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    11 BBY - An Empire In Crisis - The Second Clone War

    "Once more, the Sith shall rule the Galaxy. And we shall have peace." His Imperial Majesty Emperor Palpatine.


    There was no truer statement made by a Sith.

    Within days of Order 66 the Great Jedi Purge began, and the Empire crushed the Confederacy of Independent Systems and those few worlds that resisted Imperial rule fell. With the Imperial Senate rendered docile by the new Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, the corporations were tamed and the politicians and their ruinous bureaucracy crushed. A new age of true Order was ushered in, and the Empire blossomed, encompassing almost all the worlds of Known Space.

    Over two hundred Jedi survived Order 66 and have thrown themselves into hiding, but many made efforts to overthrow the Empire and died at Naboo, Kessel, or Kashyyyk and died for it.

    There is no resistance to the Empire, and no organisation between Corellia, Alderaan and Chandrila ? there is not nearly enough support for rebellion yet, and Bail Organa has tempered Mon Mothma, knowing that Anakin Skywalker?s children are not yet old enough to oppose the Emperor. The Confederacy has been finished off at Mustafar, and the remnants are members of the Corporate Sector and supporting the Empire.

    The Empire has made little effort to expand the non-clone human Imperial Army, and the majority of systems simply run themselves with their own forces as loose parts of the Imperial Army, governors using their clone Stormtrooper regiments to enforce the peace if need be ? most governors have access to more forces than any planetary system can raise, fielding billions of Stormtroopers.

    Two days ago, the Empire discovered that Kamino had grown its own clone army to bring destruction to the galaxy. Several Stormtrooper squads had gone missing on planets surrounding the planet, and investigations suggested they had been kidnapped and taken to Kamino. Yesterday, Darth Vader?s 501st, led by Boba Fett, stormed the planet and crushed the insurrection before it began outright; stealing the data which would allow the Kaminoan?s to grow another army.

    Any attempt to defeat the Empire now would be doomed. If the Empire were to die now, trillions would die with the death of galactic civilisation ? there is no replacement available.

    However, the seeds that were laid for the Imperial victory during the Clone Wars have led towards that possibility. An Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Indefatigable, has gone missing in the Outer Rim, with all hands. In the mystery of this vessel?s disappearance lays the key to the destruction of the Empire, and dropping the galaxy into disaster?

    The Factions ? The Empire, Stormtrooper Corps, the Jedi, and the Fringe.

    The Empire


    The Imperial Senate retains the make-up of the old Senate, fielding over a thousand Senatorial seats, but with thousands of Senators throughout it. Many have been rewarded for supporting the Emperor, but most who signed the Petition of Two Thousand in support of the Jedi have been replaced. It is a bastion of intrigue and decay, and the Emperor rarely makes use of it apart from to dutifully approve his edicts ? the Empire is rapidly approaching the point where it has enough Stormtroopers and Star Destroyers to rule without the Senate?s approval entirely, and thus through the Imperial Ruling Council alone.

    The Imperial Ruling Council is made up of many sycophants that attached themselves to Palpatine as a Senator and later as Chancellor, and acts as the Emperor?s court, taking the true and tangible power as their own. The Senate remains powerful after a fashion, but the power is less tangible and attached to their own homeworlds, which are held in the grip of the Stormtrooper Corps.

    The sum difference between the Senate and Court
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    definitely expect a CS from me. :D
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    Name: Trachta
    Age: Forty-five
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Anaxes
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Handsome, with an athletic frame, Grand Moff Trachta is tall and svelte with blue eyes, light brownish hair, a boyish face and a hawk-like nose. He has a tendency to keep his hair cut in ways often considered uncouth by the more conservative members, usually in a single strip down the center of his skull. There are those who have said that his face has become so accustomed to smugness that a slightly raised eyebrow and the hint of a smirk have become its natural rest position. There are those that would like to wipe that look off his face once and for all?
    Affiliation: The Galactic Empire
    Allegiance: The Galaxy.
    Rank: Grand Moff
    Weapons: Modified ELG-3B blaster pistol.
    Personal ship: Vornskr, a posh GX-1 yacht
    Bio: Trachta and Palpatine have had a close and storied relationship, though the matter of Palpatine?s secret religion has recently been a point of contention. The two met on Coruscant. Palpatine was a wise old politician from a world few cared much for, and Trachta was a bright young social climber from the Core Worlds. Their relationship was forged over shared vision, a mutual love of learning and high culture, and a shared distaste for the Jedi Knights. Over time, Trachta became a regular guest at the Naboo court, coming to love the world?s art and poetry, as well as its rigorous politics.

    When Palpatine ran for Supreme Chancellor, Trachta was one of his electoral whips. But now, with the galaxy on its knees before Palpatine?s might, and all that power and vision held at the sway of a theocracy of but two undeserving, broken, lunatic men devoted to a mad religion devoid of subtlety and over-reliant on mysticism and superstition, it did not take long for Trachta ? with all his vast learning ? to realize that the Sith were just as bad as the Jedi. This would not do.

    His Machiavellian dealings at Palpatine?s side served him well as Trachta began to envision a glorious coup, an unprecedented military overthrow that would place the power of the galaxy among the deserving and the qualified rather than the randomly assigned genetic elite, the winners of a metaphysical lottery. True men, not gods, would rule.

