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SWRPF Archive 128 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - The Force War

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Sinrebirth, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    IC :: Kev-Mas Colcha

    "Oh, then in that case, perhaps you could help us fight the Sith after you are done with your medical treatment," proposed Kev-Mas to the man, who, from further examination, was obviously hurt. Kev-Mas then immediately sent for the Medical Dispatch to carry the man into the ship for transport back to the Morning Star.

    "Oh, and I guess we should introduce ourselves. I'm Kev-Mas Colcha, Twilight Jedi, obviously. I hope you can forgive me for my hasty assumption. I've had a rather bad day, although I'm sure it doesn't compare to yours," Kev-Mas said, as the man was being carefully lifted out of the small hole by the medical troops, his wounds being cared for.

    TAG :: Dade
  2. MarcusDade

    MarcusDade Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 5, 2006
    IC: Dade

    If Dade could have punched the man in the face, he probably would have. At least whoever spoke over the comm had some common sense. Or at least wasn't an idiot. Either was good in Dade's curren't situation. Couldn't this Twilight Jedi listen to his commmander, or friend, or whoever it was on the comm, and just transport him to a Bacta tank, and leave his hair-brained talking blah blah blah until after Dade was healed? Apparently not. "Listen, Poodoo-for-brains, if you want to talk my ear off about who you are, and what you do after I've had the multiple fractures healed, then talk away. But I swear to the Force, that if you say one more fracking word about the Twilight Jedi, or who you are, and what you want me to do, I will personally make sure that you will need a bacta tank just as much as I do. Understood, Twilight Jedi?"

    Dade had taken an instant dislike to the man. Not only had he first demanded something of Dade before noticing that he was in far more need of a bacta tank, than Mr. Important was in need of answers, but he also insisted on trying to demand things of dade. "Well perhaps you could help us fight the Sith." Yea, yea. Well maybe you could get me to a bacta tank and then talk my ear off, you idiot. As far as he was concerned, Dade certainly wasn't going to tell this guy his real identity. "And I'm Marcus," he replied to the man's introduction. He figured he might as well introduce himself since at least the man was decent enough to finally send him to sick bay. "Marcus Rand."

    He looked around, and suddenly noticed that the Twi'lek and the baby were no longer with him. He was relieved. That was two less heads he needed to protect. But at least he knew for certain that they were okay. Thanks to his efforts, they had made it through the landing unscathed. He just hoped that they had gone off someplace safe instead of being captured by someone while he was in his force trance. Judging by how he was left, he assumed it was the former. And good riddance, he thought. The last thing he needed was that woman slowing him down again. If it wasn't for her idiocy, he would still be back on Nar Shadaa, with his money and the rest of his belongings. He had basically been robbed of all his belongings, and the money that he had earned from the sale of his ship. So far, that was 30,000 credits worth of food, items and clothing, and 400,000 credits for the ship that she owed him. Oh, and she also owed him her life. But Dade didn't particularly enjoy having debts owed to him, or having debts owed to some other person. He'd rather he was left to his own devices.

    Content that Mr. Twilight Jedi was finally ordering the medical dispatch to carry him into the ship for transport to a sick bay, he closed his eyes and rentered into his healing trance once again. He sincerely hoped for his sake (and the sake of Mr. Impolite Twilight Guy too) that when he woke up, he would either be in a bacta tank, or freshly out of one.

    And as he closed his eyes and entered the healing trance once again, he tried to focus his mind and free it from the confusion that plagued him at that moment.

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  3. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    IC :: Kev-Mas Colcha

    Later, in the Med Bay

    Kev-Mas, had decided to wait for this Marcus Rand to wake up, so he could try and fix some loose ends. He wasn't the best with his words, and that was probably blatantly obvious to Marcus.

    He also, after a while, grew tired of waiting. He wanted these people healed, and out of the sick bay. And he knew exactly the person to help with this.

    "Maya," he said over the comm, to quite possibly the best healer in the order, who had also just arrived onboard the Morning Star, "I need you in the Med Bay, to help us accelerate the healing of two people who would most likely prove to be beneficial to us."

    Just as he said that, Vincent's Bacta Tank started to drain, ready for him to leave it and finish his recovery. With any luck, Maya would arrive just in time to assist with that.

    TAG :: Kahn, Dade, Maya
  4. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Vincent

    Being lifted out of the bacta tank and placed on a near by stretcher was just uncomfortable enough to make Vincent want to complain. Being sore was bad enough, but being sore and being lifted by a cold, inhuman droid and placed nearly naked on a stretcher was far worse. The worst yet however was to come.

    Vincent ran his index finger over the eye patch that was currently over his right eye. When he crashed, the medical droid had told him, a piece of shrapnel had logged itself in his eye, and it had to be replaced. Vincent had cybernetic implants, but they were voluntary. An Comm link, computer interface implant, and a Sub Electronic Converter. They were all to help him do what he needed to do quickly, quietly and without notice. But an eye would be different.

    He slowly pulled off the eye patch and opened his eye, there was a momentary blur as the eye auto focused. Vincent had made a request of the implant, so he could zoom in a good distance and even view input from computers with his interface implant. It certainly appeared they had delivered. The implant itched though, something they told him would last a few hours after getting out of the tank, so it wasn't so bad.

