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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Chukles38, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    [hl=black]OOC: Perhaps because this is a Star Wars RPG?[/hl]
  2. Chukles38

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    Jun 10, 2005
    GM OOC: Kahn, enough. I don't see how that comment was beneficial to anyone. As well, this isn't the thread for things like that.

    Sorry it's taken so long to get things going, especially with the Jedi. As soon as the two knights report, I'll end the meeting and things will get much more interesting, promise. :)

    And, sorry about the short post. Don't have much time, and am just trying to get things moving again. :)

    IC: Alexander Rendush
    Council Pod

    Alex watched silently as the two Knights entered and greeted the council. He caught a brief flash of.... something from Gigias, but then it was gone. Alex didn't like what he felt, however. It did little to comfort his already growing apprehension. Something had been bothering Alex for a long while. He had the increased feeling that the order needed to be moving along, and that feeling had intensified greatly during the Council meeting. Something was about to happen.... something that would change the galaxy forever. The Jedi had to be in place to ensure that this was a good change.

    "Gigias, Knight Finwerk, please report on your missions, in that order." Was all he said. While waiting for the two, he had grown rather quiet, and an almost troubled look hovered around the edges of his face. His voice sounded distracted, and at this moment he didn't care. He was now going over all of the orders of business the Council had today, and trying to look at them in a new light to see if there was some grander application of each of them.

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  3. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    OOC: The Big one, is approved by Sinrebirth.

    IC: Norn Dukai
    Imperial Hanger

    Norn looked over the list, then again to make sure he hadn't missed anything. They listed specifically everything he could take on this mission including his armor. But that wasn't what was making him read the list again, no, it was what he was told to take with him in relation to explosives..
    [blockquote]4 Satchel Charges
    4 Thermal Grenades
    4 Flash Grenades
    1 10 Megaton Nuclear Bomb[/blockquote]
    ?A kriffing Nuke! They want me to take the thing out with a Nuke!? Norn read the list a third time to be sure. It was a nuke, a 10 megaton tactical nuclear device. ?Oh boy.?. Norn looked at the rest of the list, confirmed it, and sent the loading request. In 20 minutes his ship would be loaded, and he'd be off doing his duty for the Emperor. And making large craters.

    Tag: Myself


    Avarice listened quietly as his ?partner? ranted, and was about to dust off his shirts shoulder when the man pushed past him. Instinctively Avarice raised his cane to bash it into the back of the mans skull, but thought better of it, for the moment at least. Instead he used the force to summon a table cloth from a nearby booth and cleaned the blood and bits of gore off his cane.

    Satisfied he finally dusted off his shoulder and made his way out of the dinner, slamming his cane down on the ground as he took the final step down and took in a deep breath. ?Ah, the glorious smell of smog...? he sighed and glared up at the sky, ?Stupid insignificant lower beings. We grant you such glorious jewels and you corrupt them with your stupidity. And you wonder why we punish you...?

    He glared slowly at all the people within his eyesight, including a young individual who was just kinda standing at the window staring blankly. ?Interesting...? behind him he heard Lolarus doing some more ranting, ?Lovely... sometimes I wonder... What would Force Insanity do to him? Would it make him sane?? a small snicker left the darkly dressed mans lips. ?Lolarus! Sane! Dear myself that would be most hilarious to see!?

    The delusional man closed his eyes and took a deep breath, something in his mind reset, and he became the calculating killer he was surfaced above the megalomaniac. His eyes moved again to that individual near the diner, ?Did he see? Perhaps. But what if he didn't? Doesn't matter, he's more of a risk than he's worth.? Avarice turned towards this person and gripped his cane tighter, ?You there. Come here...?

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    Vincent Mikaru

    Vincent eyed this 'marvel of engineering' the Therali made. He'd seen Therali engineering, whenever possible they loved to put their technology in statues or stones, even jewels. The Therali were extremely adept at making 'Data Crystals' if he recalled, an interesting development, but something for another time. Now was the time for training, and precisely how these, Tem'lagaru were going to help him in training.

    ?I should have remembered you and Dade proffered your unusual methods of training. Although with the welcome training I got yesterday this isn't what I expected for today.? He ran his hand slowly over the creature's head, ?Kanni is it?? it shook in response. ?Well its nice to meet you too. You sure you don't mind me riding you?? Again it shook in the same manner, obviously it didn't mind. ?Alright then. Go gentle on me though, I'm not as young as I look.?

    Vincent placed on hand on the creatures left fin and stepped over him and put his other hand on the other fin before sitting down. And bracing for that 'take off' that Greyst mentioned.

