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Star Wars 129 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - Shadow's Fall

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    [hl=black]Darth Krayt
    Eternal Vengeance, Bastion Orbit

    The first thing the Dark Lord realized was, that this was not Yu´Dor. The striking exterior resemblance made it actually only more obvious.

    ?Resurgent. Restored. Reborn. Which do you seek to be, Lord Krayt?? The Second Yu´Dor asked. And his lips hinted a smile.

    ?Or do we not speak of such things here and now?? Yu?Dor?s eyes cut to Calixte, and then back again. Her hand appeared, a pyramid glowing red. ?I have one more gift to withhold from you, my old friend; a gift from my old Mistress.?

    "Sanity is a precious thing, is it old witch? It is a rather cheap trick to make me appear by posing as someone you are not." He folded his arms, signalling his patience had come to an end. Although their dialogue had not yet started. This impostor was nothing. A nuisance unworthy of his presence. And the Emperor had used her to generate valuable information.

    Yu´Dor held up another holocron. Lord Krayt almost laughed. The last three had been useless. Antiquities. Would the true Yu´Dor, the one he met on Sorcant have offered him another, he would have ripped her to pieces. But this one could not know. At last he understood. Why the subtle plans of Yu´Dor turned into delusional claims for regional power. Why the witch succeeded in seducing him to hunt down ancient tooms and then failed in something simple as . . .

    "Always two. Don´t the Sith of old say so?" The Holocron in Yu´Dor´s hand activated. A red-skinned humanoid in golden robes and a crown appeared, leaning on a similarly coloured staff. ?One more Dark Lord? and no Kings? you may address me as Adas, Sith?ari.?

    Darth Krayt looked at it. Adas. The first great Sith King. What could he mean to him? What could a holocron mean to him? Krayt laughed at her. Laughed at this attempt to lure him back under her spell. She was truly not the seductive of the two, was she? And with his thundering laughter he turned his back to her and left. Not killing the connection, not giving the Moff or Wyyrlok any sign of interest. He left like a man who had wasted to much time.

    Darth Wyyrlok the Third
    stepped forth in his Masters place. Cool and polite he turned to Yu´Dor. "Is there anything else?" But even he was amused about his Masters reaction. Humor. It was rare among Sith.

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    Mar 27, 2005
    (Sorry for the double post)
  3. JediDingo

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Gm approved

    Name: Van Shahu
    Age: 41
    Species: Kaleesh
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: ( General Appearance
    Allegiance: Jedi
    Weapons: A dual phase electrum lightsaber. Its original color is orange, and then turns to an emerald green when extended to full length. And a Shoni Spear that he prefers to use more than his lightsaber.
    Bio: Being born on Kalee, Van was brought up in the ritual practices of the Kaleesh. To the Kaleesh, war is seen as an essential part of life. Van was raised to deal with things the way the Kaleesh dealt with things since the beginning of their society, mostly with violence. Being a distant relative of Qymean jai Sheelal, who would later become General Grievous, Van was taught to praise his ancestor and see him as a religious deity. His Force Sensitivity was sensed when Jedi Master K?Kruhk came to settle a dispute on Kalee that was threatening the entire planet. A rouge tribe, being supplied with old nuclear weapons by a shady organization (that has now been identified as the One Sith), threatened to use the weapons if their demands were not met. Jedi Master K?Kruhk was able to end the threat with the help of Van?s father, and several other warriors from numerous tribes on Kalee. However, during the battle Van?s father was slain. Sensing Van?s incredible affinity for the Force, he took him in under his wing and back to Coruscant to train as a Jedi when he was the age of 15.

    Along with him, he took his father?s warrior bone mask that Kaleesh warriors wear. Being raised on Kaleesh, war was all that Van had known. This taxed his Master?s patience and his ability to teach him in the Jedi ways. Van would frequently have fits of anger and rage during his training exercises, even severing a fellow student?s hand during a training session. Due to his increased anger, the Jedi Council considered on writing him off as a lost cause. Jedi Master K?Kruhk fought for him however, requesting more time to work with Van. The Council allowed him to continue Van?s training, and eventually Van began to understand the Jedi ways. Slowly, he began to put away elements of his violent past and let go of his own warrior way. Though it took him a long time, Van began to become a very peaceful monk-like Jedi. No longer wishing for violence, he seemingly turned completely against it. By the age of 23, he became a fully fledged Jedi Knight. Doing several missions for the Jedi, he became one of the most respected Jedi and a example for others because of the 180 turn from what he use to be.

    By the age of 37, Van Shahu became a Jedi Master. By this time he became widely known as the most peaceful Jedi in the entire Order. Several other Jedi had pointed to Van for example on showing how to arrive at a peaceable solution. A year after attaining the Master status, the Council asked Van to investigate a encrypted, strange message emitting from the Unknown Regions. Van took this mission in stride and went off to investigate. It was the last time anyone had ever seen the Jedi Master. Van didn?t report back the Council and seemingly disappeared from the galaxy. Many began to believe he had died; even K?Kurhk began to believe he may have lost his former apprietence since their connection seemed to die since Van?s disappearance.

    Now that things seem very bleak for the Jedi Order, a rumor is being whispered among the Order that there has been sightings of the Jedi Master since the Sith have reappeared. Van has returned to the known galaxy, wearing his father?s bone mask at all times now. He won?t take it off until the Sith have been wiped from the galaxy. Van is now ready to fully return to the Jedi Order to give them his full support.
  4. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    Ratep Sentarin
    Felucia, depths of the forest

    The Jedi Knight was disoriented when he finally came to, the sensations all around him, however unpleasant, was a sure sign of one thing - that he was not dead. He felt the cold crawl all over his body, and unexpectedly across his face and head. It slowly dawned on him that he didn't have his beard or his hair anymore. Did someone shave it off? No. He remembered now.

    Trapped in the corner by the two Sith lords, he could not kill them despite them possessing a decrepit body. They wanted his so that they could continue their plans of domination or whatever idiotic things the Sith planned about. Ratep saw the way out, and he did not like it: Allow the Sith to posses his body, and then commit suicide, granted if he had enough control over his body after the possession. He remembered the horrific pain, the collision of minds and memories when the event happened. He recalled walking back to the shuttle where Padawan Kreassk, his former Padawan but now Imperial Knight Hespar Kesslar, and other Imperial Knights were waiting. To prevent them from attacking he easily forced them all to the ground. He felt himself become drunk with the power of the Force, the Sith lords laughing in delight. But Ratep still had his mind, and he took control, blasting open one of the hatches and launching his body, Sith lords and all, into space to die. The screams of the lords overwhelmed his mind and shock of entering a vacuum was too much. He tried to let go, to let his body die quickly out in the void, but the Sith fought hard to keep him alive. That was the last he remembered.

    He thought he was victorious. He was wrong.

    But was he? The presence of the Sith lords were gone. Did he win? Did they sucummb or flee? The bumps that he felt on his back, which obeyed his command as if they were stunted appendages, were troubling. Did the Sith do this to him?

