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SWRPF Archive 128 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - The Force War

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Sinrebirth, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. MarcusDade

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    Apr 5, 2006
    IC: Dade

    Dade was at least 80 percent sure that Fett was dead. However, he was also sure that if he found out the spineless worm was still alive, he would disect him a live and make him eat his own intestines for the annoyances he had put him through. Honestly, the man had turned out more to be a annoying little girl than a bounty hunter. Once again, Dade had run into a bounty hunter that was more annoying than an Ewok on spice. A certainly just as stupid. What had Fett been attempting when sabotaging their systems. What would he have done if Dade had beaten him? Clearly that bounty hunter wasn't the most powerful hydrospanner in the toolbox.

    Dade swore out loud as his brain raced to think of a solution. Finally coming to the only reasonable one, he physically tore the restraining belt off of himself and unbuckled Greda with the speed of a rabid nexu. Saying something under his breath was sounded something like how he hadn't done this since he was a Knight, He grabbed the child and pulled the Twi'lek by the Lekku, in an effort to forcibly pull her against him. While the situation was dire, he was amused at the thought of what the Twi'lek female must be thinking. However, as quickly as the humorous thought crossed his mind, it was gone.

    Slamming his fist against the button for the airlock he yelled a command towards the Twi'lek. "Whatever happens, don't let go of me!" he yelled at her over the roar of the air that seeped into the cabin as the airlock slowly slid open. He assumed that the Twi'lek knew what he was going to attempt, and he would have to admit that it was a last resort. But then again, he figured the survival chance of his plan was much less than getting blown up by a mine. And without another word, he pulled both the child and Greda tight to his chest in a vice-like grip as the air sucking through the air-lock, sucked them out of the ship quicker than an energy bolt being fired from a blaster rifle.

    Sure, he had done this many times before, but never from this height. But then again, with the force anything was possible. However, it was hard to concentrate when the ground was approaching you at almost 100 kilometers a second. Thus, he had about 9 seconds until his body crashed into the ground like a torpedo. That was very little time to prepare one's body for its protection, let alone the protection of other. Dade tried his best though, and as the ground swiftly neared with the speed of a speeding asteroid, Dade concentrated all of his energy forming a cocoon of force energy around all three lives that were hanging by a thread at that moment.

    KABOOM! The force energy exploded into the ground as his body was slammed into the earth like a falling boulder. He grunted in pain as he felt several ribs snap under the pressure, and he knew from the warm wet feeling across his forehead that he definitely had cracked his head open and probably had a concussion. However, the force energy had protected his body from the brunt of the damage, and thus all he had suffered were those minor injuries, including a broken arm and leg he believed by the pain that was emanating from both limbs. He could feel through the force however that the child and Greda were perfectly okay, as the force energy coupled with Dade's body had shielded them completely from the attack.

    Letting go of both of them, he turned over and coughed, spitting out the blood was caused from the initial hit. Looking down at his left leg, he sensed that he had only heavily bruised it. However, as he lifted his left arm up to check its damage, the forearm bone was sticking out, as it had clearly snapped in half and ripped through his skin because of the pressure on it. "Lovely," he said he used his right hand to force the bone back in place with a sharp yelp of pain. He then laid his head back on the soft earth where he was lying almost 5 feet beneath the initial earth because of the impact his force energy had made. "I need a bacta Tank," he said softly as he closed his eyes and tried to heal what he could with the force.

  2. SWBob

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    Jun 19, 2003
    OOC: Sorry about the long wait but i am back to regular posting here.

    IC: Darth Idoneus

    ?Clean that up.?

    Idoneus sneared at Arduer, letting his disapointment, in that she did not disobey his master, show. As she left the room he walked over to the desk and called in a cleaning droid. No need to dirty myself with peasent work.

    Meeting back up with Arduer he lean against the wall and listened to her, ?What has Insipid asked us to do now? My only orders were to eliminate Saretti. The ship is now ours to use as we see fit though word of this will get back to Krayt and the Imperials. For now though, the Steadfast is under our control.?

    He shook his head, "You of all people should know that we are just the servents directed by the Master. We shall wait for our master to give us our instructions." He brought out a comlink and thumbed a button on the side. "Until that moment we shall hold our own."

    Looking out of the viewport he saw the Lucid Voice enter the system right on top of the Steadfast. Holding the comlink to his mouth he praised the person at the other end. "Ah, I see you have been practicing you Force perceptions and thinking of ways to pertain them to battle. Very good my apprentice. Now hit the branch with you stick and send our birds flying."

    A Provedence-Class Destroyer like the Steadfast held a complement of 240 droid fighter craft, all of wich had been modified to hold their own agaisnt modern fighters. As a fighter piulot himself he made sure that was the first modification done to his ship. While not superior in any peticular catagory, they wernt lacking in any either. And with five times the normal complement of a Pellaeon-Class Destroyer, they were more than enough to swarm the enemy into submision or destruction. Idoneus cared not which. Combined with the Steadfast's complement, they were a force to be recond with.

    Tag: Sey, GM

    IC: Bosa Nejeco

    Bosa saw the cloud of poison escape from the priest's finger. Unfortunatly for Bosa he had not brought his resperator. Taking a deep breath he charged forward. The Force granted it's users many gifts. For the ordain to the extraordinary. When dealing with most poisons a Master could filter it through his system and be no worse for wear. But with the Vong toxins, he was not sure if the Force would work to purify the toxin, that to the Force would be non-existant. So he used another power that he had learned.

