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SWRPF Archive 128 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - The Force War

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Sinrebirth, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Star Wars: 128 ABY: The Sith-Imperial War: The Force War

    The Battle of Bastion is over, and the great Battles of Roche and Concord Dawn rage. The Alliance has retreated from the Bastion and abandoned. The Fallanassi have intervened in the war to protect the Jedi and Grandmaster Skywalker, as the Sith hammer the Alliance.

    The Jedi Order fractures despite outnumbering the Sith, and have declared outright war against the Empire?s new allies. Emperor Roan Fel III has had the alliance between the Sith and Bastion forced upon him, doubly so as Darth Krayt was responsible for foiling an assassination attempt upon him.

    Reigning from Korriban, the Sith throw their awesome strength into the war, and the Imperial Knights, based mostly on Bastion, seek to pick up the pieces. The Galaxy is aflame as the Alliance? shattered fleet withdraws once more, like it did at the start of the war. As the war nears its second year, it has swung once more in the Empire?s favour.

    But the Jedi will not surrender, and nor will the Sith. The Alliance and the Empire ? and its Emperor and Imperial Knights ? are now pawns in what has been renamed the Sith-Imperial War...

    The darkness encroaches, but the Empire has been devastated by the war, and will need to recover. The Alliance has one final chance to save the Galaxy, or admit defeat.


    With the Mandalorians and Verpine Separatists becoming more powerful and disruptive, the Alliance is forced to focus more attention upon them, drawing more vessels away from the sacred Core. Key worlds are under-protected as the Alliance seeks to end these smaller threats at the expense of the war against the Empire.

    A string of Imperial and Alliance worlds run from Borosk to Mon Calamari, with large Imperial fleets poised at Borosk, Garqi, Mandalore and Concord Dawn, and larger Alliance fleets gathering at Mygeeto, Taris and Mon Calamari. One fatal mistep could cause a holocaust for both sides.

    The Galaxy is horrified or cheering at the result of the Battle of Bastion as it becomes publicised. And, with that fact, Imperial sympathizers stir in the very heart of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliance's....and the Galaxy shifts once more.

    The Factions

    The Jedi Order


    Grandmaster Kol Skywalker

    Founded 25,000 years ago, the Jedi Order have grown strong under Kol Skywalker, numbering in their thousands since Luke Skywalker established the New Jedi Order. From their Temples on Ossus and Coruscant, the Jedi Order have carved a frontline between the two worlds, determined to defend the Alliance from the Empire and the insurgents. While initially unaware of who started the war, they were equally determined to bring those who did so to justice. With the Sith unveiled, they have now decided that these darksiders are to blame, and have dedicated themselves to destroying the Sith stain.

    The Imperial Knights


    Emperor Roan Fel III, Imperial Knight

    Founded some time after the Imperial Remnant finally became an Empire again, the Imperial Knights have been growing under their Emperor. Viewed as Grey Jedi by the Jedi Order, they are loyal solely to the Emperor. The Imperial Knights have academies on the worlds of Nirauan and Bastion, and are scattered throughout the Galaxy defending Moffs, Imperial Missions and the royal family - Emperor Fel III, and his daughter, Princess Marasiah Fel - but they have been forbidden from entering the war itself. Now the Sith have usurped their role as protectors of the Empire, the Imperial Knights are in danger of being completely absorbed by the Dark Side. As rogue factions threaten to drag the Knights into the war, their internal issues simmer towards boiling point.

    The Sith Order


    Darth Krayt, Dark Lord of the Sith

    Led by Darth Krayt, whom has replaced the Rule o
  2. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    You should all find this thread following the link of the PM you got. You now have a few days to submit new characters (to be with us from the start) or repost your old ones (only if you want to).

    All players of 128 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - Turning Point who reprise their characters were tagged in my last post over there.

    Please respond to this tag in this thread!

    On Friday the 17th of August we will make our first update.

    Enjoy the game!
  3. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Imperial Knight Jaycen Bryce

    "Yage here, Sir Bryce. A confirming sighting of another Knight. I have Sir Draco in sight, holding some cripple up. No sign of Sir Tonnacry, but a Jedi Shuttle just left the area. Any casualties or injuries?"

    "I don't know the Status of Knight Tonnacry. Keep trying to raise him and Draco for status reports. Minor scrapes and bruises on my end, but the Emperor is still engaged with a Sith Lady. I am offering aid...but...she's good. Really good. Keep the engines running, we won't be long."

    With that, Jaycen returned his gaze to the battle, where the Sith Lady was moving toward the Emperor with an electrically charged hand. His eyes grew dark. It was a tricky move. A low down, no good, Sith attack. Not that it wasn't effective, he'd used the same principal many times durning his service with Kiffu Warriors, the force using group he had been a part of on his home planet. But that was then, when it was ok for him to not just come close to, but actually touch the darkside, to harness it's power for his own motives. 'For the Greater Good' he'd always said, but it was a catch all for some very petty reasons to use the darkside. If anything, this was the time to use it.

    And he decided to. He had trained extensivly in dark arts, as much as he had in those powers of the light. He had studied, and become adept with the Sith art of Pyromacy. But it took him deep into the darkside to use it. But right now, he had the rage and desparation to do it. He drew in on himself, pulling in that rage, and panic, and fear, feeling the power build within him, and in a solid, fluid mostion, he extended his arms in a power ful shove, sending a stream of intense flame spiraling from his hand at the Sith Lady.

