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SWRPF Archive 128 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - The Force War

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Sinrebirth, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    Character sheet and sinreapproved :)

    Name: Andre Hagan
    Age: 47 (looks mid-twenties)
    Species: Hagan (looks human)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Wears a white silk version of Jedi inner/outer tunics and a deep blue cloak instead of brown. He has Grey-blue eyes and light brown hair. He is about 5'11" and weighs 160 lbs.
    Allegiance: Jedi Order
    Weapons: two lightsabers(silver): the lightsaber hilts are made of a metal that seems black or silver depending on how you look at it. Hagan Pulse pistol(functions similiar to a blaster except its bolts can not be deflected, just blocked as they just absorb and dissipate on contact with a lightsaber)
    Bio: Born on the Hagan homeworld of Cutric into royalty, he was raised in luxury until the day when abassador's from the Galactic Alliance arrived. Among them were jedi and sensing his potential asked him if he would return with them and he did and was taught the ways of the jedi. However he lost contact with the homeworld fifteen years ago(measuring from the start of this rp) and has continued to carry out his jedi duties planning to return in a few years. He is currently a Jedi Knight.

    Ship: He has a small ship roughly the size of a yt-1300 (let me know if you don't want him to have this ship)
    Aspirize-class ship "Solar Wind"
    Size: (see above)
    Max Crew/passengers: 6
    Weapons/Equipment: 3 Tetryon rapid fire turrets(1 top, 1 bottom, 1 rear) Twin Pulse cannons(front) 1 Proton torpedo launcher (front) enhanced shielding, light reflective armour. Phased stealth generator(not a cloak persay, more like a half cloak, wavering in and out just makes it hard to be spotted when its on)Note:Generator cannot be on at the same time as shields and/or weapons.
  2. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Selia Venn, Anaxes

    The man raised his hands, smiling, and Selia Venn frowned. The man was exuding so much fear, and turmoil, that his expression simply didn't match. It took a moment for her mind to catch up with the contradiction, and in that moment the youngster lowered his hands and grabbed for his blaster, taking a step back.

    Venn snapped, hurling herself to the left. "Don't do it!"

    He did, firing, a bolt tearing a clod of dirt off the paved floor, the other two zinging past and clipping a bystander. Swearing, the Jedi looked up and watched as the Firrerreo boy rolled away, his gold skin gleaming. She went to stand, and saw him fire back at her. Diving down, she used his speeder for cover, and after two shots passed she popped up and fired a shot - her first, and not at all directed.

    Bad Jedi, she chided herself.

    Seeing him take off, she vaulted over the speeder bonnet and took off after him at a dead run. He was heading towards more civilians, but his gold skin showed him up, and his peculiar presence in the Force. Remembering that a Firrerreo could survive a direct blaster shot as long as it didn't hit anything important, she hissed and put more speed into her legs.

    TAG: NickLitYouAFlame
    IC: Cesna Temmet, Garqi

    At the heart of the Cassander Sectors, there were worlds aflame. Freighters loaded with explosives had driven away Admiral Yubari and her Imperial Fleet, even as Grand Imperial Union Carrack-class cruisers decanted from hyperspace. Their fire helped drive away the Empire, which was facing a simultaneous uprising in all three sectors belonging to Garqi.

    At the heart of it all, a hundred Jedi, dispatched to raise problems in the sectors again. A year ago a similar uprising had seen the Empire take the Prince of the world and lock him away. The current uprisings, with four Alliance commando's assigned to each Jedi, were simply even smaller versions of the rebellions, bar the use of light cruisers and Gallofree freighters loaded with baradium.

    Twelve Star Destroyers were deployed to these three sectors, and all had been attacked, but not destroyed, on Admiral Gar Stazi's orders. Attempts to destroy the Destroyers had been foiled, mostly, to the disappointment of the rebels. As it was, a hundred carrack cruisers would suffice - barely enough to engage a single Star Destroyer, but plenty enough to support uprisings, even half-hearted ones.

    And so, Major Cesna Temmet of the Garqi Revolutionary Guard, was fighting for the capital city even as the Star Destroyers of Admiral Yubari's flotilla retreated. AT-STs danced around the city, breaking up the rebel assaults. A thousand ragtag rebels engaged two hundred efficient Stormtroopers, and the rebels were only winning by virtue of numbers.

    And their Jedi. With four Alliance Commandos, Andre Hagan had risen a small army, and prepared to launch the final assault on the Garqi Palace - the centre of Imperial occupation. But, there was an AT-ST and sixteen Stormtroopers deployed down the long street. It was too thin for the AT-ST to move - so it was wedged in place - but had sufficient positions of cover that the troopers could keep the fifty-odd rebels pinned down and in-fact retreating.

    Major Temmet looked over at the Jedi, whom was hunched down beside her. She called out, over the blasts. "General Hagan! Think you can do something about that AT-ST? It's wedged in place, but if we get near, it fires at us!"

    Sure enough, when a co-ordinated response came about from the rebels, the Stormtroopers fell back and the AT-ST raked fire down the street, killing another fifteen rebels. They didn't have the men to play this game, mentally snarled Temmet, her long brown hair flowing in the debris storm.

    TAG: Yuul_Shamar
    IC: Sigel Dare, the streets of Bastion, after the Battle of Bastion

    Leaving Elke Vetter and Darth Ardeur, Da
  3. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    IC: Ryu Brightstar

    Ryu glanced over his shoulder as he ran headlong into the jumble of people. He realized that the lighting and his gold skin gave him away, so blending wasn?t an option. He would have to play out the chase. He noticed that his pursuer was catching up, so as he ran by a woman he grabbed her shirt and spun her around knocking her into the path of the woman.

