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SWRPF Archive 128 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - The Force War

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Sinrebirth, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Kol Skywalker, Jedi Council, Coruscant

    He stepped forth. Drawing strength from the force. Since his duel with the Dark Lord he hadn´t fully recovered. He had left his own body very little time to do so. But he knew the urgency of this. It would be quite some time, until he could retreat into meditation.

    He eyed the assembled Masters. At last his look fell on the empty seat next to him, then to Master Wolf Sazen. Sazen nodded only. He thought the same.

    Then he turned to the other Council-Members and sighed.

    "The Sith have returned to the galaxy. They are lead by a man who calls himself Darth Krayt. The Dark Lord of the Sith. The obviously have abondoned the rule of two and are numerous. Master Sazen and myself have faced this Dark Lord and couln´t destroy him. As I have retunred I felt the absence of many Jedi. Among them our missing Council Member Lowbacca."
    His face showed dedication and calm but also obvious signs of tension. "I demand an explanation." He simply said and eyed the three Master´s who hadn´t been at Hapan. His words were unusual harsh for the Grandmaster. But that was no coincidence. He had choosen them to be.

    But somewhere deep inside he already knew the answer.

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    Kira Romar, Outside the Council-Chamber

    She saw the concerned looks of other Knights and tried to have her features lighten a bit. A mask, to be worn. For she was eager to talk to the council. She was eager to share what she had learned and to ask what she had come to ask. To demand. As it had been the force, bringing her here. The force had guided her into a war, that would be total. She had never asked for it, she had never wished to be a harbinger of death. A warrior. She had wanted peace, harmony, unity. But as the Sith had made their move, everything had changed. Darth Zorn had changed everything. Bastion had changed everything. Simeon had changed everything.

    She sat down, letting her had fall between her shoulders. She fought tears of anger, as she sat there. Retreating into herself, withdrawing from the force so the mighty Master couldn´t feel it, as she was only meters away.

    She felt ashamed for the lack of control. Ashamed before herself. She would die in tihs war, most certainly. She knew what she was about to do could only end in a violent death. But by the force . . . she would kill as many Sith as possible, before her time had come . . .

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  2. R_Zion

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    Nov 23, 2004
    OOC: I'll be posting once I check with our good GM on a few things, but in the meantime I thought I'd throw up my CS. Oh, yes, and this is...GM APPROVED

    Name: Shado Vao
    Age: 12
    Species: Rutian Twi?lek
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [image=]
    Allegiance: The Jedi Order
    Weapons: A single lightsaber (blue blade)
    Bio: Orphaned as a child when his parents? ship crashed landed on Vendaxa, Shado and his sister Astraal were taken in by the Imperial Mission and sheltered. However, the young Twi?lek was soon discovered by the Jedi Order and recruited into their ranks. For the first time in their young lives, he and his sister, who remained behind to become a missionary like those who had rescued them, were separated.

    It was scary, at first, being alone within the walls of the training academy of Ossus and he seemed to isolate himself from others. He was separated from his sister, his parents were gone? all he ever knew in his young life had been taken away from his so quickly. When the Jedi came to him, it seemed like such an exciting adventure he was about to embark on, but all he found here were strangers with strange ways. His masters noticed his increasingly solitary attitude, quickly came to his side and helped the young boy confront and deal with this fear, for fear, according to them, was a path to something called the ?Dark Side.? As well, in time, he began to open up and make friends amongst his fellow younglings and drew especially close to a particularly energetic young mischief maker by the name of Cade Skywalker. With his new friend by his side, Ossus didn?t seem such a lonely place any more and, as they spent more time together, young Skywalker helped Shado break out of his shell and become a much more open, amiable person.

    As the years progressed in his training, Shado soon came into his own and found the area in which he best excelled? Lightsaber training. Master K?kruhk would even remark that, with the proper training and focus, the boy could become a first-rate saber duelist, perhaps one of the best he had seen in the order in quite some time. It was his skills with a lightsaber that drew the attention of Master Kol Skywalker, who, after having gotten to hear stories of Shado from his son, decided to take the boy on as his Padawan Learner. Under his tutelage, Master Skywalker, who had no lack of skills with a saber himself, began by teaching the boy the different forms of lightsaber combat and help decide what form was best for him. As well, at the same time he helped Shado develop further in his implementation and use of the force during saber combat to help give him a further edge over his foes. The boy?s training over the next year or two proceeded well and he grew much in skill and knowledge. During this time, Shado came to realize that in Kol Skywalker he had found not only a Jedi Master and friend, but perhaps the father figure he had been missing for so many years.

