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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    The Heart of Alpha

    There was a turmoil inside of him. A restlessness unlike any he had experienced in a century. The pain was gone. He felt strong now. And as XENLY raged against the shields of his meditation room he almost smiled.

    She is mine. You can´t help her.

    His thought travelled to his former apprentice´s remains and he knew Xenly understood and would despair. What was left of his apprentice would be tortured by having to watch him take all of her he needed. Enslavment, eternal enslavment. Not even Hoole´s death would ever end it. A perfect darkness. For a perfect evil.

    ?I won´t turn.? Kira claimed and his head snapped around to her. His obsidian eyes piercing through her fragile body into her burning soul. Power rushed into her. The power of a strange benefactor. She did not attack. She did not ignite her blade and striked at him. Because she needed to know. She was here to listen.

    ?I know.? He simply replied. Turn her. Hoole had never turned anybody. He had never believed in turning. Not since Siri refused him. Back then he had understood it was a futile task to turn those blind to truth. Those who did not see the nature of things did not deserve to know the truth. They were unworthy. What could he win by bending the unworthy to his will.

    Xenly. The Verpine had not needed to be turned. The boy had come with a hunger. Evil had already been planted in him like a seed. Hoole had shown him the way of hunger. That was all he needed to do. All it had needed to tip the delicate balance in Xenly´s soul and make him throw himself into the darkness all power was born from. The darkness of ones own soul.

    Hunger. Xenly still felt it. Through XENLY. Hoole had lost such passion long ago.

    Kira Kara Romar. She did know hunger, too. She had fought it.

    Yes, he would tell her the truth she longed for. He had summoned her to do so. To reveal her very nature and then she would understand there was nowhere to run for Kira Kara Romar. Nowhere to hide from the simple truth. She had come home.

    ?The power you feel must be . . . overwhelming.? His raspy voice held no triumph in it. It showed no emotion at all. It was cold and patient. ?Do you feel it? Is it stronger than before? Stronger than ever before?? He turned his body towards her. ?It is him. Kira. He gives you that power. He always has. Xenly . . . is a part of you.?

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    Apr 2, 2007

    [link=]Kira & Hoole[/link]

    [link=]Kiar and Qatlar[/link]


    The Vulture´s Talon released another wave of missiles into the asteroid belt and brilliant white illuminated the battle-field. The two Waycrest-Class frigates had flanked the Ascendancy, knowing the Resistance could not have manned all of the guns, but were surprised by the violent burst of turbo-laser batteries. Above the field several fighters were trapped in combat, the Kat´lar sending out burning plasma into the waves of Beselik-Class fighters besieging the Resistance fleet.

    Captain Vayland stood on the bridge of the Ascendancy and smiled. They were winning. And they were winning big time. Their ship had almost no damage so far, the batteries of Alpha to old and to weak to pierce their shields. And their first torpedoes.launchers would soon be able to take the Asteroid itself under fire. Maybe once they were not on the loosing side.

    "Sir, incomings." His sensor officer said. "Hyperspace signals." Vayland turned and eyed the man.

    "Allegiance?" He asked sharp.

    The sensor-officer looked up and had tears in his eyes. "Sith, Sir. Sith and they´re many."

    Vayland breathed in and looked out ot the Asteroid. "How long?"

    "Seven minutes, max." The officer said.

    "You better hurry, Tahnan. You better hurry." Vayland tensed and turned his attention fully to the battle again. There was no running now. No turning back. They had half there people at the Asteroid. they won or they were lost.

    Because of all the stress nobody realised the very strange reading coming from the Kat`lar.

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    Asteroid Alpha
    Inside the Hive - Near the Center

    [link=]Music - The Dying Shield[/link]

    U´tek saw it in Kaya´s eyes. The man was dying. Kelson Vero-Romar was smiling. He believed U´tek. He closed his eyes and fought the pain. Nobody else did.

    "Lungs." Talia hissed at a save distance. "No bacta can save a man who does not have the necessary organs to breath." Looking up at Glave she sighed. Ignoring the man and the orders for a moment and taking care of Kelson Vero-Romar. Glave had stepped next to them and covered them. As far as that was possible. The thundering noise of stings hitting stone was everywhere.

    "If we move him, he won´t make it to the next corner." Kaya said and pressed another bacta, badge on the lungs. U´tek saw the fear in her eyes.

    Talia finally saved. "Tenk. Tenk can save him. He can bring into that trance he used to save me on Bakura." She looked up to Glave. "How exact can you locate him?" She asked Glave and stood up, beginning to rid herself of her equipment.

    "You´re kidding, right?" Was all Glave asked. "You can´t let her go out there alone. With no protection." Glave said to U´tek.

    "What, are you afraid you can´t hand me in one piece to your Masters?" Talia snapped back and checked her pistol. Looking at the hordes of Xenly.

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    Inside the Hive - Somewhere

    [link=] Meeting XENLY [/link]

    XENLY watched Tenk Qatar for a moment. A thousand bodies shifted their position and then one of them suddenly leaped forward. It stopped it´s flight a meter before Tenk who could not see it. Slowly moving towards his hand. "I ask for your help Xenly, so that I may help you." Tenk´s words seemed to echo in the force. And XENLY, the XENLY standing in front of Tenk touched his hand with his forehead. "uuuunite. be ONE with US. Qatarrrrr." The voice hissed from the dark around them.

    Si Kya, who had watched this suddenly felt something from the side. As he looked over there he saw Sae Kya standing there. Wearing the robes the holo´s showed him in at his last day. On Roon. The young Jedi seemed to hide his face in the shadow. Seemed to wait. Watch.

    And Tenk felt the c
  3. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    Inside the hive, near the center

    Kaya's report that moving Vero-Romar would only kill him didn't bring any comfort whatsoever. He eyed the energy field that Vexedo wanted them to break through. Maybe there's refuge there.

    Talia then, for once, impressed U'tek and gave him an idea to move forward with. He motioned to both her and Galve to join him and Kaya, speaking to them quietly so that Vero-Romar would not hear them.

