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SWRPF Archive 128 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - The Force War

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Sinrebirth, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Wolf Sazen, Jedi-Council, Coruscant

    He nodded and leaned forward. Pressing a botton, Kira Romar was acknowledged she could enter the Chambers now.

    "The last time I saw her was on Borosk. She accompanied the mad Jedi Simoen Ternor into the unknown. Whatever she found there, she had the power to protect the Grandmaster´s son and my Padawan." He said and nodded. Something fateful had been around her on Borosk. He was eager to see, if it was still there.

    As the young girl entered she had changed. Still a young and attractive dark haired girl, she had lost her shy look. Her body, slender and athletic, was tensed and she moved with the grace and awareness of a hungry predator. Obviously she had changed. The brightness in her blue eyes, the charming smile. It wasn´t there anymore. She wore the traditional Jedi Robes, probably she had picked them up moments before entering. But they didn´t seem to be comfortable for her, anymore. And in the force she had retreated. Withdrawing from the community of masters. Hiding herself. Not consciously, but instinctivly.

    You have been victorious, Kira and you had to pay a price for it, didn´t you? Wolf Sazen thought.

    But it was for Master Skywalker´s place to welcome her. Wolf leaned back and reached into the force to gain insight on the things that were about to happen. In the galaxy, in this Jedi and in this chamber. The world was full of riddles, suddenly. Or probably it had always been, but they had just recnetly opened their eyes.

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  2. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    OOC: Weirdest Post I have ever done. Combined post between SirakRomar and SirakRomar, which happens to be . . . me [face_hypnotized] Approved by GM with some part from LordTroepfchen and some from Darth_bojangles;)

    Kira Kara Romar & Grandmaster Kol Skywalker, Council-Chambers, Coruscant

    "Masters." Kira bowed her head. she knew the Jedi present. Everybody in the Order knew the Council Members, but she couldn´t help but stare for a long moment at the empty seat next to Kol Skywalker. The seat of her dead Master.

    "Welcome back, Kira Romar. Before we proceed with the buisiness of the Jedi Order, I wanted to thank you, first. For saving my son. I have heard you killed the Sith who was send to assassinate him." Kol Skywalker said and finally sat down in his own council-seat.

    "The force guided me, Master Skywalker. As did Simeon Ternor. To him our gratefulness should direct. To save Cade and protect me he sacrificed himself." She sad, her look went to the floor. Shy and humble as she was remebered, but it was only a short sight of her old self, befroe she looked up again. "Nevertheless, Master Skywalker, it was my greatest honor. He is a good boy." She said.

    Kol Skywalker only nodded in recognition. His head turned to Wolf Sazen, as he leaned forward, his appreciation of the saving of his Padawan was felt in the force, as his concerned voice raised to Knight Romar.
    "You have asked to speak to the council, Jedi Romar. About the Sith. We are eager to learn whatever you have learned. For this council itself is in need of greater insight." He mustered her with peircing eyes. "And I feel you have travelled far since we last met on Borosk, didn´t you?" Kol Skylwaker nodded and all eyes were on Kira Romar.

    She breathed in and out. Calm and dedicated, with a strnegth that people had felt in her before, but never heard in her voice, she began to speak.

    "Before his death, he had forseen in the force, Simeon Ternor shared with me a secret about the Sith. The location of one of their most valuable bases. It is on the Planet Roon. He said it was fundamentally important that I attack this Planet. And I am here to ask you to provide me with the means to do so." She sighed and eyed one Master after the next. She felt their reluctance and immediately continued to speak.

    "Jedi Ternor suffered under a growing insanity, I am aware of that. But his words can vbe trusted, for his insight was induced by the force, Masters. He lead me to Arkania, to face a dark-side nexus there, he send me to Fondor, where I have discovered a cell of Sith-Agents inside the crater on the moon and hunted them to Bastion, where he guided me to Cade and Darth Zorn. It were his instructions that made me overcome the Sith. When even the force seemed to fail me in the force of darkness. He has forseen many things. He had been the prisoner andf victim of these Sith long before any of us knew about them." She looked deep into the eyes of the Grandmaster and almost whispered. "I am no Master of the Force as you are, but I have come to the conclusion and believe, that Simeon Ternor and I meet because it was the will of the force. Ignoring his words, is ignoring the force itself." She said and bowed her head.

    Kol Skywalker took a long moment to consider her words. To much emotions were beneath her surface. But then again, what could be expected. He knew Kira Romar so well, because they had something in common. The same Master, for example. Lowbacca. What could be expected of a young Jedi that had gone through so much pain. And how much more could they ask of her.

    "The Will of the force does not reveal itself lightly, Jedi Romar. and not superior understanding of the force is the key, but concentration, calmness and an open mind. Those who suffer, who have a storm of emotions in their heart, will always interpret the force according to their own needs. Something that can be most deceiving." The Zabrak said and wat
  3. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    OOC: Hell-of-a-post SirakRomar, just wanted to post Wolf Sazen-use ^ of her was authorized. I´ll wait for the other´s to respond before Wolf posts again.

    Darth Wyyrlok is waiting for [hl=indigo]GrandAdmiralJello[/hl] to post. Or anyone bringing up any subject or question he can answer to. I guess he is the only person with no questions, there.
  4. DARTH-bojangles

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    May 1, 2005
    OOC: Well played SirakRomar!=D=

    Plains of Nubia
    IC as Aruw'n Bonadan & Co.

