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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: it is good to have you lurking, Mel. Much of this story is yours, I believe.

    Inside Tenk Qatar´s Mind

    [link=]Music - Talia[/link]

    "No?" Suddenly Xenly sounded all to human. And next to Tenk the familiar shape of Kira Romar appeared. Her eyes as black as Hoole´s. He skin pale. An dark incarnation of the Jedi. "You do not want to see her? the love of her life? She is here, on this asteroid. She has come to save you, Tenk. And to pay another price . . ." And around them the world shifted and they were in a corridor, surrounded by stony walls. Kaya was there, the technician of the Sunlight Ranger. As was a wounded man, obviously fighting with death. And a little away from them stood Talia. She was afraid. Disturbed. Worth than Tenk had ever seen her before. "I must go." She said, her voice trembling. Kaya looked up. The Animods was breathing heavy through her mask. "You can´t help them, Talia. U´tek will get your husband." She said and the man at her feet coughed. Talia looked at him. "No, I have to go somewhere else." Talia said, drew her pistol and checked it. Then turned to make her way into the facility. "But they´ll be back. With your husband?" Kaya said. Talia turned and smiled. "No, they won´t. Only I can save Tenk. Only I can stop this. The Vulture has told me how to." Talia said and tears ran down her cheeks. Kaya stood up. "Talia, what are you talking about?" The Anomid looked around. Her own hand now went to her blaster. "Who are you with? The Resistance or the Vulture?" She asked. Shrugging. "Help me keep him alive until your husband can heal him and forget about this stupid idea to go into this asteroid, alone." Kaya said then and knelled again.

    "Kill her. She wants to kill her . . ." Vero-Romar coughed out. Talia´s eyes widened. "Kill who?" Kaya asked and looked up to Talia. "Who do you want to KILL?!" Kaya stood up, her hand reaching for her blaster. Talia was faster, raising hers, pointing it at Kaya. The dying man coughed again. "I must go. Don´t try to stop me." Talia said, tears running over her cheeks. Kaya shook her head. "You won´t shot me, Talia. I know you." The Anomid said and looked down to the dying man. "Romar. She wants to kill Romar . . ." The man whispered and lost his consciousness. Kaya looked down on him, then up again. "Tell me you don´t want to . . . " Talia was crying now. "Don´t." She only begged. Kaya was not listening. "Traitor!" She screamed and stepped over the dying man on the floor. "Give me that weapon, Talia, or I promise I´ll kill you!" She yelled through the mask. Talia only repeated a weak: "Don´t."

    The sight faded, as if Tenk grew blind again and he heard a shot. And then the absence of Kaya´s breathing mask and somewhere in this dark, his wife, Talia crying . . .

    The dark Kira Romar appeared in the dark, right in front of Tenk. Leaning forward. "I don´t think she cries because she killed a friend. I think she cries because she gets used to it. What do you say?" And a broad grin appeared on her face. And something inside of Tenk told him, Xenly wouldn´t let him go. Xenly had him right where he had wanted him in the first place . . .

    Somewhere, Talia began to make her way into the upper levels of Asteroid Alpha.

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    Inside Si Kya´s Mind

    [link=]Music - Meet Xenly, the true Xenly[/link]

    Sae Kya lead the way, sure his brother would follow. And Tenk Qatar remained alone in the dark. Lying there, slowly but steady covered by Xenly crawling over him. Sae turned and smiled down on Si. "You will save ´em all. Si. You will be strong, where all other have failed." And smiled. And the world grew darker. Si´s senses seemed to dim, while the pain from his hands became more intense. More torturing. He did not see the caves around him vanish.

    He did not even see the Professor c
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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar

    It almost felt as if Tenk himself was shot.

    It was pain, sharp, stabbing, and caused a hand to come to his chest as he grimaced. This was happening all over again. Like Bakura. Manipulation, allies dying everywhere, and the one that was the cause of it all just stood to the side, smiling away, as Tenk realized that he just didn't know what to do. He was torn, unable to do anything, not being sure if he can.