    Vincent slowly stood up, his legs were shaky at first, and very sore, but he could deal with the pain. Hanging on a rack next to his stretcher were his clothes, which he donned quickly. Fastening his belt and fixing his lightsaber and a few pouches to it he made sure everything was straight. Before he turned and faced the tank that Marcus was in. ?With a simple thought he activated his Comm link and set its frequency to that of Kev's.

    ?Kev, I'm out of the tank and dressed. I'm sore, but I'll be ok in a little bit. However, I think it would be a good idea if I was the one here wen Marcus woke up. You weren't exactly the greatest Twilight Jedi welcoming party we could have sent.? Vincent looked Marcus over again, He had been injured pretty bad but was healing rapidly. Vincent could feel the man was extremely gifted in the force. ?And I think, He'll be awake soon. The bacta is working and he appears to be in a Healing Trance. I'll get back to you shortly.?

    Tag: Dade, Kev, Maya
  5. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    IC :: Kev-Mas Colcha

    Apparently Vincent really was having a bit of trouble with his vision. Kev-Mas' comm beeped, and sounded with Vincent's voice, which was heard in stereo, seeing as Vincent was speaking to a comm located in a room he was in.

    Tapping Vincent gently on the shoulder, as not to hurt Vincent's healing and sore body, Kev-Mas spoke. "Umm, Vincent, I'm right here," chuckled Kev-Mas, "And, all right. I guess I'll be going then. Just make sure you apologize to Marcus for my behavior."

    Heading out of the room, he peered his head in, "Oh, and make sure to cooperate with Maya for her healing session. Remember, that its for the best."

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  6. MarcusDade

    MarcusDade Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 5, 2006
    IC: Dade

    Warm and wet. That's the best way Dade would have explained the feeling of being in a Bacta tank. At least it was warm and wet instead of cold and wet, however. Dade had always enjoyed the feeling of Bacta tanks, for some reason. There was something...maternal about them. Almost as if it reminded him of his mother's womb. He sometimes wondered why that comforted him instead of slightly disturbed him, but he really didn't care. If he could find it emotionally pleasurable to be healed, then all the better. One thing he could do without, however, was the taste of the damn stuff. The machinery made it more than easy to breath, but the taste and smell of the sickly-sweet thick liquid would stay in one's mouth and nasal cavity for weeks afterwards. And while Dade didn't mind the taste of Bacta all that much, being stuck with it for weeks was a bit much. But if that was the price of being healed, Dade figured he could deal with a bad aftertaste for a couple of weeks instead of be being dead or comatose.

    He had felt the insertion into the bacta tank, feeling much like an insertion in a large tube of warm pudding, and had been finally eased into contentment by its feeling all over his skin. It had awoken him from his unconciousness slightly, but he eventually faded back into his healing trance. He didn't need to stay in the trance, but it would help the healing to go faster. And Dade needed answers. What were the sith doing? And why of all places had a rebellion (Or attack) been staged at Utapau? Utapau, as far as he knew, was absolutely worthless to any government in terms of supplies or resources. The only thing he could think of was that the resistance to the current government had gotten a foothold here, and the Sith had decided to take the outpost out in an attempt to starve them of resources.

    He was vaguely aware of what was going around him, and he heard the hum of a droid removing another being from a bacta tank near him. It was difficult to hear anything through the thick clear liquid that he was surrounded in, but the whir of the machine was audible just enough for him to make it out. However, all other sounds other than that were either a jumbled mix of audible mumbles, or not audible at all.

    And As Dade let himself slip further into his healing trance, he thought of Skye and she used to say that Dade looked like a newly born baby when coming out of a bacta tank. He used to hate it, especially since she would always wait until other men were around to say it. But for some reason, thinking about it now just made him miss her more. It was truly a testament to the woman's staying power, being able to stay in Dade's mind for centuries after her death. Of course the fact that she would visit him through the force in his dreams didn't help his missing her, either.

    But eventually, she too faded from his mind as he drew deeper into the force and all that existed there was peaceful nothingness helping his body heal to its full potential. And as he stayed there, he felt every ligament, every bone and piece of skin mend itself under the influence of the bacta, and the force. And as he stayed in that state, his force powers practically uncontrollable by him, he unwittingly projected a short few seconds long force image of his long dead wife into the minds of all others in the room with him. The image was of her on their wedding day, her laughing face and flowing brown hair crowned with a wreath of green and blue leaves as she wore a sky-blue dress with flowing ribbons and lace, with a range of snow-capped mountains standing behind her.

    Tag: Kahn, anybody else in the room.
  7. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Vincent

    Vincent was, slightly taken aback by the sudden vision of a woman in his mind. She was, more than beautiful, he could say. Not he was entirely enthralled by her beauty. He had other things to worry about than be infatuated by women at the moment. He did however have a soft spot for beautiful vista's, and why it may seem strange to most, of the vision he was seeing, he focused mostly on the Mountains behind the woman.