    Ryu saw the glint of a lightsaber and gasped. His escape just became ten times as important. Ryu had been taught to avoid Jedi, always. Ryu ran past a group of screaming people and the woman had regained her position in the race. Ryu glanced forward and to his left at a table filled with cloth. Ryu cut left and made his way to the table he leapt clean over it and grabbed a piece of cloth in the process.

    He hoped the table would deter the woman for a moment and tried to think of a way to use the cloth. He got an idea and stuffed the cloth down his shirt and continued running.

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  4. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Selia Venn, Anaxes

    The Firrerreo was quick, Selia Venn had to give him that. He threw a woman at her, and the bystander fell before her, the female Devaronian rolling into a fetal position to protect herself. Selia let herself be tripped, rolling over and forward, and then coming up, her momentum mostly intact.

    The youngster glanced back, and gasped, and Selia frowned, looking down and slowing a moment. Her lightsaber? Selia was filled with urgency, and sped up again, beads of sweat appearing on her forehead. Thankfully her hair was up in a bun, and didn't interfere with her sight.

    The man cut left, and Selia stumbled, seeing the crowd part away from him, and a Twi'lek at a table moved. Waiters? An extension of her sphere of awareness told her they'd straight into one of the restaurants at the edge of a plaza, with tables lining outside. She took off after him, firing a bolt intended to hit him in the lower back. That should disable him, hopefully, as he spun to dodge the table.

    Of course he went over it, and her bolt tore a chunk off the table, spinning it about. Selia gestured it aside with a nimble use of the Force, straining her concentration. And now he'd yanked a tablecloth with him, she saw. What was he upto?

    She wasn't getting much closer to him, but she had the advantage of simply following. He had to avoid people as well, and she could simply follow his wake.

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  5. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Andre Hagan

    "General Hagan! Think you can do something about that AT-ST? It's wedged in place, but if we get near, it fires at us!" Andre turned to woman crouched next to him, Major Temmet.
    Andre replied to her, "I just might have an idea, something along the lines of one of those insanely outrageous ideas that only a seemingly half crazy jedi knight might try!" If it hadn't been for the fact that people were dying around them Andre might have tossed the major a grin, but as it was he merely continued, "Ok after i deal with the AT-ST I want the whole group to advance to the next section with decent cover and engae the stormtroopers!" Without wait for her to ask him what he meant when he said deal with the AT-ST he concentrated for a moment and then in a flash of force speed charged the AT-ST. Keeping just ahead of the blaster bolts being shot at him by stormtrooper and the walker through shear speed, he ignited his silver lightsabers and held them out one to each side as far as he could, running under the walker cutting through its legs and after passing under as it began to fall force leaped in a backward flip landing on top of the walker's head and sliced the weapongs on the sides before rolling forward as it hit the ground and slicing at its main gun. Crouching behind a low wall for a moment Andre spent a few seconds catchin his breath. He would have rested longer but circumstances would not permit that and he got up lightsabers ignited and rejoined his group while deflecting blaster bolts.
    Reaching Major Temmant he said, "So, how was that?"

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  6. witchdoctor

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    Jan 20, 2007
    IC:Kay, Concord Dawn

    Kay stood in the small clearing, looking down at the boy; the hood from his robe was still covering his head and face. The boy looked up at Kay, horror gripping him. Kay reached down and grabbed the boy by the arm, lifting him to his feet, and then he brushed the soot from his clothes. The boy tried to run but Kay grabbed him by the arm. Then the two Mandalorian?s came charging through the bushes, weapons brandished pointing them at the boy.

    Kay simply took the boys arm and put him behind his back, certainly a sign of defiance to the two Mandalorian?s, for Kay knew why they were chasing the boy, and he couldn?t let them have him. ?You better just step out of the way pilgrim, if you don?t want to end up as food for the beasts.? Said one of them, who wore blue armor, a captain possibly thought Kay. ?And what do you need this young lad for?? said Kay calmly.

    ?That is none of your business stranger, now hand him over.? exclaimed the other. Kay stepped up to the Mandalorian?s until he was within only six feet of them. ?Well I don?t think I can let you do that, you see I just have a problem with butchers killing small innocent children.? Said Kay as he pulled back his hood and let his robe fall to the ground, revealing his Jedi robes and lightsaber. This caused the Mandalorian to step back about a foot, but they soon regained their composure.

    ?Well, a Jedi. You weaklings couldn?t even win a fair fight without your ?Force? your just some weaklings trying to be the galaxy?s authorities.? Kay stood there for a second and then replied. ?Well, let?s just put your words to the test. I won?t use my powers, but I warn you, this is you?re last chance to leave.?

    ?You fool, Mandalorians never retreat, and it will be just you?re blood that soaks the ground this day, Jedi!? They both stepped backwards and fired their blaster at Kay. But with lightening speed, Kay drew and ignited his lightsaber before the two Mandalorians had even readied their blasters. Kay quickly dispatched the lesser Mandalorian by slicing of his head at the shoulders. The helmet fell to the ground with a thud. The captain looked down at his fallen companion. Kay couldn?t see it through the helmet, but he could tell the captain was furious.

    The captain drew his vibrosword and lunged at Kay. Kay quickly side stepped the lung and parried it with his lightsaber. The captain quickly recovered and lunged straight at Kay again, but this time Kay was ready. He stuck out his foot and tripped the captain sending hurling to the ground. ?Now I suggest you take my offer and run Mandalorian!? said Kay as he turned his back on the Mandalorian and walked towards the boy. But as Kay turned his back, the captain grabbed his small pistol and sot at Kay. But his shot fell short and instead of hitting the Jedi in the back, it only grazed his right thigh.