    With the outbreak of war across the galaxy, Master Skywalker often left Shado behind at the academy on Ossus while he attended more serious? and therein dangerous? matters. However, with the boundaries of the war ever increasing and more Jedi becoming increasingly in need, Shado knew that it was now only a matter of time that he, as his friend Cade had already, would be seeing action in what would be known in time to come as the Sith-Imperial War.
  3. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    OOC: Sorry for OOCing but YEAH, I GOT MY PADAWAN! [face_dancing] Welcome R_Zion! [:D]

  4. R_Zion

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    Nov 23, 2004
    IC: Shado Vao
    Outside the Council Chambers- Jedi Temple- Coruscant

    Crossing his arms together within the billowing sleeves of his robe, Shado strode casually down the Temple corridor towards the High Council chambers where Master Skywalker had told him to meet him after the meeting of the Council. Things had been busy in recent times and he hadn?t had much time to relax, but upon arriving on Coruscant a few hours earlier and placing his things in his quarters, he took five minutes, sat back on his bed and just listened to the SILENCE. If anyone had asked him before the war began if he wanted to go and just sit silently on his bed, he?d probably say they were crazy, but ever since his master assigned him his first mission off of Ossus, it?s just been one crazy event after another. Add to that the fact that there was a slight twinge of pain as of late when he tried to meditate in the force, he figured things were only going to start getting crazier.

    Rounding a corner, he adjusted his head wrap and shifted in his dark gray robes to attempt to get a little bit more comfortable. Unlike the elder Knights and Masters, as a Padawan he didn?t get much choice in his wardrobe. Gray robes, Tan robes, or white robes. What a selection! Still, it was better than what he probably would have ended up with as an Imperial Missionary, like his sister. He could just picture the thin little Rutian Twi?lek girl dressed up in a white uniform that looked like it should belong to a galaxy scout troop.

    Finally, crossing through a small foyer, the twelve-year old arrived at the entryway to the Jedi council chambers, only to find Cade Skywalker waiting there. He lifted his hand into the air and waved, but as he approached, both were intercepted by an old acquaintance, the newly appointed Jedi Knight Thyphoon. Shado smiled as he saw the brown-haired, light skin human approach. While he was slightly older than either he or Cade, they had encounter the former Padawan many times during their training on Ossus and had a good camaraderie with him, if not also a little bit of competition.

    "Hey you two, how have things been?"

    ?Fairly good, I suppose,? Shado replied. ?Things have been busy, and it?s not too many times you hear about a Padawan getting to command a fleet, but at least I didn?t lose the only ship I had like another certain Padawan here.? Turning to Cade, he grinned wryly and elbowed him in the side.

    ?So how about you, Thy? How?s life as a fully-fledged Knight??

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  5. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Knight Nuk, Imperial Senate, Bastion

    ?My firsst masster once ssaid that nothing ever endss, Knight, There are only changess.?

    "Your Master was wise, Kreassk, but I'm afraid that this is a change for the worse. I apologise for that."

    The troopers led the Padawan into the Imperial Senate, where several dozen Moffs were leering over him. A Sith was among them, having recently shuttled down to the surface ahead of Grand Admiral Veed.

    Darth Maladi.

    The Devaronian female, red tattooed and on the High Council Dias with High Moff Rus and [bGiest, other High Moffs absent. The surrounding Senate seats were occupied by other Moffs, almost a hundred representing each sector of the Empire. There were empty seats and places on the dias for holograms to emerge, or where traitors had once sat, but for now they were not.

    Maladi smiled at the Trandoshan. "A Padawan. Excellent. We captured thirty Jedi today, and one more will do us well. You will make a fine Sith, young one."

    She turned away, as the other Moff's snarled down at the Trandoshan. Moff Giest, a hardliner, strode over to the prisoner and smirked. "So, a Jedi. Not much really, are you?"

