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SWRPF Archive 11 BBY - Empire in Crisis - The Jedi Reborn - The Second Clone War

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  1. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Raine Vartan


    Raine lowered her blade. She was not even breathing hard, the fight had been over so fast, but her heart was racing - adrenaline - just like every other time. For a long moment the Inquisitor stood still, gazing at Serifa's frozen face - at the eyes that stared at nothing, the expression of pained realisation fixed on her face, the tears still glistening on her cheeks.
    She wondered what her last words had been.
    She wondered if one day, she too would meet her end like this, alone in a dark, abandoned mine. Inquisitors disappeared all the time, after all; she had even killed one, herself, a decade and a lifetime ago. She had never learnt his name; she didn't want to know.

    Footsteps. Automatically Raine whirled, blade raised - but the Force told her there was no threat, and sure enough, it was only a squad of stormtroopers. She remembered ordering them out. Evidently, their commander hadn't listened, but she was suddenly too tired to care.

    Suppressing a sigh, Raine deactivated her weapon and accepted the outstretched datapad. "Fine," she said, scrolling through its contents, once the clone had finished his spiel. A pair on Bpfassh? No rest for the wicked, or Inquisitors, it seemed. Well, delivering new orders were a good enough reason to come in, anyway; some things couldn't be trusted through comlinks. She tossed the lead trooper a casual wave and departed, deliberately ignoring the clinical way they bagged-and-tagged the body.

    Some time later, Raine emerged from the tunnels, blinking. The sunlight glinting off the snow was temporarily blinding, but as soon as her eyes adjusted, she saw ... clones. To be precise, a lot of clones, stripped of their armour and standing around in jumpsuits and bare feet in the snow.
    She frowned, taking another step forward. What -

    Just then she caught sight of more clones. They were standing in precise ranks, fully armed and armoured, guarding the others -
    No. Not guarding.
    A voice rang out, loud and commanding. ?Raise arms, and fire.?
    The troopers opened fire, firing upon their brothers with devastating results. Raine flinched, the noise and setting temporarily sending her straight back to her Padawan years in the Clone Wars -

    She had moved without realising it, angling for the nearest armed trooper. "What are you doing?" she demanded, reaching to knock his weapon out of line. "Cease fire! Who ordered this?"

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  2. The Great No One

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    IC: Darth Vader/ Mathayus/ Kamino/ Outer Rim

    [blockquote]It was something Vader had been considering for the entire walk to the hangar. The information that they could not take out the LAAT because of Fett did not please the Dark Lord in the least however. "I will take care of the offending ship, continue with your orders. Target any active defense emplacements." Turning to Black Squadron leader, "Send the shuttle with a squadron of the 501st which I will join after we deal with the LAAT." Turning towards his new fighter, the Sith found himself vaguely giddy. It was the first ship of its kind, the maneuverability of a TIE fighter with the defensive capabilities of a bomber. This was a ship that could potentially replace the basic TIE, and he had designed it.

    That was completely besides the point, as the Sith was simply looking forward to flying again. It wasn't something he could particularly let anyone else know, that he had once loved flying above almost everything. The pure joy that came form soaring through space, nothing holding you back from the galaxy but time. Nothing else in the galaxy ever really came close.

    Sliding into the cockpit, Vader started powering up all of his systems, preparing for combat and whatever else might happen on the run down. After everything warmed up a com was sent to the controller. "This is Vader, leaving the hanger." Without waiting for a reply the Dark Lord lifted off and headed out into space.

    Breathing deeply, even if it meant the pain of expanding his crisped lungs beyond what was normal, the Dark Lord let himself go even if only for a second. This was the only place that Vader felt truly relaxed, and able to let go to some degree. Staring out into the black, it seemed to fit his soul all too well. It seemed like everything had been coated with a slime that never allowed any light to get through. It was something that the Dark Lord avoided thinking about at all costs.

    Banking towards Kamino he streaked towards the planet, hiding from his own insecurities. This was something that would be taken out on whoever the hapless pilot of the LAAT/i was. And whatever traitorous clones and anyone else who attacked him. This was who the man who had once been Anakin was. He had lost any chance to be anything else.

    "Control, give me updates as to where the LAAT is, currently heading towards last known coordinates." Trusting the Force would guide him was one thing, making sure the rest of his squadron knew exactly where they were heading was always a good idea as well. Vader decided to push his ship, and see if it was exactly what he had specified. If it wasn't then there were going to be some extremely unhappy people upon Vaders return.

    With the LAAT/i coming on scopes, Vader stretched out to the Force even more fully. That ship needed to go away from the landing pad so that the wreckage wouldn't do any damage to those who were under his command, or those who had been hired. Trusting that the Force would guide his shot, Vader relayed his orders to the rest of the squad. "Fan out and herd this traitor out into the ocean, leave that his only opening Black Lead." And now, traitor, you will pay for your the stupidity of your creators.

    Having given everyone time to get into position, the Dark Lord started his attack run, letting the Force guide his aim and exactly when the trigger was pulled.[/blockquote]


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    IC: Boba Fett
    Launching Pad

    "Hello Taun We" Boba Fett said tonelessly, as he he emerged from the same entrance way Taun We her self had only moments before. If it hadn't been for the wound in his chest he probably would have been here only moments before she had. He had to give Adenn that, he was one hell of a shot. If he didn't have such a hot temper maybe he and the guy in white could have been done business together. Maybe, just maybe.

    Not wasting any more time then necessary looking at Taun We's slender grey, and tall figure, Boba Fett lifted his right arm up one last time. The same one he had used on Adenn in fact. The same one that held the very useful Dart gun. On shot on Taun We, she should fall over paralyzed with the small toxin in the darts. Pressing on his wrist, the darts flew out towards her.

    On the bright side, if he hit her, he would have to haul her body very far. Hell he could have the hole on his chest looked at before he fainted from blood loss, once he hooked up with the Star Destroyer above Kamino.

    IC: Rahm Kota
    Deep Space, Defiance

    "All ships continue on course and wait for our signal before doing otherwise. Adom, patch me in with that Star Destroyer...I want to know what is going on. They should have shot us down by now!" Kota harshly. Now was not the time to be nonchalant. What if rebels had taken control of a Star Destroyer...with that power they could create a reputable hit and run organization. No, in time...a real army. Someone who could really kick the Emperor and Vader in the pants, hard.

    Kota approached the view screen, rubbing his chin. The small motion, managed to always calm him somehow. More importantly, it allowed him to focus on his Force Powers. Kota wanted to know if he was walking into a trap. And he wanted to be able to sense whoever was running that ship's motives.


  4. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Sergeant Adenn
    Kamino, Tipoca City, Lower Levels

    Adenn wished for, once again, his helmet when he came too. His HUD would've displayed the time as well, meaning he could've figured out how long he had been out. His memory didn't help either, it being suppressed momentarily as the toxin wore off. It was only then that he remembered the fight with Boba Fett, having managed to shoot the bounty hunter before he had been hit by a dart. He had been worried that he wasn't going to wake up again, thinking that it had been filled with a poison, but being alive and breathing seemed to contradict that assumption.