    Maybe it was the same with Talia as well. She was making the same mistakes that he had made on those fateful days. Choosing what course she believes is the right one, becoming lost because of it, killing allies, being taken over by something very, very dark. To be consumed by it.

    "I don´t think she cries because she killed a friend. I think she cries because she gets used to it. What do you say?"

    "What do you want?" Tenk questioned, meeting the dark Kira's gaze with his own. Xenly had him, he knew that now. "What do you want Xenly?"

    What did Xenly want? Had he been serious with wanting to help Kira, to kill Hoole? Maybe, or at least perhaps the latter. Perhaps now, with what he was seeing before his eyes, Xenly wanted Kira. Did he want to consume her? To make them joined perhaps? Maybe it wasn't all about Hoole controlling Xenly as it was Hoole suppressing Xenly? And thus, Xenly wanted to be rid of Hoole?

    Could this union not just be a sham but something that Xenly did indeed want? Maybe he did want Tenk to stop Hoole but not in the way the ex-Jedi had hoped for. Is it possible that Xenly, having gone so far down into the darkness, no longer knew of help but of consumption? Was that really all?

    Perhaps Hoole did a better job with Xenly then he originally thought?

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    IC: Selpha Nephrite
    Command Level

    Selpha watched Tahnan raise his weapon and fire a shot at the ceiling. He hit something, sparks came from the ceiling, and the light went out. Selpha's night vision immediately activated to compensate for the darkness while her helmet detected a sound that made her eyes widen.

    A detonator.

    "Down!" Selpha shouted, turning and practically jumping on Tahnan, away from the detonator as she shielded him with her armored form as she braced herself. With the properties of her armor, she could probably survive the blast, but Tahnan wouldn't have that advantage when it blew.

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  3. RachelTyrell

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Prison Hall

    The leader of domain Qat laughed, as he saw the once warrior struggle with his weapon. And then his laugh freezed. As he withdrew the gift Eloa had given to him from beneath his robes. An infidels weapon. Melmot´s lightsaber. Hissing into existence the blade shimmered in brilliant red. The metal was unfomfortable in his grip. "Untrained these Jedi weapons are hard to use, are they? Unlucky for you I had SOME TRAINING!" He shouted out and leaped to the struggling Shaper Kiar on the ground. Severing his arm, probably, if he hit right and sending a kick into his enemies body, anyway right after his slash.

    Eloa Lan
    Over the Hive

    A last glimpse of existence. A final conscious moment as herself. Her horribly mutated body aching a last time. Her thoughts feeling like those of a Yuuzhan Vong, with a constant crawl of alienation in the the depth of her psyche. Rage. Hunger. They called ofr her. And a last time Eloa Lan was aware of herself, as she stumbled out of her cell, falling through the opening in the ground into the depth beneath. Hopeflly the fall would kill her. Hopefully . . .

    It did. Eloa Lan died while falling, never hitting the ground. Never feeling the impact of her body. Never realizing the thousands of bodies that had awaited her and made her reach the ground unharmed. Or their hissing sounds. Eloa Lan screamed. Soemwhere deep inside of her, as she felt no less than her very soul being devoured by XENLY. And a last process of dividing was innitiated. A scream of pain began and Yarong, the new god began ending his own dark existence . . . what was there, would soon be.



    So soon.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Shaper Laaxtiin Kiar
    Prison Hall

    As he heard Qat's laugh his fingers picked up their pace as he struggled, what a struggle one's life in is liable to be in it's final moments...a struggle he did not expect even in his wildest dreams to be in a such a struggle at the end of any life by his or Qat's hands.

    But only the fool forgets, and the time was nearing when none of this would matter. Eloa was not in her prison and his task was fleeing fast, "Amphi-cho-ta!" he called as the Qat swung with his weapon.