    Tag: Dade


    The work on the Ivory Dagger was starting off smoothly. Despite not having, nor wanting much technologically wise, Zonama Sekot was very understanding and willing to allow the Templars to house a few technologies essential to their productivity. These small refit hangers were part of that, and right now, Leonias was watchi
  4. Darth_Cadaverous

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    Sep 25, 2008
    IC: Michealle
    Krant Cantina

    As she walked, she tried to bring in the aura of the Dark Side to lessen the chance of a meeting with a Jedi; however, she knew it was still not good enough, some still filtered out. When she neared the door and took a little look in. There were all sorts of pilots and strong men around. The kind that was needed to start her job, though first she needed to prove that she was what they needed to get moving, but how.

    Michealle pushed through the doors, and took no noticed at the few stares that came her way. Those pretended not to stare, or look at her that she needed. Sure, they were going to die quickly, but who cared right. They were pawns in a new game, that she was about to play. Seeing an open table in a dark corner, she headed towards it while being checked out by many of the men who thought she was game. Shrugging mentally, she was. As she found a seat in the darkest part of the corner, she called the serving droid over and ordered water. She needed to be clear headed when she dealt with these men and women.

    Reaching down, she slipped her hand over the hilt of her saber and brought it up to her lap. Seeing one of the men, just eyeing her, she nodded and with no sound, asked him to come over to sit with her at the table. Actually bring him over, it took a little flirting, but she needed someone to start with and he was going to be it. He stood up from his table as his friends whooped and hollered at him. He stammered over to her table and sat down beside her. His foul breath washed over her like something she could not name.

    ?Hi, you sexy thing. How?d you like to go home with me tonight??

    She looked at his much stained shirt and only smiled, shaking her head, ?No, but I do need some strong man to protect me from these barbarians.? She leaned closer to the drunk man and whispered. ?See that man over there, he wanted me too.? Then grabbing his arm to pull him closer, ?He even grabbed me and tried to pull me on his lap.?

    In his drunken state it was no problem to gently push a thought into his head. ?Go kill him for me.?

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    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Cain Ras

    Outside the Blues Berry diner


    Journal Entry 558

    This man is most definitely not common


    Cain stared at the man, barely even noticing his two companions until it was almost to late.

    You there, come here... the dark one said.

    Holy crap, this ones not boring either, simple maybe, but not boring. The Profiler thought watching the dark man walk towards him purposefully.and he is also very dangerous.

    Even the young women behind the pair was dangerous, just not... as much.

    Knowing that he would not survive an encounter at this time Cain decided it was time to leave. Then a strange compulsion took him.

    Smiling, he danced backwards to the edge of the platform, feeling in the force for what he would need to survive this, the Profiler found a willing mind and influenced it slightly. He then spun in a circle as he said "This is where the fun begins" and jumped off the ledge, doing a back flip just for the hell of it.

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    Jun 18, 2005
    IC: Dermathos

    The Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    As Dermathos made his way through the Jedi Temple he felt the warm embrace of the Force exuding from the walls and washing over and through his being. It had been many months since he had last stepped inside these walls - having just returned from a wild Sith chase.

    There had been reports of a red eyed, red lightsaber wielding individual from numerous sources returning from the outer rims. Dermathos had been chosen to investigate these sightings but he found no trace, if the individual had been a Sith, they had disappeared back into the depths of space past the outer rim. He had followed what little there was in the way of evidence, mostly fleeting sightings and secondary hearsay, non the less he pursued the trail as best he could; after all the threat the Sith posed were not to be taken lightly...but the trail had run as cold as winter on Hoth.

    As he made his way to report to the Jedi Council, he could hear the gentle hum of lightsabers nearby, a smile touched his lips, through the Force he could feel the concentration coming from the room up ahead. Younglings strenghtening there connection to the Force, learning to feel the Force flow through them and guide there movements to block the energy bolts coming from the training orbs - he aloud himself a brief moment of nostalgia, before he put it from his mind...there is no emotion, there is peace and with that he continued on his way toward the Council Chambers.

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  7. Ree

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    Jan 25, 2005
    IC: Rani D'Alba

    Jedi Temple


    Rani had not found her friends and without any tasks or training to do, and the Council meeting still going, she was wandering the halls quite bored. Not an attractive emotion for a Jedi.

    When she got bored, she usually went out into the city of Coruscant and wandered around its buildings, platforms and dark alleys. SHe loved the hustle and bussle of the sparkling city, and enjoyed discovering new places she'd never seen before.

    So she made her way to the Temple entrance, taking the elevator down to the ground floor, sending her master a mental message through the Force, letting him know where she was going. After all, she was still a responsible girl.

