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    IC: Darth Narcissus, Korriban

    Darth Narcissus approved of Kore Barrack's attention to him. What Sith wouldn't? Darth Natas was Lord Krayt's personal slave, quite simply. Not an equal, or elite, like Maladi, Insipid or even Wyyrlok were. A pity, that. Natas was so cunning when he had to be.

    Turning, slowly, Narcissus stopped at the entrance of the Torture Chamber. Here, Alliance agents that infiltrated the Empire or Confederacy were taken, and subsequently interrogated until they revealed their mission, their goals, and so forth. Some had a small amount of Force sensitivity, and the Sith used them. Others, they did not.

    An Aqualish was screaming, and Narcissus looked inside to see his eyes being feasted upon by piranha beetles from Yavin. Nodding in approval, but making sure he was attuned to Barrack's emotions, he strode off, and they arrived at the duelling ring.

    Smiling, Darth Narcissus, long Sith robes flowing, turned in the center of the ring, his hand flicking forward and a lightsaber hilt flying towards Barrack. A second emerged from his sleeve, and ignited immediately.

    "Attack me. If you dare."

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    IC: Darth Riven II, Stenax

    "You can tell your master that Darth Pravus will not fail him."

    Darth Riven watched as Darth Pravus made to fly. The Sith Lord nodded at his elder. "I will, Lord Pravus. Once you destroy Belderone and Naldar, you will have earned your place in the Sith Order." With that, the Sith Lord strode off to his ship. He had no intention of babysitting a Sith Lord.


    Lord Pravus' top military commander was Lexin, a Stenax non-Force sensitive in nature. Pravus had made a habit of killing all Force sensitive younglings - no matter how much effort he put into it, he would always have to kill them at some point, or be killed. And a Stenax was a truly terrible thing anyway. The Stenax Massacres had proven that much.

    The Stenax military consisted of, basicly, advanced fighters and heavily armoured assault shuttles and gunboats. Nothing larger than a hundred meters in length, but a variety of ships. The shuttles could empty their contents into atmosphere, releasing a swarm of flying Stenax into the skies - the ultimate psychological weapon.

    General Lexin bowed to his Lord and Master as he flew into the tall tower. The Stenax dwellings were atop towers, rather than on the ground - the only ground elements were for non-Stenax. The General looked up at the Sith Lord, and grinned with his filed teeth.

    "Do we have orders from Lord Krayt?"

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    IC: Major Temment, Palace Keep, Garqi

    With a quick move, the Alliance Commando's switched targets. Hawkeye took out the officer in a moment, but a blaster shot knocked him to the ground. His armour took it, but otherwise he was tumbling back. Gunz and Skorcher removed the jet troopers with a blistering volley of rifle fire, and Tank broke the Keep lines with his pistol and massive bulk of his armour.

    Major Temment moved herself over to Knight Hagan, and took down a Stormtrooper attacking their rear. The rear assault peetered out, and when Hawkeye stood back-up, it ended, one Stormtrooper vanishing into streets. Moments later, it was over at the rear, and the jet troopers were finished. The rebels were pushing into the Keep with Tank, four rebels dashing past the remaining Stormtroopers with explosives in hands.

    A snap-hiss followed, and the grenades floated back into the rebel throng, a dozen detonating at once. The ball of fire consumed Tank, killing him, and three dozen rebels, as well as all the remaining Stormtroopers. It blew everyone else off their feet, flooring Temment, who winced in pain from her blaster burn.

    The Jedi tumbled to the ground beside her, and she sat up, pumping a blaster shot into the smoke and rubble, to thick she couldn't see
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    OOC: Combined post between TypoCelchu and Sinrebirth.

    IC: Xaare

    There he stood, on the bridge of the Tenzen, silenty assessing the situation that was rapidly spiraling into chaos. It could be a salvagable situation, all things considered, but things had already gone far from planned. Seven of the Alliance cruisers reacted to the Verpine Advanced War Fleet's drop from hyperspace almost immediately, and responded with a rapid retreat from the system, leaving three cruisers and an aging interdictor remained to face the Verpine Home Fleet. The Defiance reported that those vessels, too, were attempting to withdraw from the system. As they moved towards their freedom, with three vessels in direct persuit, they failed to recognize the telling flanking motion of seven other Slayn, which had proceeded to fan out almost immediately after the Alliance fleet's arrival. As the Interdictor came about, Verpine V-19 Torrent Omega fighters and Alliance Crossfires clashed, but real destructive power loomed just outside of firing distance. The Cruisers were not as lucky. With their intentions of preserving the Interdictor, they had remained in position between it and the Defiance, Infero, and Sentry, which had forced them to stay a short distance behind. Even as the Elegos A'kla jumped into hyperspace, the remaining cruisers came under a hail of fire. They stood, few in number, and no chance of escape, against a far larger number of Verpine cruisers. They had descended into the Corellian Hells...