    "So there's nothing more you can do, Kaya? He'll die when his lungs fail? If that's the case, we'll leave him, here, and go get Jedi Qatar. The bugs won't kill touch him as long as he's alive, so he'll be safe by himself. But, if someone tending him will increase his chances of surviving, then I want you, Kaya, and you, Talia, to stay with him and keep him alive. Then Glave and I will fight our way to Tenk and bring him back here. Maybe we can lock you up somewhere behind the barrier if Vero-Romar doesn't make it so you can have some protection."

    With that U'tek ran over to the energy to see if he could peer inside and see anything remarkable, perhaps a door that they could put Talia, Kaya, and Vero-Romar behind. After looking, he ran back to the group.

    "I know you want to see your husband, Talia, but we need someone to stay behind and help here. And you will see him. But Kaya, you need to tell me if there's anything more you can do for him. If not, we're all going."

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Inside the Hive

    "uuuunite. be ONE with US. Qatarrrrr."

    Tenk couldn't see but could feel the Xenly that pressed his forehead against his hand. Despite the outright viciousness that such creatures could display, the exoskeleton itself was smooth, almost pleasant one could say, to the touch. That was all Tenk could note however before the cold, creeping sensation in his brain told him of Xenly's touch linking with his mind. There was a chilling familiarity to it all and Tenk, despite himself, had felt a cold shiver run down his spine as what came to his mind was that moment on Pergitor when he had inadvertently touched upon the Xenly.

    He tried not to focus on that. Tenk kept his mind clear, bare, leaving no opposition for the mental advance that Xenly was now performing. For both of them to meet their goals, they both had to trust each other.

    "Dooooo I knooooo yau?"

    Tenk could see again. Or at least, he was being given what one would call sight. His eyes had been destroyed, no hope of seeing again unless he chose to replace them. This was just one form of a replacement that Xenly now granted him.

    Still, the reflexive nature to blink came to him anyway when he saw Xenly. Not the Xenly that he had seen on the Ascendancy or the Hive but the Xenly. A Verpine, young, an image of him before Hoole had gotten to him? Perhaps. Once again, despite his lack of actual sight, Tenk looked around nonetheless. Caves, like the one that he had been in with Si and the Professor. But these were...different. Was he even in the same asteroid anymore? No...

    "I think we know each other, Xenly," Tenk finally replied. Keeping his mind open, leaving no opposition with their link, Tenk tried to make himself as an open book for Xenly to examine and judge.

    This was the thing. Used as a weapon, thought of as a weapon, created to be a weapon, contact and trust had been met with betrayal and manipulation for Xenly. Tenk had to show him that he was one that can be trusted, that won't betray or manipulate. That he would let Xenly choose and not demand from him.

    He had to show that they both had a common goal. That both had someone that they wanted to protect, that they cared for.

    He thought of Talia, of their time together both during and after the war. Of the good and the bad, of his self-imposed duty to protect her, what led to the affection and love between them, and how she had been what had saved him when he had been at his worst, at his darkest.

    He thought of Kira. Of her actions that he knew of during the war, of their escape from Sith custody, their fight against Imperi, and her saving him when he had been wounded in that fight. Just as her ancestor had saved Xenly, had been his friend, how he could not harm her because of it.

    And Hoole. Of how all their paths led towards Hoole. The one that would harm what was most precious to them, of who had already harmed them. The one that they had to stop.

    Tenk had to show Xenly that they were the same. And Xenly would judge.

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    IC: Selpha Nephrite

    "This way!"

    With a shake of her arm, Selpha flung what blood she could from her wrist blade before sheathing it. And then she was moving, running to catch up with Tahnan and Lorj.

    They're going to pay, Selpha promised to herself and to her targets. They're going to pay for what they did.

    However, as she followed her two companions, towards where she would extract her revenge, she saw that, that was going to be something else denied to her. Stopping at the next door they stumbled onto, Selpha stared at the carnage that was there. Marked to show what they were, twelve High-Priests were on the floor. Slaughtered, torn to bits, all in all simply dead. And the three Xenly that remained continued tofeast.

    Until they turned and leapt at them to get a second helping.

    I've got something for you, Se
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    Mar 30, 2007
    Kira Kara Romar
    Alpha, Mestra-Field

    She felt the power, yes. Indeed. And it was intoxicating . . . every thought she had seemed to become reality. Her body became faster, her muscles stronger. Her awareness was expanding beyond any limits. She felt Tahnan, Danathin, Selpha, Talia, Tenk, Si, U´tek. She felt the space battle raging. And yes. She did feel Xenly. All around her. But she did not feel him inside of her.

    ?You are lying. I feel no connection. There is no . . . part of me that is a part of him. There is only me and darkness.? She said. And nodded. ?And you.?

    But she felt there was more. There was something else. And maybe he was right. Maybe it had always been there. Kira could not make her finger push the button of her lightsaber.

    You need to know.

    Indeed, she did.

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  6. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Lorj Danathin
    -Command Level

    [blockquote]As the next door opened, Lorj caught a whiff of the smell, but did not pay much attention to it. It was war and that alone brought many smells. Grinding metals, burning flesh, day old corpses, and countless others. So as the smell hit him, he only took it in and looked forward, at the Xenly that were eating the corpses. It was a horrible sight, but Lorj did not think about that, instead he aimed at the three of their heads and fired three times. He did not wait for them to land, as he pulled out his pistol from his jacket and fired five shots at the flying enemies. There was no time for things like smells and the Force, he only had his guns and he only had his enemies. He liked his guns better, so he used them on his enemies.[/blockquote]
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  7. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Si Kya
    Alpha Hive

    [blockquote]Si regretted the use of the word 'weapon', but it had thrust the issue into the light; trust. He had lost some of his subtle side, his innocence, and he was simply a man with some knowledge who just needed to use it here and now. He knew a lot about the Xenly, the Verpine, and the Killiks. About Xaare and Hoole and Shadow. But...

    He was still only a man. Could he make a difference

    The air stirred to his side, and Si turned, not afraid, forcing himself to be calm even though the Xenly were so numerous he could not see nor count them all. His eyes bulged, his throat tightened, and, still clutching the hole in his arm and leaking blood, looked.

    It was Sae.

