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SWRPF Archive 11 BBY - Empire in Crisis - The Jedi Reborn - The Second Clone War

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Sinrebirth, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Rehyn Nejos
    Hangar, Sentren II

    Staggering backward, Rehyn forgot all about the Quarren's exposed body as he gaped in disbelief when Cappie charged headlong into the fray, taking her grief and frustration out on the nearest Imperial target. She bashed the poor trooper over the head several times with some kind of baton before Badure interfered. It was a real shame too. Rehyn would've liked to get in on some of that action himself, but apparently fate had other plans.

    The Dead Bolt suddenly came to life with a fury of her own, her weapon emplacements swiveling about to take out a portion of the roof in one precise shot. A surge of anger quickly washed over his body at the thought of those rebels commandeering his ship, but it was soon forgotten as the effects of the blast set in. Dust and debris rushed forward, obscuring Rehyn's vision as the sound of blaster fire and the horrified screams of the victims were abruptly silenced. A strange sort of calm now hung in the air and Rehyn recognized it as the perfect opportunity to flee.

    Propelling himself forward, he reached about the midway point between his hiding place and the ship when Badure's voice rang out from somewhere in the distance. He was calling his name and saying something about raising the ship. His ship. That familiar pang of anger returned as Rehyn pushed himself harder. What was it with everyone wanting to fly his ship?

    "Wait!" he huffed as he approached the lowered ramp. "I'll take the controls, I know her better than anyone--"

    "They're insane! All of them! We can't win! We simply can't!" The shrill cry caught Rehyn's attention as a young man staggered down the ramp carrying way too much than he could handle. When Badure attempted to interfere, the teen began to panic and he rushed off at an unsteady run. With that state of mind, he was bound to get himself killed.

    He almost felt sorry for the youth as he watched him stagger away hopelessly towards the debris pile. In fact, he wished there was something he could do to help, but then something crossed his awareness. It was sinister; dangerous in nature. A warning through the Force? If that kid went ahead and did something stupid, they'd be caught up in the aftermath if they didn't move fast!

    "Move!" he suddenly cried out against his own free will, shoving both Badure and Cappie forward to hurry their progress. Not even glancing back to apologize, he stomped forward towards the cockpit and hoped to all the gods that existed that those rebels didn't manage to tear apart all he had worked so hard to establish.

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  2. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    No worries, Trim. :D

    IC: Raine Vartan
    Aboard the Mathayus

    Raine nodded and silently followed Vader to his private quarters. She had nothing else to add - moreover, while the Dark Lord was outwardly composed, she could feel the rage radiating off him and had no desire to provoke his lethal temper.

    She stayed silent and out of the way as Vader opened the link and gave his report. Only when he motioned for her to join in did she step forward and kneel, beside and half a step behind him. "Inquisitor Raine has also just returned from Arkania with news of the uprising," Vader said.

    And waited.

    Ah. Her cue. Raine launched into the same speech she had given Vader earlier, clarified slightly by their new intelligence. "Your Eminence, Arkania is lost," she said. "Communications are jammed throughout the system - sensors have identified the source as Praesitlyn in the Outer Rim, but it first originated insystem - and two Corellian Detainers had jumped in just before I escaped, along with twelve Acclamators in Kamino colours. The ISD Caduceus had jumped out of the system just ahead of them. On the ground, there are at least a thousand clones that I saw... they had turned upon their fellows, nearly ten thousand others, and I could not prevent the slaughter. The Adjunct had assembled them without armour and weaponry."

    The Inquisitor paused here, as she had with Vader. Speculating with the Emperor was even more dangerous - but as the only eyewitness, surely she had the right, even the duty, to convey her suspicions. "I believe it was the Arkanians' plan to remove loyalist clones on the ground, just as the Kaminoan cruisers jumped in to take care of the Caduceus," Raine said carefully. "The system appears to be under their joint control."

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    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    IC: Valara Saar
    ~ Sesswenna, Outer Rim ~

    [blockquote][i][color=darkblue].: I trust you, Valara :.[/color][/i]

    Leaping into the ruins, [b]Valara[/b] turned into a crouch, seeing the two LAAT/i gunships raining down clones upon the wreckage. Why the [i]Acclamator[/i] hadn't simply fired on the ship as she'd assumed they would was beyond her guess. Perhaps they didn't know who or what had been on the ship and wanted to make sure they weren't about to slaughter someone important. [i]Or maybe they just prefer to kill Force users face-to-face.[/i] Valara grimaced; when had she become so morbid? The strain of being hunted was certainly starting to show.

    Once the clones had landed, they were followed by a species Valara hadn't encountered in a long time. [i]Arkanians? What are they doing here?[/i] [b]Zeev's[/b] muzzle was fixed in a muted snarl, recalling his little run in with them months ago. She put a soothing hand on his neck to reassure him, ready to grab him by the scruff if he decided to take a bit of revenge. The last thing they needed was the Duuvhal blowing their cover.

    [b]Marl[/b] loosened his grip on her other hand, and Valara was grateful for the reprieve; he'd virtually cut off the circulation and now her nerves were prickling as the blood returned. She flexed her fingers absently to regain feeling as Marl spoke into her mind once more;

    [i][color=darkblue].: Thanks, Valara :.[/color][/i]

    She smiled warmly at him, surprised he had learned how to communicate telepathically so quickly. A few days ago he had been avoiding her and the Force like the plague. Now he was learning more than most Padawans learned in a week.


    Valara's brow furrowed in confusion; she recognised Marl's mental voice and yet it seemed more [i]physical[/i] than normal, as if he had spoken the words out loud. She glanced at him to make sure he hadn't got a death wish, and was met by a lucid, yet distant gaze. No, it was telepathy, and yet...