    Meanwhile, Admiral Poinard's fleet faced similar odds on the other side of the Roche. He had, however, managed to claim one small advantage... one that had provided the Alliance and it's predecessors with numerous victories in the face of defeat, and one that he no doubt hoped would save them once again. The Alliance had their starfighters, which provided them with some level of victory where their cruisers and frigates had not. They provided Poinard time. Ranging from troublesome, to a nuisance, the Verpine fleet was forced to swat away at the Alliance Crossfires, while trying to prevent any concerted effort by the opposing fleet. The Verpine needed to counter the Crossfires with their own V-19 Torrent Omegas, which proved to be quite formidable in their own right. The fighters lacked hyperspace capability, like their predecessors, but made up for the lack with better shielding technology, larger engines, and a rather large stash of missiles. However, launching them in a hot zone would provide only disaster for the conventional fleet.

    Luckily, the Verpine were never conventional. The lumpy Slayn cruisers, reminiscent of the old Mon Cal designs, had non-central figther bays. This prevented any concentrated counter actions by the Alliance squadrons, while quickly placing fighters in any spot necessary to combat Alliance positions. However, like all ships, Slayn cruisers had to lower shields at the time of launch. With one last concerted swat, Verpine cruisers residing near the back of their fleet maneuver dropped shields and decanted their fighters, who were quick to address the Alliance Crossfires. Swift and agile, the Torrent Omegas cut through Alliance squadrons like a vibroblade through nerf butter. But the Alliance pilots were not novice. They responded quick and hard, firing missle after missle in to the Verpine Cruiser's hulls. A command bridge explodes on one cruiser, which lists to the port, nearing collision with one of it's sister ships. Only the actions of it's auxiliary bridge crew put it back on course and back into action. Other cruisers take fire on their non-central hangar bays, preventing Torrent Omegas from launching and causing flames to spew from the lumpy Slayns. One Cruiser takes a concerted missile salvo to it's engines, stopping it dead in space...

    And even with all this destruction and mayhem, the Verpine fleet nears victory. They have launched their fighters, and face a numerically smaller force. [i
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    IC: Triumvirate Command, Coruscant

    Vale was dead. This was not an unwelcome situation. They'd picked Vale for a reason, and the reason was mainly because he was human, the Bothan Triumvirate member reflected. The Drall had refused to send anyone else, and, with the plan in mind, it was apparent that a human was needed anyway.

    And, so, the Duumvirate scoured the Galaxy for replacements, keeping secret that the human had been lost, and the Triumvirate was no more.

    Using the most secure lines of communication - the codes captured from Kiffu's Order of Battle - they send one, short message.

    Bastion, Imperial Palace

    Imperial Vizer Ars Dangor had several tricks up his aged sleeves. Known for his support of the throne even in it's dying days, and gladly in it's resurgent ones, the Vizer had a link to the Alliance heart hidden away at the Emperor's orders.

    Dangor knew, as the Emperor's Vizer, that his Majesty had made an alliance with the Woltarin refugees, whom sought Grand Admiral Veed's head. A suitable move. These Sith, whom had sought to call a snap-meeting so the Emperor was not included, would equally need nullifying.

    How, was the question, and Ars Dangor had the answer. He prepared the message, carefully layering encryptions on it, more than even the Triumvirate had used. The Emperor would need to read this.


    The Alliance fleet defeated at the Battle of Roche fled to Metalorn, in the Verpine rear. Seven Scythe-class cruisers and a dozen Sabertooth frigates, and the Rejuvenator-class Star Destroyer Elegos A'kla, it was a well sized force, enough to engage three PSDs with enough luck.

    Vice Admiral Grace reported to the Triumvirate, having dispatched a bounty to the Bounty Hunters Guild for Xaare's head. It was necessary, the naval officer had concluded, when thirty of those Verpine cruisers had been revealed.

    He put in a call for reinforcements, and he recieved them.

    Anaxes-Arkania Line

    There were ten Scythe-class cruisers and twenty Sabertooth frigtes patrolling the systems between Anaxes and Brentaal, checking in at Corulag and Chandrila along the way. The force went as far rimward as Arkania, and had enough force to engage around four PSDs. It was, now, however, to be called rimward, in an effort to engage the Verpine Separatists and reinforce the Mandalorian line before the Empire took advantage of it.

    To secure victory, the commander, Admiral Hopkins, a Dornean, had been assigned the Hortal Salm Military Reserve, a spherical battle station worth three more PSDs, initially stationed at Taris but now withdrew to Tannab, where the two forces would meet, leaving Contruum between them.

    The greatest advantage was the Alliance Interdictor - a Rejuvenator-class Star Destroyer named Olovin.