    His large lungs filled with air, he started the force working on recycling the air in his lungs, making the most of each and every last molecule of oxygen and nitrogen. While he could not continue indefinetly, he hoped he could last long enough to catch the preist and make him answer some questions. By that time he hoped his smaller comnpanion would bring an extra rebreather.

    Using the Force to enhance his speed, his powerful legs thuded agaist the ground as he chaced after the Yuuzhan Vong. If only this enemy was not a Vong. This one could just reach out and grab him.

    Tag: GM(If you want me to catch him or pass out, your call. :p)
  3. Rilwen_Shadowflame

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    Mar 27, 2005
    IC: Vander Lorren

    Vander headed into the hold, trusting in the fact that he did have body armour beneath the layers of untidy cloth. The merc who'd led him in took a shot and dropped. Vander raised his blaster, making a number of quick shots, set to stun. He was a good shot, and the women, though they were hiding, did have to expose themselves to shoot. A dozen dead Ortolans...a fair clue as to the number of weapons the women had. It would depend, too, on whether they'd looked after their blasters; if they hadn't, some of them should be running dry pretty soon.

    Nonchalantly, he stepped behind one of the Gammorreans, stepping out only very briefly and as little as possible, firing stun-shots at any of the women who popped up. Some of them were pretty bad with those weapons; shots going everywhere but where they were supposed to.

    Tag: Sinre


    IC: Cavan Shenn

    ?Cavan, I assume? Athame. Assigned to assist you on killing Tessa Nuk. She?s at Anaxes, after all. Deep in Jedi territory.?

    Cavan looked the other man up and down appraisingly. "Infiltration, right?" he guessed. By the look of him, he was another like Cavan, taught how to sneak into places without revealing Sith connections. Charm, looks, cunning; these were the weapons of infiltrators. Athame certainly wasn't built like some of the more warlike members of the Sith. The Zeltron had seen them; huge, lumbering tanks of muscle and rage, chosen to hack their way through enemy lines.

    "Sure, then. Let's go have some fun." Cavan grinned, cheery at the prospect of his mission.

    In order to stave off boredom during the hyperspace trip, Cavan had decided to suggest Athame join him in one of his favourite activities. The human had been a little disdainful, at first, but the Zeltron's enthusiasm was as infectious as ever, and Athame's interest seemed to have been caught. He was asking questions now. He was curious. He wanted to see more. Cavan was only too happy to oblige.

    He'd decided to give Athame copies of his favourite holotoons; he did seem to enjoy them, once he'd worked out that Cavan wasn't setting him up for any kind of mockery. The recordings of the holotoon shows had, at the very least, filled in time during the trip.

    The Spiral Dancer emerged from hyperspace, cloaked to avoid being seen or detected. Cavan checked the readouts. According to the displays, his target was in the shuttle being fought over nearby. Both he and Athame were shielding themselves in the Force, since to do otherwise would be like ringing a bell for the Jedi.

    There was a sudden surge in the Force, and Cavan's smile faded as he realised who was on the planet below. There were just too many people at this party. "Any ideas?" he asked tightly.

    Tag: Athame
  4. R_Zion

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    Nov 23, 2004
    IC: Shado Vao
    Anaxes- Behind GA Lines

    The young Twi?lek cupped his hand onto his chin and thought briefly, his lekku twitching slightly. ?We should infiltrate ahead of the main GA forces,? Shado finally spoke up. ?We need to do it as covertly as possible; let them not know we are there until it is too late. We can lower their defenses and confuse their forces while the main Alliance force befalls them above ground, allowing them to attack en masse. With us from behind, our backup keeping any from escaping to the tunnels and the main force in the front, we should be able to box them in.?

    TAG: GM
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    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: sorry guys, haven't had a computer i could use since i last posted. will get something up tommorow, god willing. should have my computer back in the next two days as well, which will make things vastly easier. thanks for your patience.

  6. Darth_Sabith

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    Oct 17, 2006
    Name: Zuriel (Sassin) Skywalker
    Rank/Level: 1 (Learner statues)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Echani/ Human
    Home world: Nar Shadaa
    Height: 5'8''
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Build: Slim
    Hair: silver-white (very long)
    Eyes: Sea Blue
    Skin: Dark Tan
    Markings: Scars on back
    Clothing: Black tattered robes

    Weapons & Equipment:
    Wooden Staff

    Personal Ship: None

    Born to a poor family Zuriel was sold to a local crime boss to pay off some debts. Over the next 13 years Zuriel lived the life of a slave. Yet he was too clumsy for any significant jobs and spent most of his time cleaning the kitchens. Constantly beaten Zuriel learned to take blow and to endure pain that few could with stand. He also was forced to find and ?acquire? his own food and drank to surive.

    Over the years the crime boss and his men gave Zuriel the nickname of Skywalker. To the boss and his mean this was a gag about the fact that Zuriel or Zuri as they sometimes called him was so clumsy that he would only be able to walk if he was thrown across the room.

    Yet to Zuriel this name held a higher importance for him as it was name he hoped to one day live up to. Never knowing his birth parents he always hoped that he could be like the Skywalker?s of legend. Zuri had never learned to fight but in his time as a slave he listened to the boss?s mean and learned the secrets to becoming a thief.

    One night when Zuriel was around the age of 13 a rival crime lord attacked his boss base. During the fighting Zuriel had managed to escape the carnage of that fight. Later he learns that his owner and everyone else within the base had been killed. Finally free from being a slave Zuri found that he now is force to live on the streets.