    Maladi flicked on her comlink, and commed Darth Ardeur. "Lord Ardeur, you are to come here with Elke Vetter. The pair of you are needed at the meeting. I have sent a speeder to you, it will arrive shortly. Lord Wyyrlok is enroute, as is the Emperor. We will need to make a strong appearence, beside his Imperial Knights."

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    OOC: Waiting on SoZ, Fist and Jello. When they all post, the Imperial 'meeting' can begin. Taking GM liberties saying Emperor is 'enroute' for pace. Anyone on Hapes I've tagged, start reading here, but you obviously can't post yet.
    IC: Darth Riven, Stenax

    "If I was going to kill you, you would already be dead. No this was to keep my people in my debt. If they keep failing to save my life I keep control of their worthless lives. I also had to gauge your power. If you had failed or even had the slightest bit of trouble with these pions, I would have know that your Sith was not worthy of my consideration. And that brings me to the reason I asked for a Sith representative to meet me. I am pledging my service to Darth Krayt and the Sith Order."

    Riven nodded slowly. It made sense. Well, for an old style Rule of Two Sith, one supposed. "And I have been sent to accept your pledge, and, in exchange, we offer you the chance to extend your domain, for this is a mission only you can complete."

    The Sith Lord spoke confidently to Darth Pravus. "All the Stenax colonies in the Gordian Reach are loyal to you. We all know that, but there are Stenax on the worlds of Naldar and Belderone, near the Perlemian, members of the Galactic Alliance, the Jedi's ally, and the Sith enemy."

    Riven paused, and then continued. "We need those worlds cleansed of the Alliance. There are Jedi on Belderone, though, as a world near Ossus and Mon Calamari. If you succeed, we will send more Sith to capture the world, maybe a Star Destroyer...if you seek to expand your dominion, of course."

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    IC: Imperial Adjunct Tohri, Ord Sedra

    The Adjunct followed Renov'la Verd, slowly. Kira Vel, Kurai, and Karekson Ordo'a. Four men, all Mandalorians, as the Emperor had ordered for this second mission. "An interesting crew you have here, Verd, I must say."

    "Here is your mission, then. I'm sure you know the vague details, but here's more."

    The datapad Torhi handed over read as thus.

    Operation Serpents Smile

    Target world: Empress Teta, Empress Teta Sector, Deep Core, Alliance Space.
    Target: Hyperlane information from Korriban, Horuset System, to Empress Teta, tentatively identified as the Daragon Trail.
    Most likely location: Mining Guild headquarters, Teta Palace or the abandoned Inquisitor Pala
  6. DARTH-bojangles

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    May 1, 2005
    Battle of Nubia
    IC as Aruw'n Bonadan

    Before Quin could finish his request to Aruw'n concerning the missing Commando an explosion thumped aloud from deep inside the Corellian Strident leaving no doubt the sacrifice made by the brave man. The Twilek's stomach churned as another of their number was added to the mounting casualties.

    He turned his attention to the control panel for the MagClaw and Bonadan hastily disengaged it. What the frell did I get us into?, he grimaced inwardly.

    Quin astutely put the Assault Shuttle into a frenzied arced climb away from the detonating superstructure of the Strident's bow. Aruw'n was clutching to his unbuckled crashwebbing as Quin dodged the resulting destruction of the nearby Confederacy ships caught in the Nova's wake of wrath.

    The Nova's rumbling ceased inside the Shuttle's cockpit casting an eerie silence as the rest of Battle loomed large ahead in their sights. Before them emerged Hero Sovereign's task force angling from on high darting down at the Confederacy escapees. Volleys of missile and turbolaser barrages were traded locking both sides in a frustrating stalemate.

    Aruw'n could feel the tension in the cabin as they all realized the Confederates were still going to escape their grasp no matter what now. His body suddenly feeling heavy, Bonadan sat there in a defeated silence.

    ...But the silence was short-lived for those aboard the Shuttle when a new force entered the panicked fray in the form of Eighteen wedge-shaped Defender-class Star Destroyers. And painfully devoid of any obvious Alliance markings.

    Aruw'n's silence was now taking a back seat to a string of curses as he got on the Fleet channel trying to warn the Alliance of the interlopers. "What the hell is going on!" came a shout from Jedi Lonati. Aruw'n had routed his comm to Hero's fighter to tell him to get the Fleet out of here.