    The Queen Mother's efforts had failed. The Sith had attacked the gathering, and nearly killed the Grandmaster, making sure the war continued nonetheless, probably worse, considering the Jedi hatred of Sith.

    This would draw Hapes to protect Daothmir, eventually, and that would draw Hapes and its 192 Hapan Battle Dragons - worth 32 PSDs in total - into the Alliance's side. From there would be a long and vicious war with the Mandalorians and Verpines...even she could see that.

    But, the Crown would not back down, and would not be bullied around. Regardless of Alliance wishes, she would have to negotiate with the Verpines for Daothmir's neutrality.

    That would lose them some friends, she had no doubt.

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    IC: Andre Hagan

    Andre stares at the Imperial Knight for a moment, rethinking what just happened several times in his head, and then trying to figure a way to complete his objective without fighting the knight. At the same time he was suffocating the anger at seeing one of his close comrades killed. As he thinks he quickly bends over and heals Major Temment's wound while wispering to her, "Ok I have an idea but keep the rebels behind me until I open up an opening." When she asked him how would she know what the opening was, he said, "You'll see." With that he slowly walked into and partly down the hallway to where he was just a few meters from the knight not saying a word. He did not activate his lightsabers(though he was ready too if needed) and as he silently looked at the knight he telekineticaly tore down a section of the hallways wall behind him on the side of the rebels, opening a hole into another room. As he did this he stood in the knights path, not attacking. If the knight tried to pass him, he would sidetep to block using force speed if nessasary. If he tried to run around to the rooms other exit he would move too. If he tried to feint Andre would counterfeint. If he tried to push him down, Andre would use the force to keep himself standing. While this was going on he telepathiclly ordered Hawkeye, Gunz, and Skorcher to keep with the rebels and aid Major Temment.

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    IC: Kay, Concord Dawn

    Kay turned at the sound of rushing grass behind him; the heavy breathing also gave the followers position away. Kay turned to see none other than the Mandalorian captain who he though he had killed. The captain held Kay?s lightsaber in his hand. Kay couldn?t believe that the man wasn?t dead, but then he remembered, Mandalorains? had Beskad armor which was resilient to lightsabers. But what was even harder to believe was how he left his lightsaber behind. Kay?s only idea was that his adrenaline must have been going so fast that he must have completely forgot about it.

    ?Damn it? Said Kay under his breath. He turned to the Mandalorian captain, tired of this mans pursuit and wondering what was so special about this child that this Mandalorian needed to get through a Jedi to get to him. ?What is so important about this child that you find the need to kill him?? the Mandalorian looked at Kay and simply said ?Like I said before, it is none of your business Jedi. Now just give me the kid.?

    ?I?m sorry but I still cannot do that. Get behind me son.? Kay again grabbed Erda and put him behind his back. ?Well Jedi I guess I have the high ground, you have no weapon and I doubt any of your little force tricks can save you now.? Said the captain as he ignited raised the flamethrower. ?I wouldn?t be to sure about that.? said Kay as he suddenly raised his hand in and open palm, throwing the captain back into the cornfield. Luckily for Kay, the captain had dropped is lightsaber before he was thrown back. Kay grabbed the lightsaber and took a defensive stance with his saber. ?Run Erda, run as far and as fast as you can!? said Kay turning to Erda ?Bu?But.?

    ?Do it now, run!? Yelled Kay. Erda then broke into a run and continued running through the vast fields. Kay turned and entered the cornfield where he had thrown the captain; he was going to finish this once and for all.

    OOC: Sorry about the last post, I forgot about the armor. and i swear i already posted this part, hmm maybe not

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    Galactic Emperor Roan Fel III


    With the crazy lady's attention focused almost entirely on Bryce, the Emperor prepared the mortal move. A blow to the neck.


    The Emperor's hologram shimmered into existence at the Mofference.

    "I call this meeting to order. Commence."

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    Darth Wyyrlok, The Moff-Council, Bastion

    He had entered the meeting in the last moment. Slowly moving through the ranks of Moffs. They had parted before him, as he had entered. Many hoping for his attention. A futile attempt to gain political weight. He eyed none of them, as he entered the grande chamber, sided by Darth Maladi and Darth Proscella. Some other Sith were present, Darth Ardeur had to arrive any moment. But through his imposing figure and the force it was him who demanded the attention. His face a calm mask of indifferential serenity he stepped to the place that was obviously his to take. he didn´t took a seat, but stood there, towering over the sitting Moffs. A single glance at Grand Admiral Veed and then at Moff Nyna Calixte acknowledged the two allies, without betraying anything more than his knowledge of their existence. He waited, the voices through the room becoming a chaotic hum.

    Finally the projection of the Emperor flickered to life. And Roan Fel III. called the gathering to order. He didn´t needed to be called to order. His mouth hadn´t said a word. He was hear to speak for the Sith. The voice of his Dark Lord. He would talk, when he needed to. And no moment earlier.