    It was a call taught to his creation, for it to guard that side, leaving his skills to a race to see if he could loose himself from the amphistaff that so methodically was attempting to kill him. A call that also released the bo'tus as Qat dove in, a poison to others, an antidote to the fire that was begining to spread to his maa'it and made his insides feel as though a fire-spitter was suffering reflux inside of his body.

    A bitter agony that would soon show if fruit or death would be brought from it's polyps.

    Soon either a true fight would begin, the one he had truly come to fight, or a death throws might would shed a cursed light upon an unholy scene.

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    May 20, 2005
    cave, the hive

    U'tek saw the three blaster bolts hit the insect, making a satisfying "thud." But before U'tek could land on the ground his vision spun about and felt himself get slammed into the ground - hard. And immediately afterward was the piercing pain that shot into his left arm. The cathar was mildly aware that he was screaming, but again his survival instinct had taken over and he tried to get his free arm with this rifle pointed at the black mass that was on top of him.

    Luckily, Glave knocked the bug off, and U'tek immediately scrambled to his feet, accidentally trying to use his left arm. The pain made him curse and clench his teeth. He briefly glanced at the wound - there wasn't much to see other than the wetness about his shirt and some of his fur, also wet, sticking out. He tried to grip his rifle with his left hand but that made the pain only worse. U'tek quickly put the sling of the rifle about his neck, gripped the pistol-grip with his right hand, and stuck the butt under his armpit. It would be stable enough for now.

    "He is three hundred away into that direction!"

    U'tek opened fire on the closest insects while Glave reloaded, and he looked towards where Glave had pointed. They were all over the place, especially where they were supposed to head towards. Letting his rifle hang around his neck, he reached for the two frag grenades on his belt.

    "Alright! Frag out!"

    One by one he threw the two frag grenades with his good arm, both towards the bugs that were blocking their path. In an almost fluid motion after throwing the last one, he reached into the pouch on his belt and pulled out his class-A thermal detonator. He held it up for Glave to see and triggered the button, the all too familiar and frightening beep starting to emit from it.

    "Class-A out! Run!"

    Instead of launching it towards the bugs, he threw it on the ground, letting it bounce and roll away from them, the idea that the horde that was swarming towards them would stumble right on top of it and get vaped before then knew what hit them.

    Not waiting to watch it bounce, U'tek grabbed his rifle in his good hand and shoved Glave forward with his elbow as he began to run for his life.

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    GM-Note: My work is still interfering with my games. Evil work. Well, I am aware I have at least four players waiting with posts to get my "Go" with the next post. I won´t let you guys and girls wait much longer. Promised. You will get an update tomorrow and then we can enter the final sequence of events of 133 ABY . . .

    Your friendly GM

  7. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Si Kya
    Hive, Corridors

    [blockquote]Si followed Sae. What else could he do? The Professor was gone, probably a victim of his own issues. Tenk was so deep into his thoughts that he didn't notice Si leave. Not that Si kept track of anything. Just followed his brother. He knew what to do; of course he did. It was all logical. Even as Si felt pain in his hands, in his wounds, he trusted in his brother. But he felt loss, in his heart, a loss that screamed at him to listen. Some mechanic in reality was crying out for attention.

    But then he saw it. The depths. The unimaginable amount of Xenly. And he saw so much more than it; he saw the galaxy dying. Si was buffeted by an unseen wind, falling to his knees over the abyss.

    "There is a need to protect Romar, yes." he could hear Sae saying. "You were right. There was good in Xenly."

    "Never would we . . . would he harm her. Never. It is part of his nature. But apart from her . . . what is there in this galaxy worth saving? You know the truth, Si? You want to know when Xenly fell to the Dark Side? When his dark path began?" Si could hear rather than see Sae raise his brows; it was a habit Si had gained years ago. "Do you want to save them? All?" Sae smiled. A generous smile. "Do you understand?"