    And what was wrong with his eyes? After the finally adapted to the dim light, he focused on things about him and realized that his vision had - improved? How could he see farther than he used to?

    The table, the chains... he was a science experiment.

    The Force warned him that danger was approaching. Devaronian Sith, Maladi is what she called herself, was standing over him now, going on about he was number 13. And that he would never leave. Of course, he would expect nothing less than such a declaration from a Sith.

    When she showed the amulet, he immediately recognized the faces of the two Sith, the two that had tried to take over his body. Their voices were loud in his mind, but not overpowering as they once were.

    ?Want them to stay with you?? Maladi sneered.

    In his first display of emotion, Ratep smirked at the two little faces and looked at Maladi. "I guess I'm harder to kill than I thought." The hoarseness of his own voice was surprising. What would be more surprising is what Maladi would soon experience...

    Still smirking a the red Devaronian female, he let the power of the Force surge through him. It was difficult since he was so weak, but he pushed himself and was redirecting it to the female's throat. He raised his left hand as far as the chains would let him to increase the focus...

    And all concentration broke. Ratep was staring at his entire left arm - but it wasn't his. Before him was this hideous, grey, limb with horrible ridges, definitely not the consistancy of human skin. He could see that it was somehow fused to his shoulder. At the end of it was a hand - four fingers and thumb, still, but clawed. In a panic, Ratep raised up his right arm. Again, it was the same, except the hand had two, elongated fingers and a thumb, it it could be called that.

    Ratep began to shake in panic as he tried to lung at Maladi, his - or, those - arms restrained by the chains, but his scream was not.

    "What did you do?!"

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Bringing up the second GM Approved Character

    Name: Allasandra Leana ?Solo?
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    [image= ]
    Allegiance: Other
    Weapons: Blaster, vibro-blade

    Generations Before: The first of her generation recorded was Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo, who married. But Danielle Kieran, a young girl who believed herself to be a love child of Han Solo. She had a child who had a child who had a child. It came down to a young woman, Allasandra?s mother.

    Younger Years: Allasandra Leana ?Solo? was born to Maria Jane Solo and an unknown father who left her mother before birth. Maria named her daughter giving her daughter her own middle name. When she was born, there were dangerous years. Her mother had a defect, and the Force had skipped her branch. Maria?s sister had continued the Force legacy after the family broke apart. With no job and a child, Allasandra?s mother become a smuggler.

    When Allasandra turned four years old, her mother accidentally left her at a spaceport on Iridonia. From there Allasandra watched her mother?s ship get shot down, watched medical engineers pull her mother?s dead body from the wreckage. All alone, Allasandra wandered the space port for three days without eating or receiving help. She drank water from a dirty drain. Then one day a young Zabrak smuggler, getting old in his years, found her. Him with his soft heart took the child with him.

    He revealed to her he was a fallen Jedi, fallen Sith, and old smuggler, his name being Khanth Juoruo. He took her under his wing, eventually discovering she was a Solo descendant. They stayed together until she turned thirteen, and then things took a bad turn.

    Teens: When she was speaking with someone, she was kidnapped, forced into slavery and working in mines on a Zabrak colony world. She didn?t know where she was or why she was there, she just worked. Day in and day out, nothing changed. Allasandra eventually started losing her memory. Then one day she was walking back to her small room when she saw him, saw Khanth. She screamed and he saw her. They fled the secret slave center, and that was when Khanth told her that he had been there looking for her. They started out on their adventures again, until Khanth got older and she turned twenty.

    Death and Ownership: Khanth turned a hundred and for his celebration, Allasandra took him out accordingly. Little did she know a Sith with a grudge was there, and murdered Khanth before her eyes. In his will he left Allasandra his ship and everything he owned. She found his two lightsabers, One blue and one red.

    Becoming the main pilot of the Force Sucker, Allasandra also made herself a decision to have a co-pilot. Markus Christansen, a Zabrak that reminded her of Khanth made his way onto the ship first. The she met the Wookie and a Trandoshan, Ennaca and Sorj. A strange pair, but still they were best friends, Sorj having been saved by Ennaca in his youth. Then she met a wild man named Karkus, who said he was the brother of Markus. Now she had a crew, and with all her people behind her, including an astromech droid named R4-D7 and a protocol droid Tank, she led her ship to become one of the greatest smuggling pilots, apparently - Allasandra didn't like to brag.

    Marriage and Child: Allasandra started to develop a fling with Markus. But Karkus wanted her. After an angry meeting between brothers, they decided to fight over her. Allasandra, locked in the cockpit, was unable to do anything, or even see their horrible fight. They fought for hours, until their fight caused a vent in the ship and Karkus was lost. They tried to recover him, but he lost all control and died. Markus left the ship until Allasandra turned twenty four.

    They met with each other in a random space port, bumping into each other. Markus revealed he had accepted his brother?s death, and
  6. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    ooc: A short one, from an internet café

    Kol Skywalker

    The Grandmaster gave the words of Jacen Solo some thoughts. Then he shook his head. The insane were not guides, they were those who made you loose your way. Darth Caedus had never found his. A life of a Jedi wasted and as a Sith, the most pathetic of all.

    Kol looked at the Master and nodded towards him. "Get Master Sazen to the medstation and allow the enois to enter. I´ll discuss the strategy with them, now. And arrange my address to the Jedi Order for later." He nodded and folded his arms, watching the Coruscanti nightsky as he awaited the other to arrive . . .

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=purple]Emperor Roan Fel III.[/hl]
    Throne Chamber

    Bothawui could be a problem. Even more so, if he managed to gain control over them. Because every act that made him appear more like an evil Emperor in league with the Sith would make Kol Skywalker stronger. Then again, allowing the Bothans to turn against him would damage their war effort. There were ways to cripple people like the Bothans. Terrorism, shock, intimidation. But they again would . . .

    No, he had an ally for things like this. Roan Fel III. would remain the diplomatic counterpart to the raging Sith. And let Lord Krayt handle the hatred thrown at whoever hammered them into submission.

    "Nothing, Veed. Yu´Dor is a Sith. So, we will regard her and all her associates, including the people of Bothan Space, as an internal problem of the Sith. Lord Krayt will surely deal with this." He smiled. "Anyway, to make sure the damage isn´t too bad, I want to talk to the Bothans. Send an ambassador there and establish a hololine." The Emperor send a mild smile and then turned to his aid. "And as we´re at it, please send my request to Lord Krayt to make the Nagai a priority. Intelligence suggests he has a high ranking Nagai in his court. Therefore we ask the Sith to take control over our efforts there and assure a swift dealing with the pale raiders." Lord Krayt would deal with more uncomfortable things, while he prepared his knights and weighed his options.

    The alliance had finally found a good use, despite being military fruitful.

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    Artus Mikaru and Sarina Entaki
    Tsoss Beacon

    "I believe," Sarina began, "That our primary goal should be the securing of the Hydian way. With that trade route Secure commerce can begin again, and Eshan, Metalorn, and Nubia will have access to the southern edges of the Galaxy, in turn, Mustafar."