    Kay let out a grunt and turned quickly. He ignited hid lightsaber and threw it at the captain, hitting him square in the chest. He checked his leg and then turned to the boy. ?Well, what is your name son?? said Kay as he bandaged his leg. ?Er?Erda sir.? He said through a trembling mouth. ?Well Erda I suppose we should get you somewhere safe.

    Kay held the boys hand and they walked back into the woods.

  7. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Timberus (TC) Canistia

    Timberus wasn't surprised to find Maleval waiting at the bottom of the waste bay, waiting for him. On the ride down, he was pleased to not sense his followers on board after the bomb had went off. He also sensed the lives of 6 sith ended by the blast. As the lightwhip's ends came closer to him, Timberus, in one quick movement, dodged to the right and rushed out of the turbolift with two bodies under his arms, throwing one in Maleval's direction, while detonating all of them besides the one he was carrying.

    Maleval wouldn't be bothering him anytime soon.

    Timberus continued to sprint towards the palawa ship, getting great length with his leg strength. This had been the first time he had been able to run this fast, or even the need to run this fast in a long time and something about it pleased the wild side of his personality. As he neared the palawa ship, he could sense Maleval's anger and surprise in the Force. Having a body thrown at you, then detonating would do that to some people. He stopped as another Force presence hit him like a rock that made him stop in his tracks. It was Stryfe the other Sith Lord he had encountered and he got almost nothing from the man until his eyes laid on him sitting on the floor, still staring at the, now destroyed, turbolift. Timberus blinked, dropped the body he had been carrying and jumped onto the ship.

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  8. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    IC: Ryu Brightstar

    Ryu now kept a look out for something heavy. He glanced back and saw the woman and pulled out his blaster. Ryu aimed and fired two accurate shots. He continued his speedy pace, glancing forward for something weighted. Ryu pushed another lady to the floor and then saw what he was looking for at a merchants counter. Large circular stones. Each of them had a hole in the center. Ryu smiled. He dodged over to the table and stole five of the circles. He pelted one back at his pursuer and then held the other four as he ran.

    Ryu pulled out the large cloth one corner at a time. He slipped the cloth through the hole in the stones and tied a knot. He slipped the cloth back into his shirt and kept running. Now he look around for some cover. Ryu was filled with adrenaline and was hoping he wouldn?t have to slow down, so he passed a few walls that would've worked. The perfect covered happened to be a large lightweight wheeled transport, that was driving along an intersection coming up.

    Ryu smiled and sped up into another gear. He had always been physically apt. He showed it now, as he ran in front of the transport before it hit the intersection. Ryu slowed down and walked to the back of the transport. He pulled out the makeshift net and waited for the woman to run by. He held the net up and readied himself to throw it.

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  9. Darth_Sabith

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    Oct 17, 2006
    IC:Revan Darkheart's
    the streets of Bastion, after the Battle of Bastion

    The young Echani Imperial Knight stood just in the shadows with his lightsaber in hand. This was his first time on a mission for his empire. He had been waiting in the shadows because deep down he knew something bad was going to happen. His red armor and helm protected him from many things but not all.

    In the force he could feel some one approaching but he dared not make a sound because he could also feel what could only be enemy beings. He just hoped this person was also an enemy if so they would reviel themselves making it much easier for him to handle the situation. Then everything went wrong. The being approching wasn't a hostle it was a female named Sigel Dare.
    He had only meet her a few times in his life but each time was very unpleasent. This time he knew wouldn't be any diffrent. Sure enough he had been right as Sigel ignited her blade Revan saw a single Alliance soldier came into view and fired a flechette launcher.
    Sigel had been surprized but the even so she had managed to take only minium damage from the strapnel that burned her skin. The force of the blast sent her flying back into the young Knight knocking them both to the ground.
    As she stood up she was clearly caught by surprize for Revan saw a slight bit of shock on her face. "Revan, a pleasure as ever. Any reason you're cowering in the shadows?" Said Sigel as she realize who it was she landed on top of.
    "Actually I wasn't cowering in the shadows...I was hidding there is a differance. As to why that reason just hit you and forced you into me. So instead of chatting and waiting for another friendly hello from our Alliance friends. Instead I think it'd be impolite for us not to great them back." At this Revan Darkheart ignited his blade and pushed Singel out of the way of a multiple lazer blast.
    The red and green blast where caught and reflected by his gold blade. "Sorry guys we didn't order anything from the Alliance. Although I think it'd be rude if I didn't pay you back in return." Drawing on the force Revan felt the debris behind him and sent it at his attackers.
    As he did this he continued to reflect the on coming lazer fire. "So what brings you out here any ways Sigel Dare?
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  10. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Stryfe, remnants of Bastion

    The Dark Master was, as always, predictable. Darth Stryfe's form literally vanished into the final explosion. When the flame and debris cleared - the sprinkler system activating quickly - only Darth Maleval remained, burnt, but intact. And, so, Maleval stood, grinning, and headed off. The fools were off the ship, which was a more valuable commodity than the Palawa or Twilight Knight.

    As Timberus Canistia sprinted aboard the YT-1300 the Palawa used, the Redempt, he finally noticed why he couldn't sense Darth Stryfe unless he looked at him, before.

    He wasn't there. Concentrating, Stryfe had created an illusion of himself, and as the ramp rose, and Timberus ran for the cockpit, Stryfe emerged from the shadows and ignited his lightsaber. The YT-1300 rose, as if on autopilot - the Palawan must have activated it from afar - and flew from the hangar bay.