    There were troopers here, more then the bunch that had been with Adenn during the brawl with Fett. It was probably them that had cut the cord that had been tied around Adenn, allowing the clone to get back up on his feet before retrieving his blaster pistol and DC-15. A clone had already brought out a holoprojector and Adenn had been listening to the briefing while retrieving his weapons. Lord Vader was here? The Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military? Adenn had winced at the news; apparently the situation at Kamino had started to degrade during his nap enough so that Vader had to be called in. It stung the clone, making him feel as if he and his brothers had failed.

    It also reminded Adenn about Taun We and Fett. Which was why he was surprised when the trooper continued.

    ?Targets, sir... the command center needs recapturing, and Fett needs supporting. Last I heard, the Prime Minister was still at large, and the team chasing him hasn?t reported in. We figured out a way to disable the submersibles by remote, so he?ll be at large.?

    Fett needed supporting? Was the bounty hunter pulling another fast one or had he apparently been with the Imperials all along and Adenn had been tricked? Another sting.

    The chain of command was pretty clear to the clone that Allan outranked Adenn meaning that the sergeant had to bow down to whatever order the captain may impose. But it didn't mean that Adenn couldn't chime in with a battle plan that the higher ranking officer may approve.

    "I think we should focus on what we do know meaning that the Prime Minister should be able to wait," Adenn started while he knelt down to look at the holoprojector. He paused before continuing, giving his mind more time to clear from the remnant of the toxin. "With the arrival of Lord Vader I don't think he'll be able to leave anytime soon, ditto with Taun We. The new reinforcements will probably reach Fett by the time we managed to make our way back to the surface as well. I think we should worry about recapturing the command center so that we can help prevent whatever attempts the enemy might try to pull off to regroup in response to our new reinforcements. Besides, while our reinforcements secure Tipoca City from without, we can do some securing from within."

    That was his plan anyway, but it was Allan that had the power to either accept or reject it. Then again, the other clone was still in bad shape, not only from the fight with Fett but he had already been wounded when Adenn first found him. He may not be in the best shape to give out orders.

    And Adenn would like to think that his refusal to help Fett was indeed because of pure tactical sense rather then from some influence for revenge. The bounty hunter was indeed made of some tough stuff in the clone's opinion so he thought that Fett could hold his own until Vader and his forces landed to support him.

    Course, if Fett was indeed no longer with the Imperials the problem would still be solved nonetheless once the fresh wave of troops came down.

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    Jul 16, 2007
    IC: Valara Saar
    ~Aboard the Corellian Mantle, Enroute to Sesswenna, Outer Rim~

    [blockquote]Marl smiled, blushing at her comment about the wine. Surely he'd realised it was a joke? That's all it was, after all. A joke. Valara felt her face warming; perhaps she wasn't being entirely honest with herself on that one... She realised she was staring at him and caught herself, quickly turning her attention to Zeev, who seemed to smile knowingly at her. She scowled, which only broadened the creature's grin.

    [i][color=purple]?So you?ve had a few apprentices already? What happened to them??[/color][/i]

    Valara winced at the question; she'd hoped her deliberately short explanation would have been enough to warn him it was a sensitive subject. Thankfully, Marl's chrono had distracted him, giving her time to recover. As he silenced the beeping and returned his focus to her, she nodded weakly, her expression distant. [color=indigo]"Yes, two to be precise."[/color] Zeev cooed softly, sensing her distress, but remained by Marl's side. He obviously thought it was better she got it over and done with. Valara took a deep breath before continuing.

    [color=indigo]"The first was a young woman called Lomi, who I met while hitching a lift to Columex about eight years ago. I was sat in the ship's cantina when she approached me, explaining that she knew I was a Force user. As it wasn't long after the initiation of Order 66, I'd been keeping a rather low profile and was surprised that she knew. That is, until I realised that she, too, was gifted. I volunteered to teach her what I could, and she accepted."

    "In the ten months I taught her, Lomi told me very little of her past and was extremely strong-willed; two things that should have sounded warning bells. But I was young and naive - she was my first apprentice, and I hadn't learned to heed such warnings."

    "Lomi was filled with hatred and obsessed with revenge; although I was never told what was the source of the strong emotions. While we were on a mission to Umgul, I finally confronted her; I tried to convince her that she was falling to the dark side. She wouldn't accept it, so I was forced to take... [i]drastic measures[/i] in order to stop her. It worked, but she fled, vowing to leave the Force behind her. I've not seen her from that day to this."[/color]

    Valara shook her head sadly. Losing Lomi had hit her hard, but the second loss was much more painful. She sighed, not wanting to continue, but knowing that her evasion would only lead to more questions.

    [color=indigo]"As for the second, he was not of my choosing. I was reluctant to take on another apprentice after my failure with Lomi. But it seems that the Force had other ideas."[/color]

    [color=indigo]"During my brief spell with the Order, I became good friends with a Jedi by the name of Ruu-thar. When the Clone Wars began, he made me promise that I would take on his Padawan, Zeran, if anything should happen to him. Apparently he saw something in me that the rest of the Order did not."[/color]

    Valara smiled to herself, fondly remembering the older Jedi who had been like a father to her. He had fought to get her into the Order, even volunteered to take her on as a second Padawan, but hadn't succeeded. He was the only one to see past her impulsive nature.

    [color=indigo]"By the time I was twenty-three, Ruu-thar's luck had finally run out. He had survived the Clone Wars, only to be claimed by Order 66. Zeran had fled, barely escaping with his life. He knew of the promise I had made and decided that finding me was his only hope. Had I not been bound by my word, I would have turned him away. Perhaps that would have been for the best..."[/color]

    Valara trailed off, lost to her musings. Zeev growled softly, returning her to the present. She smiled nervously at Marl, embarrassed as much by her 'drifting off' as by the memories the conversation had stirred up.

    [color=indigo]"Where was I? Zeran? Yes."[/color] Valara nodded to herself, satisfied that she was back on tr>
  6. Sinrebirth

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    IC: Neth Enasteri
    The Handy Helper. Setren II, Outer Rim.

    [blockquote]Neth was pushed back initially but stood his ground, keeping his hands close to his stomach and allowing him to deflect the furious assault from the Inquisitor. The man had recovered quickly, and Neth had never been a confident duelist - he was talented at surprises. Hoping that the darksider had an ounce of self-control, Neth reached into the Force and yanked a patron towards him, stepping back to allow the Nautolan to pass between the two of them, the Jedi whirling away and slashing at the dangling light fitting, redirecting the heavy contraption at the Inquisitor as he landed and launched forward, cutting at the Inquisitor with a two-handed blow aimed at his shoulders. The Force whispered an opportunity, and he jerked a hand from the waist of one of the rioting spacers and fired his blaster at the Inquisitor's back.

    Neth was a firm believer in overwhelming his opponent with threats, and killing him. He had never tried such a technique on a bona fide darksider, but he had no doubt he would succeed. He could not doubt. He was a Jedi.

    Elsewhere, acting-Moff Heimdal was rounding up the rebels as they escaped. A few seemed to avoid her net, but that was no surprise to her, none at all. She had a hundred soldiers to police a planet, and any she didn't have on the spaceport or at the garrison or on the streets were here. The citizens couldn't work out the truth. When half a million people lived here - humans, Twi'leks, Wookies, Quarren and even a few Hutts - she was lucky there were only a dozen insurgents.