    She felt her mind being tugged, beckoned to a place she had never been before. Cautiously, Valara reached out, sensing the presence of another. An empty whiteness consumed her mind; she embraced it, following Marl's voice. A figure slowly came into focus before her, a wraith from the mist. Relief swept over Valara as she recognised the man before her;

    [i][color=darkblue]Marl? How?[/color][/i]

    This was certainly not like anything Ruu-thar had shown her, nor had she heard any other Jedi mention such a method of communication. She reached out to touch his cheek and gasped as skin touched skin. No, not skin - fragments of memories pieced together in the Force. She grinned;

    [i][color=darkblue]Looks like you've got more potential than I first thought...[/color][/i][/blockquote]

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  4. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Trachta

    Dammit! AP's messages had never failed him, but he was always so damn cryptic. Or did he know? How much did the barve know? And how?

    Trachta dropped out of the couch and dove behind it, unholstering his blaster, using the cushy sofa for what little cover it could afford. He wished he was wearing heavier armor underneath his uniform, and wondered how much charge was left on the sidearm. Enough to do a good bit of damage. Arkanians, not Kaminoans. Damn you. Trachta aimed his pistol at Kortva and squeezed the trigger. A blue flash as the muzzle discharged a bolt.

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  5. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Commander Dara Heimdal
    Spaceport, Sentren II

    [blockquote]"Commander Heimdal I am Inquisitor A.S.A.D., as of now I am in charge of this mission."

    Commander Heimdal grimaced, swallowing an unhealthy dose of fear. The Empire could hardly afford to shift many assets around such as Star Destroyers and soldiers without weakening another system, but they could deploy their Inquisitors. She should have expected this. A.S.A.D.'s head tilted, and she wondered what it was doing. "Bly, prepare charges to blow the debris. Quickly!"

    They only had seconds to act - explosions rang out from the other side of the rockfall, nothing sufficient, but it made Heimdal's remaining soldiers prep their weapons. A.S.A.D., for it's part, could see straight through the rock, and instantly saw the insane teenager firing with blaster rifles on the deep wall. It could also see the three interlopers. It could not recognise two of them, but one was acknowledged by A.S.A.D.'s Jedi files - a Jedi Padawan...

    Suddenly the walls exploded, before Bly could act, and A.S.A.D. was revealed - so too was the incredibly armed teen - rifles opened fire, pouring fire at the Imperials.

    Other side of the rockfall

    Rehyn shoved Badure and Cappie towards the Dead Bolt, as the teen continued to scream. "They're idiots! All of them! Why the hell won't they let us run!" Badure took Cappie's arm as he moved, and they rushed aboard. The remaining rebels - a Wookie and a Nosaurian - were in the cockpit, trying to make head and tail of the systems. Clearly, Rehyn had some idiosyncracies to him.

    What Badure did notice, hobbling as he went, was that the hyperdrive was all over the ship. They'd destroyed it! As the Nosaurian saw them arrive, the crew turned, pointing his blaster at them, the brown-furred Wookie doing the same, pointing a massive bowcaster at them. "Yes, we sabotaged the hyperdrive. This is the planet to start winning. Nobody is taking these weapons anywhere else."

    "Now get us out of the spaceport, before the Empire -"

    A.S.A.D. was suddenly visible in the spaceport, a gaping hole in the rubble displaying his angular face across from where they stood in the cockpit. The explosion made the Nosaurian glance back. "What the kriff is that?" The Wookie growled, gesturing at Rehyn to move. He was, also, looking at the droid in Cappie's hands, with a little interest.

    And of course, the innocuous datapad that had belonged to ex-Senator Tikkes.

    In orbit

    Two shuttles danced, and wove, blaster fire arching between them. Tagg Sivrak and Recce were flying one, while Nick Rostu and Arden Lai had the other. In theory, local space should have been strewn with TIEs and at least a warship rushing to stop them - but nothing.

    No, wait. A massive Imperial-class Star Destroyer emerged from hyperspace - a welcome sight to one shuttle, a terrible one to another. Green fire emerged from its weapon emplacements almost immediately - and hit Sentren II, an impossible blaze of fire emerging from the planet. A yellow-red blaze started, engulfing thousands. This was no normal ISD - its pennant code, visible on local channels, was the Indefatigable.

    The missing Star Destroyer.

    But then something just as immense fell from hyperspace, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer named Caduceus. Sporadic turbolaser fire rang out, hitting the Indefatigable, firing at the Sentren II, at the shuttles - with no direction. Aboard, the clone troopers of Arkania were rebelling, eight thousand armoured soldiers taking control of the Caduceus.

    Who was controlling the Indefatigable was unknown. But this was obvious - the Battle of Sentren II had just begun.[/blockquote]

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    IC: K'Kruhk
    Ithaqua Station, Toola,
  6. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Sergeant Adenn
    Battle of Kamino, Command Module

    Another moment of success in this battle of chaos. The enemy clones were defeated, they had taken control of the command module, and now they had Lama Su.

    "And, sir, you should look at this."

    ...At least things had started to look up.

    Adenn turned to look at the console that Cache had just taken control of and saw the devastation that was being viewed on the screen. It was only when he saw the destroyed Carrack-class cruisers and no sign of their Star Destroyers did he realize that his claim that things were looking up had been very premature. He had Lama Su but with what he was seeing the Empire had been routed.

    So he had a prisoner but no reinforcements, no chance for extraction, and thus no way to deliver either the prisoner or him and his men back to Imperial custody. That, and from what the other clone had spoken, they were heading to a system that Adenn had no knowledge about at all. This...was not good.

    What was going on here?

    "They're here. To clean up the mess. Their presence was designed to make sure there were no impediments... none."

    "What are you talking about?" Adenn questioned, looking from the screen to the Kaminoan and back again. The Acclamators, while having been the main assault ships for the late-Republic, did not seem to be friendly in Adenn's eyes. Obviously they must be the reason why there was no longer an Imperial naval presence up above but what was this he was seeing? Adenn had been thinking that they were allies of the Kaminoans but as he watched the large vessels were destroying cities.

    "Get me away from that thing!"