    Si looked back at Sae, his eyes wide. "You said we..."

    "Why did you say we?"

    Si turned back to the Xenly, and then to Sae again. "You're not Sae... are you? But... you still want saving?"

    Somewhere in his mind, Si began to separate Hoole, Xenly and the Xenly as a body. It was mind wrenching, as if he was studying a crystal and understanding its very structure, its very beginnings... Hoole wanted to use the Xenly. Xenly didn't want saving. But the Xenly, as a hive mind... they did?

    The hive mind that Xenly himself had conquered - at Hoole's light nudge?

    Si blinked. He had no way of knowing whether he was really talking to his brother, or a hallucination. He had no way of knowing what Xenly really wanted. He had no way of possibly forming a logical answer to his madness, or his clarity.

    So he believed.

    "I understand."

    Si felt fate pulling him over the edge, the pain in his body finally overwhelming him as he stopped fighting it. Gravity pulled him down, and he could not speak, secure in the knowledge that if he did, the effort would cause him to collapse. But he had to. Summoning reserves of strength that only a Kya could find in him in this terrible place, and thinking of Kira with a determination that could crush stars, Si stammered out what he expected would be among his last words.

    "Show me."

    In death, there was release.

    In accepting his death, Si could pass beyond it.

    Or so the Professor had once said.

    "And I..."

    He grimaced.

    "I will show you what is worth saving."[/blockquote]

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Inside Tenk Qatar´s Mind

    I want you. To lie there. And do nothing.

    It was a voice in his mind. Talia´s? While the twisted Kira Romar grinned at him. "Finally, finally, you have understood, Tenk. Finally. And it is to late. I´ll be free. Soon, I will be free. And your wife, will fall only deeper. You guild will grow only thicker. Your damnation will stretch into eternity. And I shall feed on that soul you offered to me . . . I shall indulge in it´s flaws!" She hissed. And seemed to turn into another creature, while the world went dark . . . "Free at last, Tenk Qatar. Thanks to you and your friends I am free. At. last." And Tenk felt something in the force. Shifting. Something odd. Something which did not belong there . . .

    Tag: Sarge221

    In the Mind of Si Kya

    Sae . . . Sae . . . turned toward him. "You think I´ll kill you? You think so, Si? Why? Why should I do so?" He asked. And smiled. A gentle smile. "When you have what I want?" he stepped towards Si. "It all began, when I was born. Si. I killed my hive-mates. Moments after our birth. I killed my mother. My father. I killed my friends, my masters . . . and you know what? I liked it. I needed it. And I certainly needed more if it." He smiled. "It is my legacy. So, you want to know? Young Si wants to know? What is really in the heart of darkness. In it´s cold little center? It is about Xenly and Xenly. It is all about the man and the race, really. It is about us. You understood that. You just haven´t seen into the true heart of darkness. Why? Because you fear to see what you have denied all the time. There is a darkness, Si. And there is one in all of you. And that makes you . . . like me." Grinning Sae stepped towards Si, pulling him gently towards the edge.

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    The Hive

    [link=]Music - Run[/link]

    Glave began to run. Run unlike he ever had run in his life. And the moment fear arrived in his psyche, they were behind them. Thousands. Filling the corridor like water. "LEFT, LEFT, LEFT!" Glave screamed and the ducked into the next natural corridor, just as the first of the Xenly came from above. Falling down on them. T Minus Four Seconds. When Glave screamed as something hat gone through his shoulder armor. T Minus Three Seconds. Another one landed in front of U´tek. Making him stumble as Glave opened fire. T Minus Two Seconds. Glace went to his knees, ramming himself into the wall, crushing the creature. U´tek heard the peeping sound echoing into the corridors. T Minus One Second. The peep died down and there was silence. "Down." Glave hissed and threw himself to the ground.


