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SWRPF Archive 11 BBY - Empire in Crisis - The Jedi Reborn - The Second Clone War

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Sinrebirth, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Darth Vader/ Kamino/ Outer Rim
    Space above Kamino

    [blockquote]If Vader had been religious, he would have said the situation was quickly going to hell. But this was war which made it rather normal, and the Dark Lord was most definitely NOT religious. While all of the weapons on this side of the Acclimator had been wiped into non-existance, several tractor beams had remained relatively unscathed.

    The sudden jolt threw Vader forward into his restraints and a barely surpressed spate of swearing came out in only an exhasperated breath. And these are the best I have to work with? Clones one and all, Black squadron very well may have been the best squadron in existance, but they were still merely human. While he was taking a fraction of a second to survey his situation, the Force warned him of the impending danger. A rather explosive end to his career as a human being (if he could even still be called that). It also shifted irrevocably. What in the- Vader didn't finish the thought. Later. Suffice to say Vader was NOT pleased with the current turn of affairs.

    Stretching out with the Force, the Dark Lord followed the patterns of energy. The only bright points on this side of the ship HAD to be the tractor beams. Taking no time for finesse, Vader literally ripped integral parts of them off of the ship. With a sudden jolt his TIE shot forward like a scalded gundark, and the shots that had been meant for him would now end up expending their energy into the unshielded Acclimators hull.

    Realizing that he was now the main target, Vader headed towards Mathayus and saw that it had been hulled. Grinding his teeth in frustration, that meant his ship was going to be stuck in dry dock for who knew how long. A lesson. A harsh lesson. Into his comm, "Black squadron, continue escorting the shuttle to Mathayus. Black leader, you are in charge of the withdrawal. Do whatever is necesary." Taking a deep breath, Vader tried to store his anger for a time that it would be better served. Besides, he was still in the middle of a battle. Some idiot could still take a potshot at him, for all the good it would do them.

    Then there was a dark flare in the Force as another ship jumped into the system. Obviously it had to be one of the Emperor's agents, as no Jedi would have been foolish enough to come to Kamino. They all knew about the cloning facilities, and would not survive for long. Of course it could be one of his Inquisitors, but his personal scanners were not equipped at quite that range. Switching channel's, "Admiral, Direct that ship to my personal landing bay." There was a sense of foreboding about this whole situation. We have all been duped. Mentally the Dark Lord reviewed the information that he posessed. It all led to one inescapable conclusion, especially with the shift that the Force had experienced. The entire Empire had just suffered a vast blow, and everything he had worked towards, everything he had sacrificed for, was now threatened. Whoever had done this, made the loss of- NO. I will not think of those times. Whoever has done this will pay. With their lives. By that point the man in black had achieved his personal landing bay, and was setting down. All he had to do now was wait for whoever the new Force Sensitive was to come to him.[/blockquote]


    Yes, Sinre did clear me doing the tractor beams.

  2. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    IC: Kay Koda
    Ithaqua Station / Toola/ Outer Rim

    Petlin found himself accepting the speech, but his paranoia - a career trait in an Inquisitor. "Jedi Knight Kay Koda, I am no fool. I will not ally myself with murderers." Petlin gestured, yanking at a chair in the Force and throwing it at Kay. Petlin launched himself after the chair, cutting at Kay's side. The dark side would never ally with anyone!

    The chair flew close to Kay?s head, but was quickly cut into two pieces by Kay?s lightsaber, the two pieces rolling backwards down the stairs. The Sith Inquisitor then launched himself at Kay with inconsolable rage. The crimson blade of the Sith?s lightsaber slashed down towards Kay side, nearly slicing into his ribs. Kay quickly crossed his body with his saber and batted away the Inquisitor?s blade. Kay began to push the offensive by taking the stance of Makashi.

    Kay took the offensive, pushing the Inquisitor back up the stairs towards the comm. room. Both the Jedi and Sith?s sabers met each other in a series of elegant and smooth swings, looking as if either force user were straining to keep up with each other. Finally the two reached the top of the stairs and the entrance to the comm. room. They were finally in an open area, an advantage for both of them, due to the fact that neither of them were forced inside the constrains of the stairwell. Kay also thought it best to try and talk more sense into his opponent, seeing that this Sith was equivalent to him and also filled with rage, Kay thought that it would be easy, maybe. As the two locked blades in a stalemate, Kay strained to keep the Sith back but also tried to talk some sense into him. Finally the stalemate broke and the two, Jedi and Sith found themselves within mere feet of each other, circling, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Kay again spoke.

    ?Listen to me, I am not your enemy, those damn clones are. If we do not defeat them then they will destroy everything that we have sworn to protect. They will destroy you and I, this planet, the galaxy, and even the Empire, that?s right you precious empire will be gone, nothing more than dust on the wind. I have nothing to lose since you have robed me of all I hold dear. But you?you must think Sith, what do you have to lose, and is it worth losing so you can kill one Exiled Jedi?? Kay said, hoping to hit a cord in the cold Inquisitor?s heart. He had wasted enough time already and if he didn?t get out that distress call then the planet of Toola was doomed to unrelenting wrath of the clones.

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  3. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Raine Vartan

    The trip through hyperspace felt like it took forever, but finally Raine's ship popped out of hyperspace over Kamino -

    - and into a maelstrom.

    Raine cursed softly. They were too far away to be threatened, of course, but from the way the sensor board lit up with hostiles, the battle was not going well. Two Star Destroyers were being absolutely hammered by a string of Acclamators; even as Raine watched, flames exploded out across one Star Destroyer's hull. It was not going well.

    Her comm board lit up: it was Admiral Coy aboard the Mathayus, instructing her to dock with the crippled Star Destroyer at once. Raine's frown deepened - were they so strapped for men that they were recalling every friendly in the system? - but she relaxed once the coordinates began scrolling across the nav computer. The heading directed her to what would be the senior officers' landing bay on any other Star Destroyer, but the Mathayus was Vader's flagship and that was his personal docking bay. He had sensed her.

    "Do it," she ordered her pilot, stretching out in the Force. No link existed between Vader and the Inquisitors; this merely served to confirm her identity to the Dark Lord, if such confirmation was necessary, as 4-X expertly weaved them across the streams of fire and debris that littered the battlefield. It was not very difficult - nobody shot at them, for an unarmed shuttle was an exceedingly low-priority target. In short order they were through the docking bay's magcon field, and 4-X set the shuttle down gently on the duracrete.

    Raine threw off her restraints and trotted briskly down the ramp. Vader was already there, emerging from a battered TIE. "My lord," she called. The Inquisitor strode up to him, pausing only to kneel briefly; Vader would understand the need for haste. "I have just arrived from Arkania," she said. "My lord, the system has fallen. The Arkanians have staged a coup, assisted by ships in Kamino colours. I barely escaped with my life."