    Tag: Yage, Emperor, Sith Lady, Draco...
  4. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Sinre approved

    Name: Yu`Dor, also known as Ererre and possibly the entity known as Vongerella
    Age: Unknown but probably nearing her 200 years
    Species: Yuuzhan Vong
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [image=]
    Allegiance: Sith, sort of
    Weapons: Lightsaber (blue), amphistaff (unique poisonous short-staff)
    Bio: The creature calling himself Yu`Dor has existed much longer than most things in the galaxy. Ancient and hidden from the galaxy little is know about her intentions and history. Rumors among the few aware of her existence have it, she probably was a one time apprentice of Dark Lady Lumiya. Some even think her to be the force behind the New Sith Order.
    Whatever her relationship to the only who probably know, Darth Krayt, remain shrouded in mystery.

    Time and again Yu`Dor (as she referred to herself lately, claiming a title worthy of prophets of the Yuuzhan Vong, only) the ancient arises and makes an appearance. In a few rare cases she even appeared to other Sith, but never bowed or has sworn allegiance to the Dark Lord himself. So her intentions stay unknown as her nature is . . .

    But as the Sith reveal themselves, somewhere on a forgotten planet, Yu`Dor smiles on the galaxy burning . . .
  5. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Timberus (TC) Canistia
    Overlord Fleet; Bastion

    Timberus smiled as the palawas attacked the Stormtroopers without hesitation, slaying them quickly, wave after wave, without fear. He could feel the Sith starting to gather in the hangar, the number of dark auras only building. He could also pinpoint Maleval. He had spent time with Maleval enough to hate him with a passion and as much as he wanted to do battle with the Quarren, there were other things to deal with at this time.

    The palawa came over worried that there was no way to get out and that there was a ship they had come in and had hidden it in the waste bay. Timberus stared at the Palawa. Leaving in that ship was probably the easiest way to get out...

    "Get undressed." He demanded as he started to take their lightsabers from them. He could see that they were confused about what he was saying, but they soon got over it and followed their instruction. They had laid faith in him to lead them and even though it seemed strange, they had to trust that he had a plan for it and wouldn't just tell them to follow a fool's order. "Put the Stormtrooper on, and dress them in your clothes, hurry up."

    In less than 2 minutes, the palawa and Twilight Jedi had completed the small task. They were dressed in Imperial armor and the dead Imperial were dressed in the palawa's clothing. Timberus had spent the time carving holes in the chest of the Imperials and inserting proton detonators that he had recovered from their belts. He nodded and gestured his team to the hangar turbolift. "You have to rid yourself of all your former emotions and focus only on the present. Get down to the hangar and tell them where you discovered "we" disappeared to...the waste bay. Then find the captain's ship and leave, I will be taking your ship. This will work, but you will have to work quickly."

    They boarded the turbolift and watched as Timberus raised the palawa clothed bodies with the Force. He moved one body into one of the other turbolifts that led to the waste bay, and set the proton detonator to go off in one minute, about the time the disguised palawa would appear in the hangar bay. The explosion would most likely bide them enough time to get away, while most of the Sith would be on their way to the waste bay, after Timberus and what they thought were the palawa.

    As his team rose outof site in their turbolift, Timberus hurried himself and the bodies into one of the two remaining tubolifts that led to the waste bay. He centered himself and prepared for the show to happen.

    Tag: Sinre
  6. I-poodoo

    I-poodoo Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 1, 2001
    IC: Kreassk/ Imperial Senate/ As the Battle of Bastion ends

    [blockquote]"The Moffs rule the Empire, foolish Padawan. The Emperor has no true power. You are an idiot. The Imperial Knights will betray you as surely as me! I heard you betray me - how could I not - and Gamma-Two is an Imperial Code ordering a second squadron to stay back."[/blockquote]

    The female Knight?s presence in the force immediately became clouded. Kreassk looked over to her. He could sense grief, rage, and wisps of despair swirling in her. She stood still not looking at him but as if waiting for what he would do now.

    ?The Moffss may technically rule the Empire, but thesse Knightss and many more do not sserve the Empire alone. They sserve Roan Fel, their Emperor. If he has the evidence and orderss their arresst we both know the Moffss insside will not be able to sstop it,? Kreassk slowly came forward.

    ?And I did not expect to passs through thiss unsscathed, Maleficarum. I am a Jedi that attacked the Imperial Ssenate. At the very leasst I will become a prissoner of war at the worsst I will be condemned to death ass a terrorisst. In any event what happenss to me doess not matter. All that matterss is the end of thiss war and the return of peace to the galaxy.?

    Kreassk took another step toward the knight feeling the tension rise throughout her. ?I am ssorry for whatever tragedy that has caused such turbulence within you, Knight.? He extended his hand holding his lightsaber towards her deactivated. The blade end pointing straight for his chest. ?I ssurrender myself to you.?

    Tag: Sinre
  7. Vader_The_Pimp6916

    Vader_The_Pimp6916 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 17, 2005
    IC: Kore Barrack

    Kore rose and followed Darth Narcissus out of the hangar, not bothering to look back at that old wretch, Darth Natas. Kore was not dumb, he could feel the hatred of the old diminuative Sith. Had he a lightsaber he would have sliced the old man's legs from beneath him. Now Darth Narcissus...he was much more tolerable. They walked down the corridor heading to the dorms of the academy, neither spoke a word. Faint lightsaber clashing noises could be heard off in the distance along with screams of pain and agony as the losers of the duel were punished most harshly...

    TAG: Whoever is playing Darth Narcissus
  8. Beta-Commando

    Beta-Commando Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 4, 2007
    OOC: My IC post will be tomorow; I have very little time now.

