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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by LordTroepfchen, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    The perfect sphere doesn´t exist . . .

    - John J. Parson

    [link=]. . . a long time ago in a galaxy far away . . .[/link]



    [b]Prologue - Epilogue[/b]
    [i][b]Above Gesaril, Asteroid Complex[/b][/i]

    7 days after the Game begins . . . [/i]

    The Asteroid had been turned into a prison by the first Empire. Palpatine´s Empire. Now it served the same function again. For another Sith Emperor and another Sith Empire.

    It was unusual for a Sith to be brought into an interrogation room. But then, it was unusual for a Sith to be the only survivor of a mission on which a whole team of Sith was send. [b]Darth Imperi[/b] probed [b]the Survivor[/b] with her various senses. The pale, tattooed woman pierced through the holographic image with burning eyes. The force revealed many things, but this Sith remained an enigma. A riddle to be solved.

    [b]"Begin."[/b] She finally said and behind her the red-faced nose-less near human Sith entered the cell. [b]Darth Tenebrous[/b]. She turned to the holographic display of the interrogation. Watching the survivor, covered with robes. Freezing. Exhausted. Darth Tenebrous folded his arms. Looked to the holocam. [b]Darth Imperi[/b] leaned forward, watching every move of the two Sith. The Survivor and her former Apprentice. Finally, after a long moment Darth Tenebrous spoke.

    [b]"For your failure you will most likely die, Sith. But I assure you that I will make you pray and beg for death if you do not answer my questions. I don´t want to hear lies. I don´t want to her half-truth. I want to know everything you know, understood?"[/b] His voice was hissing, low. A threat, every word he spitted.

    The survivor nodded. The only reaction he seemed to be able to offer.

    [b]"Goode."[/b] Tenebrous smiled, satisfied by the fear he had inspired. [b]"Where are the others?" [/b]

    A short trembling ran through the Survivor. A shaking. A spasm. Shock.

    What could frighten a Sith?

    [i][b]"Dead. They are all dead."[/b][/i] [b]The Survivor[/b] mumbled. [b]Darth Tenebrous[/b] only stared at him.

    After an eternity of silence he asked.

    [b]"How?"[/b] He spitted the word. His voice reinforced by the Power of the Dark Side.

    [b]The Survivor[/b] looked up. [b]Darth Imperi[/b] couldn´t see his face, for her apprentice blocked her view. Maybe the Survivor stared at Tenebrous. But his voice was trembling, failing as he began to speak.

    [i][b]"It all began a week ago. When you summoned us for the hunt . . . " [/b][/i]


    [color=skyblue][hl=blue][b]133 ABY - The Cold Embrace


    The Story[/b]

    In the year 133 ABY a small group of Sith is send on a simple search and destroy mission. Only one returns. This is there story.

    This game is for three to five players who play Sith. Only one of them will survive the game. Any more information would be spoiler.

    In many ways this is the sequel to [link=]128 ABY - The Unknown Terror[/link] and it surely is a spin off from Sinrebirth´s original [link=]128 ABY[/link] series.
    It is also the sister-game of DarkLordoftheFins´ [link=]133 ABY - The Dark Odyssey[/link].
    It takes place several weeks before the events of Fin´s game but shares the same universe, backstory and to some extend characters.

    But it is a stand-alone story. Enriched by the fantastic background the other games provide but absolutely understandable and playable with no knowledge of what has come before.

    The game is based on the ideas and characters created by [u]Sinrebirth[/u], [u]TheSithGirly[/u] and [u]SonofZeus[/u].

    More or less it is a game under the [link=]Rules of Codex09[/link]

    [image=] [b]The Colony[/b]

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    May 3, 2008
  3. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    From the GM . . .

    You people are amazing. Thanks to everybody who has expressed interest so far.

    I have received many great character-sheets. And actually I hope to receive some more.
    But as things are looking now, I got more submissions than I can take characters. Some CS are still to be expected. And it´s a hard choice for me to make, anyway.

    Therefore I will limit the submission stage to the next 24 hours. If you want your character to be considered send me a CS within´ that timeframe.

    Tomorrow evening 2100 CET I´ll pick my players and we can begin posting our characters-sheets.


  4. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    GM Approved Character-Sheet

    Name: Adin Vrinn
    Alias: Darth Cruor
    Species: Human Cyborg
    Planet of Birth: Taanab
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Wears a black military style uniform, no insignia. Black boots which come up to mid calf, hard heeled. Hooded cloak, also black.
    Rank & Affiliation: Sith Warrior / Sith Empire under Darth Krayt
    The Force: Yes, but as stated within the equipment section he is unable to utilize any telepathic or lightning based abilities.
    Weapons: Dual red bladed phase lightsaber that could go from the standard 1.3 meters to a length of three meters with the flick of a switch, Lanvarok.
    Equipment: Cybernetic Aj^6 internal computer implant (increasing his mental capacities, and allowing him to access many computer systems. Due to the need for this implant, he is incapable of utilizing any telepathic powers usually available to Sith/Jedi), SoroSuub cybernetic eyes (allowing him to see in various conditions), NeuroSaav Cardio-Muscular Package (increasing his physical strength and stamina)

    *Note: Being heavily enhanced with cybernetics, Darth Cruor is sensative to massive electrical discharge and powerful EMP attacks. He has tried to shield his implants as best as possible, but the danger remains. He is also incapable of using Force Lightning without seriously damaging his own body.

    Bio: Adin Vrinn was born on the planet of Taanab. His mother died while birthing him, and his father and sister always blamed him for this. His Father beat him at every opportunity always finding excuses to do so and his sister constantly abused him emotionally. Upon reaching the age of 17 Adin murdered his sister in a fit of rage after a particularly ruthless beating by his father, he would have loved to kill his father but the fear he felt towards the man was paralyzing.

    Instead he ran, and over the next year his travels took him off world. It was there that he found his future, as a smuggler. He was a talented pilot and had a great reputation for completing difficult jobs, as such he found work easily. Until the fate intervened and his life was forever changed.

    While running a Sith blockade his ship was targeted and took a nasty hit, though his co-pilot was able to save the cargo and their lives, Adin required massive medical attention. Attention was given, and it took his life savings and then some to repair the damage. After much reconstructive surgery, he was whole again, but never the same.

    His frustration at his newly found poverty, and the loss of his natural eyesight and mind, led him to on a path of self destruction and crime. This is when the Sith Empire found him and intervened. Sensing the power within him and his potential, the Sith took him in and helped him focus his fear, anger, and despair.

    That was years ago, and now Darth Cruor as he is known, is a warrior under the service of Darth Krayt.
  5. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    From your GM . . .

    It wasn´t easy, but here is our cast . . .


    [b]Darth Null [/b] - TheSithGirly
    [b]Darth Askensis[/b] - JEDIGUNSHIP
    [b]Darth Cruor [/b] - Despised1
    [b]Darth Bison [/b] - RebellionSoldier
    [b]Neo Sadow (Sith Warrior)[/b] - BlueBeast
    [b]Malignady (Sith Acolyte)[/b] - Mitth-Fisto[/blockquote]


    I had more submissions than I had player-slots. But this game is for a small group. It won´t work with more players. I had to make a choice and I haven´t made it easy for myself. My thanks to everybody who showed interest in this game, but couldn´t join.