    The Inquisitor was also well aware that she might very well have escaped Arkania only to die at Vader's hands. But Raine thought it a risk justified; he had to know.

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  4. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Darth Vader/ Mathayus/ Kamino/ Outer Rim

    [blockquote]Just sitting for several moments in the cockpit, trying to sort through what was going on, was somewhat relaxing. But Admiral Coy was still going to be recieving a lesson. Not a deadly one, yet. But that was seeming more likely as the ship rocked again. Activating his comm again, "As soon as black squadron and the shuttle board jump to hyperspace. Tell any of the other ships that still can to leave as well." This had turned into a colossal failure, and it was at least partially his fault for chasing after Jedi. Standing mandate or not, leaving in the middle of a battle regardless of how compitent you assume the commander you're leaving in charge is was the height of stupidity. A height that he had personally scaled.

    As he saw the Force Senstives's shuttle landing, Vader emerged from his now battle tested fighter. It had performed reasonably, but there wree things he would need changed. A list would be sent down to maintenance in the next few days with changes to be made. The days of his personally being able to do that were long in the past, no matter how much he might miss it.

    The young woman who emerged was one of the Inquisitors, and order that had been setup by Vader. In a way he was in charge of them, should he ever truly need something from them. The same as the rest of the empire. Being the right hand of the Emperor had it's advantages. She was not weak in the Force, so his suspicious on that front were confirmed.

    Vader stood where he was while she huried over to him, and as she neared he got a better look at her face. One Raine Vartan, former Jedi Padawan and one of the few to actually kill an Inquisitor. A valuable member of the Inqisitoriate.

    She knelt before finishing approaching, the haste honestly did not bother Vader. He had started to grow tired of that particular demand from the Emperor. He understood the why, so that others would know the superiority of the Emperor and the Dark Lord, but it was just frippery to Vader. It consumed time, which was already in far too short supply as it was. Still, he did incline his head. Habits die hard.

    Raine's words were not pleasing. Not pleasing at all. Arkania has revolted? What other systems have jumped ship? This situation is even worse than I had thought. The Emperor is not as omniscient as he claims, assuming he still lives. Basically staring into space, the Dark Lord consider his options. Taun We was suddenly vastly more important to the Empire, but the Force alone knew what else was going on. Somehow, the feeling that he had was that no matter what decision was made, it would be wrong and therefore an even greater failure in the eyes of his Master.

    Deciding that his standing orders to Admiral Coy were the correct ones, Vader started walking off without having said a single word to the Inquisitor who had just brought the news. She would follow him, of that he had no doubt. This was information that had to be passed on, regardless of the outcome of this particular battle. And the only really appropriate place left to take it was his Master. Heading to his personal chambers, Vader could since Raine following him a step behind and to the left. "What additional information can you give me." it wasn't so much a question as a demand, and they both knew it.[/blockquote]


  5. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Raine Vartan
    Aboard Mathayus, Kamino

    Raine nodded and fell in step beside Vader. Happily, she had taken the time to consult the fleet personnel lists during the hyperspace jump and had not arrived entirely uninformed. She still took a moment to organise her thoughts; the Dark Lord would tolerate a brief silence more than a disjointed report full of irrelevant details.

    "The system is cut off," she began. "Communications are jammed throughout the system - it appears the jamming came from the Outer Rim as well as insystem - and two Corellian Detainers had jumped in just before I escaped." Corellian Detainers being interdictors; Raine did not insult Vader by explaining. "Along with twelve Acclamators in Kamino colours. The ISD Caduceus had jumped out of the system just ahead of them. On the ground, there are at least a thousand clones that I saw."

    The Inquisitor paused. So far, everything she said could be correlated by the sensor logs on her ship - but the rest of her report was conjecture. She forged ahead anyway. "The clones were firing upon their fellows," Raine said slowly. "Nearly ten thousand dead without a fight; the Adjunct had assembled them without armour and weaponry. I believe it was the Arkanians' plan to remove loyalist clones on the ground, just as the Kaminoan cruisers jumped in to take care of the Caduceus. The system appears to be under their joint control."

    That, or the Kaminoans had decided to invade Arkania. She left out that particular bit of speculation. Highly unlikely, in Raine's mind, for there to be two separate cloner uprisings at the same time; far more likely that they were linked.

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  6. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Arden Lai
    Hyperspace, en route to Ando

    Arden ignored Nick, as he spewed his personal brand of small talk. He tried to relate to her, which was mildly disconcerting. Arden wondered if they were anything alike. She didn?t comment; she stared at her paws.

    Then, the compelling voice of the old man with the crescent-shaped hat replaced Nick?s. It sounded like a comm message, and said, ?I see you're arriving at the Ando system. I expect you to arrive, reorient, and jump immediately. Do not communicate with anyone.? Arden?s pupils dilated as she realized that it was a recording.

    Nick voiced her fears, just as they returned to real space?

    ?directly in the path of a group of shuttles. Arden?s jaw dropped, and Nick began to swear terribly. In the chaos, helpless, Arden could do nothing but gape. Nick was yelling, and then they jumped to hyperspace.

    Arden turned to Nick and yelled, ?What the kriff was that? How did your boss know you would stop at Ando? Did he bug the shuttle??

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  7. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Rehyn Nejos
    Spaceport, Sentren II

    A brilliant explosion lit up the immediate area of the docking bay as Cappie's droid companion burst apart with superheated metal and flame. Rehyn raised an arm to shield his face from the explosion and stumbled to get out of the way, suppressing a yell of surprise as someone slammed into him from behind. His arms were pin-wheeling now as he struggled to grab hold of something to break his fall, but it was a useless gesture. With a grunt of frustration and pain, he ended up skidding head first into a pile of crates, causing them to tumble forward onto his body as the sound of blaster fire continued to echo around the spaceport.

    He lay still for a moment within the rubble, thankful that he was out of the firefight for now, but it did very little to ease his mind. His thoughts were swimming with the new information the Quarren had revealed to them before his untimely death. A lost Imperial Star Destroyer. Kamino. A second Clone War. It was all too much to comprehend at one shot.

    And then there was another question that kept nagging at the back of his mind since hearing the news; what of the Jedi? Did they have a role in all of this? Suddenly, he had to find out. He needed more information.

    With a renewed determination, Rehyn heaved the crates from his body and managed to crawl out of the rubble on all fours. His breathing was coming in ragged breaths as he took in the scene of chaos unfolding around them, finally spotting Tikkes' corpse lying directly in the middle of the opposing lines. He frowned. This wasn't gonna be easy.