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  8. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: Ree, we're actually not on coruscant. we're on corellia, which isn't a planetsized city. it has more regular sized cities and so forth. i'm unsure if we're near to coronet or not, which is the capital.

    i'll have something from vance after the first report's given. and lolarus should come after kahn posts again.

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    Mar 5, 2006
    Avarice, Lord of the Dance, or was it Sith?

    Avarice watched this young man intently, watched as the man looked straight at him. And then most curiously, watched as the man danced. ?Dancing, really?.? Avarice though, What could inspire a man to do such other than insanity, beautiful insanity.? Intrigued, Avarice took a step closer to the man only to watch him step back to the edge of platform they were on. ?Interesting... Does he plan to force me to stay back? Or does he simply not care for his life??

    [blockquote]This is where the fun begins.[/blockquote]
    ?Yes, this is where the fun begins.? The crazy Sith lord said taking another step forward, and in response the Man took a back-flip off the edge of the platform and descended into darkness. ?Suicide is it? A Sacrifice?? Avarice moved to the edge and extended his perception in the force, and for one fleeting moment before it descended past his awareness he felt a presence in the force. ?Perhaps not... Perhaps not insane at all...?

    He spun, gracefully in his own way, and moved back to the door of the Diner and observed Lolarus finish his 'work'. ?Meddle not in the affairs of Psychopaths for they are creatively violent and able to get away with it...? A sinister smile crept across his face as he contemplated that young man, ?Perhaps... perhaps that young man will make things interesting? A distraction for Lolarus. A distraction would be lovely...? His cane tapped the ground, ?Do hurry my friend.? he said towards Lolarus, ?I have to return to the Abyss I just remembered I must pick up Fluffy.?

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  10. Qui-Gon_Reborn

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    Dec 11, 2008
    IC: Alex?xandria Jinn Ark?add
    Waiting Room, Jedi Temple

    The almost physical determination shimmering in Gigias?s dark eyes nearly shattered the fragile tendrils of Xan?s resolve. She swallowed painfully, calling upon the comforting familiarity of the Force to soften the pain buried deep within her being.

    When he spoke, his voice was harsh and grating against her ears. "Your Master and I had a good relationship. His passion and wisdom balanced out evenly with my apathetic and, sometimes, irrational behavior. It was a balance that we could personally control, free of the Force. Personal Balance, young Ark'add. You need to find that, whether it be within these hollow walls of the temple, the peaceful waters of Glee Anselm, or the heart of another person. Just...just take care of yourself."

    The Knight paused, staring into his empty cup for a moment as if it contained the answers that steal decades from the lives of beings who seek to know the truth, only to find that there is none. "You are the last student of Atius and that means something only if you make it mean something."

    Nodding curtly, Gigias placed his cup lightly upon the pale blue of the table, collected himself in the same dignified manner that he always seemed to mold, with perfection, to individual moments, and strode evenly into the Council chamber, his dark robes fluttering loosely behind him.

    Just...just take care of yourself.

    Would your advice be no different, Master?

    Balance, my young Padawan, is the very soul of a Jedi?s purpose. Balance found between the deepest rivers of compassion and the most impassioned blaze of conflict. Seek to discover the balance within yourself, your position relative to the Force and to the universe, and then, as a Jedi, with the light of the Force and the will of its noble purpose as your greatest ally, you shall be invincible.

    Invincible, Master? Even against you?

    Seek invincibility within yourself, Xan. Conquer your fear, your greed, and your hatred, and the Force will be with you, always.

    Those words made so much sense at the time. But now, with the secrets of the Sith that I must carry, nothing makes sense anymore. I?m alone, with not even the Force as my ally.

    "I do hope I didn't get in the way of something you two needed to finish, but you know how the Council can be."

    Xan started slightly at the gentleness of the old woman?s words, her cup of caf -- now as cold and bitter as the raw sensations that lumped together in her stomach -- clattering on the smooth tabletop. Shaking herself, she glanced over at the warm smile that wrinkled the receptionist?s worn face, and made a failed effort to grin halfheartedly in return.

    "You had mentioned coming from a powerful family on Onderon. Do you mind my asking why I've not heard of it before?"

    Xan snorted cynically, stretching her long legs beneath the cramped confines of the table.

    ?My mother was a Jedi, a descendant of the Master who brought the Chosen One to the Order: Qui-Gon Jinn. My father was the last of the Ark?add family, which had been one of the most powerful players in Onderon politics, and among the wealthiest of business owners, merchants, and investors.

