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Star Wars 129 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - Shadow's Fall

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    IC: Lord Yelos
    Battle of Corulag

    Lord Yelos, her long, beautiful blond hair scattered over her eyelashes, watched as the approaching Jedi armies made they way towards her position. She had been thinking about her different possibilities, one of which approaching the Jedi and attacking them at the former mall, or waiting and testing her patience. Her heart was silent, a soft beat coming out every other second. She had learned to become calm in panicking areas, and now she examined the area, thinking.

    All she could remember from her early life was the vision she had years ago, one her master had told her was real. He had told her that she was the only survivor, and that was only because he had found her before she had died. Her mother had been beautiful, that was all she could remember mostly. And after that vision, she had tried to hide it, but she had always wished her mother and father had survived. Of course the Sith had healed her, helped her, but after thinking much on it, she wanted them, wanted to see their smiles, their laughs, here stories about her family tree, and have a normal childhood.

    She now banished the forbidden thoughts from her mind as she watched one trooper thrown through the air. She cursed silently to herself as she felt her complink wiggle. She pulled it out, noticing it was Darth Maladi. She was sure that she had heard her thoughts, and cursed herself again, before positioning herself to speak with Darth Maladi.

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  2. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Ryu Brightstar, Lord Protector of the Free State of Anaxes
    Capital City of Anaxes

    The nights were hard for Ryu, since the Battle of Anaxes. The moment he closed his eyes, the disembodied faces of many hounded him. Ryu knew that if he attempted to share a bed with Jule he would keep her awake every night from his ceaseless torment. The dreams were becoming worse; more vivid and increasingly frightening. And, in his sleep, Ryu could not control himself. Ryu would often awake to dressers and chairs thrown across the room, missing legs and overturned. Ryu?s modest command over the Force was amplified tenfold at night.

    This particular morning, Ryu had woken himself up at three. Knowing that his wakeup call wouldn?t come for another two and a half hours, Ryu bathed and dressed in darkness, savoring the quiet he had once scorned. When Jule knocked on his door at six, he was sitting with his head in his hands. To be able to think was a terrible thing, Ryu thought with irony.

    At Jule?s beckoning, Ryu stood and crossed the room. He opened the door to find Jule, in her dressing gown. Ryu looked down at his own lavish black and gold dress armor, and asked, ?Shouldn?t you be getting ready, then??

    Realizing that he must have sounded rather cold, Ryu brought his hands up to Jule?s face and kissed her softly on the lips. Perhaps she would be able to ease his irritable mood.

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  3. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Maladi
    Outside Pellaeon Gardens

    [blockquote]Darth Maladi sensed an arrival in the Force. It was a fourth Sith, that had been instructed to arrive later on - another test of Imperial manners, and another way to stretch the Knights. They would fulfil the role of spy for Lord Krayt, a personal aide for the Emperor, out of Sith concern, of course. Maladi did not pay the newcomer no heed - they had their instructions to come to the Pellaeon Gardens.

    Maladi's comm was finally responded to. Darth Yelos, at last. "Lord Yelos," Maladi said, simply. Yelos' history was well known to Maladi, and especially to Lord Wyyrlok, as it was his mother who had suggested Yelos be inducted into the One Sith. "You have held our beachhead on Corulag for long enough now. Relief will be dispatched to you, but it will take time. We need to keep the Alliance and their Jedi on the backfoot, to give our forces time to assist Corulag. You will find transport on Corulag, and head to Kuat. The shipyards there are too deep in Alliance territory for us to strike them directly. You must sabotage them, and the assets to assist you in doing so will meet you there."

    The Sith strategy was evident to many of the Thousand - the Sith who had been dispatched to lure the Jedi out of position more than half a year ago. They were to distract, harass, strike, and divide the Jedi, until the Horde could hit Coruscant. Many of the initial Thousand were dead now, at Bastion, at Roon, at Qiilura, and the survivors now held the Coreward stretches of the Empire. Yelos was among those survivors, and now had another mission. It was clear that the position here, on Corulag, was tentative, but the main threat were those two Jedi Knights... the apprentices could handle it otherwise.

    One of the brighter studens, Zauber, a tall and imposing male human with the fragments of a shrewd mind attached to the fragments of crimson tattoo's on his face, had overheard the conversation with Maladi, which had now ended. "You are to leave us, Lord Yelos? Will you... be taking an apprentice with you?" Zauber said all this while deflecting a steady barrage of bolts, and then inverting to catch a second a flash later. Impressive, for his size.

    The two Knights were getting ready to pounce, now poised within a building to the rear of the Imperial formation, making their way up higher in the abandoned tower. Interesting, indeed.[/blockquote]

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    IC: Jule Ors
    Anaxi City, Imperial Hotel

    [blockquote]?Shouldn?t you be getting ready, then??

    Ryu's voice had a sharpness that belied the haggard expression attached to his face, particularly his eyes, the sunken grooves particularly distinct on his golden skin. She resisted the temptation to get irritable, though she had every intention of doing so when he was in a better frame of mind. This was her homeworld, and her family that was dying, and he hadn't lost -

    Jule's internal mantra was a hair from exploding when she stopped it, a moment before his lips met hers. She returned the kiss, drinking in, again, the alienness of him, which she found so mesmerising. He was very unlike Anaxi men, she had to say. Her own mood soothed, Jules pulled back, her hands on his sides. Despite being caught in her own swirl of tragedy, Jule felt Ryu was not hers today.

    Not that he was often, nowadays.

    She looked into his eyes, calmly. "I can do this, if you need me to, you know. You don't have to do everything. We've had a lot happen to us, both of us." Jule remembered her friends, killed one at a time by various disasters and horrors, much of her family missing, presumed dead, the junta desperately gathering weapons to their own ends and means, all now meeting downstairs to discuss how best to revenge themselves upon the Alliance, and each other.

    Arik Sagitta, the Imperial Knight who had fought for the rebel cau
  4. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Kol Skywalker
    Chambers of the Temple

    It was a sad day for the order. He had known the galaxy would not understand. But that many Jedi thought the ability to wage war, to end life was more important than justice and protection of innocents. They betrayed their order. Worse than any Dark Side seduction. They betrayed it´s core. They did not see, that no matter how dark the days became, a galaxy would always support a Jedi Order that stood for life and freedom. but when Jedi became soldiers, when they brought war they were like everybody else. And they were not worthy of being followed. They became a party in a war. And in war people died.