    But with the recent squashing of a clone rebellion on Kamino, followed closely by the mysterious disappearance of an important Imperial vessel, the Empire has made a move towards heightened vigilance, and Trachta hopes he won't see his own aspirations squashed as well.
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    Name: Kay Koda
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Corellia
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Kay is a tall man, standing 6?2 and weighing in at about 185 lbs. His face is rugged from his years of travel but still has a look of youthfulness to it. His body is of average build; though his muscles are toned, he is not big or bulky and is a little past his prime. His dark brown hair is cut short to about an inch. His penetrating eyes are green and have a look of both a man who has experienced much in his life, but also a glimpse of youth. His body does hold scars from his past though, including a lightsaber wound to the abdomen, and two blaster wounds from Order 66.
    Affiliation: Jedi
    Allegiance: None
    Rank: Master/General
    Weapons: Lightsaber, knife
    Personal ship: None
    Bio: Taken from his parents at a very young age, like most Jedi prospects are, Kay was taken to Dantooine first for his initial training and then transferred to Coruscant for advanced training under Master Yoda. Kay did fairly well in his training as a youngling, though he was not top in his clan he still strove to keep up and do better. Many masters shared the same belief that he would not pass Jedi training and would be put into the Jedi Service Corps where he would have a lesser role with the Jedi Order.

    By the time he was 10, Kay was still struggling with his connection to the force, almost to the point of complete failure. He knew in his heart that it was apparent that he was not going to be chosen. But one day a Jedi Master came and chose Kay as his padawan, seeing great promise in him. This Jedi was Master Aden Karadas, a well respected Jedi in the order, but scrutinized by some for his tendency to let his passions override his reason. Aden was well known for his superior wielder of the lightsaber. He was one of the best and there were few in the order who could match him. Kay spent his whole teenage life under the tutelage of Master Karadas, who taught him the fundamentals and forms of the lightsaber, strengthened his connection to the force, and even taught him a few alien dialects as well.

    By the time Kay was 19, he and Master Karadas decided that he was ready to take the Knighthood trails. The council agreed and sent them to an unknown planet, a dark planet that was nearly void of the force, only, evil. Here Kay was to recover a long lost Jedi artifact before it was consumed by the dark powers of the planet. Kay recovered the artifact but had to struggle with the dark power radiating from the relic. For days he fought the dark side within himself until finally defeating the darkness, which was the test set before him all along. Upon returning to Coruscant victorious and apparently changed from the experience, Kay was given the rank of Knight.

    Over the years Kay served with courage and selflessness through conflicts that raged on many distant planets and systems. Kay continued to serve the order throughout the beginning of the Clone Wars with Master Karadas, until he was promoted to the rank of General and given command of his own regiment of Clone Troopers at the age of 25. He served with distinction throughout the Clone Wars along side his old master, but that all came to an end during the end of the war and the Siege of the Outer Rim. Kay and Master Karadas were sent to Kashyyyk along with many other Jedi, to help support the Wookies in defense from the CIS invasion. They fought on the front lines until Order 66 was initiated and they found themselves surrounded and seeing their fellow Jedi being slain by their own troops.

    Kay and Aden escaped the front lines and fled into the dense jungle, closely pursued by their new enemy. They were finally chased down and corned at a large ledge that dropped into the Shadowlands. Before they could flee the clones were on them. Aden attempted to hold off the clones so Kay could flee. Aden was quickly cut down, the clones then turned their fire to Kay. Two blaster bolts hit Kay and sent him tumbling over the ledge and into the Shadowlands, where he lay for days before regaining consciousn
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    GM OOC: Please remember to include 'GM Approved' in subsequent posts, everyone. These two have been approved, to highlight.
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    GM Approved!!!!!!!!!!

    Name:Ryshin Thraell
    Age: 29
    Planet of Birth:Courscant
    Appearance:A nice lean face, with a nicely shaved beard, with Sky Blue eyes.
    Affiliation:Jedi Order
    Rank: Knight
    Personal ship:non
    Bio:Ryshin was born on Courscant and was immediatly taken into the Jedi Temple for training. He excelled all in tactition and his Soresu. Trained by Jedi Master Quin Kronn, who was also a Master of Soresu. At the age of 6 he was taken a Jedi Padawan. Then after 7 years of training with his master, Ryshin beacame a Knight.
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    Sinrebirth has approved my character on the condition that I remind everyone not to write a book of a biography.

    Name: Arden Lai
    Age: 37
    Species: Cathar
    Planet of Birth: Cathar
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Arden had feathery fur of a golden color that shined brilliantly in the light. Her mane was of a slightly richer shade, and the same light texture. These traits gave Arden a very exotic look that appealed to both her species and other humanoids alike. Her retractable claws were always kept in the most pristine order; honed and strengthened from years of heavy use. She has three parallel scars on her cheek from fighting as a cub. Arden?s eyes are an ugly, muddy yellowish brown, contrasting the beauty of her face. Arden has defined muscles covering her entire body that can be seen through her fur.
    Affiliation: Fringe
    Allegiance: None
    Rank: None, currently.
    Weapons: None
    Personal ship: None
    Bio: Arden was the only daughter of Janda and Manshara Lai. Her parents were both Force-sensitive, but untrained in all but the simplest manipulations. Her father, Janda, ran a series of tests on Arden, when she was cub, to test her for the gene. He was disappointed when she proved to be ungifted, but was a big believer that every person had their own inescapable path to follow. In his eyes, his theory was proven when Arden came home boasting of fights she had participated in and won.

    Arden was a very physical and often scuffled with other cubs, bigger and smaller than her. She became known for her speed and her power, and soon as a bully. Her parents did nothing to hinder her pugnacious characteristics, even reveling in them, asking her about her ?duels?. Arden grew arrogant from the attention given by both her peers and family. She began to challenge cubs much older than her. Eventually, and inevitably, Arden lost a fight.

    She was both angry at her opponent and herself. When she came home, blood dripping from her a wound on her cheek, her father admonished, rather than comforted her. He explained to her the importance of humility and, more importantly, in his eyes, having realistic goals. Arden listened quietly, taking in every word. She looked up to her father, and any chance to learn from him, she took.