    It was rather easy to figure out the vision was coming from Marcus. He had basically drifted into REM sleep and his mind and force powers were wandering. He didn't want to disturb the man but he doubted Marcus wanted the whole ship to see his private memories. Vincent closed his eyes and focused, focused on presenting his image into Marcus' mind. He would probably take the place of the woman in the man's mind, which might disturb him but, such was necessary.

    ?Now.? Vincent said, through the force into Marcus' mind, ?I'd prefer not to disturb your private time. But your projecting this memory into at least the sickbay. I doubt that's something you want so you should probably wake up and focus.? With that, he faded out of Marcus' mind and waited for the man to wake up.

    Tag: Dade.
  8. Whitelight

    Whitelight Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 10, 2007
    IC: Maya

    Looking down at her comm link she hadn?t put her two feet on the floor in the bay then it when off it was Kev-Mas.

    Maya," he said over the comm, to quite possibly the best healer in the order, who had also just arrived onboard the Morning Star, "I need you in the Med Bay, to help us accelerate the healing of two people who would most likely prove to be beneficial to us."

    Sighing a bit all she wanted to do was go to her room and take a nice hot shower with what she had been through but then duty calls. Smiling as her finger found the on button of her link, ?Understand, Kev-Mas will be there.? With that she clicks it off again and started to head right towards the med bay. She nodded to the ones that smiled at her or said hello.

    All time she all she was thinking about just how bad where these guys and who where they. She knew she needs to be prepared for anything so she got into her mind set as she enters into the bay.

    The first then she was hit by was the image of a very beautiful woman and man on there wedding down. Thinking to her how lovely is that. Brought a warm smile to her face, but that wasn?t for long she didn?t have to grab any charts, she knew which one they where, and one was stand why the heck wasn?t he in a bed. Sighing a bit they never where any easy one these days.

    She let her long bright purple hair that flowed down past the middle of her back with half of it pulled back in a very long clip with suns and starts inlay it was caped on the top with another sun then at the bottom it was open.

    Placing her hand that was now very warm to anyone that she touches on the man that was looking at the other that was still in the tank. ?I would like you to come with me we will see about healing the rest of the way and taking way those pains you are still having.

    At the same time she looked at the man in the tank he looked like the image she had came into smile she sent some of her healing to him more of a warmth feeling that she keep wrapping him in one layer at a time so he could drawl off it then she let go for now.

    Looking him in the eyes with her purple eyes and very sweet smile she could see the eye was going all over the place. ?Well, you going to lie down or am I going over to carry you myself.?

    Looking over to one of the beds not to far from the tank so he could still watch him friend if he wanted.

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  9. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Vincent

    Vincent crossed his arms and sighed. "Seriously Maya, do you have to forget me each time I go away for five minutes?" he didn't know why, but Maya always forgot who he was, despite the fact that he had been a Twilight Jedi for a long while now and was considered to be the De Facto leader along side Kev. "And I don't have to sit or lay down, I just need to deal with the soreness in my muscles."

    He knew however he coudln't win this argument with her, if anything she could hurt him more. So, begrudingly and with a very heavy sigh he sat down. "Please hurry this along. Mr. Rand over here is in worse shape than I am and his force powers are acting out. And if he's powerful enough to survive the kinda crash needed to make a 5 foot crater, he's probably powerful enough to damage the ship without knowing it."

    Tag: Maya, Vincent, Kev?
  10. MarcusDade

    MarcusDade Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 5, 2006
    IC: Dade Leviathan

    Calm darkness surrounded him as he peacefully slumbered within his trance. His breathing steady, and his heart rate slowed to a crawl, his body was quickly healing of the injuries he had sustained. At least it would be considered quickly when one took into consideration the types of injuries that had been inflicted upon him. He was aware of absolutely nothing, as was a very large weakness when one would enter a force trance. But he was in a safe place, and when he had entered into the trance he saw no way a threat could present itself. At least not within the time he assumed it would take him to heal.

    He was vaguely aware of a voice on the outside of his consciousness, however he couldn't make out what it said. It was either someone telepathically trying to talk to him, or someone talking so blisteringly loud that he couldn't help but hear the noise. He could swear that it had said something about some sort of private time, and something involving a memory of sorts. He hadn't been able to understand the whole thing, but that was probably because of how deep he was within his force trance.

    He also felt a warm sensation, a sensation he immediately associated with someone trying to influence him with the force, even in his trance like state. However, the feeling was one of healing and not of malice, so it didn't concern him. In his trance state, he assumed that a healer had probably entered and was attempting to speed his healing along. However, in his state he wasn't able to reason why the healer would have done such a thing, whether it be out of mercy or out of need.

    It seemed to be working, however, as his body slowly began receding him out of his trance. Slowly, but surely, the darkness abated as the calming sensations stayed. As he began to slowly regain conciousness, he felt the bones in his body to be healed, and while he was still sore in a few parts because of the bruises he sustained, that pain was slowly going away as well.

    He could feel his heart rate increasing back to normal levels as his breathing increased as well. The visions of the force began to fade, and he began to regain his reasoning capabilities that had been muddied because of how deep he had retreated into the force for healing.