    Those few that escaped were not followed - how could they be? - and they rapidly informed their superiors about the trap. The insurgents had little to do other than hope the Dead Bolt would arrive with their weapons in the next few hours - or they were finished.

    En route, aboard the Dead Bolt, bridge

    Alex Badure ignored Rehyn Nejos as he threw a temper tantrum. This was a war, to Badure, a war he'd been fighting since he signed up to help the clones during the Clone Wars. For him, that war had never ended, it had simply changed targets, but the over-arching target was the same; evil wherever it existed.

    Alex shrugged off Cappie's concerns. "A few aches and pains, nothing age doesn't throw at me every day." And that was true. He bruised a lot easier than he did when younger, but his skin had became immune to anything other than life-threatening wounds. Realising Cappie wouldn't realise as much, he responded aloud. "I've been shot before, Cappie. A few nicks and cuts don't mean anything to me."

    It belatedly occured to him that she was trying to move focus away from her, possibly because she was embarassed, and he realised he had probably embarassed her further. Cappie continued to speak, standing and pulling away. "Actually, Rehyn, you want anything while I'm back there? A drink or something?" She sounded fine, but slightly jittery and nervous. "Alex, you want something? Ayfor?"

    Badure couldn't work out what was wrong, and looked at Rehyn, mildly confused. "Rehyn?" He wondered if he should speak to Cappie alone, or to Rehyn, realising the group environ wasn't going to allow him to work it out; social concerns were foreign to him, at the end of the day - war simply had the 'do what needs to be done' philosophy, and Alex still followed it almost entirely.

    They didn't have long, to be fair - they'd be decanting in less than an hour, he estimated.

    Edge of the System

    The Indefatigable decanted from hyperspace, once more, and held position. The probes of the Caduceus detected them, and relayed the information via the assault shuttles at Anaxes. Those shuttles dispatched the message to the Caduceus, in the Arkania system, and were destroyed ten minutes later by an Acclamator-class assault ship, which popped out of hyperspace long enough to destroy the shuttles, and then to vanish, complete
  7. Sinrebirth

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    IC: Lortva

    [blockquote]Everything had proceeded as planned. The Codex had been able to track down which of the clones had been created by Arkanian Microtechnologies first, in league with the Spaarti cloners on Centax II. Those clones would reveal the danger to the Empire, if discovered, so the Arkanians had created a fake recall order by influencing the Grand-General, whom was easily influenced by the Codex, seemingly.

    The Caduceus had transferred its battalion down, and it had been replaced with an Arkanian one, in preparation for the Apocalypse. The Arkanians knew they had ten years before a second Apocalypse would shatter their efforts, and so were prepared to survive the first Apocalypse long enough for the other clones to be grown.

    Now, those first clones were all gathered upon Arkania. With a 'Kaminoan' ship striking Arkania, the Caduceus - and indeed all Imperials - would assume as the Arkanians hoped - how could they not? Thus, they would be unable to take advantage of the short time between the complete Apocalypse and the Propagation.

    Everything was, thus, proceeding as planned. Lortva called out to his soldiers, the Arkanian idly stroking his chin with his free hand. ?Raise arms, and fire.? The barrage ripped into the defective clones, killing them quickly. Efficient. He tapped a box displayed on his datapad, ticking it. Response to orders of batch #359 - Adequate. Adequate was the highest praise the clinical Arkanians could give. Experiences in genetics, and with the ancient Sith, had long bred them to be cold, colder perhaps than these snowy glaciers, far away from the population and cloning centers of Arkania.

    "What are you doing? Cease fire! Who ordered this?"

    Lortva was shook from his reverie, looking over to see Raine Vartan storming towards the firing clones. Lortva had no idea who she was, nor why she was here; the Inquisitorious found it more efficient to not inform their hosts of their arrival, as they usually caught them with their proverbial pants down - and that doctrine had bore incredible fruit.

    All Lortva saw was her Inquisitor robes, and he did a particularly un-Arkanian thing. He panicked. Or did he? He saw an Inquisitor, and looked at his thousand clone units mowing down ten times their number, and, quite arguably, came to the most logical thing to do. His voice rang out, the comm. attachment to his datapad sending the message into the helmets of his soldiers.

    "Kill the Inquisitor!"

    He immediately ordered an immediate comm. blackout via his datapad, jamming across the area so as to prevent the Inquisitor from saying anything to anyone in her last moment. The clones began to move so more of them could fire, as for the crucial first few seconds the other clones, all lined up neatly, efficiently, adequately, blocked each others firing line.


    The Eminence made it's way forward, a shuttle apparently being prepared for launch. Lieutenant Frei had his attention caught by his sensor officer, and Frei spoke, slowly. "A portion of jamming seems to have been thrown up over a northern area of Arkanian, sir, no idea why..."

    "Sir!" A cry came from the communcations galley, Frei scowling at the officer, who didn't seem to notice in his excitement. "We're detected the Indefatigable in the Sentren system! They've come back, sir!"

    Frei strode down the gangway and snapped quickly. "Full report, now!"

    The man tapped at his display loudly, feeding his data through to the bridge holoprojector without permission; iniative, good to see, thought Frei, looking up as a scan of the system showed the rogue Star Destroyer sitting at the edge of the system, far beyond the range of the traditional sensors on Sentren II itself. Partially eclipsed by Sentren V, the furthest out planetoid, the probes had detected it's arrival with ease nonetheless - the commnder didn't seem to be taking any precautions to remain hidden. The officer relayed the
  8. TheManinBlack

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    Aug 1, 2007
    IC: Boba Fett
    Battle of Kamino, Launching Pad, Kamino, Outer Rim

    Boba Fett brushed the debris himself off. It hadn't been for Vader Taun We mighthave escaped, on the other hand he wouldn't have had to shut of his jet pack, and pray that the explosion from LAAT didn't kill him. All in all Vader was still in his debt. Especially since Boba Fett had a hole in his chest, that if had been any deeper he would be laying in hallway some where in the subterranean city, because one of Vader lackeys was an idiot.

    Boba Fett slowly but surely approached the fallen body of Taun We, and stopped one step short of having his foot crush her throat. As he looked down at her, Fett was struck by how little she had changed from back then, and how much she had. Her face was still free from the normal markings associated with Kaminoan aging process. And just a few years ago, he stood no taller than her knee. Just a few years ago she had taught him an old ball game that at one time was popular on this world. Just a few years ago she had been the one who taught him how to read and taught basic math all the way to calculus. Just a few years ago, when he had first had an interest in girls, she had been the one who told him the facts of life much to his chargin and discomfort. A small sad smile formed on Fett's face, when he noticed something while looking down on her.

    He was crying. The visor to his helmet was covered in a soft moisture that fogged his line of sight, and the heat of the tears on his face was harsh brought him out of any self justifying excuse that something had somehow gotten into his eyes. He was sobbing over what was probably going to be the last time he saw his...Mother...and knowing full well what her fate would be. Fett closed his eyes and took a deep breath. 'She isn't my Mother, just my creator. That's the only interest she ever showed in me' Fett muttered softly to himself as he reached down to pick her up. When he felt another twigene of pain in his chest, he didn't bother writing it off to the hole. This was a much sharper type pf wound. One he wrote off to weakness and stupidity.