    After my father was gunned down by the some cheap thugs paid off by partners...who wanted to take control of his property and estate, my mother tried her best to protect me as best she could. I was an infant at the time. But, in the end, she failed. She died in the arms of my?of Master Atius, who was on a mission to see what had become of her. He took me back to the Temple, but left her body in some ditch in the woodlands of Onderon. Actually, he did her a service. Only years later, when he had become my Master, did he tell me how he had saved her from disgrace.

    You see, my mother had been sent by the Jedi with orders to assassinate the formidable tycoon Scipio Ark?add. But instead, she fell in love. With a crime lord.?

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    OOC: Crap! I completely forgot!! Can a Mod somewhere (if you can hear me) delete my last post please??

    I can't believe I forgot!
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    We're a little ways outside of Coronet, so it'd be hard to get there and back quickly. It is visible in the distance however.

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    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Cain Ras.

    Coruscant, underneath the Blue Berrys diner


    Journal entry 559

    ... Did I actually suicidally back flip off a coruscanti platform...


    Cain landed poorly in the back of the Garbage hauler, and therefore lost a few precious seconds in which to to prepare himself in case someone tried to follow him. Luckily, no one did.

    "Whats with all the garbage haulers" he said to himself as he brushed the muck off of his clothing "Sula is never going to let me live this down if she finds out"

    The Profiler jumped up to the cab, bent over, and knocked on the driver side window. The hauler, predictably, swerved and he almost fell off.

    When the Human driver pulled over he jumped out with a shocked look on his face, yelling "What the stang do you think your doing!!!" His Rodian Partner coming out the other side almost said something similar, but when he noticed the lightsaber on Cains belt, he instead chattered something quickly to the driver and got back into the Hauler.

    "Fethin jedi, tryin ta cause a stanging wreck, jumping into the backa my fething truck..." he continued to mutter this way even after he had gotten into the truck and closed the door.

    "Pleasant man" Cain thought as he pulled out his comlink.

    "Sula here" came the quick response.

    "Cain here, i need you to track me back to my position and pick me up, i don't know where i am but its a few levels lower than where you droped me off"

    "What are you doing down there?"

    "Running for my life"

    There was a screeching sound and a bunch of honking coming over the comlink "Sula what was that?"

    "Nothing" came the too quick reply "So you found our Force user huh?"

    "No... no I don't think so, be very careful Sula" Cain said frowning "There are more players here than i thought, and their alot more powerful than i told the council i was expecting." The Profiler sighed, preparing himself for Sula objections to what he was about to say. "And Sula, call the port, have someone prep the ship, your going back to corellia with a message for the council"

    "What! no way Ras, I'm not leaving you here alone with this many Force users trying to kill you!"

    "Sula would you just do as i ask! you can't help me here not against these people, I'm severely out of MY weight class let alone yours, you'll only get in my way!" He took a deep breath "Please, I'm not going to do anything crazy" well crazier he thought "and I want you to get me some backup, get Master Vance and Master Crantilla out here if you can."

    "... it's that bad?" Sula asked in a small, worry filled voice.

    "Yes, I'd say try and get one of the Grandmasters but their probably needed elsewhere."

    Sula didn't answer.

    "Sula? Sula can you hear me?" Cain asked as an airspeeder landed a little away from him. the door opened and Sula popped out

    "Yes i can hear you" She said getting back in the pilots seat "You'll need to get a hotel room if I'm taking the ship, and learn how to recognize our rentals sooner Cain, this always happens."

    Cain got in the passenger side and asked "how did you get here so fast"

    "I drove like you" She answered tersely.

    They drove the rest of the way in silence back to their landing platform.

    somethings wrong... I shouldn't have said that the way I did

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    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Sula Ru

    A few levels above the Blues Berry diner

    Sula was on her way to a com station when her own comlink started beeping

    "Sula here," she said into the receiver.

    "[i]Cain here, I need you to track me back to my position and pick me up, I don't know where I am but its a few levels lower than where you dropped me off[/i]

    Sula sighed [i]What did he do now[/i] she thought before replying.

    "What are you doing down there?"

    [i]"Running for my life"[/i]

    In sudden fear Sula turned sharply, narrowly missing another speeder, causing the other driver to run into the adjacent building.

    [i]Sula what was that?[/i]

    She winced as she said "Nothing" a little to fast. Trying to cover the embarrassment in her voice she said "So you found our Force user huh?"

    [i]"No... no I don't think so, be very careful Sula"[/i]

    she frowned at the tone in his voice [i]oh no, he's about to say something stupid[/i]

    [i]"There are more players here than i thought, and their alot more powerful than i told the council i was expecting."[/i]

    Her eyebrows shot up at this [i]Okay, maybe not[/i] then she heard him sigh.