    All others . . . please post your CS and [b]expect my opening post on Saturday[/b]. First week I´ll update a lot, then from the second week on at least once a week.

    Welcome to [i][b]133 ABY: The Cold Embrace[/b][/i]
  6. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    GM Approved!

    Name: Vilt Wa (Darth Askenis)
    Age: 28
    Species: Kaminoan
    Planet of Birth: Kamino
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall and slender, Vilt towers over other apprentices of other species. He has a standard Kaminoan build, with a small head connected to an elongated neck and long legs. His skin is pale blue, attributed to his species' watery origins, and there is a large fin in the middle of his back. The robes he wears are black with small pale-blue (the color of his skin) stripes on the arm sleeves, which he has added to the design in order to pay tribute to his heritage of being a Kaminoan.
    Rank & Affiliation: Sith Apprentice, Affiliated w/ Sith Order
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: Regular-length lightsaber (red blade), short whip (non-Force) made out of an exotic animal species (not known which species), concealed blaster pistol underneath his robes in holster, survival knife
    Equipment: In addition to his robes, Vilt wears blaster-resistant armor underneath his robes during action to protect his vital organs from blaster fire, has a utility belt that contains his comlink, the clip where his lightsaber hooks on, a small holder for his whip (which is able to be compacted to fit into a small space), and rations for a few days (on a usual mission). When he is sent on prolonged missions, he carries a pack full of rations, a plug-in power generator for droids (sort of like what Luke has in Episode 5), a small first aid kit containing four packets of bacta and other remedies in a locked durasteel case, and spare robes along with other knicknacks.

    Bio: Born 105 years after the Battle of Yavin, Vilt Wa was raised on the wet world of Kamino. As holding with tradition, Vilt was brought up around the cloning facilities that his family helped in, amazed at how exact genetic replicas could be created from just a strain of DNA. Although he did not understand how to use the equipment or comprehend the process used in making the clones, Vilt was always interested in watching the equipment work, chatting with factory workers to query about little details about the process; when he tried to ask for more infomration, he was always shrugged off and told that he would learn how to run the machinery when he grew older and more mature.

    These rejections caused Vilt to become a frustrated child. He started to believe that his family was not being supportive of his curiosity, and were thus holding him back from being a true force in the business. At this time, he let out his frustration on furniture in his room, making things crash into walls via the power of a mystical energy source that he tried to explain to his friends, who never believed him and thought that he was too hyper. More rejections followed, and Vilt started to stay in his room for hours on end, refusing to come out except at meals, where he rarely ever spoke and always tried to hurry through the food. He no longer watched the cloning technology work, and his interest in the business waned for months. Finally, a longtime-friend of his entered his room and wanted to ask Vilt if he wanted to play ball outside; Vilt, in his anger at being rejected by most of his friends, seized the other boy by the energy force and flung him against the wall. Although the boy suffered minor injuries from the attack, he broke all ties with Vilt, leaving the frustrated youth to sulk in his room all day, never emerging. His parents became worried about him, about his lack of attention and interest in anything. When they confronted him, he shied away from talking to them, not wanting to be a part of their family anymore. Finally, one night, when everyone was asleep in the complex, he slunk out and stole a ship from the colony hangar bay, deciding that he was not interested in cloning and being a part of the business.

    Vilt wandered the galaxy for several years, trying to find work in various places by using his amazing powers to bring in criminals for city justice departments. However, nothing made him happy, so he moved on quickly and tried another occupation. On one mi
  7. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    LordT Approved.

    Name: Char Kent(Neo Sadow)
    Age: 22
    Species: Nautolan
    Planet of Birth: Glee Anselm
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dark blue in gold robes and brown sandals.
    Rank&Affiliation: Warrior
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: Dual blue lightsabers, blaster pistol.
    Equipment: Wire, comlink, voice amplifier, and heightened vision goggles.
    Bio: When the war broke out, Char was a Jensaarai, but his young age betrayed him as he decided that he had to prove himself by entering the war on the Side of the Empire. He did not know all the secrets and disasters to come, but he was accepted as an Imperial Knight Apprentice and trained to fight. As the veil of deception fell, Char found himself lost in the confusion and forced to serve the Empire he had pledged his allegiance to, despite the Sith now being in control of the organization that he had vowed to protect to serve. Char, while reluctant at first, turned himself over to the Sith and became an apprentice to the dark ways. No hesitation occured afterwards and Char's goal now is to go with the flow, his own personal Force Guideline, and goes where the Sith directs him.
  8. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    My first true char for a loooong time . . . LordT approoooved!

    Name: Darth Null
    Age: 55
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Unknown. Possibly Roon.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: In public he wears red robes, covering his bulky frame. In private and in training he usually prefer to cloth in simple pinafores. His left arm has been replaced with a black cybernetic model. his face terribly disfigured after a greande-explosion.


    Rank&Affiliation: Sith Lord, Former Lord of Roon
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: Lightsaber made of yorrik-choral
    Equipment: Com-unit, private Shuttle
    Bio: Darth Null was born into the Sith and raised, educated and trained in their arts from birth. He hasn´t become a Sith like so many others, he has always been one. In his eyes that made him better than any other living being. Trained in the time of secrecy and hiding he has developed his skills for years with only one goal. To rise into the ranks of the inner circle. Those few Sith who have the ear of their Dark Lord. The confidants of the Emperor and Dreaded Lord Drath Krayt.
    For this goal he sacrificed what little humanity and social bonds he had. He killed his Master as a sign of loyalty, murdered and forced his way into the position of a Lord. He has manipulated numerous worlds for his Masters and relentlessly turns and trains students in the Dark Arts.
    Even as the Sith seemed to ignore all his effort, he did not stop to try. To impress his superiors. And finally he was elevated to the rank of a Master, a trainer of the younger generation of Sith. To his disappointment not on Korriban, but the Fortress of Roon. Another stronghold of the hidden Sith, it was also the domain of the Sith most fearsome warriors. And construction site of the Fist of the Dark Lords mysterious force-focus (known among Sith as the Sphere). He turned this backlash and turned it into his advantage. Among the brute Sith of Roon few rivaled his cunning intellect and he made it an art to manipulate those around him. Soon he was a greater power than the Fist of the Dark Lord himself. And when the Fist, Darth Stryfe was ordered to his Master´s side he was the natural choice to become the new head of the academy.
    He felt he was close to achieve all he wanted to have. The war broke out and the Sith were forced out of hiding. And who trained them? Who delivered new breeds of warriors to their Lord? Darth Null. Soon he would find his Master´s respect and finally be invited into his circle.
    For six long weeks he bathed in fantasies of domination. Then a new Lord of Roon was appointed. It was the first Lord of Roon, returning. Darth Atavus shattered Darth Null´s web of power with his presence alone. A raw and evil Sith, legends surrounded this new Master. And his power was beyond Darth Null´s.
    But even Darth Atavus reign of Roon was a short lived one. For the Alliance had learned of the Sith. And began their brutal onslaught against their ancient enemies. Before he understood the situation Darth Null and his many students found themselves confronted with new leader, like Darth Bison and Darth Nihl. And the Sith of Roon were under siege by the Alliance under Kira Romar´s brilliant but remorseless leadership.
    Darth Null had to watch as Roon was devoured in ancient mysticism, internal struggles and waves after waves of Galactic Alliance attacks. He saw Roon get lost.
    Fighting to the last breath when the fortress was taken, he suffered from horrible wounds. And with Lord Atavus Sphere collapsing, he was buried under the rabble. Loosing his arm.
    He survived. A dark miracle. Disfigured and without his left arm he was dragged from the battle-field.
    Failure. The Sith never forgot. He was never publicly demoted. Nor held responsible. He was simply branded as someone who had lost Roon. When Darth Atavus turned out to be a traitor, the blame on h
  9. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    LordT Approved