    Tag: sprintabm

    The Hive
    Beneath the Shield Generator

    [link=]Music - Rising from the Dark[/link]

    Eloa Lan spasmed a last time and vanished in the dark, while the Xenly departed, laying her to the ground in silence. A grin appeared on her face and was then conquered by a scream of pain as new dividing began.

    A final birth.

    A last fatal sacrifice.

    was gone.

    Tag: RachelTyrell, TheSithGirly

    Music for the Station itself - Dreams of Lost Dreamers[/link]

    [color=crimson][b]Asteroid Alpha[/b]
    [i]Command Level[/i][/color]

    The detonator made the galaxy vanish in a brilliant white and the burst wiped the room of everything. Burning away the interior of the room and all flesh, life and darkness with it. Then it was gone. The shockwave still echoing through the halls.

    Tahnan sighed out in pain, as he rolled the Mandalorian from his body. Selpha Nephrite did not feel anything. At first. Then her body began to hurt in every inch. Bones were broken, blood coming from the various opening of her armor. The fire hadn´t done damage, the bla>
  9. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Si Kya
    Hell's Edge

    [blockquote]Not-Sae turned towards him. "You think I´ll kill you? You think so, Si? Why? Why should I do so?" Not-Sae asked. And smiled. A gentle smile. Far too gentle.

    Si responded, calmly, hoarsely. "I won't be killed. But I will probably die."


    An emotion. Si suppressed it, as he had before, and looked back to Not-Sae. "When you have what I want?" he stepped towards Si, as the student mused on that. "It all began, when I was born. Si. I killed my hive-mates. Moments after our birth. I killed my mother. My father. I killed my friends, my masters . . . and you know what? I liked it. I needed it. And I certainly needed more if it." He smiled, and Si found it a mockery of everything Sae had been, and, at the same time, not.

    Si had not killed his family - but he had lost them all. His class-mates were all dead; tortured by Sith or killed on the frontlines as conscripts, dead in the jungles of Felucia or following the Resurgence. His mother was dead, by her own hand. His father at Ossus; his half-brother at Roon. His teacher... he was probably dead. But he hadn't liked it.

    Survivors guilt? Si blinked, slowly, into his throbbing heartbeat. They may not be the same... but were they perhaps opposite?

    "It is my legacy. So, you want to know? Young Si wants to know? What is really in the heart of darkness. In it´s cold little center? It is about Xenly and Xenly. It is all about the man and the race, really. It is about us. You understood that. You just haven´t seen into the true heart of darkness. Why? Because you fear to see what you have denied all the time. There is a darkness, Si. And there is one in all of you. And that makes you . . . like me."

    Grinning Sae stepped towards Si, pulling him gently towards the edge.

    Si narrowed his eyes. "I am not like you."

    "But..." Si's eyes glazed over. "I understand you."

    "You've lost so much. And you blame yourself..." The young man's eyes lidded, and he was letting himself fall. "Because you think that nothing could be any different. That this is the end and the world will end with you." Something flickered inside the man, and Si remembered what he was. And what he had. "History..."

    Si actually smiled. "History would disagree."

    He fell, and, found, with out having to fight gravity or pain or desire, that his strength was returning.

    Si looked down, and up, at the Xenly, but not Xenly himself, and roared, thunder in his lungs, an exhalation of fury at the world and what it wasn't, and at what it was.

    And because he was Si Kya, he suppressed that too, and held open his arms, purging himself of death.

    Si recalled something Sae had once said.

    Everything is the Force. And the Force is Everything. Why worry when the truth is so simple?

    "Show me your truth then, Xenly. Show me what you are. And together... together we can live our chapter of history..."[/blockquote]

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Selpha Nephrite
    Asteroid Alpha, Command Level

    She was dying.

    Selpha knew that now when she felt it, the pain that seemed to encompass her whole body as she tried to breathe and even that hurt. She knew that now, upon seeing the look upon Tahnan's face.