    "Stop blasting holes in my ship!" Rehyn yelled out in frustration as he began to stagger to his feet, about to attempt the impossible in trying to retrieve the body of the Quarren. If he could just...

    A blaster suddenly slid into his boot heel with a metallic thud. Nejos stopped his progress and stared at the firearm with raised brow before catching sight of Badure as he sprinted for cover. So, the man had some decency in him after all. Smirking to himself, he bent down and retrieved the weapon as he returned to the pile of crates for cover, not allowing the corpse to stray from his sight.

    A bolt of red-hot energy shot forth from the muzzle of the blaster and raced through the air towards the stormtroopers as Rehyn depressed the trigger. "We gotta get out of here!" he shouted towards Badure's position, not even bothering to see if his shot made contact. "Get back to the ship, I'll cover you!"

    Without waiting for a reply, Rehyn resumed firing into the enemy ranks.

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  8. bad_feeling_haver

    bad_feeling_haver Jedi Knight star 1

    Oct 5, 2008
    IC: Mother Cappie
    Spaceport, Sentren II

    "There are less than a hundred Stormtroopers, here. And, the Empire has been attacked by clone forces at Ando, my contacts have informed me. Kamino still hasn't fell, and some people are calling this the Second Clone War."

    Second Clone War? It was a lot to process all at once, but Cappie was beginning to dread whatever it was she was getting into. The Quarren went on, and it became clear he was mounting some sort of insurrection. Cappie had no love for the Empire, but she didn't want to get involved with a rebellion either. Having lived in the Tapani Sector, and then Hutt Space her whole life, she had been distanced from the Empire's actions, and wanted her (relatively) peaceful life of ship repair on Nar Shaddaa more than any sort of recognition.

    But Cappie's jaw nearly dropped at what the Quarren said next: "I'll publicly declare your names, and you'll be declared the heroes of the new age - everyone will know you! Nobody will be able to touch you!" That was no kind of reward to her. Just the opposite, in fact. She hadn't given her full name to anyone since she'd come to Nar Shaddaa. She was still wanted for white-collar crimes back in the Freeworlds, and it would be a disaster if her face and name were suddenly spread around on the Holonet! in fact, she, Nejos, and Badure were all outlaws. That didn't sound like something either of them would want anyway. Besides, smugglers usually preferred creds to anything like what Tikkes was describing. But she couldn't let Nejos allow Tikkes to spread her name around either way.

    All of that quickly became a non-issue, however, as Tikkes was cut down by a blaster a moment later. But just then the blaster fire struck Ayfour too. Cappie's eyes widened and things seemed to go into slow motion. She watched--not saw, watched--her droid companion explode, only looking away because Badure shoved her to the ground behind some containers, out of the way of the stormtroopers' fire. As soon as she hit the ground, Cappie curled her torso upwards, extending a hand and crying, "Ayfour!" The damage looked severe.

    It had all happened within a second or two, but things still seemed to be in slow motion for Cappie. Stormtroopers fired and Badure fired back. Rehyn staggered to his feet and yelled something. Cappie just breathed heavily to herself as she watched her droid companion burn. The flame reflected in her eyes. The stormtroopers advanced slowly.

    All Cappie wanted was to live a peaceful life repairing ships for her friends.

    This was the second time in as many days that random soldiers had destroyed something she loved.

    She peered around the crate she was huddled behind and saw the advancing stormtroopers. She noticed one who was very close and was clearly paying attention to something to his far right and did not see Cappie. Nejos cried "Get back to the ship, I'll cover you!" but his orders didn't even register with Cappie at that moment.

    In any media found in the general galactic popular culture that deals with species like the Wookiees or Calians, much is made of their ability to enter a so-called "battle madness." But really, all species seem to have a similar ability. If pushed too far, any individual was capable of simply unleashing pent-up rage and fighting harder and more furiously than the individual believed he or she was capable of fighting. Now, Cappie entered such a state.

    She drew her demagnetizer--roughly the size and weight of a constable's baton--from her belt and bull-rushed the unsuspecting trooper. She did not at all realize that she, Capella Perdix, was assaulting an Imperial soldier and was now actively participating in the first actual open rebellion against the Galactic Empire.

    TAG: Sinre, HanSolo29

    OOC: I checked with Sinre and he said Ayfour's droid brain would be salvageable.

    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    IC: Valara Saar
    ~ Sesswenna, Outer Rim ~

    [b]Valara[/b] took her quarterstaff from [b]Marl[/b], a sly smile touching her lips. She wasn't entirely sure why he'd bought his blaster [i]and[/i] the pipe - maybe it was a silent promise that he'd actually partake of her melee training at some point... She took off after Marl as he breathlessly led the way out of the ship, looking far more exhausted than he should have done. [b]Zeev[/b] wasn't far behind, and before he overtook his mistress, Valara gave him a silent hand signal that told the Duuvhal to protect Marl. If they got into a fight, she was almost certain that her apprentice would need more help than her. Zeev nodded solemnly to confirm he'd understood, before drawing level with the captain. Marl looked round, saw Zeev, then called back;

    [i][color=purple]"We need to hurry!"[/color][/i]

    The pair disappeared from view as they stumbled down the [i]Mantle's[/i] exit ramp. Valara wasn't far behind, and as she emerged into the open air she virtually ran into Marl who had stopped dead in her path.


    The charred wasteland before them had brought him to a standstill, tears rolling down his cheeks. The Force echoed his pain, the story of a thousand deaths. Tears stung Valara's eyes, but as the shadow of the [i]Acclamator[/i] overtook them, she knew they had to get moving, or die.

    Wrapping an arm around Marl's waist, she dragged him into a run, with Zeev nudging him from behind. Valara looked up at Marl with glassy eyes, yelling above the roar of the wind and lightning;

    [color=indigo]"I [i]know[/i] it hurts Marl, but we've got to keep moving!"[/color]

    Valara nodded gently, an affirmation that she shared his pain through the Force, before uttering softly into Marl's mind those words she had clung to all her life;

    [color=darkblue].: There is no emotion, there is peace :.[/color]

    Looking up at the sky, Valara saw the massive bulk of the ship looming into view. They had to get clear of the [i]Acclamator's[/i] fire. Could they make it? Gathering the Force around herself and her companions, Valara created a shield, but trying to spread the barrier to protect [i]three[/i] beings left it rather thin. No, there had to be another solution. She noted a collapsed ruin slightly to the left of where they were running - if they could make it there, the rubble should be enough to protect them from the worst of the blast. Knowing she could no longer compete with the enveloping noise, Valara gestured to the collapsed building;

    [color=darkblue].: We should be safe there :.[/color][/blockquote]

    [color=green][b]TAG: Sinre[/b][/color]
  10. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi

    Smoke and sand everywhere; Obi-Wan- Ben, now, remember? -had seen worse. The answer came back, but he ignored it, ghosting to his left, nearer still to the ruins of his home. Her response wouldn't mean a thing if he didn't play his cards right. Before the Purge, Ben could've relied on goodwill and trust, but since coming to the desert planet, he'd swiftly become more self-reliant and guarded. Intuition was his friend, as was the Force; he did not feel any ill will towards his myriad aggressors, in fact, he pitied them. Careful now, he thought, focus on the here and now.