    "I agree." Artus supplied, "If we can secure a route between our areas, we can better fortify ourselves, then we can focus on studying our enemies and eliminating them. I would suggest a combined offensive on the GA forces blockading the trade route. If we can scatter them, assault them from both sides, we can reestablish the trade route and retake Valhalla station along the route. Do that, and our supplies can get to where they need to go."

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    IC: CPX
    Tsoss Beacon

    [blockquote]The military protocol droid, whom had been brought along should the Geonosian require it, but it also had access to the combined GMU databanks of Intelligence, spoke, fidgeting at the response of Artus. "The Galactic Alliance has retreated to the Tannab system, but the Empire has blockaded the Hydian Way from Roche rimward to Belderone, with the assistance of remnant Mandalorian assets."

    The droid suddenly twitched, as if he'd been touched by lightning. "The Galactic Alliance government has fallen, and has deferred to Grandmaster Skywalker; in the confusion the GA appears to have abandoned territory in the Bormea Sector. The debris field around Nubia, remnants from the battle between the Denon Sector Fleet, Alliance and Confederacy half a year ago are periodically raided by assets from Loronar and Rendilli."

    This information would not have passed Artus by; the epic engagement there had been preceded by the Confederacy bombarding the defense force there, if only because it was there, which appeared to be the sum total of Confederacy strategy during those complicated months. The GMU had been largely divided by the war so far. So there was quite a bit to do.[/blockquote]

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    IC: President Vorn
    Yag`Dhul System

    [blockquote]Vorn noted that he had been sidelined, an action with Geist seemed to appreciate, seemingly. "It is in the best interest of both our governments," Treore added, coldly, as icy as any Givin. Vorn, mollified, appreciated that, somewhat. Moff Geist nodded. "I shall of course sort out the necessary documentation so that you are not troubled in your journeys through Imperial and Confederacy space." At that the man looked at Vorn, who nodded, playing his role.

    Geist seemed to enjoy that, a small smile flickering across his lips. "While this is done, perhaps you would appreciate some refreshment. We shall refuel your vessel, rearm it, if necessary. I would appreciate a discussion with a more... superior species. There has been some confusion between Bastion and Csilla which I would appreciate an opportunity to remedy, equally." Vorn tried not to take offense; it wasn't particularly difficult, when worse was happening to his people.

    "Lord Maleval will undoubtedly seek to join us. President, go attend to the arrangements." Vorn paused, hesitating a second and wondering if the Chiss would request he stay, if the Chiss could actually achieve some good here. If not, he would then he would depart, and leave Geist to his pandering to Treore. Vorn despaired; he needed to save his people - how could he without compassion?[/blockquote]

    TAG: Fin
    IC: Triumvr Bail Antilles

    Jedi Temple

    [blockquote]Triumvr Bail Antilles headed up the Senate envoys, also joined by various military personnel. Admiral Gar Stazi and Vice Admiral Piers Petan; the other Triumvr Nu Toreena; other politicians such as Gial Gahan and Triebakk, and a host of other Senators, droids and minor functionaries. More than a dozen clerks and lieutenants surrounded them, and half a dozen mildly heavily armed bodyguards, all disarmed, of course.

    Bail Antilles stopped; so did the rest of the group, though several of the commanders seemed less inclined to do as dictated. Vice Admiral Petan spoke up. "Well, Jedi, the Senate's key members are gathered; a successor to the Triumvirate needs deciding; our 'new military strategy' needs defining. We have assembled all the information we have. The fleets have been reorganised, the new deployments pulled up, and so forth. We can report to you."

    Petan's tone was barely polite. Gahan scolded the man. "The Jedi have fought our war, and suffered for it. Now they fight against the symptoms of appalling government. Had the Senate appointed better triumvr's in the first place, we wouldn't have lost most of the Core from Anaxes to Rhinnal, would we
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    Mar 27, 2005
    Jedi Master Van Shahu

    Yaga Minor

    Late 126 ABY

    Jedi Master Van Shahu cut the engines to an older model Corellian freighter, the Whip Spinner, observing the Imperial techs scattering around the bay. With the Force he could feel their apprehension of the Jedi, and he understood it. The Ossus Project had taken a turn for the worst, corrupting worlds all over the galaxy. Imperials weren?t the only ones who seemed apprehensive of the Jedi now. Political pundits on the Holonet kept talking about how this could ruin the Jedi Order?s image the galactic public, how it made it seem that the Jedi were now in league with the Yuuzhan Vong. No one trusted the Vong, who came from another galaxy and started a war of domination back in 25 ABY. The Kaleesh Jedi mostly ignored the ?Net anyway, The Jedi were not a political group as far as Van was concerned. Or, shouldn?t have been anyway.

    Van stood up from his seat, sensing his former Master?s presence. A hint of a smile touched his face as he felt the familiar Whiphid. Despite Van?s concerns for the Jedi Order, he had no doubts about his Master. K?Khruk had been there for him when no one else had. He was patient, loving, and kind and he taught all of those values to Van. He had put away the Hunter within himself, fully making himself a Jedi and devoting himself to their ways. He strode through the ship, making his way to the ramp where his former Master stood.

    ?Master Shahu, it has been some time, my old Padawan.? A great large smile came from the Whiphid. Van smiled back. ?I trust your trip has been well??

    Before Van could ask, K?Kruhk pulled out a datapad from his robes. K?Kruhk knew him all to well.
    ?Your mission, before you ask.?

    Van glanced at the datapad and decided to surprise K?Kruhk and extended his hand to greet the Jedi Master. After, he pulled away and received the datapad. His eyes scanned the text on it. He did not read it fully, but some words stood out to the Kaleesh. Words like Unknown Regions, and distress signal. Van looked up from the datapad.

    ?I see that the Order plans on sending me into the great Unknown,? He smiled. ?It seems the Order has grown tired of me already. Did the Chiss not pick up this signal as well??

    As the words came out of his mouth he felt the Force stirring within K?Kruhk. Something about this mission had upset his former Master, which meant this distress signal out in the Unknown Regions was going to be a little trickier then he surmised. Of course it would be, if they were sending a Jedi Master instead of a Knight, of course.

    129 ABY
    Docking Bay 43R, Pammant, Calamari Sector, Outer Rim

    Van heard the blaster shot go off, and observed the Sullustan?s limp body falling down the ramp. His face was no longer recognizable, and if Van hadn?t of seen the Alliance officer before he was shot, he wasn?t sure he could tell he was a Sullustan after being shot in the face. The infiltrators would begins filing out of the ship, along with Darth Aran at any second now. The Sith thought they could get away with sabotaging the Alliance. They thought they had an easy mission. They thought wrong. Of course they did. They always did.