    A flicker of a blue gleam caught Aruw'n's eye before the Sintell could give a response prompting him to straighten his posture. The figures of the Council Members of the Jedi Order winked into existence before him as well as the form of fellow Jedi Knight Kira Romar by his side. The hologram was playing back the last few moments of conversation amongst the Council before his eyes.

    Aruw'n had never met Knight Romar with the Order as vast in members as it was, but even without the Force he read sadness draped over her human features through the pale blue light. Perhaps the fight had not went well on all fronts, he surmised.

    Pulled from his thoughts as GrandMaster Skywalker addressed him with, "Good new are our favourite kind of interruption, Jedi Knight Bonadan. How is the status of your own fleet?"Aruw'n stepped forward slightly. "The Fleet has suffered a few casualties, but with assistance from Denon, we are fully stocked Operations Task Force with an Interdictor Vessel to boot. Tragically, we lost a dear friend and ally Admiral Sym in the fight."

    He continued on about how the Jensaari had defected against the Confederacy and recounted the Battle of Nubia itself. "Masters the Jensaari have requested an audience with yourselves and the GrandMaster after we discuss Kira Romar's proposal."

    "GrandMaster Skywalker, I must extend my thanks to Master Sazen for entrusting this task with me, but pleasantries aside Knight Romar, before we commit to any kind of assault on Roon I would like to know what it is we will be facing precisely."

  5. Ki_Undi_Mundi

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    Jul 31, 2006
    IC: Master Jorgon Arstick

    Master Jorgon took in the words of the young Jedi Master. He knew how she felt, and he understanded what was going on. He too, had felt the same way before, but hehad learned to control his emotions.

    " Kira," Master Jorgon spoke, taking a deep breath. " I do understand what you are saying, and I'm sure Master Yinngle deos too. You must not let your emotions get in the way of what the matters are at hand. If you need a fleet, I may be able to provide some sort of support. I have a Mon Calamari Star Fleet floating around Corouscant now. My flag ship is less than a 30 minute shuttle ride. If the Council allows me to do so, my fleet is at your disposal. But, if that is the case, I will be forced to accompany you on your Journey. As for Yinngle, it is his decision to tag along or not. I don't do this for many people, but I have a feeling that you will do the right thing."

    With that Master Jorgon leaned back in his seat and watched her intently.

    TAG: SkiraRomar, Jedi Council


    IC: Master Yinngle

    Master Yinngle knodded his head at Jorgon's response. A small smile flickered across his face. He needed some time out, but the Council may have other plans for him.

    " Understand what your saying I do Kira. Follow the force you must. Let not your emotions get in the way. Accompany you I may. Need someone to talk to you do, I am here. Talk you me you can, and a response I will give you."

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  6. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sigel Dare, Bastion aftermath

    "So Sigel I have a question for you...What do you call a GA Soilder fighting an imperial Knight?". Sigel had to grin at that, as well as the comments prior. Revan was one of the more witty Knights, after all. Handsome, too. But Sigel had heard Revan had a love interest somewhere in the Order, so she didn't pursue that line of thought.

    "Dead?" Sigel ventured to the question, catching a flurry of blaster bolts and turning them aside. Stormtroopers were starting to work on the pockets of resistance, but this intersection would take some time to clear out.

    Suddenly, a massive blow echoed in the Force, and Sigel tumbled back. Jedi? Sure enough, a Jedi wielding double-bladed green lightsaber twirled into a Stormtrooper squadron, killing all four in a moment. Then, with his free hand, the Jedi tossed a chunk of debris - much of which littered the floor - straight at Revan.

    TAG: Sabith
    IC: Elke Vetter, Imperial Senate Chambers

    "Vetter, the people need to see an united front. We fought side by side, you and I. You saved the life of a Sith, not once, but twice. Can you handle this?"

    Darth Ardeur was right, in some ways, but Vetter bristled nonetheless, especially at being rudely dropped. She strode after her, and bowed at the gathered Council.

    Several holograms had joined the meeting - Moff Sarreti, the Emperor, Moff Yage, and Vetter realised that she was the only Imperial Knight here. The room stank of darkness, dominated by a massive Chagrian Sith Lord.

    He had to be Ardeur's superior...

    Grand Admiral Veed spoke, and Vetter began to understand just what was going on. An alliance was to form, between the Sith and the Moff Council - the Empire. The Emperor would want to block it, but it was unlikely he could...

    Moff Sarreti saw the two Force users enter, wordless, and it could be seen him tap at a datapad before him, in the hologram. He glanced up at Ardeur once or twice, and nodded, looking back at the Emperor.

    A final hologram - the Moff of Mandalorian Space - appeared, but it was not Moff Tessek as she expected, it was Aden Kya - an Imperial Knight. One of the rogue ones whom had been sent to Concord Dawn to train, not to raise in political ranks... The hologram was surely noticed by the Emperor, and it immediately blinked out.

    Darth Maladi saw that, and frowned. An Imperial Knight Moff? Lord Krayt would be interested in this. Kreassk stood there, silent, and Maladi unwrapped his muzzle a little. Enough for him to speak. He needed to respond with Jedi platitudes at some point - to the Sith gathering with the Empire. "Ready, little Padawan? Do you truly understand?"

    TAG: Jello, SoZ, Sey, I-poodoo, DVC, Mitth
    IC: Kogun Shay, duel on Hapes, earlier

    Looking at the medkits, Kogun Shay stretched out into the Force, into the future. The Emperor would kill him, no? He was wounded, mortally so, and the Emperor would not accept him.