    Name: Malignedy, formerly Gu?och Saedea
    Age: 37
    Species: Dug
    Planet of Birth: Coruscant
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: His flesh is covered leaving only his head visible showing off a network of black and red sith tattoo?s that don?t quite match up to cover all his olive skin, black form fitting spider silk armor vest, and black robe coverings.
    Rank&Affiliation: Sith Acolyte
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: One shoto lightsaber(red), Death-Hammer Blaster, and shaped adhesive remote thermal detonators.
    Equipment: Liquid-cable launcher, fear stick, data-pads, slicer chips, vocal enhancer, artificial orange glow left eye, recording rod, electrobinoculars, and wrist link.
    Bio: Born into poverty and insanity that was Coruscant he quickly grew up a street urchin, destitute in the lower levels until he was discovered and raised by his Sith Master. Under his tutelage he was given nothing but instruction, left with only what he had or could get he often was finding or stealing to get what he needed. Never what he wanted, only what he needed was he allowed to get and keep, so that he was left in a perpetual state of wanting, lacking both tangibly and physically in comparison to the other Sith and even the servants beneath them.
    As his master had told him it never was enough, there was always and would always be someone with something he wanted, he yearned for, for he cannot change himself physically or ever truly meet let alone exceed the galactic standards. So that the rest of the galaxy, from the low to the high, he is envious of. The secret, as his Master Darth Null one day revealed, was patience to the road of Envy. And that it is better to watch decay then to destroy, instead of rushing in and never have, this infuses his very being.
  10. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Posting for RebellionSoldier who faces some board-problems.

    And yeah - before posting I approved.

    [b]Name: [color=red]Darth Bison[/color][/b] (born Xian Rostu)
    [b]Age:[/b] 34 (born 99 ABY)
    [b]Species:[/b] Human
    [b]Planet of Birth:[/b] Haruun Kal
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male
    [b]Appearance:[/b] 5'9" with short cut black hair and brown eyes. Dark brown skin. Scar on his throat from a wound he took during the Battle of Roon on 128 ABY where he led the defense of Sector 27.
    [b]Rank & Affiliation:[/b] Sith Master, Lord of Haruun Kal
    [b]The Force:[/b] Yes
    [b]Weapons: [/b]Double-bladed crimson red lightsaber, powered by Nextor crystal mined from the planet M'haeli


    [i][u]Before the Sith-Imperial War[/u][/i]

    [b]Xian Rostu[/b] grew up in the large metropolitan city of Pelek Baw on the jungle, gassy planet known as Haruun Kal. His parents made a semi-successful living as merchants?selling spices, weapons, and antique books. At the age of 3, a series of unfortunate events struck the Rostu family and they were forced to file bankruptcy with the Ministry of Finance. Broke and penniless, Xian and his parents were forced to call an expansive, tribal community their new home. It was Xian?s ancestry village?the original home of the Ghosh Rostu clan.

    At the age of 5, the village was attacked by a pack of wild Akk Dogs. Seeing as how his father had fallen ill from depression and alcoholism, and his mother was away getting medical supplies, Rostu was forced to defend his home. So was the way of the jungle where a mere child is a last line of defense. At first Xian didn?t know what to make of it?as he stepped out of his shoddy door and into the heavy rain, he felt a wave of energy surge through his body. Two Akk Dogs circled around the small boy, sizing him up and gazing at him with their feral eyes. All of a sudden time seemed to slow?if not stop altogether. Xian could see other older Korunnai fending off the dogs a distance away. Their techniques were alien to him, never before had he seen a man throw a tree without touching it! Though, he was forced to take his attention off what was going on around him, and place it on what was going on right next to him! Xian felt this strange force grow inside him like a tornado?it was becoming uncontrollable. The boy was forced to drop to his knees and clutch his scruffy hair, he HAD to get this out of him or it would tear his little body in two! He stretched his arms out to his side and screamed. Xian didn?t notice it, but his blew everything within a 20 feet radius two stories into the air?including half of his home. As he lay dazed on his back, the rain drops beating down overhead?an old, dark-skinned man with grey eyes and grey hair knelt over him and gazed deep into his eyes?

    ?Yes, just as we thought.? The old man stood and Xian?s mother came into view and nodded at him. ?Rest Child.?

    When Xian woke, he lay comfortably in his bed. Gifts were placed all around his room by well-wishers. He could hear three voices coming from the living room outside his door. Two of the voices he definently recognized as his parents?the other was unfamiliar.

    ?We must get your son trained.? The new voice pleaded. ?Ghosh Rostu hasn?t had one of his ability since the Yuuzhan Vong invasion!?

    ?He is our only son.? His father reasserted. ?We?ve lost everything, and while we appreciate the community rebuilding our home, we just can?t let our boy become a Jedi. You must understand??

    It sounded as if the unknown man rose and began to walk out. ?I understand that word has already spread like wildfire throughout the village?and that sooner or later others might come looking for him that will be much more demanding?and you know who I speak of.?

    Xian blanked out again, and he re-awakened to the pleasant face of his mother. She looked worried and distressed. When Rostu asked her what was wrong, she eluded his question and against her better judgement?told him the truth of his people. She told him that he belonged to a race of gifted individuals. That the power he felt in him is what most off-wor>
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    Apr 9, 2007
    [hl=skyblue]133 ABY - The Cold Embrace[/hl]

    Soundtrack - [link=]The Scream[/link]

    ~The Scream~

    It all began with a scream.

    A lonely Scream.


    Far away.

    The Scream was unheard

    For nobody was there to listen.

    So in time

    The Scream became an echo.

    And this echo travelled far.

    Carried itself.

    Through the eternal void.

    It left the boundaries of it´s first realm.

    And got lost in eternity.

    Still it did not cease to exist.

    Searching for someone to hear it.

    It finally the Scream reached the boundaries of a new realm.

    Where it was finally perceived.

    And through perception it was given form.

    Now it wasn´t a scream anymore.

    It was something complete.