    He didn't dare ignite his blade yet; no sense in it yet. Still there is the element of surprise...

    It occurred to him that if he could sneak about the burning building, he'd be able to catch Sing off-guard. Ben ruled it out - Too risky.

    He looked down the hill leading to his hovel. Perhaps unpredictable actions would work to his advantage? Unless she expects me to run - in which case I should do it anyways. Carefully, calmly, and as silently as possible, Ben Kenobi set off down the hill, crouched low. He flung off the dark brown robe; his tan tunic and pants would be better camouflage in the rocks and dunes.

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  11. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    GM OOC: I need to push forward this little subplot before the rest of the game can be updated. I do apologise for this, guys. You're stars. :D

    IC: Lord Kya
    En route to Sentren, aboard the Caduceus, private lounge

    [blockquote]"What's going on? My good boy, haven't you heard? There's a war going on. We're the Empire, Lord Kya: we've been at war for eleven years."

    Kya laughed curtly with Moff Trachta, suddenly noticing that the Stormtrooper in front had changed direction swiftly, and a moment later the ship shifted, indicating a hyperspace jump. ?Trooper??

    ?Captain Heimdal would like to meet with you all before you retire, sirs.? Kya nodded, intrigued. His memory called up a schematic of a typical ISD, and concluded, with some confidence, that they were heading for the private lounges.


    Heimdal, in Kya?s opinion, was a boring Imperial militant. He believed in Order, and the military, and didn?t accept the place of Advisors. Kya doubted he even approved of the Inquisitorious, and certainly not Lord Vader.

    Now holding a brandy provided by the droid waiter, Kya sipped at it as Heimdal spoke. "Good to have you all here. We had a little bit a scuffle in orbit right before you arrived, but nothing too serious," he glanced sidelong at Kortva. "However I do have good news. My scout ships have located the missing Destroyer and we are presently en-route to its location - the edge of the Sentren system. My XO is handling the initial operation so that we can get down to whatever business you may have," Heimdal walked over to the lounge's nearby bar, pouring himself a glass of ice water, "Lord Quest, I ran into one of my men on the way down here and he said specifically that you had wanted to discuss something."

    Quest seemed particularly agitated, especially so. Kortva, considering his homeworld had just been threatened, was strangely calm. Kya thought that strange, but let it go. Arkanians were simply strange, sometimes. Damn nonhumans.

    Kya spoke, carefully. ?Have we commed ahead? We need to make sure the Indefatigable doesn?t escape before we arrive.?

    The datapad in Trachta?s pocket would, at this point, be burning in his pocket. It said very little. But it said enough to save the Caduceus. Too much for Lortva. Trachta simply couldn?t look at it, however, without revealing that he?d concealed it ? and that would raise questions about ?AP?, and perhaps reveal Trachta?s own little clone experiments.

    It said this.


    What a pity that Trachta was in a room with four particularly shrewd people, and two Stormtroopers were outside the doors. His treachery was too much on show. However, Trachta would not know how urgent the message was, could never know until he read it. Why would he risk his life to read it now, when the meeting would end shortly?

    The datapad, however, vibrated. Clearly the creator of the message had included that little feature on purpose, to encourage Trachta to read it. At that exact moment in time everyones attention was focused on Heimdal and Quest, and the vibration was becoming more insistent - it was going to be noticed sooner rather than later.[/blockquote]

    TAG: BobaMatt, BLemelisk
  12. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Trachta

    "However I do have good news. My scout ships have located the missing Destroyer and we are presently en-route to its location - the edge of the Sentren system. My XO is handling the initial operation so that we can get down to whatever business you may have," Heimdal walked over to the bar and poured himself a bit of a drink before continuing. "Lord Quest, I ran into one of my men on the way down here and he said specifically that you had wanted to discuss something."

    Trachta was grateful that attention had been shifted in a specific direction, for the detapad he'd slipped into his back pocket was vibrating. It was the sort of noise that got noticed in a crowded room, that irritated people when something more important was going on. Trachta wasn't familiar with this particular model of datapad, so couldn't know how to silence it, to make it stop. He shifted his weight away from the chair, hoping that the datapad's contact with the seat would diminish the noise, but the datapad itself began to vibrate more fervently, as if aware of Trachta's attempts to draw attention away from it, and was itself determined to be heard. Finally, all eyes on Kortva and Quest, Trachta reached quickly into the back of his pants produced the datapad, glancing quickly at his screen.


    Trachta cursed silently and rejoined the meeting, placing the pad back in his pocket. Quest seemed almost satirically agitated, and Kortva was the picture of calm. Yes. Yes...

    Trachta spoke up, vaguely aware that Kya had asked about comming ahead. His voice was cool, casual, logical. "Yes, particularly if we don't know the Indefatigable's status. It occurs to me we don't really know why it went missing or why it hasn't returned to Imperial space. We should, perhaps, be ready to fight. To fight the Indefatigable herself, if that is the case. Of course, that's not the only possibility, but my point is rather that we should be ready to defend ourselves and any other citizens of the Empire should the need arise, that we should, perhaps, be ready for any possibility..."

    Trachta watched the two nonhumans, to see their reactions. He suspected that Quest would become more agitated, that Kortva's facade would crack.

    TAG: BLemelisk, GM
  13. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    IC: Troy Heimdal
    En Route to Sentren, Aboard ISD Caduceus, Private Lounge

    [blockquote]Troy drank healthily from his glass, ensuring to keep it as close to the lower half of his face for as long as as possible with each sip, so as to block any unconscious reaction to the icy gaze Quest was throwing his way. Being clearly at the disadvantage as the other being seemed unwilling to comment on Heimdal's grasp of the situation, Troy stole a sidelong glance at Kortva once again, to make it perfectly clear that he had his eyes on him.