    Looking up at Antares Draco slowly, with the weight of his Galaxy upon him, he collapsed to the ground and let go. Of his hopes, of his fears, of his darkness, of his light. Faceless destiny had its creature, the father of Darth Zorn, the Grandmaster of the Twilight Knights...the man had spewed forth evils unparalleled, and dealt with the devil in the heretic Sith. And now the Force took his soul in payment. His body vanished, completely, his clothes left.

    Moff Yage immediately commed Antares. "Sir Draco! We have to go! Now!"


    Maleficarum caught the wrist, and her blade immediately winked out. She hissed, remembering the trade agreement between Bastion and H'menthe, remembering the Imperial Mission abandoned on Duro so early into the war for no apparent reason, remembering that the Emperor was a fully trained Imperial Knight and a master strategist.

  7. Vader_The_Pimp6916

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    Mar 17, 2005
    IC: Kore Barrack

    Kore Ignited the lightsaber without hesitation, striking out against the dark lord. Narcissus blocked the blow with ease and struck his own. Kore blocked that and with a twirl of his saber he stabbed out. Narcissus was a step ahead though and had sidestepped Kore's strike long before it reached it's destination...

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  8. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Daos Sallaros, Bastion aftermath

    The Battle of Bastion was over. The fighting, of course, was not. The Empire was forced to start rooting out the remnants, the pieces of the enemy that remained fighting. The Yuuzhan Vong would cause the most trouble, everyone feared. The Jedi were less feared by the Imperials because of them.

    Escorting Ratep Sentarin towards the Imperial Temple, a blackened Yuuzhan Vong hulk laying beside it. Daos Sallaros' thoughts were with his child, whom had been fleeing with her mother - an illegal mistake. The Emperor would surely frown upon that.

    The Imperial Knight saw a dozen Sith ringing the Imperial Temple, prepared to protect it at a moments notice. Daos wasn't pleased about them. Even the most ardent war supporters weren't. It was curious. Imperial Knights that had spoke up for striking the Jedi now rallied behind the Emperor.

    Some remained desparate to attack the Jedi, but they were on faraway Concord Dawn, and no threat to anyone, let alone the Empire. Daos looked at Hespar Kessler, the Imperial Knight that had detained the Jedi Master, an old student of the man, Daos had overheard.

    Sith and Yuuzhan Vong. Two great evils, and the Empire had declared war to stop the latter, and fallen afoul of the fore. Not good. All through this, Daos feared for his daughter, but he finally managed to re-focus his attentions. Daos stepped closer to Kessler. "What are we going to do with Sentarin? We're not formally at war with the Jedi, are we?"

    The other Imperial Knight, Caleb Brandl, spoke softly to the Jedi. "So, you're Master Sentarin of the Jedi. Proud of the destruction you've reined?" As they walked, the group saw shattered buildings and the bodies of Stormtroopers and civilians and Alliance soldiers. The fighting hadn't spread too far towards the Temple, but what had was devastating.

    TAG: Sprintabm and Fin
    IC: Knight Thyphoon, Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    ?So how about you, Thy? How?s life as a fully-fledged Knight??

    Thyphoon shrugged. "Same old, really. Shado. I hear they're considering making me Watchman of Gyndine when it's retaken, but a lot of Jedi died in the Confederacy stab at Fondor and Corellia, and what with the Sith back..."

    Thyphoon looked glum. "They're really back, aren't they, Shado? Cade?"

    TAG: R_Zion, Blubeast
    IC: Darth Narcissus, Korriban

    Kore Barrack struck immediately, sharply - a blow filled with clumsiness and almost no skill. Blocking, he struck out, and Kore blocked, to Narcissus' bemusement. A step ahead, he side-stepped and sliced at Kore's exposed arm.

    The lightsaber connected with the elbow, sending a charge into Kore. Electricity crawled from the blade up and down Kore's body, causing him intense pain. Kore dropped the practice lightsaer. To finish him, Narcissus gestured, clubbing the student into a wall.

    Stepping over, Kore held out the lightsaber, retrieved, to Kore, and spoke warmly, filled with humour - as if Kore's pain meant nothing. "Try again?"

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    Mar 30, 2007
    OOC: Can´t sleep, so I thought, I can post. This time only . . .

    Kira Romar, The Jedi-Council, Coruscant

    She smiled at the kind offering of support from the other Masters. The small Yinngle and Master Jorgan would indeed be great help, when they could lead them there, she thought. But somehow she had the feeling, it wasn´t what the force had in store for her.

    "Grandmaster Skywalker, I must extend my thanks to Master Sazen for entrusting this task with me, but pleasantries aside Knight Romar, before we commit to any kind of assault on Roon I would like to know what it is we will be facing precisely." Aruw´n, the blueish figure projected next to her, spoke. Kira Romar listened to the Knight. So many things had happened while she was gone. But it didn´t surprise her it had been Master Sazen taking initiative. Like herself, she had always felt him being reluctant about fighting but effective when he was forced to do so . . .

    "Jedi Knight Aruw´n, I was only given the location. Whatever is there, it is unknown. I did a little reading, and the planet itself has a long history with the Sith. It is remote and forgotten, as it seems, but still populated. But I am sure something powerful and evil will be found there, for Simeon had never led me anywhere unimportant. We must prepare for everything. The Sith I have faced where well-prepared and the only Lord I meet was a terrible foe to fight." She looked at Master Sazen. Then back at Jedi Aruw´n.
    "Recon-runs will be our second step. The first might be even more difficult. The cloak of the Sith is a part of the galaxy surrounded by nebulae and vast asteroid belts. It is approachable only through two corridors. We must clear one of them, at least." She sighed. It won´t be a surprise attack, except we move very carefully and deceptive. But as a matter of fact, I might have a plan, I can reveal, when I have seen the star-maps of the regions." She nodded. And turned to the council. She said nothing, but obviously she waited for a decision.