    About to answer he didn't karking know, Aruw'n cut short his reply when the Eighteen Defender-ISDs lanced out with their array of armnaments not at the tiny shuttle, but at the Confederacy.

    The fireworks display after the impact was followed by a "YYYYEEEEEHHOOOOOWWW!!!" from the ecstatic Twilek Jedi Knight literally jumping out of his seat. He suddenly remembered he was on the line with Hero at the other end, "Hero!" he laughed, "Kid, how in the Maw did you get the Denon Military here?!" He didn't care and left no room for an explanation, "Doesn't matter, we'll get the story after this thing's in the books. We're docking with your group. Bonadan out."

    A simple and life affirming chuckle from Sovereign Jr. was all that came in reply.
    [color=green][i]Hours later on the Planet Nubia...[/i][/color]

    The [i]Wedge Antilles Reserve[/i] could be seen in the rich night skies of Nubia itself this far away from the industrial urban sprawls of the capital of Nuba City. They hovered there, still as the waves of grain that surrounded Aruw'n at this moment, a symbol of the massive victory against the Confederate Navy hours earlier.

    Behind him, Aruw'n eyed the three Jensaari over his now bandaged shoulder standing side by side respectfully quiet of the proceedings about to start in front of them. He'd met these armored Force Users initially with a reserved and even cold caution. Especially considering he had rendered one of them unconscious with a piece of durasteel aboard the Corellian Strident.

    Reminding himself that further conversation with the Jensaari Hero had brought along would be necessary, Aruw'n turned as Quin Vos entered the area solemnly with tears streaming down his tattooed cheeks.

    It was Vos's official Acclamation Ceremony as the new High Guardian of the Kiffar People and Aruw'n was rehearsing his part of the service Quin had asked him to take up with the unfortunate death of his childhood friend Bors aboard the [i]Impenetrable[/i]. Bors was one of the few Kiffar there was no room for in the [i]Impenetrable[/i]'s lifepods before it went down. Bonadan tensed at the memory of Admi>
  7. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Hespar Kessler, Plaza

    He looked around. His comrades were eager to attack. While Sentarin was distracted. While he has unconcentrated. they were right, if he provoked him enough, if he made him focus on him alone, another Imperial Knight could strike him down with ease, probably. But he wanted Sentarin to life.

    "So, Padawan Kessler," his former Master said, "what do I wish to do? I wish to rid the true evil of the galaxy: the Sith. And those that stand by them are as evil as they are. Something must be wrong with your emperor to team up with such an ugly bunch. And you don't even show any concern about it." A wide smile. "Or do you?" He let that linger. "Hespar Kessler. So staunch in his beliefs at one point. And yet here he is, fighting alongside the Sith. I guess the Big Crunch of the universe should start at any moment now."

    He eyed his Master. "I thought it had started today." He simply said. With great sadness. He couldn´t be angry with his former Master. For Ratep Sentarin was right. Obviously the Jedi was full of anger, of aggression. But he wasn´t the Dark Side. Maybe on day. Hopefully never. But the Sith . . . Hespar could feel the darkness coming from them. The cold, deadly influence they spread.

    Then he shook his head. "This war has brought darkness to both our ranks. If the Empire is allied with the Sith, then because if faces Jedi who have attacked the Empire. But these are not my decisions to make, Master Sentarin. I have the duty to serve my Emperor. Jedi Knight Ratep Sentarin, you are under arrest. Hand me your lightsaber or use it. But I won´t fight you again. I didn´t wanted then, I don´t want it now. If you choose to resist, cut me down and my comrades will have revenge for your needless violence." He extended his hand, now calm and dedicated. A face showing no emotion at all.

    Probably it was the old Master and friend of all people here, who would guess Hespar Kessler only tried to hide his emotions. For he felt fear. Fear for what the Empire could have become . . . and with the Empire, he himself.