    Darth Stryfe, wordless, activated his single lightsaber. That was all that needed to be said.

    TAG: Blu
    IC: Erda, Concord Dawn

    The Mandalorian whom had the lightsaber threw at him grunted, his beskad armour blades causing the lightsaber to slow enough that he caught the blade. Mandalorian Iron - beskad in Mandalorian - resisted lightsabers, and was the reason Mandalorians were so dangerous.

    And, so, the Captain had plenty of time to prevent the blade finishing him off. He'd lost his friend, yes, but he was no fool. He assumed that the Jedi would have discarded him for dead. Arrogant little barve, he thought.


    Erda heard the Mandalorian before Kay sensed him, the Captain emerging from the corn. A flamethrower threw a gout of fire at the pair, and in his other hand he held the Jedi's lightsaber - the one he'd left with the intent to kill him. This was no simply hack-and-slash opponent.

    The Captain laughed. "Take this Jedi!2

    TAG: witchdoctor
    OOC: Take your time. Real Mandalorian armour resists lightsabers.
    IC: Major Temment, Battle of Garqi

    The brown-haired woman smiled at the Jedi fondly. "Very helpful General Hagan. Everyone, move out!"

    The rebels roared, running out, blasters firing shots madly into the Stormtroopers, whom retreated. Things were not going to get better inside the Palace, and they needed to capture the Moff to end the fighting, before the Empire returned. If the Moff was captured, the rebels could deal with the Imperial Army nearby, and perhaps take control of it or it's technology.

    The Stormtroopers retreated into the Palace Keep, a durasteel door closing. Jet-troopers darted down, peppering them with cannon fire, while Stormtroopers poked their blasters through holes in the massive doors and fired.

    Major Temment hissed, a blaster bolt catching her side and burning her. Rolling behind a pillar, she saw the Jedi and Alliance Commandos - the Commandos' kitted out in Katarn armour - taking the brunt of the fire. It looked as if the Empire had concluded those five were the only threat.

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  11. I-poodoo

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    May 1, 2001
    IC: Kreassk/ Imperial Senate/ As Battle of Bastion ends

    "You are a fool! A true fool! It is not about defeating the Sith, it is about destroying them!" Maleficarum pointed her hand, lightning rippling out in a wave of death - and Knight Sen cut off her head. The lightning stopped short, and the battle was over.

    ?No, that was unecesssary, You sshould?ve only blocked the lightning with your lightssaber,? Kreassk growled at the male knight, ?Now we may never know the evidence sshe had.?

    The female Knight gave Kreassk a cold look. "I am Knight Tessa Nuk. You know you will be killed for this. Why make that decision?" As she asked, four more Stormtroopers strode out of the Senate, weapons raised

    Kreassk slowly raised his hands, ?I am pleassed to meet you, Tesssa Nuk. I am Kreassk padawan learner of the Jedi order, and I think you already know the ansswer to your quesstion, Knight Nuk. We are not that different you and I. We both sserve our massterss even if that leadss uss to death.?

    "You're finished, Trandoshan," The Male Knight said hotly.

    Kreassk nodded as the stormtroopers bound his wrists behind his back, ?My firsst masster once ssaid that nothing ever endss, Knight, There are only changess.?

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  12. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    Ratep Sentarin
    plaza, Bastion

    Ratep could see that his war cry had rallied the Vong, at first. But those knights, those red knights, they held strong, and Ratep watched in dismay as they successfully broke the Vong, the Traitor, Hespar Kessler, at their lead. He could tell that Hespar had certainly grown stronger since their last meeting. But maybe not strong enough.

    Ratep could also feel that the battle was a loss for the Alliance. He watched the Vong break and flee. He could sense his fellow Jedi retreating, Alliance soldiers heading towards shuttles. It was becoming a rout. But Ratep continued to stand, watching. He knew some ships were about, and he could retreat to them, but something prevented him from retreating with the rest. A death wish, perhaps.

    That's when he saw his former apprentice come towards him, his blade drawn. Several other knights surrounded him and would attack, but with a raised hand Hespar halted them. "Don´t forget the Emperor´s orders. Only engage in self-defense!"

    Cute, Ratep thought. He stood still. His arms were crossed, his saber, unlit, in his right hand. He smirked at the circling knights. They had no idea who they were dealing with.

    "Master Sentarin," Hespar said in a calm voice. Looking around. "The battle is lost. Both leaders of our orders have forbidden that we engage in combat. And if we do now, what gain will their be? It will be for the sake of old rivalries. It will be for personal revenge. Neither the Jedi nor the Knights of the Empire follow such low motives. I plead to you, don´t attack me. We must not engage each other in combat." He said it and stood still. Waiting for his former Master to respond. Breathing. Waiting. Hoping. Preparing to die . . . or take the life of a man he had once loved like a brother.

    "Please, Ratep. Don´t do it." He whispered.

    Ratep's smirk grew wider.

    "Funny," he said, almost laughing, "you asking me to not attack you when you and your fellow red fakers are surrounding me with your blades drawn. You a bit scared?" His face broke into a smile at Hespar.

    That did not last long. His face quickly became stern. His voice lowered and became cold. Hespar witnessed first hand on one occasion that when his old friend spoke like this that he was extremely angry. That anger resulted in a very badly beaten, near-death Dressellian terrorist/insurrectionist on that occasion, not to mention a very extreme reprimand from the Jedi Council.

    "Now tell me, knight," his cold words shot at Hespar, "tell me something that will stop me from eliminating you and your fellows. Your alliance with the Sith is enough for the entire galaxy to condemn you to death. And you. You of all people. With the Sith. Now that surprised me. Congratulations on pulling that off.

