planet that Dade supposedly found them on. I'm sure you can see that they are still quite large, however. Do not be afraid, they are rather quite fond of humanoids and never attack unprovoked."

    As Greyst finished speaking, the creatures exited onto the shore, their enormous size fully apparent. Chirping and cooing excitedly they all flapped their tails against the ground, and one of the larger ones came up and nuzzled Greyst's hand who gave it a gently pat upon the snout. "Depiste their looks, they are not fish, but amphibians although they share many characteristics with fish as you can see. They will your guides during this exercise. They are extremely intelligent and will not let harm come to you."

    Greyst then whistled once more and motioned towards the water and all but the largest creature went back into the water, chirping excitedly. The largest creature however, cooed towards Vincent and walked over to him and laid its body flat upon the ground. "This one is Kanni," Greyst said, pointing towards the large creature. "He is the largest and oldest of this pack and has done this many times. He wants you to climb on top of him. I urge you to grab ahold of his fins when you do so because he will make a run for the water the moment you are upon him. In you go."

    Tag: Vincent

    OOC: I'll do your post in a bit, Caedus; For anyone wondering, info on the Tem'largaru can be found [link=http://templarsoftwilight.wikia.com/wiki/Tem%27lagaru]here.[/link]
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    There, changed. Someones not seen the 300 :p

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    IC: Darth Lolarus/ Undercity/ Coruscant
    Blues Berry Diner

    Unsurprisingly there was a fair amount of wreckage in the form of dead beings. For instance the cook that had been somewhat pummeled by the wall, which was probably caused by that oversized gun thingy that Lola carried. Looking at it, the Avatar giggled for a moment, but the next to catch his eye turned that into a full on cackle. There was a trace of lipstick on the corpse' face, and its lips had obviously been smiling mere seconds before death as it was now a perverted grin with terror stricken eyes. It always baffled Lolarus how dead eyes could look terrified, but it also amused him to no end. It's a snapshot of the last thing the person thought. Cackles ceasing like an airlock door coming to a close, the Pale Man looked around and his eyes finally latched onto a random frying pan. The sheer lucidity of the comment had startled him, leaving the normally glib Sith with nothing to say. Oh don't act so surprised. With as many of us as there are you knew one of us had to be sane and logical. The others just don't let me talk very much. With good reason. You're boring. The mental feeling of a cage door being shut again made Lolarus? eyebrows raise in surprise. "He... It's caged? Even I wouldn't do something so cruel and inhumane." Unless it was to that stupid twit who laughed at my clothing. Where is he, anyways? Over there. Looks like you can't give his brain some more air though, it's rather holey already. Looking down at his hoojib slippers he considered using acid on the ignoramus, but decided better of it. Wasting the acid on a dead thing simply wasn't worth it.

    Lola's voice brought the Pale Man back to some semblance of reality. Wookiee toes. They had been the motivation for being in here atall, but the unfresh Twi'lek fingers had rather stolen any appetite that had previously been present. "Why would I want those?" Looking down he noticed that the waitress was now dead. Anger surged, as he'd left her alive for a reason. "I hope you enjoyed yourself." His voice had gone very soft, which usually precluded an especially nasty bruise being formed on some part of his apprentice? body. She was saved by Avarice calling from the main room.

    Rolling his eyes, "You and your paths. Avi, you have got to loosen up." Emerging back into the room, the death rictus of people literally dieing of laughter brought the grin back to his face. Kill him! He used our gag! "But he used it to such vivid effect!" Giggles grabbed hold of the Avatar as he stared at such a massive example of the general punchline he spent his life forcing on others. This! This was the artwork, the chaos that pushed him onward, unappreciated by all but these two twisted people who had decided to call Lolarus Master. Be it through words or actions, it mattered very little to him.

    Doing a little caper, "Avi, this was sheer genius I must admit. At least the results were, even if your execution... lacked. I don't see any popped balloons, gaping mouthed dolls or even a toy fighter to let the stuff go! Let me guess, you used a capsule again.? Shaking his head slowly, ? How many times have I told you, you have to make them think they're getting something nice before you pull the gag?" This didn't stop the cackles from escaping as Lolarus danced amongst the bodies.

    Another comment came from the Man in Black about what to do about the building, suggesting "the usual." He bores us. We don't understand why you haven't killed him yet. Wouldn't his stuffed head go perfect over your mirrpanel? "Funny, I thought it was already stuffed. Wouldn?t wanna eat it though, Avarice stuffing does NOT sound appetizing." This had been said to a dead Wookiee's foot. "And why the deuce didn't you mention this furball over here?" What, now we're supposed to see everything? It's not our fault you missed this
  25. WINKWINK Jedi Knight

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    Cain Ras/ Sula Ru
    Coronet, Warehouse, Balcony

    Journal Entry 165

    I remember him saying "Cain, you should have been able to block that, you're not paying attention." I was though. I was paying very close attention. When I told him this, he seemed skeptical. "If you were paying attention, then your connection with your Lightsaber should have made it easy for you to move to block my attack". My confused look must have gotten HIS full attention. I had no connection with my Lightsaber... I had it with people.

    Sula wiped the dust of the plas-steel window set into the door and peered inside. She took all of fifteen seconds before she pulled back and looked at Cain, "There must be at least 20 guys in there from what I can see."

    Cain, his head tilted and his eyes closed, calmly replied "Thirty two." He opened his eyes and looked at Sula, "I think maybe you ought to radio in for backup".

    Sula, confused, started checking her pockets for her comlink. "Ah sith spit! I don't have it on me," she looked at Cain still in his crouch next to the door "You?".



    "Oh sorry not you, no I don't have it."

    Sula scowled "You have really got to stop calling me that"

    Cain smiled as he lowered her safely to the ground.

    Sula had been gone about a minute when he felt her sudden spike of adrenaline, a moment later he heard the blaster fire. Concerned for his friend the Profiler extended his awareness in the Force even more than he already had and sensed malevolence coming from inside the building to his right, in between the target warehouse and his speeder.

    "Guess that explains where the spotters were," he said as he prepared to jump down and go to his partners aid. "Awful sloppy of them not to notice us coming in."

    And then, just before he was going to jump, he felt the familiar fear in the Force, and a sudden lustful tension in the warehouse, for both blood and flesh. The Profiler stood and looked in the window.

    A Twi'lek female had been dragged out into the middle of the room, and been surrounded in a circle by the vast majority of men in the room.

    Knowing what Sula would want him to do, and trusting her ability to handle herself, Cain unlocked the door with the Force and stepped quietly into the warehouse assessing his options.

    TAG Sula
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