    [hl=black]Sinrebirth Approved![/hl]

    Name: Ranov'la Verd
    Age: 37
    Species: Mandalorian (Human)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [image=]
    Allegiance: Empire
    Weapons: DC-40 Blaster Rifle, Modified with Enhanced Optic Targeting and 'Hair Trigger,' Cryoban Grenades.
    Bio: Ranov'la was born into a purely Mandalorian family on Dxun. He was taught the traditions of the Mandalorian culture as soon as he could learn, when his mind was still open. Soon after, he was taught the basics of both Echani and Mandalorian combat, even their practices with Vibroswords.

    At the age of eight, he had nearly mastered the more advanced techniques of Mandalorian combat, abandoning the Echani forms. Three years later, he was sent on a mission to recover a dead body of one of his comrades. During this, he battled a tough monster known as a Nexu, which had found its way into the ecology through a crashed Galactic Zoo transport.

    Upon returning to his father with both a Nexu ear and the dead body he was sent for, he earned the respect of his clan, receiving the title of Jag, or ?Man,? earlier than most Mandalorians.

    When he turned thirty-seven, he was an extremely accomplished warrior on Dxun, and had gotten the attention of other Mandalorian clans. Thus, he was requested to fight with the Mandalorians serving the Empire.

    Torn between what he thought was right and his loyalty to Mandalore and all Mandalorian clans, he eventually accepted the invitation and joined the ranks of Mando?ade and the Empire.

    Now, he serves as an Elite Commando for the Empire?s war effort.
  9. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    I may see about getting another character, since you seem to be in need of some of the... lesser groups. vong and mandals, for instance.

    Previous Character

    Name: Verden Pinder
    Age: 44
    Species: Farghul
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Tends to wear flowing robes in dark colors, mainly reds, blues and purples. Normally has rancor leather boots and belt with gold buckles. His fur is a light brown with dark, almost black, highlights. Typical cat colored eyes of a yellowish green.

    Allegiance: Jedi

    Weapons: Two Lighsabers, both with angled hilts, the secondary one more so. Currently building a dualbladed lightsaber. The hilts of all of them are carved from onyx and have ruby activation studs. Various crossing patterns cover the hilts to give a better grip.

    Bio: He hasn't lead the easiest life in the world, growing up with a poor family on Farrfin. A street rat more than part of the family, he was undisputably lucky in getting away with getting what he needed, even with a race as skilled at stealing and sneaking as the Farghul.

    Round about when he reached the age of twelve a Jedi ran across his path, helping him out of a jam. He was proven to be Force sensitive, and having permanently left his family by that time, he was taken to learn the Jedi ways.

    The Jedi way has been his life ever since.

    Verden Pinder/ Flagship, Sunsets Vigil/ Battle of Bastion

    [blockquote]It had been reasonably obvious the sith wasn't going to be completely overwhelmed with his wit, and the attack was decidedly straightforeward. At least the attack was. Somehow the Sith had completely ignored his second blade. He would almost certainly pay for it, as only one of the Jedi Master's blades had been knocked out of line. Sure, he might not have a blade he could add on to either of his lightsabers, but that could very easily become something of a doubledged blade in and of itself.

    As Gorog deactivated the fork it was relatively obvious what the lizard wanted to do. And technically the Jedi was now completely on the complete other side of his guard with his right hand saber. In other words, there wasn't much of a way to block it. Verden found himself smiling in a slightly feral fashion. But of course the Lizard thing wasn't going to stand still and let itself become eviscerated. He jumped off of the wall, the fork reactivating for Verden's head.

    Taking his left hand blade, the one that had been blocked, he batted the "normally angled" blade so that the fork was no longer in line to puncture through his head. Turning and moving to stay out form under the bounding sith lizard he swept up at knee height with the saber that was completely unblockable in the sith's current position. Considering the angles there was little likelyhood that the sith wasn't about to lose some skin in some fashion or another. After all, what lizard can match a felinoid for speed?[/blockquote]


  10. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Kira Romar, Entering the Coruscant-System

    She had meditated for most of her journey. Trying to find focus. Trying to find strength and get rid of the perverted grin and the obsidian eyes of Darth Zorn. But the sith was with her. and deep inside of her, she knew he would always be.

    She hadn´t killed him because she needed, or it was her destiny. She wanted him dead. She wanted Darth Zorn to suffer for the things he had done to Simeon Ternor. To herself.

    A soul cannot bleed, but it can be wounded. And therefore it can be scared. She remembered the teachings from her training. A month ago, all she had wanted to do was protect life. A perfect Jedi was someone for her, who never had to draw his weapon, never had to kill. Now a perfect Jedi seemed to be one who brought death to those who threatened life. Wasn´t peace the place evil gained strength to bring war back into the galaxy? She wished Master Lowbacca would still have been alive. Her former master had a deeper understanding of the force than any other Jedi Master she had met, save Master Sazen probably.

    As they dropped out of hyperspace again, to adjust course into the Coruscant-System she turned to her controls and opened a channel. "To the Council of Jedi Masters. This is Kira Romar, returning from bastion with Padawan Cade Skywalker. He is save and well and has survived an assassination-attempt by the Dark Side. I have urgent information concerning the Sith. I request to speak before the Council as soon as possible. May the force be with you."
    She shut down the holographic recorder. Then she opened a channel to the young Skywalker.

    "Let´s get you back to your Master. And your father, of course."
    She smiled and entered new coordinates. Coruscant. Jedi Temple.

    She waited for his resonse and with a smile she ignited the hyperdrive. At least, they were save.