    The Kaleesh Jedi silently entered the hangar bay, masking his presence within the Force. A little trick he picked up not long after entering the Unknown Regions. Behind the bone mask of his father, his yellow eyes watched as the first few Sith agents made their way down the ramp. He felt alive with the bone mask over his face, and he would not take off until every single Sith was wiped from the galaxy. He had not put on the bone mask since his childhood, and now that he had he felt reconnected with his ancestors. Connected to his heritage on Kalee. He was once again the Hunter.

    Rapidly he moved throughout the hangar bay as the first few Sith agents made their way down the ramp, and with his masked Force connection and quick movements, they never even saw him coming. As the last few Agents made their wa
  11. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=purple]Emperor Roan Fel III.
    Throne Room

    The Bothan Cruiser had made some strange stunt. Broken apart to expose Yuuzhan Vong technology. Impressive, but hardly a serious danger to their fleet. A danger to their morale though. The Emperor folded his arms and gave himself a moment to think. How could he make the best advantage of this, without loosing too much?

    His head turned and his brows raised. "You are still the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Armed Forces, are you Veed?" He asked. Laying his head to the side. "You don´t need my permission to do your job, you know." The Emperor could take command whenever he wanted, but the day to day affairs were in the Grand Admiral´s hand. And indeed, this was no glorious battle. They would have to hunt down these Yuuzhan Vong ships. fighters would be deployed, probably. Torpedoes shot. No, the Emperor would make sure this did not damage the morale of his Emperor. And make it appear to be Veed´s fault the situation was not under control. "I still wait for my connection to the bothan ambassador." He said with a firm voice, his hand now resting on his lightsaber hilt. It gave him calm. For whatever reason. He was eager to get Calixte´s report. Whatever had happened, something had not went as all parties had planned. "And as you´re add it please inform our other troops to attack any of these ships we know of. Torpedoes, long range attack with strong fighter screen ready." He added. "I guess Admiral Veed is too busy for such stuff, right now." And with that he smiled and walked out. The smile was important. An Emperor did not admit a crisis, if it did not force him to . . .

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    A Chiss calculated. Advantages. Gain and cost. That was what people expected from a Chiss. So Zorben, Treore now, took a long moment before answering. As if he evaluated the risks of the suggestion against the use of it. Then he nodded. "As far as it is in my humble abilities, I´ll share my thoughts on the situation and listen to yours. And through our exchange, let us hope misunderstandings lessen." He said and folded his arms. His mind concentrated on the Sith. Somewhere around here. Most likely not a Jedi Hunter. So not specialized in spotting them. Even if, Zorben had to hide every day in his field of operation. Yet, of all threats to his cover, the Sith was the greatest.

    "Lead the way. And please only refuel my ship. Weapons should not look like I want to go to war. That was by intent." He said, playing the calculating tactician now again.

    [b]Tag: Fin[/b]


    and reintroducing . . . SirakRomar´s storyline

    [color=green][b]Kai Lonati[/b]
    [i]Above Christophsis[/i][/color]

    He looked down on the Crystal City. It had been some time since he had come to rest. The Alliance had brought him here when Axum had been mobilized. He had enjoyed the ride on a Tri-Scythe Cruiser. The good old times . . .

    Now he stood over crystal city and wondered how crystalline structures could be burning. They did, actually. The Empire was pushing, but the planet had fallen and now the citizens were preparing for a guerrilla war, that would cost the Galactic Alliance thousands of men. But that was not why he was here. His Master had been clear about his mission. Find Kira Romar was the only priority. and now he knew where she was. The only thing he did not know was how long she would be there. "So, how much? One way flight. You land, let me leave and you´re on your way. I´ve been told if I want a stunt like that done I should ask you." He answered and pulled the hood of his Jedi Robes deeper into his face. Turning to the smuggler behind him for an answer.

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  12. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Darth Wyyrlok III.

    "How fitting." He commented the false Yu´Dor´s death. He had never seen any difference. He had never seen anything else than the Yuuzhan Vong witch. But his Master had once more shown his insight into the mysteries of the galaxy. He watched the cruiser explode and leaned his massive head back. His face showed a short sign of disgust, then he stared back at the screen. Vong ships. Lots of them. He sighed and cut the connection. "Let the Emperor or Supreme Commander make his suggestions and once they have ordered to throw massive waves of ships at this, we suggest we send 5000 Predator-Class." He hissed. He had already above Bastion a month before shown that the numbers of small torpedo-carriers like the Predators were too much for the Vong who could not produce such numbers anymore.

    Then he turned to Calixte. "You should report to the Emperor. We will soon let oyu know what to report. I assume we all will keep on lying, will we? Or shall we actually report the truth to your Master? In that case a ceertain conspiracy against the Throne to force him into an alliance might well become . . . public." He nodded, without waiting ofr her answer.

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    ooc: LordKrayt and LordNihl will followe soon . . .
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    Jul 23, 2008
    IC: Allasandra Leana ?Solo?
    Orbit, Sihnon, Colonies

    Allasandra watched the hologram spring to life. The image though, was different, and she was caught off guard for a fraction of a second. Mingo ?Junior? was there, an elderly man with strong vigilance. She didn?t not even notice how her hands were being held, but she did indeed enjoy what she was doing. Still, the pain of Markus was fresh. Her sassiness was mostly held high at this point in her life. Tank beside her was staring at Mingo in an awkward way, as was Sorj, and she stared at the man hard. She then saw the sparkling teeth, and almost raised her hand to her eyes in a sarcastic manner. She noticed he was staring at her, so she stopped staring at his teeth and listened up.

    ?My, you look prettier every time I see you, Leana,? Mingo told her. In her head she rolled her eyes, watching him continue, ?It truly is a pleasure to see you so soon after childbirth.? Leana then thought of her two girls and son. Miranda, Jane, and Karkus were safe with Enanna, the Wookie Leana had leaned on in so many harrowing troubles. ?I bet you have a lot of mouths to feed, little-un,? he continued, and she thought if only he knew. Her children were special, Force sensitive and half-Zabrak and half-human. She knew this might never be attempted again, and her children were wonderful. If only Markus was here?

    Allasandra noticed R4-D7, her faithful droid. He and Tank were also part of her faithful crew, both a great part. Her mind kept wandering as she focused her mind again. She opened her mouth, her beautiful red lips opening in a seductive smile, when he butted. ?Now, now don?t worry about it, it?ll all be fine, once you do a little job for me. A bank job on Phaeda. A couple of my, how do you say it, associates made a try at breaking the Bank of Phadea, and got it, how can I say it, a bit wrong. Bloodily wrong. The Empire hasn?t had chance to pull back the aurodium there because of all the mess at Mygetto and Muunilinst. But it?ll be going soon, methinks - so I?m hiring you to break the bank and steal the aurodium. It?ll be easier than you think, see. There?s a shuttle heading to Phadea to pick up the cash - and it?ll be settling down on little ole Bandomeer in a few days time for refuel. All you need to do is go and grab that shuttle and they?ll fit it up for ya. Simple, no??

    Allasandra looked to Tank, who was whirring around high pitch voice cords in a pitch of sighing in danger. She could tell he was worried, but he was worried about everything. She then looked at Sorj, who nodded his head. ?Sounds ?citing, Cap? in?,? he said, but he said that about everything. What about her children?