    Not knowing what she hoped for. But the force told her she was, where she had meant to be. Here, in this chamber. she had begun to fear the feeling. The force had guided her to suffering before. the force seemed to need her, but it had taken no care of her, so far . . .

    "Master´s, essential to all moves against Roon is that we move fast. The Sith have conducted a massive Operation. Even they are weakened, now." She said.

    Eyeing Master K´Krukh, Master Sazen, Yinngle and at last, Master Skywalker.

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    OOC: Hope I got the data from the PMs right, LordT & Fin. If not, please feel free to correct me.
  10. Ki_Undi_Mundi

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    Jul 31, 2006
    IC: Master Jorgon Arstick

    Master Jorgon knew that the corridors had to be cleared. His Star Fleet, along with the help of an old friend, could be cleared. But contacting this friend of would be a matter within itself. He knew he could clear one while the another fleet could clear the other.

    " I can clear one of the corridors," Master Jorgon said. " I have an old friend who could be of great aid to us. I could almost definately get him to help me clear it. My fleet is in it's prime, I can get this done Master Skywalker. "

    Master Jorgon knew that the friend he was talking about was not.....quite as clean as he should be, but he knew that he could help. He hoped Skywalker would have enough sense to let him clear out the one corridor. Master Jorgon waited intently for a response.

    TAG: SkirRomar


    IC: Master Yinngle

    Master Yinngle knodded. He knew that Jorgon could do it. Master Yinngle was getting old, he even said it himself. But he could still take on a Sith Lord or Two.

    " Master Skywalker, " Yinngle said slowly. " In my prime I am not, but great knowledge of the force and of Ataru I do possess. Assign me this mission you will hopefully. Aid Master Jorgon I shall. Consider this you will?"

    TAG: SkirRomar
  11. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Kol Skywalker, Council-Chamber, Coruscant

    "Master Skywalker," Yinngle said slowly. "In my prime I am not, but great knowledge of the force and of Ataru I do possess. Assign me this mission you will hopefully. Aid Master Jorgon I shall. Consider this you will?" Master Yinngle asked. All the Jedi were so eager to help. It was something good and pure, but also what filled him with concern.

    How far had the Dark Lord anticipated that?

    "Of course, I will. But we must now act with great care. None of us has faced a Sith, while they may have stalked us for a long time. I feel this mission could be a key to regain our initiative, but we must not forget our defensive. This temple, this planet, must be save for the sake of the Jedi, the Alliance and order." He sighed. Then he turned to Master Sazen and K´Krukh, both had stayed remarkable silent in these last minutes.

    "Master Sazen, what do you think? Master K´Krukh? Both of you have dealt with these new Sith in the last days. More so than most of us." He said. Eyeing his fromer Padawan.

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  12. Ki_Undi_Mundi

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    Jul 31, 2006
    IC: Master Jorgon and Master Yinngle

    " We too, have both dealt with Sith," Master Jorgon butted in. " They are not easy to fight, but then again, we dealt with some of the.....Older Sith."

    " Dealt with the I have," Master Yinngle added. " Difficult they were to defeat. Great Dark Lord's they were. Emporer Palpatine was especially hard."

    " Excuse us for our interuption Master Skywalker." Jorgon said and leaned back in his chair.

    TAG: Council Members
  13. Vader_The_Pimp6916

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    Mar 17, 2005
    IC:Kore Barrack

    Kore stared at Darth Narcissus stading over him "Try again,"Narcissus asked him, almost as if trying to taunt him.

    Still slightly dazed, Kore summoned up the strength to deliver a kick to Narcissus' mid-section which sent him backwards end over end. With his good hand, Kore called the saber to his hand, igniting it but Narcissus had already climbed to his feet. He looked slightly angry but pleased as well. Kore readied the lightsaber, preparing to go another round with the Sith Lord...

    TAG: Sin
  14. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    Ratep Sentarin
    war-torn Bastion

    "So, you're Master Sentarin of the Jedi. Proud of the destruction you've reined?"

    Walking behind Hespar and the second knight who began to talk to him, Ratep slowly turned and looked at the third knight that unleashed the smug remark. Ratep had been quiet since the Imps bounded his hands behind his back, but this young punk of a knight deserved a slap.

    He looked at him with a straight face, hardness in his voice. "First, I'm no Master; I'm a Knight. Second, this is war. Get used to it." Ratep certainly was. "And with your new allies you'll see all this on a lot more worlds pretty soon.

    "But," he continued, "had I known from the beginning that you guys jumped in bed with Swims-In-Buckets-Of-Red-Paint over there," motioning with his head over to the Sith guarding the Imperial Temple, "I would've shown less restraint. I'm no Jedi you've ever met." He flashed a half mocking, half threatening smile at the knight and looked away.

    The Sith that they passed earlier, and the Sith that they were walking towards... Ratep did remarkably well containing his rage, keeping it inside, not showing it externally. He was not even feeling it too much. It was as if he was storing it for later. The Alliance commando in him had kicked in now that he was a prisoner of war. He was too busy evaluating his situation, waiting to see what they, Sith or Imperial, would do to him, taking note of his captors and surroundings, and watching for something that might aid him in an escape or a retaliation.