    Ratep clenched his cold hilt tighter. "You have anything to say to prevent me from becoming the executioner?"

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  13. SWBob

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    Jun 19, 2003
    IC: Darth Pravus

    Darth Pravus stepped out into the open, led by two Stenax holding spears. Looking over the man standing near the shuttle, Darth Pravus gestured toward the Sith. "Kill him."

    The two stenax leap into the air, their wings keeping them afloat as they sailed toward him, spears reaching out. As their spears stabbed towards him, the Sith ignited his blade and ct the spears in half, the metal tips clattering on the rock. Shock lined the faces of the two Stenax as their weapons became useless sticks. Using their shock the Sith leaped up to their level and sliced his lightsaber clean through both of their necks in one fluid motion.

    Landing in a crouch the Sith looked up to Darth Pravus. "Are you going to try to kill me now?"

    Darth Pravus laughed in his deep voice, "If I was going to kill you, you would already be dead. No this was to keep my people in my debt. If they keep failing to save my life I keep control of their worthless lives. I also had to gauge your power. If you had failed or even had the slightest bit of trouble with these pions, I would have know that your Sith was not worthy of my consideration. And that brings me to the reason I asked for a Sith representative to meet me. I am pledging my service to Darth Krayt and the Sith Order."

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    Aug 14, 2007
    OOC: Hey witchdoctor here, sorry guys, my internet went all funky and i had to switch search engines. but when i went on here on my new search engine, my account was logged out, and i didn't have the password that they gave me. so i had to make a new one, but i think you know who i still am. lol
  15. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Hespar Kessler, Plaza on Bastion, Ending Battle

    "Funny," Ratep Sentarin said, almost laughing, "you asking me to not attack you when you and your fellow red fakers are surrounding me with your blades drawn. You a bit scared?" His face broke into a smile at Hespar. The other Knights slowly circled him. Leaving the talking to him. Preparing to strike the Jedi down. Hespar knew what Sentarin was capable of. He would take out a few, before they got him down. But the Imperial Knights were warriors. More so than most Jedi. they would finally kill his former Master and he felt that he didn´t wanted that to happen.

    The smile of Sentarin did not last long. His face quickly became stern. His voice lowered and became cold.

    "I wasn´t afrain then. I am not afraid now." Hespar Kessler simply said. His blade died.

    "Now tell me, knight," his cold words shot at Hespar, "Tell me something that will stop me from eliminating you and your fellows. Your alliance with the Sith is enough for the entire galaxy to condemn you to death. And you. You of all people. With the Sith. Now that surprised me. Congratulations on pulling that off."
    The Sith. Hespar had seen the red blades of energy, bringing death to the Jedi. Sith . . . the Emperor couldn´t be allied with them. They were not the Empire of old. They couldn´t seriously believe the sith were anything but a problem. He looked back at his old Master and then he smiled. A cynical smile.

    "Yes, Ratep, we are the great evil! And you attack us WHILE your Grandmaster has lured us into peace-negotiations! Has the Grandmaster assassinated the Emperor? Is this the Jedi way, now? Attack from behind, lure your enemy to trust you and while your one hand is offered the other one stabs us in the back? Assassins? And Vong, yeah . . . you have the forces of good on your side, MASTER! Any genocides planned for the future? The new Jedi seem to have little use for their old ideals. Whoever these warriors are that fought you at our side, they have come here as protectors. You have sneaked in to bring death. And if your Jedi Masters have done harm to the Emperor . . ." He looked over to the black cloaked figures of various Sith. ". . . you might have a war unlike any you have ever seen." He calmed himself. Looked at Sentarin.

    "So, Master Sentarin. What do you wish to do. Murder a few more men defending their home?" He didn´t activated his lightsaber. He simply stared at Sentarin. His eyes accusing him silently. His Master was great warrior perhaps. But one thing Hespar knew he was superior to him. He believed. And he had no doubts. He was ready to die. He simply wasn´t ready to kill his Master without being forced to.

    Extending his arms, he waited for Sentarin to make his move, feeling the tension of his other Knights in the force.

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  16. Beta-Commando

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    Jul 4, 2007
    OOC: Sinrebrith: Thank you for the chance! Won't be wasted. ;)

    IC: Renov'la Verd
    Ord Sedra

    Renov'la looked at his comrades and it struck him. They're not Imps, those were my old squadmates! What in space? He shook off his sudden apprehensive feeling and nodded at the female Mandalorian standing next to him.

    " This is Lieutenant Kira Vel, my second-in-command. She specializes in sniping and close combat, sir, as well as former Morale and Head Security Officer aboard the Shadow's Fang."

    He gestured towards the male Mandalorian next to her.

    " Then, there is Kurai, er- he doesn't tell us his last name, for matters we don't press. Anyway. He's our Tactic Officer and an expert slicer. His former post was as acting Captain aboard the War Frigate Y'trav."

    He gestured towards the last Mandalorian and said, " And finally, this is Jarekson Ordo'a, proud descendant of Clan Ordo from so many years ago, long before Mandalore the Shadow's parents were even born, if he understand correctly. Jarekson is actually a Medic, but... he dabbles in demolitions. Nothing he can't set or detonate."

    He returned to his slackened version of 'at-attention.'

    " That's it, sir."

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  17. DARTH-bojangles

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    May 1, 2005
    Battle of Nubia
    IC as Aruw'n Bonadan

    The Twilek Jedi Knight could only watch in disgust as the Jensaari massacred one of his own side's technicians when Kai made a timely entrance calmly jesting, "Sorry Aru'wn, not my fault!".