    ?So, what do you say? Interested in a little bank job against the Empire?? Mingo continued, and she scowled to herself. She was thinking, the silly man. She wondered if Enanna should be hearing this, but Mingo was waiting, and he was an impatient man, she noted. ?So, Mister Mingo, you want us on a bank job? Sounds a little risky. I have three kids now, and with kids your mind changes in the way of trying to protect them. The Empire hold many grudges, and while I would enjoy fighting them - ah, what the heck, I think we are in,? she said, and then she laughed. She waited impatiently for a quick reply.

    TAG: Sinrebirth

    IC: Darth Yelos
    Building, Corulag

    As she noticed something holding her arms, she felt the lightning pouring from her fingers. ?Master Yelos!? something shouted in the distance, but all she could see was her mother, all she could see was the squirming woman dying. As her lightning faded from her fingertips, she collapsed backwards, exhausted and pleading for help from Zauber. Her outstretched arms were a sign she was in great need, for she never asked for help.

    In her mind images flashed all around, images from around the galaxy, of people, Jedi, Sith, smugglers, Senators. Then she w
  14. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Kol Skywalker
    Chambers, Coruscant

    Kol Skywalker was still musing over the Sith´s words, as the Senate entered. Finally they had not as much meaning as Caedus thought. He had never reached understanding. Therefore he had failed. A blessing to the galaxy, but not helpful in valuating his words. The force would lead him, though. Not a Sith and his deluded ideas. Turning he welcomed the Delegation with a cold nod. They positioned themselves and Kol awaited them to speak first. His hands were folded behind his back. his face showed the dedication he was so feared for since the war had begun. Kol had hoped he would not turn into this, but he had. The force had guided him to this point.

    Vice Admiral Petan spoke up. "Well, Jedi, the Senate's key members are gathered; a successor to the Triumvirate needs deciding; our 'new military strategy' needs defining. We have assembled all the information we have. The fleets have been reorganised, the new deployments pulled up, and so forth. We can report to you."

    Kol nodded. He appreciated the support of this man. Even if he was not enthusiastic about it. The less political this meeting would go, the less dangerous the situation would turn. "Thank you." He said and turned to the Senators.

    Petan's tone was barely polite. Gahan scolded the man. "The Jedi have fought our war, and suffered for it. Now they fight against the symptoms of appalling government. Had the Senate appointed better triumvr's in the first place, we wouldn't have lost most of the Core from Anaxes to Rhinnal, would we? The Jedi were tied by doing what the Triumvirate thought best, even as most of it was replaced."

    Kol smiled. Diplomacy. A battlefield he was not unsused to, but not comfortable on. A Jedi should never grow comfortable on any battlefield, though. "I think blaming anyone won´t do us any good. Let´s just say that the military, the Jedi and the late triumvirate did not share the same values and ideas. And as the Triumvirate was the least successful, it was necessary to optimize it. I am sorry I had to get involved into this. But the Galactic Alliance knew who they allied with. The Jedi can´t win a war over the bodies of their believes, or they will turn and we all will have lost. If my family taught us one thing, than that. Twice." He thought of Caedus, again. Then turned up his face.

    Triebakk urfed a comment, a protocol droid translated. "The Senator expresses his agreement." As the Wookie continued, so too did the translation. "He suggests that, nonetheless, a cut-off be made from what has happened, and what is to occur today. We need to start afresh from hereon out."

    "Agreed." Kol answered.

    "Agreed," said Antilles, stopping the discussion short, and turning to Kol Skywalker. "What do you want, what do you need, and what can the Senate do to extricate ourselves from this mess?"

    Kol looked at him, then at the so far silent Gar Starzi. "We must turn around the war. And therefore we must learn from our enemy. Just not the lessons the late Triumvir´s learned from them. What we need to change is our command structure. Even at the battle of Bastion Grand Admiral Veed and the Sith took direct command and responsibility for their actions. The Emperor plans his strategies directly. So do the Sith. And implment them into their military doctrine. We did that twice in this war. First at Roon, where the isolation of the planet made us appoint a duo of an Vice Admiral and a Jedi to lead the battle. As we now know, Roon was a trap. A man called Atavus had prepared his numbers to deceive us about their strnegth. We emerged victorious from that field. With heavy losses, but not the complete loss, one could have expected. The same happened again over Anaxes, where Admiral Starzi and I took command, directly. Both times we used the strategy originally implemented by our enemy to lead our troups. What is it that makes this strategy successful? It is fast, slim and able to make decisions quickly and effectively. It also leaves those competent to decide in the areas
  15. Dark_Philosopher

    Dark_Philosopher Jedi Youngling

    Jul 13, 2009
    OOC: DRL really kicked me hard the past few weeks. Sorry about how long it's taken to get back here.

    IC: Darsin
    Vanster Enan's Sop House, City of Gadrin, Cularin

    Darsin yelped and rolled out of his chair as the bothan made his move. Grunting as he impacted the floor, Darsin kicked the table over, hoping to block whatever weapon the alien had used.

    'Gas?' He wondered as a strange mist billowed around the overturned table. Sensing a surge of danger from the unfamiliar substance, Darsin scrambled backward, keeping the table between himself and his attackers. The mist moved rapidly toward the retreating Sith, outpacing his panicked scuttle.

    Fearing the worst from the strange onrushing cloud, he squeezed his weapon's activation plate, bathing the area around him in the blade's bloody glow. Moving as quickly as his near-Force-blind body could, Darsin plunged the saber into the floor, heedless of the violence breaking out all over the bar.

    He prayed silently that a cellar of some sort was below as he carved a circle around his body. The mist rolled over him and started to solidify just as he completed the circle, and, with a small shout of triumph, Darsin steeled himself for the fall he hoped would come...

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  16. darthhelinith

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    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Ayano Ebele
    Location: Palanhi, space

    The little sith followed her elders, pulling through the atmosphere with little difficulty. Any other child her age may well have gazed around at the scenery of this new planet which she was approaching with awe, but not this one. She didn't even blink when the volcano came closer and she could see just how it's brown and grey ash strewn surface seemed to rise like a bald, motionless island around an earthy mud churned deep with the ruts of Tanks and other war vehicles.
    This Sith had a job to do. Seeing the firing of missiles and the flashes and explosions from the conflict below, she automatically reached out a small hand to initiate the craft's shielding.

    ?Ebele, go and deal with the vehicles. No heavy weapons."

    The sith child nodded, forgetting that there was no way the Sith Lord could see her, and pulled her ship down low, skimming over the churned sea of mud, hands gripping the controls tightly as she aimed for the anti-aircraft support and sent out a burst of low powered laser fire, aiming to disable the engines of the vehicles as she carefully weaved through the fire she was drawing, using the force to guide her before targeting carefully and firing a round into the nearest vehicles.