    Turning himself to the Emperor he awaited the Council to finally begin.

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    Ic: Kreassk/ Imperial Senate chamber/ Bastion

    Kreassk watched warily as the Sith witch quietly crossed over to him. She leaned over him her dark aura of menace shrouding Kreassk's connection to the lightside like a stormcloud covering the sunlit sky. "I am Darth Maladi, Kreassk. I'm a Sith Lady. I don't want to hurt you, do not fear. But, you will be witness to the end of the Galactic Alliance."

    Kreassk couldn't respond to her-being muzzled and all. So he only tucked his head down and drew inward reaching out to the force-the light side of the force. It was there as always-though veiled in shadow and turbulence it sprang forth like water from an aquifer into him as he drew himself down to meditate.

    She noticed, obviously, but she continued to taunt him, "Does that not fill you with joy, knowing the Alliance' triumvirate will be brought down at last?"

    With her words she sought to sow fear, confusion, desolation, and doubt within him, but Kreassk only felt calm-at peace.

    He could feel her anger and sadistic need to cause him to despair like a slap to his face, but he remained calm, objective as the gathering commenced.

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    IC: Selia Venn, Anaxes

    The golden skinned Firrerreo was still running as Selia brushed past more civilians, an eloquent twirl not costing her too much momentum. As she rose her blaster back up to fire, she saw the youth look back and fire two shots, accurately. Igniting her lightsaber, she deflected both bolts high with the yellow blade.

    The moment she did that, the crowd rumbled as one, and parted. A few threw rocks at her, which she deflected on the run. "Stop doing that. I am an Alliance Defence Officer, and if you continue I will arrest you for aiding a felon." The stones didn't stop, but her danger sense roared as the Firrerreo lobbed a circular-stone at her. Hitting her in the shoulder, she dropped the lightsaber, the blade winking out, and she cried out, stopping for a moment. A member of the crowd scooped up her weapon and ran into the crowd.


    The Jedi went to follow her weapon, and then remembered the Confederacy Agent. Calling upon the Force, she rushed to catch up, as he seemingly sped up, passing several walls and buildings. They broke back onto the main street, and Selia, blaster out, ran straight at him, her senses alight, but in such a vague way she wasn't sure what he was upto.

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    IC: Darth Pravus

    Darth Pravus sneered as he turned and flew off to meet up with his military leaders. I've earned my place hundreds of times over, you pretentious koochu.


    Landing in the open toped command center he walked over to Lexin, Pravus' most knowlegeable and skilled commander, and therefore the one he watched the closest. "Darth Krayt wishes us to take over Naldar and Beledrone. There are Jedi stationed on the later, so I will personally lead that force. Let get moving."

    Darth Pravus grabbed a long range rifle from the racks that line the path to the shuttles and fighter that will carry them to their destination. While a blaster was not his pefered weapon, at high altitudes such as the ones they will be dropped from, lightsabers are not the most effective weapons. But the Force will help him overcome any chalenges with the unfamiliar weapon. Coupled with the fact that Stenax were born to be excelent marksmen due to their kelti gland which lets them home in on targets from great distances. "This is going to be a great day."

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    OOC: Lord, calling a meeting to order means "settle down everyone, let's begin."

    So you can feel free to have your Sith start.
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    OOC: GAJello, when I had slept I remembered that, too. [face_blush] Well, Wyyrlok is the guest, so it not his position to speak first, anyway. I guess SoZ should open with Veed. Report and so on . . . now to another Council

    Combined Post by Sinrebirth and myself

    Wolf Sazen, The Jedi-Council
    Jedi Temple on Coruscant

    He looked, like everybody else, at Master K´Krukh who was projected into his seat. Even in the alien features of the ancient Whipid one could see saddness, as he spoke. But his betrayed none of it.

    "After the capturing of Banodmeer Admiral Starzi and Warmaster Nas Choka have planned an invasion of the Imperil Center itself. A fleet was gathered to attack Bastion. A fleet superior to anything they had left to their own defense. Master Lowbacca, Master Nejeco and myslef led the Jedi into the battle." He looked around. Tension spread in the Council Chambers. They all knew how this story would end. But not giving in to anticipation, Wolf Sazen tried to stay in the here and now.
    "Master K´Krukh, this attack hadn´t been authorized. We were negotiating with the Emperor. A negotiation that was not as forsaken as the diplomats believed." He leaned forward. Concern that the ancient Jedi Master could have dfied the order or even worse, tricked crept into him.

    "It wasn´t. We were left under the impression someone had authorized it and captured into the flow of events, but now I know it wasn´t." He paused again. A Jedi did not give in to shame or fear, but even a Master like K´Krukh sometimes came close to doing so.