    At that outburst, Adenn looked back at Lama Su, his blaster half-raised as if expecting the Kaminoan to attack. He didn't and was instead backing away from the veteran. Adenn blinked, trying to sort all this out, and once again he made the same back-and-forth head motions between Lama Su and the screen.

    "A cover-up..." Adenn came to the conclusion. Or at least what he thought was the conclusion. These new arrivals burned Kamino but meanwhile Lama Su would evacuate to this Sentren place....

    This time Adenn turned his whole body so that Lama Su was right in front of him before he started marching towards the Kaminoan, his DC-15's barrel hovering dangerously close in his direction.

    "What's going on?" Adenn questioned again, though his voice had taken on a much harder edge. There was apparently much more going on, something that his superiors had not known about and this supposed "put down" of a clone rebellion on Kamino had become much, much bigger then that. "Who's ships are those? Why are we going to Senten?"

    The clone actually shoved his face as high as it would go as if trying to reach that of the Kaminoan's. Lama Su didn't seem to like him at all and the close proximity, he hoped, would unnerve the alien.

    "What's going on?"

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  7. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    IC: Troy Heimdal
    Sentren System, Aboard ISD Caduceus, Private Lounge

    As Kortva pulled up his comlink and called for an Order 66 to be executed aboard his vessel, Heimdal was at once the most confused and infuriated person on board the Caduceus.

    As the two stormtroopers that had been posted outside the lounge opened the door and began discharging their E-11s indiscriminately, he immediately understood that the soldiers the Arkanians had switched out earlier were their masterstroke in some plan that was already too far along. All he and the Advisors could hope to do was survive long enough to get the word out. But at this point, Heimdal wouldn't even trust his own mother.

    His first instinct as he stood beside the bar was to grab for his sidearm, which he soon found was unfortunately was left behind firmly on top of his bed, inside his cabin, more than thirty decks above.

    Not wasting a moment, he reached out, grabbing the nearby waiting droid by the neck and pulling in front of him to act as a makeshift shield while he leaped over the top of the bar. Colliding with the deck behind it as blaster shots rang out in the small room, Heimdal felt the vessel lurch - they had come out of hyperspace at Sentren II. Within a few moments, the chaos of the local scuffle had mounted as the Caduceus's own turbolaser batteries could be heard firing. Troy knew he needed a sitrep and fast. I just pray the bridge crew isn't overrun yet.

    Reaching out with one hand and grabbing a bottle of Coromon Whiskey, he used the other hand to brandish his comlink and dial in Lieutenant Frei's frequency. "Frei? Frei! This is Heimdal, the Arkanians are using the stormtroopers to take control of the ship, do you have the bridge secure? Come in, Frei!"

    After he finished his hurried speech, he stood up and hurled the bottle of whiskey with all his strength and the helmeted head of the trooper nearest him, hoping to get him off balance.

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  8. Mikaboshi

    Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 12, 2005
    Sentren II, Spaceport Hanger

    Even before the stormtroopers blew the debris A.S.A.D's droid brain was busy calculating the variables, knowing full what was on the other side helped to isolate the proper course of action.

    Two primary goals could be achieved here the droid reasoned, first was the acquisition of information sources and second was the apprehension of any and all Jedi he may come across. The last was a standing objective, one that he would execute as needed, which as of late had been rarely.

    The opportunity to bring in a Jedi now excited him, or rather they would have if he could feel excitement. Regardless, he was eager to serve in this capacity, not so much for the glory of the Empire or for High Inquisitor Tremayne, but to further his own goals and ambitions.

    Even before the dust had fully cleared A.S.A.D was moving forward quickly, ducking low through the hole in the debris. "Commander Heimdal," his dispassionate voice called, "focus all fire on the ship's weapon banks and repulsorlifts, do not allow it to escape."

    Even as the words escaped his voice synthesizer A.S.A.D. was moving forward more quickly than his large frame would suggest, pointing his left hand outward he activated his hand-held tractor beam projector and locked onto the young human firing freely at him and his troops. With a quick shift in the energy field he pulled the human toward him quickly with the intent of throwing him toward Commander Bly and his soldiers.

    His main goal however was that ship, even as he attempted to neutralize the young male he constantly made his way ever closer to that target. The right hand of the droid lifted with an open palm aimed directly at the cabin of the ship, suddenly the blaster mounted there unleased a barrage of fire. Unsure of the composition of the cabin windows, it was unclear if his weapons could actually penetrate, but he would try nonetheless and continue to steadily make his way toward his primary target.

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    OOC: I am trying to get a feel for playing a droid, so if anybody has suggestions or feedback please feel free to let me know. :)
  9. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Raine Vartan
    Aboard the Mathayus, near Rishi

    Raine gasped - or at least, she tried to. The Emperor's fury was palpable even from across the galaxy, and if she had doubted it, the Force hold around her neck was proof enough. For an awful second, she thought he was going to kill her.

    Then the hold vanished, and Raine nearly sagged in relief. Nearly. Undoubtedly if she had done so she would be reprimanded in some near-lethal fashion again, so she merely sucked in a grateful breath and stayed kneeling, head bowed, as the Emperor continued his tirade. "Is there any other speculation you two fools have? I have an Empire to save - largely because of your foolish actions."

    The Inquisitor suppressed a quick flare of anger. Her actions had only been to carry out her orders - and successfully, too, for Serifa Altunen was dead. The only mistake she had made, perhaps, was to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and witness a massacre... and try to stop it, which definitely hadn't been part of her orders ... but even that she knew was justified.

    What should she have done instead, go off to Bpfassh?

    Regardless, she would not try the Emperor's patience again by making excuses or trying to shift blame off her shoulders.

    "No, Your Eminence," Raine murmured.

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  10. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    IC: Kay Koda
    Ithaqua Station / Toola/ Outer Rim

    The three Jedi plunged down into the hole, first Kay followed by Petlin and then finally by Master K?Kruhk. The area under the floor was dark, causing Kay to land unbeknownst to him in a puddle of water. The area soon illuminated when the Jedi ignited their lightsabers, revealing a basement like room of the comm. center. As soon as the Jedi fully recovered from their fall, they looked around the room for their rescuer.