    She was interrupted in her assault as a spray of shots from the wing pair that were diving to engage her just fell short and she sent a couple of torpedoes in they're direction, away from the volcano before accelerating to gain altitude to engage them, thankful that the ship was responding well thanks to it's aerodynamic design.
    A burst of fire from her enemies targeted her weapons systems, but the shields held well and she pulled back so both the fighters were still in her sights before firing.

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  17. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 26, 2007
    Darth Krayt & Darth Nihl
    The Eternal Vengeance/Above Rodia

    "Rise." Lord Krayt´s voice was deep and thundering. Darth Nigl bowed his head and did as he was told. "Yes, Master? What is your command?" His voice left no doubt he would follow whatever order his Master would give. Not a born Sith, it was this dedication, this loyalty that had brought him into the inner circle. Those Lord´s who would soon be the ones a new Fist and a new Hand would be chosen from.

    "The Emperor desires the Nagai to withdraw. The Sith have been ordered to make sure they do." Lord Krayt folded his arms. Nihl nodded. "One word of you my Master and they shall return to their own . . ."

    "No!" Krayt´s voice was accusing. Angry. He was much quicker to anger since he had found his three holocrons. And everytime he felt his anger, every time he felt the lack of control, he also felt the beast gnawing away his will and soul. He calmed himself. "They are perfect, where they are. Just slow down their crusade. We will make them leave our domain, once we are ready. Until then, they shall keep the Empire busy. You will head to the Bothan Space and find out who dared to challenge us. I want Darth Maladi to send several of her biological plaguelings there. The Vongspawn will be perfect to teach them a lesson. In addition, I want you to strike and strike hard. And use the Empire´s ressources to do so." Nihl nodded. "As you wish my Lord."

    "But the most important thing is, find our new enemy and get rid of him. I am not in the mood or poistion to be irritated by minor factions." Lord Kryt nodded and Nihl returned this last order with a bow. "I shall summon half of my men here over Rodia and leave, immediately, my Lord." Krayt said nothing more. But cut the connection with a wave of his hand.

    Turning towards the stars he smiled. The Emperor was a smart tactician. He had handed him the less popular tasks. Got him under pressure. Not a worthy, but a remarkable foe. Especially if he was an ally hte same time.

    Finally. A challenge after all those failures.


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  18. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Kamcha'gool
    Basement, Vanster Enan's Sop House, City of Gadrin, Cularin

    [blockquote]Darsin fell, hit something hard, and suddenly felt wet; he?d fallen on to a barrel, which had broken, and now he was floundering in thick ale, and into deep darkness, the only light provided was that of the hole he had carved. And then shots started bursting through the roof, and more light joined him. But it wasn?t going to be long before a bolt ignited the liquid he stood in. There was a way out, partially illuminated by the roof, evident by the steps winding up in front of him, but there was another exit, behind him, leading out? into the street?

    Blaster shots were ringing out, and Kamcha'gool threw himself at the plastic flimsiplast which seemed to pick a breeze up in the violence, but probably was due to the fact that a Gotal had just fallen threw the message board. The Bothan had started stitching the ground with shots, but the Weequay vanished down those stairs, wielding that iron sword?

    The Weequay murmured in guttural Huttese.

    [Come out, come out, wherever you are.]

    And the piece of flimsy landed next to him, with details of a ship and a pilot?[/blockquote]

    TAG: Dark_Philosopher
    IC: Vice Admiral Petan
    Jedi Chambers, Coruscant

    [blockquote]"So, do we agree on this council? If so, I suggest this temple for an initial meeting."

    The Vice Admiral folded his arms, and nodded. ?So we?re going for a military council governing the conflict? It is my understanding that the Senate has elected Senator Gahan here as the new triumvr, which should keep a Jedi influence in the triumvirate too.? His entire body screamed lucky us, but he was a seasoned commander, so he was necessary.

    The Triumvirate and various Senators seemed to be carried along by the resolution, and largely agreed, of course. Triebakk had been on more committees than Kol had seen years, and had no political interests, but a Mon Calamari in power, as a rule, was a better thing. ?We are agreed, also,? responded Triumvr Antilles, with a nod.

    ?And yes, now would be the perfect time to discuss things,? said the Vice Admiral. ?Admiral Vale is out in the Outer Rim, but she can attend by hologram at short notice.?

    ?I shall attend the first meeting, I assume you, Grandmaster, shall attend as the Jedi Council representative, also,? said Antilles, cautiously. Master Dan opened the doors, leading the smaller group of military officers.

    The Vice Admiral proceeded to the speak as they walked. ?The fleets have been reorganised into six fleets following the losses at the main battles of the last year; Borosk, Bastion, Roche, Anaxes and Roon.? The military murmured at the massive reduction in Alliance strength; almost half the navy had lost. A military attaché started speaking, carefully.

    ?The new fleet organisation is as follows; First is at Coruscant, the Second, or Core Fleet, is dotted around Coruscant at various systems, split into ten flotillas of four cruisers and sixteen frigates apiece, the new Third, is out at the end of the Corellian Run, under Admiral Vale, has consolidated around Roon itself.?

    ?The reconstituted Fourth now holds at Kuat, and has been reinforced with Corellian vessels who have returned to the Alliance. The Fifth, a consolidation of vessels which survived Bastion, Borosk and Roche is holding at Tannab staring down the Perlemian Trade Route ? which is Imperial rimward of Roche, now ? and the Sixth is at Mon Calamari, reinforced by the creation of the latest generation of Scythe cruisers. We of course also have the Viscount, our flag Star Defender, and three of the surviving Military Reserve Mobile Battlestations, two which have just retreated to Contruum and one is positioned with the Fifth.?

    Antilles and the other officers began to sit down in the chambers Dan led them into, and another officer spoke, this one checking a datapad, clearly not as proficient at remember
  19. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    IC: Allasandra Leana ?Solo?
    Orbit, Sihnon, Colonies

    ?I knew I could count on you, Leana,? Mingo told her, and she nodded, ?I?ll forward you the codes to get into Bandomeer, the rest is allll down to you.? Abruptly he cut the link, her last image of him was her shiny teeth. As it cut off, she rolled her eyes annoyed. A few minutes later, Tank spoke up, mentioning the codes had arrived. ?Thank the Force. I didn?t know if I could trust Mingo,? she said to no one really. Finally, they leaped into hyperspace. Allasandra heard the comm from Ennaca asking her to come help her with the wailing children.

    Allasandra arrived in the small room, taking first little Karkus. She whispered to him, words of meaning, prayers to the Force, many different comforting words to him. In him she could feel Markus, but she fought the tears, gripping her crying baby tightly. She felt a hand on her back, and patted Ennaca?s furry hand back. They all had felt the repercussions of Markus?s death, yet they had survived, maybe only by the innocence of the children. Allasandra also remembered Karkus, a young, wonderful man, yet he had been sucked into the vent. As Karkus relaxed back, she laid him down, moving on to her daughters. Minutes later, Sorj came in, resting on the doorframe observing.