    One of the other Advisors, Kya, had asked about sending comms ahead to Sentren before their arrival. Heimdal was just about to address his concerns when the man who had been sitting rather quietly to the side of the lounge interjected, "Yes, particularly if we don't know the Indefatigable's status. It occurs to me we don't really know why it went missing or why it hasn't returned to Imperial space. We should, perhaps, be ready to fight. To fight the Indefatigable herself, if that is the case. Of course, that's not the only possibility, but my point is rather that we should be ready to defend ourselves and any other citizens of the Empire should the need arise, that we should, perhaps, be ready for any possibility..."

    In the ensuing silence the captain studied the Advisor's - Trachta's face. He had spoke like a student that had been caught off guard by an instructor. It was clear to Troy that his concerns and mind had been elsewhere, no doubt on some matter of greater importance than dealing with the only Imperial-Star Destroyer ever missing from the Empire. All the shady ones come out of the woodwork in times like this.

    Heimdal set his glass down on the bar, allowing the nearby droid to take it away for washing. "Advisors. You needn't worry about my preparations for our entrance to the Sentren system. Communications have been," his thoughts shifted briefly to his sister's safety, "disrupted on Sentren II itself. Therefore there is no direct course of action other than to deploy on the last data that we were given from the garrison there; information which details the location of the Indefatigable at the very edge of the system."

    Pausing for a moment to look over the others, he continued, "As I said, my first officer is handling our arrival, and he has clear orders to deploy our fighters and have the Caduceus cleared for action. I saw fit to give these orders far in advance, due to the certain ... lack of intelligence that has been made available to us."

    He made sure to emphasize his final words in accordance with an encompassing gaze he threw at the Advisors, particularly Trachta, so that any of them might take things a little more seriously.[/blockquote]

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Recce
    Sentren system

    [blockquote]"So, bucce issues resolved?"

    Recce winced, unhappy that Tagg had picked out as much. The Shistavenan was as subtle as he was unsubtle, it appeared. "Yeah... all sorted." Recce wished that Tagg hadn't irritated the Moff like that. The Empire's elite weren't worth the Sithspit they were paid in, but they were in-charge, and he had to follow their orders. Stressed, Recce resisted the urge to grind his teeth. Focusing on the missing, he spun their ship after the shuttle, and leapt into hyperspace. The jump was a short one, and the long-range channels suddenly went dead.

    Recce swore. "Kark. We're lost all long-range transmissions, Tagg. Someone's jamming. No, wait..." Recce tapped at the controls, multi-tasking as he veered forward, picking out the enemy craft. "The ability to signal out has been withdrew. They've shut down the nodes in the area... looks like they've managed to do it from Praesitlyn. Bloody Kaminoans!"

    Slamming his fist on the console, he kicked the shuttle forward. "If you would kindly do your job and take out their engines, Tagg?" Recce shunted all power to the forward shields, distracted. The shuttle had two forward guns and a single rear gun - just like the target they were after.

    The shuttle

    Arden turned to Nick and yelled, ?What the kriff was that? How did your boss know you would stop at Ando? Did he bug the shuttle??

    Nick, struggling to keep the shuttle in a straight line as they emerged from hyperspace in the Sentren system, and snapped back a reply. "I have no idea! I've never seen someone pull off a stunt like that!" With a growl, Nick tugged the shuttle towards Sentren II. A warning alarm sung out, and Nick slapped it silent.

    "We have an Imperial shuttle on our tail, Arden. There's a pea-shooter on the rear of the shuttle, but it'll keep them busy. I'm shunting all shield power to the rear." Nick indicated the co-pilot seat. "If you can get us to the surface, I reckon that our mysterious benefactor will have someone there to meet us." He snorted, sarcasm dipped liberally into his last statement.

    Docking Bay

    "Stop blasting holes in my ship!"

    While Nejos ranted and raved, Alex Badure grimaced at his leg, but noted with some satisfaction that the Stormtrooper that Nejos had fired at had taken the shot in the seam between his helmet and chest armour, and was down. A very nice shot.

    "We gotta get out of here!" he shouted towards Badure's position, clearly not even bothering to see if his shot made contact. "Get back to the ship, I'll cover you!"

    Without waiting for a reply, Rehyn resumed firing into the enemy ranks, but before Badure could even nod Cappie was gone, lunging towards the closest Stormtrooper to Tikkes and Ayfour?s corpse. ?Cappie!? Badure cried out, in utter shock as she methodically bashed the Stormtrooper to the ground with a demagnetizer, of all things.

    Badure stood shakily, popping a shot into a Stormtrooper that had drew a bead on her. ?Get back here!?

    More Stormtroopers were arriving, and, by the sound of it, the Dead Bolts engines were heating up. The rebels were getting ready to leave, the rest pulling back towards the ramp. Suddenly, the Dead Bolts weapon systems sung out, dropping a chunk of the spaceport roof down on the soldiers. For a long moment, there weren?t any troopers firing. Badure pushed from behind his crate, half-hopping on one leg to the ship, firing as he went.

    Cappie was right above Ayfour and the corpse of Tikkes. ?Rehyn! I?ll grab the ship! We have to go now!? There were bodies everywhere, mostly covered in white plasteel, but at least two-thirds of the rebels had been killed in the cross-fire, Badure estimated.

    Half-fallen from Tikkes pants pocket was a datapad and it was all he seemed to be carrying. Ayfour, for his part, was still bubbling away - his top-half scattered rather than ob
  15. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    GM Plot Post - Please Read!

    IC: Umak Leth

    [blockquote]Striding around his quarters on Imperial Center, Umak Leth grinned as he showed around his guests. Lining the walls were models of his numerous concept designs, many of which had become full-fledged weapons of war for the Empire. It was a beautiful living area, there was no doubt of that.

    And then the windows blew in.

    And men in black-armour rapelled down from the ceiling.

    Through it all, through the shooting, and the chaos, in which Umak was left unscathed, they said one thing.

    "We have a project for you, Engineer Leth."

    They took him.[/blockquote]

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    Jul 12, 2005
    [hl=black]GM Approved Character Sheet[/hl]

    Name: A.S.A.D. (A-Series Assassin Droid)
    Age: 2 Years
    Species: A-Series Assassin Droid Mark-2
    Planet of Birth: Coruscant
    Gender: Masculine programming
    Height: 2 meters tall (6'6")
    Affiliation: Inquisitorius
    Allegiance: Empire
    Rank: Inquisitor
    Weapons: Lightsaber (red blade, usually held in right hand), wrist mounted blasters (actually mounted in palms of hands), hand-held tractor beam projector (mounted in left palm).
    Personal ship: Eta-2 Actis class light interceptor, modified to include shielding.

    Personality: Emotionless, logical, calculating. He tries to emulate the habits of Emperor Palpatine as much as possible, and though he may successfully mimic cruelty towards others and disdain for lessers he fails to truly capture any other aspect of human emotion.