    The Clone Wars had made Jedi Generals, fools and hunted. The Second Correlian Insurgency had made the very first Skywalker a collaborateur and brought him to the point where he was unable to act, at all. Something unforgivable for a Jedi, as he himself had taught so many. The Jedi Civil War. The uncounted occassions where Jedi had forgot what they were to serve their ambition to win . . . all them had lead to defeat.

    Because the force did not help Jedi win wars. The Jedi were guaridans of life. Did that included going to war. Often it seemed that way. And all to often it had been wrong to give in to that easy few. What could the Sith have done, would the Empire not have needed them? Actually in a fast defeat of the Galactic Alliance, the Empire might have turned into a democracy to secure their holdings, instead of risking a civil war. Instead the democracy that GA was had turned into an Empire. And his Jedi did not understand.

    Kol sighed and send a single message to Ossus. He wanted a broadcast. He wanted to address all Jedi.

    Then he felt the uneasy aura of his former apprentice. And a second man. Just outside the door. His lightsaber was in his hand before he was at the door. And as it slided open he stepped out calm. ?And you a Grandmaster??

    He smiled and turned to Wolf Sazen. "Why is it always Sith who know best what makes a Jedi?" He asked with a brow raised. Meanwhile his hand extended and crushed the Sith into the wall. slowly he turned his head to him. "I would offer last words, my dear friend, but I assume you consider whatever you got to say important enugh to step before us with the illusion of survival. Something your Dark Lord had problems with, lately. So, give it your very, very best shot." Kol said calm. He was not so impressed the man had come into the temple. That was the easier part. Getting out of this room was what would be challenge.

    A wave of his other hand, that held his lightsaber activated the Temple alarm and locked down his chambers. "Look for Cade and Shado, Wolf. I´ll take care of this." he then said.

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  5. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    IC: Lord Yelos

    Yelos could barely remember her name before she had became a Sith. She had always been called Yelos, had known no other name, and now that she heard her name on her complink, her mind swiftly turned and started wondering what her name had been. Who had her parents been? ?Lord Yelos,? was all she heard from Darth Maladi as blasterfire sounded over the complink. She calmed down the area around her, even strangling one of her enemies. ?You have held our beachhead on Corulag for long enough now. Relief will be dispatched to you, but it will take time,? Maladi told her, and she almost broke the complink. Corulag was her mission, not someone else's. She forced her nerves down and listened on, ?We need to keep the Alliance and their Jedi on the backfoot, to give our forces time to assist Corulag. You will find transport on Corulag, and head to Kuat. The shipyards there are too deep in Alliance territory for us to strike them directly. You must sabotage them, and the assets to assist you in doing so will meet you there." As Maladi finished, Yelos almost cursed. She wanted to murder Maladi, who thought she was so good just because she happened to be one of Lord Krayt's favorites.

    ?Yes Darth Maladi,? she shut off the complink, opening her blood red lightsaber as she angrily sliced an enemy across the neck. He had been trying to kill her this whole time, and now he had himself a blade through the neck. As he laid collapsed on the ground, red blood spurting from a scratch wound on his knee, she looked into his face, saw his features, and wondered if he had children, had a life. Then she heard a voice, and turned. There stood a student, his name Zaubar, if she recalled from the back of her mind. She had seen him before, maybe on a small training mission.

    "You are to leave us, Lord Yelos? Will you... be taking an apprentice with you?" He asked her, and she turned to him. He had asked her about an apprentice. She had just noticed his suprising moves, and with that nodded at him. ?Would you be needing a master maybe?? she asked him, noting the Jedi Knights were closer than she had thought. She moved, hoping Zaubar was following her. She made her way slowly and then leaped near the building she sensed they were in. She also wondered who these Jedi were. As she opened the door, she let go of all emotions. She also noticed they were climbing up the tower. She went screaming up, at their tail, and knew she would find them...soon.

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  6. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 26, 2007
    [hl=black]Darth Krayt[/hl]
    [hl=purple]Emperor Roan Fel III[/hl]

    Lord Krayt did see the mans strength. Patience, discipline and a strong will. But also his weakness. Arrogance and his believe in the loyalty of others. Darth Krayt knew his ranks were overcrowded with traitors. It was those who were under his control, who were so drawn into the spirit of the Sith treachery was no longer an option he put some trust in. And never even these chains he did trust completely. No chains could never be broken. Except those dark ones who seem to capture him inside of this suit. Those had not yet revealed their weak point. Soon enough, he would continue his quest to overcome the one weakness he had. To Roan Fel the suit might have appeared babric, but surely impressive. Violent. Strong. Imposing. Yes, even his weakness made his enemies fear him.

    "Then it is settled. The exchange shall soon take place. Meanwhile, we need to speak through one voice, Emperor. I heard your Supreme Commander and my envoi have already begun to establish a chain of command. Roon, as painful as it was, has shown how cooperation can lead to effective results." Lord Krayt said and probed the Emperor through the force.

    The vEmperor kept his clam. The man wanted the alliance to succeed, before it broke apart. He wanted to win the war. Ambition was a sweet poison. "I know." He replied and looked at Krayt. "The Grandmaster has thrown the Alliance into chaos, it seems." He added.

    "We both know better." Lord Krayt replied. His voice now thundering through the garden. He touched a flower and it died in his hand, that had barely touched it. "They willemerge united. Under his command He had shown them he is in control and from now on we will face a Kol Skywalker with much greater power. A cunning tactician. And powerful in the force." Lord Krayt looiked at the Emperor.

    "Yes. Indeed. I know him well, call him a freind even now. He is not to be underestimated. But he was one flaw. One weakness." Roan Fel looked at the flower. An acient plant, dead in the hands of that monster. A monster he would use and then crush. His intentions were as clear as Lord Krayts.

    "Power." Krayt hissed.

    "Yes, different than we, he does not desire it. He feels it is a flaw. A legacy he has to life up to."

    "A burden." Krayt concluded.

    "A burden, indeed." The Emperor agreed. And felt uncomfortable sharing such thoughts with a Sith.

    "I admire that in him." Lord Krayt said and nodded. "Maybe he admits, what we do not want to see." And with that he nodded to the smaller man and made his way out. "My spy will soon be exchanged with yours. Let´s call them envois and advisors for now. My Emperor. It was my honor to meet you." He said, but not very convinced. And made his way out of the garden.

    Outside he stepped next to Darth Wyyrlok III. and smiled. Then turned his head to his Regent and said a single word. He had talked enough for one day. All Wyyrlok had to know now was said in a simple word.


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  7. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Wolf Sazen
    Chambers of the Temple

    [blockquote]"Why is it always Sith who know best what makes a Jedi?"