    - Writings in the Shrine of Kooroo, Vaynai -

    [blockquote][hl=black]Part I - The Hunt [/hl][/blockquote]

    Korriban, The Sith Fortress

    Soundtrack - [link=]Korriban[/link]

    [image=] [image=] [image=]

    Korriban. A world of death. Ancient. Powerful. A impure jewel in the galaxy. Deserted and rotten to it´s dark core. Deserted except from those, who desired darkness. It had been the home of the Sith 6900 years before the son of the Chosen One had destroyed the Death Star. It was still their home. 7033 years later.

    Word had spread fast among the Sith. Darth Wyyrlok, Regent of the Sith in Darth Krayt´s absence had arrived.

    Korriban was still center of Sith studies and their greatest Academy of the Dark Arts in the galaxy. But it wasn´t their center of power anymore. The Temple of XoXann on Coruscant had taken that position. And therefore it was a unique and remarkable event that the Regent to visit the ancient homeworld of their Order.

    Such unique events usually meant someone was about to die.

    In the afternoon the summoning had begun. A young Chagrian apprentice had informed several of the present Sith to come to the Grande Chamber of the Academy. For what purpose or on whose command had been unanswered. But the woman was well known among the Sith. Sarai was Darth Wyyrlok´s daughter. It had to be assumed he had made the summoning. Therefore they had to obey.

    Darth Morde and Darth Cruor had arrived first. Morde had suspiciously eyed the other Sith. Darth Crour. Half man, half machine. He was feared and despised by most Sith. But known for his skills in combat. Darth Morde did not fear him.
    He feared few people in the galaxy. And had never made a secret of his disapproval of "recruited Sith". He felt only the pure blooded should ascend to the rank of Lords. Even though it was a bold statement for someone who had only recently been honored with such a prestigious title himself.
    Only shortly after the two warriors Darth Askensis had arrived and had only raised the curiosity for what purpose they had been assembled. The long-necked Kaminoan Sith was a unique member of their Order. He was said to be a promising Sith. Even for one not born into the order. Again Morde disagreed.
    Finally Darth Null arrived. The former Master of Roon was a simple teacher in the Academy these days. As always when they met only disgust came from Darth Morde. Not for Null´s unpleasant appearance. But for his failures in the past. With Null entered his small Duk apprentice. One of Null´s many apprentices. A creature known as Malignady, but also called the "dirty little thief" among the Sith. The only creature present who had not achieved the position of a Lord.

    Before any conversation could begin Sarai herself had appeared in the room. Gracefully passing the waiting men. Without a word she had p
  12. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    ooc: What an opening. Bold but perfect choice of music if I may say so, LordT. I think we won´t hear a lot of classical Star Wars stuff, will we? :)

    Sorry this became really, really long. But I have been gone for a while and felt the need to get into character somehow. I hate my guy :p


    Darth Null
    Korriban, Chambers

    The Sphere. Such perfect darkness always took the shape of Spheres. He remembered the one on Roon. He remembered the power of it. Nobody could ever touch such darkness. Nobody could give himself to it and not be transformed into a part of in the process. And it wasn´t his to command. It had never been his. Never been his. Never been . . . HIS. In his dreams he ignited his lightsaber and charged towards the ancient Weequay Sith. The lightsaber above his head, screaming. Everything slowing down. And he finally saw an expression on the face of the leatherface of Darth Atavus. He saw fear. Slashing down on him, cornering him. In his dreams Atavus could not stand against his fury. Not stand against his darkness.

    It were dreams. Only dreams. Darth Null awakened bathed in sweat. Coughing, raising in his bed. Painfully feeling his heart rush in his breast. The force gave him strength immediately. His anger about himself did. The memories of his victory made his disfigured lips smile. Only a dream. In reality he had dropped to his knees. Cowered in the dark corners of Roon when Atavus took all that was rightfully his.
    Only to betray them all. And even his betrayal was his to pay for. Darth Null had known he would eventually suffer backlashes. His faith in his power of the Dark Side remained, though. But this had brought him to the breaking point. Still awakening every morning of every day with the bitter taste of defeat on his tongue. He felt the movement besides him and with a supressed roar he pushed the young girl he had forced to spend the night with him out of his bed. "Leave." He grunted. Not even motivated enough for give her a painful death to keep her from talking.

    He scremaed out waiting for his apprentice to enter the room. While he had many apprentices these days, buidling his new foundation of power only Malignedy was allowed to sleep in the neighbouring room of his quarters. Because the useless little Duk couldn´t kill him, could he? "Get me my robes then activate the lightsaber droid. Level Five. One hour training."
    He hissed and forcefully tried to get himself out of his floating repulsor-bed. He had thought about a repulsorlift a few times, but was too lazy to adjust his sbaer technique to such a unique way of personal transport.

    "You are a useless little Duk, you know. When I was your age, I already ruled Sith. I was a Lord for over ten years. And look at you. Have you been stealing? Hm? Again? Show me!"
    He grunted, not really looking. Waving his hand to strike at the apprentice, but missing him and ignoring that fact while searching with his eyes for some food.

    Tag: MitthFisto


    An hour after the Chagrian had visited him he was on his way. And as ordered, he brought his apprentice with him.

    Darkness knew no tolerance.

    Darth Null had made it a habit to follow that example. Considering it to be the duty of a perfect Sith. A perfect creature, so to say.

    Moving through the training halls of the Academy, breathing heavy as his bulky, sweating body suffered from exhausting walk from one side of the area to the other, his hand never left the chorral-yorrik hilt of his lightsaber. An audience with the Regent might be an audience with death. But he would not and could not accept his life taken from him. He was meant for greater things. He was meant to rule.

    A Sith Lord did not walk through the halls of the Academy. He made his way through them. Ignoring the students, the younglings, the servants and even his own apprentice for now. If anybody found himself unlucky enough to cross his path or make him slow
  13. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Korriban, Chambers

    Once more he stood looking down upon all those lesser beings, watching a tall, muscular, self-empowered statue, accurate down to the last detail of his supreme masculinity, being erected next to the door to the chambers of Darth Krayt. Which was only fitting as everyone knew he was his Fist, where his might would shatter any enemy his incredible body met! Why he was near what the modern people would declare a deity, soon those who had mocked him and always had what he wanted would be sacrificed at his feet! For he was?

    ?Malignedy!? his own name pierced and shattered that bubble in which the universe had righted itself, to find it was still out of balance. He was still short, small, a Dug or Duk as he was insultingly and demeaningly called.

    Crawling out and onto his toe tips he hurried to his Master?s room, carrying a tray of food he had collected last night for Darth Null. A goodly terrible man in many ways, but he was his Master. The one that was Lord and gave him what security he had, what life, what power through the darkside?his only redeeming quality was the darkside. Everything else, he would be better without.

    As he left his room a woman passed by, another conquest for his Master. He always got the women, even if he killed most of them, Malignedy got none except the corpses, after all who would want a?a?Duk?! He couldn?t even think his own race without a sour expression and derogatory remark. With a flick of his free hand he pushed the button that summoned the lightsaber training droid and allowed it to take care of the fleeing woman before entering his Masters room. His Master didn?t even notice it as he called out his morning commands, training droid and robes, which shifted him into gear setting the tray on the opposite end of the bed. Lifting his Masters robes he did his best not to allow them to trail on the ground as he brought them near, such fine cloth, he rubbed his cheek to it before setting it down next to the tray. Hitting a few buttons on his wrist, well ankle-link to get the droid to prepare for a more armed sparring partner after the woman he listened painfully as his Master continued his regular verbal assault.