    Finally, after many hours, he slowly opened his eyes and was greeted with a hazy vision when the bacta seeped into his eyes. It didn't burn as one unaccustomed to bacta might be afraid of. In fact, it felt quite soothing, but it did make everything outside of the tank look like some sort of new-wave art painting.

    He slowly turned as he heard some sort of click above him, but he reasoned that it was probably the machines whirring to live, as the life support system picked up the fact that he was ready to be removed. Content that the machines would do their job, he closed his eyes and relaxed, attempting to bring his still groggy body fully out of the trance that pain, and his reflexes had placed him under.

    Finally, after a few minutes, he felt his near-naked body being pulled out of the tank by the colt metal of the machines and sighed gently as the breathing aparatus was removed from his face and he was placed upon the cold medical bed. Force, he thought, You'd think they would heat these things up to make them a bit less of a shock. And as he opened his eyes and groggily wiped the bacta out of them, he uttered one simple request. "Can someone hand me a towel?"

    Tag: Everyone in the med bay.
  11. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sae Kya, Roon, Sphere

    Sae, held by Kira, his life force being supported by Kai and Quin, watched as Atavus seemed to fade away, the Sith turning into dust. Aru?wn, shining with so much power it was frightening after a fashion, came over, kneeling to look into Sae?s eyes.

    "Sae, it's over now, it's going to be ok, we'll get you back to an aid station and- ?

    Kira?s comlink chimed, covering the block to the Twi?lek?s speech. She ignored it, and Sae reached for it, switching it to broadcast to everyone, not quite strong enough to bring it to his mouth.

    ?Kya here.?

    ?This is Admiral Vale. Where?s General Romar??

    ?General Romar is indisposed.? Sae allowed himself a smile, which Kira, her eyes streaming tears, couldn?t return. Kai and Quin smiled weakly, but the officer on the other end continued regardless, seemingly worried.

    ?Understood. Sir, the Sith are disengaging, pulling back towards the Sphere. I?m not sure what?s going on, sir, but their leaving the Imperials to fight.?

    ?The Force storms??

    ?Was that what it was?? Vale sounded incredulous. ?It?s gone, and we?re pushing back the Empire. But most of the Sith are on their way to you, General. What?s going on??

    Kai grimaced. ?They?re coming to take the Sphere for themselves.?

    ?General Lonati, you?ve survived as well??

    Kira spoke up, her voice cracking as Sae?s eyes lidded. ?Admiral, I need an evac from the Sphere immediately. We?ll blow it up on our way out, with whatever we can throw at it.?

    ?General Romar, that didn?t work before.?

    ?It will now, there isn?t any Sith at the heart of the Sphere.?

    ?But sir, there will be in a few moments - ?

    Sae coughed. ?Then someone will have to stay, use the Sphere to counter their approach until someone can blow this up. I volunteer.?


    ?Do your plans absolutely require that Sphere??

    Darth Insipid smiled at Darth Alastor, the Blue Star?s transformation complete, Atavus attention drew away elsewhere.

    ?The Sphere cannot be harmed by traditional weapons, Alastor. It has the power to deactivate ordnance and deflect energy based weapons. The Sith did not design these creatures without such things in mind.? Insipid spoke slowly, even as they shot past the Imperial defensive fire, provided by AT-AA?s and Loronar tank droids. A Force storm was gathering, seeking the ship, Atavus seemingly distracted enough that he could not snuff out Alastor any more, but had enough power to direct tangible efforts.

    ?My plans do require it, yes, Atavus.? Insipid seemed even more cautious, as if this was more true than anything. ?Without the Sphere you will not have the strength to defeat Krayt, let alone a Skywalker. I duelled a Skywalker once, decades ago, and barely escaped with my life intact.?

    Insipid?s white eyes looked back from the carnage before them, as something shifted, darkness twirling and becoming aghast. The Force storm vanished. ?Atavus is dead. The rest of the Sith will soon converge on the Sphere.?

    As they watched, sensors showed Fury-class fighters arcing away from the orbital battle, abandoning the now-vulnerable Imperial destroyer in orbit. The dozens of GA ships cautiously advanced, and in the Force Insipid and Alastor could feel the dozens of Sith on the ground abandoning Imperial Stormtroopers and rushing to make it to the Sphere.

    A single Corellian Action Transport, shimmering as it?s cloak activated, tentatively identified as the Wild Karrde by the Blue Star arched from beneath a bevy of cloud, firing at Alastor on the fly with a trio of turbolasers.

    Insipid snorted. ?The Elites flee. Ruyn and Nihl, and the nameless one Ruyn trains. The hoax is entirely fulfilled. Leave them, we must make it to the Sphere before any other Sith. The Jedi will attempt to destroy it with tangible weapons, and shall fail.?

    TAG: Bojangles, Kahn
    IC: Monia, Battle of Anaxes, in orbit

    Monia, niece to the po
  12. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    [color=red[b]IC: Koon, Relentless, Second Battle of Qiilura[/b]

    ?Do not question my actions, Reign. It is of no consequence to you, where I take my own prisoners.?