    Tag: bluebeast (for Cade), Sinrebirth (she is yours for a few scenes)
  11. Beta-Commando

    Beta-Commando Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 4, 2007
    [hl=silver]IC: Renov'la Verd | Ord Sedra, Imperial Space[/hl]

    Renov'la walked through the Imperial Hallways, fingers drumming his DC-40. He was growing impatient; first they stuff him in the barracks with the other Commandos, which was fine in the beginning, but then they replaced his closest ally, his War Bowcaster, with this kriffin' DC-40! Next thing he new, they were even messing with his armor, of all things!

    And the way those Officers looked down on even a highly-respected War Veteren. Renov'la wished they'd get trapped with a Rancor; then they'd see who was truly superior. Bah, that was going to easy on them. What of putting them all against a Sith? They wouldn't survive ten seconds.

    Renov'la walked up to the briefing room door, input the passcode, and walked in. He stood by the other four Commandos, all Non-Mando'a.

    " Renov'la Verd reporting, sir!" he said, standing at attention, though not half as decisively as the other Commandos were. It wasn't as if the Imperials could punish him as their own soldiers. Besides, they needed his, and the rest of the Mandalorians, support if they were to win this war.

    TAG: Sinrebirth
  12. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Cade Skywalker
    Coruscant System

    Cade wished he could have slept as Kira had done, but too many things were tugging at him for him to sleep. The Sith that Kira had defeated seemed to have left his mark in her, for she hadn't had the same sweetness in her voice ever since they had left. Maybe it was just the comm system and the fact that she was tired. Or at least he would try to convince himself to believe that.

    When he was back in the ship, he could feel waves of hatred and persistent washing over him, almost overwhelming him. He had never sensed raw hatred of that magnitude and even as he sat just thinking about it, it gave him chills up and down his spine.

    Even though Kira didn't seem like herself, she still seemed to be holding things together as far as he could tell through the Force. How could she be at the source of all that hatred, yet still be able to function? Maybe that's what it meant to be a real Jedi. Be able to face evil and the Dark Side, but still keep what made you a Jedi inside and use it to comfort you.

    Cade reached out in the Force to Kira and tried to wrap her body in a sense of appreciation and support.

    "Let´s get you back to your Master. And your father, of course." Her voice came over quickly after. Had his action got through? He hoped so as he spoke up, "Yeah, of course."

    Tag: Kira, Sinre
  13. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Wolf Sazen and Grandmaster Kol Skywalker, approaching Coruscant

    The Shuttle made it´s way through the various security-perimeters, as Wolf Sazen awoke and felt the deep concenr of his former Master in the force immediately. He raised himself and steped to him, as he looked down on the galactic center.

    Millions of tiny lights, vivble from the orbit, danced down there and the two mighty fleets, refitted and prepared for further action, circled the planet slowly.

    "You do not try to hide your concern, Master." Wolf simply said and folded his arms, siding his master.

    "I need my energy for more important things, my friend. I feel many absences in the force. Many vilent death still echoing through the force." He didn´t looked at his friend, but let him know through the force how much he appreciated his presence.

    Wolf nodded. "We both feared it wouldn´t be all of them, didn´t we?" He sighed with a sad, concerned voice.

    "No, they are more than a Master and an Apprentice, this time. Many more. Their darkness was veiled, but now I feel them. Their hunger cries for our blood in the force. The true war has begun." He sighed.

    "But there is more to it, isn´t it? We have faced enemies before. It is not what you fear." Wolf sazen didn´t ask. It was obvious to him.

    "Enemies, but have we ever faced the Dark Side? Other Skywalkers before me, but I haven´t." He sighed.

    "The Dark lord could not destroy you on Hapes." Wolf said in a dry vice.

    "Because you and Judal saved me." Kol said and turned his gaze now to his former Padawan, putting his hand on the Zabrak´s shoulders.

    Wolf Sazen showed one of his rare smiles and met the gaze of his former Master. "Friends are part of your strength . . . Master." He bowed his head slightly.

    Kol smiled back, nodding and turning to the planet, again. For a moment they stood there silent. They both knew Kol had dodged the true question. But they would need to face it. "Wolf, I am afraid of the darkness . . . within our Knights. I can feel the galaxy shifting to darkness and the Jedi are not unaffected by it. I am afraid the Jedi of our Order are loosing their way. We are loosing our way." He finally said, as the Temple came into sight. Wolf nodded and remained silent. He had felt it, too. The danger had been crawling into the order, but with every day Jedi were soldiers of the Galactic Alliance, the Jedi lost more of their own way.

    Both men reached out in the force and Wolf smiled for a second time on htis day.

    "Cade . . . ," He begun. " . . . is here." The Father of his Padawan ended his sentence. And both men felt a wave of relief flowing through them. Through both their bonds with the young man they send him a warm feeling of welcome.

    Tag: bluebeast (for Cade´s response), Sinrebirth (for arrival and so on . . .)

    OOC: For all who haven´t suspected it, this is a combined post of SirakRomar and myself. Wanted to show we are in!
  14. DARTH-bojangles

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    May 1, 2005
    Name: Aruw'n Bonadan
    Age: 23
    Species: Twilek
    Appearance:Green, yellow Eyes
    Allegiance: The Jedi Order
    Weapons: Yellow Bladed Lightsaber
    Bio: A Jedi Knight of the Order, now fighting on the front lines of the Alliance's Battle against the Confederacy

    Battle of Nubia
    IC as Aruw'n Bonadan

    The thunderous echoes of Kai's frag grenades was just the sign Aruw'n had been waiting for in the last few seconds of waiting. Peering from behind the side of his hiding place behind a stack of supply parts crates, he saw about a third of the Corellians run off in pursuit of their attackers.