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  8. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Andre Hagan
    Location: Garqi Palace/Keep

    Andre heard the warning of stormtroopers behind them and turned to see the jet troopers were back along with two squads of the stormies. Acting quickly he rolled so that he was directly behind his own force facing the new arrivals and while deflecting what he could said, "Hawkeye, snipe the officer and then try and pick off the stormies with him. Gunz, Skorcher, finish off the jet troopers! Then focus on the newcomer stormies. Tank, continue the assault forward, aid our guys on the frontline melee! Ok everyone move out!" After he finished he concentrated soley on deflecting the blaster bolts heading towards him and his men.

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  9. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Darth Krayt, Throne-Room Korriban

    "I see, you have returned, Darth Atavus." The Dark Lord greeted the ancient Weequay without turning. The man kneeled before him, bowing his head.

    "I felt the death of millions in the force, my Master. It awakened me. It brought me back to my Order." Krayt, not hiding the scars on his armor the last battle had left turned around, finally. Eyeing the man, now raising in front of him. While impressive in shape and form, he wasn´t as huge as the Dark Lord was.
    "Many of the younger Sith have thought you were dead, Leader of Legions. I knew better. To often I have seen what you are capable of." He stepped closer to his old servant, the Weequay met his eyes.
    "They are not worthy of making their opinion known, Master. They are only worthy of servitude or death." He bowed again.
    "Yes, they are." Krayt answered and his arm extended itself, pointing at the fragile creature in the corner of the Throne Room.

    "You have already met my aide? Darth Natas takes care of these foolish younglings. Like you, not a born Sith. Like you, once a Jedi." Krayt whispered and hinting a grin he retreated to his balcony. Darth Atavus followed.
    "But unlike me, the Dark Side has not ascended him. He is weak." Darth Atavus eyed the man, not daring to come to close. "I can feel his fear." Darth Atavus sneared.
    "He serves his purpose." Krayt only answered. Then both of them stood there. Silent. Darth Atavus behind his dark Master.

    After an not ending minute the Dark Lord, watching the sunset over the sandy mountains of Korriban, spoke.
    "You will leave Korriban towards the cloak of the Sith. In the ancient regions once our domain the Sith have grown again. In strength, in numbers and in power." Darth Atavus nodded. "Our new allies will soon arrive on Roon. With armies that must be prepared for the force war we will unleahs on the Jedi. I want you to prepare them. Sort out the weak, strengthen those powerful and when the time has come . . ." He turned around, looking into the eyes of his eldest servant. " . . . do what you have been made for. Lead them into battle and crush my enemies, Leader of Legions. Few remain in the galaxy who have your power. Show them." He nodded.

    "Yes, Master." Atavus smiled and left. Darth Natas almost jumped to the side, as he passed.

    "What a brute." He dared to say. As he stepped to his Master on the balcony.

    "Some Sith are made for precision, some Sith are made murder. Darth Atavus is the fire that makes the galaxy burn, Lord Natas." He sneared and returned to his throne. "You can begin." He only said and took his seat. Darth Natas nodded and cautiously neared the Dark Lord.

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    OOC: Combined post with LordTroepfchen
  10. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Wolf Varik

    Wolf stared at the back of the Anzati before turning to Niner.

    "I believe that was an insult, Niner." Wolf remarked before looking around. If the Anzati had something to hide or wanted to kill Wolf, Wolf expected at least for him to tail him for alittle before trying to take him on. You couldn't trust anyone in this business, even when they gave you their name and said that you could trust them, which most of the time was the exact opposite their true intentions.

    The Anzati, on the other hand, hadn't given him a name and just commented and walked away, expecting Wolf to follow him. Wolf was pretty sure this Anzati knew everything about him. He had been waiting for the ship to land, Wolf's ship, and was way too calm for someone planning something. He decided to just follow the work as it laid in front of him.

    Throwing the covered rifle over his shoulder he set off after the guy, "Let's go, Niner."

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  11. Ki_Undi_Mundi

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    Jul 31, 2006
    IC: Master Jorgon Arstick~ Inside the Council Chambers

    Master Jorgon heard the tension and demand in the Grandmaster's voice. He closed his eyes and embraced the force.

    He had been floating around in space for quite sometime now with the fleet. He thought he should at least say something to them.

    He peered over at Master Yinngle, seeking his approval to some degree. Yinngle only looked and nodded.

    " I have no explanation," Master Jorgon said. " I was out in space for quite sometime. My fleet didn't deploy, we just say in one place awaiting orders that never came. I felt the disturbance in the force. Many Jedi are not present, but I have no explanation for this."