    "You are a useless little Duk, you know. When I was your age, I already ruled Sith. I was a Lord for over ten years. And look at you. Have you been stealing? Hm? Again? Show me!" Darth Null was in a regular mood today at least.

    With regret he pulled out his ill-gotten money pouch showing half of what he had gotten last night while pointing to the food he had stolen for his Master. He ducked on reflex letting his Masters arm fly over him, a risk to be sure. As a missed hit could result in a more full punishment later, even for one whose race was not worthy of being remembered right. He was born the lowest of lows with rock scum being even higher. At least other?s got it?s species name right.

    Dropping the credits next to the food he quickly stepped back waiting to be excused from the room before heading to clean up the mess the dueling droid had made, and then to hurry back to his master. His slowing master. He thought with a small grin, he might be envious of many great and small things but of his Master?of him every day was starting to show less to be envious of and when the day came there was nothing to envy there might be no more Master, because of duty.
    TAG: SithGirly

    Following his Master was always a treat, a special kind of trip. They had been summoned, both of them, and from his Masters hold of his Lightsaber he thought it to be their deaths. But it wasn?t, or at least not for him. He doubted his thieving had upset that many, if anything he helped educate those unwary to always keep their guard up.

    Yes, he did a service for the Sith, and this walk. He hoped this walk was not his last reward, he so enjoyed walking behind his Master when he was in this mood, smiling
  14. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Darth Cruor
    Korriban, The Sith Fortress

    Hatred? Fear? Darth Cruor felt neither of these when standing in the presence of Darth Morde, the only emotion his unique mind registered was contempt. Which was the same thing he felt for most beings. Though the cyborg Sith was not considered to be much in the eyes of those bred to be Sith from birth, Cruor knew that his unique abilities gave him a distinct advantage over most others.

    His body, enhanced beyond recognition was now more powerful than any baseline human. He could see into multiple spectrums, even when others would be blind. His brain, now as much computer as natural, allowed him to process information 10 times faster than others.

    This was not what made him truly powerful however, at least not from his perspective. Knowledge and control. These were the signs of a real Sith. Both qualities Darth Cruor possessed in abundance. His unnatural mind was able to hold any information necessary with but a simple download, and it could be accessed immediately without fail. Upon coming to Korriban he quickly was taught control, and over time his fear, hatred and despair had been repressed and now served as a vast reservoir of power to be tapped into during times of need.

    He was Sith, and among them there was none like him. He was unique. He was superior.

    The cyborg mind of the Sith absorbed all that was said by the Regent, Darth Wyyrlok, spoke of the mission. Without a single display of outward emotion the cyborg took it in, and knew that this was his chance to take what was his. Situations such as these favored those who were prepared, and Darth Cruor was always prepared.

    As the short meeting wrapped up, the cyborg took his que from the tone released from the communicator upon his wrist. His ship was ready, so was he. It appeared also that Darth Null was as well, at least he would be once he was done shoving his oversized body into the cockpit of the starship. Darth Cruor's unblinking black eyes watched in amusement at the sight, though he revealed nothing of this humor to the powerful Sith. To do so would be folly, and he was not foolish.

    Enough of being a spectator to the misfortune of Null, the cyborg had his own preflight preparations to make. His mind would merge with the controls, adding technology to his already considerable piloting skills. Soon the squad of Sith hunters would take off, and the hunt would be on.

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  15. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Darth Askenis
    Sith Fortress, Korriban

    His parents were standing there, looking concerned. He himself, much younger than he was currently, was staring down at the floor, not interested in what they were talking about. More words about disappointment and worry; he felt the anger in his gut rise with every passing moment. There was no reason that he had to take this, but a bit of him said that he could break out of the "trance" he was in, to re-discover himself. However, he finally snapped, his patience gone and his anger having risen to a high and dangerous level. Reaching out with a hand, he grabbed both of his parents with a mystical energy force, causing them to grasp at their throats in pain. He tightened his grasp, and watched them suffer before his eyes. The conscience in his mind screamed out for him to let go, but he was consumed by his anger. Finally, both of the others fell over on the floor, writhing in their death throes. Finding that this was adequate, he lowered his arm, and the gurgling stopped. No more could he hear their breathing; they were dead. In a tizzy of despair, anguish and hatred, he let loose a mighty howl, one that only further consumed him in the dark forces that he had tapped.

    Darth Askenis jolted awake, his dream over. The dream itself had not been unique, but there was a trend of them that started to worry him. It was as if his conscience was playing with him, trying to get him to reconsider his choices and leave the Sith Order. However, he quickly squashed the opposition in his mind, knowing that he was far better off here than he would have been back home, where no one accepted him for what he truly was. No one had given him enough mind then, and now they would pay for it. Askenis slipped on his robes, black with two blue stripes that mimicked his skin color, remembering that he was being summoned to a Sith assembly. He was hardly interested, but he knew that he must go, for it was an offense punishable by death if he did not attend. Sneering at himself, he grabbed his lightsaber, clipped it onto his belt and headed out towards the assembly chambers.

    As he walked with long strides, Askenis looked at all of the younglings, apprentices and servants who also resided in the fortress. He, like the other apprentices, had a lot of potential for greatness, but he himself had been singled out as having the chance to become a major Sith, possibly a Sith Lord if he played his cards right. The younger lifeforms moved out of his way as he strode along, fearing angering him if they stood in his way. He preferred not to have to do any harm to any of them, but would use force if necessary if one got in his path. Turning to his right, he entered the Sith assembly chamber, ready to listen to why he had been summoned for this particular mission.

    As he entered, he could see Darth Cruor, the cyborg Sith, and Darth Morde. He respected Cruor, as his cyborg limbs and brain made him an intimidating figure, and Morde; he was a piece of work. He was an insolent Sith, and Askenis did not like those who thought too highly of themselves. In the center of the chambers was a girl; Sarai, to be exact. She was the daughter of the Regent, Darth Wyyrlok III, and was setting up a holoprojector. If she was here in person, then this mission was more important than Askenis had originally thought.

    Darth Wyyrlok appeared on the holoprojector, and proceeded to explain the details of the mission. Askenis absorbed the information; apparently, a legendary Jedi Master, Master Krelwaak, was on the loose on the planet of Morcanth. Two Sith had attacked the Jedi Master along with two squadrons of troops; none of them had survived. Askenis raised an eyebrow; this Jedi was very skilled, and had earned the title of "legend". As the speech continued, Askenis realized that all five of those present in the room - for he had not realized that Darth Null had entered the room, along with Malignedy, a Duk and a "Thief" - were to g
  16. RebellionSoldier

    RebellionSoldier Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 12, 2006
    Darth Bison
    Haruun Kal
    Palace of the Lor Pelek - Throne Room

    Darth Bison, Lor Pelek of the Korunnai Ghosh clans, Sith Master and Lord of Haruun Kal sat laid back on his modest throne listening to the vexatious demands of Darth Maladi. Under normal circumstances, it would spark Lord Bison's curiosity as to why Darth Krayt would order the Lady Sith of all his elites to relay such a mission. Darth Maladi, being the head of Sith Intelligence and Assassination notwithstanding and was taken into account. Darth Bison under normal circumstances would have expected someone of Lord Wyyrlok's stature, being Darth Krayt's most trusted advisor. But the Korun Sith knew the subject of this mission was not...normal. There was a clear message being sent to Darth Bison through Darth Maladi, he knew she secretly wanted him dead and would probably like to try to end his reign herself if given the opportunity. Maladi's disgust of Darth Bison was very obvious indeed and the Korun Sith knew exactly why...Hoole.