    "The attack went as planned. Grand Admiral Veeds defense was well planned and executed but ultimately poised to fail against superior numbers and the weapons of the Yuuzhan Vong. Who added a large fleet to the attacking forces." He said and leaned forward again. "Capitulation and lasting peace seemed to be at reach. Different as in the clone wars, we would have stopped the war by forcing the enemy to give up. Then we could have taken care the Galactic Alliance would not have done anything unreasonable to the Empire. On the ashes of Bastion we could have build a new galaxy. A new peace." He said. And closed his eyes, shaking his head slightly. "One as old as I am should have known, of course, peace was never build from war." He added.

    A long break. Then Wolf Sazen looked at Kol Skywalker. Both nodded. They had feared for something like this. Kol Skywalker was probably right about the Jedi. Some lost their way.

    "The Sith came from nowhere. Hordes of them. Legions." K´Krukh continued the story. "They jumped into our back, boarded our ships, attacked our ground forces. Suddenly they were everywhere. Murdering our Jedi. Interrupting the meld. Brining chaos into the center of the fleet. From there on the Empire simply played on time. Until our healthy fleet left the the battle field, only a small part of what we brought there. And the ships that were boarded were left behind. Master Lowbacca has fallen to the Jedi, as did most of the warriors of the Yuuzhan Vong. And hundreds of our greatest warriors. I myself faced a Lady of the Sith on board of Admiral Strazi´s ship. While young and lacking the strength to slay me, she was powerful indeed. We were shattered their. Hunted down and finally defeated." He ended his reort and one could see even him, K´Krukh, the Jedi Master of old, dodging Kol Skylwaker´s eyes.

    "How many are there?" Wolf Sazen asked, trying not to have desperation and mourning rise in the Council. K´Krukh looked at him. "Hundreds, probably thousands." He answered and the words rang to the heads of all present council-members.

    Wolf leaned back. Checking the data coming in right now, he looked at his old Master. "First reports indicate, they have tried to assassinate my Padawan Cade Skywalker." He sighed and eyed K´Krukh, again. "An especially powerful Sith called Darth Z
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    Hespar Kessler, Plaza, Bastion

    Taking the lightsaber of his former Master and securing it at his belt he nodded to two of the other Imperial Knights and they took the Jedi Master.

    "The time when the Jedi decided what is treason against the Galaxy are long gone, Master Sentarin. Probably you haven´t realized it already, but the Sith haven´t been the greatest murderers of history." He kicked one of the Yuuzhan Vong bodies lying before him. "So tell me how many trillions one has to kill before it makes it treason to ally oneself with them!" He hissed. "Maybe the Empire is loosing it´s way. I feel the Sith and what they are, clearly. But you haven´t been better. You personally haven´t been better." He turned and his Knights parted, as he made his way to the Temple of the Imperial Knights. The only place to keep his Master that was still secure.

    Two red-headed figures, both in black cloaks, near-human origin, blocked his path. The Imperial Knights eyed them, but none of them dared to move. Hespar stood still right before them. Looking the bigger of the two into his eyes.

    "The Jedi is ours, Knight." He gnarled at Hespar.

    Hespar shock his hand. Giving him a humourless smile. "No, he is not." They stood there, staring at each other. The Sith seemed to evaluate the situatiuon.

    Hespar unclipped his lightsaber and with a calm but tensed voice he whispered. "Are you challenging me, Sith?" The Sith shook his head and stepped to the side. They were surely ordered to do nothing that would endanger their alliance. Hespar would have loved nothing more than to die thorugh his hands, if that would rid the Empire of their presence.

    "Wise decisions." He only hissed and brought Sentarin away. He felt the pain in his heart, but tried to ignore it. It was his duty as an Imperial Knight to capture this man. He was not his former master, he was an attacker on the Empire.

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    Grand Admiral Morlish Veed, Moff-Council

    Sitting at the opposite side of the Emperor´s projection it was his position to face the Emperor eye to eye. Calm and confident he awaited the Emperor to declare the Council opened. The Sith had arrived and the annoying Darth Maladi had been replaced by the mighty figure of Darth Wyyrlok. He could not help but wonder about the black armored figure and his deadly calmness. He had imagined him to be a lot smaller. But Chagrians were huge creatures.

    As the call to order came from the Emperor he raised his voice. It was only appropriate to report on the outcome of the Battle, first. Especially as he had let no parial or complete report escape to the Council so far. Spies and other sources would probably have reported, but the official outcome was his to declare.