    Kol spoke these words even as he raised his hand, and the Sith flew from into a wall which did not even appear to be there, the half-chair tipping into one of those behemoth holes. The man's eyes grew man, laughing, despite being pressed down. Wolf blinked, as Kol addressed the yellow-eyed demon. "I would offer last words, my dear friend, but I assume you consider whatever you got to say important enough to step before us with the illusion of survival. Something your Dark Lord had problems with, lately. So, give it your very, very best shot."

    Kol was calm, but in that calm there was a true durasteel, a metal which had faced Sith treachery at Wayland, at Taris, at Hapes, at Qiilura, at Anaxes, and now here, on Coruscant herself. A wave of his hand, and the alarms of the Temple activated. Kol was quick to command Wolf. "Look for Cade and Shado, Wolf. I´ll take care of this."

    The Dark Man stopped his laughter, and raised a hand. Wolf paused, tensing himself, but the Sith simply snapped a finger. The alarm stopped. Even the ringing in Wolf's ears was gone; as if the sound had never existed in this white world. It was mostly impossible, in itself, that the Dark Man had raised his hand with such ease. "The irony is," came the Sith's voice, smugness filling it, "had you triggered the alarm before stepping into the Paradigm, then I'd never have been able to stop it. Skywalker, Skywalker." The man shook his head. "This is my world, now. I make the rules." Impossibly, again, the man leaned forward - inordinately powerful, it seemed. "I can tell you this, for free -" The Dark Man raised both his hands, lightning beginning to crackle around them, Wolf thumbing his blade on -

    "You are no Uncle Luke."

    The Dark Man vanished, as if he had never been there, and Wolf felt a world of pain explode at the base of his spine. Wolf spun, saw the same stream of lightning which had hit him having beared down on Kol's back too, his mind cataloguing Force powers; a Fallanasi illusion; Theran voice-throwing; a man concealed in the Force to the degree that literally nothing had indicated he was actually behind the two Jedi; Sith lightning...

    Wolf exerted himself in the Force, disrupting the chain of energy, pushing out with the Force to propel the Dark Man away, and found instead himself crushed in a Force grip, and then slammed into the ground, his lightsaber rolling away from him; as if the man had foreseen this would happen, had predicted, move for move, this encounter...

    Before Wolf fell unconscious, he had two more thoughts;


    Uncle Luke Skywalker...

    Which meant it was Darth Caedus.

    Outside the Paradigm

    The terrible thing was that not a whisper of this confrontation made it to Cade Skywalker. The Paradigm existed somewhere else, and despite being located 'inside' the Jedi Temple, it had no interaction with it; nobody knew that Kol and Wolf were locked in a duel with a Dark Lord of the Sith.


    Darth Caedus smiled, pausing to study his handiwork. He continued to speak, nonetheless, a villainous mantra about justice and honour and sacrifice that was more staged than true, but served his purposes. The Zabrak was out, cold, his body still smoking. The Grandmaster, wielding the orange flame which sang 'Ben Skywalker'...

    He was more interesting.

    "You struck me first, without asking questions. Very impolite, Grandmaster."

    Outside the Temple

    Gial Gahan shifted in his seat, uncomfortable. His own limo-speeder was heavily shielded, as was custom for Mon Calamari design, but that didn't stop him feeling afraid. He was an avowed Jedi supporter; especially since the Jedi had opposed Darth Caedus and Admiral Daala and they were one of the few elements who had bothered to oppose both of them despite their losses. Admiral Niathal's actions had only partially redeemed Dac;
  8. Dark_Philosopher

    Dark_Philosopher Jedi Youngling

    Jul 13, 2009
    IC: Darsin

    "You're sitting in my spot, bright eyes."

    Darsin glared up at the drunken spacers over the soggy remnants of the small meal he'd been picking at. The Force whispered in his ear, bringing a warning of impending danger, and Darsin had to resist the urge to make yet another futile attempt to draw on the omnipresent energy field. Quickly, the angry ex-sith assessed the situation. Counting five itchy trigger-fingers to his one, Darsin decided that diplomacy was probably the smartest route.

    "Kark off chakaar," he growled.

    Surprisingly enough, Darsin's eloquently worded diplomatic overture didn't seem to have endeared him to the belligerant spacers all that much. Anticipating a fight, he grabbed the ancient lightsaber from his belt, setting his hands on the table, the inactive hilt in plain sight.

    "I've had a pretty kriffed up week, so how about you fine gentlemen turn around and pick another table before I end you?"

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  9. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Yag`Dhul System

    "Treore, you have entered restricted space. Power down your weapons and shields and you may come aboard." Zorben smiled and nodded. But his voice seemed to be still annoyed. "There already down. Approaching." He answered and cut of the line. Fighters formed around him. hopelessly ancient designs, some of them. The Sith were playing here. This operation was scrapped together. Not the shiny, aggressive up-tp-date technology they had faced over Roon. But the remains of the old days.

    He made sure his lightsaber, now in three pieces was hidden well and opened the hologram he wore in a tiny amulet around his neck. The two similar looking men laughed at each other, within the world of that holographic projection. Treore was somewhere on Csilla, most likely. Serving the House. Their people. And in the end, also the Empire.

    As he entered the hangar Zorben could not help but smile over the irony of his brother saving his life. When his greatest fear was, he would once meet him on the other side of the war.

    The cockpit of his fighter opened and Zorben left it. His hand on his blaster, he imitated the "military way" most Chiss had. The straight walking, the powerful steps. The straight eyes. He stepped towards the man who looked most like a leading officer and ignored any guards send for him. "Bring me to the leading officer of this operation." He demanded and nodded. Not a greeting or recognizing nod. It was a command.

    Imitating Treore had always been fun.

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    Emperor Roan Fel III.
    The Gardens

    A burden, indeed.

    He had learned a valuable lesson about this man. He was indeed a superb liar. Roan Fel turned towards the exit, leaving the gardens right behind the Dark Lord and nodding to Antares Draco. It was that moment, the orderly entered.

    He was obviously under stress and the palace guards allowed him to approach the Emperor. It had to be urgent, therefore. Roan Fel turned his attention to the man, as he reported that a Bothan Assault Frigate had entered the system.