    Even though he'd never admit it to anyone else, Darth Bison thought of the Battle of Roon and the events leading up to it quite often. He often wondered why Darth Atavus had chosen him. Even after his failure in defending Sector 27, the ancient Sith continued to seek him out after the bloody battle ended. He was never told why, just given bits and pieces of information. Now Hoole was on Haruun Kal, thanks to Darth Bison who had him secretly transported to the mid rim planet only a few days prior. Whatever the old Weequay was planning was about to be set into motion. And soon, Darth Bison wouldn't have to put up with the likes of Maladi ever again. As she spoke, Lord's Bison's blood boiled and almost ran over...he had to remind himself to control his emotions at least for now. The elite within the Sith Empire never liked or favored Darth Bison even though he proved himself countless times, and Darth Atavus selecting him over someone in Darth Krayt's "circle of trust" would never have been forgiven. They were waiting for Bison to fail...they'd use that as an excuse for his destruction. Not that they needed one...after all, they were Sith.

    "I have sent you a promising student of our ways. A young man called Neo Sadow will arrive at your domain soon. He´ll have further instructions for you. Follow him to Byblos and find the Jedi Master. And when you have found him, kill him." Darth Maladi paused.

    Darth Bison vividly remembered his short battle with Jedi Master Krelwaak, lasting no more than a few minutes but he was easily one of the strongest Jedi on the battlefield. Lord Bison remembered the duel as being quite even honestly, any other Sith would have definently fallen though and surely a non-Sith warrior which made the idea of sending a non-Sith odd. But Darth Bison cared little for the details, for Hoole already alerted him to this mission days ago...Darth Maladi wasn't aware of that however. The ancient Sith's intellect and expertise always proved much more informative than anything you'd get within Sith Intelligence. It was Hoole who alerted Darth Bison to an attempted assassination on his life from Balawi on Haruun failed coup d'tat that reeked of Darth Maladi.

    "Any questions on the mission, Lord Bison? It should be simple enough." Darth Maladi asked finally.

    "None. You just better hope this Sith warrior you're sending me on this mission with can hold his own. I don't have time to hold hands, after all, he's not my apprentice." With those words, Darth Bison leaned forward and cut the transmission...noticing the anger curling Darth Maladi's lips just before the holoprojector went dead. He hated the elites of the Sith Empire as much as they hated him. They especially couldn't stand his building up of a minor Sith kingdom on Haruun Kal. In just five short years, Darth Bison had turned what was once a worthless mid rim planet into a pivotal Sith retreat in the region. Haruun Kal was becoming more and
  17. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Gelgelar Freeport
    Gelgelar, Gelgelar-System

    Soundtrack - Gelgelar[/link]

    Their travel had appeared without further occurences. Since the Empire had become theirs a Fury-Class wasn´t stopped, controlled or restricted in it´s travels. For everybody knew what it meant to cross the Emperor´s pawns on their travels.
    But things got more unusual once the arrived above the small, largely unknown moon. The so called ?Freeport? of Gelgelar was a settlement with rudimentary starport services. Build, maintained and populated by many shady and untrustworthy groups and individuals over the ages it had served as a smuggler´s hideout for over a century.

    Surley the inhabitants of such a planet would be less than happy to see five Sith enter their community. But when the Sith arrived above the planet they found no sign of sentinent life at all. No transmission, no space-travel. When hailed the single signal coming from the freeport did not respond. No greater energy-output was registered on the sensors. The Sith were left with no choice but have a look.

    Their five fighters accelerated into the atmsphere and soon the five Sith cut through the tropic air of Gelgelar. The jungleplanet was home of millions of creatures. The closer they came to the settlement though, the lesser creatures could be perceived.

    Finally it was beneath them. Almost invisible except for a huge stoney dome in it´s center. A building only known as the shrine, and a few constructs of wood and metal building a small settlement amidst the jungle of the backwater world. Their five ships found a spot big enough for all five of them and began to set down. Nobody came to watch them. Or curse them for such a low flight over the village. Nobody was seen at all. Gelgelar seemed to be deserted.

    Even though Darth Null was their senior member, Darth Morde had taken the lead. The Twi´lek Sth felt he was a better fitting leader for a hunt and his claim of leadership had yet to be disputed. Morde had decided they would avoid the two providers of landing-platforms, but take a more daring approach and land in the center of the small colony on the ground.

    Jumping out of his fighter the force brought both his chorral-yorrik lightsaber hilts to his hands. He reached into the force, probing it for insight on the empty village. It did not look as if there had been a fight. But also there was no sign of evacuation. There wa simply nobody there. Not in sight. Not in the force.

    But in the force a strange echo whispered to the Sith. Something had happened. A short while ago. The roar of a distant predator in the jungle made Darth Morde turn his head.

    ?We should split. Any minute we loose is a moment the Jedi Master gets farther away from us. If he isn´t here.?
    Morde snared. Then turned to his fellow Sith. ?Darth Null. You will watch the ships.? His lips curled in disgust, as he ordered him. Then sending him a cruel smile to dare to give him such lowly tasks. ?Fits your skills.?
    He pointed to the large stone monument in the center of the buidling. ?The Duk will take the Shrine. It would be a good hiding place for a Jedi.? Grinning he finally turned to the remaining Sith. To hand them the more important missions.
    ?Cruor, Askenis you take the landing platforms. If he has left he needed something to fly away with. Check the logs.? He finally turned to the village. ?I´ll take the village itself. Bring some light into the happenings here.? He finally turned to Null, waiting for any rebellious reply. They all knew nobody would miss Darth Null. The most annoying and corrupt man had surprisingly not been executed for his failure on Roon. But if Morde´s claim for leadership was disputed his death would perfectly make the point.

    ?Move Sith. We have no time to waste? He added and began walking away from the ships himself, slowly. Not leaving Null out of hi eyes.

  18. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Darth Null
    Gelgelar Freeport, Gelgelar

    The muddy, steamy jungle planet was not of his taste. He sweated to easy in tropic environment. And used to dead worlds like Roon or Korriban he felt the living inferno of a jungle to be . . . irritating. He had the urge to burn these trees down. The flay every single animal in the green realm all around him. But he stayed focussed. He was about to end the sad reign of Darth Morde by announcing orders, when the Twi´lek did so first. And he gave him the silly task to watch the ship. Because it fit his qualification? Null raised his brow. Morde was an upstart. But did the Twi´lek really think he was anywhere near Darth Null´s power? The former Master of Roon kept his cool. An outburst was what the young Twi´lek was looking for. Instead he raised a brow. And send a little of his deadly intend into the force. While asking with a calm voice: "Are you sure you want to do this, Morde?"