    Si's knees gave way, and he fell to the ground, kneeling in shock and awe. Not one of Hoole's illusions, or a Xenly delusion, no - him. "Brother," started Si, not mincing the fact they were half-brothers. "You... you're here!"

    "You're really here!" Relief crawled inside Si's gut, the sensation that somehow, somewhere, everything was going to sort itself out. Si followed Sae's gaze, looked at the single Xenly, as it spoke.

    "Dooooo I knooooo yau?"


    "I think we know each other, Xenly," Tenk finally replied.

    Si looked at Tenk and acknowledged how little he knew about Tenk Qatar. He knew he had a wife, Talia, and knew about Bakura, and Mugaari, and Kiffu. He knew about the man who had killed a Vos, who had saved the entire southern quadrant from the Sith. At least for a spell... he knew about Trulalis, and the darkness thereafter. How he'd taken part in the Resurgence, in the vain attempt by...

    But it didn't matter.

    All that mattered was that Xenly knew Tenk more than he knew Si.

    And it didn't matter.

    All that mattered was that Si trusted Tenk.

    What was knowledge worth, at the end of time?[/blockquote]

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Asteroid Alpha
    Command Center

    [link=]Music - Black Lance Unleashed[/link]

    Lorj Danathin gave the insects his three shots, killing the first before it could react. The next two he mised surprisingly. He had calculated their movement-speed due to the knowledge from the Ascendancy. but found out now they were much, much faster. Screaming the remaining two leaped forward. Selpha hit one of them with her bullets, while charging and the second one neared her enough so she could finally watch him burn. The spray of fire around it, the creature did not scream or stop, but continued it´s attack, ripping Selpha from the feet. Burning hammering both stings into chestplate of the armor. The heat of the fire began to be felt, whereever the skin was close to the survace and Selpha´s helmet was hit by a hit of the raging beast, when Tahnan finally killed it with a well-placed shot.

    He could say a single word about it, as suddenly a shot hit him from behind.

    No enemy was seen in the dark corridors, as Tahnan threw himself behind the door and clenched his teeth. The energy had burned itself through his side. Considering he had not really been fit for duty in the first place, this was serious.

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    In the Hive
    Near the Center

    [link=]Music - The Hive[/link]

    Kaya looked up. "I can buy him another half an hour, I guess. Fight the pain, make sure he doesn´t breath to heavy. Give him oxygen. Yes, I can do something for him." She sighed and looked at U´tek. The Cathar saw the corridor behind the energy shield. It was clean and blank and it had an emergency blast-door. Whoever had build this, wanted to make sure Xenly did not enter the center of the asteroid. So, they could eliminate the energy-field and barricade themselves behind the blast-doors. There would be no safer place inside this complex for now.

    "Glave and you will have to be fast. Really fast. No way you two can kill enough of them." Talia questioned the plan. But U´tek could see, she was about to give in. "Well, if you wanna go though, do it now. I can take care of the field. We´ll await you here." Grabbing the detonator from Glave she raised her brows. "Sooner or later the guards will learn we´re here. Time is of essence, don´t you think?" She shot at U´tek.

    "May the force be with you. You´ll need it." She hissed. Then she looked at Glave. "At least he´ll get what he deserves.

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    In the Hive

    [link=]Music - Meet XENLY[/link]

    Sae Kya stared at his brother still, then retreated into the shadow again.

    "We´re doing a mistake here, Si. A terrible mistake. It doesn´t . . . doesn´t work like that. It doesn´t." He trembled with fear. And Si heard the moving bodies of Xenly all around them.

    "Don´t you understand, there is not redemption for everyone. For some people it is simply too late. Some have simply descended too far into the darkness." Professor Trasc looked around. Far away a huge explosion lighted up the cave. For the first time they could see it´s dimensions. A huge rock in it´s center, which they had thought to be the wall so far and dark tunnels and gateways as far as the eye could see. And above them, the glowing read of Hoole´s original Sphere. Taking Si´s arm he widened his eyes. "Si, we must go. We must flee and find a way away from Xenly." He seemed to beg.

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    In the Mind of Xenly

    [link=]Music - Meet Xenly[/link]

    Xenly nodded in acknowledgment. Then a voice from the side could be heard. Barking in anger. "Xenly! What have you done!" And Tenk Qatar saw a much younger Weequay Dark Jedi appeared from behind. He was hardly recognizable, that young.
  9. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Selpha Nephrite
    Command Center

    Oh boy.

    Despite the flames that had to be eating this Xenly alive, Selpha fell back nonetheless as the creature's burning body pounced on her. Feeling the Xenly try to pierce through her armor and the heat that was starting to build up, Selpha's wrist blade unsheathed from it's housing in an attempt to impale the creature and get it off of her.

    It wasn't needed, fortunately, as a shot from Tahnan knocked the creature right off of her, killing it.

    "Thanks," Selpha muttered, rolling to right herself up...just as her rescuer was shot right in the back.

    Frak! Pushing herself to her feet, the Mandalorian fired several rounds blindly into the dark corridor as she ran over to where Tahnan dropped, immediately placing an arm around the older man to both steady him and allow her to see the wound at his side. Again she cursed. The old man hadn't looked so good when they started this mission in the first place. Getting shot was probably not gonna help at all.
    Selpha made sure to pause and fire at where the shot came from again so that the apparent enemy wouldn't get the idea of charging forward. A Lancer?

    TAG: DarkLordoftheFins, blu


    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Mind of Xenly

    Tenk recognized the Weequay that came forward. Younger perhaps, but it was most definitely Hoole. That individual had been the last thing that Tenk had seen before the removal of his eyes afterall. But everything else... The Heavy Corvettes, the Verpines that tinkered with them, these and more images that were revealed to the Jedi...he did not recognize these at all.

    Despite this, what Tenk could figure as an image of the past, he had taken a step forward nonetheless when Xenly was struck by Hoole, as if to come to his aid. But he had halted nonetheless, instead listening to the words that were exchanged between Hoole and Xenly....trying to understand them. What did Hoole mean by them? What were the other Verpine? Xenly mentioned his own breed...


    At the mentioning of his wife's name, Tenk looked towards Xenly.