    "Not too much of a thread, a single aged battleship." The Emperor mused thoughtfully. but his thoughts were racing. The Bothans were hard to predict. Intelligent and resourceful. But also in a difficult position in the greater game of strike and counterstrike between two super powers. Especially since the tide had turned and if one saw where their space was centered. It could have been a diplomatic mission. "Tell Captain Russo of the Dominion to prepare for interception and prepare one of our Droid-Interdictors to accompany him." The prototype Droid-Interdictors were meant to keep ships from entering hyperspace and no matter a ship like the Bothan Frigate held, a single PSD would be too much for it. Yet, he was not yet ready to enter hostilities with so little information. "Then make sure they are properly hailed and asked for the reason to enter the system. I´ll await immediate report, once they reply." He added and with a wave of his hand, send the man away.

    He looked at the Dark Lord as he left the halls and wondered if the Sith were behind this.

    So much for trust among allies.

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  10. TenX10

    TenX10 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 10, 2008
    IC: Darth Eikon


    Darth Eikon's eyes flared open to the desolate landscape around him. His concentration wavered a little, but not enough for anyone but himself to dicern. To the Nagai that assailed his position on the volcano, their enemy was still present in far greater numbers. Eikon, satisfied that his ruse was in no immediate danger, sent one trickling finger of consciousness into the Force.

    Not much was discernable through the chaos. The death screams of the Nagai as well as Eikon's own forces clouded the Force with pain, bliss, and oblivion. Such auras were fuel to the Ferroan's spirit and mind as he pushed past them towards these new presences that had appeared in such a place as Palanhi.

    The finger of thought stretch out, and up into the forsaken planet's orbit, at first searching, but then pulled by an inexorable attraction. They were dark. They were Sith. Good...and concerning. Sith would not lend assistance without cause. Eikon had no doubts about surviving his...unfortunate situaion, but the added numbers would be prudent.

    His focus returned to his immediate surroundings. The Nagai continued their attack, but Eikon's forces were holding up. He stepped back a few paces, so that his heels perched just over the lip of the volcano, extended his attention skyward, and thrust his will towards the newcomers. The Sith in orbit would not come. He would not ask. But, just as all flawed creatures, they could be...coerced.

    The space ahead warps suddenly, and, in a flash of blue light, is filled...Ship upon ship...Fighter upon fighter...The Nagai, come to assist on the planet below...They block the way...There are too many...There will be no surival...Refuge must be found...

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    OOC - Note to Players
    Just wanted to mention again that Eikon's regular use of illusions and telepathy are described in red.
  11. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Kamcha'gool
    Vanster Enan's Sop House, City of Gadrin, Cularin

    [blockquote]"Kark off chakaar," the cloaked man growled, Kam quite clearly overhead. He, like any good bartender, was quite adept at picking out the eddies and flows of violence. Five men surrounding a table was quite clearly a fight waiting to happen. Kam reached under the bar and pulled out the highly illegal disrupter rifle, checking the charge lazily. The patrons around the bar itself moved away, apart from a man whose head was on the bar, oblivious to what was going on around him. The five men, a trio of humans, a Bothan and a Weequay, didn't notice the bartender preparing himself.

    "I've had a pretty kriffed up week, so how about you fine gentlemen turn around and pick another table before I end you?"

    Rather unsurprisingly, the humans began to back away. The Weequay, for his part, side-stepped, to give them space to move. The Bothan, however, looking rather worried as well, pulled his hands out of his pockets, producing two rather strange looking pistols. "I do love how stupid humans can be." The situation resolved itself; the drunkards were a front; the Bothan had wanted to confront Darsin.

    The first weapon spat a sticky spray - a Stokhi stun stuck - and the second opened fire with a spray of razor sharp pellets - flechettes. The Weequay produced a rather metallic looking saber from his belt, concealed beneath traveller robes, and grunted an agreement in his own language. Neither of them were Force-sensitive, but they certainly had access to some rather unpleasant weapons. The three humans, for their part, tripped over themselves running, one actually upturning a table. Kam watched as the man fell, in slow motion, and tapped a button beneath the bar. He leaped out of the bar as two things happened; a metal shutter sealed off the highly explosive liquor - narrowly missing the drunk mans head, so far gone he was still asleep on the bar - and activating a silent alarm for the authorities.

    A moment later all hell broke loose, as the entire bar erupted into violence - drink fueled violence - and Kam dashed for the flimsiplast message on the noteboard. He knew it held the key to his freedom; his heart sensed as much.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Dark_Philosopher


    IC: Moff Geist
    Yag`Dhul System

    [blockquote]Moff Geist had no opportunity to greet the Chiss envoy before Treore cut down the boarding ramp straight towards him, which told the Moff just how mad the man was. He'd met the Tann Family envoy during the war - 'Sunder'tann', or some such - who had himself vanished at the Battle of Bastion - and Geist knew their tendencies. "Bring me to the leading officer of this operation."

    Geist saw an opportunity, there, to sideline the Chiss with local politics. "Allow me to present, the Givin President Nisil Vorn, who is in charge of the system, obviously." Geist gestured to the skeletal Givin, eyes making it clear that any deviation of this statement would result in consequences for the populace, and for Vorn.

    Vorn did not give off any appearance of being flustered - he was a Givin, after all, but his mood sank. The Givin drew himself up, hoping the Chiss would pick up on the exchange but unable to expect as much - the man wouldn't be able to read emotions, after all. "I am the ruler of Yag'Dhul, Ambassador. You can address you concerns to me."


    Darth Maleval sat in his chambers, sensing eddies and flows. The Chiss had proven difficult to tie into the war, into the Sith efforts. They would be excellent proxies, but puppets... no. The Sith Lord watched as the search of Imperial and Sith Intelligence bored down on Chiss politicians, past and present. Maleval knew about the Tann Family and their efforts to consolidate the military under them, but he didn't know about the Obscurum - nobody outside Chiss Space did. This was going to take some time.[/blockquote]

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  12. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Kol Skywalker
    Temple, Chambers

    Kol eased, even as chis former apprentice lay on the ground and waved his hand, activating the next alarm. A Jedi Temple had several of them. This one outside the room and silent and he assumed the ghost of the long dead Jacen Solo was not aware of anything outside the room.

    "Jacen." He smiled. "I guess you call yourself Ceduso now, do you?" He said and smiled. He did pronounce the name wrong by intention. Ego had been the only thing about Solo that had been remarkable in it´s proportions. "You must know historians still discuss if there is a minimum standard for the reign of a Sith. A discussion we owe you." Kol said and nodded. "For a moment I was afraid something truly dangerous had come here. But you. I know you. Much better than you do. And I am not your unkle. You´re right about that. Because . . . I do not care. You do not believe me? Search me. I won´t resist." Kol said and walked over to the door. Indeed he did ease his mind. Solo had been a good warrior, but his career had been characterized by a series of defeats. He was sure he could defend his order or his friends against him. Which made him remember Krayt and how close the Sith had come to defeat him above Hapes.