    When the Twi´lek choose to ignore him Null folded his arms. He would need to deal with this situation quick and without further danger to their mission. As soon as Morde had left Null turned his head to the two other Lords.
    "He said jump, forget to ask how high or what are you still waiting for?" He hissed. Cruor and Askenis had to decide for themselves who was their leader. If they were assets or threats to his plans would reveal over time.

    Fools. All of them. Useless fools. If they failed to provide the Dark Lord with a satisfying conclusion to the Krelwaak problem Darth Null knew all too well what would be the judgment. He waited for all others to leave, before turning to his Duk apprentice.

    "Mali. Forget the Shrine. We´ll check it later."
    He hissed. Leaning over the small creature. "I want you to find the sensor-logs of the tower over there. And bring them here. Don´t let Morde see you." He snared. Then took his lightsaber from his belt.
    "And if anybody asks, you have left me guarding the ships." He hissed and turned towards the village, slowly following Darth Morde´s footsteps in the mud.

    What a terrible world. He wondered what had happened here. A planet did not loose all of his habitants over night. And nothing indicated a fight or an evacuation, except the absence of the people living here.

    "I hate this world."
    He sighed again and wished he had less weight to carry around. If the Duk would only make it right, Darth Morde would be revealed as the fool he actually was.

    Touching the Dark Side he tried to get a feeling for the planet. Sort the trembles and flows of the force in this place. Identify the natural flow of the planets habitants and any unnatural addition to it.

    He smiled as he felt something beneath the surface of the living jungle. indeed something was here. And even more interesting . . . there was also a place where he couldn´t reach to. A dead-spot. Like the Tombs on Korriban. Or the Sphere of Roon. Something was there so powerful and concentrated that a force-user couldn´t penetrate it from the outside. Again his brow raised. The Shrine? Maybe there was more to it than an ancient stony monument.

    "Morde!?" He yelled out, standing in the mud. It began to rain.

    "I hate this planet." He whispered to himself, again. Waiting for the Sith Lord to reveal himself, again.

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  19. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Acolyte Malignedy
    Gelgelar Freeport, Gelgelar

    The world felt strange, it stirred things within him that he never knew he had. He had felt worlds full of life before, and worlds full of death, but never had he been to a world that merely life like this.

    There were no skyscrapers or thorough-fairs full of pedestrians, or lower levels full of mutated or hidden specimens blind to all but taste. There was also no stillness, nor desperation of hopes and dreams clinging to the moist air like the hopes and ambitions of millions that had failed. But there was life, and there was power he could feel it in the jungle. He also could feel his hearts race his muscles twitch, and his skin folds quiver as he looked to the tall trees. His instincts crying out to...something, something about this stirred them into a ferver of hope, desperation, anger, and...yes, it was there most strongly. Envy.

    Those on this world lived in an Eden, the animals even had what he knew he could not have. "Echu Ta." he muttered under his breath to the whole planet and anything within as he recieved his marching orders first from Morde. To him he merely sneered showing his back teeth as he left, "Ah Poodoo." he grumbled once the man was away slowly shaking his head waiting for the other Dark Lords to leave.

    Then once the others had been kind enough to leave from their presence Darth Null unveiled his own orders. He didn't dare to even think of him as merely Null, not even in his own mind, not even when they were alone.

    With the chips down he knew he had to follow Darth Null's orders and if he was able to do them fast enough he would hurry to do Morde's as well with a quick recon incase his Master failed. Either way he figured he was locked in as either Morde's cannon fodder and trap tester, or as Darth Null's Acolyte. A position that was slightly better in the long scheme of things.

    With a slight nod he quickly ran as fast as he could to his new destination, letting the darkside and what he had seen in their flyby be his guides and protectors from those he envied. Quietly contemplating new insults to use, and if his Master did replace Morde, he wondered "Could I get to keep his lightsaber?"

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  20. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007

    I´ll update next time in about 48 hours on Tuesday around 2000 CET.
  21. RebellionSoldier

    RebellionSoldier Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 12, 2006
    Darth Bison
    Haruun Kal
    Hangar Bay 4

    The Dark Lord of Haruun Kal received a transmission from Hangar Bay 4 that the Sith warrior Darth Maladi had sent to him had just arrived on site. Darth Bison was more than eager to meet this follower of Darth Krayt called Neo Sadow. The Korun Sith walked briskly towards Hangar Bay 4 before stopping suddenly to pull out his double-bladed lightsaber. It wasn't who he saw that alerted him, but rather who he didn't see. No imperial personnel, no was as if Hangar Bay 4 had been completed emptied out.

    Darth Bison reached into the darkside, like putting your finger into water and watching the ripple effect. Bison read the images that were coming back to him and it didn't satisfy him. He felt no lifeforms in the main Hangar which meant if this was another assassination attempt, the cowards were either Sith and able to block their vibrations in the force or machines...which would rule out Darth Maladi as a conspirator.

    Darth Bison walked slowly into the main Hangar noticing the few starfighters that were under repair and a shadow briefly appearing before slipping behind the metallic object.

    "Attack." Darth Bison lit his double-bladed lightsaber and lifted his hand into the air just before several dozen arcs of lightning leapted from his fingertips and landed at various points inside the enormous hangar. This wasn't a direct attack, more like an attempt to bring his adversaries out into the open. One starfighter that was 80% complete in repairs exploded on one side and collapsed to the shiny, reflective floor. Another large piece of lighting attached to the ceiling came crashing down where Darth Bison had seen the shadow when he first entered.

    "I suggest if you want a quick death you reveal yourself now...or I could just pleasure myself as a torture you to death." Darth Bison yelled out.

    Now four near-human assassins leaped out of their various hiding places behind boxes and Predator-Class starfighters and attacked. All four having sharp teeth and noseless faces they hissed and yelled. While they charged for the Sith, wielding their activated force-pikes. In the darkside they radiated pure hatred. As the four unknown assassins came closer towards the Dark Lord, Darth Bison noticed a fifth standing back and watching before screaming out, "Your reign is over, Lord Bison.".

    Darth Bison barely moved an inch, allowing the assassins to surround him. He would enjoy this...just as he did all the other attempts on his life. The first one, in front of Bison, leaned in awkwardly in a bad attempt to stab the Sith. He was overstretched and didn't have enough support on his back leg, Darth Bison saw this and immediatly pivoted to the opposite side and brought one side of his double-bladed saber up across the humanoids face. His body fell limp to the floor. Darth Bison used this new toy to attack the rest of his victims with. Lifting the carcass into the air, Bison swung it violently at the humanoid standing behind him...causing the creature to pay too much attention to dodging the body and not the red blade that was the last thing he saw coming down diagonally over him...cutting him in half. The last two jumbled together which was the first sign of fear, they were much easier to defeat as a whole than they were apart.