    [i]And Sula, call the port, have someone prep the ship, your going back to corellia with a message for the council"[/i]

    [i]And there it is[/i] "What! no way Ras, I'm not leaving you here alone with this many Force users trying to kill you!"

    [i]"Sula please just do as i ask! you can't help me here not against these people, I'm severely out of MY weight class let alone yours, you'll only get in my way!"[/i]

    Her mouth dropped open, and she breathed in sharply. Cain had never yelled at her like that before, for some reason it hurt to hear him do so now, but it got his point across.

    [i] "Please, I'm not going to do anything crazy and I want you to get me some backup, get Master Vance and Master Crantilla out here if you can. [/i] he said in a calmer voice.

    Trying to hide her distress she said "... it's that bad?"

    [i]"Yes, I'd say try and get one of the Grandmasters but their probably needed elsewhere."[/i] he said as she saw him, and pulled up in front of him.

    [i]"Sula? Sula can you hear me?"[/i]

    Embarrassed, she wiped her eyes and opened the door.

    "Yes i can hear you" She said all business again "You'll need to get a hotel room if I'm taking the ship, and learn how to recognize our rentals sooner Cain, this always happens."

    [i]"how did you get here so fast"[/i]

    "I drove like you" She said satisfied to have a chance to repay him for talking like that to her.

    they rode the rest of the way back to the landing platform in silence.

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    Dec 15, 2008
    OCC i am now going to try and fill in the in between time
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    Jun 19, 2003
    IC: Darth Idoneus

    Idoneus watched as Dragon left the ship aboard the Headhunter. She scorched my deck. She'll pay for that when we finish. Reaching for the controls he slowely brought the ship around and pugged in a couple of jumps into the nav computer. It would dump him out on the other side of the planet a day later than she would have arrived.

    When he came out of hyperspace, he had the ship brodcast one of its false transponders, while he commed Flight Control. Making his voice sound as inexperienced as he could, he spoke, "This is Mark Vengar. Mark Vengar of Agamar Communications? Do you know of me? No? Well, um, I'm looking for a um, berth near Drev'starn. How much is it gonna be?"

    So I pay a little more, but they'll be busy laughing it up on how they gouge some back world courier, instead of paying attention to me. I say its a fair trade off.

    Tag: Sinre

    OOC: Are you gonna give me a senario on the assassination attempt, or do you want me to make it up as I go?
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    Jun 10, 2005
    IC: Damon
    En Route to Dathomir

    Damon watched as the Insipid activated the holocron. The beatly image of Gorog appeared, and Damon had to check himself before he shuddered away. The thing was quite horrendous to behold, but Damon couldn't let himself show weakness. Instead, he folded his arms and stared at the remnant of the one-time Sith.

    So he wants to hide himself from everyone," the Sith said as he wheeled around, his image growing as he loomed over Damon, snapping his pincer. It became apparent he had one of his eyes replaced with that of an insect. "He wants the ability to conceal himself behind someone's doubt, to have a slippery presence that fades from memory. To learn how to slow his opponent down, to the point they can be crushed with ease."

    Gorog had grown to epic size, a massive monster looming over the young man. Insipid said nothing. He had nothing to say. Gorog, his head twice the size of Damon's body, leaned close to Damon and roared. "Is that what you want?"

    Damon forced himself to stand still and remain silent for a moment, gazing at the insectoid eye of the Sith. It took some will power to keep his legs from shaking. Damon was not particularly afraid, but anyone would be intimidated by this thing looming over them like that. He swallowed quickly before speaking.

    "I wish to strike my opponet before I am struck. I wish to disappear when it is needed, and to be forgotten when remembrance endangers me. I wish to sow discord and chaos amongst those whom wish for peace and tranquility, that they may not realize it until the day of their destruction is upon them." Damon paused, then nodded. "Aye, I desire the knowledge you possess." He fell silent and waited to see the holocron's reaction.

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  18. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Gigias Henruliken

    [blockquote]The Knight scratched his head and looked out of the window. What was the point of reporting their missions? All of them knew what happened, undoubtedly having spies all over the galaxy. He knew how the Jedi Council worked and it somewhat dismayed him at how they could have such a young leader. Rendush was strong in the Force, but there was a plot behind him and he seemed to be sinister and scheming, despite his outwards youthful and optimistic personality. It was better to get through with this meeting quickly, Gigias really could not stand the lot of them.

    "Mrlsst went fine. We set the asteroids back on course and I also helped them with their research and gathering resources. Mission Completed and with that, I wish to be sent on another mission. I will do all I an to serve the Order, Alex."