    Schleier snapped out, and Koon saw the immediate future was about to be violent. He gestured, pushing Schleier to the side, even as Reign lashed out a lightning fast blow. It missed by a hair, separating Koon?s manacles ? which wouldn?t have taken a moment to sever either way ? and he launched himself forward, tackling Reign to the floor.

    Koon looked back, at Schleier. ?You have three minutes to escape. Go how, Schleier. Back to your homeworld. That?s where the answer to your destiny will be found. There was another line to the prophecy -?

    Reign hit him over the head with the hilt of his weapon, and kicked him up. Koon managed to land on his feet, clawing his hands and slapping them together smashing Reign with the Force from two sides. Reign cried out, Koon looking back.

    Sacrifice will light the way.

    The shields began to buckle as the TwinTail assault started. Three dozen TwinTails dropping shadow bombs and firing barrages that would soon overwhelm the ship. Predators couldn?t stop a Jedi storm. Two Sith were not enough.

    ?Two minutes. Go.?

    TAG: Nick
    IC: Darth Illumin, Drongar Orbital Station, boarding Jensaarai vessel

    "Oh it's time to teach a lesson to the little minions,who think they can play with the big guns."

    Darth Illumin grinned at Darth Procella wolfishly, as she stepped through. All three Jensaarai launched forward, one clearly Ataru, the other Makashi ? Yellow and Red blades respectively. They had animalistic armour upon their bodies, but the last, holding back a little, was a scarred woman wielding a golden lightsaber that Procella would recognise as belonging to the Saarai-Kaar she had killed over six months ago.

    Yellow leapt over Procella, stabbing down, even as Red stabbed at her, a curved lightsaber hilt evident. Yellow landed and lunged at Illumin aggressively, he himself prevented from raising an effective defence, backing away. Gold padded after, using Triangle Form to weave a defensive screen, seemingly staying in the entrance of their ship.

    Danger rang out all around, suddenly, and growing stronger every moment; a timer.

    TAG: Tee
    IC: Talia, Presidential Complex, Battle of Bakura

    The President went down, crying out, Taung snapping. ?What are you doing, Tenk?? The other two kept their blades ignited, looking at Taung, and then back. Talia stepped closer to him.

    ?He has to die. You know it. I know it. If we?re going to crush the Bakuran?s, and the Confederacy, he has to die.?

    Talia blinked, looking at her friend. ?Tenk? we?re in trouble.? She could tell that Tenk was somewhere bad, but this was not the time or place to come close to darkness. She touched the back of the hand holding the blaster, calling him back with their touch.

    All three Jensaarai ? Taung, Mynock and Krayt ? took steps forward, the President rolling on the ground in pain, blood staining the floor, the puddle meeting Tenks feet quickly.

    TAG: Sarge221
    IC: Darth Sieg, Roche system

    Darth Sieg stood, nursing a secret smile. The Sith Lord may have been a ?bright? Sith, by his own standards, but he knew Yinngle was hardly unable to cross the line. He had just allowed genocide.

    He was already a Sith.


    The Hapan Navy shimmered from hyperspace, dozens upon dozens of Hapan Battle Dragon decanting in battlegroups. Two fleets worth, launching gravity wells and locking all in the system. The GA forces and Verpine fleets regrouped, into two groups. Darth Sieg looked at the Jedi High Master, ?Are we still launching genocide to win this war once and for all??

    Two Verpine fleets, and two GA fleets, and a pair of Imperial PSDs, and a squadro
  13. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Battle of Bakura

    ?He has to die. You know it. I know it. If we?re going to crush the Bakuran?s, and the Confederacy, he has to die.?

    Tenk stood over the President, his blaster still pointed at his fallen form, the anger and hate that he was feeling still drumming against his heart and mind. He wanted the President to suffer, to punish him for doing what he has done with his crimes, to have a victim of his manipulation to come back and bite him and tear him to bits before allowing him to die. To show him that he had gone too far and the last thing he would know before he died was everlasting pain.

    ?Tenk? we?re in trouble.?

    A lifeline was tossed to him amongst this sea of dark emotions and Tenk's one eye blinked, slowly, before he turned to look at Talia. A little of surprise cut into Tenk's hatred at seeing Talia seeming so calm despite having been captured at the doing of the President, no doubt having to face torture and death if she hadn't been freed.

    Tenk took a slow, deep breath, trying to calm himself, to think rationally.

    "He does have to die," Tenk finally admitted. He glanced down at the blood that stained the floor. "But...not like this."

    The President couldn't be allowed to live, Tenk knew that. He was a scheming, cruel, terrible man of the worst kind. He had been willing to sacrifice the people he was supposed to protect in order to obtain power. To let the man live, to let the Confederacy win and have them and the Bakurans look to the President as a guide and take part in whatever other actions he may couldn't be allowed.

    But having him suffer wasn't the way. For Tenk to use the defeated man's last moments as a conduit for his hatred and anger to grow wasn't the way.

    Tenk straightened his arm that held the blaster, sighting the President's head.

    "It ends here," Tenk finally spoke, calmly, the hate he had been feeling seeming to fizzle out and his finger tightened on the trigger of his blaster one last time and a bolt was fired at the President's head.