    Aruw'n was about to launch a query about what fault the human was indication when suddenly a flood of Corellians followed in their wake. More than the original group that had left to pursue Kai's group. He muttered a curse as he engaged the glowing blue blade of the Jensaari with the crackling of opposing plasma field of his own golden blade. Due to the pain registering in his shoulder, Aruw'n was unable to directly block each of his enemy's attacks. So he simply bat them aside allowing the other's momentum to carry the blade safely past.

    Not wishing to keep this up for much longer, Aruw'n guided the remnant of a support strut into the back of the Jensaari's helmeted head rendering the being unconscious upon impact. Before his body could hit the deck, Bonadan called out to Kai and a newly energized Quin, "We can't afford to have them surround us, retreat back into the halls."

    With a flurry of motion the two Jedi were moving out in front of the Commandos telling them to move back and creating a defensive screen by batting enemy bolts aside for their retreat.

    Bonadan's earpiece chimed, "We've reattached to the hull, General Bonadon. Your Strident is retreating with the rest of the fleet - the fighter strategy is a failure, I repeat, is a failure. The main fleet is a few seconds away from decanting, but I think it'll be too late."

    After receiving mixed news, Aruw'n updated his team, "Our job is done and our ride's here. Let's move." He was all brooding frustration at this point and wasn't going to bother hiding that fact. The unconscious Jensaari lay at his feet ever so temptingly for the Twilek, but instead gathered the being up on his back drawing heavily on the Force to take nearly all the weight. An information source at the very least, Bonadan assured himself

    A look backward revealed Kai and Quin jointly raining down sections of walkway planks followed by anything that wasn't welded down from above upon the Corellians. It was a hopeless fight for them, their reactor already damaged beyond repair and ship leaving the fight. No sense in killing them for vengeance sake, Aruw'n mused.

    The backtracking to the shuttle was met with little resistance as the Alliance taskforce secured their exit off the Strident recovering the wounded and dead along the way.

    Aboard the Shuttle, Aruw'n conceded the pilot's chair to Quin with only one arm currently in any effective use for such a task. He couldn't bare to face anyone aboard as he witnessed half of the Confederates in the process of breaking free to enter hyperspace. The operation he'd planned unraveling before his eyes.

    Even the sight of the Kuat Fleet entering the fray gave little hope to Aruw'n's defeated spirit. By the Force, just do something! he thought.

    And just then, Aruw'n felt a new kind of Force meld leak into the battle; a curious unease rising up in his throat.

    Battle of Nubia
    IC as Hero Sovereign

    Hero felt the gentle Force touch of comfort surround himself as his Starfighter Group laid in it's set of jump coordinates to correlate along with the larger ships. In he took the touch as his confidence and perceptions soared in intense volume, but more he felt than just influx of confidence. Also the feelings of a seductive allure and the desire to turn the power outward in such a destructive way.

    He found himself wondering what Sintell looked like under her Jensaari armor when he snapped his thoughts back to the situation at hand cheeks flushing red. The jump calculations were in the navicomputers.

    "Flight Groups: Spear, Hammer, and Sovereign jump NOW!", he said over the battle channel in haste for there was still a way to hold these Confederates at Nubia if they act
  18. s65horsey

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Darth Ardeur

    Ardeur nodded at the Imperial Knights. ?I will retire for now and talk to my Master.?

    She turned and walked away from the two Knights, showing slight trust at putting her back to them. If they had wanted her dead though, she?d have long since been laying on the ground like so many others.

    Ardeur picked her way through the lifeless bodies as she made her way back to the Sith?s ship. Thankfully it had survived the battle with only minor damage. She entered the com room and keyed up Wyyyrlok?s signal after inputing security codes to insure no one could intercept her transmission.

    ?You traitorous whelp! There was nothing said about Vong being on Bastion! The Jedi fell quickly to the superiority of the Sith and the mighty Lowbacca was slain by my own hand. One of the Imperial Knights got the Vong leader as he focused his attacks on me. ?

    Ardeur seethed at the betrayal of false information concerning their mission.

    ?Wyyyrlok, my Lord, Bastion is still in the hands of the Imperial Knights and Roan Fel. What are your orders to me??

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  19. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Kira Romar, Entering the Temple-Hangars

    She felt the warmth and appreciation of the young Skywalker in the force. She could not resist to smile. For all her suffering, she suddenly remebered what she had killed Darth Zorn for. To save this boy. Was it truly the reason? Wasn´t it your wish? Your desire to take his life? Shaking her head she tried to get rid of these thoughts, as she set her starfighter down and jumped out of the cockpit. Walking over to Cade with a smile on her face. Something that she hadn´t felt on her face, since the Destiny.

    "Boy, we did it. Home, save home." She helped him down froomn the fighter and her hand brushed trough his hair. "Take care of yourself, will you? Can´t always hang around to deal with Sith wanting to kill you." She said and hugged him. "Serious, take care, young Skywalker. You are a good boy." She kissed his palm and and turned away. "And may the force be with you." She waited for his reply and made her way to the council chambers.O nthe way their her warmth slowly faded. And an unseen look crawled into her features. A grim dedication.

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    Kol Skywalker, Council-Chamber

    Entering the huge chamber with it´s six seats, he looked around and nodded. Raising his hand to greet the arrived masters he waited for Wolf Sazen to follow him and steped to the Grandmasters seat. His seat. "Something is wrong here." He whispered to his friend.
    He eyed his place in the chamber. It was a humble place to sit. Then he turned around, not showing any intent to sit down. "Are all Council Members present?" He asked and looked into the round.
    He **** Skywalker[/b]´s heart, for he knew it was nothing to be feared. No other Master had deserved it like him. But his wisdom would be missed in this council.