    Though Zuriel remained a bit clumsy he proved to be very talented as a thief. In fact as the months pasted he had decided he would try to change the outlook of everyone?s life by stealing from those who took from others and give back to the poor, hunger, and homeless of the world he lived on.

    Though he had stolen great amounts of wealth he had never kept any for himself. He took only what he need to survive and gave rest to those who where poor or had nothing to call their own. Over the next few years he slowly gained the renown as a true Skywalker of the people and though his name is spoken by the poor even the huts know of it.

    In the two weeks Zuri has discovered a bounty has been placed upon his head but unknown to the ones who placed the bounty the sith and jedi seek this new ?Skywalker? for their own ends.


    IC: Revan Darkheart

    ?Why? Because your Emperor has signed the alliance with us, my friend. We are friends, are we not? Are we not, I say, Imperial Knight?? The sith where as sly as snake. ?Together, we can defeat the Alliance and save the galaxy?? The sith's mouth began to curl into a wicked smile as he continued to reply to Revan's question. ?No??

    There where lies in what spoke of but Revan still found himself weary to trust the sith. "My Emperor may not understand the sith as I was taught but I am no longer and Imperial Knight. What I am is little more then what I was and less then what I had been." It was true that Revan no longer knew where he stood. The darkness was slowly consuming him but he was not a dark jedi and nor was he a sith. Closing his eyes he pictured himself as something new a creature of darkness.

    Yet he would the darkness to bring peace to the galaxy and hopefull be able to bring light into the dark depths. "I am a creature unlike any before me, tell me sith what is the story of Darth Revan. I have heard what the republic knows but what about the sith. Why did he become one was it because he had fallen to the dark call or was it something more. Revan's thumb rested upon the lightsaber in his hand and though he might be slower he was already getting use to the artifical limbs.

    Their cold touch against his flesh still bothered him but in a few years or maybe even months things woul
  7. Sinrebirth

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    GM OOC: Due to the approach of my exams, updates will grow even more lacking. I apologise for this, but I have no doubt I'll get sick of Law and come and do this at some point in the next few weeks. Thank you for persevering. I expect all posts to have been made by then, Trimaj. :p
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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC :: Kev-Mas Colcha

    ?Kev? Whats the status of the fleet??

    "We currently have the upper hand, but casualties amounts are growing ever so higher, and I don't know how much longer we can hold them off. Also, it was requested that me and a team of Twilight Jedi storm the Pellaeon-class of theirs that we recently disabled. However, I am holding off on that, until we get a good enough team ready. I feel that going immediately would prove to be a mistake."

    Just then, he received a sharp sensation in his head, and recognized it as a blatantly obvious force signature - coming from the planet's surface. Either a Twilight Jedi had arrived unannounced, or more likely, a Sith had somehow made it on the planet's surface. Either way, it could spell trouble for them if he didn't go to investigate.

    "Did you feel that, Vincent? I think another force user is on the planet, and I sure do hope its not a Sith."

    He then informed the crew of the situation, and asked a crewman to prepare a troop transport for a trip to the surface.


    Having just barely escaped from the firefight, Kev-Mas finally maneuvered the transport through the atmosphere of Utapau, following the force signature he had sensed earlier.

    As he approached the location, the signature started to fade. Apparently, whatever was making the signature was capable of hiding it as well.

    TAG :: Kahn, Dade (if that's okay with Sinre, I want to get this going a bit faster)

    OOC ::

    Yes, I am back. I hope I didn't outstep my boundaries with this post, Sinre.
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    OOC: Perfectly fine, Kev. Dade, off you go to Kev. [face_peace] I shall be posting little bits up over the weekend, as next week is exam week for me, which shall be hectic to say the least. However, I'd like to welcome Mitth back to the game! =D=

    IC: Kunra, Baanu Ras, Battle of Bilbringi

    And so, it was over. As the Domain Lah smashed into the Eternal Blade, Kunra, leader of the Extolled Ones, felt victory at his hands. The Emperor would die, and the Empire would collapse. The SSD, double the size of the worldship, nonetheless went down in flames, it?s death barrages shattering the remaining Carrack-class cruisers and raining destruction on the much larger Baanu Ras.

    The Imperial fleet, damaged, battered, but more than half of it active, opened fire. Kunra went to accept the Gods, when a lieutenant spoke up. ?An escape pod detached from the bridge just before the hit, Yu-Shaa, the Yammosk detects the Force in it?s occupants.?

    Kunra hissed. ?The Emperor has escaped?

    ?Yes sir.?

    ?Have our weapons open fire. Kill him.? This was still a major victory for the Yuuzhan Vong, but the few weapons on the worldship ? barely enough to engage a PSD ? would struggle to hit a tiny escape pod in a field of debris.

    ?Prepped, sir.?



    The small escape pod, modified for his Imperial Majesty to include a hyperdrive and stealth plating, was only illuminated by the internal lighting of the vessel. As the Eternal Blade died a fiery death, Admiral Valan of the Apex communicated with the pod.

    ?Your Majesty, we are enroute to assist. I?ve directed our Predators to assist you, but the debris is going to cause them problems.? With Antares Draco at the controls, the Emperor and his apprentice would be lapped by the Force, crying out at the death of a hundred of their fellow Imperial Knights with the flagship, and the tens of thousands of loyal Imperial officers.

    In the Force, beside that, was the palpable shock of the Imperial Navy, ten Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers in varying states of damage. The last of the enemy coralskippers and TIE Fighters were being hunted down, though that battle was more balanced even with the loss of almost every capital ship.