    As he walked to the Slave I, he muttered the password to it in his helmet and watched as the back of it opened, it back sending out a large dull grey ramp. Not wasting anytime Fett hauled to the cage with the dullest and seemingly most fragile bars. Seemingly. Fett raised his right and slammed down on its control panel, activating the Force Cage. Whether they were Jedi or just the regular criminal scum it meant the same thing. Unless Fett wanted you to get out of it, you weren't getting out without destroying the ship itself.

    Sighing deeply Fett turned his head searching for his first aid ki. After what seemed like an hour of frantic searching, Fett smiled underneath his helmet as he saw the large grey metallic box, with the red cross on it. The box looked older than hell and it was. The ship itself went through more upgrades than any other in the Galaxy that Fett knew about, but why rep[lace a box? Wasting no time, Fett reached in and grabbed a couple of Bactapacks. After pausing a second, Fett removed his helmet and jammed both needles into his neck pressing down hard. Within moments, the stream of Bacta flowed through his body, already ending the bleeding that had occurred, and beginning to close the wound altogether.

    Fett laughed softly, his hand on what could have been a fatal wound. As it was he might not even need that trip to the infirmary. Fett began walking agian to the cockpit of the ship activating the hologram/communication terminal. Hopefully Vader hadn't missed the display, the jamming might still be going on.

    "Lord Vader, I have captured the Kamionan known as Taun We, something I was told I would receive a bonus for." Fett said softly. He knew Vader wouldn't take the news so well though. Not that it mattered in the least. Vader might do many things, but break a contract wasn't one them.

    IC: Captain Allan XVIII
    Kamino, Outer Rim

    Allan grunted softly, the battle hadn't been kind to hi
  9. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Arden Lai
    Imperial Center Alien Zone, Core

    Arden froze. She was, at least, in part, truly frozen, but she could?ve broken the man?s hold on her, easily. It wasn?t his will that kept her there; he wasn?t even exerting himself. Arden saw the danger, but as she had many times before in her life, ignored it. She was interested now, and, there was always the threat of a mysterious disappearance, as the man had said.

    She wasn?t surprised that this stranger knew her name, either. It was standard protocol to research your targets, in her line of business. But, something that wasn?t, was inquiries. Arden?s curiosity was powerful, but so was her survival instinct. Her offer might be revoked, if this man believed unfit for the job. She needed to appear professional, and capable.

    Arden took a step forward, and paused. She pretended to ponder her options, which was ridiculous. Still, she waited a minute, before continuing on. When she did walk towards the man, she stopped again, just before taking the datapad. She looked at the man?s face. The shadows, the man?s cloak and their distance prevented Arden from catching a glimpse of his features. She did however, notice a malevolent twinkle to the stranger?s eyes. Her caution had been well deserved, this man was unpredictable and definitely dangerous.

    Arden closed her hand around the datapad, and asked, ?Where is the package destined for?? Arden wasn?t new to the courier business. During sensitive transactions, this was the only appropriate question. Arden made sure to pose it without any hint of a tone. She was, as far as the man would know, uninterested in the contents of the parcel.

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  10. jedi_of_darkness

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    Feb 26, 2003
    IC: Lei'Vor
    Handy Helper, Setren II, Outer Rim.

    Lei'Vor swore under his breath as Neth once more went to overwhelm him with different attacks, however this didn't mean that Lei'Vor would let up. Sensing, albeit slightly, Neth's use of the force Lei'Vor watched and concentrated, when the patron came hurtling towards them Lei'Vor simply flicked his wrist and sliced the Patron in two before moving in front of the light fitting, it crashing behind Lei'Vor as he brought his saber at Neth again, the two blades clashing, sparking and hissing in the middle of the still crowded tavern.

    Lei'Vor saw Neth move to use the force on yet another of the nearby patrons, attempting to sense what was happening Lei'Vor failed, so he had to roll away to the side, not however in proper time, catching a blaster bolt to the back of his right shoulder as he went to move.

    Standing back up Lei'Vor shifted his lightsaber into his left hand, watching his foe carefully.

    "And I was hoping this would be quick, simple and without civilian casualties"

    Lei'Vor couldn't help but smirk at the Jedi standing in front of him before readying his blade again as he began to hurl lightning at his opponent through the force. Any Jedi who had faced such an onslaught before would have at the hands of a true Sith rather than a petty little Inquisitor like Lei'Vor, but that didn't make it any less potent and probably a little more worrying.

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    OOC: First off it's a modified fighter, not freighter.

    "This hunk of junk is our ride off this rock." Farzak said. "Now it'll be a tight fit but I managed to enlarge the cockpit enough to comfortably fit two, but that means very little leg room." he added as he started prepping the systems on it. "All aboard for Kamino, not to mention on the way we might just be able to use the old beacon codes to contact our buddies." he added, he would wait until he was deep in space before sending out any messages however. The last thing he wanted was for some planetary orbital craft to pick up the signal."

    "Lets get out of here." he said as he started punching in coordinates for the planets mentioned on the datapad message. "We'll hit only the planets directly on route to Kamino, nothing more than that, the more off track we get the less likely we'll be to get back on track." he added as the cockpit closed and hissed as it became hermetically sealed. "Weapons good, propulsion good, shields excellent, life support perfect, hyperdrive and communications both good. Looks like we all set for take off Ur, lets get out of here and cause a bit of a stir in the galaxy, and call in some friends to help. I think it's time for a gathering." he added.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Tagg Sivrak
    Battle of Ando, Aboard the second Kaminoan Acclamator, Ando City, Ando

    "Whenever I have the chance, of course." They were down the strut as the shuttle pulled up, sporting blaster damage. The ramp closed, and Coll took on a note of authority. "Care to jump?"

    Tagg lowered himself and began undoing the improvised harness, "Not at the moment Gen but maybe in a few." Carefully lowering the man, and knowing full well the command had been for Recce he quickly headed about getting whatever medical equipment or medical stasis pod that was available.

    TAG: Sinre
  13. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    IC: Kay Koda
    Outskirts of Ithaqua Station / Toola/ Outer Rim

    Kay and the Whiphid Jedi Master walked side by side through the deep snow of Toola. The pain in Kay?s leg began to subside a little but was still painful with every step. Suddenly they both stopped, both noticing something strange, something that kept pulling them in the direction of Ithaqua Station.

    "There is something unspoken here, the Force is begging me to notice it."
    Said the Whiphid Jedi. He then reached down, offering Kay a place on his shoulder, which would take pressure off his wound. Kay held up his hand in a gesture of denial of the generous offer.

    ?It?s alright Master I can manage,? Said Kay turning and looking off into the horizon of Toola in the sun basked afternoon. K?Kruhk again spoke.

    "Kay, we cannot be sure what is going on. We must be exceptionally careful if-" suddenly the Jedi Master was interrupted mid-sentence by something in his mind, something he felt. Kay felt it too, a large void in the force that was suddenly torn open, and the screams and voices of hundreds of screaming through Kay?s mind. Something had happened, death.

    "Ithaqua Station is under attack. They are being slaughtered. I cannot feel any distinction between who is killing and being killed." Said K?Kruhk with graveness in his voice. The two Jedi knew what they had to do; they had to go back to Ithaqua. They both took off running through the snow towards an edge that would surely look over the station. As the two Jedi approached the edge, they could see smoke rising into the air from the once bustling port trade hub of Toola.