    When Arden was 12, her family?s city was burned down, killing many. With luck, Arden and her parent?s were unharmed, but homeless. To the behest of Arden, who loved the openness of Cathar, her parent?s took the opportunity to move off planet, worse still, to Coruscant.

    Arden was heart-broken, at losing her home, and angry at her family for forcing her to leave. She sulked and ignored their advice, sneaking from their small flat, to explore Coruscant and be alone. Despite her reluctance to accept Coruscant, Arden became captivated by the bright lights, though she never forgot her true home. Arden continued to grow apart from her parent?s over the years, and when she was 16, she struck out, to find her own way. As they had been when she was young, her parents were supportive of her decision to leave. They even gave her a few hundred credits to start off with.

    Arden found work as a waitress, and purchased a tiny, functional apartment above the cantina where she was employed. Her father had taught her how to haggle, when she was a cub, and Arden was rarely taken advantage of. She was careless with her money pouch, however, and frequently lost credits to thieves.

    Her larger problem, were the drunk patrons at her job. Her beauty had served her well, gaining her respect on her homeworld, but on Coruscant, things were different. She was the subject of many a whistle and occasionally, a particularly obnoxious male would attempt a grope. While unsettling, these were easily dealt with by the bar?s bouncer.

    While Arden was behind the cantina, throwing out the trash, she was accosted by two large humans. They covered her mouth, and threw her against the wall, but underestimated h
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    GM APPROVED, For Mandalore!!!

    Name: Boba Fett

    Age: 20

    Species: Mandalorian Human

    Planet of Birth: Kamino

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [image=http://i447.photobucket.com/albums/qq198/siegewerks/bobafett2.jpg]

    Affiliation: Fringe

    Allegiance: None

    Rank: Bounty Hunter

    Weapons: Blas Tech EE-3 carbine rifle, a Tenloss DXR-6 disruptor pistol, and a Mitrinomon Z-6 jet pack. His left gauntlet houses a Czerka ZX miniature flame projector,remote explosive, a Blas Tech Dur-24 wrist laser and Kevlarex Consolidated Arms MM9 mini concussion rocket. The right gauntlet holds a fibercord whip launcher with 20 meter lanyard, retractable vibro-blades and a dart launcher. On the top of his jet pack is a large, fine-bore missile, Shield Generator

    Personal ship: Slave I


    He could have been just another clone trooper, sent off the battlefields in the Clone Wars, but his father wanted a son. Some one to continue the family line of bounty hunters and of the Mandalorian tradition? Was he just a tool so his father, Jango, would have a legacy. He was taught all the skills he would ever need for the fields, but he always sworn he saw something in his fathers eyes.

    He still remembers when he first killed someone. A bounty head near Kamino, who had robbed his company his own brother to run with the credits. He remembered chasing the man down into a street corner, and the mixture of shame and pride on his father?s face when Boba dragged the man?s body back to the Slave I. Then their where the people he killed in dog fights?but it never really felt like he killed them. He pressed a button, and then they and their ships simply disappeared into the abyss that was space. He supposed he killed a lot of them. His father always smiled with eyes then too?and also seemed to hurt a little bit as well.

    That pain his father?s eye managed to hurt him more than anything. His father never laid a hand on him outside of combat training, he always just frowned when Boba did something wrong. Even when Boba threw his Father?s helmet down the Kamino?s factuality?s engineering room, and could have it destroyed over his childish anger at not seeing his favorite Holocroyn program, his father merely frowned. But he was always a man who smiled warmly over the stupidest things. Sure?he never really talked, but his smile had a way of making Boba smile, because you couldn?t help but feel his happiness. And his frown did the same. He even taught Boba to enjoy the simplest things, whether it be the feel of desert air on the face, or the grace, the grace of all things, of performing a mundane performance heck on the Slave I. Because of that warm smile.
    He remembered how his father fell to Mace Windu. He wanted revenge, never again would he get to see his father smile again, he wouldn?t see the pleasure in the simple things like his father again, he would never got to feel happy as sand hit his face while standing on a sand dune, waiting for who knows what.

    He would ask why his father?s smile felt so empty when walking towards him congratulating on his fist hit. He would never get to ask him on whether he would get the chance to ask him if this was the path he wanted Boba to take in life. He only knew it was the only path left to him. Mace ensured that when he took away his father, and therefore the only one separating him from his Father?s jealous or self righteous foes. Just to breathe, he had to kill then. He had to stand on his own two feet.

    Even after his latest three missions with Jabba and when he lead the assault on Kamino, he hasn?t felt anything on his latest missions. On what it took to be a man. Or what it meant to be a warrior. But he felt that even though he didn?t know that?or was even close?if he continued on now that he was safe from vengeance that he might find out. What it meant to be a warrior, and why his father smiled, but it didn?t bring the warmth it normally did when talking about Boba?s future. Boba knew he might not like the answer.
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    GM Approved! For the Corps!

    Name: Tagg Sivrak

    Age: 35

    Species: Shistavenan

    Planet of Birth: Uvena Prime

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Tagg is 1.7meters approximately, with dark brown fur with black highlights giving him a rough shadowy appearance that is only enhanced by his large black eyes. His clothing of dark brown, with tan vest, plenty of pockets and equipment storage spots. With a muscular build offsetting his slightly shorter size gives him somewhat of a stout over muscled look, glistening yellow teeth, and long black claws, he is not exactly the image one would dream at night and still feel well rested by mornings light.

    Affiliation: Fringe

    Allegiance: Empire/Stormtrooper Corps

    Rank: Scout/Sniper

    Weapons: Palandrix Stun Gauntlet (For that are needed alive), Rodian Repulsor Throwing Razors 2x, grenades, and the Xerrol Night-stinger rifle (with expensive gas can create invisible beam)

    Personal ship: None

    Bio: Born on Uvena Prime he excelled at his training, working for his people as law enforcement and a wilderness trainer. At the age of twenty-four he used his life savings to leave and go to Coruscant where he enlisted in the Grand Army of the Republic. After some brief training and working alongside of training troopers on the moons of Coruscant he was cleared to work alongside the Army and even given a scout squad at times under his command. Though command was not something he enjoyed he endured such hardships to do his part in making sure the war did not spread to his people, and that he hunted well those that would bring it upon them if they succeeded.