    "So, I assume you want to share something? Or have you run from the one future you cannot accept, yours. To trouble mine?"

    Tag: Sinrebirth

    Jacen Cole

    Approaching the Planet

    The team was ready and they were approaching the planet on another of these totally idiotic missions the GA liked to give people like him. Instead of killing Imperials they tried to swing the votes . . . as if this war was decided by a parliament. Jacen ripped himself from his thoughts and looked up to his colleagues who seemed to have asked him, how to find the Sith.

    "How we find him? Oh, that will be easy." Cole said and grinned. "We´re going to have a drink."


    It was the most shabby cantina they could find and war-veterans were hanging out here to drown the thoughts of the war long past. Jacen´s plan was in full effect, he was drunk, surrounded by guys who were equally drunk and laughing about his stories.

    "So, that Sith begged and peed into his trousers and you won´t believe it, the pee was RED! No joke, told me later it was because of their tattoo parlour using bad colours. They pee red! No wonder they are not wearing white trousers is it!" another wave of laughter. "So, I shot the guy. Sith number three that day. Silly bunch. Whoa, whoa!" he imitated a lightsaber. "And grrrrrr!" He imitated a force grip. 2I saw Romar kill a dozen of them, while waking up. The Jedi are badass, admitted, but the Sith? C´mon! They die like flies? Roon. 4000. BUSHHH! Gone. And now they´re spreading they´re winning the war while half of them is peeing red into their pants!" He laughed out. He would probably have to do this for days. But eventually the Sith would hear about it. And if they were not goo ´d in one thing, it was anger management. If it didn´t work, at least he had fun. "I heard the couple with their mothers! No joke, I really heard when they turn twelve . . . !"

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    Jul 23, 2008
    OOC: Sinrebirth, who are the Jedi? NPCs? Also, I am swamped with my own RPG so this is kinda short, but oh well.

    IC: Darth Yelos

    Her anger expanded throughout the Force, her scream ripping souls as her hatred for the Jedi came out in waves of power, fueled her anger. Yelos ignored Zauber, ignored his words as she stared straight ahead. She ignored her frightened part of her, her blade swinging in a crazy, mad arc above her head as she leapt to where she thought one of the Jedi hid. They had used the Force to expand themselves, make themselves harder to finder, but they were against a Sith Lord.

    Darth Yelos had missed. Turning back to Zaubar, she glared at him, waiting to see him laugh at her foolishness. Then she felt it, the hilt of a lightsaber on her skull. She collapsed to the floor, but rolled out of the way as the blade struck the ground. Yelos leaped up, her lightsaber twirling as it knocked the blade from the Jedi's hand. As she Force pushed the Jedi into a wall, she walked toward him, her lightsaber ready.

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  14. Darth_Sabith

    Darth_Sabith Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 17, 2006
    IC: Darth Nergal
    Location: Roon

    ?Keep them busy. I need to get the Crossfire" cried out Divellous as he reached out with the force seeking to steady the vessel through the force. Nergal had hoped to avoid such a conflict but Divellous through talented enough to survive the battle of Roon was not in Nergal's mind the brightest or most skilled Sith.

    Yet now was not the time for Nergal to have such thoughts he had a squad of well trained GA and their healer to take part of . Igniting his own unique Double bladed weapon Nergal began to spin the blade creating a shield. The flexible lightwhip portion seem to resemble a standered double bladed saber.

    Blaster bolts began to rain at them and Nergal used his blade to reflect the coming storm. He didn't need to catch them all, through the force he could sense them before they came and with heightened speed the bolts that could cause damage where sent back towards the fools who fired at him.

    Nergal care not if they connected their deaths had been signed the moment they had fired upon him. Then he heard the rocks above them begin to shift and his eyes caught hold of the healers. To Nergal it seemed as through time stopped in that moment.

    He could see the battle before him, he saw him using the force to shatter the rocks and leaping at the healer. The healer spun dodging the attack and Nergal felt darkness take him. Then he saw another possibility, he could launch at the healer without care of his fellow sith, the attack would catch the healer off guard but he would be alone fighting.

    Quickly Nergal saw the best route off of this planet, Divellous would die but Nergal would survive. Darth Krayt must have known the out come of the battle of Roon. After all the Dark Lord was the full embodiment of the Dark Side and their deaths had been assured. Yet if Nergal could twist the situation he need not die. The rocks above came down at them, Nergal tossed his saber as he leaped out of danger.

    Guiding the blade through the power of the force Nergal would remove as many pawns as he could. Divellous would likely be crushed under the stones but Nergal never cared for the fool. It would serve him for acting so hastily and if Divellous managed to survive, well Nergal would handle that when the time came.

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    IC: Orin Waith
    Imperial Transport, Mygeeto

    Fumbling around Orin wasn't sure if his guise was working or not. It seemed to be decent enough to confuse Vora who had asked if he was trying to get himself killed and Orin wondered if that was exactly what he was trying to do.

    Na he didn't want to die but he didn't want to be doing this either. Suddenly something exploded but it wasn't near them. The explosion seem to have come in from deeper within the the ship itself. With a lunge the gravity shifted. Orin could feel the change in pressure.

    Such a quick shift was always painful but being trained in the force Orin was prepared to compensate and shift his weight as needed.

    Then the vessel that had brought them to this system commed in this day just kept getting better.

    ?Bothan Assault Cruiser has decanted from hyperspace, is opening fire on us. Our long range comms have been jammed, and it appears as if the Mygeetan grid has been sabotaged. We need immediate assistance -?.

    Orin hated days like today, their was way to much work to do and fighting for your life wasn't all it was cracked up to be. He had never aspired to be some hero, or even a solider but he had wanted to serve the empire. He had sought to continue his family tradition, that's why he had choose to be a healer.

    Yet no one had told him he would be both warrior and healer. From now on Orin would have to be sure to read the fine print. He could feel Vora coming closer but he needed to keep up his appearances. Once more his blade fumbled around as though he had never once swung a lightsaber. This time the blade slipped across the other wall.