    TAG: Sinrebirth
  14. SWBob

    SWBob Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 19, 2003
    IC: Darth Idoneus
    Roche System

    Idoneus could feel Insipid enter his mind. This rarely happened. He usually appeared in a general, all-can-see, form. So the fact that Insipid was appearing only to him caused him to pay even closer attention to his formaer master than normally.

    ?Amusing, my apprentice, phase one is complete. Sarreti is dead.? Darth Insipid folded his skeletal arms. ?Now, for the second phase, my apprentice. Kill Ardeur, and take the Verpine fleet for our own.?
    Keeping his emotions in check he sent acknowledgement and then turned to the Quarren adressing him. "I want the Steadfast's fighters to disengage defensive menuvers and attack the closest Galactic Alliance ship. Concentrated mass fire tactics, there are far too many fighters for their shields to deal with. Take them out one by one. Have the Lucid Voice's fighters provide defesive actions around us. Message them to come along side and share defences with us. And message the Mandalorians. Ask them if they would be willing to make a few attack runs. Their aggression would probably be best suited for attack. Make sure they realize that together we can be stronger than when apart."

    Idoneus smiled at that last statement considering what he was about to do. "And Captain. I have just recieved information from Dath Krayt through the Force. Darth Aurder has betrayed us to the Galactic Alliance. You will accept no orders from her. She killed Serretti and is a traitor. Carry out your orders."

    Turning to Arduer he launched a stream of Force lightning at her, trying to catch her off gaurd. he knew that it would be hard to do but he had to try. Ignighting his blade with his other hand, his arm lept out to Arduer, intent to pierce her and follow his Masters orders.

    Tag: Sinre, Sey, Others present
  15. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Alastor

    The Blue Star pressed through the various attacks launched at it from ground inplacements. It, and its 'pilot' bent on a singular purpose. Reaching that Sphere. The ship, shrugged off the incoming fire from the Karrde, completely ignoring the craft as it accelerated forward Farther. That was when Atavus, spoke of Atavus' death.

    Alastor had felt it, and it brough him both Rage and Pleasure. Pleasure at the fact that Atavus had met his end, likely at the hands of a lowly Jedi, and Rage at the fact that he had not been there to witness it. But it mattered not, before him the Citadel, atop wich rested the sphere grew into view. "I will take that Sphere... And Erase Atavus from history!" Alastor yelled as he rose quickly from this chair and rushed towards the rear of his ship.

    The craft, of its own accord, rapidly circled the Citadel before coming to rest beside the sphere itself. Its loading ramp lowered and Alastor, increasing his speed with the aid of the force rushed forward from the hold of his ship, saber drawn and ignighted. He doubted he'd meet much risistance as he rushed towards the entrance to the mighty Sith Structure, but if he did. He'd end it quickly, and painfully.

    Tag: Sinrebirth
  16. SWBob

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    Jun 19, 2003
    IC: Bosa Nejeco

    Bosa heard the doorways close behind him as he followed to Yuuzhan Vong. By now the preist had stopped spewing gas and he could breathe easy. Catching up to the priest he noticed that he wasnt acting like a priest usually does. He was holding an ampistaff and his eyes had a presence to them that made him look almost drunk, but he was moving with speed and agility he had never seen in Yuuzhan Vong before. Then all of a sudden he felt the shudder that came with a hyperspace jump.

    Thats not a good thing. This one should end this so we can regain control of the situation.

    Seeing the priest turn in his direction, Bosa ignited his blade and prepared for the priest to attack. Thats when he saw that the Priest had armor on. Knowing that he wouldnt live if he failed to take the initiative, he came at the priest, swinging his blade in an arc to take his leg off. He would prefer to take the priest alive in order to interogate him, but he had no reservations about killing him if he threatened his life or the lives of the others he came with.

    Tag: Sinre
  17. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    GM OOC: Handmaiden_Yane shall be joining us shortly, but she has not read beyond Exile in LotF. So, if at all possible, at very least until she finishes in the next week or so, please can everyone be careful with LotF spoilers, especially plot-points involving Jaina, Jacen, Lumiya and so forth. Thanks!
  18. Ki_Undi_Mundi

    Ki_Undi_Mundi Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 31, 2006
    IC: Master Yinngle

    Master Yinngle knew that he had done wrong, he had allowed genocide.

    Master Jorgon I wish where here He thought, know what to do he would

    Yinngle knew that Jorgon had left, and he didn't know why. Jorgon and Yinngle had always stuck together, and apparently that changed. He knew that he must reverse what was happening.

    " Commander!" He yelled. " Anyway there is to reverse this genocide? If that be so, send troops in you will, crush who we have you to, you will. Stop this genocide you must try."

    TAG: Sinre
  19. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Of Darth Schleier
    Relentless over Qiilura

    Schleier turned wildly between the shuttle and Koon. His mind raced. He was torn, between respect he shouldn?t have and the overwhelming urge for self-preservation. Dancing unchecked between it all, was genuine fear. Fear of the future he could not predict and the hardship he would face, alone, if Koon died. Schleier called to his new ally pitifully.

    ?There is still time for you, Koon. You can make it.?