    When Order Sixty-six was given he, as well as his clone scouts were in no position to aid as they were merely scouting a small outpost prior to the invasion force, although he did see action again on Kessel where he finally got his Jedi kill as a sniper. A kill truly worthy of note, and prey more than deserving of his fangs and skill, especially after how many attempts and adjustments to timing with other troops interference to get it just right to slay a couple. After Kessel he continued to serve the now Empire, not really affected at having killed those that used to be generals, he never liked them anyway. Although he served now for different reasons, his service and those like him now aided the Empire to keep any occupying forces from their home system, even if trade was reduced.

    In the end the few that he would speak plainly to, or respect was the Stormtroopers he had come to respect for their abilities. The higher ups he disdained all the way to the Imperial Senate, as for the Court and the Emperor he spoke no ill for the leaving of his home system alone. But as for the other he did nothing to hide his disdain, flat out insulting some commanders by telling them exactly what he thought of them and where they could go. The only reason he got away with such actions was because his results in battle, tracking of unsavory characters, and uncovering of hidden targets and routes was unrivaled even by the clones he would help.
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    GM Approved!

    Name: Valara Saar
    Age: 28
    Species: Human (Yashuvhi)
    Planet of Birth: Yashuvhu
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [link=http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Image:ValaraSaarHumanForceAdept.JPG] Valara Saar [/link]
    Affiliation: Jedi
    Allegiance: None
    Rank: Force Adept
    Weapons: Quarterstaff, blaster and her pet duuvhal, Zeev.
    Personal ship: None

    Bio: Valara is a descendant of a Human Jedi who had crashed on the incommunicado planet Yashuvhu sometime during the time of the Old Republic. Valara's talents with the Force were evident when she was a small child; she also inherited the sacred scroll, a weathered document on which her long-dead relative had written a part of the Jedi Code. In addition, Valara adopted a duuvhal as a pet, early in her life, naming it "Zeev."

    In the years leading up to the Clone Wars, the Republic exploratory vessel Pathfinder III landed on Yashuvhu in the course of its first-contact mission. They discovered that the Human population wanted to talk with the Jedi among the vessel's crew and learn about them. The first-contact specialists were able to teach the Yashuvhi some information about the Jedi, which was accepted with religious fervor. It was Valara Saar, however, who was the most interested of the Yashuvhi. Her ability to quickly learn and understand languages enabled her to communicate with the explorers, who spoke Galactic Basic instead of the native tongue.

    Valara convinced the Pathfinder III crew to take her to other worlds, with the hope of following the path of the Jedi. Nevertheless, the Jedi were too restrictive for her free-spirited soul. While she was taught some important skills and worked diligently, she eventually left the Jedi without any hope of joining the Order. Disillusioned, Valara decided instead to look for her destiny elsewhere in the galaxy, becoming a wanderer. Now she exchanges her Force skills for passage to other planets, helping those in need wherever she finds them, and continues to learn more of the Force without the guidance of a Master...
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    Name: Master Jorgon Arstick
    Age: 89
    Species: Cerean
    Planet of Birth: Cerea
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall head with long white thinning hair and a long white thinning beard. He wears worn Jedi robes with traditional Cerean cuffs.
    Affiliation: Jedi
    Allegiance: none
    Rank: Former Jedi High Council Master
    Weapons: Lightsaber
    Personal ship: Yacht- Formerly named Dreamweaver, then renamed The Avenger
    Bio: Master Jorgon Arstick was born on Cerea and taken to the Jedi Temple by Ki-Adi Mundi.

    During his time at the Jedi Temple, he trained as a youngling, like all Jedi's do, and was an apprentice of Master Singor Racki. He greatly respected Ki-Adi Mundi, and worked with him often.

    During the Clone Wars Master Jorgon held a temporary seat on the Jedi Council, and left before the Jedi Purge, disapproving of the war. He commanded a small clone regiment but later resigned as a General and traveled.

    When Order 66 was put into place, Jorgan received Master Yoda and Master Obi Wan Kenobi's message of all the Jedi not to return to the Jedi Temple. Jorgon took their advice, and traveled to Mon Calamari to live in exile.

    When the Empire came to Mon Calamari, Jorgan was unable to stay in exile, and intervened. Taking the yacht Dreamweaver off-world, he evacuated with as many Mon Calamari as he could, fleeing rimward. Over the years, he and the refugee's have been arming the yacht, turning it into a cruiser. In Wild Space, he set up a colony for those too young to fight, and set up a patrol around the system, renaming the cruiser the Avenger.
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    OOC: GM approved

    Name: Lei'Vor
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Coruscant
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Lei'Vor has long black hair pulled back into a pony tail. He is an caucasian of an athletic build.
    Affiliation: Dark Jedi
    Allegiance: Empirire
    Rank: Inquisitor
    Weapons: blaster pistol, single bladed lightsaber (red)
    Personal ship: none
    Bio: Lei'Vor was born in the undercity of Coruscant and lived there until the rise of the Galactic Empire.

    Lei'Vor's parents where murdered by a group of thugs, a rival gang some say, when Lei'Vor was 13. This left the young boy without a home. However he certainly still had a safety net.

    Quickly Lei'Vor established himself as someone to get things done. He was a thief early in his life and when he started getting older and filled out he also took on the occational bounty hunting job.