    Gigias' eyes ran over every Master present before straightening out his body. The Knight had rather long braid that drifted over his shoulder similar to the padawan braid. He had decided to grow it back because cutting the padawan braid was a way that the Council made sure that some of their humanoid members reached the pattern of baldness that ran in the Order, starting before Yoda and the famous head of Mace Windu.[/blockquote]
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  19. Darth_Brutus666

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    Dec 25, 2006
    IC: Brutus Crantilla

    Council Pod

    [i]"Mrlsst went fine. We set the asteroids back on course and I also helped them with their research and gathering resources. Mission Completed and with that, I wish to be sent on another mission. I will do all I an to serve the Order, Alex."

    Brutus raises his eyebrow while Knight Gigias gave his report. Then Brutus spoke.

    "Knight Gigias, while at least I am impressed with your work, I do not think you need another mission yet. Rest, and enjoy your time back might do you good."

    Brutus pauses, as if sensing something. then speaks again.

    "Also, I didn't realize we didn't need to use formal titles Knight Gigias. Remember that next time. Anyways, if the council elects to keep you here, I suggest you begin to get a tighter grasp on your feelings, they betray your thoughts."

    Brutus then looks around to the other council memebers.

    "Well," he asks, "what do you think?"

    [b]TAG: Gilgias, Council[/b]>
  20. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Let the games begin.[face_peace]

    Gigias Henruliken

    [blockquote]The knight smiled as Brutus commented on him calling the Grand Master by the man's first name. He had actually expected Rendush to come forward about that statement, but remembered that the Grand Master was much too reserved to confront Gigias on it. Though, Crantilla, obviously, did not know the limits for he continued on to say that Gigias' feelings betrayed him. As if the Knight did not realize what he was doing. He wanted them to know how he felt for he feared none of them.

    Gigias' brows furrowed, signifying that there was an internal struggle within his head, but then the look dissolved, signifying that one side had overpowered the other. "I do not enjoy my time in this temple, which is why I spend the majority of my time on my ship. There are missions that need to be done and I am a Knight. It is my duty to protect and serve the Order. Not please the council."[/blockquote]
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    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: i will be getting a vance post in tomorrow, most likely. gotta thing through my comments and such to gigias. don't worry about waiting if someone else want's to post.

    IC: Lolarus/ Outside Blues Berry Diner/ Underlevels/ Coruscant

    [blockquote] Lolarus was not terribly pleased with Avarice. No, he was not pleased at all. For the Avatar had been looking forward to going to a hospital, and causing massive amounts of problems for those that were currently in residence. Avarice wanted to not go and play with all of those helpless people, wanted to not bring a glimmer of laughter into their otherwise languid existence... all for the sake of a fuzzy cape. Stupid fuzz factory.We told you to burn that stupid thing when you had the chance, but NOOOOOO, you knew better. Dying things just doesn't have the same effect. Lolarus glared at some passing hovertruck, "Why should I have made him mad? He's no fun then. Only really likes to hurt things." Namely me, but that's beside the point. Oh, so you're a chihurn now are you? "You don't get to feel the bruises, now do you?" You could take him, and you know it. "Yes, yes. I know that. Later though. Still things to do." Later though... You should do it now. NOW! PUSH HIM OVER! "You know just as well as I do that we need him for getting control of the holonet. Although, I must admit I don't know what use one really is." Catching holos? "Bah, who want's something nonexistent." Most beings in the galaxy apparently. PUSH HIM OVER! "Shut up! You're starting to give me a headache." This almost came out as a shout.

    Absently, Lolarus Force pushed someone off the platform. The look of surprise was well worth it. The last innocent bystander, actually. Thank you. He was useless. Glaring at a crack in the permacrete, "Make it clear which who you mean next time." It's not our fault you can't read our minds. "Yes, it is. You're using my head after all." But it's our space... "No, you're just renting it." Here the voices sighed, and were quiet. About damned time. Looking back at Avarice, who was a little distance away due to his having walked to the edge, Lolarus was unsure how loud he had been. He didn't think he'd been yelling, but whispering was somehow vaguely unlikely. I'll have to be more awa- OOO! Shiny! There was an extremely nice speeder parked beyond Avarice.

    Walking towards it, the voices were completely silenced by the thing of beauty, as well as the ideas the Pale Man was having about it. Things were about to go splendidly, and he knew just where to take the rather obvious sports speeder. In passing to the Man in Black, "Sure, sure. Go get your fluffy dish rag. We'll meet at the meeting place." Absently he waved his hand at Avarice, having completely dismissed him from all thought.