  15. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    OOC: have your characters fought with the Emp, Ki-Undi? I think he/she meant face-to-face contacts . . . but nevermind

    Wolf Sazen & K´Krukh, Council-Chambers, Coruscant

    Wolf Sazen had watched the discussion unfold. They all felt the need to fight the Sith. They all wanted to contribute. But that was little surprise. These Masters knew what this meant. They knew what this could become.

    "Kira Romar has killed one of the new breed of Sith." He simply stated. "She has unveiled them. With the help of Ternor she has found them in their hiding and wouldn´t they have revealed themselves it would have been her, bring them to our attention." He said. Simply stating the facts. Not showing any pride for the young Jedi woman. Even as he was proud of her.

    "Faced the Sith. We have all had our share, ourselves in these days or in thos long gone." It was Master K´Krukh speaking. "But once the Jedi are inside the Cloak of the Sith they won´t be able to contact us anymore. I think we cannot afford to loose any more members of this council. For we will have to lead the Jedi now. To whatever destiny awaits our order."He leaned forward. "Soon the Empire will attack, strengthened through their new allies and dedicated to destroy US. Again." Master K´Krukh calmly explained. "The Council must be intact, then. And Master Jorgon´s fleet could serve us well." He said. Then looked at Jedi Knight Bonadan.

    Wolf Sazen knew what he meant. A Jedi with a fleet, another Jedi who had defeated the Sith once. And needed a fleet.

    "Master K´Krukh is right. We MUST stay funtional as leaders of our order. I trust in Simeon Ternor´s judgment. Whoever this mad Jedi was. I haven´t trusted it then at Borosk, but I do now." He simply said.
    Then he made a long pause. He knew his advice was valued by his Master. He reached into the force to calm himself and immediately knew what was to be odne. the situation itself indicated the right path for the Jedi in this question.

    "My advice is only, what the force tells me. Jedi Knight Bonadan, you have shown you are a leader of forces as you are a Jedi. Your fleet must now end, what it has begun and crush the confederacy. But you shall join the mission to Roon. For your experience will be of great value to this mission."

    He sighed and turned to Kira Romar. He could feel her strong emotions. Her lack of calmness. But also her dedication. And he felt something else . . .

    "Knight Romar . . . I can also feel you are connected to this new breed of Sith. Of all our Knights it was you who has seen their true face." He nodded and looked at Master Skywalker. Opening himself to his Master, he made his concern but also his conviction known.
    "You must lead the Jedi to Roon. Bring the war to our enemies and protect us all from their spreading evil. It is what you are meant to do. Even if it will be a test of your abilities. I am sure it is your place." He then looked to the other Masters.

    "That is what I can see, when I see these two Jedi Knights. The Council should send them."

    For a long moment there was silent. It was again Master K´Krukh who broke it.

    "True" He said. And all looks were on Kol skywalker. It was him to make the final decision.

    Tag: The Council and Jedi present

  16. R_Zion

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    Nov 23, 2004
    IC: Shado Vao
    Outside the Council Chambers- Jedi Temple- Coruscant

    "They're really back, aren't they, Shado? Cade?"

    The young Rutian Twi?lek?s head dropped momentarily as he gaze fell upon the polished stone floor. He had never lived in the days the Sith had ruled the galaxy, when monsters like Darth Bane, Darth Maul, Darth Sidious and Darth Caedus beat the drums of war across the galaxy. He had heard much of the Sith in the stories the masters would used to tell to warn younglings of the path of the Dark Side, but never in his wildest dream did he ever think he?d live to see one with his own eyes. That is? until Taris. There they were, as large as life, in all their red and black tattooed horror, but his master had been able to dispatch them. What would happen the next time, though? What if Master Skywalker wasn?t there to save him? He was skilled with a ?saber, but could he defeat the deadly Sith Warriors of legend and nightmare?

    ?It looks like it,? he began, his face looking equally glum before he suddenly forced a slight grin onto his face. ?That just means we?re going to have to train hard and stand together to face these guys. The force is our ally, as the masters say, and if we stay together, we?re going to give those Sith a heck of a fight at the very least.?

    TAG: Sinre, Blubeast[/b]
  17. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Bryce

    His eyes sullen and cold, dark around the edges. His skin a sickly pale, his cloak wrapped tight around his body. This was the Old Bryce. The Bryce of yester-year. A man whose emotions controled him. A man teetering on the edge of good and evil. Good, thankfully, always prevailed. His master safe, and the Sith dead, her body consumed by his own flames, he was at peace.

    He walked behind his master to the ship, hurried, but slow still. A cigarette sending smoke over his head, lit by a small flame that had appeared over his thumb, it was almost gone when he reached the transport. Stomping it out, he boarded, but remained quiet, reserved.

    He remained that way for a good half hour, standard time, before he was back to his joyous self, the life seeming to return to him.

    Tag: any, none
  18. I-poodoo

    I-poodoo Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 1, 2001
    IC: Kreassk/ Imperial Senate Chambers/ Bastion

    Awash in the force Kreassk found clarity. He was a prisoner now, and a prisoner to the Sith.

    Darth Maladi removed his muzzle and gloated, "Ready, little Padawan? Do you truly understand?" She was such a pathetic and transparent creature this powerful Sith witch.

    Kreassk did understand. He understood that Maladi needed him to respond so she could revel in her apparent superiority over him-Sith over Jedi-darkside over light. She would not cease until he submitted.