    As long as there was that worldship, the TIE fighter pilots of the Grand Imperial Union would keep fighting. As long as they had breath in their bodies, those Yuuzhan Vong pilots would fight.

    As plasma boiled towards the nimble little pod, there was the droid pilot, T-D, going through cycled commands, droid evasive actions that were predictable and liable to get them killed. With the hyperdrive inoperable due to the massive worldships gravitic mass, the only actual element worth operating was the controls ? which would override the autopilot.

    ?Your Majesty, Master Draco, are you alive??

    TAG: Li, Mitth
    IC: Chak, Nar Shardaa

    Chak was a Wookie on a mission. As bolts burnt into the ground, he raised his bowcaster and popped a quarrel through the ancient Chariot?s fronts and watched it explode. Speeder bikes peeled about, firing, and Chak made out the Black Sun insignia, once more. Since the escape of Marcus, some kind of Jedi, from their clutches, the Vigo?s had been drumming out bounties to correct the malaise.

    An outright crime war was brewing on the Hutt Smuggler?s Moon, but with the majority of the Hutt?s looking outside, elsewhere, to the newly conquered systems like Kessel, Kashyyyk, Telti and the Stenness systems, a dead moon was hardly their worry.

    Chak, meanwhile, had been hired by the Sith ? something he was hardly happy about ? and he and Kee, his partner, had been looking for a man by the name of ?Skywalker?. With histories unclear as to the dynasty, the Sith had been made aware of this ?Zuri? by his old owners, whom themselves had noticed the astonishing bounty on Kol Skywalker.

    And, so, the Wookie and Devaronian had started searching on t
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    Jul 1, 2000
    Tis good to be back. I've missed quite a bit so forgive me if I get some events wrong.

    Antares Draco

    [blockquote]Escape Pod

    Antares gritted his teeth as he tried to ignore the thousands of deaths of fellow comrades as the Eternal Blade was being destroyed. He held onto the console he was at and took several breathes, cycling through the meditative techniques that would help him cope with the magnitude of death that he felt through the Force.

    "We're alive," he breathed into the comm as his fisted hand hit the button to reply and refocused his vision on the controls. He could feel the Emperor next to him, his life force still with them both so he knew. Antares retook control of the escape pod from the autopilot, now aware of the danger to them as plasma fired around them pitifully. He could still feel people dying all around them, it was plain as day to him through the Force and it took all his effort to concentrate on his flying.

    "Master?" the Imperial Knight stole a glance at his Emperor.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Li, Sinre

    Hmm... must find character sheet rummages through thread
  11. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Canistia, Battle of Roon

    The Dark Jedi span his ship as his followers mostly dissolved into the Force Storm, the Imperial Knights gunning forward. The Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer at the centre of the formation rolled towards them, following the storm as it vanished, darting elsewhere to drive back the GA fleet and armies.

    A bevy of Predators arched up - seventeen - escorted by a trio of Sith-piloted Fury-class fighters. Canistia found himself looking for Darth Alastor, his presence linked to Canistia's thanks to the Sith amulets they shared.

    The PSD itself, perhaps 3km long and pockmarked with torpedo detonations, fired a wave of turbolaser to either side of the eight remaining fighters - six Imperial Knights, Canistia, and Alastor - while the twenty Sith and Imperial ships focused their efforts on the fighters in their brackets.

    The dark side of the Force was powerful, here, and he pushed himself to communicate with Alastor. We need a distracion, Alastor. An Imperial Knight flared out as he tried to escape the fire of the PSD, and it became apparent, as he vanished into flames, that there were Sith co-ordinating the fire of the capital ship.

    Seven left.

    Twenty opponents, the PSD, and, of course, Roon and a planet full of Sith led by a demi-God.

    It was a great day, the Cathar Dark Jedi Master swore, firing his weapons at one of the shielded Predators.

    TAG: Kahn
  12. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Alastor, over Roon

    Alastor spun the Blue Star to the left avoiding a volley fire from the PSD, A distraction? I believe I can give you a few. As many times before Alastor activated its Electronic Countermeasures, unlike before though, Alastor added something to it. The Sith Amulet though broken, had easily doubled his already formidable power. Focusing in part of his mind, Alastor began using Force Illusion. Not only did a Dozen sensor echoes of the Blue Star appear in the Battle area, but illusions, visual representations, through the force appeared. Most, if not all combatants in the area would see them, and would probably break to engage.

    Alastor began dividing his attention, between the Illusions and combat, and Alastor, ever ambitious, targeted the PSD. The three powerful Granitic Drives accelerated the small ship to its maximum speed. Inertial Dampers strained, but Alastor still felt the powerful G's against his body. The ship maneuvered towards the nose of the PSD. The nose of the Blue Star began to glow an angry green as she prepared the most destructive thing she was capable of, a Concentrated Fire of its Pulsed Plasma Cannon.

    The Blue Star weaved in and out of the defensive fire of the Star Destroyer. once she had made it about one third of the length the Concentrated beam of Plasma raked up about a kilometer of the PSD's hull, impacting its already strained shields. When the Cannon overheated and shut off Alastor pulled back hard and the Blue Star accelerated upwards away from PSD.

    Tag: Sinre
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    IC: Darth Kruhl, Battle of Anaxes

    "I am a creature unlike any before me, tell me sith what is the story of Darth Revan. I have heard what the republic knows but what about the Sith. Why did he become one was it because he had fallen to the dark call or was it something more.?