    Seeming to have forgotten Lola, the Avatar jumped into the soft cushy seat, obviously upholstered with some exotic type of leather. He liked to think it was Avarice skin, merely for the look that would provoke from his wanton playmate. It's steering yoke was made of greel wood, and it's blood color suited Lolarus perfectly. Looking through the other amenities, the voice made another appearance. It's time the owner got into trouble. "You don't have to tell me twice." Reaching under the dash he pried the panel off and looked at the wires. Stupidly whoever the owner was didn't have an anti-tamper alarm, which just made the whole situation that much simpler. Yanking one wire, and then another the Pale Man set about starting his new toy.

    When the speeder started to purr like a arturian mirr kit, Lolarus grinned. Still got the touch. Haven't you always? All that did was make the grin spread broader. You see, th
  22. Princess Cambria

    Princess Cambria Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 20, 2006
    IC: Cambria Secura
    ~Jedi Council Pod Area, Corellia~

    As Cambria stood dutifully at her sentry post outside the Council Chambers, she could feel the Force beginning to swirl ever so slowly around as if a summer storm was just starting to form on the edges of the valley. Not enough to really seek shelter yet, but enough to make one watch the skies more keenly. She reached out into the Force to scan the area and beyond, but the uneasiness was aloof. There, but hidden in plain sight. The Twi'lek flashed an inquisitive look over to her Jedi Knight partner to see if he had picked up on anything, but he just shock his head. Cambria would make sure after the Council meeting today to mention this to Master Rendush in her report since this had not been the first time she had come across this foreboding feeling...

    TAG: any in Council Pod area


    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Sula Ru
    Corellia, Down the street from Rathos's warehouse.

    Sula was about five feet from the speeder when a blaster bolt came streaking past her from the condemned apartment complex just up the street, blowing a hole in the road.

    Cursing, she ducked behind the hood of Cain's speeder and drew her blaster and looking around, trying to spot the sniper.

    "That's why we didn't see the lookouts, we passed them on the way here" She thought with contempt "Amateurs, its to far away from the main building"

    The sniper took another shot and she saw that it came from the second story of the building, fifth window.

    With a snort, Sula turned her blaster to full auto [barely legal even for her] and proceeded to blast that window, the wall around it, and the windows to either side to smithereens as she ran for the entrance of the building.

    "I really hope this isn't a trick and they don't have someone more competent in the building across the street"

    At the last second she decided to go in through the window. She changed blaster packs as she examined the trip mine she almost hadn't seen coming due to the apparent incompetence of enemy sniper.

    "Alright Sula, use your head or it's gonna get blown off." she thought frowning as she advance through the lobby and stopped, looking at the door to the stairs.

    "It's a condemned building... so maybe they can't move from where they were, that would explain why they're only two floors up... but that wouldn't necessarily mean they couldn't move between rooms" an idea that had been brewing in her suddenly came to focus.
    Looking around, she tried to find something that would make it possible.

    She opened the door to the stairs and ,rather than go up which she was pretty sure would be mined, she went down thinking " Is it worth the risk? The rest of them probably heard those shots, I have trouble believing we would have the luck that the warehouse would be sound proof at all, so Cain probably needs backup as soon as possible and I can't get to a com with that sniper up there, and I've no way of telling if there are any mines in the stairwell and if there are I have no way to get through or around them if there are any there." Finding not what she expected but something that might actually work better she pulled her Vibroblade and set to work with it. "Guess I'll just have to take the chance".

    She took her prize and went back upstairs to the lobby and left, staying as close to the building as possible, she ducked down the alley. There were no mines here, probably because there was no entrance and the other end of the alley was blocked by rubble. But there was a fire escape.

    It was pulled up but there was a garbage container a little before it.

    Setting down the item she had taken from the basement, she silently thanked her Echani Master for forcing her to learn wall rebounds as she broke into a sprint and jumped up to the top of the trash can, took another step, and launched herself up at an angle to the wall, kicked off the wall , gaining a little more momentum, and just barely managed to grasp the end of the ladder with her right hand, dragging it down with her weight.

    "Thanks for the idea Ras" the thought as she went back and grabbed the fire hose and started her ascent to the top of the building, hoping nothing broke at her added weight.

    On the roof she stepped carefully over to the edge and looked over looking for her window. Luck was with her ,for it lined up with a Steel rod sticking up out of the roof top.

    "Good thing this is such an old building,and even so its odd to find such and archaic form a fire safety"

    Tying one end securely to the rod "What the hell is this thing for anyway" she coiled the rest around one shoulder so that she could let it out as she went down, she started to repel down the building.