    When he was 15 Lei'Vor had an encounter with Darth Tyranus in the Undercity. Tyranus was easily able to defeat the untrained thug but noticed that he had potential to be trained in the force. Marking it for later note Tyranus left him alive stating that he would come for him later.

    Tyranus personally never returned. However the Emperor, having gained Tyranus' personal files with ease including the location of many gifted force sensitives the jedi had not found. This lead to Lei'Vor being trained as an Inquisitor, learning the basics of the force and constructing his own lightsaber.
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    Gee-Em Approved!

    Name: Mother Cappie (Capella Perdix)
    Age: 49
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Tavya (now lives on Nar Shaddaa)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Olive complexion, with several visible wrinkles and salt-and-pepper hair. She wears dirty green pants, a white T-shirt with a puffy yellow ochre thermal flight vest, mechanic?s gloves, and industrial boots. She always wears a bright orange bandana over her hair, babushka-style. Her clothes and face are almost always smudged with engine grease.
    Affiliation: Fringe
    Allegiance: None
    Rank: Outlaw Tech
    Weapons: DY-225 Heavy Blaster Pistol, SoroSuub X-30 ?Lancer? target blast pistol (both usually set to stun), small vibroknife. She also carries a variety of tools which can be used as improvised weapons in a pinch, but not very well. Her droid companion Ayfor is equipped with a shock arm.
    Bio: 47 is a strange age to begin a career as a smuggler and outlaw tech, but that was the age when Mother Cappie arrived on the Smuggler?s Moon with her droid companion R3-A4, or ?Ayfor?. She gave no details about her past to the smugglers she met, but then, many outlaws have reasons for hiding their pasts. She apparently has had extensive background with starship mechanics, and began to gain a reputation as the best fix-it woman in her district. She put her skills to good use as an outlaw tech for the smugglers there, and found a bit of adventure along the way. She started off working in garages and sometimes going out with smuggling crews who paid her to work on the ship while out on runs, and earned the respect and loyalty of many of them--at least those who were kind enough to give it. Over time her mechanical skills earned her a reputation as a genius with starship repairs and enough money to buy her own spacebarn. Since she is older than many of the young smugglers there, does her best to help them, and sort of ?nurses? their ships back to heath like a parent with a sick child, the others call her ?Mother Cappie,? which she likes since she doesn?t give out her full name. With no children of her own, she enjoyed being able to try and help the rough-and-tumble smugglers. Sometimes she still goes out on runs with smuggling crews, but she mainly works out of her garage.

    (I haven't included anything about her past since other characters wouldn't be aware of it, so that will be more realistic, but the GM knows. It's nothing overdone, like she used to be a Jedi or black-ops agent or anything).
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    Name: Adenn (CT-G221)
    Age: Chronological age: 10 Biological age: 32
    Species: Human, Clone
    Planet of Birth: Kamino/Centax-2
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Being a clone that still uses Jango Fett?s donated template, Adenn looks the same as any other clone that posses the unique resemblance of the bounty hunter. The same face, hidden in the same armor, and wielding the same weaponry as any other clone. The only difference with Adenn is that he has managed to gain some gray hairs that are the only clue to how stressed that even a clone can be burdened with that comes from years of service with an altered lifespan.
    Affiliation: Stormtrooper Corps
    Allegiance: Empire
    Rank: Sergeant (We seeing the link here? <.< )
    Weapons: The usual standard issue E-11 blaster rifle, thermal detonator, and a SE-14r Imperial repeating pistol.
    Personal ship: None
    Bio: Adenn is a second generation clone, born on Centax-2 (though he thinks of it as Kamino) as a product of Arkanian Microtechnologies and Spaarti technology. And with the new flash-training program, his generation has long since been considered inferior, having only been taught the basics of how to fire a rifle and was thrust right into combat after a year of being grown. Adenn himself was one of the earlier graduates that had been sent out in the form of the 14th Infantry Brigade that had been sent to Haurgab and thus was part of the huge push by the Republic after the Battle of Coruscant to finish the war with the Confederacy once and for all.

    And, as history has recorded, the end of the war also came with Order 66. Adenn and his fellow comrades had been under the command of a Jedi General, heading to the next battlefield within a Venator-class Star Destroyer when Order 66 was announced. Though the clone troopers immediately complied with the order, the Jedi had been able to escape from the initial attack which caused a ship-wide security alert with several teams of clone troopers being formed and sent out to find the Jedi. Adenn and his team had been on security detail at the escape pods in case the Jedi decided to try to evacuate that way. He ended up doing just that and Adenn?s team was decimated when the Jedi launched his attack. Security cams caught the assault, clones were immediately sent to reinforce the area, but by the time they managed to get there all that was left were the pieces of Adenn?s team scattered around on the floor and Adenn himself with his hands around the Jedi?s throat as he had strangled him to death.

    Something had changed with the clone back then, not just his name either when one of the clones that had seen the battle on a security cam ? a first generation clone ? had described the combatants as adenn (merciless), both the Jedi that had slaughtered Adenn?s team and the clone himself when he strangled the life out of the Jedi. The event still haunts Adenn to this day and since then he had kept mostly to himself, speaking little to his brothers when he isn?t shouting out orders in battle. Despite that, however, Adenn still serves under the Empire, being sent out where he was needed and doing so with the loyalty that came with any other good little clone. However, it still hasn?t kept Adenn, with the time that he increasingly spends with himself, from thinking and wondering about not only the sad truth that he was only grown to serve and die, but also questioning about how much of the limited life that he has may really be his own.
  15. Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC

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    GM OOC: We have several more character sheets to come, but here's the dramatis personae so far. We'll be starting by Tuesday at the latest. [face_peace]