    He waited for all Masters to be present to open the council. Eyeing everyone of them. He wanted to warn them, surely. Wanted to hear their opinion, but more than anything else he wanted to know what they had done. The absence of Jedi in the force was horrible. He needed to know how . . .

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  20. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Darth Wyyrlok, Shuttle towards Bastion

    The battle-field was a chaotic beauty to behold. The death was still apparent in the force. Turning towards the holographich projector, he activated it. he had to report to his Dark Lord. Even if he surely was allready aware of the events on Beastion.

    "My Lord." he said and bowed deeply. "Your plans have unfolded, as you have anticipated. The Alliance has suffered a painful defeat over the Empire´s homworld and the Jedi who had come here had been slain in most parts. The Empire will bind itself to us through an alliance and the Emperor can no longer resist it. Everything has worked out, as you have ordered it, my Lord" He bowed. And deactivated the holographic message. No unneeded details. No pompous words. The Dark Lord knew Darth Wyyrlok wouldn´t waste his time.

    He send it through the most secure channel to Korriban and saw a green light blink. An incoming transmission from one of his commanding Sith. Darth Ardeur.

    He activated it.

    ?Wyyyrlok, my Lord, Bastion is still in the hands of the Imperial Knights and Roan Fel. What are your orders to me??
    The young beauty reported. Not a born Sith, as her untattooed body told him, she had survived and slain the mighty Lowbacca. He was most pleased with her. The hatred the had induced had shown it´s effect.

    "Off course he still has Bastion, Darth Ardeur. We have come here as their allies. And we will leave this planet as the same. Make sure any living Jedi are taken prisoner of US and report to Darth Maladi for further instructions." He eyed her. "You have shown yourself worthy of the Dark Lord´s attention. You have surpassed Darth Insipid by far, young Sith." He smiled. And without awaiting any answer, he deactivated the hologrpahic projector. His shuttle entered the atmosphere. Soon he would arrive at the building where the Council would be held.

    The moment he had waited for had arrived. It would be a surpirse, if their wasn´t some resistance he had to get rid of. But he wouldn´t fail his Dark Lord. He never had. He never would.

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  21. Ki_Undi_Mundi

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    IC: Master Jorgon Arstick

    Master Jorgon took a shuttle down from his ship, The Acendency and landed in the hanger on Corouscant. He saw the mess that had been made. Droids ran from place to place, trying to clear up debris.

    That deosn't look good He thought to himself, starting at the mess.

    He walked out of the hanger and saw a blue and red speeder waiting for him. He hopped on and started the speeder, many lights flashed infront of him. He sped off.

    He passed many buildings on his way there. He zoomed by merchants and citizens. He saw the Jedi Temple loom near by. He made a turn and the temple came into sight. He parked his speeder when he reached the temple and got off it, taking the keey out of the ignition.

    He walked into the Temple, walking down a corridor, passing many padawans and knights as he made his way.

    He reached the door of the Council Chambers and walked in. He saw that some of the Council was present, but not all. He spotted Master Yinngle and took his seat next to him, which was a seat down from the Grandmasters.

    He bowed to the Grandmaster before he sat down.

    He waited for the Council Meeting to start.

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    IC: Master Yinngle

    Master Yinngle saw that several seats in the Council Chambers were empty. He knew that they would come soon.

    He saw Master Jorgon come in and take the seat next to his.

    " Made it you have Master Jorgon." Yinngle said, looking at his old friend that he had known for so many years.

    " Yes," Jorgon replied. " Took me long enough, but I'm here."

    Yinngle knodded and glanced around the room again, waiting for the rest of the Council Masters to arrive so the meeting could begin.

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  22. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Andre Hagan
    Garqi, outside the palace/keep

    Andre was busy deflecting blasters when he saw the major take a wound and get under cover. To make matters worse, Jet Troopers were now coming in from above and stormtroopers, or as he liked to say, stormies fireing through small holes in the door and walls. Thinking quickly, turning to one of his commandos he said, "Hawkeye, try to shoot through the holes!" turning to another two, "Gunz, Skorcher, Concentrate on the jet troopers, I want them out of the sky!" Turning to the final commando, "Tank, with me! I'll cover you while you get whatever in your bag of tricks makes the biggest boom on that door. And if thats not enough use whatever you have left! Ready... Go!" With that Andre charged the door, deflecting bolts away from him and Tank with his dual silver lightsabers.

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  23. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    Ratep Sentarin
    plaza on Bastion

    Ratep could feel that the knights surrounding him were ready to jump him. He showed a smirk. He knew he could take out several of them if they pounced, but all of them? Even Ratep knew his limits with his Vaapad, but he never let his adversaries know what he was really thinking. He continued standing still, arms crossed, and listened to Hespar's rant.

    It was comical. This person, who once was a Jedi, saying such things.

    "I have no knowledge of such peace negotiations between your emperor and the Grand Master," Ratep responded in a steady voice, smirk still on his face. "You should know that Grand Master Skywalker would never do such an act you accuse him of committing. So now you attack all those that once showed you friendship, guidance, knowledge..." Ratep's voice became icy once more. "If you should hate any Jedi, it should be me and me alone."

    It suddenly dawned on Ratep. The attack on Bastion. That is not something Kol Skywalker would support. It would pit Jedi against the Imperial Knights, which is evident by this confrontation. Did Kol really approve of this attack?

    No. Ratep knew Kol, and while he might have allowed it, Kol wouldn't have.

    So who's calling the shots here, wondered Ratep, and where the hell is Kol in all this?

    He broke out of his thought and continued.