    "trust yOUUU wana SEEE?"

    Once again Tenk was forced to think back to Pergitor, of when Xenly had last "showed" him Talia. He banished it from his mind, instead focusing on the now. Did Xenly mean to show where Talia was now? Did that mean she was nearby? Or did Xenly mean to show him something else entirely?

    Either way, Tenk knew that he wanted to see.


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  10. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Si Kya

    [blockquote]Sae vanished, not responding, and Si barely managed to catch him vanishing. "No, wait -"

    Trasc spoke, fear running through his voice. "We´re doing a mistake here, Si. A terrible mistake. It doesn´t . . . doesn´t work like that. It doesn´t."

    Si heard the Xenly coming towards them, and scowled at the Professor.

    "Don´t you understand, there is not redemption for everyone. For some people it is simply too late. Some have simply descended too far into the darkness." Professor Trasc looked around. Far away a huge explosion lighted up the cave. For the first time they could see it´s dimensions. A huge rock in it´s center, which they had thought to be the wall so far and dark tunnels and gateways as far as the eye could see. And above them, the glowing read of Hoole´s original Sphere. Taking Si´s arm he widened his eyes. "Si, we must go. We must flee and find a way away from Xenly."

    Si blinked, incomprehensible. A Sphere... another one? Or the first one? The young man still didn't know the gap between Hoole's last appearance on Shadow and his reappearance as Darth Atavus. Nobody did. Nobody knew the uncertainties and machinations that had occurred. Historians were still attributing acts to the One Sith as far back as the Yuuzhan Vong War, thanks to access to Yuuzhan Vong records.

    Then he phased back into Trasc's voice, his fear. Si's scowl gathered again, in acknowledgement that the Xenly were only advancing on them because of the Professor and his fear. "There's no other way, Trasc. We can't survive this without the Xenly. We can't beat Hoole. Don't you understand?"

    It wasn't about redemption. Nor victory.

    It was about trust.

    And Si had his obsession - the Xenly, right in front of him. His time with the Greats had cost Si Kya, and his thread of hope lay in the possibility that his suggestion, that Tenk bond with the Xenly and together they defeat Hoole, was the only way they had to win. He had to atone. For Jacen Cole. For his father. For his mother.

    For Sae.

    So Si could not fathom fear, not in this place, where his obsession was the only way he could prove himself. To become something. He would life a savior, or he would not live at all.


    "You can go." Si, a body punctured by a stinger, hand with a burn from his blaster, another twisted beyond recognition by Hoole, a gash on his leg, and a deep cut in his throat still singing with pain, hobbled towards Tenk. He was nothing, and would become something.

    "Tenk. Talk to me. What is Xenly showing you?"[/blockquote]

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  11. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Inside another Hive

    [link=]Music - Inside another Hive[/link]

    Tenk Qatar did not hear Si Kya. He did not hear or feel anything, except what Xenly showed him. Not even the cold stone as he fell to the ground like a puppet which strings got severed.

    All he felt was the cold of space, inside a techological advanced asteroid, where gates, entries and gangway seemed to be everywhere, now filled with black-chitin, as thousands, hundreds of thousands of Verpines, exact look-alike of one another, spread through-out the complex. Explosions were heard. Screams and the calcking noise of fear. Afraid Verpine´s. Somewhere insdie the complex. Blaster fire. And next to Tenk stood Xenly. The Verpine had grown darker with his armor. Turning his head, Tenk instinctively did the same, as if bound to Xenly´s perspective, he saw Hoole appear behind him. "Hive Threee is under my control, Master." The last word sounded as if he was disgusted. He used a translator, attached to his head. Making the voice sem more human. Hoole nodded, folding his arms. His dark robes floating in the wind of another drop-ship setting down. "Soon the Jedi will be here. You should be aware of your loyalties, by then." Hoole turned his head. "I know you let her slip. I know it was you keeping back your children, so Siri could escape." Hoole hissed. Xenly turned his head. The insect narrowed his eyes. "Are you threatening me, Master?" Xenly spread his arms. "I´d say you are pretty much outnumbered, Master." Xenly gave a clacking noise. A laugh? "You couldn´t keep me from purging the Hive, you could not keep me from anything, could you, Master?" Xenly lay his head to the side and a dozen of his Drones appeared from all sides. "Why is it exactly I call you my Master ?Master?" Hoole turned his head to the Drones. then to the Asteroid. "Many questions." He said and turned his eyes. The drones suddenly turned. Pointing their weapons on each other they began shot each other. Xenly ducked, not to be shot, while Hoole simply stepped through the laser-bolts as if it was impossible any of them hit him. "You were allowed to do your purge, because their fear strengthens me, and you should call me Master . . ." Xenly suddenly began to spasm, falling to the ground. Hoole looked to the hordes of Verpines outside, stopping at once. Then back to Xenly. Who was trying to breath, trying to resist the pain. Ripping his translator from his shoulder, as he tried to get some relief. " . . . you should call me Master, because I allow you to. And I allow you to live to do so. And you should call me Master, because I. AM. YOUR. MASTER!"

    Looking down to Xenly, the Verpine nodded in agreement. A panicking nod. "yEEEEeas. maZZZter." He hissed and collapsed, as Hoole let him go. Hoole grinned. His younger face still was able to do so easily. And turned.

    "taLIA!" Xenly´s voice seemed to remind himself.

    A second of violence fleshed up, as one saw Xenly ripp apart Nikto warriors with bare hand.

    "taLIA! yoUU trUST!" Xenly hissed into the dark of Tenks mind.

    Another flash appeared, Xenly and his blue blade furioulsy striking down on that woman, that looked so much like Romar . . .

    "taLIA. yessssss. I. wE. KNOW. taLIA!"