    As they looked onward, a Acclamator-class assault ship could be seen looming in low orbit in the distance, annihilating any ship that tried to flee as well as sending troops transports down to the surface. All the Jedi could do was look onward as the station got decimated, its citizens being either killed in the streets or drug away by the same type of clone troopers they had seen in the cave, wearing the same Old Republic armor from the Clone Wars. But the strangest thing was that these troopers were killing the stormtroopers along with the civilians, hardly the behavior of Imperial troopers.

    ?We have to get down there, those people need our help!? said Kay looking over to K?Kruhk who was also looking onward at shock.

    Slowly the two Jedi made their way down into the once tranquil city, now thrown into chaos and confusion. Kay led the way through the small backstreets he had used to avoid Imperial forces in the past, and slinking in and out of buildings like Womp Rats. It wasn?t long until they came into a building that was inhabited by these invading clones. As they snuck through the hallways, Kay could hear the screams of a woman in an apartment room just a few rooms down the hall. Both Kay and K?Kruhk hurried down the hall, following the woman?s screams. It wasn?t long until they came to the door, only to hear the voice of clones coming from inside. Somewhat of a nostalgic moment for Kay and K?Kruhk both hearing the voices of those they once commanded in battle. Kay drew his lightsaber from his belt and held it in one hand; he then raised his foot and kicked the cheap and flimsy door in. At the same time he ignited his lightsaber and stumbled through the door. He slashed one clone across his plasteel chest plate, cutting through it like butter. The other clone he cut the leg off at the thigh and then finished his off by running his lightsaber through the trooper?s chest.

    Kay knelt down in front of the woman as K?Kruhk watched the door in case reinforcements showed up.

    ?Are you alright miss?? asked Kay trying to calm the woman, who was obviously being questioned by the trooper?s trying to derive some information from her. But she simply nodded her head.

    ?Alright miss I need you to hide, somewhere safe until this is over, can you do that for me?? he asked. She again nodded. Kay rose to his feet and turned towards the door and then both he and K?Kruhk left the room and continued to sn
  14. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    IC: Troy Heimdal
    Aboard ISD Caduceus, Arkania Orbit, Colonies

    [blockquote]Troy looked at the hologram of the steaming Admiral Teshik as he gulped a glass of water he had had an orderly bring him shortly after the Perfection had vaporized, dashing any hopes he had of uncovering the source of the vessel and perhaps the rogue Kaminoan base of operations.

    "Captain Heimdal, I have to report the complete destruction of the shuttles you left in-system. An enemy Acclamator leapt into the system, firing upon them and then vanishing back into hyperspace. Less than ten minutes after the Command reported a communication from the shuttles to your position. Anything to report?"

    Heimdal was really starting to wonder how the whole defense grid was breaking down all at once. After a long sigh and a healthy swig of water, he replied, "Well sir, the Acclamator Majestic that was supposed to have been decommissioned during the Clone Wars made a suicide run at the cloning facilities on Arkania. The source was apparently the Kaminoan rebels. I did everything in my power to stop them, and we did, but not before our guns hit its baradium payload and annihilated the whole vessel."

    Finishing the glass of water and setting it down on top of a nearby computer bank while signaling for an officer to take it away, he continued to look to his Admiral, his tone more somber, "I had good Naval Troopers on those shuttles at Anaxes. I would appreciate it if you would at least recover their remains and have them sent home." After a suitable pause, he moved to the main communications bank, preparing to signal the officer there to cut the connection. "Well sir, we've got some scanning to finish up around here, and the delegation from Coruscant is on approach," he rolled his eyes to humor Teshik. "Send along an encrypted packet with new orders while we see to the security of this system, Heimdal out."

    He looked to the comms officer, who disconnected the holonet link as Troy respectfully saluted the Admiral's hologram.

    Troy rubbed his hands together and turned to Frei, who now stood below him in the pit, "Lieutenant, contact that Arkanian we had on the line earlier...Lortva, and ask him why that jamming field has been thrown up in the planet's northern hemisphere."

    Frei cleared his throat, "Is that all, sir?"

    Heimdal paused as he thought for a moment, staring at a live hologram of Arkania hovering above the comms area, the jammed portion appearing in green, "Actually no. For all we know, Lortva could be beneath the jamming blanket. We need this whole planet in direct communication with us, so its about time we laid the law."


    "Send a message to their highest levels, tell them Imperial operational command of the system is now in effect due to the attempted attack by the Kaminoans...that includes the disabling of that jamming field. Send a copy of the request to Admiral Teshik as well so he knows what we're up to. That's all."

    As Frei turned to act on his orders and the bridge crew seemed to shift back into an appropriate working atmosphere, Troy exited the bridge via the central catwalk and ducked into one of the secondary briefing rooms that joined with the hallway. He paced slowly over to the table-mounted holoprojector and dialed in his sister, Commander Dara Heimdal's frequency according to her stationing on Sentren II.

    He made sure he stood in the holoprojector's display field so that she could see him on the other end as he spoke, "Sis, how have you been? What's been going on out there? I've been hearing a lot of buzz lately."

    He made sure to not immediately alert her to the fact that there was a rogue Imperial Star Destroyer on the fringe of the system that she was a garrison commander of.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sinrebirth, All in Arkania System
  15. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Sergeant Adenn
    Kamino, Tipoca City, Lower Levels

    " I still think Fett didn't forgive you though, and I would keep one eye open at night. He is a man who must always prove himself from what I heard. And refluffed his pride."

    There was no helmet to hide the frown on Adenn's face at Allan's remark but it didn't really matter to him. The memory of the dart - apparently a tranquilizer one - made the clone clench and unclench his fist; not in anger but more in a way of testing to make sure the digits worked. He was going to have to guess that that was the antidote that Allan had and perhaps the only reason that Adenn was able to move or even be awake now.

    "It doesn't matter to me on what Fett thinks of me," replied Adenn, his tone taking on a bit of an edge though, once again, it wasn't because of any anger to the bounty hunter but rather that he and his brothers were still on Kamino and the sergeant was more inclined to focus on wrapping things up on said planet rather then worry about what some bounty hunter thought of him.

    Standing tall from his kneeling position, Adenn checked the charge on the DC-15, found it to be at optimal levels, and looked at both directions of the hall to try and figure out which direction they should go in accordance to the holo that the other clone had just shown him. Then he looked back down at Allan.

    "If we're going to try and recapture the command center, are you going to be able to keep up?" Adenn questioned the other clone, taking note of his injuries. The captain had his broken arm and no doubt other injuries that Adenn had no time to look at so his participation in such an assault would be questionable. "Or should one of us escort you to the surface for medical aid?"

    TAG: TheManinBlack, Sinrebirth
  16. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Raine Vartan

    In Trouble, Arkania

    Raine had been expecting ... actually, she didn't know what she had been expecting, but it was not for that same voice to ring out again with the command, "Kill the Inquisitor!" and for the the thousand clone soldiers to obligingly swing their rifles around to face her.

    The Inquisitor in question ... hesitated. Only for a split second, in midstep, arm half-outstretched at the nearest clone - the nearest rifle, which right now, was suddenly pointed at her. This couldn't be happening. They were Imperial troops, the same as her - they knew who she was, had recognised her -

    They had been on the same side in the Clone Wars, too. That hadn't stopped them then, and it evidently wasn't stopping them now. Which meant only one thing: traitor.