    Bio: With the success of A-series assassin droid during the clone wars, the new Emperor Darth Sidious dedicated funding towards advancing the technology used in their creation. A.S.A.D Mark-2 was the result, the Emperor was pleased with the initial results but decided to make this model even more deadly.

    After spending almost two years personally training the droid and allowing it to learn Sith lightsaber tactics, a masterpiece was born. Skilled in the use of a lightsaber and a capable field commander, A.S.A.D Mark-2 was placed in the Inquisitorius where he would be used to hunt down enemies of the Emperor and those Jedi who survived the purge.
  17. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    GM OOC: I welcome Despised1 back to the game! =D=

    [link=]The Monster Arrives![/link]

    IC: Commander Dara Heimdal
    Sentren II, Hangar

    [blockquote]Commander Dara Heimdal coughed dust from her throat, taking a sitrep of the situation. Of the hundred Stormtroopers on Sentren II, she'd just lost eighteen in a costly fire-fight, and another six were injured. She had sixteen remaining, currently dusting themselves off. The rebels had made use of the ship in the hangar - the Wayward Son, apparently - and brought down the roof between the soldiers and the hangar bay itself.

    Clearing down her jumper, she suddenly realised that a tall figure was walking towards her group from deeper within the spaceport. Tall, skeletal looking, and most certainly a droid. It's eyes shone crimson, and the head was angular and curved - terrifying so. Dara blinked, wondering what the Sith that was. Commander Bly, her Stormtrooper commander, lifted his blaster up and aimed at the intruder.

    The droid, A.S.A.D., had been originally tasked with following any possible links between the Hutt clans and Sentren II - the Inquisitors believing the Hutts had in-fact stolen the Indefatigable. Following a communique between Sentren II and a vessel identified tentatively as the Dead Bolt, A.S.A.D. had only just arrived on Sentren II to discover Imperial Stormtroopers all over the spaceport. Another twenty had surrounded the large complex, and a further ten were patrolling the rest of the spaceport. Only twenty soldiers were looking after the rest of the capital, and ten defending the garrison.

    A.S.A.D. knew all this because he'd asked for it, and, as an Inquisitor, received it. The withdrawal of long-range communications from the system since his arrival seemed to suggest that there was more going on in-system, and A.S.A.D. was tasked to find out what.

    It seems the news of his position had not spread. That would need rectifying.

    Hangar itself

    As Badure limped to the ship, Rehyn Nejos and Cappie were busy with the remains of Ayfour and Tikkes, the former a very dead looking astromech. The little milling was near the centre of the room, halfway between the blocked entrance and the Dead Bolt - which had currently concealed its identity as the Wayward Son. The rebels had commandeered their vessel, for the Hutt weapons Rehyn had aboard, and were sorting out how to take off, evidently. More than 2/3 of the dozen-odd rebels had died in the first fire-fight, and Badure was surprised when, almost to the ramp, one of the rebels ran from the ship - a young Corellian, carrying far too many weapons for his girth. Grenades lined around his chest, a rifle, a grenade launcher, a blaster on either hip, a third on the small of his back - far too many.

    The teen was crying. "They're insane! All of them! We can't win! We simply can't!"

    Badure raised a hand, to calm the man, but he simply ran towards the meters-high debris pile. "Let me go! I'm too scared! Let me go!"[/blockquote]

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    IC: Sergeant Adenn
    Battle of Kamino, Command Module

    The adrenaline was pumping through Adenn as it had done throughout this whole battle. Having been part of the first wave that had landed, Adenn was one of the few clones present that had been active since the start of the whole thing. Though having been bred as a soldier, Adenn was vulnerable to the same weaknesses that could plague a human body that was starting to be pushed too far. The fact that he wasn't exactly a fully-trained, first generation clone didn't help the matter either. What he learned during the Clone Wars was being put to the test.

    But what he had in experience now he had less so in youth. He had matured in a year and these days Adenn wondered - during his times when he was alone with his thoughts - if that had further impacted his lifespan. In his last medical examination he had been deemed as thirty-two years old biologically but with a clone so many changes can happen in the time that had passed since then. The hairs that had recently turned gray were a hint and with some knowledge that not all clones possessed about how several factors - such as stress - could further increase the speed of aging, Adenn wondered how much of his shortened lifespan he really had left.

    This was a time for battle though. The time when clones could focus on what they had been bred for: combat. No thought, no reason, just fighting. Adenn was lost to it, both the stims that he had taken and the adrenaline that now flowed throughout his body allowing him to focus solely on the battle.

    They had taken out half of the clones that had been stationed here and the sergeant had managed to spot Lama Su when the battle started. Unfortunately, two of his own men perished and even as he thought it another clone was taken out. Six Kaminoan-made clones against three Imperial-made clones then. Not good odds, so Adenn had to try and tip the odds a little in their favor.

    Plans were made in an instant and Adenn's lips were moving as he spoke them while they were being formed.

    "Cache!" he spoke into his comlink. That was the name of one of the surviving clones. The art of gaining a name for yourself had not been something lost with the end of the Clone Wars. For Cache, during their introductions while they made their trek through the depths of Kamino, he got his name because when faced with a situation fellow clones could always count on him to have the right equipment to solve it. And Adenn remembered Cache picking up an ECD from the dead, thinking that perhaps they may come in contact with more of those autoturrets or armed probes.

    There were no droids here but Adenn had a use for it.

    "Kaze!" Adenn called for next. What he was named for Adenn didn't know - he was possibly a clone that picked a certain name because he liked it - but he was going to be needed for this anyway. Like Cache, Adenn informed him of his part in this plan.

    Adenn thumbed the thermal detonator that he had gained from his poaching of the dead and tossed it forward, at the right side of the enemy clones' half of the command module. Cache then threw his ECD right after at their left flank. Kaze, who had taken off his helmet, waited a second before he got up and charged the enemy's right flank where Adenn's detonator soon exploded.

    It was a simple strategy that would hopefully work. Adenn's detonator would clear up the enemy's right flank, whether killing the Kamino clones or having them herd to the left where the ECD was soon to detonate, and Kaze would try to run forward to that cleared up flank and take position there to mow them down. The ECD would hopefully make the enemy clones helpless for those few seconds as the specialized grenade would take out the electronics in their helmets, making them easy targets for Kaze.