    With a flicker of a hand signal from Aruw'n, Quin and the Commando group were off with orders for the destruction of the power conduits that supplied the Turbolasers followed by the engines and shielding respectively to stall the Strident in mid-battle. Aruw'n ignited his golden blade and launched himself out from hiding to cut down two unaware technicians before they could draw sidearms.

    The staccato thump of blasterfire raining down from the upper tiers high above caught Bonadan's eye next as he came to the conclusion that Quin and the Commandos would be blown into Bantha Fodder if they weren't neutralized quickly.

    Extending his Force aided grasp, the Jedi Knight pulled back with an extended left hand and out came the struts supporting the top most level's plank toppling the several technicians that had once stood there. The chain reaction that followed was more than even Aruw'n could have hoped for as adjacent top plank fell in as well rendering the second level strewn with debris. The technicians stirred dazed and confused as their crossfire position was effectively ruined.

    He looked back to see the Commandos cautiously peering back to him to which he began to call out, "Forwa--!". His order cut off by a sharp choke of pain and suprise from the E-web Cannon that just collided with the back part of his shoulder. The aching tendrils of shock filled the Twilek's torso as a result of the crack placed in the shoulder blade by the E-web's bulk.

    The Katarn-class Commandos were peering back at him in dismay obviously concerned over their leader's plight. He started to wave them to go about their task without realizing it was his injured side. He only managed a fresh gout of pain as he thought, Frag me sideways it's separated too!

    Red flashes clouded his vision when the frustration rose. "Karking move to it!", he said to the Alliance Commandos as he tried to slow down his rapid breathing shunting away the pain wracking his left shoulder all the way down to his back.

    The sudden absence of Quin from meld brought Aruw'n's head around on a swivel to see a Jensaari standing in front of a collapsed Kiffu High Guardian. Even worse: the Armor clad Force wielder was brandishing a bright blue blade.

    His heart seem to sink down to the depths of his stomach as he realized it would be up to him alone to stand against the Jensaari all the while nursing a shoulder he couldn't even move.

    That wasn't a fight he was confident of winning, but there was one he could as his eyes darted to the prostrate E-web lying on the deck. A millisecond's analysis revealed that the power pack was misshapen so much that it didn't appear to fit with the Cannon any longer, but the gun would still have enough of a charge for a single shot.

    "One's all I'll need", he muttered in his baritone voice as he aimed the E-web with his good arm not caring to position it completely off the ground. Schematics Aruw'n had looked over before this mission ever began had shown two main Conduits used to route power throughout the ship: one colored yellow/blue the other red/green. Both powering Life support and Offensive capabilities respectively for the whole of the ship.

    Bonadan caught sight of the rectangular Red/Green Conduit housing and with eyes shut tight so that he could not be fooled by physical sight, fired a bright red bolt directed by the Force.

    The fireworks of the resulting
  15. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    IC: Ryu Brightstar

    Ryu slowed the speeder down. His heart was pounding. A statement that did his heart no justice. Ryu?s heart was ready to jump out of his throat and then run away screaming in terror. The added stress of the cube did nothing to help his mind. He opened the ship and was about to pull his hand out of his pocket, when he realized he couldn?t get it all the way out. His hand stuck at the brim. Ryu tried pulling it, but his mind was telling him to move it further in.

    He had one foot out of the speeder now. His hand was slowly inching towards the cube. He felt that it would help him. Ryu slid his other foot out. He was now sitting on the edge of the seat wanting to just pull out a blaster and fire on the woman. His hand was back where it was before. Just hovering about the cube. His fingers danced over the surface less than a millimeter away. Ryu had to make a decision. He was leaning forward out of the speeder. He didn?t know why it was this difficult.

    Ryu?s hand was in what seemed like a battle of epic proportions. He was sliding out of the speeder and his feet hit the ground. However, his hand was still in his pocket. The command had been, Hands Up. Ryu tried with all of his might to obey, but the rest of him wasn?t going to cooperate. Ryu?s fingers grasped the cube. Immediately his mind discovered all new plans to escape. Many of the involved killing the woman. He figured he would be able to do it, but that may have been just the cube talking. Whatever it was seemed to have a mind of it?s own.

    Ryu?s hand finally brought itself out of his pocket. His face a the essence of calm. A small amused smile was covering his face. His mind was still set in turmoil.

    Tag: Sin
  16. Ki_Undi_Mundi

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    Jul 31, 2006
    IC: Master Jorgon Arstick~ Aboard the Acendency

    Master Jorgon felt as if it was time to get back to Corouscant.

    " Captain," He said. " Jump into hyperspace, I need to get back to Corouscant, it's imperative that I speak with the grandmaster and Yinngle."

    " What of the rest of the fleet?" He answered.

    " Bring them close to corouscant, I don't want them to orbit it, but bring them close to it."

    They jumped into hyperspace and arrived at corouscant. They saw the planent come into view, along with two other mighty fleets. He sensed the Grandmaster was near. He needed to find out when the next council meeting was. He them got onto the radio.

    " Grandmaster Skywalker," He said. " This is Master Jorgon speaking. I am currently approaching Corouscant. When will the next Council meeting be called?"

    He then contacted Yinngle.

    " I will be in the temple shortly," Jorgon said smiling at the sight of his friend.

    " Good that is Master Jorgon," Yinngle replied with a slight chuckle. " Accompanied by a knight I am, going to my room I am also. Visit me you will?"

    " Yes Yinngle, we'll meet up." Master Jorgon bowed and clicked off the screen.