    White-hot rage flooded her. Did they think they could kill her this way, an Imperial Inquisitor, before she could report this to the Emperor? Raine had lived through the Purges as a mere apprentice - she was no inexperienced youth now, whose only answer to the clones was to flee.

    Inquisitors did not flee.

    Raine ignited her lightsaber at the same time the first clone troop fired. At this range, it was child's play to deflect it right back at him, and the others - she strafed to the side, deflecting bolts as she went, using the line of clones as cover so the ones farther away couldn't shoot her without harming their own.
    But they weren't the ones she wanted; they were cannon fodder, clockwork soldiers to do as they were told. She wanted their commander, the one who had given the order - where was he?

    TAG: Sinrebirth
  17. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Rehyn Nejos
    Aboard the Dead Bolt, Hyperspace

    [blockquote]The conversation between Cappie and Badure was hardly engaging or interesting and Rehyn soon found himself becoming the victim of the swirling masses filling the cockpit window. Hyperspace had always been a wonder to behold, but once you started to think too hard and actually took the time to stare at it, you could get lost real fast. It was almost a hypnotic effect and in some cases, better than a good night's sleep. He had been there on several occasions over the years and he was slipping towards that center of solace once more when he caught Cappie calling his name. His head jerked to the side as he snapped out of the trance, his eyes glassed over as he turned to look at the older woman.

    "Actually, Rehyn, you want anything while I'm back there? A drink or something?" She sounded nervous and uptight about something, but Rehyn decided to let it pass for now. ""Alex, you want something? Ayfor?"

    "That doesn't sound half bad," the Corellian admitted with full honesty. The journey hadn't been an easy one so far and he could use a good drink to calm his nerves. He twisted his torso around in the seat so he could see her, waving his hand in the direction of the hold. "You'll find an old cabinet tucked away under the recycler in the galley. Got the best whiskey this side of the Hydian Way stashed in here. Aged to perfection. I think you'll like it."

    As Cappie began to make her way back in the direction of the hold, Rehyn was surprised to find someone else calling out his name. It was Badure this time and he had an inclination to just let him sit there, wanting to go back to just relaxing in front of the viewport, but the expression on the other man's face told him otherwise.

    Stifling a sigh with a frown readily visible on his face, Rehyn repositioned himself so that he could address the other passenger. "What?" he asked bluntly and without preamble. Judging by the conversation that had just gone on between the two, Rehyn had a pretty good idea what this was about, but he wanted the other man to admit to it first.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sinre, bad_feeling_haver

    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    IC: Valara Saar
    ~Aboard the Corellian Mantle, Enroute to Sesswenna, Outer Rim~

    [blockquote][i][color=purple]"Alright, I think we've had enough discussion."[/color][/i]

    Valara sighed, relieved that the interrogation was over for now. She clambered to her feet, stretching as she did so. A brief glance floor ward revealed the whereabouts of her section of pipe, which she retrieved before moving towards the centre of the cockpit. At least combat didn't require her to dig into the past.
    She grasped the pipe in her hands and moved to a ready stance; but nothing could have prepared her for what happened next. Marl grinned dumbly as he twirled the pole, narrowly avoiding dropping it. Valara laughed as he finished his routine, although quite why he'd decided to put on this little show was beyond her. Perhaps it was some sort of custom on his homeworld...

    [i][color=purple]"Care to dance?"[/color][/i]

    Valara was completely dumbstruck. So, he [i]did[/i] like her too? Her mind became a raging whirlpool of emotions; she was overjoyed yet terrified at the same time. Stopping to consider how they had come to this moment, she began to weigh the facts for the first time. They hardly knew each other; their swirling emotions were probably more to do with the traumatic events they had suffered, rather than a genuine attraction. But no matter how hard Valara tried to rationalise her emotions, she knew she was only lying herself. Admitting that fact didn't banish the ghosts of the past that still lingered in her mind. Would she really be willing to pay that price again? Taking a deep breath, Valara made her decision, for better or worse. Looking into Marl's eyes, her slightly shocked expression turned into a mischievous grin;

    [color=indigo]"Here? Are you kidding? There's barely enough room to swing a mynock..."[/color]

    The grin faded to a tender smile as she wandering casually up to Marl. A slight blush tinted her cheeks as she softly uttered the words, [color=indigo]"I'd love to."[/color] [/blockquote]

    [color=green][b]TAG: Sinre[/b][/color]
  19. bad_feeling_haver

    bad_feeling_haver Jedi Knight star 1

    Oct 5, 2008
    IC: Mother Cappie and R3-A4
    Lounge, Dead Bolt, En route to Sentren II

    "That doesn't sound half bad," the Corellian admitted with full honesty. "You'll find an old cabinet tucked away under the recycler in the galley. Got the best whiskey this side of the Hydian Way stashed in here. Aged to perfection. I think you'll like it."

    Cappie nodded in confirmation and motioned for Ayfor to come with her. The droid followed as she casually walked down the corridor and into the ship's lounge/main hold/whatever. On the wall, above the standard-issue fire-suppression unit, was a box with the familiar nine orange ticks of the Athakam Medtech Corporation. Cappie recalled their stock was considered a good buy two years ago. Athakam had been an important component in her old stock portfolio. She briefly wondered who owned her stocks now. She opened it and quickly found a cold pack. She removed the handkerchief from her head and wrapped it around the thing. She savored the chilly feeling on her bruise.

    As she held it there, she turned to her droid companion. "What do you think, Ayfor? Who do you think they were?" Cappie asked somberly. The droid whistled and beeped several times. "Hmm. That's true." Cappie hadn't considered that there was very little evidence that the people in the black corvette were specifically after her. She had assumed they were after her because it appeared that they had targeted her shop, but as Ayfor pointed out, it was very possible that that was a coincidence. "But do you think I'll have to tell Alex or Rehyn about T.C.P.S.?" Ayfor beeped several times and concluded with a medium-pitch whistle. "Oh, thanks, you're some help," Cappie muttered sarcastically. Momentarily she turned back to her droid, sounding sincere again. "Those soldiers are going to keep coming after us though, I know that. Do you think we'll actually be able to go back to the Freeworlds someday?" Ayfor beeped. "I'm glad you're still with me, Ayfor," Cappie said, with great emotion, patting the droid gently on the dome. It whistled.

    Her bruise was well-numbed by now. "Come on, let's get Nejos his drink." Cappie followed his directions, finding the whiskey bottle easily. She removed it and inspected the label, but she didn't recognize it. She looked around at the empty lounge, with its bar, couch, and game table. That was what she loved about being a smuggler. She really regretted very little about her old life, but the things she did regret couldn't be ignored forever. But she loved being an outlaw tech for the camaraderie, the freedom, the fun. Drinking and gambling long into the night. That whole space-nerfboy deal. She had wasted her teens and twenties, when she should have been doing those wild things, so she had been making up for it now. Smugglers were some of the only people around whom a half-drunk forty-nine-year-old woman pounding on a sabacc table didn't look out of place. She even took some pleasure in the frictional personalities of people like Alex and Rehyn. Those two sure were characters. Cappie looked at the bottle again. A quarter empty. She really, really hoped she could wash her hands of those soldiers and go back to Nar Shaddaa. But she just took a little nip of the whiskey instead.