    Through the eerie illuminated light, Kay could see two figures, one a tall Togruta, the other a pale Zabrak female. It wasn?t until Kay was right in front of them that he noticed that it was Master Shaak Ti, but he did not recognize the Zabrak along with her, it must have been her apprentice. They could hear the shuffling and talking of the clones upstairs as they tried to find a way through the hole, but it was sealed shut. Master Shaak Ti raised a finger to her lips and then gestured them to follow her. As they made their way through the damp and dark foundations of the building, Shaak Ti spoke to them through the force, obviously feeling the same question they all had on their mind. Who was the Zabrak girl?

    Maris Brood

    Was all they heard in their minds. So she was Shak Ti?s apprentice. They pushed onward through the dark tunnels of what might have been Old Toola, the remains of the ancient city that stood here before Ithaqua station was built so many millennia ago. But soon Kay was pulled out of his archeologist mindset when they suddenly came to an exit and the light of day showed through, revealing a hidden Corellian Freighter. They slowly made their way out being cautious that they were not compromised by a passing patrol. But luckily they went unnoticed, and in a few minutes were all onboard. The engines fired and slowly the freighter lifted into the air, naturally attracting the attention of the Accumulator, which fired a round that barely missed them and headed straight for the space port, completely obliterating any sign of the structures, or that anyone was there at all. They easily broke through the blockade and hit the hyperdrive, throwing them into the somewhat entrancing and always boring hyperspace.

    The three Jedi sat around a small table when Master Shaak Ti approached them and took a seat across from them, and smiled wanly.

    "I guess you'll have questions, about now." She said

    ?Well a whole space port is destroyed by obsolete clone troopers and thousands of innocents killed? I suppose we all have questions that need answering Master,? Kay stated to the Togruta Jedi Master.

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  11. RebellionSoldier

    RebellionSoldier Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 12, 2006
    Captain Tresk Lew'asala
    The Shadow - Bridge

    "I hope it pays thirty thousand credits ? we need that much to replace the port stabiliser. Oh, and then we need to eat on top of it." Jora said as The Shadow descended onto the hot and dusty planet of Tatooine.

    "One of the many things Tatooine is known for is cheap parts. We'll find one that'll work down there somewhere...even if it's used." Tresk said with some level of disgust. He preferred new parts over other people's useless junk. For no reason other than the that he wasn't going to want to replace a used port stabilizer in another year or so...if that.

    Tatooine was a relatively poor planet, with a very small number of people who could be called wealthy. At least by Bothan standards. Though, there was always that certain Jawa or other creature looking for a desperate band spacers in dire need of parts. Both Akin and Alara looked puzzled after Tresk said that, knowing the likelihood of finding anything cheap on Tatooine...was unlikely.

    The Shadow smoothly sailed over the rows of sand dunes and isolated settlements on their way to the Mos Eisley spaceport. Up ahead the city expanded across the horizon as they flew closer. "You won't find a more vile and sinister city than this one." Alara uttered as she flew the ship up over the spaceport and glided down softly inside.

    Akin turned towards the cockpit exit with a sly grin on his face. "No. You're staying here Akin." Tresk stopped the Human in his tracks, his furry hand covering the whole of Akin's chest.


    "You and Alara will stay here and watch the ship. Don't let anyone on board. Not even Imperials." The tone in Tresk's voice took the speed out of Akin's step. "Me and Jora will go and meet with Jabba."

    "Be careful." Alara's face was like stone. She knew of the Hutts reputation just as Tresk did.

    "I will." Tresk nodded and grabbed a brown jacket from the hallway leading to the cockpit.

    When Tresk and Jora were ready, the two descended the ramp and began making their way to meet with Jabba the Hutt.

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  12. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Rehyn Nejos
    Aboard the Dead Bolt, Hangar Bay, Sentren II

    Rounding the corner that led into the cockpit, Rehyn soon found himself face to face with the muzzle of a blaster and oddly enough, a bowcaster. A Nosaurian and Wookiee occupied the pilot and co-pilot stations of his ship and judging from the gruff response that came out of the reptilian's mouth, that wasn't all they had been occupying.

    "Yes, we sabotaged the hyperdrive," he said with a sneer. "This is the planet to start winning. Nobody is taking these weapons anywhere else."

    Rehyn tensed, his fists clenching and unclenching at his sides as he dared to turn away from the weapons pointed at his face to appraise the damage he managed to neglect on his way in here. They weren't kidding. The place was a mess, bits and pieces of the hyperdrive were strewn about in any pilot's nightmare. It would take weeks at port to repair this damage!

    "Now get us out of the spaceport, before the Empire -"

    The Nosaurian didn't get the chance to finish. The pile of debris blocking their view of the vast expense of the hangar suddenly blew outward with force, raining rubble everywhere. At first, Rehyn believed they had been too late and the teen had managed to get the jump on them but then from somewhere out of the mess, a spindly droid appeared, photoreceptors blazing with an inner fury unheard of from a mechanical being. But Rehyn knew better. Rehyn remembered the Clone Wars.

    The Wookiee growled something in his direction, presumably to get the Corellian into action, but Rehyn didn't need to be told twice. He was already pushing forward, shoving the Nosaurian to the side as the reptilian cried out in surprise at the newcomer.

    "Who cares!" Nejos shot back in response to the question, grabbing the control yoke and coaxing the fastidious systems of the Dead Bolt to life. "But if we stick around much longer, we won't be here to find out. We'll worry about that little mess you made in the back later, for now, sit tight!"

    He wasn't sure if it were his natural instincts to help others that got him moving, or something else, but Rehyn found it unsettling on how quickly he had given into their demands. It was funny how the need to survive pushed someone beyond their limits. Or maybe the Force had other plans...