    This will be intersting, He thought

    TAG: Lordtroe, Sinre ( for the Captain and arrival )

  17. Lord Vivec

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    Apr 17, 2006
    OOC: I shall continue using Verrick.

    IC: Darth Verrick

    Verrick was tired and in pain, but his main opponent had been defeated. Kron's lightsaber had been destroyed, though. How ironic, Krons was a tool in Verrick's entrance into darkness, and now his lightsaber was a tool for Verrick's victory.

    A few Alliance soldiers came and stood between him and the Joyful Hate.

    Verrick laughed: "Who wants some?!"

    TAG: Sinre.
  18. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Reposting this for Fists sake...

    Imperial Knight Antares Draco

    [blockquote]Palace Grounds, Hapes

    Kogun answered haltingly. "Do not make promises you cannot keep. You are merely a lackey to Roan Fel. Should he decide, he would slaughter me for attempting to assasinate him or hold me in captivity parading me throughout the galaxy causing shame to my Order. Surrendering to save myself goes against everything I've fought for." He spat blood upon the ground. "I don't fight to save the Jedi. I don't fight for the Sith. I don't care about the Imperial Knights, the only thing mattering to me is the fact that countless lives are being incinerated in this bloodbath because a few idiots can't get along with each other."

    As the blood came in past down his face, and his lungs heaving increased slowly, he answered, "Eydan Skorne is my son. He...was my son. I...I wont fight someone who has fought with my son. Not today, I...can't..." He started to reach weakly for the hand offered him, then staggered about to fall.

    Antares took two steps forward and to the side, but rather than trying to physically catch the man in his arms like out of some bad holovid, instead he wrapped the man in the Force. If Kogun did not resist him, he would gently lay him on the ground where he could save his remaining strength. "You're right. I can't keep those promises, but I can plead for them and I assure you I have a lot of clout with the Emperor. As for what my master would do to you... You don't know him all that well like I do. He would never humiliate his enemies and neither would he out right kill them when they have chosen to surrender or recognize the err of their ways. My master can be a very forgiving man unless you give him reason not to be.

    "You're also right that too many people have died already, but going around killing heads of states won't stop the killing. It's like trying to kill a hydra. Cut off the head and two more will replace it. In the Empire's case, killing the Emperor will only drive the Moffs and the Military to fight harder and change our reasons for this war from what it is now to one for revenge. If you want this war to stop, then dig deep and go after the source, not the players who have been forced to participate in it."

    He held out two small hyposprays that he took from his utility belt. "This is biofoam and a painkiller, if you will accept my offer..."[/blockquote]

    TAG: fist
  19. Rilwen_Shadowflame

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Name: Vander Lorren
    Age: 35
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [link=]Pic.[/link] Tall, tanned, dark hair beginning to go grey, looks somewhat scruffy when not in uniform.
    Allegiance: Imperial Knight
    Weapons: Lightsaber, holdout blaster.
    Bio: Vander joined the Imperial Knights when he was very young, in order to escape the tedium of the agriworld where he was born. Since then, he's learned, often the hard way, the manners required for a Knight of the Empire.
    On his own time, of course, his demeanour is less sterling. His chief vice comes in bottled form, and sees him unable to remember significant chunks of his downtime. A caution: he isn't always as drunk as he acts.
    A true eccentric, Vander is nonetheless loyal to the Emperor, and is a skilled fighter and Force-user; more so when he's sober.


    IC: Vander Lorren

    "Ugh, dovin basals stink when they die."

    Vander smiled very slightly, relaxing from his position guarding the ship to be sure no more Vong came out. Normally, he'd have laughed...but was not in a laughing mood now.

    "I am Knight Pemne. Are you Vander Lorren?"

    "I am, yes," he said flatly, staring over at where his friend lay. Vander shook his head, looking back over to Pemne. "Wasn't so long ago, that no scarhead could have got near him. I come back and find he's got slow. Used to be so much faster." The Imperial Knight looked slightly dazed. With the Vong gotten rid of, there were no enemies for him to focus on, and his sense of purpose had wavered. The loss of a friend and mentor was not an easy thing to take in. Forcing himself back to a more businesslike attitude, he asked, "So. What now?"

    Tag: Sinre
  20. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    Turning Point Tested and Approved

    Name: Devan Ferrier
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Scruffy-looking, usually seen in a long coat with the Crusader's insignia, and often smokes a cigarra
    Allegiance: The Chromium Crusader
    Weapons: modified Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Launcher
    Bio: Descended from the infamous ship thief Niles Ferrier, Devan was practically born into a piracy career. He is slightly attuned to the Force, but was not accepted as a Jed. Almost immediately after this disappointment, he returned to the underworld and began his career as a pirate, stealing his first ship, the Elsebound Schutta in his early teenage years. The Schutta was lost recently, and replaced with the Chromium Crusader