    Dramatis Personae

    1. Adenn (CT-G221); Sergeant (male human) - played by Sarge221

    2. Arden Lai; Fringe (female Cathar) - played by NickLitYouAFlame

    3. Boba Fett; Bounty Hunter (male human) - played by TheManinBlack

    4. Capella 'Cappie' Perdix; Outlaw tech (female human) - played by bad_feeling_haver

    5. Jorgon Arstick; Jedi Master (male Cerean) - played by Ki_Undi_Mundi

    6. Kay Koda; Jedi Master (male human) - played by witchdoctor187

    7. Lei'Vor; Inquisitor (male human) - played by jedi_of_darkness

    8. Ryshin Thraell; Jedi Knight (male human) - played by RuneEissahn

    9. Tagg Sivrak; Scout/Sniper (male Shistavenan) - played by Mitth_Fisto

    10. Trachta; Grand Moff (male human) - played by BobaMatt

    11. Valara Saar; Force Adept (female human) - played by KIRA-SHAY

  16. TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan

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    GM APPROVED, I will not fail you Lord Vader

    Name: Alpha-XVII AKA ?Allan?

    Age: Physical: 40 Actual: 21

    Species: Human

    Planet of Birth: Kamino

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Height six foot and an inch tall, weighs 210 due to muscle, and virtually identical to his fellow troopers

    Affiliation: Storm Trooper Corps/ 501st

    Allegiance: Empire

    Rank: Captain

    Weapons: Modified Carbine Blaster Rifle, Imperial Repeater Rifle, and Shield Generator, AT-ST

    Personal ship: N/A

    What could anyone say, about Allan, that already hasn?t been said. He was there when the Clone Wars started. He fought in the Battle of Geonosis, He fought in many of the Outer Rim Sieges. Hell he even killed Ki-Adi-Mundi on the Battle of Mygeeto?.well two of his shots where the ones that hit the poor man. Not that he wanted to do it, but hey orders where orders. He even benefited from that old Jedi?s prowess?when the Lieutenant died being hit from a reflected shot, and he continued to fire on the old man, rallying the men. For those little shots, he was he was promoted to the commanding position of Lieutenant. That was nice to say the least.

    He always seemed to benefit from other people?s stupidity. When one of Lord Vader?s previous lieutenants failed to successfully clear the entire section assigned to him in the Jedi Temple on Courscant, he was assigned to replace him, when Vader naturally showed he couldn?t tolerate failure. Good for Allan, Vader didn?t have to suffer from anything. He just succeeded and did what he was told, and did what was expected, success, when he wasn?t told what to do. Because of this some of his fellow clones called him ?brutal?. It was the only insult Allan would tolerate, and often smiled when his underlings called him that. Nothing was more efficient then being brutal, to say the least.

    On the Battle for Naboo, a few years back he proved that. Those clever jerks amassed a pretty large battery of anti-air weapons that would have EASILY gunned down a brigade or two of TIE fighters, and probably given a few of the Jedi and Naboo?s leaders enough time to flee. Not on Allan?s watch. He lead his entire division, his ENTIRE division, to assault the Anti-Air weaponry despite being out gunned and outmanned by three fold. He couldn?t let Lord Vader?s forces to be diverted or else he would have cut off his head to save shaving it, so to speak. By clever use of Flanking and pure surprise, he managed to destroy the entire at the cost of only a third of men. Vader was pleased. VERY pleased.

    He earned the rank of Captain just as it became increasing rare for clone troops to be given command. Instead they started giving to these green behind the ears, college boys. He was lucky Vader was still Vader. The only thing that mattered in his eyes was cold hearted efficiency. Something those rookies usually didn?t have. Something that he once again proved to be. After fighting Kashyyyk and Kamino he was assigned a few dozen more AT-ST along with a lot of speeder bikes. Apparently the brass believed that Allan could begin to show off his patent Shock and Awe tactics more. He would be happy to oblige them.
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    GM Approved

    Username: UnknownRogue
    Name: Lucius Zeven
    Faction: Fringe
    Secondary Faction/Rank: Freighter captain

    Appearence: Average height, short light brown hair, no distinguishing marks, unusually dark, intense eyes,

    Personality:Lucius cares about money. He is always thinking about tomorrow and where the next credit will come from. While he is a smuggler he has an unusual sense of loyalty to his crew. He also hates the Republic because of what they did to the Jedi (in his eyes anyway)

    Age: 27
    Force Sensitivity (Select one): None
    Weapons: Assortment of blasters and blaster rifles

    Important NPCS:
    Mossi, his co-pilot and navigator, a verpine

    Rhak Spayr, his mechanic, a Dug

    Ship/Transport: Ground Pounder, a modified version of a Mandalorian assault shuttle. The Ground Pounder was gutted to created extra cargo space and some secret compartments. The weapons and shields were upgraded to military-grade.

    Biography: Lucius was born on Corellia but grew up on Coruscant. He was the son of a spacer who flew transports for the Jedi. When he grew old enough Lucius started to fly with his father and then the Clone Wars started. His father turned his cargo ship into a medical frigate and would fly through battle-zones picking up EV Clone pilots. At one point he crashed and was held captives with a bunch of clones but the Jedi saved him. One of the Clones that his father saved now serves Lucius.

    One day before the war ended Lucius' father was killed in a conflict over Ord Mantell and his mother took her own life. The Jedi tried to take him in but Lucius would have no part and disappeared for a few years and recently turned up with his crew.