    After having thrown his detonator, Adenn filled the palm of his free hand with that of the E-11 he picked up. His DC-15A was pressed against his shoulder as the veteran fired one handed at the enemy clones; not a good way for accuracy b
  19. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Tagg Sivrak
    Sentren System

    It was a short jump in persuit of the shuttle, he had to admit he almost felt bad for what he had done for the nerve raking effect it had on Recce. Almost, because even if the general didn't read his fifteen page contract of duty with the Imperials, revized from the Republic, he still could imagine the face of any general or moff or what have you that read subsection Zeph under Beta section pertaining to discount prices for sessation of life of commanding officers, as ordered by other officers or Emperor. Now those were some bargain prices!

    Recce swore. "Kark. We're lost all long-range transmissions, Tagg. Someone's jamming. No, wait..." Recce tapped at the controls, multi-tasking as he veered forward, picking out the enemy craft. "The ability to signal out has been withdrew. They've shut down the nodes in the area... looks like they've managed to do it from Praesitlyn. Bloody Kaminoans!"

    "Never can begrudge them for fine strategy. But we are both mute than." he moved forward taking a look at the displays.

    Slamming his fist on the console, he kicked the shuttle forward. "If you would kindly do your job and take out their engines, Tagg?" Recce shunted all power to the forward shields, distracted. The shuttle had two forward guns and a single rear gun - just like the target they were after.

    He could feel his hackles raise at that, the hair on the back of his head standing on end, his muzzle rippling in aggitated response, every instinct still honed to rend the offender. But he quelled it as he sank into the gunners seat, "Do your's and keep us from getting shot, don't worry about their engines. Just let an old Adin show you how its done." he tried to grin, but the most he could manage in the tension that filled the air, the stink of stress, was to bare his teeth as he lined up, tracked slightly fore for where the target would be when the gun fired and squeezed.

    And again, and again, and again he squeezed the trigger. This needed to be over soon before Recce had a stroke.

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  20. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    OOC: Love the music Sinre, how fitting! :D

    Sentren II, Hangar

    As his photoreceptors scanned the area, A.S.A.D took note of various clone troopers and a woman he knew to be Commander Dara Heimdal. The next thing he noted was that a trooper with the markings of commander immediately raised a weapon, insignificant.

    His synthesized voice rang out across the spaceport, "Lower the weapon clone." though his head turned toward Commander Heimdal his sensors continued to track the movements of the clone, as well as all the others within the immediate area.

    "Commander Heimdal I am Inquisitor A.S.A.D., as of now I am in charge of this mission." He didn't care what she thought, it didn't matter. The efficient completion of this mission was all that mattered, and he would do just that. There was something here, of that he was sure, and he would find it.

    Scanning the area once again, the droid used his various photoreceptors to see if his vision could penetrate the fallen debris. He would find his prey and eliminate them, and then he would have the answers the Empire required. It was just a matter of time.

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    OOC: I hope that is a good start. :)
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    IC: Kay Koda
    Ithaqua Station / Toola/ Outer Rim

    Soon the fight between the two force users ceased. Inquisitor Petlin paused, for a moment. "No. It isn't worth it. Send your message, Jedi." Petlin pointed with his lightsaber to the appropriate console. He deactivated his blade, and moved that way. Blasterfire began to sound out, and Master K'Kruhk bound into the room from the other entrance, deflecting blaster fire.

    "We need to hurry, Kay. The clones are -" K'Kruhk paused, suddenly noticing Petlin. The Dark Jedi scowled.

    "We don't have time, Jedi. The clones can't be stopped here, but they can be stopped elsewhere." Said Petlin. At the same time Kay made his way over to the console, but as his hand was about to touch the screen, the power died. As if on cue, all signal was lost for the system - someone was jamming them.

    The entrance K'Kruhk came in exploded, and clones began to pour through the breach. Petlin thumbed his lightsaber, and began deflecting fire. From the stairs where the two had fought, more explosions followed - the sound of the other clones.

    "Any plans, Jedi?" said Petlin. Kay turned swiftly away from the console he was desperately trying to fix. But after a few seconds and no success, he abandoned the cause, seeing that his help was needed near the entrance. They were lucky, the doorway the clones were coming through was the only way into the room, but it was also the only way out. Soon blue plasma bolts streaked through the room from clone troopers in the doorway. The three Jedi quickly deflected the bolts, either into the walls or the clones that the bolts had originated from. They held their own for a few seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. To Kay this was feeling like an already lost battle, and that this was to be their last stand. Neither Kay nor the others knew how long they could hold out.

    But soon, the floor beneath the three began to glow in a cherry red color, almost like it was being melted, by a lightsaber maybe. But another Force user here, on Toola? How could that be Kay or K?Kruhk would have felt their presence by now. It really didn?t matter now, they were on the verge of being saved they just need to hold out a few more seconds to allow this person, their savior to cut the floor out beneath them.

    More clones were swarming up the stair case; they and thousands more were converging on this one area, making sure no signal got through. Kay and the two others continued to hold their ground, deflecting the bolts as best they could. And then, sound of salvation. With a heavy thud, the floor behind them fell away in a perfect circle. Kay didn?t need to know who cut the hole, or if they were friend or foe, they would just have to cross that bridge when they got their. They also didn?t know where it would lead wither, into the sewers, the first floor, which was probably not the best choice. But it didn?t matter at this point they were dead either way. With a quick flourish, Kay turned from the clones, catching more bullet holes through his robe. He shrugged off the robe, leaving it on the floor, a souvenir for the clones; it was the closet that they would get to catching him. Kay turned to the other two.

    "It's now or never, come on we die here or down their it doesn't matter to me!" Kay yelled. He took one look back, then turned and jumped into the hole and then, darkness.

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  22. DarthXan318

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    IC: Raine Vartan
    Aboard the Mathayus

    They arrived on the bridge just in time to view the reversion from hyperspace. The Imperial fleet had made the jump even as Raine was making her report, and they were now at Rishi.

    Reports were flowing in, and the news wasn't good. Ando had been struck, and Arkania, Vohai and Sentren II had been cut-off, the jamming attributed to Praesitlyn - although in Arkania's case, they knew it wasn't just Praesitlyn, thanks to Raine's presence there. And the replay of the last two minutes of the Kamino fight was simply perplexing. Raine didn't understand it - if the Acclamators weren't on Kamino's side, whose side were they on?

    To make matters worse, the Emperor demanded a report. Raine hated reporting to Palpatine - even though he had a less lethal temper than Vader, the former Supreme Chancellor had a way of making her feel like he could read her mind.

    She looked to Vader. He was senior, and it was his flagship - an Inquisitor learnt very early on not to overstep their bounds. "My lord?" she prompted.