    Name: R6-C320 (Arsix)
    Age: 120
    Species: R6-series astromech droid
    Gender: Male Programming
    Appearance: Arsix almost appears to be more carbon-scoring than actual droid. The original colors of his paneling is lost to the ages under layers of charred durasteel.
    Allegiance: The Chromium Crusader
    Weapons: 2 stripped down blaster pistols concealed on either side of his photoreceptor, 1 stripped down blaster rifle in the front center compartment of his torso, assorted astromech implements that can be wielded as weapons (arc welder, buzzsaw, etc.)
    Bio: R6-C320 ("Arsix") was originally purchased for the express purpose of serving as a slicer for Syi Brestol, patriarch of the Brestol Crime syndicate. After many years of slicing without memory wipes, Arsix began to develop a personality, like all astro droids do without frequent memory wipes. The lack of memory wipes, coupled with Arsix's accidental discovery of holodramas that Romanticized the mob business led to the droid becoming the wise guy or "funny man" of the Brestol Syndicate.
    Because he entertained the leaders, and proved to be a useful hiding place for information and small items that Syi Brestol did not want discovered, Arsix was easily able to requst upgrades: weapons placements, a shield generator, a Basic vocabulator, etc. And all of these upgrades proved useful a few years before the beginning of the Vong war, when the New Republic cracked down on the Brestol Syndicate. Arsix killed just enough of the NR forces to earn himself a reputation and a spot in the Coruscant Droid Museum's "Assassin and Battle Droid" Wing among such greats as HK-54, a few IG-97s and B1s, a Droideka, a Basilisk, and a few others.
    And there Arsix languished, outfitted with an overactive restraining bolt, he could do little other than playback the gang-glorifying holodramas and wish for the past to return...until he was reactivated by the Chief of State and replaced with a replica. He was taken to be part of the short-lived Task Force: Gundark, where he performed admirably until the dissolution of the squad, then found his way to Nar Shadaa, where he did assorted odd jobs and killings in exchange for maintenance until he met Devan Ferrier and joined his crew as a jack-of-all trades, usually found among the engines keeping the Crusader running.

    Name: Muria'fir
    Age: 17
    Species: Rutian Twi'lek
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Turquoise skin, revealing outfits
    Allegiance: The Chromium Crusader
    Weapons: Blaster Pistol, "Sniper's Slugthrower"
    Bio: Muria'fir was sold at a young age to Ghelon Z'dras, a crime lord with very young taste in slaves and dancers. By age 14 she was no longer in Ghelon's services. She claims to have been kicked out for being 'too old' for his tastes, while Ghelon, if asked, would tell you that she was a violent, rebellious slave and not worth the trouble. There's truth in both stories though.
    Over the next three years, it became clear she would not survive the criminal underworld on looks alone -in fact, they were liable to get her killed- and she began 'studying' more valuab
  21. witchdoctor

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    Jan 20, 2007
    GM approved

    Name:Kay Sedara
    Allegiance:Jedi Order
    Weapons: Single hilt lightsaber, blue blade
    Bio: Kay was found early by the Jedi Order on his homeworld of Corellia. The Jedi could sense that the force ran strongly through him, and with the proper training, he could become a great Jedi. Kay was taken to the academy on Coruscant, where he was put in a clan of younglings. in a few years, Kay had surpassed all of the other children in his clan, causing the council to taek a larger intrest in him. Whne he was 14, Kay was taken on a a padawan to a Jedi master by the name of Marc Dedran. in his travels with master Dedran, Kay learned many things. he learnd to use the seven lightsaber forms, different force techniques, and even a few languages including Twi'lek, iridonian, and even Mandalorian.

    When Kay was 20, the council decreed that it was time for him to take the trials to become a Knight. Kay was succesful in the trials, but when he returned to Coruscant, he found Master Dedran was gone, he asked the council and they told him that Marc had left because he that he thought you were ready, and there was nothing left he could teach you. Kay felt a slight pain in his heart for the departcher of his master, but he knew Marc couldn't be around forever to help him. through years of training and selfless acts of heroism, Kay fianlly achieved the rank of master, but he didn't take on an apprentice, he always prefered to be where the action was. and now he fights in this brutal was called the the Sith-Imperial war, one he knew he had to get involved in, or the allience would fall. and now Kay fights on the far away world of Concord Dawn trying to save as many as possible...

  22. Darth_Sabith

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    Oct 17, 2006
    Sinre Approved
    Name: Revan Darkheart
    Age: 19
    Species: Echani
    Gender: male
    Hair: Long and White
    Eye color: Light blue
    Skin: White
    Armor: Standerd Imperial Armor with out cape, but has a red and gold helm.
    Allegiance: Imperial Knight
    Weapons: a single gold blade lightsaber
    Bio: Revan Darkheart was born a servent to the empire and from birth served
    him in training as an Imperial Knight. He was named after the terrible but great
    Jedi/sith lord Darth Revan. He is has only just obtained the rank of knighthood and
    awaits his Emperor's commands.
  23. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Knight Pemne, Bastion, Imperial Temple

    "So. What now?"

    Pemne followed Lorren's gaze to Manden Tieg's body, and looked glum. There was not much that could be done. But, the Emperor had decreed they defend the Temple when he left, and they had. For now.

    Pemne looked back at Lorren. "I suppose we'll have to prepare to defend other areas..."

    "No need," another Imperial Knight responded, wiping Vong blood from his cheek. The other warriors were dead, finally. "The Sith joined in, and crushed the Jedi. Admiral Veed wiped out the Alliance fleet, and it's ran."

    Pemne frowned. "The in league with the Sith?" It was unlikely, and, in-fact, it hadn't happened, but the Galaxy wouldn't see the difference. The Imperial Knights might not, either.

    TAG: Rilwen_Shadowflame
    IC: Aboard the Joyful Hate, fleeing to Taris

    "Who wants some?!"

    The Alliance soldiers paused, and then opened fire, all eight of them with blasters, a stream of blaster fire converging.


    Aboard the bridge, the commanders watched as the Sith Lord - Verrick, apparently - engaged an Alliance team. There really was no way for the Alliance to stop him. The Captain called for the ship - one of the few cruisers left - to decant, which it did, near Dantooine.

    "Call for Jedi support. Maybe we'll get lucky and one will be nearby. As long as he doesn't get to the bridge or engine room, we'll be fine."