    The ship eased forward on her repulsors and started to turn about to make her escape when the sudden anguish and pain of the crazy teen washed over Rehyn's body. He gasped, his sweaty palms slipping on the control yoke as he made eye contact with the young man outside the cockpit. He was on the ground, struggling...the pain...

    And then a blinding, white brilliance filled the viewport, sending Rehyn's arms up to shield his face as the blast made a direct hit. Alarms blared throughout the cockpit, but from as far as he could tell, they were still alive.

    "No more games," he said quietly, his mind reaching out to the teen and silently hoping for his presence to still be there. They didn't have much time.

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  13. bad_feeling_haver

    bad_feeling_haver Jedi Knight star 1

    Oct 5, 2008
    IC: Mother Cappie
    Aboard the Dead Bolt, Spaceport, Sentren II

    Cappie helped Badure on board, but was abruptly greeted by a belligerent Nosaurian and Wookiee. Worse yet--especially to Cappie--they had destroyed the hyperdrive! Parts were everywhere!

    "Yes, we sabotaged the hyperdrive. This is the planet to start winning. Nobody is taking these weapons anywhere else. Now get us out of the spaceport, before the Empire -"

    Wonderful, she thought. That would have to be fixed before she could start on Ayfour. She figured it was pretty safe to assume Nejos didn't want his ship to remain in this system where he was wanted by Imperials, and Cappie had promised him free repairs for life...Plus, if it didn't get fixed they'd all be killed. It wasn't that Cappie minded fixing starships; it was actually her favorite thing in the galaxy. It was just that she was anxious to get Ayfour back, and having to do repairs under immediate threat of fiery death at the hands of Imperials made it kind of stressful. Looking over the debris, Cappie thought the individual pieces seemed to be intact, but given that the hyperdrive had been disassembled by a Wookiee, Cappie figured that was probably not the case.

    And the danger they faced was constantly growing. Cappie was about to begin the repairs, already noticing certain pieces that would have to be fit back together. But suddenly an explosion shook the ship, and the Wookiee cried out, gesturing to something outside. Cappie strained to look around the others, and saw the most menacing looking droid she had ever seen. Cappie even like droids, better than organics a lot of the time, but this one sent a chill up her spine.

    She immediately placed Ayfour's dome, with the parts still inside it, down on a counter in lounge area and began gathering pieces of the hyperdrive. Even under current conditions, the act of reassembling the engine focused her mind somewhat. She was reattaching the superconducting wire to the fusion generator as Rehyn began to powerup the ship and dealt with the rebels. Good, Cappie thought. If they could get off of the planet that would at least buy some time. But then the Corellian smuggler suddenly seemed to have some sort of fainting spell or seizure. Cappie moved forward toward the cockpit to attend to him, but before she could even get to the front a powerful blast struck the cockpit directly. Cappie cried out as she dropped to the ground and covered her head. There was a moment of silence. Her first impulse was to return to the hyperdrive, but it would do no good if the ship's hull or windows were compromised. She scrambled forward to check if Nejos and Badure, or the two rebels, were okay. The most important thing would be to get away from the this spaceport and that droid, but the extent of the damage to the ship would probably dictate their next move.

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    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    IC: Valara Saar
    ~ Sesswenna, Outer Rim ~

    [blockquote][i][color=darkblue]It just came naturally to me, Valara...[/color][/i]

    [b]Valara[/b] felt her face warming; perhaps her somewhat rigid training of the Force had led to her rather compartmentalised view. Still, this was the first time she had experienced anything like this and she was naturally surprised. [b]Marl[/b] reached out, touching her hand, thankfully changing the subject;

    [i][color=darkblue]Sorry about that...[/color][/i]

    She smiled wanly; [i][color=darkblue]It's Ok, I've suffered worse than a numb hand before and lived.[/color][/i] She flexed her fingers again absently, although the discomfort had long gone.

    [i][color=darkblue]We can't move, until they're done. I... I'm afraid, Valara. What's going on? Who are these people? Did... did my sister die here?[/color][/i] Marl's eyes glistened, tears falling from his true form. Valara embraced him, resting her head on his chest. She knew the searing pain that losing a loved one unexpectedly brought, and dearly hoped that Marl would not have to know it too. Tears formed silvery trails on her face even here as she relived those unbidden memories. After a moment's pause she spoke, not bothering to lift her head to meet his gaze.

    [i]You want the truth Marl? I don't know what is going on any more than you do.[/i] She sighed with frustration, irritated by her own blindness.

    [color=darkblue][i]However, I [/i]can[i] tell you that those 'people' are Arkanians. Known as much for their cloning techniques as their cruel experiments to 'improve' other species. When [b]Zeev[/b] and I ended up on Arkania a couple of years ago, they captured him for one of their experiments. Suffice it to say that not many survived their first encounter with a Duuvhal.[/color][/i] She shuddered, remembering that bitter-sweet moment when they had been reunited after days of frantic searching on her part.

    [i][color=darkblue]Why they are here though is a mystery. Perhaps they are producing clones for the Emperor. That is about my best guess.[/color][/i]

    [i][color=darkblue]As for your sister, I'm afraid I can't answer that one either, Marl. Unless...[/i][/color] Valara paused, her mental self mimicking the thoughtful expression of the real. [i][color=darkblue]"Do you know if your sister is Force sensitive too?[/color][/i]

    [color=green][b]TAG: Sinre[/b][/color]
  15. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: again, my apologies on the wait... as most of you know i was in a wreck last wednesday, and got a concussion from it (for those who don't know) and it's FINALLY started clearing up enough for me to write. soooo... here's vader.