    Jacen Cole was behind his rifle, looking through it´s targeting cross. Shaking his head. "I won´t shot on a ship full of civilians." Cole sighed and stood up. They were on a hill outside a huge city. Docked at the city was a huge repulsor-yacht. Talia, in her black combat suit hissed in frustration. "You got a deal, Jacen. You don´t want him to renegotiate, do you? Your deal is bad enough. Get over with it." She siad. Cole looked at her. "Why are you doing this, hm? Dirty work for the Vulture? I am lowlife. A human wreckage, but you? For your husband?" He a
  12. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    in the hive, near the center

    U'tek brought his rifle back to his shoulder, not looking at Talia while she talked. No, it wasn't the best plan, but it was for the moment. He and Glave were fighters; Talia wasn't. The two commandos would move quicker than if they had any additional followers. And, mostly, U'tek was thinking of the survival of the team. Running off without their good luck charm verged on the suicidal, and he wasn't going to put Kaya and Talia through that. He hoped that if he didn't make it, at least those two would.

    He looked at Talia with a stern face, ignoring her barb against Glave, and then gave Kaya a softer look.

    "Stay alive. Just stay alive. And keep our man alive. We'll be back."

    He turned to Glave and nodded.

    "Turn on your tracking skills and start running. You lead."

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Inside Another Hive

    Tenk didn't get any visions of Talia, instead seeming to get another memory that involved Xenly and Hoole. Nonetheless, Tenk paid attention, taking in every detail that was being revealed to him. What seemed like Xenly's attempt to lash out at Hoole, only to discover that the Weequay had his own bit of control over the surrounding Verpine, forcing them to turn and kill each other while causing Xenly new found pain.

    No, the ex-Jedi didn't expect it to be that easy. People like Hoole tended to have their own fail-safes, something that allowed them a degree of control before they fully committed to their plan. But...what was this? This degree of control that Hoole seemed to possess? The immediate concern that came to Tenk's mind was that, even if he managed to succeed in this union with Xenly, would Hoole have some technique, some fail-safe,that could cripple either him or Xenly? Hoole didn't seem to have much control over these new manifestations of the dark side - what with him needing a shield to prevent the Xenly from trying to tear him limb from limb - but Tenk was still worried.


    Other images were shown despite the declaration such as Xenly tearing apart Nikos and again the image of the other Romar that Xenly could not harm.

    "taLIA. yessssss. I. wE. KNOW. taLIA!"

    And then there was Talia.

    Tenk watched the image of not only Talia but Jacen Cole as well. Watched their argument to end the lives of civilians - Why? It wasn't being mentioned other then the Vulture -, and what caused Tenk's eyes to now widen was the mention of Talia's tip. To the Sith. About him. What?

    The ex-Jedi continued to watch the scene as he felt a pain in his heart. The immediate accusation that came to his mind was that it wasn't true. That Xenly could possibly be showing him another false image to hurt him like before. The accusation died however. This image was different then the one that caused him to practically lose his mind on Pergitor...

    "She hasn´t told you about Belsavis, has she? About her. And Cole?"

    Regentis's words, spoken back on Pergitor - what was with Pergitor? - once again came to Tenk's mind. He thought back to the Sunlight Ranger as well, before it's destruction, about his own confrontation with Jacen Cole. And then Talia's mentioning of the Vulture...

    The facts were becoming clear and again Tenk felt like his chest was trying to kill him. Not just because of how he now got an example of what Talia had possibly done during his imprisonment, but of how it seemed to be tearing her to pieces.

    It was the sight of Talia, however, torn with what she wanted - him - and what she had to do, that kept Tenk from despair. From being overwhelmed with this new sense of betrayal. He remembered when they met up again, when he was freed, of the pain of separation and the love and joy that he felt from her when she saw him again.

    And once again he was able to understand. About Talia. About her situation.

    After all, who would understand better then him? He had been manipulated and he had done things, terrible things, as well because of it.


    He can understand. Whatever Talia had done, he could understand. And he could forgive.

    And he could trust her to tell him everything when this was all over.

    "There's no need," Tenk replied with a shake of his head. The betrayal that he had felt, the despair, it was gone now. He could never hurt Talia, could never hate her.

    She was his wife after all. His one, great love. That has never changed. And it never will.

    TAG: DarkLordoftheFins


    IC: Selpha Nephrite
    Command Level

    Another door opened, this one directly behind them and at the other side of the room. Selpha turned, raising her weapon up in that direction, but it was far too late. Lorj was hit in the shoulder and the door had already closed again.

    "Fierfek," Selpha cursed. Who was that? Speedy little guy.

    Keeping her Ivi
  14. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Si Kya
    Inside another Hive

    [blockquote]Sae spoke, stepping from the shadows. "He doesn´t hear you, Si." The student paused, looking back. This one... this one was different. Si felt gears turn in his mind, slowly, and began to consider that. He didn't hear the Trasc, not really.

    "Si, I shall . . . leave? Si, don´t let me alone here. Si, you... Si, please. Don´t do that!"

    Sae shook his head, seemingly muting the Professor, to Si. "He doesn´t understand, Si. You´ll save him. You´ll save all of them. If you can do it. If you do not fail, as I did." Sae looked at Si. "But to do so, I must show you what he really is. What he REALLY is. You understand? Otherwise you will never be able to guide him, to come to a communion with him." Sae smiled, that warm smile that Si hadn't seen since they were younger. Since Sae had became a Knight. He understood. What had happened before was another Xenly illusion. This Sae was the gentle Jedi who once went to Roon and never got back. "Will you come with me? You´re my only hope now." Sae said. "The galaxies only hope. I am afraid."

    The student began to unwind the cogs around him, to look at Tenk and Xenly - and to acknowledge that something wasn't right. But Sae had said something... The only hope... the only hope.

    The Professor cried out, and Sae began to frown. "Come." Sae smiled. "You need to see."

    Si paused. He needed to save his Professor. And... save his galaxy.

    "Show me. Show both of us."

    The battered man looked at Tenk, starting to feel lightheaded as if he was becoming thinner and thinner. "I'm sorry, Tenk. May the Force be with You, in this horrible place. I don't believe in the Force... but I know its there... if there is a god behind all of this... then we'd best hope that its on our side."

    Si turned back to Sae, and held out his hand. "Let's do this, bro."[/blockquote]

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Alpha, Sphere

    Hoole closed his black eyes for a moment. He felt them. Out there.The Empire had arrived and the fear and anger they brought with them had even strengthened XENLY. Now they were trying to turn him against him. They were trying to reach him. Redeem him. They did not understand. And that was something they had in common with Kira Romar.