    The first priority of any prisoner was survival. To avoid her wrath he would have to give her what she wanted.

    ?Yess, Darth Maladi I undersstand,? He said to her calmly, ?I undersstand your alliance with thesse Moffss will inevitably ssplit the Empire in two. Thesse Moffss will bring half the Empire behind your masster and the half that matterss mosst will rally behind their Emperor. Of coursse you?ve already figured out all of that sso once the Ssith and the whole Empire eliminates the Jedi and the Alliance threat to you Roan Fel will be a dead man and the one replacing him on the throne will be Darth Krayt.? He looked over the assembled participants of the meeting.

    ?It?ss a pity that like the Ssenatorss of the Old Republic thesse Moffss do not realize the misstake they are making, and jusst ass with Palpatine you Ssith do not realize the misstake you are commiting. The greatesst power in thiss universse iss not the force light or dark, Darth Maladi. The greatesst power iss the peopless? dessire to be free. Tyrantss like Palpatine or Darth Krayt no matter how sstrong in the darksside of the force or how large their sstardesstroyerss or deathsstarss can not even hope to sstand againsst it. Though it may take yearss, decadess, or even centuries the people of thiss galaxy will be free desspite all that you Ssith and your mighty empire can do to them.?

    He smiled wide at her showing all his fangs, ?Revel in your victory today, Ssith, for your eventual defeat iss asssured.?

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  19. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Kol Skywalker & a little Kira Romar, Council-Chambers, Coruscant

    The Grandmaster listened to all and at last his own former Padawan spoke. Kol knew his former-apprentice had a special connection to the force. He trusted his feelings. And he could actually feel the same. These two Jedi would be the ones leading their Order to Roon.

    Looking to all other Master´s for agreement he finally turned to Kira Romar and Aru´n Bonadan.

    "So it is decided. Kira Romar, you will lead the Mission to Roon. I place the 3rd GA fleet under your command. You, Jedi-Knight Bonadan will be her second-in-command. Split your fleet in five equal Battlegroups and have them hunting down the Confederacy forces. Jedi Knight Rasi Tuum will resume command. Take one of the Battlegroups yourself. It shall serve as your command group. The Jedi that are with you, shall join that Mission. As shall the nearby Jedi on Almas. There has been a gathering in the ancient Academy. They will be contacted and asked to join you." He fell silent for a moment. Then his voice was much more gentle.
    "This mission might be the most important of the war. It is the first strike against our true enemy, the Sith. Expect the unexpected. Not only from the, but also from yourself. Stay true to yourselves and you shall prevail. May the force be with you, Jedi Knights." With that he turned to Master Jargon and Master Yinngle.

    Kira Romar nodded. That had been what she wanted, that had been what was the most reasonable choice. But again, she feared to get what she wanted. She felt frigthtened by the next quest the force had bestowed, had forced on her . . .
    "Yes Master." Was all she said and nodding to Master Sazen, who had made this possible with his advice, she left the chamber.

    Kol Skywalker waited for her to leave, before he addressed his fellow Masters. Not for secrecy, but courtesy.
    "Master K´Krukh is right, without Lowbacca we need to stay as operational as possible. I want you Master Jargon to lead our forces in the defense that is inevitable after the defeat of Bastion. And you Master Yinngle must guard our most precious ressource. The innocent children. In their hearts we must win this war, more so than on any Battlefield." With these last words Kol skywalker turned to Aruw´n Bondan again.

    "The Jensaari have requested to speak before this council. We are ready to hear what they have to say. Meanwhile you should prepare your departure, Master Bonadan. I can tell from past Missions Jedi Romar is a Jedi who rarely looses time." He nodded and waited for the Jensaari to take his position.

    Tag: All in the council, Sinrebirth (for Jensaari?)

    OOC: And with that . . . Kira Romar ends her cameo and wanders of to "128 ABY - The Collapsing Galaxy". It´s been her pleasure. :) Kol Skywalker, obviously remains.

    The PINK is killing me . . .
  20. Rilwen_Shadowflame

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    Mar 27, 2005
    IC: Vander Lorren

    "That's true. Too true. But until the Emperor returns, we're stuck. Unless you had a mission from Tieg initially?"

    "My mission is over. I was called back. Manden has...had not yet given me any new mission. Things happened too quickly." Vander shook his head. Correcting the tense of his comments had required an adjustment in his thinking. There was no longer any present or future tense in comments about his friend. It was a painful thought.

    Unlike many, Vander had been away throughout the fighting. There had been problems in the mission, true, but he had not been exposed to the deaths of fellow Imperial Knights. As a consequence, he was now having to deal with the war's issues in minutes rather than months.

    "Are we going to see what's happened outside the Temple? There may be answers there. Not all of us, though. We may need to contact some who stay behind. Share the knowledge, if the things we find out demand it. At least one should stick close to a ship. In case-" he altered his comment to prevent the obvious morbidity. "-In case a messenger needs to be sent quickly." They'd take his meaning, but no point in stating the more depressing option openly.

    TAG: Sinre
  21. Darth_Sabith

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    Oct 17, 2006
    IC: Revan, Bastion aftermath

    As Revan returned the baster fire back into the GA solders he heard Sigel answer his question as she two was bussy dodging and sending lazers flying. "Dead?" The Stormtroopers were starting to work on the pockets of resistance, but this area would take forever to clear out. Then a massive blow echoed in the Force, the blast caused Sigel to tumbled back and forced Revan to hold his ground. It couldn't be a Jedi? Looking up from the debre Revan saw what could only be Jedi. In the jedi's hands was a double-bladed green lightsaber that he twirled into squadron of Stormtroopers. In less then a second the four troppers fail.