    "My Emperor, Moffs of the Empire, friends and allies." He waited for a long moment for everybody to pay attention. "The Battle of Bastion is over. The one of the largest fleets of the galactic history gathered by the Jedi, the traitors of the Imperial Union and the dread Yuuzhan Vong is broken and shattered, the Jedi who have attacked the very cdenter of Imperial life have been," He waited and bowed to Darth Wyyrlok, "thanks to our new allies and friends, defeated, imprisoned or most likely . . . dead. We have taken considerable damages as it was to be feared when facing a superior fleet. Through the immediate and selfless intervention of Darth Wyyrlok and his troops most of our fleet could actually be saved. Victory, my Emperor, ladies and gentlemen, is ours!" He fell silent and eyed Roan Fel III. who now would surely take the word.
    Deep inside of himself he wondered if the Sith were even behind the Emperor´s trip to Hapan. Could that be? It seemed to perfekt how Fel was presented with facts he had no chance to influence. He new Nyna´s subtle part in it. But many coincidences remained.
    Could it be he had underestimated the Sith and hteir understanding of imperial politics?

    He pushed this thought to the side.

    Something he would regret many years later.

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    IC: Ryu Brightstar

    When the woman came running blindly behind the transport, Ryu tossed the net and watched. She was hit with it just as her feet passed over some leaking fuel. The forces pushing her in different directions knocked her onto her back. Ryu was sure the woman was out of breath , since he had heard an her gasp. The transport was now beginning to slow down.

    When the woman had fallen, she had dropped her blaster and Ryu noticed it. He walked over, keeping an eye on the Jedi and kicked it away. Ryu was about to walk away when he saw the glint of metal at her waist. Her lightsaber. He stared for a moment and reached, down scooping it off of her belt. Ryu stowed the weapon in his shirt and put his hand back into his pocket.

    He felt the cool metal of the cube. Time slipped again and he was suddenly twenty feet away. A surge of that powerful addictive energy was flowing through him and he glanced back. His pursuer was still on the ground, now struggling, and the transport hadn?t yet moved. A cruel smile, that didn?t belong to his conscious being, crossed his face.

    Ryu?s free hand, his right one, fell to his blaster pistol. It was a basic military issue pistol, but it was destined to become something more. The destiny was about to be fulfilled. Ryu pulled the pistol and aimed it at the back of the transport. He aimed at the fuel container. It was right next to the woman.

    Ryu stared, in his absence, at the almost free woman. His finger twitched. He pulled it back. The woman?s face appeared at the exact same time. Her eyes gave away her fear. Ryu?s eyes were emotionless. In a brilliant blue explosion, the merchant quarter was thrown into chaos. The bustling people grew frantic. Their minds were shocked and couldn?t comprehend what was happening. Ryu escaped into this crowd and disappeared.

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    The Grass Plains of Nubia
    IC as Aruw'n Bonadan & Co.

    Aruw'n felt Sintell's scrutiny eyed directly at him as he finished his message to the Council via holoprojection. The minute pause suggested the council would take some time reply back.

    He cast a hand over his lightsaber, the source of Sintell's interest.

    Without enough time to get the full version of the Jensaari's deposition he didn't waste time with pleasantries and spoke rather bluntly, "So what tipped you off the Sith had infiltrated your Order, Sintell?"

    Keeping his own thoughts securely tucked away from any Force Awareness, Jedi Knight Kai Lonati quietly wondered why Hero and Sintell had stuck curiously close together in the past few hours. It was obvious, however; that to Aruw'n, Kai, and Quin these Jensaari would have to prove themselves trustworthy Allies before much longer.

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    IC: Darth Ardeur

    Vetter's speeder took them to the building where the mofference was going on. The walked to the steps and the Imperial Knight pointed at three bodies. Ardeur glanced at two of them, her gaze flowing over with disinterest, but stopped at the third. A force user, dressed up to look like a Sith. She crouched down next to the body and continued to run her eyes over it. After seveal long seconds she stood back up.

    "This isn't a Sith. The markings were added too late in life, for her to have been a true Sith. This was an imposter."

    Ardeur looked deep in thought as she moved to stand beside Vetter. She didn't like that someone was impersonating Sith. The Sith worked hard to earn the marks given to them, so this troubled her deeply. She'd have to request to go after the people behind this. Maybe.

    "Vetter, the people need to see an united front. We fought side by side, you and I. You saved the life of a Sith, not once, but twice. Can you handle this?" Ardeur didn't wait for an answer though and strode up the steps into the building, with Vetter trotting to catch up. The Sith Lady slowed just enough to allow the Imperial Knight to be perfectly side by side as they entered into the room with the Moffs. Someone had been speaking, but silence overcame the room as the two warriors entered.

    Ardeur knew that the Knight would bow to her Emperor as soon as she entered, so Ardeur decided she would too and the two of the bowed in unison to the Emperor Roan Fel. Fighting off a smile as her hair fell in front of her face, Ardeur knew this had gone off better than she'd hoped. Deception was her specialty.

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    OOC: Waiting for Fist, and if he does not post today, Mitth is given permission to do as he will. And something additional for him...