    TAG: Lord_Vivec
    IC: Knight Thyphoon, Coruscant

    The Jedi Knight escorted Yinngle to the Council Chambers, as the Grandmaster was enroute. Master Jorgan had brought a single cruiser named the Ascendancy from the Outer Rim, as Alliance Control forbade him taking anymore - that fleet was attached to Mon Calamari.

    As it was, Coruscant was well protected by the Viscount and the First and Second Fleets. As the cruiser approached, however, a ship of the Fifth Fleet, in the shipyards, exploded, a massive detonation ripping the cruiser apart. Costly. A wave of death filled the Coruscant system, and then left. The horror, however, aboard the cruiser and among the Jedi, remained.

    Hundreds were dead. Imperial terrorists? Or something worse?


    Kira Romar headed to the ground, given freedom to land near the Jedi Temple. There were Tetan protestors at the gates of the Temple, claiming the new Empress Teta Senator had been murdered by Jedi. It was more likely Imperial Knights, the Jedi had argued, but they knew it was the Sith, now. The Tetan protestors, their world under Alliance military control, disagreed, throwing rocks at the Jedi sentries, whom simply ignored them.

    It was not a pretty sight. Here Cade and Kira had been trying to save the Galaxy for the Alliance, and portions of it hated them. How much longer until they all hated them?

    After all, would the war have even started if the Jedi hadn't pushed the Alliance to side with Yuuzhan Vong?


    The Grandmaster arrived, a High Master and Jedi Knight in tow. Kol Skywalker, Wolf Sazen and Judal Crane, the latter injured, landed at the entrance for Council Members, near the main Council chambers, rather than at the public hangar like Kira, Cade and Major Tahnan had.

    The current Jedi Council consisted of Master Jorgan Arstick, Lowbacca, K'Kruhk, Skywalker, Sazen and Yinngle, six High Masters. Less, now, but a sufficient number for a six-thousand strong Jedi Order. Five thousand-odd, as of the Bastion campaign. Perhaps it was right that Lowbacca's seat sat empty, now.

    Jedi Master K'Kruhk had arrived at Taris with Admiral Stazi, and was ready to join the meeting, having been informed by Ossus of the meeting.

    TAG: Lord, Kira, Ki_Undi_Mundi, Winged_Jedi, Blubeast
    IC: Darth Stryfe, Overlord Fleet, Bastion

    Darth Maleval hissed quie
  24. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Darth Krayt, The Citadel of the Dark Lord - Secret Hangar, Korriban

    The stealth-shuttle had arrived unseen and especially unsensed. While some of the more powerful had remained on Korriban, the Dark Lord knew his Sith. he knew their power and their limits. Hiding his presence from them, wasn´t as hard as it should be. their fears betrayed them. Fear, like all other incarnations of the Dark Side, was his ally, after all.

    He had killed the lesser Sith flying the shuttle and nothing remained of the droid who had takne care of his wounds on board. Once the Battle had ceased and his rage had dimmed the pain and exhaustion had demanded their reign. He felt a weakness inside of him. A void, hungry to consume him. It had grown. And while the battle with Skywalker and his friend Sazen had been demanding, he felt disturbed to find out how weakend he was, after the fight.

    Longer and longer periods of meditation and stasis were needed to gain less and less time on his height of power. The vonduun armor, his prison on his skin began to close already, where it had been sliced. The scars of the battle already hidden under fresh layers of the crabs substance.

    But the wounds beneath remained. Using the techniques he had learned long ago, he healt them through the force. Harder to focus the healing energies as it had once been, the Dark Lord remained an excellent healer of himself. He had learned many different way to accelerate ones health through the centuries, but few as effective as the ones he had learned as a Jedi. Stepping into his empty Throne Room he made sure he had enough strength to hide his pain. Then he opened himself enough to let Darth Natas know, he had arrived. The weakling would hurry to him, immediately.

    And another presence he felt, most familiar. The old student of Darth Wyyrlok II. had returned. His warmaster . . . or Leader of Legions had made his way back to the order. Darth Krayt hadn´t been sure the ancient Sith would still be alive. But if so, he had suspected the bloodshed would awaken him from whatever slumber he needed to brought back from. With a single mental command, also he would be summoned. A powerful servant Darth Atavus was. One of their most terrible of all Lords. He would proof to be most useful in this war.

    As both hurried to him, he leaned back and reached into the force. And the dark side responded. He had known the outcome of the Battle of Bastion since he had left Hapan. It hadn´t surprised him. Fate was something that was never failing to come true.

    But now he felt the darkness spread. In the hearts and souls of the galaxy. The word "Sith" was the massenger of their ultimate message. And from Bastion to Coruscant from Korriban to Yuuzhan´Tar it spread it secret whisper into the hearts of all livng . . . FEAR!

    Tag: Myself later, Sinrebirth (if you want to add)

  25. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    OOC: Short post, Sin, to get this chase rolling, you know?

    IC: Ryu Brightstar

    Ryu was in no better shape mentally than before. The only thing different between a couple of seconds ago and now, was, now, he had a plan. Ryu?s hands dropped to shoulder level and he took a step back. He was right in line with the back of the speeder. Ryu had been smiling since he had gotten out of his small ground ship, his expression changed to something of great hatred. It wasn?t his face glaring either.

    In one motion, Ryu grabbed his blaster and dove towards the back of the speeder. Before he rolled behind it, he fired three shots off at the woman. After he landed, he rolled back to his feet. He set off at a dead run. He ran straight towards the main back away from the hangar to the crowded merchant area. Ryu fired off two more shots at the now pursuing Alliance official.

    Tag: Sin
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