    Reaching the third floor with barely enough "rope" left, she took a deep breath and kicked off hard, letting loose most of the rest of the slack she swung herself with all the force she could muster through the window. Right into the astonished Sniper and his spot>
  24. Qui-Gon_Reborn

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    Dec 11, 2008
    IC: Xan Ark?add
    Temple Waiting Room

    Xan felt her muscles recoil involuntarily as the elderly woman reached out and, very gently, patted her thinly-scarred hand. She swallowed sharply, choking back the sting of salt-drenched tears.

    Blast you, Master.

    Why did it have to be me? I can tell no one about my predicament because of the Sith mind block; if I even think about telling them, I will die, and my mission, will go unfulfilled.

    You said that we?d take care of it together, Master. That, united, in our faith in one another and in the light side of the Force, we would prevail. That nothing could ever stop us. You were the greatest being alive to me, Master. My hero. My mentor. My father.

    I can?t do this alone!

    Blast you, Master!

    I miss you so much.

    ?That's a sad story dearie. At least it's worked out for the best.?

    A heartfelt sadness swallowed Ral?s kind, weathered face, her eyes softening as she reached into an inner pocket and pulled out a sweet.

    Xan cracked a wry smile, her frigid heart melting. This woman?s soul was so unconditionally compassionate, so unreservedly kind.

    Kindness is the pinnacle of understanding.

    Yes, Master.

    ?You?re right,? said Xan. ?It all worked out for the best.?

    TAG: Tri, anyone in the waiting rooms
  25. BultarSwan

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    Jul 5, 2003

    Character Sheet

    Name: Cally Aletra
    Alias: Miria Lahana
    Age: 27
    Species: Firrerreo
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5? 5?
    Weight: 110

    General Description: Gold-skinned, silver-toned when afraid or angry. Thick and curly dark red and brunette-striped hair. Dark green robes. Gold earring in her left ear and circular-shaped charm necklace.

    Affiliation: Jedi
    Rank: Master

    Lightsaber/Weapon Description: One single-bladed light saber, duel-phase, blue.
    Fighting Style: II, makashi, highly defensive and IV Ataru, acrobatic and energetic

    Miria Lahana was born to Firrerrean parents on the planet Kinooine. She was born an identical twin. At about the age of 4, she and her sister were selected to be trained by a Master Davna Salk, but there was a two year delay. Master Salk had become engaged in a one-on-one battle between a Sith Lord. After the Jedi Master defeated the Sith Lord, arrangements were made for Miria and Dovey to be taken to him.

    They were on their way when the family was attacked by a small band of slavers and hired guns. The slavers killed Miria and her sisters? parents before their eyes and then ripped the two apart. Miria and Dovey were taken to separate buyers. Miria never knew what became of Dovey, but for her part, she was put into the hands of a minor Lord, who used her as a pet. He would keep her with him almost always and whenever he commanded she would sing to soothe him.

    After months of servitude, Master Davna Salk found and rescued her, taking her to a different planet where he and a few other Jedi trained their padawans. Miria trained under Jedi Master Davna Salk, never meeting anyone other than the Jedi group because of the danger of slavers.

    However, after several years training in this fashion, Master Davna Salk realized that Miria would need to learn more about the galaxy than she could confined in this way, so he took her to Corellia. During a brief mission, Miria got separated from her master. On her own in a city named Bela Vistal, Miria had very little money and no where to stay. While trying to find her master, she was set upon by a gang of thugs. The four men were about to reach her when a young CorSec officer intervened. Miria watched the young man fight them off using nothing more than a nightstick.

    After the brief brawl, the man revealed his name was Alexander Rendush and that he had been undercover, trying to bust them for sometime. He helped the quivering sixteen-year-old girl to her feet, and soon learned who she was. He took her back to his speeder, comming headquarters to ask if anyone had tried to find the missing girl. Miria was relieved to hear that her master was back in Coronet at CorSec headquarters, and Alex offered her a ride to the city.

    The two parted ways, never to meet again, and Miria continued her training. She progressed quickly through the ranks, moving to Coruscant with the rest of the Order shortly after this ordeal. It was not long before Miria reached the rank of master. Just a few days after Davna bestowed her new rank upon her, Miria learned that Davna had been infected with a virus many years before in a battle and had been holding off the effects using the Force to slow its spread. The virus had finally made its way to Davna?s heart, and there was little to be done. The man died, leaving Miria alone.

    When the orders split, she wandered the galaxy, trying to find a place. During her travels, she heard rumors that the Jedi Order had merged once more, and later the rumors were confirmed. She had little interest to rejoin, but when she heard the Grand Master's name, she had to go. Alexander Rendush... was it the same? The young man who had saved her eleven years ago... would it really be him? She returned, wanting answers, and it was indeed the same man. She was accepted back into the Order willingly and has served it with distinction for the past few months.
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