    Schleier knew that his words spoke a lie. But, he didn?t want to face it. He was growing weak. Now, in the midst of everything, he was doubting his old ways. His old intentions. The only way of life he knew, may have very well been for naught. It was hard to bear. Schleier, turned towards the shuttle. He glanced back and called again.

    ?I?m sorry, Koon. Truly, I am, for your loss. And, grateful for you sacrifice.?

    Schleier couldn?t waste any more time waiting for a response. His only ticket to survival would soon be charred rubble, along with this ship, if he didn?t hightail it away. His feet pounding against the metal floor of the hangar bay and then the smaller ship, Schleier hurried to the cockpit. Engaging the engine, he stared, sightless at the dark expanses of space. The deep pocket he had to face to confront an even deeper turmoil, on his home world and in himself.

    Tag: Sinre

    [b]Of [color=blue]Ryu Brightstar
    [i]The tunnel under enemy lines[/i][/color][/b]

    [i]Ryu stood facing the hole. It?s depth was frightening. Ryu instinctively put his hand into his pocket, but he gained no rush from the holocron, as per usual. Ever since he had felt Krayt on the planet, Ryu had noticed that the holocron wasn?t exerting any of it?s power. It seemed odd that a powerful holocron would hide from the Dark Lord of the Sith. It was a problem that Ryu hoped to unearth, but that could wait.

    Ryu grabbed Jules hand. He motioned for the six commandos to enter the tunnel and then glanced back at the Imperial Knight. His voice broke slightly and Ryu?s face reddened. He coughed and tried again.[/i]

    [color=blue][b]?Shall we, Knight Sagitta, General Ors??[/b][/color]

    [b]Tag: [i]LI and Sinre[/i][/b]>
  20. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    Ratep Sentarin
    wrecked ship over Anaxes

    Ratep twirled around with enough time to catch the Siths' bite at his shoulder, throwing his own might into his blade to counter the power of the Djem So strike. Almost immediately, Ratep found himself parrying the quick, precise strikes from the other hand of the Siths. There really are two of you in there, he thought. The use of Djem So and Makashi almost bewildered Ratep, as such coordination would likely be impossible for a being of one mind to accomplish.

    He finally caught a glimpse of the damage that he did inflict on the Siths. A gash, enough that Ratep let a smile break out on his face. But that quickly subsided as he continued to block the blows, trying to give himself time to think.

    Two beings, two styles, one body. Who was in ultimate control? Obviously no one. A style that required strength and restricted mobility, and a style that required mobility and precision but a weakness to strength.

    The strikes were coming fast enough that Ratep found himself moving about the area. His own strength was not faltering, but he knew that he could not continue like this. Think, quickly, think! If he could only think straight if he wasn't being constantly attacked, and if this thick wave of darkness could only be lifted...

    No. Not lifted. Be used to your advantage.

    What was it that you read??? Ratep's eyes grew wide. Master Windu's teachings!!! Vaapad!!! Superconducting loop!!! Use their own darkness to feed your own strength!!!

    But you've never done this before. What will happen? What a fine time to fully learn the use of Vaapad.

    Would you rather die not trying? Enough pussyfooting around.

    Through the force, Ratep reached out to the stifling darkness and was immediately terrified and thrilled at the same time; terrified how dark and empty it was, terrified that this may be his final moments; and completely thrilled that years of self-practice and teaching would show the rest of the Order that this renegade Knight, not fit for being a Master, would prove them wrong. He would become their deadliest weapon yet.

    That's all you are right now, Ratep. A weapon.

    Ratep felt the surge of energy within himself as he allowed the Siths' dark presence to flow through him and channel it towards his own power. His face became stone solid. His eyes were alight. He continued to block the attacks, but he looked the monster straight in the eye. He let himself speak, and the way he said it, it was the most menacing words Ratep had ever spoken.

    "You're finished."

    It was as if a switch was simply turned on somewhere. He was on the defensive at one moment. Suddenly, Ratep exploded in a furious offensive. His orange blade acted as if it had a mind of its own, not under control of its wielder, and certainly not of a sane mind. Stabbing, jutting, slashing - there was no rhythm to it at all. Yet everything was under Ratep's control, and he had no thoughts other than calculating each and every single move of his and his opponent, looking for anything to exploit, doing everything to mercilessly slash the monster into ribbons.

    TAG: sinre

    ooc: yikes that was a long one.
  21. DARTH-bojangles

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    May 1, 2005
    OCC: Apologies for my delay in posting. Work and school have been monopolizing my time, but I'm happy to say both are subsiding. Post coming tomorrow morning. [face_dancing]
  22. DARTH-bojangles

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    May 1, 2005
    The Battle of Roon, Atavus's Tower
    IC as Aruw'n Bonadan

    Bonadan could feel the life steadily flowing out of Sae like a constant bleed in his Force Aura, and on top of that, the Sith were about to on top of them in a matter of moments. He could see that Sae barely had the strength to hold his hand up in a mock volunteering gesture. Aruw'n looked from left to right in disgust at the options before him: precisely none whatsoever.