    Darth Kruhl smiled, softly. ?Didn?t you know? The Jedi have a Holocron. The Telos Holocron. It?s gatekeeper is Darth Sidious, Revan. The Grandmaster carries it on him, actually.?

    The Sith Lord deactivated his blade, and began leading the way to where Kol Skywalker was ? or would be, Darth Kruhl had concluded ? and looked back over his shoulder. ?The Telos Holocron includes the scriptures of Darth Revan. Skywalker will not give it to you, young one. Surely you should? take it??

    ?You are not an Imperial Knight any longer. You are not bound by the rules of this war. If you want to find your answers ? the true answers ? then surely you should ask the Jedi yourself??

    In orbit, opposite side of Anaxes

    The stars parted, and a ship emerged. Black as night, a Fury-class fighter.

    The Force parted, and a darkness emerged.

    Lord Krayt had come to Anaxes.

    Stalled by Ra?ziel, but not defeated, and possessing the Sith Holocrons of Darth Bane and Darth Nihilus, the Dark Lord of the Sith was on his way to recover the last of the Sith Holcrons he had lost almost a century ago.

    These delays ? Darth Insipid?s betrayal, Yu?Dor?s scheming, the horrendous battle at Roon, Ra?ziel and his efforts ? were negligible, but when the Dark Lord of the Sith was dying every second, these delays were costing Darth Krayt in the only commodity he didn?t have vast amounts of.


    And so, as he dove beneath GA sensors and swept towards the twin lights that were the darkness of Darth Andeddu and the awesome power of Kol Skywalker, Darth Krayt reached out into the Force and made it buckle with his own darkness.

    It touched all with the Force.

    Behind GA Lines

    ?We need to do it as covertly as possible; let them not know we are there until it is too late. We can lower their defenses and confuse their forces while the main Alliance force befalls them above ground, allowing them to attack en masse. With us from behind, our backup keeping any from escaping to the tunnels and the main force in the front, we should be able to box them in.?

    Kol Skywalker nodded at his Padawan. ?Agreed. We shall start immediately.?

    One of the commanders spoke up, petulant for a moment. ?If the Imperials attack while you?re scouting, do we have the authority to attack while you?re absent? I doubt comlinks or sensors will pierce the actual tunnel ? it hasn?t turned up on sensors.?

    Kol nodded. ?Do whatever you must to defend yourselves. If the Nightsisters pierce the atmosphere, though, you must retreat until more Jedi arrive. They will be beyond GA forces.?

    ?Come, Shado. We need to prepare.?

    In the half an hour which followed, six GA commandos, outfitted with flechette launchers, shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, all manner of grenades, explosives, knifes and personal armour, beside the tunnel entrance behind GA lines.

    Kol ignited his lightsaber, and took a deep breath. Behind the chaos, behind the darkness of the Nightsisters, was the Force, and it was his ally. He hoped Shado would be doing the same ? this was the calm before the storm.

    ?May the Force be with us all.?

    He popped the tunnel, and leapt down, as Darth Krayt made himself known, the dark side filling the Force with murk and fear ? the Dark Lord of the Sith was on Anaxes.


    Imperial lines

    ?Can we assume that this link has not already been tainted by GA latency? What guarantee have we that an ambush does not lie waiting in our stead??

    A commander spoke up, to all three of the leaders that were making up the triumvirate of the Imperial resistance ? Sagitta, Brightstar, Ors ? and leaned on the planning table with his h
  14. Sinrebirth

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    GM OOC: 'Darth' is supposed to be 'Darth Zorn'
  15. DARTH-bojangles

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    May 1, 2005
    The Battle of Anaxes, In Orbit
    IC as Admiral Gar Stazi and fellow pilots

    His red eyes grew wide as four Nightsister shuttles peeled off from the shell formation around the Defender-class Star Destroyer. Tarpilan announced a pair of the shuttles were vectoring on their half of Cutlass squadron while Stazi ordered them to break away.

    Monia stayed her Crossfire at Gar's wing as they both broke hard right. Flaming cannon fire lit the space where his fighter had been a second earlier, but three other pilots had not been so lucky. The Admiral saw the brilliant blaze of their destruction reflect in his cockipit's canopy. He dared not glimpse back with the feeling of loss pulling at him.

    The enemy shuttles themselves had no hope of keeping up with any of the careening Crossfires, but what they lacked in speed was certainly gained in firepower. Tarpilan's starfighter lost the section around his port engine as a testament to what the Nightsisters were throwing out at the Alliance forces. "Seven..." it was Monia's voice, "Are you there, Seven?"

    Tarpilan grit his teeth as his head was slammed back into the pilot's chair before he could respond. The bright points of stars in front of his eyes started spinning on what seemed like multiple axi. At the control panel his inertial compensator's readings were steadily dwindling like a staunch bleed. The g-force of his spin was rapidly compressing his entire body and what's worse, all the oxygen out of his lungs.

    If Tarpilan didn't do something fast, the loss of his port engine and swarming Nightsister shuttles would be the least of his problems...

    ... "Seven... Are you there, Seven?" Monia slammed her control stick back in just as much panic as frustration sending her into a sharp climb in response to the heavy amount of fire pouring from their pursuing shuttle. Her mind had been split between shaking pursuit and trying to reach Tarpilan's spinning fighter, but her near fatal lapse had made the shuttle her current priority.

    The shuttle behind her had no idea what was coming either when Stazi rounded his craft from the opposite direction to score a half dozen red blasts on the stern. It's rear shields shuttered and buckled under the assault.