    She was so pathetic. Inside of himself he was furious she had been handed such power that he had been denied. She would make no use of, though. Not her.

    ?Of course not."
    Hew snapped, again as aggressive as his voice had not been heard in decades. Then he calmed. Focused. Romar should not see his true self. Never. "Your understanding is so limited. You are so short-sighted. So much like Siri. So much like all of your failed bloodline." He hadn´t felt such strong emotions for many years. For a moment there was concern. Would his control slip? Would his iron will bend under the constant siege of anxiety and disgust?"

    He hissed out and began to walk. Circling Kira Romar. "The signs must have been there. Obviously you could not feel him. He has always been there. You never learned what the galaxy felt like without him. And he did not harm you. That´s the point is it? He could never harm you."

    Kira Romar was obviously uncomfortable. In her heart she knew he spoke the truth. In her heart she knew what was to come.

    "But the signs . . . " He coughed. His voice was not used to talk so much. He was not used to it. But it was intoxicating in it´s intensity. Words sharper than blades and more lethal than a Jedi´s lightsaber. Fate had handed him the cruelest of all weapons. A slow poison called truth. " . . . the signs must have been there, all along. Surges of power perhaps? Especially when you where in danger, perhaps? When he reached out into the stars to lend you some of his strength? To protect you?" Hoole stopped walking. Standing only a meter away from her. His hand on the cold metal of his ancient lightsaber. A weapon as old as him. His words were true. It was written all over Kira Romar´s face.

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    (for combined)
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    Feb 15, 2009
    ooc: I´ll describe Qatlar third person, jsut an experiment of mine. Was hard to write this, sorry, I´ll become faster from now on . . .

    The Cell, Mestra

    Qatlar. The whisperer, the weak. They knew him. She knew him. Not. Had not known him, not figured out his true games. Eloa Lan rised inside her mind for a moment, carried by anger to the surface. "He . . . Onimi!" She hissed and behind her the opening in the ground opened. Her next divide was coming, but not yet there. They. She. Called. Her. Union. Reunion. Yarong wanted to be whole again. Wanted. To. Be.

    Her head hurled to the two combatants and Kiar charged towards Qatlar. She was afraid he did not. Understna.d AFRAID. Eloa. Was. Afraid. Yarong. Yarong she was. No fear. But anger. Hunger. Eternal hunger. Worlds, devoured. She was on Mandalore. On Deyson. On Ord Mntell. She felt them die. Billions bitten to pieces. By her. more. More. More. Pain, fear, despair. She. He. Yarong. They needed more. So much more . . .

    A last time her gaze went from Kiar to Qatlar and back to the opening in the ground. Now. She had to escape now.

    Qatlar was not waiting for Kiar to reach him, but unleashed his monstrous Amphistaff, throwing it at Kiar, so it would bring him down. To the ground. Kill him. If not. Lightsaber. He had the. Lightsaber. Yarong. Yarong had given it. To him. Bestowed. Upon him. The power. Of Yarong. The last god. She. Was.


    Where? Would she go?


    Into the heart of darkness.

    Where Yarong had been born.

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  17. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    [hl=black]Kira Kara Romar
    The Heart of Darkness

    Reposting Fin´s Soundtrack[/link]

    Xenly had always been there. Always. Hidden within´the force. Within´ her.

    She understood. There was no special connection to the force she had. Her power hadn´t been given to her to champion the light side. It had been darkness that had favoured her. XENLY´s darkness.

    Her world seem to tremble. A first tremble preparing the eruption of pain that would make it fall apart. The premonition of failure was singing it´s bitter song in the force.

    Hoole continued. Remorseless. Every word hit her like a stab into her heart. Her vision blurred. The thoughts whirled through her head. Had it come to this? Was she lost?

    Yes, you are. Darth Zorn´s voice laughed in her head.

    No. I am still good. I am Kira Romar. No matter what I am, I am Kira Romar.

    "Has he talked to you? Corrupted your thoughts?" Hoole asked.

    "No!" She only replied. A little to fast to convince him. Or herself. "No!!"

    Yes, Darth Zorn´s triumphant voice answered. Darth Zorn´s?

    "Are you sure? He can take many shapes. Many faces in his victims mind. Memories, fears, has he used them, perhaps? taking the shape of your darkest fears?" Hoole asked, his voice still calm and controlled, but now with a hungry edge. The Dark Jedi enjoyed this. He grew stronger through it and she felt her strength fail.

    Are you Xenly? She asked her inner voice. Are you him?

    Yes, my dear. Yes, yes, yes, yes . . . Darth Zorn replied.

    Kira stumbled back. The force rushed into her soul. Power. His power. Yet he will failed her. She did not wanted to be Xenly. Part of him.

    "Have these voices brought you here? Where you belong?" Hoole finally asked.

    "No." She replied. again. "No, no, no."


    "NO!" A wave of anger rippled through the force. She felt it hit the energy fields around her. Only Hoole seemed to resist it with ease. As her surrounding started bristling with dark power.

    "Yes. I think he has. I think he made you a lie, Kira. I think you have been brought here, because he wanted you to come." Hoole ended his speech. And she saw his hand leave his lightsaber.

    The urge to strike him down was overwhelming. It needed all her will to resist. Why? Why do I resist?

    Her finger pressed the ignition button. But she kept the blade form jumping into existence.

    "He has brought you here and he wants you to destroy me. He always wanted to destroy me, Siri. To be free. And he will be. He will finally be free. To spread among the stars."

    Kira closed her eyes. Why? Why hadn´t Asaja Morine warned her? Why hadn´t Master Terantatek helped her . . . Lowbacca, Master? Why?

    Because they did not know. Because you have hidden your darkness from them.

    Indeed. She had buried this darkness deep inside of her. Ignored it. Tamed it. She had tried to be a Jedi. Indeed. She had failed. Her Masters. Her way. Her order. Herself. The force.

    It did not matter. Not anymore. She knew what she had to do.