    A miscalculation there, Selpha managed to think. Ah well.

    It was strange. She should be angry at this, hating this.

    "Dammit, why have you done that?"

    "Peace..." Selpha wasn't sure how she managed to speak but she did. It hurt, she was dying, she should be hating all of this, but instead she felt....peace. Maybe it was because she was too tired now, too hurt to be able to well up her anger and hate that had been her constant companion before she had even been born. Maybe she was just delirious. But she felt...peaceful.

    When had she ever felt that? When she slaughtered opponents, took on a job, hunted and killed some more, there had been no peace about it. That had been a miserable living as she now realized. Not the kind of living that her mother wanted for a daughter and possibly not what Kayl wanted for her either.


    It was out of her hands. She had probably been set up for failure ever since she came with thoughts of slaughtering everyone on the damn asteroid. Maybe she had come just to achieve this moment; to die in battle, with pride, driven by the desire to save her people...and to actually save a life instead of selfishly taking it away.

    Starting to sound like a Jedi, Selpha thought again.

    She wished that she had brought Cley to justice. Another strange thing too; when she thought of Cley and justice, she no longer thought of his head on a platter. It was...weird.

    Ah well yet again. I'll be seeing him again.

    Just as she will be seeing her mother again.

    "Guess Romar will have to do the rest," Selpha spoke to Tahnan one last time.

    TAG: DarkLordotheFins, blubeast


    IC: Tenk Qatar
    His Mind

    He wanted to go back.

    He hated this. As he stared at the dark, perverted image of Kira Kara Romar, Tenk discovered that he hated this. He hated Xenly, he hated the darkness that was Xenly, he hated Hoole for allowing it, and he especially hated what it was doing to him, to Talia, to Kira, even to Xenly.

    He wanted to go back.

    He remembered Trak, remembered the words that he had spoken so long ago on Bakura, during a different war. He had pleaded for Tenk to run, to take Talia and to save himself from this war, the war that the Jedi Master had predicted would end the Jedi. But Tenk didn't run, he continued on. At first he had thought it was duty, his desire to see peace brought back to Bakura as he was meant to as a Knight of the Jedi Order. What a fool he had been. When he first got into the palace, when he spotted the President, all smiles, when he first pulled the trigger Tenk knew better. He wanted revenge. He hated the President for manipulating him, for causing lives to be extinguished, lives that Tenk had wanted to protect. And he killed him for it.

    He remembered Trak, remembered the words he had spoken back on the Sunlight Ranger. That he could not deny the fight - this fight - that was to come. That he would have to face his fears, that they - Xenly? - would force him to. With his exile, his time to think of what he had done, to control the darkness that tainted him since Bakura, he had thought he had become a better man, that he would be prepared.

    A fool. Blind - both figuratively and now literally -, ignorant, arrogant fool.

    He didn't know how bad things may become. That the worst of his fears he had settled long ago. But fear had continued to drive him. Fear for Talia, for Kira, fear of what this was doing to the both of them. Kira, as tainted as he, possibly being consumed by it, transforming into the apparition that now stood before him. Talia, being pushed over the edge time and time again, the woman he loved becoming a broken shell because of him, turning to dark entiti
  11. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    ooc: Oh I have waited for this to be posted. Oh have I waited . . . I´ll take time . . . take time . . . and I am truly sorry Claire . . .