    Master Jorgon eyed the Grandmaster. He wasn't sure of what his reaction would be to his comment.

    TAG: Skir, Sinre

    IC: Master Yinngle

    Master Yinngle listened intently to Master Jorgon's response.

    " I am to old to be going on big strenous missions," Yinngle said. " I may still be able to use my lightsaber with extreme skill, but my health is depleting to some degree. I've been in this temple the entire time. I have no explanation to this either."

    Yinngle knew that's not what the Grandmaster wanted to hear, but he could only tell the truth.

    He has been confined to the Temple for quite sometime, mostly going on diplomatic missions when needed. The only real defense he had now was the force and his outstanding Ataru skills. All the Council members knew that this small force/ataru master was becoming increasingly old. But his wisdom and his mind had never diminished.

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  12. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Kol Skywalker, The Council Chambers

    Master Jorgon was the first to speak. "I have no explanation," he said. "I was out in space for quite sometime. My fleet didn't deploy, we just say in one place awaiting orders that never came. I felt the disturbance in the force. Many Jedi are not present, but I have no explanation for this." Kol nodded and sighed, as the small Master Yinngle spoke second.

    "I am to old to be going on big strenous missions," Yinngle said. "I may still be able to use my lightsaber with extreme skill, but my health is depleting to some degree. I've been in this temple the entire time. I have no explanation to this either." With a wary smile Master Skywalker nodded again. he hallready knew the small Master hadn´t left the Temple in his absence. Wich left one Master to answer his question.

    "Master K´Krukh, I sense the answer lying with you. Please explain." He only said. Calm, but with a certain sadness in his voice. He had known the Whipid for as long as he had lived. And he knew what he would hear wouldn´t be anything he liked. He faced the blue hologram of the massive Whipid and waited for an answer. All heads now turned to him.

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  13. SonofZeus

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    Jun 21, 2007
    Grand Admiral Veed, Bastion

    With no time for a personal meeting, Grand Admiral Veed had reported the new of his victory personally to Nyna Calixte. Celebrating they could still do, when the last and final chapter of their little play had unfolded. The shuttle landed and the ramp lowered itself. He had decided against changing. The other Moff s should see him in the same dress he had commanded the Battle of Bastion in. They should see him as the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Armed forces. A the victor of this day.

    Bowing to his troops, as they saluted he slowly made his way to the gathered Moffs and the gathering Sith present. "Lady Maladi." He smiled and bowed his head. They had seen each other minutes ago, but the gesture was a political one, not one of courtesy.

    "Has the Emperor finally arrived?" He then asked the other Moffs. Keeping a perfect calm, not showing joy or satisfaction about his historical victory. "Otherwise I´d say we should await him and the envoi of our new friends inside. I think nothing else but a swift and decided vote for a strong alliance can be the result of their heroic deeds to protect the Empire." He said with a smile and led his fellow Moffs inside. On his way he truned to one of the troopers holding the Trandoshean Jedi imprisoned. He knew the Commander personally. He had been handpicked for his unquestioning loyality.
    "See to all Jedi handed over to the Sith, Commander." He smiled and walked into the building of the Moff Council. Taking most congratulations with a humble smile, he enjoyed this endlessly, but forced himself not to show the slightest sign of it.

    Obviously they had not negotiated any peace with the Jedi, as the Emperor had hoped for. They had forged an alliance. Divided the power and now all they had to do is wait in win the war.

    Something he was confident they would.

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  14. I-poodoo

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    May 1, 2001
    IC: Kreassk/ Imperial Senate/ Bastion

    [blockquote]"Your Master was wise, Kreassk, but I'm afraid that this is a change for the worse. I apologise for that."[/blockquote]

    ?I undersstand,? Kreassk said simply, ?Now do your duty, Knight.?

    A medic hurried to the male knight, as she led them inside the building. There in a large chamber were the moffs, governors of the vast Imperial sectors of the galaxy, and in the center of the room was a woman. A woman tattooed in red and black. A sith, as dark and malignant as Maleficarum, but somehow this one carried an even greater aura of menace. An aura so thick it made Kreassk want to bend over and wretch where the stormtroopers held him.