    Past seconds had been frantic at best and chaotic at worst since the scattered squadron had been trying to muster a coordinated reaction at their duo of shuttles. The only response so far had been the bait and switch Monia had pulled to allow her Admiral a strafing run at one of the enemy. However, now the Force Sensitive witches trained their focus on Gar's fleeing craft dislodging the bottom tip of Crossfire's forward wing. His fighter was dancing nimbly between volleys of fire from the shuttle as Monia saw in the distance the enemy's plan unfolding.

    The first shuttle was running Stazi's craft into the fire of the second where he would be hopelessly obliterated while the rest of the GA squadron was picked off.

    Monia on the contrary had another card to play still. She was calling upon a friend from the Sabertooth-class frigate The Prowler, "Pazarah, the Admiral is in trouble. Blast those shuttles to slag."

    "Negative, Cutlass three." Pazarah's words thumped like a nail in Stazi's proverbial coffin. "We can't get a firing solution on either pair of shuttles because we're hemmed down here with seven more of them." Monia's gasp stopped in her own throat as lances of superheated light from the Nightsisters took Gar's shields. Even the maneuvering of Stazi's craft became disjointed with the loss of his lower stabilizer wing. It was only a matter of time until he wandered into a blast from either shuttle.

    Until a welcomed voice quipped over the squadron channel, "I leave the lot of you alone for two seconds and look at this!" Monia registered it at Tarpilan's words, "Prowler, I'm sending you my targeting data as well as Three and Lead."

    The rest didn't even have to be spoken as a chorus of double-clicks sounded in acknowledgment followed by a hail of proton
  16. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    OOC: All info in this post is pre approved by Sinre

    IC: Alastor

    Anger? The purest of Rage? Is there no rage more pure than a Lust for Vengeance? a Shear loathing of an individual's Existence? Alastor gave, He let his anger consume, him he let the Darkside permeate every fiber of his being. It consumed him and the Blue Star like a Black Cloud, shielding them from the Force Storm. The power changed them, both Pilot and Ship. 'The Darkside changes you' this applies to a living ship as well.

    Inside the sphere of darkness, the Blue Star moaned in pain. Its body contorted, shifted, reformed. The Darkside morphed the ships very form, to suit it and Alastor's new needs. For one brief moment there was nothing, then echoing out through the force was a singular strong voice. ?Atavus! You will die, and I will be the one to erase you from history!? Then bursting forth from the Darkness, an arrow of black. The Blue Star, transformed, reshaped by Alastor's rage and the Darkside was now something far more fierce. Its Drove forward, pushing its way out past the Force Storm, barreling towards the planet.

    Six gravitic Drives, grown from the Star's original three, pushed the ship at a speed that would make any who saw it gap in awe. Alastor, his eyes glowing red gazed at the planet as it rushed towards him. ?Insipid.? Alastor spoke his voice was soft, but it carried with it a weight, of anger, hate, pain. ?Do your plans absolutely require that Sphere??

    Tag: Sinre

    the ?Black? Star

    Changes: 6 gravitic Drives instead of 3
    Weapons layout is now different: 4 x Underbelly Laser Cannons
    1 x Forward mounted Composite plasma Beam Cannon
    2 x Forward laser cannon
  17. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: Waiting on mine, but I'll be patient
  18. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    Ratep Sentarin
    that scary ship over Anaxes

    Ratep's overconfidence rewarded him with a smash to the face. He reeled back, stumbling on his back, but maintained an iron grip on his lightsaber. He brought himself to his feet as quickly as he could.

    What the hell was that? The attack caught him completely off guard. His face felt numb. He quickly ran a sleeve across his face and saw blood.

    What the hell was that??? This time, it was a ripple through the force, a strong and very dark one at that. It was as if a thick fog suddenly rushed him. Another Sith, he wondered. This one was enough... better take him out before the next one arrives.

    He gripped his blade tighter as he crouched down, orange blade in right hand and pointing behind him. He had his doubts, but they were overcome by a surge of aggression that only made Ratep feel stronger.

    He lunged forward with his right foot, his right arm held out in front of him as if he was going to do a powerful right outward swipe. At the last moment, within striking distance of the abomination, he did his change-up. His left hand shot to his right and took the blade, and he threw his entire body into a massive left handed swipe aimed at the Sith's upper left shoulder, hoping to strike and be able to roll away with minimal damage to himself.

    TAG: sinre
  19. The Loyal Imperial

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    Nov 19, 2007
    IC: Emperor Fel, escape pod

    The Emperor was alive. Slightly battered, perhaps, and more than just a little exhausted from the battle they had waged, but still more or less in one piece. The same could not be said for the Eternal Blade and the rest of the armada, unfortunately. This war would have to be ended, and soon, before the costs began to outweigh what they were fighting for. He could feel them dying through the Force, like stars blinking out of existence in the night sky, one or even dozens at a time. Focusing on the situation at hand, he returned his attention to his apprentice, Antares Draco, and the droid pilot T-D. "I'm fine, both of you. Status report? What's the nearest ship in good condition we can transfer to?"

    TAG: CmdrMitthrawnuruodo, Sinrebirth
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    OOC :: Okay, thank you Sinre. Here's my update.

    IC :: Kev-Mas Colcha

    As the shuttle landed in a small remote location, Kev-Mas reached out with the force, trying to find the force signature that had recently dissipated.