    ?We?re going down, Orin. If you?re going to do s
  15. sprintabm

    sprintabm Jedi Master star 3

    May 20, 2005

    Name: Ratep Sentarin
    Age: 40
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) tall. Caucasian. No hair on his body. Vong-formed arms, legs, eyes, ears, nose.
    Allegiance: Jedi Order (Jedi Knight)
    Weapons: none

    Bio: Ratep is a Knight that has been in the Order since his early childhood. Of what he could remember of his short time on his birthworld of Ghorman he never discussed with anyone, and with his former masters he only discussed it briefly and in a hostile manner. The trauma he experienced partly molded him into the person that he is now although he vehemently denies it.

    His upbringing in the Order on Ossus was nothing unique. He was usually in the middle to the lower end of his class during his training. He found that he was only good at using the Force to physically manipulate objects, others, and himself, and realized that his connection to it was paltry when compared to most other Jedi, even younglings. To make up for his perceived inferiority, he fully threw himself into the warrior aspect of being a Jedi, becoming a strong fighter not only with a lightsaber but also with other weapons including his own body. He wanted to become the ultimate weapon of the Council, the person to call when all options except force were exhausted - the "final option." It was the only thing that he could find of worth striving towards - whether the Council wanted such a thing or not.

    Going hand-in-hand with this desire, Ratep is obviously a very untraditional member of the Jedi Order, exhibiting qualities that many would consider to be uncharacteristic and even undesirable for a Jedi. He is very sarcastic and can be caustic and intimidating. He can become incredibly aggressive, violent, and merciless in a fight. He occasionally shows compassion and can get others to agree to his viewpoint by his logical and realistic reasoning. Patience is a virtue - only half of the time.

    Although he believes strongly in the Order, he finds many elements of it laughable. He will never be found reciting the Jedi Code, nor would he wear traditional robes unless ordered to. He hates meditating. He avoids philosophical discussions concerning the Force as he has no patience for such pointless exercises of the mind. He believes that there is no "good" or "bad" side of the Force and sees it as a tool that should be used to help others - the ends justified the means. He keeps his views to himself to avoid confrontation with other Jedi and the Council, but this doesn't stop as many confrontations as he wishes.

    His unwavering focus on becoming a fighter has led Ratep to become quite skilled with all the forms of lightsaber combat, which he uses in front of his fellow Jedi; however, he is wholeheartedly a practitioner of Form VII: Vaapad, which he taught himself after reading much on the form in the Jedi archives. His aggressive and violent nature during fights made Vaapad a perfect fit, and Ratep continuously strives to perfect his technique, practicing it when he was alone and using it only in front of Jedi that he thought wouldn't know any better.

    His Force use specializes in telekinesis and other powers that alter his body's performance, and with his neutral view of the Force he even uses the supposedly ?dark? powers of crush and grip. Since he is still struggling to control his Vaapad, sometimes during a fight it seemed that the dark side would take over Ratep. His stubbornness and strong will has so far not allowed him to fall and has kept him focused on that what is good. He has been reprimanded by the Council on many occasions for the way that he handled physical altercations; not surprisingly, they were weary of letting such a person ever become a master. He usually found himself assigned to teaching lightsaber classes to all ranks of Jedi, which had its share of rewards and frustrations.

    He had a padawan, Hespar Kessler, once on his road to becoming a Jedi Master. Their strong friendship was broken after the two had a collision of beliefs, ultimately leading his padawan to leave the Order and declare his allegiance to t
  16. darthhelinith

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    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Ayano Ebele
    Location: Palanhi System

    The small sith assassin shifted her weight slightly in her knelt position and gripped the controls tightly, jaw set.

    She heard her own voice speak out, before she could even think about how to address her elders.
    We are going to lose the scent of Fento Joon if we don?t hurry. We can?t delay with people who believe their own business is more important than the Inquisitor?s.
    She bit her lip suddenly, aware that she was probably talking out of turn and would most likely be punished. She actually secretly half hoped they would be stopping off down on the planet below. Her head hurt from hyperspace and she would get to kill people, which she was good at.
    But she held next to no rank.
    It was not her decision.

    But she could not hide her intake of breath as a huge Nagai fleet entered real space in front of them, blocking they?re line of flight. She had no idea what to do.

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  17. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Is this actually a rebellion-era assault cruiser of the Bothan´s? I assumed it´s an old design, but when you said three can take out an PSD, I wondered if it is a new design. Just curious, though. I won´t comment on it IC.

    [hl=purple]Emperor Fel III.[/hl]
    Throne Room

    The power of symbolism was a useful tool. But those he had summoned here, to his grande hall of his ancestors, were less than impressed. He knew that.

    His chief of intelligence, the feared Nyna Calixte, the Supreme Commander, Moff Veed and Moff Vund were present, discussing the details of shipyards, prototype tests and weapon technology they intended to use in the field soon, when the message arrived.

    "Yu´Dor?" The Emperor raised his brow. He had heard about her, but she was another unstable and irrelevant person that had appeared and vanished over time, only to vanish now, again. And reappear. She had been said to be a Sith, long before Fel ever heard of the resurrection of the Sith. A dangerous woman, by normal standards, surely. And an interesting ally she brought here. The Bothans were one of the few neutral powers and he had wondered if this single ship was actually a provocation. Now he knew it wasn´t.

    Strange he had not felt her. But that did not matter. This was an opportunity. And not a military one. One thing was well known about her and it was her feud with Lord Krayt. And that was useful, most useful.

    "High Commander Veed, actually I think we might face a considerable security risk here. You should prepare the system for lock down, just in case. Nyna, please send an envoy to Lord Krayt and allow him to make contact with that ship. I want records of that contact. And whoever is out there, commanding our ships, I want them to know where their loyalties lie, yes?" He asked. Nyna smiled. One of her cold, cruel smiles. "You want him to reveal his secrets, by listening to his talks with the Sith woman, my Emperor? It is so simple, it could actually work." she said and folded her arms.

    "Then proceed." Fel said and turned to his throne. Finally talking to Moff Vund. "Where were we?"

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  18. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Vilt Wa

    Vilt knew that his fellow Sith were not exactly sure what to do. Either they could stay and help the Sith on the planet below stop the Nagai and maybe gain an ally within the ranks, or they could continue with their mission. It was tempting to go and help the Sith . . . at least for a Jedi. For the Sith, it was different; if there was something more important to do, such as the Inqusitor's commands that they keep on going, the one in need of help was out of luck. Vilt knew that the other apprentice was thinking about it as much as he was, and guessed that she came to the same conclusion. They would have to go onwards, leaving the other Sith to defend himself. Fento Joon was the primary target of the mission, not defeating Nagai. There would be kills and that phony "honor" in killing hordes of Nagai soldiers, but it would prove to be worthless if he got himself killed for being stupid. His name would be remembered as that of a fool who failed to keep to the mission. So, he knew that even with Nagai warships bearing down on the planet, that the mission had to go on. However, he still hesitated, not sure if new orders were going to come that would change the plan. The apprentice wanted to make sure that orders were carried out either way.