    ?Confirmed the location, Cap?n. Seems that Bandomeer is an Imp fortress world; complete with shields and everything since they captured it. When we grab the shuttle, we?ll have to be pretty careful. Might be difficult, considering there aren?t many Trandoshians an? Wookie?s in the Imp military,? Sorj said, and Leana nodded, her mind whirling in thought. Leana glanced at the sighing Ennaca, who spoke her opinion, which was always wise. [So we have to play prisoners of the Captain, then. We still have a couple Imperial uniforms leftover from the last mission, I think. She can smuggle us aboard, we can steal the shuttle, and off we go. The droids can look after the babies, can?t they?]

    ?I hadn?t thought about that,? Leana said, scratching her head. ?The droids. Are they equipped to do this, I wonder? I haven?t left my children alone before, and we have so many enemies. I just don?t know. I guess the droids can watch, but I hope this mission is short. I love my children,? she said, patting Miranda?s head quietly.

    TAG: Sinrebirth

    IC: Darth Yelos
    Buildings, Corulag

    ?If you will follow all my directions,? Darth Yelos said with renewed strength, ?then I command you to travel to Kuat and sabotage the shipyards. Assets will assist you when you arrive. I was commanded to go there by Darth Maladi, but I think it will be acceptable if my apprentice arrives there. I will travel to Sullust, and when have finished your mission, communicate with me. If you want to be a loyal apprentice, Zaubar, I recommend you follow my orders.? Yelos straightened her back and waited for a polite reply.

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  20. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Vilt Wa

    OOC: Very late post. [face_worried]

    Wa, see if you can stall the fighters approaching from the north. I?ll go and pick up our soldiers and mercs.

    It shall be done. Vilt swooped his fighter towards the volcano, taking in the sights as he went. The fight going on down below was vicious, but he did not care; all he was bent on doing was stalling the fighters that had appeared on the screen. He could feel faint signatures from what he thought were the fighters, but they could have well been those of the tanks on the ground. Placing a long finger around the trigger button, Vilt waited for several moments as the fighters had to be getting nearer. Then, he saw some specks; the fighters were getting in his visual scanning sense, and he knew that he was ready for them. They would all fall into the trap of fighting against a Sith . . . or an Apprentice, anyways. He cracked an evil smile; the Nagai pilots were doomed from the get-go. His fighter continued forwards, ready to intercept the fighters coming in his direction.

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  21. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=purple]Emperor Roan Fel III
    Bastion, Throne Room[/hl]

    He stared at the Bothan. He looked at him, not saying a word. Allowing his thoughts to wander through his mind, as his eyes rested on the Bothan. he took the thread, the hostility out of the mans welcome. By staring at him like a predator, who watched his prey.

    ?What theatrics do you bring to court today?? Roan fel repeated the question. Then he sighed, as if he regretted that sentence. Despite no being his own. "A minor, a very minor. Nothing more than the continued existence of your race." He allowed the words to sink in but ignored any reply. With the Sith invovled, this statement was not untrue. And the Bothan would knwo that. Bothan´s were knowledgable. The Bothan would also know, that conquering them made sense, as adding their ressources to their own would strengthen them, while the Nagai harmed their invasion. "As you are surely aware of your people have declared war through an unannounced attack on us about 15 minutes ago. The Alliance I am part of is split in opinion about our response. You got mighty fleets, but obviously the Nagai invasion has left us with most of our fleet inactive. So to say, waiting. A fleet, I think that is much, much greater than anything you can handle. Now, there are . . . powers among my people that believe you have been brought into this situation by the lies of others. There are powers," he pronounced that word sharper, implying the Sith through it, "who do not care. I want to find a reasonable approach to this, from both sides." He hesitated for a second, then added. "Before the Bothan race finds out my new allies are not as forgiving as I am."

    He was aware the Bothan probably new nothing about it and had been drawn into it. But then again, they might have calculated their risk and tried it. Anyway, he established himself a peace-bringer now and would allow the Sith to commit Genocide later. That way, he would have another proof of their cruel ways and his reasonable ones. Another small step to get rid of the alliance he had never wanted to forge.

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    Yag´Dhul, Spacestation

    he looked at Geist and gave him one these cool smiles his brother always showed people. "The Nagai Invasion. Actually risking the wrath of anyone is a lesser concern, when one has to find his own enemies. A fight for survival again unknown hostiles has a lesser chance of success." He did not explain it, hinting something. Allowing Geist to make sense of it whatever way he saw fit. Instead he continued. "The interesting thing is, all over the galaxy intelligence resources report links between the Empire, the Sith and the Nagai. You knew that Sith were present at the initial attack? We share you concern for the Jedi, surely. But what about the Sith? We do not know them, really. And their influence is largely unknown. a risk to enter a war, with such unknown factors. Especially as the Nagai invasion has disturbed certain interests my people have. If the Empire is behind it, that would make a very sad reason to stay neutral for now.

    Skywalker had brought the war-effort under his control. It made sense. Too much sense. After bastion. But it was said, nevertheless. The Jedi walked a dangerous path there . . .

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  22. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Kol Skywalker
    Jedi Temple, War Council

    He nodded to Starzi. More was not needed. But then turned to the aide. "Would you allow higher ranking officers than you yourself to make decisions that are theirs to make, please? Whenever we are interested in your opiniuon we will surely promote you." His eyes wnet over the others. The message was clear. Be as hostile as you want. I´ll cut of all the hydra´s heads and have my way, anyway. He asked and turned to Starzi. "We shall lead the Second together. Master Sazen will take care of the fourth, until we have found a fitting Admiral. Meanwhile the key to victory lies not within the battle of the Core. Not at all. We will win or loose it not through a direct confrontation of fleets. Or to be more precise, we will loose it, if we take gambels like that. The Empire has fleets, yes. They have allies. A few. Sith and those they enslaved. The Banking guild. But not the Chiss, nor the Bothans nor any of the other powers to be out there. The Vong are still fighting. But one thing the Empire has not, that is essential to their defeat. They do not have many ships. No, they have powerful ships. But not enough to protect all their planets. So, they have us pinned to the Core and we will surely defend it, yes. But not against the might of the entire Imperial Navy. but only against those not busy hunting us in their backyard. The Third Fleet is in their back. Right in hteir back. And Ryloth is in open rebellion. Order Admiral Vale to spread her command among the officers and Jedi. Small units. Hyperdrive capable starfighter squadrons shall be formed. Bombers and fighters paired. And Then, with about a hundred small units we begin to attack the routes. The support. We will begin to attack military installation on every planet that is low on defense. Avoid battles, flee when they show up. And do as much damage as we can. Then, when the Empire screams for more protection, they will have to move out of the Core. And we will strike. Meanwhile, we must have it appear as if we are foolish enough to attack directly. Admiral Starzi and me will take care of that. And while the Empire still looks for a final battle I will send as many of my Jedi as I can out there to make sure these attacks do not cease. And Jedi are with our troops. So they will have to send Sith and Imperial Knights to counter that." He folded his arms. "Admiral Starzi? Thoughts on this?" He did intentionally leave out all lesser tacticians. He had to make his point. They were no longer leading the fleet. He was. Starzi was. They only had a say, after these two had settled on a strategy. And even as he did not know the duros so well, he knew he could trust him. No second Bastion would happpen with him.