    After several tries, he finally found something. Before he went, however, he motioned his accompanying troops to follow him, and he clenched his main hand lightsaber with a firm grip, however not activating it as to send the force signature back into hiding, if it was, indeed a sentient being like he thought.

    Coming around to a small sinkhole, looking more like a large pothole than anything (a bit shorter than an average sized humanoid), silently, he peered in carefully, and immediately spotted something, no, someone.

    "Halt, unidentified force user, you are in Twilight Jedi territory!" said Kev-Mas cautiously, unaware of the man's identity or alignment, "Please state your identity and your reason for being here."

    TAG :: Dade
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    IC: Dade Leviathan

    Great. Not only did he have a few broken bones and was trying to heal himself to be able to at least walk again, this planet was apparently filled with self righteous idiots who asked "Who are you?" before noticing that the person they were asking was in serious need of a bacta tank. Great. So that meant Dade was the only person with any brains on this rock. He was beginning to think he would have been happier if he died on impact. "My indentity is none of your business," Dade said hoarsely, his eyes staying closed as he continued to use the force to heal himself. "But you can rest assured that I am no enemy of you, unless you're allied with the Sith."

    "However, as you may be able to see, if you have the intelligence of a bantha, that I am in need of a bacta tank. So how about we dispense with the egocentric pleasantries on your part, and get me to one? After you do that, you can prattle on and on about how important you are, and try to extract information from me then. If, however, you just want information, you can go kriff yourself."

    He turned and coughed, a bit of blood coming from his mouth onto the ground. Whoever these "Twilight Jedi" were, they were certainly either egocentric, or just plain terrified. Nobody in their right mind went to investigate one man with an entourage of troops. He hoped they weren't as moronic as regular Jedi. If they were, he had a feeling that this man would stand here asking him questions instead of doing as he asked.

    His eyes shot open. "Well?!" He asked, exasperated, to the young man. "Are you going to take me to a Bacta tank, or are you going to stand there and stare at me like some limp-brained idiot?"

    Tag: Kev-Mas Colcha
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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Vincent

    Vincent had been observing Kev's, outing via the comm. The battle had become pertty much one sided so now he had little to do "Kev." Vincent said over one of the troops overcom, "Just bring the guy up here and put him in a Bacta Tank. We arn't the Sith, deal with the guy's wounds and then we'll find out who he is." Vincent winced as he moved his leg, it hurt, but it moved. So that was good. "Besides its lonely up here in the Sickbay."

    Tag: Kev, Dade
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    IC: Athame, Anaxes system, Spiral Dancer, under cloak

    "Any ideas?"

    Athame, having struck up a healthy rapport with Cavan as they took the long journey up the Rago Run from the Unknown Regions to Known Space, looked out over the sensors. A GA task force, surrounding a Confederacy pocket destroyer, with Nightsisters on shuttles, with some kind of skirmish taking place at two wrecked GA cruisers. And, to make things more complex, two armies gearing up for an outright street war.

    "I suggest we track Tessa and ignore the war. As it's somewhat messy." He pointed at the sensors, which identified her shuttle from the information Lord Ky'el had uploaded into their databanks, seemingly. He nodded, slowly, keeping his emotions close by. Even though he definitely liked Cavan as a person, he was going to have to kill him to satisfy his masters wishes, and recover the Darth Andeddu Holocron for Lord Insipid.

    A beacon was highlighted beneath his finger, near the two wrecked cruisers. Two Imperial shuttles were dueling, one with two weak Imperial Knights evident, the other showing Tessa Nuk, a fully trained Imperial Knight. "There she is. And other Imperial Knights." His finger drifted to the cruisers. "And a Jedi Master engaged with something Sith."

    The Sith narrowed his eyes, and felt Kol Skywalker, somewhat later than Cavan as he couldn't distinguish between the surges in the Force - both were evident. Which wasn't good. And, then, he felt Darth Krayt, and he swore, aloud. "Krayt is here," and covered his outburst quickly. "Something important must be here."

    Unknown Regions

    Lord Ky'el, several hours after Cavan headed off, read the report his Sith spies at Telti had sent him. A Hutt battle fleet, which was in no position to be stopped by the GA or Empire. And, so, the GA had to attack it first, and draw the ire of the Hutts. Taking a breath, he checked with his droid crew.

    "Anything from Cavan?"

    "He has arrived in-system with his aide, sir, the subspace beacon indicates." The new beacon, planted on Sith ships everywhere, was only active in hyperspace, and sent a final signal as the Cronau radiation blocked most readings, before shutting off so as to not breach the cloak. It kept a reading of who was aboard the ship, too, fortunately, so Sith agents and Sith Lords were not actively conspiring. Only those of the Sith who advised Lord Krayt - Imperi, Ky'el, Maladi, Wyyrlok, Nihl, Ruyn, Stryfe and Atavus - were aware of the beacons, which was doubly useful.

    However, he knew Cavan had left alone.

    "Show me."

    The droids dutifully did, the scanner showing the images - in all spectrums, including the Force scanners created by Lord Sidious' Inquisitors - revealing a Force user that was not on the Sith's books. Even as Lord Ky'El amusedly watched Cavan showing Athame holotoons, the Chiss Sith grew more concerned that his apprentice - practical son, for all his affection - was with a Sith who obviously was with the Insipid Sith faction.

    Alarmed, he ordered the droids to send a message. "Send Cavan this. He'll work it out, hopefully. That episode of Wookie Moon was particularly insipid yesterday, wasn't it? Understood?"

    "Roger roger."