    She returned to the cockpit with the cold pack and the bottle. She heard voices as she approached, but the conversation ended before she entered, or could overhear anything interesting, for that matter. She remembered she had something she wanted to ask Nejos anyway. "Hey, Rehyn, what did you need to do on Sentren II before you rescued us anyway?" she asked, handing him the whiskey bottle. She was surprised that hadn't been asked already.

    TAG: HanSolo29, Sinre
  20. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: TMIB, sorry for the wait, you will have a tag fairly shortly. i've just had a hard time figuring out what i wanted to do with vader given the situation. i think i've finally gotten that figured out.

  21. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: sorry about the double post.

    IC: Darth Vader/ Kamino/ Outer Rim
    Air over Tipoca City

    [blockquote]Smoothly didn't even begin to cover how things went, as the LAAT/i blew up pretty much as soon as Vader pulled the trigger. A feral grin spread across the hidden face. This was what he had been meant to do, fly and blow up his enemies. The man who had once been Anakin had always been able to do the impossible in a fighter, and even the advent of the suit hadn't managed to dull his skills in combat.

    Pulling around, Vader noticed Fett's ship on the landing platform, as well as there being enough room for him and his shuttle to land there. Radioing to the shuttles pilot, "Land at the platform with the Bounty Hunter's ship. I believe we have a pickup to make there." With that Vader pulled around and set his ship down on said pad.

    After landing, varied reports cycled through to him, causing the Dark Lords thoughts to run around in circles for a moment. Jedi, a missing ship and other battle reports. Overall it could be overwhelming, and Vader honestly had no clue what should be covered first. Getting in touch with the Emperor would probably be a wise decision, unless something else became abundantly clear. The Jedi was going to be Fett's next mission, assuming he was interested.

    There was wreckage on the pad, and Vader could see the rain coming down as supposedly always did on this world. Overall not the most pleasant place to fight, nor was it a place that a man in a suit such as his really wanted to go. Muttering to himself, the Dark Lord popped the hatch and created a shield with the Force so that he would remain dry. At least that was an option regular beings didn't have.

    Before he could get out, the Sith received an additional bit of information that was both welcome and not at the same time. Fett had captured Taun We, who was definitely of use. But that meant that Fett was going to get more money. In all honesty, money really didn't matter though. Vader just so happened to always keep a credit chit on him as a just in case. Not that it was likely to ever be a problem, but in this case it was going to prove useful. The value of the chit was about half again what was owed to the bounty hunter.

    Emerging into the rain, a bubble of seeming waterless space moved with Vader as he approached Fett. There was some debris in his path as well. Making a vaguely imperious gesture, it was swept out of the Dark Lords path and off of the platform.

    Approaching Fett, a vague smile played across the hidden lips. He was very careful to not let it color his voice. "I received your message. Consider your package collected when the shuttle lands, and she can be placed into custody." Holding out the chit, "Here is your payment, as well as a down payment on your next job. It is something that should interest you.' The smile widened, "There are some Jedi who need to be collected. You will receive details after you accept. Radio Mathayus after you lift off." It wasn't so much a request, considering how much extra money Fett was getting. It wasn't quite an order, Vader actually had too much respect for the bounty hunter than to do that. But there was something of an understanding that the Dark Lord expected to get his money's worth. "Your usual terms, and bonuses apply. We would like one alive, preferably one Master K'Krukh. All others are expendable." It was enough so that the Hunter would have an idea of what he was getting in to, but not enough that it would give away anything sensitive.[/blockquote]


  22. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    -Lorta City

    [blockquote]Isaac turned his attention to the particularly large structure to the center of the city as his walkers mowed down the surviving, and panicking, Lortans. No one was safe from their fire as it shredded through the buildings and laid to rest the Lortans, unmercifully, and with the efficiency that a Stormtrooper could truly respect. The onslaught was over within seconds of the arrival of the two AT-STs and they quickly advanced towards the next objective which was to destroy the main shield generator.

    When the data appeared on Isaac's HUD and Admiral Declann spoke his words that further defined how important his objective was, the NovaTrooper was already devising a plot in his mind. The weapons that defended the mushroom shaped target were automated. Which meant that they could be deactivated with a focused blast of EMPs and then destroyed, though all he had to do was detonate the charges and that would take care of the whole problem.

    The problem was the height of the shield generator. Isaac only had two EMPs and, even combined, they would not have enough force to reach the weapons and if in the unlikely case that they did affect the automated, self-governing systems, it would only last for maybe a minute which was not enough time.

    As he moved closer, a plan came into his mind. He still had multiple thermal detonators that could power the EMP blast to the necessary height and even if that did not work, it would still be a massive explosion, providing Isaac the cover he needed.

    The time was the key, however. Stopping the walkers, Isaac placed on each of them one thermal detonator and one EMP charge. His plan was to have the walkers blow up on opposing sides of the mushroom, a thorough assault. He was counting on the P-Towers blowing the walkers up, which would unleash the explosions. The Commando sent one walker off to a 90 degree angle of his line of assault, which would split the guns' attention, allowing him and the other walker to get closer.

    After the walker had positioned itself properly, Isaac called the plan into order by remote comtrol and sent both walkers off, he following right behind the one he had kept near him. It was a going to be a dangerous sprint for if the P-towers or the E-webs hit too close, he could be caught in the explosion and killed, or he could just be hit by an E-web blast. The latter he was less concerned about as he began to drop his supply of smoke grenades, causing a cloud to consume his location, though he doubted for long.

    He felt the earth tremble and his HUD flicker as one of the walking explosives detonated after being shot down by one of the P-Towers. The other weapons that the Shield generator had began to fire powerfully upon Isaac's walker's position and Isaac himself, sending chunks of earth flying all around him. If it was not for the smoke grenades and the height from which the blasters had to shoot, causing their bolts to be delayed a second before hitting the ground that Isaac had previously occupied. It also was not hurting that his walker was firing back up.

    Then an explosion came, signifying that his walker had detonated. Since it was closer to him than the other, Isaac was almost knocked from his feet, but fought through the trembling and advanced forward to the base of the mushroom. The EMP had certainly gone off because his HUD had vanished and he was now relying on natural eyesight.

    Sweat rained down his face as his suit's cooling system shut down while he continued to run at full pace. One could only hope the EMPs had disabled the weapons. If they had not, Isaac could manually detonate the charges on his person and kill himself, while still completing the objective and he would not think twice about it. That was what you had to be willing to give. That was what you gave.[/blockquote]
    Tag: Sinre
  23. TheManinBlack

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    Aug 1, 2007
    IC: Boba Fett
    Tipoca City, Landing Pad

    Fett nodded slowly. Vader apparently wanted more bang for his buck. He couldn?t blame him. After all that had went down in the past few hours, Vader no doubt wanted something to come out of this perfect as Imperial Star Destroyer.

    Fett reached out and grabbed the Credit card, and pointed to Taun We. Vader needed to know of this immediately, after all their might not be a need to wait for a shuttle if she was expendable.

    ?Inside her person, there is a small data card. It contains all her work? Fett said toneless, in a just stating the facts type of matter. ?You might still need her alive for the code to access it however.?

    Fett then faced Vader, not really caring to see the loved one he had sold out for a few measly?no for a ship load of credits.