    "He's right," Aruw'n had to force out the words. "The Sith cannot be allowed to regain the influence of the Sphere. This all has to end on Roon." Still, he didn't voice his own fear about what the Sphere might do to Sae. To his limited knowledge, it was a darkside artifact afterall.

    Kira gathered herself under one of Sae's shoulders and Aruw'n the other as they helped him along inside the blackened, behemoth chamber. All of the Jedi then poured their strength and determination through the Force and into Sae. However, something else permeated their auras. It took Aruw'n a second to realize that it was genuine love for one another. He could only muster a stream of tears from bloodshot eyes in response. To him, this hurt worse than what had plauged him in Roon's depths.

    After a final goodbye, Quin closed the door to the Sphere reluctangly sealing Sae's fate for good. May the Force be with you, friend.

    The few steps out of the Sphere's chamber felt like kilometers with weight of what had happened hanging on each of the Jedi like the stench of death on a battlefield. Aruw'n looked to Kira next eager to break the palpable tension in the group, "Where's the pick up going to be?"

    Battle of Anaxes, Orbit
    IC as Gar Stazi

    Admiral Gar Stazi danced his Crossfire into a corkscrew to dodge an incoming barrage of Nightsister turbolasers when K'kruhk edged in over his comm channel, ?Admiral Stazi, I recommend you batter your way right into the battle and focus your torpedoes. The Heavy Hand has been suffering as it?s out of range, but we?ve taken down the shields.?

    Stazi's eyes widened slightly at K'kruhk's revelation about the Heavy Hand. He knew the Jedi Master had inadvertly implied the Hand was in dire straights, however; duty called.

    "I copy you, Hand." he replied quickly putting up a confidence he wasn't sure he actually felt at the moment. Immediatly Monia's voice chimed between cursing fits by Tarpilan, ?Admiral, how many torpedoes do you have left??

    If Gar hadn't known better he would've put Monia's timing down as some sort of strange divination on her part, "I count six left." Luckily he had been conserving them for such a run as this. "Hammer squadron, make your run from the opposite side of the field on the DSD."

    "All Cutlasses form up on me," Stazi commanded and was somewhat disappointed to only see himself, Monia, Tarpilan, and Link in tow. "We're making a run straight up the bow line to the bridge between the DSD and the remaining shuttles. Keep up maximum velocity to avoid fire and save your last pair of torps for the bridge itself. Copy?"

  23. The Loyal Imperial

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    Nov 19, 2007
    OOC: Sorry about the delay. Roan Fel update will be up tomorrow.

    IC: Arik Sagitta

    "Yes, let us not delay, every moment we're not moving is just another second of life granted to our foes," spoke Sagitta, and without another word he slipped into the tunnel along with the six commandos. His hand rested on his lightsaber, unactivated, as if there were indeed enemies awaiting them in the tunnel it would be unwise to draw excessive attention to their presence. For that same reason, his armor and cloak had been left behind in the camp, tucked securely away where they wouldn't be stumbled over by accident.

    Instead, he was presently clothed in a simple black shirt and a matching set of pants and boots. He imagined for a brief moment that he looked rather like a ghost, with his pale face and hands the only things visible in the darkness. A small smile crossed his face at this thought, but it vanished just as quickly. Now was a time to be serious, there were formidable powers against them that would require their full focus in order to defeat.

    TAG: NickLitYouAFlame, Sinrebirth
  24. Whitelight

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    Aug 10, 2007
    IC: Maya

    Feeling that his heart rate coming back up. Then she could feel him coming out of his trance. This brought a smile to her purple lips. Walking forward, she waited until the med droids where done. Going ot the wram box where they keep the heated blankets. Walking over to the one that she had just help to heal up. "Hear you go, sweety." As she unfolded the blanket and wrapped it around his body. Using the force to get a towel, as she dried his hair. Keeping a hold of him, she knew that he would still be weak from just getting out of the tank. She walked him over to one of the closest beds. "I'm Master Healer Maya Whitelight." Her eyes went to the rest of the room where the others where. She had heard Vincent while she was in her trance with the man that was before her eyes now.

    Smiling at Vincent she knew now that he was back to himself. "I"m glad your feeling better, Vincent." She like playing with him like that she could get him to get upset, to her to was funny to see him get up set. But then that was just her. Turning her eyes back to the new comer. "I don't know what happen, all I know is that I was called in here, to help heal you."

    Tag: Kev, Dada, Vincent
  25. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Vincent

    "From the images I've seen of his 'landing site' he decided to see what it was like to be a meteor. Though he doesn't look like the kind to do that sort of thing on purpose. So my guess is, "He turned to face Marcus while he said this, "You were attacked by the Sith on your way in and had to bail." The Twilight Jedi Master rose up off his seat and walked over to where Marcus and Maya were. "I'd shake your hand but I don't know how sore you are. My names Vincent Mikaru, I'm a Twilight Jedi Master, and the 'one with manners'. Your currently in the Morning Star. We're orbiting over Utapau, as I'm sure you notice there is a battle going on, its mostly died down but still going on but your safe here. And no, unlike my friend earlier your not obligated to assist us."

    Tag: Dade, Maya
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