    "It doesn´t matter what I am." Kira´s voice was almost a whisper. "It does not matter, at all Hoole. Skywalkers, Sunriders, Emperors, Sith. There have always been darkness and light. There has always been war. It doesn´t matter. I am here to end your evil and you are here to satisfy your hunger. As it has always been. No matter what I am . . . I have been chosen to kill you. Maybe I will, maybe I won´t. The battle will continue. The light and dark will find other champions. Will fight other battles. We are all slaves of the force. All pawns in it´s great designs. And it will go on and on and on . . . it is a pointless fight. Serving only the will of two eternal enemies. I have accepted that, Hoole. I have given myself to the force and I will serve it once more. And I will die."
  18. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    GM-Note: Good god, you´re a fast paced updating bunch you people . . . well I am not complain. I wait for another round of translations I can incorporate, then I´ll update the Hive. For now . . .

    The New Gods Realm

    Just as Eloa Lan, or whatever she could be called now, had escaped through the opening in the ground Kiar hit the floor painfully. The giant Amphistaff wasted no time and drew itself around his upper torso, squeezing life out of it, while looking for an opening in his body. To bite. And doubtlessly inject a lethal poison through it´s teeth . . . only a meter and Kiar would have been close enough. Only another meter . . .

    Tag: Mitth-Fisto, RachelTyrell


    The Hive

    Glave nodded and looked into the masses of creatures, dragging a Class-C detonator from his belt he sighed and activated his repeating blaster. "At least I don´t have to fight my own people." He hissed and a humming sound showed his weapon ready. "200 meters that way. If we could go through mountains. I guess it´s one and a half mile if they sit still and if we run and don´t get stopped. Well, I guess we must hope the force is with us on this one." He turned to U´tek. Knowing full well, this was a suicide mission. "I wished there wouldn´t have been a war where people like us had to kill each others. We would have been great allies. An honor serving with you, however short that honor was." He nodded and activated the detonator. "Ready when you are."

    Talia just watched them, as the shield went down and the ducked into the corridor behind, nodding to U´tek. "Good luck, Lt. Colonel!" Kaya said and dragged in the wounded Romar. "May the force. Be. With you." Talia smiled. Something sad in her eyes. If you make it and we don´t, tell Tenk I never loved anything in the galaxy as much as I loved him." And with that she pushed the button and the blast doors shut. Leaving Glave and and U´tek alone out there. With XENLY. Lots of him.

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    May 20, 2005
    the Hive

    U'tek listened to everyone but didn't say much. He wasn't one for goodbyes, especially now, because in his mind, this wasn't one. He was going to make it and kill a bunch of the insects in the process. Talia would get to say what she wanted to her husband. Glave and him would get to fight in more battles, it that's where their paths took them.

    He stood with back against the blast door and eyed about the walls. He couldn't even call these things insects anymore. Monsters was more appropriate. They weren't pouncing just yet, maybe because they were still close to Vero-Romar.

    He could feel his own senses heightening, ready to detect anything that was a threat. Letting out a slow breath, he quietly spoke to Glave.

    "Alright. Between 200 meters and 1.5 miles. We're gonna run like hell. Don't stop. We'll carve our ways through. You just use that Force sense of yours to guide us."

    The cathar tightened his grip on his rifle, and his legs tightened like coils.

    "On three, together. One... two... three."

    U'tek sprung forward at a full sprint down the path that would hopefully lead them to Jedi Qatar, his eyes and ears scanning all about himself for any threats.

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  20. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    The Hive

    Music - Into the Hive [/link]

    "On three, together. One... two... three." U´tek took off the second Glave did. He had thrown his grenade deep into the corridors filled with insects when U´tek had been at two. And he pulled his triggered and his repeating-blaster send some light into the narrow corridor before them, filled with hundreds and thousands of Xenly. The walls, rising high were crowded with them, crawling down on them. Now hissing and screaming as they expected prey.

    The explosion ripped apart several hundred of them. Pain, screams, they backed away and Glave fell a little behind, not keeping up the pace of the much faster Cathar. His green fire nevertheless killing dozens of them, slicing a pathway through them . . . as they ran and ran . . .

    As they passed the explosions site they were clear. Dark corridors winding, but free. "Right, right!" Glave screamed and shot a salvo behind them. Killing two XENLY who had began to pursue them. Screaming they exploded.

    Then the first came from above, landing right in front of U´tek, rising his sting to pull it into the Cathar´s legs.

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    May 20, 2005
    The Hive

    The explosion and accompanying screams from the monsters were almost deafening, and the sight of the multitudes of insects ahead of them was almost daunting. But U'tek kept running, letting off single shots at targets that were close enough. Glave's repeating blaster was singing its own symphony, cutting down the bugs easily.

    U'tek could tell that Glave was beginning to fall behind a little. He realized that his cathar gift of speed was probably something that Glave could have bestowed upon him at the moment, so he began to slow down just a little to keep a reasonable separation distance between them.

    Running through the explosion site was messy, with the guts and blood of bugs that didn't get fully vaped by the detonator strewn about. And suddenly, they were clear. The corridors were clear - at least they seemed to be. They weren't done yet, and U'tek kept charging forward.

    "Right, right!"

    U'tek heard the directions from Glave and he made the turn for the appropriate corridor. Just as he did, a bug landed right in front of him.

    He had little time to react. He saw the sting going for his legs. U'tek noted whether it was the bug's right or left sting that was raised and immediately leaped off to the side in the opposite direction, knowing that it would make it more difficult for the bug to hit on the opposite side of its sting. As he leaped, he turned his body, leveled his rifle at the bug, and let off three quick shots at it.

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    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: LordT is still having probs with his laptop and the boards . . . so he asked me to post this.

    Alpha, Sphere above the Hive

    "Agreed." That was all he replied. His hand did not moved to his lightsaber, but the hilt jumped into his hand. But he did not activate it. Not yet.