    Username: UnknownRogue
    Name: Hondo Karr
    Faction: Fringe
    Secondary Faction/Rank: Hired Gun

    Appearence: Looks exactly like Jango Fett

    Personality: Has the look and grim determination of a hired killer. Everything is simple to him, he does what he is paid to do. He has very few loyalties. He is also a trifle insane because he is an unstable clone.
    Age: Indeterminable.
    Force Sensitivity (Select one): None
    Weapons: DC-15 Blaster rifle, service blaster, assorted explosives

    Ship/Transport: Works for Lucius Zeven on the Ground Pounder

    Biography: Hondo Karr was one of the earliest versions of the ARC Trooper. His unit was given too intense a training regiment and most of them were either killed or drove themselves into dementia and took their own lives. An intense will to survive was also instilled in him and he avoided being put down by stowing away on a medical freighter flown by Lucius Zeven's father. Zeven's father ended up saving his life and Hondo Karr escaped to Mandalore where he picked up his name. When he returned towards the end of the Clone Wars he took a job with Lucius Zeven to honor Zeven's father.
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    GM OOC: We've still a few character sheets to be posted, but I'm no longer accepting Jedi or Fringe type characters. Clones and Imperials are required to fill out those aspects. My own CS will be put up shortly. So if you have a CS in my PM Inbox, I'm likely to not accept the character if it's a Jedi or Fringe anymore. Not my fault, it is called 'Empire in Crisis' for a reason. :p
  19. HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist

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    Name: Rehyn Nejos
    Age: 34
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Corellia
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Rehyn was fairly tall for a human, standing at 6'3" with dark brown hair and green eyes. His face was lean with a set jaw which was often covered in a neatly trimmed goatee or beard of some nature. He likes to experiment and very rarely will you see his face clean-shaven. Underneath his typical spacer's garb is a well toned body from his years in the Jedi Order.
    Affiliation: Fringe
    Allegiance: None
    Rank: Jedi Knight, but likes to deny it
    Weapons: DL-44 blaster pistol, Lightsaber
    Personal ship: YT-1000 freighter, Dead Bolt
    Bio: Like others before him, Rehyn's ability with the Force was discovered at a young age and he was quickly whisked away from his family on Corellia to train with the Jedi on Coruscant. Here, he excelled at his studies and proved to be a promising student, but he was always longing for home and the family that he left behind. Many of the Masters said he had his head in the stars and as a result, he was often versed on the Dark Side and how his daydreaming could one day lead down that dark path.

    Despite these shortcomings, Nejos managed to achieve the rank of Jedi Knight and with the outbreak of the Clone Wars, he soon found himself thrust directly into the action. His dream to be out there among the stars was coming true and as far as he was concerned, the Dark Side was nowhere to be seen....or so he thought.

    Order 66 wreaked havoc throughout the Jedi Order and many of Rehyn's friends and mentors were killed in the intitial onslaught. But that dumb Corellian luck must've been on his side that day, for he managed to escape the attack and flee with his life. But the events of that day and those to follow would change him forever.

    Reyhn became fearful of his lifestyle and what he represented. Some may have called him a coward for not standing up for what was right, but he was still young and would rather continue to live and fulfill his dreams than die a premature death like his collegues. Hanging up his Jedi robes, Reyhn chose a less conventional way to go into hiding - become a spice smuggler. With his new guise, he could still travel the stars and keep tabs on the Order and the ongoing war as before but this time, no one, especially those pesky clones, would ever pin him as a Jedi. It was the perfect balance and maybe one day, once he got a handle on his fear and squelched all his inner demons, Reyhn would return to the galaxy as the Jedi he was meant to be.
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    After a decent absence due to RL...I got this GM APPROVED

    Character Sheet

    Name: Troy Heimdal
    Age: 26
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Abregado-rae
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: At a little over six feet tall and 210 pounds, Troy is well-built for his size. He is athletic yet muscular enough to handle himself when things get rough. His tan skin is marred by scars which cover his right arm from hand to elbow, inflicted by a training accident at the Imperial Academy. A black tattoo of the Imperial Crest stretches across his right triceps. He has slightly above medium length dark brown hair and long sideburns, with piercing green eyes. He wears the standard uniform of an Imperial Naval Officer, but wears along with it a custom kama of the same color as his tunic and slacks.
    Affiliation: Galactic Imperial Navy
    Allegiance: Galactic Empire
    Rank: Captain
    Weapons: Strategy and Tactics, Whatever is on hand.
    Personal ship: Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle, Jynx
    Bio: Troy was born into a middle-class family on Abregado-rae; a family that was also involved in politics on-world and had a considerable history rooted deep in the planet's past.

    His father, Alec Heimdal, was a transportation minister whose office was in the main starport of the planet. Troy and his sister would visit him there frequently, always watching in awe at the massive vessels that arrived and departed daily.

    Troy was popular in school, gaining many contacts throughout the world and on others. When he and his sister Dara graduated from their primary education, they immediately entered the Imperial Academy on Corulag, where they both entered the Navy's training program seeking to become officers.

    Excelling in matters of both Naval Intelligence and Strategy, it wasn't long after graduation that Troy made his way to the rank of captain, and was given command of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Caduceus.

    He keeps up regular communication with his sister, now Commander Dara Heimdal, who is stationed halfway across the galaxy from Troy's present assignment which is holding position on the outer fringes of the thoroughly-Imperial Anaxes system.
  21. Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master

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    GM Approved Character Sheet

    Name: A.S.A.D. (A-Series Assassin Droid)
    Age: 2 Years
    Species: A-Series Assassin Droid Mark-2
    Planet of Birth: Coruscant
    Gender: Masculine programming
    Height: 2 meters tall (6'6")
    Affiliation: Inquisitorius
    Allegiance: Empire
    Rank: Inquisitor
    Weapons: Lightsaber (red blade, usually held in right hand), wrist mounted blaster (mounted in palms of hands), hand-held tractor beam projector (mounted in left palm).
    Personal ship: Eta-2 Actis class light interceptor, modified to include shielding.

    Bio: With the success of A-series assassin droid during the clone wars, the new Emperor Darth Sidious dedicated funding towards advancing the technology used in their creation. A.S.A.D Mark-2 was the result, the Emperor was pleased with the initial results but decided to make this model even more deadly.