    IC: Darth Vader/ Mathayus/ Hyperspace, Heading to Rishi/ Outer Rim

    [blockquote]To make an Emperor mad mix equal parts failure, speculation and a complete lack of mercy (in the person being the Ruler). They ahd both managed to do that quite thoroughly, even if the failure was not quite as complete as Palpatine had made out. There had been no way to foresee everything that had happened, even the master manipulator himself had failed to see this coming in any capacity. Nor had Imperial Intelligence, which begged a few questions of it's own. Vader decided to have a nice little chat with Armand Isard as soon as was possible. The man had some things to answer for, either gross negligence in not catching any rumors of what had just happened, or outright treachery for having news and failing to relay it to those who needed to know it. In short Isard was going to have a very bad day. As soon as this current problem was over with.

    Rage was still swirling through the room and Vader had sensed that Inquisitor Raine had indeed nearly lost her life. That she hadn't was in no way certain as she was being witness to the Dark Lord being sent through the same wringer. Many less fortunate had witnessed something similar and been "taken care" of so as not to spread what they had heard or seen.

    Palpatine's attnetion returned to his lap dog, and the comment on the Force lightening was indeed very true. Vader had felt it himself but had lacked the required time to actually think through the implications of this. He had yet to recieve it, however the Emperor had apparently understood what it meant all too well. But a death blow? Surely that was hyperbole. He is starting to become unstable. More unstable. This was something the Sith had noted on other occassions, but had kept hidden as thoroughly as he had been able. It would not do for his Master to catch any hint of such thoughts.

    Then the Emperor uttered a word that made Vader's mind snap around in a circular fashion. Balance. Had he done something that was starting to bring Balance back to the Force? It had been said that was his role to play. By letting the Jedi live had he somehow inadvertantly caused things to swing back around to something that could give rise to more of them? They had failed quite completely in their time, Vader knew this first hand. For them to rise back to a position of ANY power was something that simply could not be allowed. As a rather direct result of these thoughts he missed much of what the Emperor was saying over the next few moments. Something about there being no reinforcements, and how they would have to make do with what they had. That in and of it self was not a happy thought, but when coupled with the others it seemed as if the galaxy had gone quite mad.

    Following this tirade, such as it was, were orders. Find the traitors so they might be crushed. That was reasonably simple. Arkania, Vohai, Kamino and Praesetalyn were good places to start. Crush them and things would certainly be vastly easier. But that wasn't what the Emperor wanted. Oh no, it couldn't be anything remotely simple. Or even something that had anything resembling a starting place at that moment. He wanted the shipyards and where this conspiracy had originated. And knowing his Master as well as he did given the years of service Vader had given to the Emperor, it was wanted post-haste. Yesterday was running late in these kind of situations, and Vader had to figure out if Raine should be allowed to live or not. Inquisitors were rare, this much was true. And there was something about this one...

    But that was for later.

    Much later.

    A comm beeping caught the Dark Lord's attention, and he nearly jerked his head to stare at it. Of all the impertinence... Coy would have much to ans
  16. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Arden Lai
    Orbiting Sentren II

    Arden was uncomfortable in the shuttle. It was a sluggish, and it didn?t help that Arden wasn?t familiar with the controls of the old craft. She swerved violently, dodging debris in space as well as the blaster fire from the other ship. Her maneuvers were ugly, but effective. There was no sign of Arden?s destination, and she began to worry about the durability of the ship.

    Salvation came within seconds, however, in the form of the Indefatigable. Arden smiled, and adjusted the shuttles engines for a path towards the ISD, which had begun bombarding the surface of Sentren II. It wasn?t long, though, before another ISD was dropping from hyperspace. This ship gave away its hostility by firing its turbolasers wildly in all directions, with some shots glancing off the Arden?s shuttle?s backend.

    Arden called to Nick, ?Something kriffing big just went off, Nick. Some Imperial ship is going haywire, and they are firing on everything.?

    Tag: Sinre
  17. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    GM OOC: The update, delayed by Cyberlaw Coursework from last week, is going to be slightly delayed until probably Thursday. Apologies to you all, but I'm just getting on top of things I've fallen behind on during coursework season. Thanks for your patience. [face_peace]
  18. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Ben Kenobi


    Without hesitation, Ben flung himself down, landing in a cloud of dust behind a rock.

    "You'll have to tell me how to do that before I kill you!" came Aurra's voice. Kenobi grimaced. He had never liked dealing with snipers back in the war, and now was no different. Clearly Aurra still had a few cards to play, and Kenobi tried not to think that it was Qui-Gon's intervention that had saved him. "Always watching out for me, Master - thank you," he whispered silently, propping himself up behind the rock.

    The Jedi looked about his person. Not much to use save a few loose stones and rocks, his saber...not much at all.

    He opened his mouth to speak, coughed from the few particles of dust still swirling about.

    "You're absolutely sure you don't want to talk this out, Aurra?"

    Tag: Sinre
  19. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Aurra Sing
    Tatooine deserts

    [blockquote]"You're absolutely sure you don't want to talk this out, Aurra?"

    "Come now, little Jedi! You haven't even told me your name? How can we exchange pleasantries when you have such poor manners!"

    Her lightsaber snapped into existence, and Aurra began bouncing from rock to rock, towards the flurry of sand that was her target. She only had one blade since that foolish Naboo security guard stole it, but one would be more than enough for this fool.

    On the ground

    The Shadow had barely dropped down its ramp when it snapped up, bowling Captain Tresk Lew'asala and Jora off their feet. Akin was on the comm. immediately. "Tresk! The ships turned itself on! It's detected something - an AI has activated and its taking control of the ship."

    The Shadow began to pull off the ground, and neither Akin or Alara could stop it. Imperial Control commed the vessel. "You haven't got clearance to depart! Stand down or I will have to order the garrison to shoot you down!"

    This was a problem.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Peng, RebellionSoldier
    IC: Nick Rostu
    Battle of Sentren II

    [blockquote]?Something kriffing big just went off, Nick. Some Imperial ship is going haywire, and they are firing on everything.?

    "You don't say!" responded Nick to Arden, tugging the ship away from the two big ships. The Indefatigable was still merrily bombarding the planet, and mostly ignoring the new arrival, the Caduceus, which was still firing in every direction. In-fact, Nick saw a few turrets swivel to open fire on other batteries. Whatever the hell was going on, it was all about survival.