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  19. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    ooc: I take the freedom to introduce a command ship of Krayt in that time. No military intention, I just thought he had surely one . . . and I digged the pic.

    Darth Krayt, Dark Lord of the Sith
    Aboard the Eternal Vengeance

    Soon after the meeting the Dark Lord had withdrawn to his private command cruiser, the Eternal Vnegeance. A prototype cruiser from a now lost line of ships.


    He had reached out ot this ship and had not felt any force user aboard. But what did that mean, when dealing with her. Not too much. He was still lightyears away of her. For she had not yet given him anything that allowed her to hope for his presence. Since he had retieved these unfruitful holocrons, he had all she could offer. And little help, they had been so far.

    The message had surprised him. And surprises came rarely to someone of his position. Yu´Dor was back. Or at least someone to claim to be her. he had not truly believed Schleier had killed her. He had even doubted the less than subtle attack on Nagai had been the doing of Yu´Dor actually. But he surely had not expected to her of her in this decade, again. Hiding was what Yu´Dor had always done best. Vongerella, as the Jedi legends called her. So her return would surely prepare another of her petty schemes.

    Only Darth Wyyyrlok was present, as he opened the channel provided by the EMpire was opened inside his private holographic chamber. A wave of his hand and the countless tactical displays that had illuminated the room vanished. He was almost completely in shadows, as the blueish projection of Captain Russo appeared. "Establish contact to the arrivals, Captain. and make sure you interdiction field is in place and fully functional. This is not firned of ours." Darth Wyyrlok ordered the Captain. The Dark Lord remained silent, until his old ally, his old enemy would show herself.

    Only then he stepped forward. And still said no word. The Dark Lord was to be greeted, he did not freet others first.

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  20. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Morlish Veed
    Bastion system, Throne Room

    [blockquote]Veed nodded, even as Moff Calixte clicked her heels and left the Throne Room with a bow. She would go herself, Veed knew that. The Emperor could not read her mind, and he assumed that Krayt would be able to as well. Sharp woman, this one. The Grand Admiral had only returned to Bastion following the Siege of Roon and the other ancillary action had ended, a few days ago. The system was recovering quickly, but he knew the capital had its soft spots - not that he expected a single Bothan cruiser would be able to find them.

    The Bothan Assault Cruiser was holding off, far away from the weapons of the planetary defenses and the two fleets surrounding the system. Veed nodded to Moff Vund, and excused himself to make the necessary arrangements with a bow. He paused, and then continued. He was about to clarify if the surviving Imperial Knights would be assisting him in his efforts - but assumed it would be so. Moff Vund was gazing at the holoprojector display, showing the Bothan Assault Cruiser.

    Vund had a habit of letting his thoughts run into words, and spoke, softly. "Not a great opportunity taken by the Bothans to redesign after they lost their fleets in the Unknown Regions, I must say. All they did was update the cruiser so it was equivalent to a Scythe... I would have..." The man blushed, lightly. "Apologies, your Majesty." The Moff bowed, deeply, as he always did, and then produced his portable holoprojector, uploading it.

    An atypical Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer floated, and then the upgrade, the much smaller vessel of the same designation. Moff Vund started again. "In exchange for giving up the wings of fighter craft and much of the soldier capacity, the Empire was able to create a vessel with approximately the same strength as the much larger vessel. Now, it is our believe that we can continue the advances, a prototype concept we're designating the Imperious for the moment. The complete absorption of the Banking Clan has given us access to their automation technology, which we can now incorporate into the PSD. With the war going as it is, we've been expecting we'll be able to make use of Mon Calamari technology as well at some point, if we capture the system sooner rather than later."

    As he spoke, smaller screens branched off various points, detailing the increased troop compliment, the more fighters it could carry, the gravity mines, the smaller crew... an almost perfect little Star Destroyer, a massive improvement on the Rejuvenator-class Interdictors which the Empire had been relying upon so far - especially as without the Bilbringi shipyards the Empire couldn't create more of the useful warships.

    Veed returned to the room, bowing. ?Your Majesty, Moff Calixte has made her way the Eternal Vengeance, which has activated its gravity well generators. The Assault Cruisers pennant has become evident, as well? it?s named the Vengeance, after the cruiser which went missing the Unknown Regions eighty years ago? the sensor readings, however, are odd ? we can?t detect anything on the vessel? we have, however, discovered a Bothan Assault Cruiser has also appeared over Mygeeto, and another near our forces at Celanon. I?ve received requests from commanders as to what they should do, your Majesty??

    This was the realm of diplomacy ? not war. Veed was not particularly adept in this area. Politics was one realm of warfare, and actual combat another, but diplomacy could turn the tide. With the Sith-Imperial fleets focused at Orinda, they were stuck keeping the Nagai in check; the Bothans turning against the Empire would severe cost them? Veed had to defer to the Emperor this time? but not by choice.

    Aboard the Eternal Vengeance, Bastion orbit

    Moff Calixte took her roundabout to the flagship of the Sith, a prototype vessel not even she recognised. She?d be taking intelligence down via the various miniscule camera?s attached to her unifor
  21. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    The Deep Core

    [blockquote]The Deep Core was a mass of gases, gravitic anomalies, and broken hyperlanes. While the veil has been settled for millennia, the centre of this region has only been pierced a few times in galactic history, the most memorable of which being that of the first Galactic Empire. Though many of the routes have been severed over the years, to be reopened by Force users and probe droids occasionally in service of the New Republic, the heart has been largely abandoned, and with it many secrets have been hidden.

    One such secret is this place, Tsoss Beacon.

    A central rendezvous point established by Emperor Sidious, it has been used sporadically since then, most famously as the location where Admiral Daala reunified the warlord fiefs into the Empire. Today, it is a meeting point for delegates from three economic power houses, colloquially known as the 'Neo-Confederacy', officially as the Galactic Merchants Union; the Mustafarian Merchants Alliance, the Mikaru Corporation, and the Free Echani Alliance. Their topic of discussion; the current war between the Galactic Alliance and the resurgent Empire; the re-emergence of the Sith in a new guise; the fall of the Confederacy and the appearance of the Nagai.