    ?And Yes Vader, Master K'Krukh will be at your knees at any moment. Will there will be a bonus if all others are alive though, or should I feel free to use any methods and tools to obtain the Jedi Master, and dispose of other expendable Jedi without consequences to my bounty?? Fett asked in a somewhat respectful tone.

    He and Vader where on good terms, so Fett felt free to being slightly nonchalant to the Sith. As long as Fett did what he did well, Vader left well enough alone. If he hadn?t captured Taun We, Fett knew he would have to try on a different tone when speaking to Vader. As it was they had no time to waste on pleasantries. Fett was hand picked by Vader for many times for missions like these for a reason, it was Fett who gave quick and decisive results to Vader. Still there was always the chance Vader would lose his temper, but still Vader was many things, stupid wasn?t one of them.


    IC:Rahm Kota
    Deep Space, Abrion Sector, Defiance

    All Kota could do was stare the Holoprojector in stunned silence. Whatever training the Jedi Master had to calm himself was now being used in over drive, to prevent himself from screaming out loud the question pounding about in his mind. What the hell was a Clone doing commanding a Star Destroyer?!?

    Kota motioned his men to be ready to hit Hyper Space at any moment subtly with a small flicker of his hand. This could be an enemy or a trap after all. Still this was a chance Kota must take, there where Clones assaulting Imperial targets after all and they weren?t from Kamino, so this might be the ones who where behind it all. Still it was a guess at best, and he needed confirmation.

    ?I do not work for the Empire at any capacity, so do not take this question in the wrong way. You aren?t Imperials are you?? Kota asked in a half astonished tone.

    ?Are you the ones behind?? Kota quickly closed him mouth, that question might spur an attack on his vessel. Especially since neither side knew one another. At least he thought. ?Are you from Kamino however?? Kota asked. A much safer question he thought. A one that could possibly lower their guard, and being a real conversation.


    IC: Captain Allan
    Tipoca City

    Allan sneered at Adenn's suggestion. What did he look like? the fat slop Cagi who never saw a day of combat in his life.

    "I won't be handling a rifle, but a can still fight. Give me SOME credit." Allan said taking his pistol from his holster, and looking down at Adenn. "The question is are YOU ready to retake the command center. I don't need someone else dying on my watch, likely to get reprimanded as it is for what happened today."

    With that Allan motioned to the other Storm Troppers, standing striaght inspite of the pain in his arm. He had to insert his authority here and now. This wouldn't be a pretty battle to say the least. He might lose another couple of men if things in here where as bad things suggested.

    "Any further details on the Commander Center? We don't want to be caugth with our pants down agian." Allan said.

    Boy was that the understantment of the century.


  24. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Darth Vader/ Kamino/ Outer Rim
    Landing Platform, Tipoca City

    [blockquote]Apparently there was a little more to this situation than the Dark Lord had been aware of, but not much. Fett accepted the credit chit, and by extension accepted the contract. That was one less thing that Vader was going to have to worry about at least. What the Bounty Hunter said was interesting. Killing Taun We would make life easier, not having to look after a prisoner or coerce her into helping would definitely have been easier. This was the only reason that Vader considered it. "We will need her as a prisoner to make use of the data. Otherwise it will need to be decoded. Watch over her until the shuttle arrives." Looking towards the sky, the shuttle was now obviously visible.

    For a moment Vader thought about what was needed from the Jedi. Preferably all to be taken alive, but K'Kruhk was the only really important one. But having someone else to mold to the darkside was something that the Emperor might appreciate. Especially one as tainted as that young Jedi had already been. "Standard bonuses apply. If alive you get paid more, if you can bring a particular padawan to me as well, both alive I will see you are compensated for the troubles of that as well. All others are expendable. Use whatever means you feel are necessary to bring those two alive, preferably whole but that will not effect your bounty. More details will be given to you after you lift off." The situation was effectively concluded, so Vader merely turned away from Fett and walked a little distance away.

    From the disturbances in the Force there was still work to be done here, but if it required his personal attention was another matter all together. Pulling out a secure comlink the Dark Lord commed the Mathayus, "Status report." [/blockquote]


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    OOC: Sorry, I?m going to post again since Sinre hasn?t posted in a little while, I just came up with more stuff that I want to write about, but after this Sinre is tagged.

    IC: Kay Koda
    Outskirts of Ithaqua Station / Toola/ Outer Rim

    As the two snuck quietly through the old apartment building, the sound of heavy bombardment could be heard of in the distance, no doubt from artillery pieces stationed outside the city. This mysterious enemy must have been putting up with some resistance if they were using artillery. But why, why here? Toola was a peaceful planet; it didn?t really have much of a security force due to the Imperial Presence on the planet. Besides it was a trade hub full of traders and opportunists, not warriors.

    Kay led the way through the dark hallways of the apartment building, the flickering lights giving little in the way of good lighting. The flickering lights and the sounds of war outside did give the hallway an eerie ambience. But soon the two Jedi came to a small lobby up on the forth story of the apartment. This is where the gravlifts stopped to take let people off or to take them up or down floors. Here the two found a small squad of stormtroopers, about five of them, who had been mowed down by the mysterious clone army.

    Kay searched the bodies, trying the find something of use that might tell them where all these clones came from. But after a thorough search, nothing was found. Kay knelt beside one of the stormtroopers, a scout trooper, and picked up a DC-15x sniper rifle, very lethal at long range. Kay figured that at this height, a sniper rifle might just come in handy, especially if they had to hold a position. Kay stood up and hung his lightsaber back on his belt, replacing it with the sniper rifle, he then motioned to K?Kruhk to follow him. They didn?t want to stay in the open lobby for long, just in case some more clones snuck up on them, they didn?t want to be caught without any cover. As they continued down another hallway, they came upon an open and abandoned apartment. The two Jedi entered the room, clearing it first in case of enemy presence. Kay stepped to the window and peered out, making sure not to expose too much of his body to an opportune shot from an enemy sniper. He raised the sniper rifle to his face and looked through the scope, sweeping each street for any enemy presence.

    Finally Kay found a target, a small squad of clones, three of them, dragging an old man out into the street by the back of his neck. They threw the old man to the ground, one of them pulling a blaster pistol from its holster. Kay knew right what was going on, they were going to execute him. Kay lowered his rifle and removed his cloak, the only piece of Jedi garb he still owned; he had burned his Jedi robes a long time ago. Now he wore a blue long sleeve t-shirt, tan cargo pants, and brown boots. He then picked up his rifle and again located the clones. Kay took careful aim of the clone holding the pistol, taking three deep breaths and letting them out slowly before he pulled the trigger. He took


    The first shot went through the clone trooper helmet. The trooper crumpled to the ground in a pool of blood. Before the other two could react, another shot dropped a second trooper, going through his chestplate. Finally the last trooper broke out in a run, zig zagging back and forth down the street. Kay again took aim, took three deep breaths, and then fired. The bullet found its mark, hitting the trooper just below the right shoulder blade. Kay lowered the rifle and looked at K?kruhk.

    ?You didn?t think that I spent all these years just training with my lightsaber did you?? he said with a slight smile.

    ?Come on, it won?t take them long to find out where those shots came from,? Said Kay putting his cloak back on and again began moving down the hallways.

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