    Nick avoided a turbolaser shot, and suddenly realised he'd entirely lost their pursuit in the confusion.

    A clang sounded at the rear of the shuttle. And, shortly after, the bulkhead began to cinder - someone was cutting through!

    Pursuing shuttle

    Recce swerved the ship, and with more luck and skill latched the shuttlecraft - Recce's an assault shuttle - onto the rogue craft. Recce grinned as the seal was made, and Recce locked the magnoclamps on the fleeing criminals. Recce looked back at Tagg Sivrak, smiling beneath his helmet.

    "You'd best get burning through that bulkhead. I'll keep piloting the ship so we don't get destroyed anytime soon." Recce began taking them towards the planets spaceport, which wasn't under fire - yet - but they might need more Stormtroopers to take the shuttle, and the Star Destroyers were far too dangerous.

    Aboard the Indefatigable, officers lounge

    The whiskey bottle hit the trooper nearest to him full in the face, sending him tumbling into the other trooper. The latter barrage went off route, catching Trachta side-on the face as it peeked up to fire. Kya watched as the man was thrown up, two bolts borrowing into his chest, driving him back down to the floor. Kya gaped in horror. Quest did something with his hands, and one of the couches flew from the floor, bowling the other troopers back through the entrance - before a bolt caught him on the shoulder.

    Kya leapt forward, pressing the lock for the doors in the moment of silence.

    Frei was speaking to Heimdal urgently. "The bridge is under siege, Captain, but we have control of the bridge. Mostly. But we've lost control of the auxiliary bridge - and the confusion up here has meant we're in control of half the ship, and them, the other half. I have no idea how they pulled it off, sir, but the Arkanians have replaced every Stormtrooper we have with their own... I've been trying to get the security detail to mount a response, but they're busy simply holding onto the turbolasers we've secured..."

    "Orders, sir?"

    Surface, Hangar Bay

    "But if we stick around much longer, we won't be here to find out. We'll worry about that little mess you made in the back later, for now, sit
  20. witchdoctor187

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    Aug 14, 2007
    OOC: Yay an update!!!:D

    IC: Kay Koda

    Shaak Ti nodded at Kay?s words as did K?Kruhk and Petlin. "I can't tell you anything about that. All I know is that during these past eight years I've received tentative communication from other Jedi. Very tentative. Not like the attempts at resistance the Jedi made in the first year of the Empire - those attempts that caused massacres at Acherin, Naboo and Kessel, no, but a great deal more subtle. The sum of the words were;

    When the darkness weakens, we are to meet. The beacons will be used."

    ?Beacons?? asked Kay. He had never heard of them, but it was comforting knowing that there were still more Jedi out there, for the past eight years he had been cut off from all outside communication, hardly ever knowing of the uprisings of the Jedi or if any were still alive still.

    "A lot of Jedi discarded their beacons after Order 66. But some, it appears, have kept them, and rewired them using old Jedi protocols - maybe even centuries old - to communicate. I'm sure this is from a Jedi, and not the Sith - the Force has lightened. You've all felt it, yes?"

    ?Yes, for the past few weeks the force feels as if it has manifested in me more. As much so as when I was fighting in the Clone Wars and the days of the Old Republic,? said Kay, now clear on what was happening and knowing that they were not alone in this, that they had fellow Jedi to stand beside, rather than just themselves in this small motley crew.

    After a moment of pause, Kay again spoke.

    ?So where will we go now? Where are the beacons leading us?? asked Kay. But soon he found the folly in his question and caught himself when he looked over to Petlin. This man was still an adversary even though they were sharing the same ship and escaped death together, the Sith Inquisitor could not be trusted, even now. Which is why Kay regretted asking the question in the presence of a Sith who still had ties to the Empire. He could compromise them, the mission, and the location of the Jedi whenever he wanted, and then they would all be back to square one, running from the Empire, something they had been doing for the past eight years. But the upside was, they had all become quite good at it. Both Kay and K?Kruhk sat across from Petlin, eyeing him up and down. The same thought ran through both of their minds.

    Can he be trusted?

    After a few seconds of awkward silence Kay finally spoke up, seeing that Petlin finally saw that the course of the conversation had turned to him.
    ?So Master Vorn, the real question is where do you stand friend? Will you join us, or will you lead the Empire to us and watch us disappear into darkness once more? The choice is yours,? said Kay calmly to the young Inquisitor sitting across from him.

    Tag: Sinre

  21. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Darth Vader/ Mathayus/ Hyperspace, Heading to Rishi/ Outer Rim

    [blockquote]Vader winced slightly under the mask. It wasn't just Palpatines Empire, as Vader had a rather significant stake in things as well. Otherwise everything he had done... But that was not somewhere to go for the moment. Instead he listened to Coy, who did actually have something worth telling. Just not to the degree that you interrupt a KNOWN communique with the Emperor. Luckily for him Palpaitine didn't seem to have noticed, and Vader really didn't care at the moment.

    The report however was something he cared about. Sighing softly, not that anyone else would have noticed due to his breathing apparatus, the Dark Lord considered his options. The Jedi regaining any semblance of strength was not something that could be allowed. Odds were they would join with the other rebellion (or form one of their own and cause who knew how much trouble and confusion). What really made this situation sticky was that they had a direct mandate from the Emperor and if that was not fulfilled then both his and Inquisitor Raine's lives would be forfeit.

    Stretching out with his senses Vader took a more full measure of the young woman standing beside him. No, she is not ready to face the survivors of the purge. In a way that settled the workloads division. "Admiral Coy, you will see to it that Inquisitor Raine is escorted to the Devastator. She will instruct the Commander of that ship when she arrives. When she is away you will take the Mathayus to Naboo and we will deal with this Jedi threat." Waving his hand Darth Vader cut the connection with the Force. By all appearances it was time to get his hands dirty.