    "And, in a way, it's good to see that you haven't changed completely." He let out a chuckle. "You, always being some sort of idealist, creating these rules for the galaxy to function in the way you see fit. This is war, and if you were to say that the Empire would never attack Coruscant or Ossus if it had the chance would be a lie. There is no backstabbing here, no murdering. This is war. Something you obviously never could get a grip on. Welcome to reality. And you were with us when the Vong shapers worked with Grand Master Skywalker to heal the galaxy. You know that they were not murderous and that they had good will. Sure, their kind committed atrocities in the past. So let's keep judging them for that, why don't we, even though they've shown that they don't fit your little stereotype. And it's not like other inhabitants of the galaxy haven't done their fair share of devastation in the past, either."

    Ratep slowly shifted his feet. "So, padawan Kessler," letting that be more of a barb than a compliment, "what do I wish to do? I wish to rid the true evil of the galaxy: the Sith. And those that stand by them are as evil as they are. Something must be wrong with your emperor to team up with such an ugly bunch. And you don't even show any concern about it."

    A wide smile. "Or do you?" He let that linger. "Hespar Kessler. So staunch in his beliefs at one point. And yet here he is, fighting alongside the Sith. I guess the Big Crunch of the universe should start at any moment now."

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  24. Sinrebirth

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    IC: Major Temment, Garqi

    The Major watched as the four Alliance commando's reacted with precision. Hawkeye stood and, regardless of incoming fire, peppered the gun-holes with blue fire, his rifle unerringly accurate. A few bolts burst through entrances, and the Stormtroopers mostly ceased firing.

    Gunz and Skorcher fired into the sky, covering each other, while the resistance members hid away. With the Stormtroopers mostly pinned by Hawkeye, they were safe, apart from the Jet troopers. Those were picked out of the sky, the remainder half a dozen of the twelve retreating.

    The few Stormtroopers that could fire did so on the Jedi Hagan and Tank, the Jedi easily deflecting bolts back. Tank sidled up to the door, and placed a small cylinder of plastic explosives on the door. He keyed the display, and immediately spun about.


    Grabbing the Jedi, he dove down and covered him - black Katarn armour deflecting most of the damage. No-one was injured further, and the moment the blackened door clanged to the ground, the rebels roared and surged forward. Temmet wished she had a hundred of these Alliance commandos, rather than these rebels. The Stormtroopers inside the keep marched out, howling themselves, firing bolts. Tank rolled away with the Jedi in his arm, pulling him out of the way of the two sides as they lunged at each other.

    The other three Alliance commando's hugged walls, waiting for new orders. Temmet watched her people struggle, now in hand-to-hand combat with some of the troopers. A call sounded from a khaki-uniformed Imperial officer, and two squads of Stormtroopers appeared at the rear of the street, firing into the backs of the force.

    Temmet called out. "Andre! Stormies behind us!" As if on cue, the Jet troopers returned, firing blasts into the haze, the street filled with soldiers and troopers. It was, in short, a small mess.

    TAG: Yuul
    IC: Master K'Kruhk, Taris, aboard the Bosa

    Beaming a hologram directly into the Council chambers, High Master K'Kruhk blinked as the image before him created the forms of Kol Skywalker, Wolf Sazen, Yinngle and Jorgan Arstick.

    "We are all here, it appears, Master Skywalker."

    The Whiphid knew this would be a somber meeting indeed. The Jedi had struck at Bastion somewhat without authority, co-opted by Master Bosa Nejeco and Admiral Gar Stazi, working beside the Grand Imperial Union and Warmaster Nas Choka. It had been a decidedly traitorous attack, but one designed to end the war. Rather than being forced to assassinate the Emperor, a la Dooku, Palpatine or Shimmra during their wars, a peace conference with Bastion captured would have ended the war.

    The Hapans had blocked communications, to make things more complex. But, K'Kruhk would have to explain why almost a thousand Jedi had died on his watch, as he slowly understood that the Admiral had misled him when saying the Grandmaster had approved. Curious. Was the dark side so strong K'Kruhk missed this? He considered, and waited for the Grandmaster to speak.

    Outside the Council chambers

    Walking away, having escorted Master Yinngle to the Council Chambers, Knight Thyphoon passed Kira Romar, slightly concerned by her grim experession. Bowing at her nonetheless, he carried on and saw Cade Skywalker. As he strode over, Shado Vao walked over, the Twi'lek friend of the pair apparent.

    Thyphoon smiled at the pair. "Hey you two, how have things been?"

    The Knight knew very well that Shado Vao had been beside the Grandmaster at the Second Battle of Taris, commanding the fleet while Kol was engaged with two Force users. Cade had commanded a cruiser at the Battle of Bastion, and reportedly lost it to a force led by the Sith, a Sith Knight Romar subsequently killed.

    Thyphoon had only recently been knighted, while they were away, and he looked forward to showing off t
  25. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Wolf SazenCouncil Chambers on Coruscant, Jedi Temple

    He had followed his Master into the Council.Chambers and had taken his place. It wasn´t hard to feel the concern of his dear friend. Or the absence of Lowbacca. What was diificult was to see the details. It was as if the force was clouded. As if the force had been clouded. By the Dark Side.

    His eyes met Kol SKywalker and he gave him a nod. The Council was complete. Master Yinngle and Arstick had come here personally, Master K´Krukh was transmitted via holography into the council. Master Lowbacca ´s seat would stay empty. Fighting his pain in his heart he turned his attention to the presence and the living force.

    We shall bring some light into the dark, evewn if we won´t like what we see, dear friend.
    He send to his former Master through the force. This time Kol nodded. And the meeting began.

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