    "If Lord Maladi sent you, I pray her students become a little more polished than you two. If not, then killing her before she kills me may not be so tough after all." Darth Bison lifted his hand into the air and spread his fingers.

    "Oh sithspit, he's about to use his force lightning aga-" The assassin never finished his sentence, at least not in any understandable form of speaking...for blood curling screams didn't constitute speech.

    The final two bodies slumped oddly to the floor, smoke lifting and hovering from their roasting bodies.

    "Is that the best Maladi has...or will you be a challenge to me?" Darth Bison pointed his lightsaber at the final assassin who he assumed what their
  22. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    Darth Askenis

    Askenis raised an eyebrow as Morde snapped out orders to each Sith. Here was a petty power attempt, and Askenis did not buy it one bit. He was not sure what the Twi'lek was up to, but he was confident that it was something perfectly evil. Of course, what do you expect from a Sith? Frowning, Askenis turned to Darth Cruor; the cyborg Sith followed his gaze. "Say, Cruor, what do you suppose we do in this sort of situation?" he asked.

    As he waited for an answer, Askenis looked right at Darth Null, who looked angry at the impatient Morde. The Kaminoan did not like Null and the Acolyte of his, because they seemed to be too sneaky for his tastes. Null leaned over to speak to his servant, and Askenis watched, suspecting some kind of foul play. However, without any hard evidence supporting this, he turned to the surrounding jungle. Coming from a wet world, he did not like the expanse of trees and humidity. Those things made his skin crawl, and before his training would have cost him his life in panic. It was not anything in the jungle that scared him, if there was any fear in his mind, but the surroundings themselves. It was no better than Korriban, and that was a desolate planet. Reaching out with the Force, Askenis felt all kinds of wildlife, organisms that trembled in comparison to him.

    He said jump, forget to ask how high or what are you still waiting for? Null hissed at him. Askenis's rage grew; Null was trying to get into his head, and that was not something he would let happen. The Lord would end up paying for his insolence at some point, and Askenis made a promise to himself that he would have a part in it if at all possible. A universe without Null would be a better one, he thought, even if Null may say otherwise. Askenis now waited for Cruor to respond; he wanted to figure out a plan of action before going anywhere, and the cyborg's response was a part of that.

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    Apr 9, 2007
    From the GM . . .

    Of our six players only four have responded yet. One has said he is busy and from the sixth I haven´t heard anything. As he hasn´t replied at all, so far, I´ll give him until Friday and if he hadn´t posted with his character then, I´ll ask one of those who have applied but haven´t made the list to stand in. We could do without a sixth, but I think it would be unfair to those who have submitted great characters but haven´t got a chance to play.

    Back to business . . .
    Music is the same until I post new one . . .[/link]


    [b]Darth Morde[/b] felt the strange ripples coming from the empty village surrounding the ancient structure in it´s midst. The shrine of superstition. Kooroo. What came next? A cult of Waru worshipers? Smiling he looked at the jungle. Screams of giant beasts were heard from there. More frequently as when they had arrived. He wondered if it was their presence or mere coincidence.

    Then with a sudden movement his head snapped to the side. Darth Null had catched up with him. His eyes burned with anticipation.
    [b]"Null, haven´t I given you orders?"[/b] He hissed through his teeth. [b]"You can´t even manage to follow simple duties? How could the Dark Lord ever choose someone like you to train our youth." He smirked. "Well, now what? Murder? You fat bantha-herder against me? You´re kidding right?"[/b] The Twi´lek had his two lightsabers fly into his hands. Not yet igniting the weapons.

    It began to rain. It was said to rain a lot on the jungle moon.

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    [i]Landing Plattforms[/i]

    [b]Malignedy[/b] had no problem getting what his Master had wanted. Indeed he felt it was too easy. Two locals had made their money with improvised landing platforms attached to the ground with fueling services. What they considered spaceports, out here. Only one of them had sensor data and it was stored in huge, old datapads, linked to a rudimentary computer in an rusty and aged barack that housed the "tower-control" obviously. All comm-units inside of it were deactivated. It had actually been the first sign Malignedy had seen of evacuation, at all. Otherwise he saw houses full of stuff left to rotten. As if people had simply vanished.

    So many objects of value. If not material, then at least of personal value for the owners. And all of it without any protection, except . . . the limit of time to take it.

    And just as he passed one of the houses he saw a movement. Somewhere behind the house . . . something, someone had withdrawn into the shadows.

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    [i]Everybody else on Friday[/i]>
  24. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Darth Null
    Village fo Gelgelar

    The sounds from the jungle grew louder. Had the absence of villagers finally drawn the attention of predators? Or was it the presence of Sith that made the beasts of Gelgelar restless. Darth Null hated living animals. They were only good for food. No other reasons to let anything life that wasn´t even able to make a decision.

    Then again, what was Darth Morde other than an animal. Driven by instincts, afraid of those who could eat more than him. Heavy breathing and sweating Darth Null arrived behind the Twi´lek. It needed quite some time for the fool to get aware of him.

    He mocked him for being unable to give orders. Provoked him.

    "Well, now what? Murder? You fat bantha-herder against me? You´re kidding right?"

    Null´s breathing suddenly flattened again. As if he had suddenly gained a more athletic lung and system. The cold and dark touch of the force. He felt it. The anger and . . . yes fear . . . of Darth Morde only feeding it.

    He hissed. And his own lightsaber snapped into his hand. "You are just another worm, Morde. You think you are stronger than me? More powerful?" His disfigured face smirked. Giving a bone-chilling sound of unnatural appetite. "Silly."

    No longer hiding his thread he stepped towards the younger Sith. Now not breathing heavy at all, not suffering under his weight.

    "On your knees boy." He hissed and his red blade ignited. "Naooooooow!"

    And in the force he grabbed the Twi´leks throat and began to apply pressure.

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    Acolyte Malignedy
    Gelgelar, Landing Plattforms

    It was like a ghost town, something out of a bad horror holo, you know the ones where everybody dies except one individual who triumphs over the killer. Most inacurate, in the end if a killer could kill off a whole village with it's wide variety a commoner just barely above a mott in intellegence isn't going to luck into survival.

    Feeling the information, both the pad and his copy he had made to his datapad, he felt confident as he hurried back through the village. So much left behind by these beings, a looters dream come true if there ever was one on a small time scale, it practically begged a better look. A closer search but his life, that slight trickle at the back of his mind fear for it, prevented him. He had to keep moving.

    But as he looked once more in passing he spotted it, just as he had passed one of the houses he saw a movement. Somewhere behind the house . . . something, someone had withdrawn into the shadows.

    He grinned slightly smoothing out his robes he pulled out his blaster, while his second pulled out his lightsaber hiding it and his hand under a small fold in the robe. Slowly he moved forward with caution, keeping his 'legs' bent and at the ready moved toward the shadow's.

    Activating a setting with slight twitch of the force on his vocal enhancer he called out in a smooth human male voice, a soft gentle, reassuring voice, "Come on out, it's okay. Come on out, no need to hide in the shadow's from me." he slowly advanced, pulling the force to him to envelope him, protect him from what may be nothing. Or what may be their search, what may be his end.

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