    IC: Moff Yel, Dubrillion

    Dubrillion was one of the worlds that had met the Yuuzhan Vong, fought, and fell. They had been the Yuuzhan Vong capital for a long year, until the Yuuzhan Vong moved to Obroa-Skai. From there, they had captured Coruscant, and Dubrillion had eventually been relieved many years after the war officially ended. The world, however, had healed, and rebuilt around the aquariam Shedao Shai had kept, and eventually it had been restored as a flourishing trade world, joining the Empire and growing in strength.

    Bearing no ill will to the Yuuzhan Vong - the Empire had been almost as bad - the world's population passed away, and new ones, unscarred and untouched, grew up, and gained moral principals inside the Empire. The Dubrillion Pact was signed here, under the watchful eyes of Moff Yel, and that was when he decided that the Empire was going to stray. Privy to the Moff Councils construction of a secret fleet - unlike the Empire - and watching the Corporate Sector and Mandalorians prepare for something, the Moff made his own efforts, and was contacted by Maleficarum, an agent who wove together the Banking Clan and Centrality into a Grand Imperial Union.

    The Imperial currency had been completely devalued by the Union, and the Confederacy one had survived only by a relationship with the Senex-Juvex sectors. The Alliance secured Aargau for the Union, and continued. The Empire was bankrupt, in Galactic terms, but the Corporate Sector supported it, drawing the two entities even closer. A strike at the Senex-Juvex sectors and the Corporate Sector would bankrupt either side, as an attack at Yaga Minor, Eriadu or Bastion would destroy the Empire and Confederacy entirely.

    But, the Moff could see that the Alliance, having lost Roche, was near defeat - if Muunilinst and Aargau fell, the Alliance would be bankrupt. Militarily, Coruscant or Kuat needed to fall to destroy the Alliance, and that was the unavoidable fact of the matter. Both sides were still very close to destruction.

    Of course, the Sith and Jedi would survive regardless of the war - unless Ossus and the unknown Sith world were attacked. So many 'ifs' and 'buts', and the Grand Imperial Union, now under the ex-Imperial Moff's control, had so many targets. The Yuuzhan Vong on Myrkr had contacted them, and the Centrality was prepared to throw it's weight into the war, using all six hundred elderly Carracks to slow the Empire's offensive.

    But, now, the Empire had dispatched a small battle group to Dubrillion to start the pacification of the Grand Imperial Union. Now Muunilinst and Dubrillion had made their position clear, Bastion was going to be imperiled no matter the issue. However, the Union only had forty Banking Clan frigates at Muunilinst, and that was all.

    So, the Moff had to use his loyal forces against the Empire. Reports suggested a new Imperial frigate, capable of carrying several shuttles, unlike it's Alliance counterparts, was enroute, and would decant shortly, and then launch elements immediately.


    Captain Gunner Yage saluted on the bridge as Major Veers strode to it. She'd been placed in command of the naval aspect of the mission, while Veers commanded the ground. Yage was in overall command, especially as all they had were four Predators aboard. Not enough to fight a real fight.

    "Report, Major. Are your preparations complete?"

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    OOC: I will take a "little" K´Krukh into my post, too.

    Grandmaster Kol Skywalker, Coruscant, Jedi-Council

    He listened to the story of Master K´Krukh and tried to hide his emotions. It broke his heart. The Jedi Order falling into the back of a man HE had invited to negotiations. Attacking Bastion itself and running into the Sith´s trap. Into the Sith´s prepared and waiting trap.

    "They will force Roan Fel to accept an alliance with them. Using your attack." He sighed. And looked around.

    "How sure are we he isn´t one of them?" Master K´Krukh asked, what probably everybody thought, except him. Kol Skywalker nodded in understanding.

    "Your fear betrays you, Master K´Krukh. You have experienced one Sith who was an Emperor. You have seen one leader of the Galaxy turning out to be one of them. You have seen the galaxy once hesitate and the Clone Wars were the result, which lead to the Great Purge." he sighed. "And fear is a tool of the Dark Side. They can anticipate our reactions, as long as we give in to such fears. Fear, is their ally." He looked at one Master after the other.

    "I have sat at one table with him, there on Hapes. I have negotiated with him and I sensed seriousness in his attempt to end all of this. And a moment before an unknown but obviously insane Jedi Master tried to murder him, he used information we gave him to solve this riddle. He identified the Dark Jedi of Borosk as Sith." He turned to Master Wolf Sazen, to see if he agreed with his next words. "The force tells me, we have an enemy in the Empire, but not in it´s Emperor. He is forced into this . . . as we are. And the driving force behind this is obvious, now. Isn´t it?" Folding his arms he spitted the words out. "The Sith."

    A long silnce came to the room, until Wolf Sazen received a message on his datacom. He read it and spoke with his soft voice.