    Then, with his free hand, the Jedi used the force to send chunks of debris - much of which littered the floor - straight at Revan. With Blaster fire and debris attacking him Revan dodged what he could and used the force to redirect what he couldn't. "Well Sigel they would be dead if it wasn't for a single stupid Jedi. I though the jedi where smart."
    Said Revan as he jumped over a large rock that would have smashed him like a bug.
    Little fragments of debris hit his armor but it was armor and only scrathed it a bit. While in mid air He spun landing behind the jedi his golden blade aimed high landed against the green blade. "A little help would be nice Sigel! Just watch my back, keep the lazer fire and out GA friends occupied. I'll deal with the jedi" Said Revan as he released his attack to follow up with a sweap attack aimed at the jedi's legs.

    The jedi jumped dodging the attack and brought his blade down towards Raven's head. Forced to roll to his right Revan sent the debris that was once targeted for him back at his oppoint. Then he charged at the jedi once more but the jedi was clever and easly dodged the attack. Then Revan once more sent blows at the jedi and slowly advanced.

    Each time he forced the jedi back Revan felt his heart race. The gold and green blades clashed as lazer fire continued to rain around them. This was a very bad fight to be in but Revan didn't fear any of that now. He knew Sigel would keep him safe and he also trusted the force. A lazer bolt glazed his right thigh but missed. Instead it hit the jedi in the knee but the jedi continued to fight on. "Look buddy I don't hate the jedi and I think the empire would welcome you all in with open arms all you have to do is swear loyalty to the emperor. Is that so bad?" Said Revan as he countered yet another blow from the jedi.

    "Sigel what's our statues with our GA friends? Have they had enough yet?" Shouted Revan as he spun reflecting three lazer bolts into the air and once more meet the jedi's next blow.

    Tag: Sinre

    TAG: Sabith
  22. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    These are the characters of Ki_Undi_Mundi, reposted for convenience. I've taken a GM liberty and added a few bits to make it fit better into the Game. Remember, Ki, this is 128 years after the Battle of Yavin - so even if you fought Palpatine, remember canon and that your guys aren't all-powerful, please. They still fell, when Order 66 happened.

    Name: Master Jorgon Arstick
    Age: 256 years old
    Species: Cerean
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Long Jedi Robe, traditional Cerean Cuffs, very large head, long white beard, many wrinkles.
    Allegiance: Jedi Order
    Weapons: Lightsaber
    Bio: Master Jorgon was taken from his home planet of Cerea to the Jedi Temple at a very young age. His father was the senator of Cerea at the time and his mother a home maker. Master Jorgon trained under Master Yazikatu. He was a great Jedi Master who was killed in battle by a stray bomb during the Clone Wars. Surviving the Jedi Purge, Master Jorgan then went on to take a position as a Jedi Council Memeber in the New Jedi Order after the Confederation War. He became close friends with a Master named Master Yinngle, who was the same species as Yoda. Master Yinngle is 256 years old. Master Jorgon still sits on the Jedi Council today and is a prominent Jedi Master of his time.

    Name: Master Yinngle
    Age: 678
    Species: Same as Yoda
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Very old and wrinkly. Very short. Has a hunched back and walks with a small wooden cane.
    Allegiance: Jedi Order
    Weapons: Lightsaber
    Bio: Master Yinngle was found on Coruscant when he was only a child, 678 years ago. The Master that found him took him to the Jedi Temple becaused he sensed that the Force was with this child. Master Yinngle learned quickly and became very wise, spending most of his time off of Coruscant. He later on, after the Purge, took a seat on the New Jedi Order Council after the Confederation War and has been there since. He deals mostly in diplomatic missions and situations. He is close friends with Master Jorgon Arstick.
  23. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Knight Pemne, Imperial Temple

    "Are we going to see what's happened outside the Temple? There may be answers there. Not all of us, though. We may need to contact some who stay behind. Share the knowledge, if the things we find out demand it. At least one should stick close to a ship. In case-"

    A slight pause, and Knight Pemne sensed a change. He understood that. Morbidity was not needed here.

    "-In case a messenger needs to be sent quickly."

    "I'll make sure the apprentices stay behind, don't worry, with a few fully trained Knights and Masters. The Battle is over, they say, but the clean-up is just beginning. Two thousand enemy combatants remain - Jedi, Yuuzhan Vong, Alliance soldiers - most here, in Imperial City, but a few have escaped into the larger Bastion area."

    As they walked passed windows, the damaged skyline was apparent. The area immediately around the spaceport was alight, with fires spreading around it. There was a small plume of smoke near the Imperial Senate, and sounds of fighting echoed in a few places.

    Pemne strode out of the Imperial Temple with a dozen Imperial Knights. As they did so, they saw the Sith Lords ringing the Temple in a defensive formation. Blinking, Pemne asked an Imperial Knight whom had been at the front. In a nutshell, the Sith had saved the Empire.

    Telling Vander as much, Pemne hissed. "You were out there in the Unknown Regions...did you find anything about Sith, for Force's sake? The Empire can't ally with the Sith. The Emperor wouldn't let it happen..."


    Caleb Brandl felt curiously scared of Sentarin. It was no surprise with statements like this.

    "I would've shown less restraint. I'm no Jedi you've ever met."