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  23. JediDingo

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Yaga Minor

    Late 126 ABY

    ?So you see our concerns. Something which can engulf a Star Destroyer without a trace is something that we need to confront, before it inevitably arrives at known space.?

    It took a moment for Van to process those words. Something which can engulf a Star Destroyer. This mission was something that shouldn?t be taken lightly. It was a mission into the deep unknown, and Van foresaw that it would test his very essence of being a Jedi. That the Jedi Council wanted him to investigate this honored Van deeply; it meant that he could be trusted to handle it. Van exhaled audibly, looking into the eyes of his former master.

    ?This is going to be a difficult mission, Master.? Van said really more to himself. ?I wish it was like old times, and you would be coming with me.?

    A faint smile came to him, but quickly disappeared. He looked at K?Kruhk with resolve. There was no point in lingering, and if this growing threat in the Unknown Regions was indeed happening, there was absolutely no time to waste. Van needed to head out towards this signal now, and he needed to prepare himself within the Force for what he could possibly face. Van patted his former teacher on the shoulder.

    ?Thank you for entrusting this mission to me, but I fear that this mission could change things. Forever. I know the Force shall sustain me, guide me, help me in my time of distress but I feel it will most certainly not be an easy mission. You?ve taught me well, Master.?

    Van was sure K?Kruhk would give him some sort of wisdom before he left, and awaited it.


    129 ABY

    Docking Bay 43R, Pammant, Calamari Sector, Outer Rim

    The body of the Sith crumpled before his feet and Van quickly pulled his spear out of the soldier?s neck before disappearing from the scene. Van focused, making sure his presence within the Force was not sensed at all. He sensed the Sith Lord?s dark presence, Darth Aran. He would save him for last, he needed information out of him anyway. From behind piled up crates, he watched another infiltrator stalk the room towards their assigned points, weary of their dead comrade.

    Van suddenly appeared before his second kill. The infiltrator managed to get a quick scream out before Van swiped his spear across his throat. Just as quickly as he appeared, he vanished and was already stalking his next kill.

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  24. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: K?Kruhk
    Yaga Minor

    Late 126 ABY

    [blockquote]K?Kruhk felt Van was ready to depart, but there was something? final, about this departure. The Force grew darker, daily, and the Whiphid sniffed the air idly, seeking the current which seemed to be approaching. A shard of fear pierced the Masters? calm, something he had not experienced in? a century and a half. Were the dark times coming again? What was Van?s role in all this?

    Van patted his Master on the shoulder, and K?Kruhk returned from his thoughts. nk you for entrusting this mission to me, but I fear that this mission could change things. Forever. I know the Force shall sustain me, guide me, help me in my time of distress but I feel it will most certainly not be an easy mission. You?ve taught me well, Master.?

    It was one of the longest sentences his old Padawan had made in some time. K?Kruhk drew himself tall, placing a hand on his shoulder. The Force took his tongue, and K?Kruhk appeared startled as he spoke, little control over his words.

    It is through the middle of the whitest star,
    That flowing metal shall be found,
    Sustain it, Give birth to it, you cannot,
    But hunt its hunter,
    You must.
    Fate unravels, and you are no more.

    K?Kruhk paused, and blinked, knowing that the Force had bequeathed some kind of role upon the Kaleesh. With no more words, the Jedi Master turned away, deeply troubled by what had happened ? but knowing it had. Out of the corner of his eye, a female tech turned away, and began striding off, with purpose ? a spy?

    K?Kruhk had known a time when Imperials had not spied on the Jedi ? and he had known a time, before that, when they had, before Emperor Fel. Which time was approaching.

    The Master walked beyond a shadow, created by a TIE Predator hanging above him, and left his Padawan to his Terrors. May the Force be with You.

    129 ABY

    Docking Bay 43R, Pammant, Calamari Sector, Outer Rim

    Darth Aran saw the kill, saw the killer ? but he was in no position to remedy it. A Kaleesh, at very least. Aran nodded, noting the hesitation in the infiltrators, as most of them paused at the second kill. ?To me.? Aran brandished his blade as they moved towards him, and he himself took a step back, under the cover of the vessel. ?I shall defend you.?

    It was a dejarik game; a hunt. Aran appreciated it as much as his opponent. ?Come to me, knave!?[/blockquote]

    TAG: JediDingo
    IC: Gar Stazi

    Jedi Temple, War Council

    [blockquote]Stazi smiled faintly as Kol lightly mollified the aide. He was very determined to rectify manners, wasn?t he? He was definitely taking things personally. Kol quickly laid out a strategy whereupon the Second was taken rimward, while the Third harried the rear of the Empire ? probably focusing on the Rimma, knowing Vale?s score to settle with the Imperial assets in that arena. Kol had at very least threw the Sith and Imperial Knights into the same batch ? which increased their opponents. Kol was using the ?stateless? system which had saved the NR during the Vong War, and the Rebellion before it. A true return to the roots of the GA.

    Ruminations filtered through the room, but Admiral Vale nodded, in agreement. Petan looked around, as the other commanders seemed to agree. The Triumvr Antilles looked poised to make a comment, but seemed to pull back ? political concerns, probably, about how these assets could surely be put to better use bringing Corellia, Loronar and Rendilli firmly into the fold. But Stazi gave him a look, and his jaw slammed shut.

    Kol spoke to him, directly, Stazi blinking at his focus. "Admiral Starzi? Thoughts on this?"

    Stazi folded his arms, but his hostility was not directed outwards, but inwards, tearing apart the plan. Emperor Fel was the component that Kol was not addressing, but Stazi did not think that would prove an issue. The Duros nodded, and Petan and Antilles almost spluttered. ?I believe the target of our feint should b
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    Feb 10, 2009
    IC: Ayano Ebele
    Location: Palanhi, local space

    To her relief, the fighters were both taken by surprise and burst into a couple of fireballs as her missiles hit them. There was a certain satisfaction with watching the pilot's flaming, screaming bodies fall through the air from the debris of they're craft.

    The little sith watched as the Sith Lord pulled down beside her, and she pulled back a little out of respect, unsure as to what he was doing. She watched, with a little surprise, as he fired on the Sith troops below, but then gasped as the huge fleet above completely disappeared leaving clear skies.

    ?Illusions. Come, my apprentices. We shall leave this world to the Nagai.?

    Apprentices. She was an apprentice.
    Ayano would have leaped happily for joy out of her seat if she could have.
    She had done it.
    She had a Master now.

    ?Disengage and retreat to the hyperspace exit. You may paint your kills accordingly on your hulls, Ebele.?


    She grinned happily to herself and followed the Sith Lord, quickly re-entering the jump co-ordinates and entering hyperspace with ease.
    Teta, here she came.

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