    "I am dying." He admitted. The anxiety kept him focused but even as they spoke hefelt the tightening of his chest. "Xenly is killing me. Slowly. As he destroys everything that he touches. It is not difficult to control what he is today. These insects, these creatures, their will is weak. I made them joiners, wired their neural system though Vong technology. I bend it´s will through battle-meditation and through alchemy. XENLY welcomed it all. Because in his core, it is not freedom he desires. It is only death. Through his power I can drain I have unlimited power. I have become ageless. But his touch is a slow poison. And I have been poisoned for far too long, Kira Romar. He devoured the Killik colonies I made him join from within´. Twisted the Vong until nothing was left of them. And whenever I touched him, he also touched me. And through his touch, no matter how much I resisted, a little does of death was infused. Decades of death. Centuries. I will soon fail to stop it. Soon he will devour my soul completely. I am dying. But I will leave the galaxy my vision. In flesh. I am spreading him. Across the stars he is spreading, consuming worlds as we speak. He becomes more powerful. Almost sentient again. The galaxy will share my fate. Through you. In the end, only his hunger remains. And that is why your friends down there will fail. they cannot redeem Xenly. There is no soul left to save. Siri Romar did that a long time ago. And what she did was incomplete. Xenly was turned back and his darkness . . . remained."

    Kira Romar stared at him. She did not understand anymore. But something kept her from striking at him. Something kept her form trying what she could not possibly achieve. Kira Romar would not best him. Nobody ever had.

    "I won´t be your heir. I will not lead Xenly. I will never be the dark master of him." She said and brought her game forth. Pointing it at his chest. Dedication. Like a true Jedi. Foolish dedication and a lack of understanding of his greater vision. Of his dark design.

    "You shared my vision. I know that. But you have not understood, Kira. You have not understood." Hoole smiled again. A bitter smile. Painful. As his face was no longer used to the movements it needed to smile.

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  23. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Shaper Laaxtiin Kiar
    Alpha, The New Gods Realm

    So close, but yet so far. That was the sum of it, he couldn't fail, not now, not so close!

    His joints were begining to burn, the small capsule of antidote, of poison, was creeping through his body setting his body aflame from the sensations as it slowly took it's tole. It nearly made the grinding of his form by the surprisingly large amphistaff a none entity...perhaps nearly was to narrow a distripter as his body was compressed inside his armor once more. The bomb within his armor was biting into his flesh, punctuated by the amphistaff.

    A course was set, he released his own amphistaff, hopefully to harass and annoy the venomous one that was searching for a place to bite. Something he would have to provide.

    Roughly he did his best to transfer his lightsaber to his other hand, his warriors hand to wave and lash it at the giant form that now intwisted his own. While his shapers hand, that wonderful creation and gift set to its own task.

    With the eight fingers, each tipped with a tool of his second life's trade he set to perform surgery. Two to four fingers to retract, the rest to severely cut.

    You see in every creature there is a strength and a weakness, the strengths always must be greater, and the weakness very small and complex. That way the weakness is not prone to exploition in battle, but usable incase a grown creature proves unmannagible, something the one that was wrapped around him counted as.

    If it found the lightsaber hand, and if that hand had the blade securely he would try to plunge it in the venomous maw. If not the surgery to sever the spine and leave the creature limp would hopefully succeed. If not hopefully the bomb would detonate before his adversary left.


    To many...

    Not enough...






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    Mar 30, 2007
    combined post with LordTroepfchen

    Kira Romar

    "I won´t, Hoole. You will need to kill me." She spitted out, her voice firm now. Maybe she was part Xenly. Maybe she was a lie, a living lie. She was not a slave. She had never been. Perhaps to the force and it´s cruel eternal games, but not to anything that could breath or think.

    "You won´t. Kira. Romar. YOU won´t." Hoole folded his arms again. Giving her an advantage should she attack now. "You´ve seen the vision. You did not serve me, did you? You did not kill me either. The boy did."

    Who is the boy? Premonitions of terrible pain was in the force. Kira stepped back from Hoole. Had he understood and she had failed? Had she been so occupied with finding him, she hadn´t solved the puzzle? Had not understood the will of the force?

    "Melmot is dead." She gasped.

    "Melmot? Quin Vos?" He laughed. A suppressed rumbling laughter. His lungs unused to it. It made it even worse. The first laugh she heard of him. The black eyes seemed to glow with intensity now. She herself felt anger. Xenly. Somewhere out there Xenly began to kill. Somewhere out there, he was ready to strike.

    "Foolish girl." Hoole spitted and turned fully to her. Unfolding his arms. Kira stared at him.

    Kill him. Kill him before he can tell you!

    Her blade jumped alive and she raised it over her head, screaming in anger as she leaped forward. His own red weapon met hers without effort. It just was suddenly there, blocking her attack in the air. She withdrew her blade and strike at his side, but the blade never reached him, as she was hurled into the red energy field behind her. The pain became a galaxy of it´s own, as the charges unloaded into her. Only the power she could draw on kept her alive. The endless, eternal flow of power that was Xenly. A dark power. Yet her power. No. No, please. Not like this!

    He finally made her collapse to the ground. Smiling a cruel, disgusted, mocking smile as he stepped to her. Kira raised her head. Her lightsaber was not too far away. An explosion send trembles through the structure of Alpha. "Take it." Hoole said and his smile died down. The force guided it into her arm automatically. It jumped alive and just in time to block Hoole´s strike for her head. Thew Weequay used his blade with speed and power. Like an accelerated strong form. His long hilt allowing him perfect control of the blade. Her own pale blue blade managed to defend her from his attack, but not from his kick. Sending her back into the painful field for another second, before she collapsed again.

    She breathed heavy, as she lay on the floor, crawling away on all fours and slowly rising next to the console.

    Battles everywhere. She saw it on the console. Maybe if she bought some time . . .

    He has planned this all ahead, Kira. Time is not on your side.

    "I won´t serve you." Her voice trembled, but the power rushing into her gave her strength again. "And you won´t kill me."

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    Apr 26, 2007
    ooc & oog: I just wanted to say hello and say how pleased I am to see Kiar´s story come to an deserved end. And Hoole finally have his final battle . . . he hopefully looses. :D Made some translations I hope you will enjoy and assure you, I am lurking.

    Pains in my heart a little not to be truly a part of it. But one more post I have to make here . . . so much I can tell . . .

    Have a good finale, everyone! And good luck with this bloodthristy GM you got yourself there!
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