    Brandl remembered his name-sake - Aldaric Brandl - and scowled. This was no Jedi, not really. He was a Dark Jedi. Just as there were Dark Imperial Knights - who didn't know about Eydan Skorne? - this Jedi, Caleb concluded, was a Dark Jedi.

    What really frustrated him was that the Alliance condoned these creatures, and the Yuuzhan Vong, while the Empire was being painted as the 'evildoers' of the Sith-Imperial War by virtue of the Sith involvement. Up and until this point, the Empire had led a noble war effort.

    Caleb spoke sharply. "No, you're like most Jedi I've met."

    TAG: Rilwen, Fin, sprintabm
    IC: Sigel Dare, streets of Bastion

    There was a lot of laser fire. More than Sigel Dare could cope with. The Alliance was pushing into this area of Bastion, rather than retreating. Or they wanted the Imperial Knights. One or the other. The Stormtrooper squadrons were dismantled in the fighting, unsupported by the Knights - four Alliance soldiers were attacking the Knights from four opposing angles from the buildings surrounding the intersection, keeping them pinned, and able to provide support for the Alliance soldiers. Yuuzhan Vong bounded among them, appearing from the shadows and slaying Stormtrooper officers, before withdrawing. The troopers were thus un-organised, and growing more so.

    "Sigel what's our status with our GA friends? Have they had enough yet?"

    "Not yet!" Sigel shouted. A bolt clicked her shoulder, ripping that part of her armour away. "I suggest we withdraw, and soon!"

    The Jedi before Revan was a whirlwind, combining Makashi and Soresu effortlessly. "Loyalty to the Emperor means loyalty the Sith. I do not support darkness, and never will." The Jedi flicked his lightsaber under Revan's guard, and shoved his blade away from his body. The Jedi turned with the block, locking Revan's blade, and exposing Revan's body. "Now!" The Jedi shouted, and an Alliance sniper fired a single bolt at Revan.

    The Jedi used the Force to lock Revan's foot in place, and looked grim, unhappy at the life to be taken.

    TAG: Sabith
    IC: Darth Narcissus, Korriban

    Darth Narcissus stood quickly, lightsaber in hand. Impress
  24. Darth_Sabith

    Darth_Sabith Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 17, 2006
    IC: Revan, streets of Bastion

    As Revan fought the jedi he couldn't believe how skilled the jedi was. Every attack had been blocked
    and countered effortlessly. The Jedi seemed be a whirlwind, combining Makashi and Soresu almost effortlessly.
    Then the jedi spoke in a calm manner, "Loyalty to the Emperor means loyalty the Sith. I do not support darkness,
    and never will." Suddenly the Jedi flicked his lightsaber just under Revan's guard, and shoved the gold blade away
    from his body. Then he turned with a block, locking Revan's blade, and exposing the young knight's body.
    "Now!" shouted the jedi, and it was at that moment Revan felt danger in the force. His foot was stuck no
    doubt the jedi was using the force to lock him in place but on the jedi's face was almost a sad grim look.

    Quickly Revan bashed his head forward into his oppenites. The sound of the jedi's nose been broken by
    the imperial helm rang in Revan's ears. The jedi feel into unconsuicesness he hadn't been prepaired for
    the young imperial to act in such a way. Blood sprayed from the jedi's nose and then a lazer bolt barily missed him as his head had went forward.
    Regaining his footing Revan quickly grabbed the uncontious jedi by his robes using him as a shield.
    "Alright Sigel We need to get out of here now." Said Revan as he force leaped onto a near by balcony and
    entered cut his way though the buildings window. Entering he layed the jedi down and took the green lightsaber
    from what would hopefully be his prisioner. Looking out the window he saw Sigel start following and using the force
    he sent as much debries as he could into her attackers.

    Tag: Sinre
  25. s65horsey

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Darth Ardeur

    The Sith Lady took in the room as she stood there next to Imperial Knight Vetter. She had no interest in the moffs present. The politics of the galaxy did not concern her. She just wanted to be able to fight and kill. The war machine she had turned into in such a short period would've concerned anyone except for a Sith. She caught Wyyyrlock's eye for just a moment so he could see what she'd become. What he and Krayt had made her into. She trusted that he'd put her where she'd be effective against the Alliance.

    Her attention wandered to another Sith Lady, Maladi, and the younger one at her side. She listened in as Maladi tried to get him to pledge allegiance to her and the Sith. His defiant and uninformed answer almost caused Ardeur to burst out laughing.

    "Young one," She addressed Kreassk "You know not what you speak of. The Empire and Sith are to blame for this? Whose world are we currently on? Bastion, an Imperial world. Whose world was just attacked? An Imperial World. Who attacked that world? The Alliance and the Vong. The Jedi scum flew their ships to this world with the purpose of eliminating the Emperor, leader of the Galaxy. The Sith stepped up to defend the Empire and keep Roan Fel in charge."

    She stepped closer to the pair. "How is it that forceabily taking a planet is allowing people to be free? What evidence do you have that the people are not free under Roan Fel's leadership? I heard no complaints other than from the Jedi who themselves strive for power over people while hiding behind their Jedi lore that they only serve the force." Her tone became mocking here.

    Here Ardeur allowed passion to enter her voice. "The fighting that Imperial Knight Vetter and I did was for this planet. For these people. I gain nothing out of this. Look at me. Look at my injuries." She waved her hand back towards the battlefield. "Look at the bodies. What did the alliance do when they staged their retreat? They slaughtered innoncent civilians who were on the ground because they live on the capital world of the Empire."

    Disgust filled her face. "That's who you want to serve? That's who you want to Champion?"

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