    "First reports indicate, they have tried to assassinate my Padawan Cade Skywalker." He sighed, then he continued. "An especially powerful Sith called Darth Zorn. Kira Romar stopped him. She is outside the council with something she called urgent information regarding the Sith."

    Kol raised his brow. An assassination attempt on a teenager. On a Skywalker. He should have known.

    "Masters? Opinions? Advice? Suggestions? Otherwise I think Kira Romar can probably bring some light into this. I felt her being connected to the events in the galaxy in a special way, when she was on Borosk. Probably she offers insight."
    He looked at the four other Master´s of the Council.

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    OOC: Sorry for double-posting, but I had hoped for anybody to post in between. And I wanted to post before going to bed . . .

    Kira Romar, Outside the Council Chambers, Coruscant

    She hadn´t seen the young Jedi Knight nearing her. Too consumed by her own thoguhts, to exhausted by fighting her feelings she knew not to be right, she had lost her sense for her surrounding.

    "I have heard great things of you, Knight Romar," Judal Crane´s kind voice ripped her out her thoughts. She looked up and a smile escaped her lips.
    "Judal Crane, the same goes for you. I have heard you were the one who set the thing on Hapan up. I mean, the negotiations." she saw his missing arm. A lightsaber wound. Only days ago, such things had frightened her. At least it had been something unused. Now it seemed only natural. Cruelty was everywhere. As was sacrafice.
    "What happened there? Who has done this to you?" She asked and raised herself from the bank she had been sitting on. She remebered feeling Crane on Borosk. On the ship of the Emperor. They had been there together. Same time. But had never met. "Sith?" She simply asked and somehow she knew she was right. At least Judal Crane had survived.

    So many others haven´t. Why have we survived, my brother.

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    IC: Master Jorgon Arstick

    Master Jorgon took everything in and sat back. He and Master Yinngle have seen many many things over their long life. Yet, Master Yinngle had seen more.

    Master Jorgon finally opened his eyes and spoke.

    " I too," He said, " Have lived through many many things. I know Master Yinngle has as well. The Emporer, which I too, had met, was very powerful. I truely hope such an event will happen again. I must say, with this Darth Zorn here, it's going to be challengeing to attack and do things that we would normally do. We need to take caution. We really must."

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    IC: Master Yinngle

    Master Yinngle nodded at Jorgon. He had lived many years longer than he had. He had seen the death of so many Jedi and the fall of the Old Order. He feared this as well.

    " Destroy this Darth Zorn we must," Yinngle said. " Dangerous he is. Seen the Jedi Prunge I have, seen the Emporer I have, and seen Yoda die I have also seen. We must not let anything like that happen again. Use caution we must. Know not do we what lurks in the shawdows. Keep a watchful eye we must."

    And with that the Old wise Master leaned back in his chair.

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    OOC: Ki-Undi_Mundi . . . I assume you mean Darth Krayt, the Dark Lord. For Darth Zorn is toast :D

    Kol Skywalker, Council Chambers, Coruscant

    Kol nodded and watched for more opinions. As he had expected they all felt a little overwhelmed by the news. What they needed now was more information and a plan of action. If they wouldn´t react fast, they probably would never. For the Sith had obviously prepared for these days of war.

    "Destroying the Dark Lord might be harder than it sounds. Even united Master Sazen and I have barely survived a confrontation with him on Hapan." Kol folded his arms. "Probably it is time to hear Kira Romar. She has dived deeper into the secrets of the Sith as we have. Master Sazen, please call her in." He said and turned to the chamber door.

    He hadn´t sat down for a second while the meeting had proceeded. He realized it and shook his head. Such tension was not the way of the Jedi. He had to remain focussed and calm. These were the probably most defining moments of the Jedi Order in the past centuries. It was his test. His trial to be a true Grandmaster.

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    Force War
    IC: Sigel Dare, streets of Bastion

    "Oh no offence taken, I just love how anytime we get together things seem to get instrusting. As for the sith I really
    don't care for them the empire is better with out them in my opion. I think we could have handled the jedi if we got the
    chance and if it wasn't for the moff's then we wouldn't have to worry about sith joining our ranks." Revan hated being stuck
    in between a rock and a hard place. More lazer fire covered teh area and there was little shelter for them. Using his lightsaber
    Revan did his best to send as much of it back towards the Allance as he could. Then using the force he lifted a dead body from the
    ground using it as a shield. "Well no time like the present" Shouted the young knight as he force leapted into the air behind the group
    of GA soilders.

    Quickly he cut down two of the soilders then barilly managed to reflect a bolt away from him. The stry bolt hit another GA solder but bairly.
    "You know this would be....so much...easier.....if they just....quite." Said Revan as he continued to fight back lazer fire.
    "So Sigel I have a question for you...What do you call a GA Soilder fighting an imperial Knight?"

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    ok i got my computer fixed, so i can write my next part, then you can take it from there Sinre
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