    Sighing at the irritating B1 droids, he ordered his fleet to Telti. It would take him a few hours if not days to reach Telti. His final order was to his Sith agents, instructing them to sabotage operations dressed as Jedi in case they were detected. Slow down the Hutt armada before everything was ruined.

    The message would unveil Cavan's position, but a Sith loyal to Darth Insipid was an even bigger threat than any GA element in the system. He'd rather have a room full of Jedi or Tann Chiss, himself.

    Telti system

    Laya popped up, watching two of her comrades drop, their children crying out. Laya saw the shooter, and blinked, barely avoiding one of his unerringly accurate shots. He was walking like an Imperial. These ridiculous merc's w
  24. DARTH-bojangles

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    May 1, 2005
    OCC: Apologies for the delay...

    The Battle of Roon, Atavus's Tower
    IC as Aruw'n Bonadan

    "Give up, Aruw'n. Your friends have collapsed. My power is far beyond theirs."

    Screams of agonized torment were radiating around Aruw'n from his comrades while Darth Atavus focused his inner evil outward. He wanted to turn back and help his compatriots, however; that path risked leaving Atavus unattended for far too long. The Demi-god had suffered this plane of existence long enough.

    Aruw'n concentrated on the lines of the Force flowing to Atavus like a dark river crashing down on everything around it. Ever since extricating himself from Roon's cavernous innards, he'd been able to almost physically see such lines in the Force and how they were being manipulated. His sight had taken on an extra wavelength it seemed. Before he had been able to manipulate the flow of those same lines slightly. It had been like stacking pebbles in his mind.

    Now he was going to try to move mountains.

    Steadily he gathered himself as he mentally traced the Force lines Atavus had been drawing on, gently probing the edges and feeling for something. Aruw'n had surmised that as a being drew into himself the power of the Force, the metaphysical connection between the user and the energy field was like the super conductor for gathering one's strength, so if the flow of the Force was somehow reversed, the being would be left wanting.

    In the milliseconds Aruw'n's mind was formulating his plot, an other-worldly voice from another time altogether intruded upon his thoughts, One slip, and everything will fall, Aru'wn

    Almost on cue, the green skinned Twilek stretched out his hand and closed his eyes in concentration. He ran his own Force awareness along the lines of Atavus melding his with the dark energy the Sith was gorging himself. While the dark threatened to overtake Aruw'n, he still held firmly anchoring himself in the lightside of the Force. The exertion felt by Aruw'n was like holding his breath underwater unable to come up for air.

    By the time the Dark Lord Atavus turned his focus back to Aruw'n it was too late. The energy the Sith had been feeding on was steadily being overshadowed by light Aruw'n was pouring in the nexus of the Force around him.

    And as the light had overshadowed the dark energies of Roon, so it did with Atavus's withered body and the evils he had wrought upon the Jedi. Atavus was unable to keep from drawing on the lightside of the Force while the Sith desperately tried to counter attack with twin lightsabers. Aruw'n easily dodged the Sith's futile attack gouging out Atavus's shoulder in the process.

    "You should have surrendered, Sith." Aruw'n flatly said as he circled around Atavus. All the while, holding his saber at the ready.

    From his kneeling position afforded to Atavus he could just barely see the bright yellow glow of Aruw'n Bonadan's eyes in the dimly lit chamber. Every part of Atavus's body burned as he was unable to shut himself off from the Force. From constant use of the darkside, Atavus had physically been Sith power incarnate. Now such was his undoing.

    "Don't think, Jedi," he said as the last breathes of life were leaving his body, "that you've won anything here." Atavus could no longer hold either of his lightsabers with the effort of speech, "Death is only the beginning for a Sith Lord."

    With his dying words, the Dark Lord Atavus vanished into the vast chaos beyond this realm, his spirit bent on crossing over yet again into the world of the living.

    Aruw'n drew back inward as Atavus vanished, his hold on Roon broken and tried to keep his knees from buckling beneath him. Behind Kai and Quin had recovered somewhat to huddle around Kira while she held Sae. It wasn't until that very second Aruw'n had realized just what had happened during the confusion imposed on them by Atavus.

    He walked over kneeling to look into the man's eyes, "Sae, it's over now," he continued on with words he was not s
  25. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Antares Draco

    [blockquote]Bilbringi, escape pod

    "Our status..." Antares replied as his gaze flicked over the diagnostic reports on a nearby mini-screen and the sensors on another. "Is that we're in a lot of trouble."

    A plasma ball shot past them on the escape pod's port-side and Antares did all he could to keep himself from jerking in reaction to the close call. He flew the escape pod through the battlefield and away from the dying Eternal Blade and the worldships that were tearing her apart. Even with his skills as a pilot, he couldn't avoid the enemy's shots for long and it would not be long before coralskippers caught up with them.

    "Hyperdrive is inoperable, we're getting shot at by the Vong, and the nearest help is hindered by all the debris. As for the nearest ship, that would be the Apex, Master." Antares narrowed his eyes and stretched out to the Force searching for an avenue of escape or a haven of safety. He felt the Force nudging his gauntleted hands in a particular direction and rather then question it, he allowed his hands to move the escape pod to where the Force was leading him.

    He didn't see anything right away until a massive shadow passed by them and he understood. He glanced back at his Emperor and master; "I think we can use the debris to help us hide from the Vong long enough for the Apex and her fighters to reach and protect us." He was already heading for the what appeared to be a large piece of a hull with an engine nacelle.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Li, Sinre
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