    The three entities had not been treated well by the last thirty years of political intrigue and warmongering. The Mikaru Corporation was accused of being allies of the Dominion of Darkness during the Force Cold War, and the MMA suffered under a GA blockade for a period of the conflict. The FEA has suffered as of late, when in the first six months of the recent war no less than three GA fleets raided the system regularly, and the Empire had been powerless to assist the Echani. The MMA has long been isolated from the GA, surrounded by the Confederacy as it expanded in the area, and now caught between the remnants of the Confederacy - now being usurped by their Imperial allies - and Nagai raiders, whom have cut the other links the MMA had. With Echani itself free of Imperial influence, the three powers are now ideally placed to decide their own fate, even with Mikaru Corporation Headquarters still on Coruscant.

    Their fleets are not small, together they can engage no less than three modern fleets, but in an era where such numbers have already been lost threefold at the great battles of Borosk, Bastion, Denon, Mon Calamari, Roche and Roon, those numbers may not protect them. But they have no doubt that they will have to come up with a view on the return of the Sith; on the invasions of the Nagai.

    The various delegates approach; now is the time to discuss, and then... perhaps... war.[/blockquote]

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  22. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Zorben, brother of Treore
    Yag`Dhul System

    He followed the stormtroopers, remaining the Chiss everybody expected. Arrogant, confident, ready to lay down his live before allowing the slightest show of weakness.

    When the doors slid open and Vorn and Geist awaited him with their old space station around them. Their Stormtroopers. The low level operation with mixed ships they had here. Expandables to an Empire merged between two super powers. Lesser evils.

    "My name is Treore." He addressed Geist. The Chiss had always had a closer proximity to the Empire. "I am on my way to a diplomatic mission into the Nagai invaded space and I ask for save passage according to the truth between our people and the Empire." He cooly replied. Then allowed the coldest he had in his repertoire of expressions to crawl into his face. "It is in the best interest oof both our governments," Treore added. Treore was, who he was now. Even people knowing both would not have believed this to be the twin of the Chiss.

    But beneath the surface Zorben carefully probed the force. A Sith was nearby. Using the techniques he had been taught, Zorben veiled his presence.

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  23. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    Artus Mikaru and Sarina Entaki
    Tsoss Beacon

    Artus Mikaru stood beside his Sovereign, Sarina Entaki, before the table that the delegates were meeting at. The small holographic emitter on the table displayed in pseudo orbits the worlds Eshan, Mustafar, Nubia, and Metalorn. The four founding worlds of the Galactic Merchants Union. The representatives of TAQ of Nubia had been unable to arrive, and had delegated their voting power to Artus.

    The Mikaru Corporation, despite being incredibly influential was not in fact an individual entity within the GMU. The Galaxy never got the memo revealing that the Corporation was part of the Free Echani Alliance, not an individual standing group. It was by happenstance that their CEO, Muri, had also been the leader of the FEA at the founding of the Alliance. Happenstance that upon the ears and tongues of the gossip mongers had spread the corporations name as a single entity, not member.

    Reality didn't matter to the rest of the Galaxy, accusations, lies, and slander had lead to all groups involved being hurt in the past 30 years. The entire GMU had suffered at the hands of the Dominion of Darkness, the Galactic Alliance, and were now facing the Nagi on another front. And now they had come here to discuss their future decisions, what to do with the on going war.

    Sarina stepped forward, taking the floor. "We stand here on the precipice of another conflict. This Alliance was forged in war, where we had to use force to secure the rightful trade organizations ability to trade without unlawful taxation and threat to their personnel. And now war has been thrust upon us again. For the past 30 years the GA has been at best ignorant of our rights and at worst out right violating them. They have actively engaged in raids upon Echani assets and are believed to have been behind the loss of a recent TAQ convoy passing through the core worlds."

    "And then there's the Nagi." Artus added, "To which I believe our Mustafarian Union representative is best suited to discuss."

    "Indeed." Sarina said in agreement, "Foreman Gizor Dushal you have the floor."

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  24. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    IC: Darth Yelos
    Buildings, Corulag

    She noticed Zaubar in his dire position, and with her red blade, attacked the witch from behind. Grabbing a fistful of hair, she pulled her backwards and onto the floor, as to where she stared into her face. She didn?t have time to notice the Gotal behind her, not until he wrapped his arms around her neck. She used the Force to send him backwards, and then faced the Jedi witch with her lightsabers. What Yelos despised more than Jedi was Jedi witches. As they circled each other, Yelos sent Zaubar?s lightsaber soaring his way. Then she made a leap over the woman?s head. After landing, she slid, turning around to glare at the woman.

    The woman then raised her lightsaber, and Yelos could feel her glory. In the one fatal moment, Yelos attacked the woman brutally, shocking her. Using the Force, she disarmed her within seconds. As the woman landed on her back, Yelos?s lightsaber at her neck, Yelos almost felt mercy. She imagined her mother?s face and this woman?s body. Ignoring any feelings, she raised the blade high above her head and brought it down heavily and quickly.

    The woman curved out of the way as the blade slashed the ground. Yelos wailed out as she felt a blade at her neck. Yelos concealed her lightsaber, and then collapsed on her knees. ?I surrender,? she muttered, and the naïve Jedi witch paid no attention. Not until she was being banged against the wall. Hoping Zaubar was handling the Golan, she banged the woman?s head against the wall so many times, kept on, even when she was sure she was dead. It was as if all emotion had leaked from her.

    As Yelos finally dropped the woman, she noticed all the blood. Then she realized she must save the woman. Ignoring everything, she dropped down, putting her hands on the woman?s head. Lightning flashed from her fingers as they curved down the woman. The blood slowly drained away, and the witch sat up. Yelos then felt her anger again. Then she saw red. Lots of red. And then some blue. As she fell on the ground, she remembered feeling a burning sensation erupting in her leg.

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  25. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Foreman Gizor Dushal
    Tsoss Beacon

    Gizor clasped his bony Northern Mustafarian hands together, and began to speak. "These Nagai, leave us in a very peculiar situation. Having cut us off from Bakura, while the Empire is at nearly every system in the Seswenna Sector, including Eriadu and its surrounding planets the are unable to focus on the Nagai due to the Galactic Alliance. Alas, we are quite frankly surrounded, and isolated from the rest of the Union."

    It was obvious that they needed to somehow regain their connection, and that most likely meant an offensive against either force.

    Gizor sighed, then continued, "I propose a thorough examination of these Galactic Alliance and Nagai forces, via scouting teams, to figure out which target would be best to strike, and push them back. We need to secure enough territory for us Mustafarians to regain a secure trade route back to the rest of the Galactic Merchants Union."

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