    After spending almost two years personally training the droid and allowing it to learn Sith lightsaber tactics, a masterpiece was born. Skilled in the use of a lightsaber and a capable field commander, A.S.A.D Mark-2 was placed in the Inquisitorius where he would be used to hunt down enemies of the Emperor and those Jedi who survived the purge.
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    OOC: Sinre, your lack of Vader and Storm Troopers disturbs me.

    Still, AWESOME so far can't wait for the game to begin!!!
  23. Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC

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    GM Approved! :p

    Name: Garen Kya
    Age: 48
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Chommel Minor
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 5?11??, grey/blue eyes, light brown hair, pale skin
    Affiliation: Empire
    Allegiance: Empire
    Rank: Lord
    Weapons: Holdout blaster
    Personal ship: Charitable, a SoroSuub yacht, including personal FA-5 valet droid
    Bio: Born in 59 BBY on Chommell Minor, Garen Kya was a minor player in the Naboo Security Force throughout the Battle of Naboo and Clone Wars, receiving little notice for it, forced to serve as a galley hand on starships to make ends meet. He had in-fact inherited a massive estate on Naboo from his father, Elk Kya, but refused to take on this. However, after the Colossus disaster he was broke, he returned home dispirited in 18 BBY. In the time he had been away, however, his estate?s elderly caretaker, Petra, had adopted an orphan from the Clone Wars, one Lorelei, and, although she was much younger than him, fell madly in love with her and they married. She was vehemently pacifistic, and begged him not to rejoin the Imperial military, and so he sat out his homeworld?s rebellion within his estate, allowing the 501st to launch their ground offensive from there. From this, he was quickly drawn into the Court?s wrangling. He has hosted Palpatine in his home on no less than two occasions, reaping even greater wealth from a monopoly his Majesty granted him for N-X starfighter production. He has since acquired the title of Lord, but has made sure this is not widely acknowledged, which benefits him, as his wife would disapprove greatly of his increased involvement in the Court.
  24. Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC

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    GM OOC: Please Read This Post

    Dramatis Personae

    1. Adenn (CT-G221); Sergeant (clone) - played by Sarge221

    2. Alpha-XVII 'Allan'; Captain (clone) - played by TheManinBlack

    3. Arden Lai; Fringe (female Cathar) - played by NickLitYouAFlame

    4. A.S.A.D.; Inquisitor (male personality droid) - played by Despised1

    5. Boba Fett; Bounty Hunter (male human) - played by TheManinBlack

    6. Capella 'Cappie' Perdix; Outlaw tech (female human) - played by bad_feeling_haver

    7. Garen Kya; Imperial Lord (male human) ? played by Sinrebirth

    8. Hondo Karr; Hired Hand (clone) - played by UnknownRogue

    9. Jorgon Arstick; Jedi Master (male Cerean) - played by Ki_Undi_Mundi

    10. Kay Koda; Jedi Master (male human) - played by witchdoctor187

    11. Lei'Vor; Inquisitor (male human) - played by jedi_of_darkness

    12. Lucius Zeven; Merchant Captain (male human) - played by UnknownRogue

    13. Rehyn Nejos; Jedi Knight (male human) - played by HanSolo29

    14. Ryshin Thraell; Jedi Knight (male human) - played by RuneEissahn

    15. Tagg Sivrak; Scout/Sniper (male Shistavenan) - played by Mitth_Fisto

    16. Troy Heimdal; Imperial Captain (male human) - played by BLemelisk

    17. Trachta; Grand Moff (male human) - played by BobaMatt

    18. Valara Saar; Force Adept (female human) - played by KIRA-SHAY

    GM OOC: I have a few character sheets left to come in, but I shall be beginning today, my friends. Welcome to the Second Clone Wars!

    This is important, so please read. Some of you who have played with me before shall recognise this system, and some of you shall not. I've used this in the past to avoid confusion, so it should be helpful when I post the next 5,008 words I've written for you all. :p

    TAGs to Fringe players will be blue

    TAGs to Imperial and Inquisitor players will be red

    TAGs to Jedi and Force users players will be green.

    If you're mixed, which some of you are, the colours will vary at the beginning and end of the posts. Please respond in the correct colour, so as to make it easier for everyone to follow things.

    GM Posts, and plot related posts will be henceforth be made in purple
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    Episode I: Tribulations

    The Empire has crushed practically all resistance. The Jedi are no more, and the Confederacy of Independent Systems has been vanquished. Elements persist to harass the Empire, but every time the Empire shifts its colossal strength a hundred such threats are suffocated.

    With immense armies of clones filling the ranks, mostly produced by the Arkanian?s using Spaarti Cloning Cylinders on Centax II, Arkania and Vohai, the Empire has practically no use for Kamino, and failed to make any orders from them following the Clone Wars. The intention among the Empire is to simply use up the rapidly-aging Grand Army until it is no more, and the remaining million or so clones are tossed aside with frequency.

    The Empire fields thousands of Star Destroyers and millions of smaller vessels, with quintillions of Stormtroopers filling its vessels and policing the streets of countless member worlds. There is no enemy which can threaten it.

    However, the elements of a conspiracy have struck the Empire far out in the Outer Rim, based. Clones, kidnapped from posts on Rishi, were tracked to Kamino, and a massive clone army discovered. The 501st was deployed to crush the insurrection, led by Boba Fett.

    However, the ISD Indefatigable has gone missing, a day after the Battle of Kamino, leaving the hitherto minor world of Sentren II open. From that mystery, and that breach in Imperial defences, an unlikely collection of smugglers and Jedi are poised to unravel the Empire, in the face of a band of dedicated clones, Imperials and Dark Jedi.

    Some will become saviors.

    Some will become monsters.

    One will become a face which dominates the Galaxy.

    Another will usher in darkness unparalleled.

    And an Empire will fall.
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