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  23. bad_feeling_haver

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    Oct 5, 2008
    IC: Mother Cappie
    Spaceport, Sentren II

    Cappie scooped up the unconscious stormtrooper's blaster--casting away the almost certainly broken demagnetizer--as she heard Badure call to her, "Get back here!" his voice accompanied by a blaster bolt. She was still boiling with anger, ready to jump he next trooper she could, but suddenly the Bolt's weapons destroyed a large portion of the spaceport's roof, sending it crashing down on the troopers. It was lucky for Capie; if she had gone on fighting haphazardly like that a few moments more she would have almost certainly been shot. The ensuing silence contrasted sharply with the cacophony of the previous second.

    Cappie was momentarily stunned at the destruction. She paused, then looked to the trooper she had just knocked out. A feeling of unease with herself came over her, and she dropped the E-11 she had taken from him. She wasn't a violent person, she had just had a very bad couple of days and had gotten fed up. She just couldn't let someone do that to Ayfour, but it wouldn't help anyone if she went and got herself killed. She had only been hat angry once before in her life, and she didn't like herself that way. A demagnetizer wasn't that heavy, was it? And the trooper had a helmet on. He's definitely just knocked out, she thought. ...Yeah.

    ?Rehyn! I?ll grab the ship! We have to go now!? Badure cried. Cappie's only thought now was to get to the ship with whatever remains from Ayfour she could grab. As she turned and ran toward the smoking droid, a brief hope that his vital systems might be salvageable flitted across her mind. Parts of his dome and upper frame were scattered around. Cappie hated to further ignore Badure's urging, but she had to try to get any part of Ayfour that would still work. She had to.

    Fortunately, She didn't have to look for long. The shot had hit her R3 friend near the base, and had though his dome had been blown off, the dome itself was about two-thirds intact and therefore easy to spot. It was lying a few feet away, near Tikkes' corpse. Ayfour's Intellex V computer brain and memory nodes were inside the dome, so Cappie figured they should be near it. She rushed staying low to avoid the trooper's fire, lessened though it was, jerking her head and sort of skipping weirdly as bolts whizzed around.

    Cappie was overjoyed when she reached the dome; Ayfour's Intellex V was still intact! His personality was still there! Several parts of the sensor package, binary translator, and other systems that interfaced with the brain were scattered around, but they might be salvageable or repairable somehow. It was her best bet to get him operational again, since she doubted she would have the time to drag Ayfour's immobile chassis onto the ship. Cappie dropped to her knees and began gathering every piece of electronic equipment she could find into Ayfour's inverted dome. Blasters were still firing, and in the rush Cappie snatched up anything within arms reach that looked vaguely electronic--including the datapad that had fallen from Tikkes' pocket, with no knowledge of what it actually was. After a few moments Cappie was satisfied that she had gotten as many parts as she was going to ever repair, and she bolted back toward the ship, not wanting to make Badure or Nejos wait any longer--plus, another regiment of stormtroopers was almost certainly on the way.

    Awkwardly dodging again as she ran back, Cappie passed a teenager who was overloaded with weaponry, sobbing to Badure "They're insane! All of them! We can't win! We simply can't!" She didn't know what he was crying about, but it seemed a poignant sight. She also noticed Badure was standing oddly. He must be having trouble with his leg. Cappie secured Ayfour's dome under one arm, making sure the parts wouldn't spill, and then approached Badure to help him out. As she did, the teen broke away from him, saying "Let me go! I'm too scared! Let me go!" The teen ran towards the debris pile. Ca
  24. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    -Lorta Orbit

    [blockquote]"No, sir." Isaac looked at both commanders. He could understand them asking him so many questions over his readiness. This was a very big choice, but he was more ready now then ever.[/blockquote]
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  25. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: sorry for the wait xan. haven't been able to do much of anything on here for days.

    IC: Darth Vader/ Mathayus/ Kamino/ Outer Rim

    [blockquote]Listening to the Inquisitor as they walked was rather disheartening. Everything was falling apart. Everything that he had helped to forge for those who would never have the future that he and-

    Well, that was a thought for another day.

    Muttering was not something a Sith Lord did, regardless of how much one wanted to. And oh how he wanted to at this point. It wasn't just bad, it was down right horrendous. Vader had felt them enter hyperspace as they walked, and knew it would be a very short jump. Given the current situation, it had to be. Reports must be made and all that mess.

    There were a few details to her story that were odd. The clones for instance. They did not attack their brothers, so apparently they had been altered in some fashion. And there was no way they would have worked with the droids if they were exactly the same. In some ways hatred of droids was inbred to some degree. See droid, kill droid. Training was king, and had basically become instinct.

    What really mattered, Vader supposed, was that Arkania was lost to them now, regardless of if they had seperated on their own or been taken by the Kaminoans. The appearance of a fleet of the same makeup at Kamino itself was rather telling in this regard. When had Kamino bought a fleet though? That was one thing intellegence had certainly dropped the ball on. The Director had some things to answer for in this mess, either because he and his operatives had been lazy and missed something of this magnitude or because he was actually part of it. The former required a rather sever reprimend, the latter... well his death would not be fast. It likely wouldn't even be just once.

    Vader said nothing, and was rather certain that the woman walking next to him could feel the anger radiating from the dark shape that was beside her. A seething mass of frustration, hate, and malignance frothed within the Dark Lord, and there was nowhere for it to go. Nothing for him to lash out at. No way to store it for later, as that was something the man who had been Anakin had never learned.

    In silence they arrived at the bridge. Vader looked at the reports, and apparently they were heading to Rishi. More than enough time to make a report to his Master, something he was most certainly not looking forward to. Still, reporting before he actually had anything substantial to report would be worse than taking time to learn. That was a lesson he had learned through trial and error, so he stood and read a summary of what had happened.

    Painfully Darth Vader knit his brows in confusion. What the... The Acclimators finished destroying Tipoca City? Why would something flying Kaminoan colors destroy their home? Storing THAT particular bit of information for later, it was something that would certainly be asked of Taun We, he finished the report. Few TIEs remained, and the 501st was decimated. Replacing them would be difficult, Vader knew.

    Finally finishing the report, Vader only then deigned to acknowledge Raine's question. "Come." With that the Dark Lord of the Sith headed to his private quarters. This was news that needed privacy. He would not let others see him berated, rank and file in particular.

    The link was established, and he knelt stiffly in front of the projector as it activated. The huge face of the Emperor, Darth Sidious also known as Palpatine loomed in all of it's craggy magnificence. Evil was personified in his eyes, malignance was his bread and hate his butter. Manipulation was as common as water on the planet the battered fleet had just left. "My Master. Kamino is lost, the fleet nearly destroyed. And two Jedi have escaped capture as well. A fleet of Acclimators flying Kamino's colors and crewed by clones feilded droid starfighters," Vader knew that the Emperor would catch the specific importance of that statement, "and defeated us as we were arrayed poorly
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