    [blockquote]"A Padawan. Excellent. We captured thirty Jedi today, and one more will do us well. You will make a fine Sith, young one," The Devaronian Sith told him.[/blockquote]

    He would not turn. Kreassk knew this from deep down to his soul. However that none here save him would see the truth in that so he remained silent.

    [blockquote]One of the Moffs came up to him snarling, ?So, a Jedi. Not much really, are you?"[/blockquote]

    For a moment he looked into the eyes of the arrogant human, ?Lissten to me, Moffss of the Empire. You ally yoursselvess with the Ssith, but the Ssith do not honor dealss. They will not sserve you and they will not sshare power with you. You are nothing but a sstepping sstone to dominance of the galaxy to them. You?ll all be ussed and disscarded when Darth Krayt decidess it?ss time to betray you ass Palpatine did to the Sseperatisstss in the old Clone??

    ?Silence him,? The Moff ordered, and the Stormtroopers forced him to the floor. Some hit and kicked him, one even slammed the butt of their carbine to the side of Kreassk?s head. Kreassk offered no further resistance, and soon the stormtroopers had a length or cord around his snout to prevent him from speaking the truth to the group of fools in the room.

    They lead him to the back of the chamber to wait for his fate.

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    OOC: Uh, Sinre, are you sure Maladi is a Devaronian? From her picture in the comics I thought she was Cathar.
  15. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    Ratep Sentarin
    plaza, Bastion

    From the sheer number of Imperial Knights surrounding him, Ratep knew that it would be useless fighting. As aggressive as he was and as much as even he thought he had a death wish, he did truly with to live. The thought of surrender infuriated him, but the thought of dying at the hands of the red fakers angered him even more. He wanted Sith blood on his hands, and he was being denied it.

    But maybe surrender would give him that chance. Surely he would be handed over to the Sith. Ratep felt some fear at the thought, but in a strange way it thrilled him. To be amongst the enemy, to be their prisoner, perhaps he could do more damage from that position.

    Yeah, and maybe he could them all into Jedi while he was at it.

    He lost control of his calm. Anger flooded his face. He was a prisoner. Even if he could convince Hespar to let him go free, he knew from the turmoil swirling within the surrounding knights that he wouldn't walk out alive, no matter how many knights he cut down. He wanted to strike down Hespar but he couldn't, and it wasn't because of all the knights. Something held him back. As much as one part of him screamed bloody murder, he realized that he didn't want to harm someone he once considered a... good friend. A best friend. And he could tell, subtly, from Hespar's mannerisms, that something wasn't right, that Hespar wasn't the true enemy here. But that didn't stop him from being enraged at his former friend.

    Ratep was defeated for the first time since he became a Jedi Knight.

    He angrily tossed his lightsaber at Hespar. "Fine. Sith lapdog. Turn me in." He reached into his gray flight suit and produced his slugthrower pistol, a possession he prized almost as much as his lightsaber. Holding it by its muzzle, he tossed it at Hespar as well.

    Seething, he stood with his arms at his sides.

    "I was wrong when I called you a traitor to the Order when you left. Now, you allying yourself with the Sith, and handing over anyone, never mind a Jedi, to them..." - Ratep's look shot daggers at Hespar - "THAT is treason against the whole galaxy."

    TAG: Fin
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    IC: Darth Pravus

    Darth pravus considered his words and realized that he had become complacent here on Stenax. He had lost his desire, he hwas content. This offer can bring me the excitment I've been missing for so long.

    "Very well. I will send a force to Naldar. Since the Jedi are on Belderone, I will personally lead a force to take the world." Darth Pravus took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the feeling of anticipation of the battles to come. The blood flowed to his wings as he lifted off into the air, "You can tell your master that Darth Pravus will not fail him."

    Tag: Sinre
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    IC: Vander Lorren

    "The in league with the Sith?"

    Vander shook his head. "Impossible. If the Sith have joined in, it's for reasons of their own. Perhaps they arranged things to force an alliance." He looked around at the others before voicing a more horrible idea. "Or perhaps, some of our Order have misplaced their integrity..."

    The suggestion hung in the air, but Vander added, "I hope it is not so. But best to be wary. If the Sith are involved, nothing is simple."