    Turning around and addressing Raine the deep voice boomed out, "You will begin investigating the rebellion, and you WILL keep me appraised of your location and progress. I will join you after the situation with Naboo has been dealt with. Unless you have any questions you will leave immediately." The bulbous eyes of the mask looked into the woman's face, waiting her response. It looked like Armand was going to have to wait until he was underway.[/blockquote]


  22. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Sergeant Adenn
    En route to Sentren

    ?Is that true? Are you an Arkanian clone???

    "...No," Adenn replied, but he couldn't deny the hesitation that came before his answer. "I was grown and trained on Kamino..."

    But what of the Kamino that they were just at? Rain? The whole planet was covered in one big raging ocean. But the Kamino that he remembered, it had never rained. It was bone dry really, just a barren rock. That had been Kamino, yet in the briefing the world they had invaded was Kamino. Two Kaminos? No. There had been no Kaminoans at the dry Kamino. least not the Kaminoans like Lama Su.

    "I don't know." The veteran held his free hand to the side of his head as his eyes squeezed shut, trying to make sense out of all this. "I trained on Kamino. But...we were on Kamino. That wasn't Kamino. Not the one I trained on."

    It hadn't been that much of a problem back during the battle because there was a battle going on. The differences came to him but with him having blaster bolts shot at him it was easy to put it in the back of his mind and think of it later. Well, its later now and he had to admit that it was screwing with his mind.

    Adenn opened his eyes, looking at his comrades - his brothers - that were pointing their weapons at him. They were all the same even if he was older. They fought against the same enemies, served the same Empire, and were born and bred to just do exactly that. How could he possibly be different from them? They were the same. The veteran looked back at the cowering Lama Su.

    "I want answers aiwha-bait," Adenn growled as something seemed to build inside of him, not sure what aiwha-bait meant but he had heard a clone use the word before. Anger maybe? It seemed similar to what he had felt at droids when exchanging fire with them or rebels. Actually, hadn't he felt this only a few hours ago? With Fett?

    Whatever the feeling was, it caused him to move towards Lama Su before bending down, grabbing white suit thing it was wearing with one hand before pulling him up just enough so he could comfortably fit the barrel of his E-11 right beneath his chin.

    "What are you talking about?" Adenn managed to not shout out the question but the anger that was welling up within him wanted a release even with such a verbal action. The veteran kept it in check...if only barely...and only for that sentence as his control started to slip, his anger rising, and the volume of his voice going up as he continued. "What do you mean about me? What are the Arkanians up to? What the frak is going on?" For that last sentence he actually did shout in the thing's face.

    TAG: Sinrebirth
  23. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Tagg Sivrak
    Pursuing shuttle, Battle of Sentren II

    "You'd best get burning through that bulkhead. I'll keep piloting the ship so we don't get destroyed anytime soon."

    Grinning himself, a feral toothy grin, he quickly made way to the docking port and fired up the cutter. In short order he would burn a nice hole in the wall that he could knock in with a flash bag fastened in the middle of the middle of the hole before kicking it in.

    With any luck that would blind the occupants inside long enough for him to pop in and neutralize them just enough that they would still be viable for interrogation later.

    TAG: Sentren Shuttle goers.
  24. BobaMatt

    BobaMatt TFN EU Staff star 7 VIP

    Aug 19, 2002
    IC: Trachta

    It was a curious sensation to realize you have no face. Blaster bolts were superheated plasma, so in addition to blowing his jaw clean off of his face, they caused his eyes to boil and melt in their sockets. Trachta was a smart man, so he knew what was happening as it happened, but it was naturally no substitute to feeling your melted eyeballs run down your seared cheeks into the gaping hole that had been your nose and mouth. He felt his throat spasm, sucking in air directly.

    He stood, and felt his torso being torn, bits thrown here and there. He staggered, felt the door behind him hiss open, fell out, crawled...get away...get away...get away...what will AP think?

    TAG: Sinre, BLemelisk
  25. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    IC: Troy Heimdal
    Sentren System, Aboard ISD Caduceus, Private Lounge

    Unaware of what was happening in the rest of the lounge, Senn, who had again taken cover behind the bar, considered all the possible courses of action. There weren't that many. He and the few Advisors who had come to his vessel were separated from the bridge by a good 8,000 stormtroopers. Stormtroopers who were no longer loyal to the Empire.

    He keyed his comlink, aware of his second in command's frustration, "Alright Lieutenant listen to me, the Advisors and I are trapped in the starboard side private lounge on Gunnery Deck Cresh. Keep the security teams back, don't throw them away against the stormtroopers. Maintain control of the bridge and try and get communications open with Sentren II, and the fleet at Anaxes if you can. I'm going to need a status report on the Indefatigable, too. However our primary objective is to get control of the ship back by any means. Give me a second."

    He cut the comm and took a moment to breathe. The situation was bad. Getting to his feet, he looked over the bar at the Advisors, and suddenly became aware of the smell of burnt flesh in addition to the pungent ozone. Seeing Kya and Quest taking cover, Troy saw a dilapidated Trachta with his back half toward him, trying to get to move out of the room. As the Moff pulled himself closer to where the captain stood, the man's face - or lack thereof - came into view.

    "Trachta, stay still!" was all Heimdal could say as he leaped over the counter to come to the man's assistance. Arriving at his side, he attempted to lay him down gently so as to prevent any further injury, his hands becoming coated in blood in the process. "Quest, Kya, you wanna help me?" As the two came over, Troy looked the badly wounded man over, saying under his breath to Kya, "He'll die if we don't get him into surgery immediately. I'm no medic, how do we stabilize him?"

    Wiping the crimson onto his officer's tunic, he reached for his comlink, "Frei, Heimdal. Listen carefully. I've got a bad situation here and I need to get Moff Trachta to the nearest infirmary where our med droids can handle him, provided the Arkanians haven't reprogrammed them too. Get to the security substation and tell us when the coast is clear, then you can guide us to the med bay."

    TAG: Sinre, BobaMatt
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