    Tag: Sinre
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    OOC: I was just reading Bojangles post and was wondering if Quin Vos was the one and only Quinlan Vos with a shorter and sweeter and more to the point name. That's sort of a question.
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    NickLitYouAFlamesaid: I was just reading Bojangles post and was wondering if Quin Vos was the one and only Quinlan Vos with a shorter and sweeter and more to the point name. That's sort of a question.

    ...Nah, he's Quinlan's descendant named after him in honor of his memory. :)
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    IC: Darth Ardeur Sith Ship

    Ardeur bowed slightly at the hologram that faded out before registering her actions. Wyyyrlock was pleased with her, she knew, even if he still treated her like a minion. Wistfully she thought of being Krayt's righthand woman some day. She'd have to train harder to deceive Wyyyrlock though.

    Shaking her head she turned to walk away when the com flicked again.

    "Lord Ardeur, you are to come here with Elke Vetter. The pair of you are needed at the meeting. I have sent a speeder to you, it will arrive shortly. Lord Wyyrlok is enroute, as is the Emperor. We will need to make a strong appearence, beside his Imperial Knights."

    Ardeur gritted her teeth at being addressed 'Lord Ardeur', but replied that she would be right there.

    She alerted her Sith Captain where she was going and walked down the ramp out onto the battlefield again. She crossed the hangar and calmed with the silence of things. Making her way to the Imperial Knight's area, she reduced her force presence and walked up to the first Imperial Knight she saw. "Where can I find Vetter?" She asked and fought off a smirk as the Knight jumped at her voice.

    The Knight stammered a few words as he touched his ear piece and Vetter appeared at his side in moments. "Our presence has been requested at the political meeting. Would you care to escort me there?"

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    OOC: Thanks to TheSithGirly for getting me sorted so quickly! :D

    Judal Crane
    Outside Council Chambers

    Hapes was in the past now, but Judal Crane still hadn't got his breath back. And he wasn't getting his arm back either. He stared blankly at his left stump, half expecting his forearm and hand to magically re-appear, as if they'd just been playing a prank on him. Need a droid replacement now, he thought distantly. He'd never experienced war before.

    He wanted to run away and play dejarik. He wanted to lie down and do nothing and procrastinate. He wanted to read dusty tomes in the safety of a library. And then he thought of Darth Krayt, murdering with casual, brutal ease, and he felt ashamed of his fears. The galaxy had been fighting dark forces for some time now, but Judal had never felt so...overwhelmed. Was this what it meant to be Jedi? Once he had thought being Jedi was just sitting around and acting wise. He didn't realise it meant losing limbs. Or looking into the eyes of evil, and not backing down.

    He noticed Kira-Kara Romar sat nearby. She seemed distressed.

    "I have heard great things of you, Knight Romar," he said kindly, meeting her sad eyes with his own weary pair.
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    GM Note. If Fist doesn't post by Sunday, I'm taking control of Kogun Shay.

    IC: Sigel Dare, streets of Bastion

    "So what brings you out here any ways Sigel Dare?"

    "What else, Revan Darkheart? The Alliance is retreating into the streets, and if we're not careful Alliance sympathisers will hide them all. I bet the Emperor's crown there are some, and if we don't nip them here, we'll have an insurgency to deal with. Terrorism. Civilian casualties. Not fun work. Eventually," and here Sigel lowered her voice, "we'll have to send Sith into our streets, and we don't want that, do we?"

    Sigel had been for war against the Jedi, at least until the Sith arrived on the scene. The Dark Side was not the way forward for the Empire, she agreed with the Emperor. They were all steps away from a Sith Empire - the fifth in history - and Sigel recalled Revan had been named for the ruler of one such Sith Empire - Darth Revan.

    "Revan, sorry, I forget about your heritage. No offence intended." At that, she swung her silver blade about and sent a blaster shot into the sky, and then she gestured and the soldier's blaster flew to her hand. She shot him, and then dove for colour as another flecthette-wielding Alliance soldier fired. Their cover splintered, and then shattered, a spray of rocks surrounding them all, and suddenly they were caught in the crossfire of Imperial Stormtroopers and Alliance soldiers. No Sith or Jedi in sight, at the moment.

    TAG: Sabith

    Tag: Sinre[/quote]
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