    Above the Hive

    [link=]Music - Kira Romar Theme[/link]

    "No. You won´t break!" He repeated himself. "You won´t serve me, either. You cannot be broken, Kira. I am aware of that. How often do I have to tell you." He hissed and slowly wandered around the console. "Roon changed everything, Kira. I finally understood that there was one being in the galaxy, that would not be harmed by XENLY no matter what. One creature that could control him without falling to his poisons. Without become his victim. A Romar." He smiled. "He had even resisted the Sphere, crushed it, to protect you. No matter how strong he becomes, his need to protect you is imprinted in his very existence, as it is to kill and to be hungry." The raspy voice failed almost. Hoole looked down, suddenly becoming colder. XENLY felt them. Their duel. Looking up Hoole saw hundreds of the black insectoid bodies crush into the energy field. Sending sparks into the dark, as XENLY simply jumped into the guaranteed death, as he tried to pierce the shield. The sound of exploding bodies was thundering. The platform they were on, that floated near the energy-field, was trembling from the impacts. And something happened. The power he felt was one all to familiar. Such desperation. Yes, Xenly. You are still mine. "You are STILL. MINE!" Hoole screamed and laughing spread his arms.

    Finally he turned around again to Kira Romar, who was getting to her feet. Her body was strengthened by Xenly. Almost exorcised of all pain. He did not allow it to irritate him. Where this pain had came from, he had a lot more for Kira Romar.

    "Then why did you wanted to have me here? WHY!?" Kira yelled at him, the lightsaber in her hand again. The fingers tightening around it´s cold metal. "You lost, Hoole. You can spread him on a few more worlds and finally you will die and Xenly rot away in the dark for all times. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!" She demanded now to know. Hoole smirked. Another gesture he had not done in such a long time. But he felt the tightening in his breast. The pain.

    "The Empire has arrived." He said and turned. "Time to show you what I have to offer." He waved his hand and a holographic display jumped alive in the center of the room. And above it were scenes of pure horror. "The Vong provided me the necessary knowledge. My former ally tried to keep it from me, but ultimately could not . . ." And the Ascendancy was seen. Sided by a strange ship that was pouring out fire into a fleet of approaching imperial destroyers. Hundred, thousands of dropships were in space, making their way to the asteroid. The Yuuzhan Vong vessel was seeking cover above the Ascendancy, as it was passed by the first wave of enemy Predators.

    "Now." Hoole hissed and turned to Kira. The Yuuzhan Vong ship seemed to explode, as his word ended. But now fire was seen. Only debris. Was it debris. "Enlarge." He ordered the droid who controlled the display. Another Xenly jumped into the field behind him. Dying. But the Xenly that was worse were the ones who became visible as the holo zoomed in. Larger than the usual one, stronger, better armored they made their way through space. Falling down on the Ascendancy and clawing their way inside. Even as they reached the hull one could see they multiplied. War was the perfect environment for them. "Space is no longer a boundary for them. Nothing is. Nothing. A perfect weapon, Kira Romar. A perfect weapon. And you will never see it´s rise." Hoole turned to her. His red blade rising and Hoole´s leathery face now illuminated by it´s red light. "You fool have brought him to me. Right to me." He hissed and smiled. It looked as if it was painful to smile. "I will kill you. Just not yet. Not for another eight month. But then . . . Once I have you unborn son, Xenly will finally know a true master."

    Your. Unborn. Son. [/i
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    Mar 30, 2007
    Combined Post with soon to be dead Hoole/LordT

    Kira Romar
    The Inner Circles of Hell

    [link=]Music by Fin - Revelation of the Son[/link]

    Her . . . unborn son?

    Her hand instinctively touched her belly. Then she looked up. "That is . . . "

    "Impossible?" Hoole ended her sentence.

    You have been frozen, Kira. Remember? How much has you body aged in the last few years? A month?

    "No, no." Stumbling back her gaze went to Hoole. Horrified. Her son was what he wanted? Jaleb´s son? A nausea. The strange presence. The vision. THE VISION. The boy with the red lightsaber, killing Hoole. His apprentice. His apprentice would kill him. It had never been Melmoth. It was her son! And she would die. Die. Her son alone. With him. With Xenly. The vision. She got shot. Executed. Her son.

    "No." Her eyes searched the room for anything. Lost. Confused. Why? Why had the force done this.

    "Yes." Hoole smiled. "Yes, yes, yes." And his head lowered, his eyes probing her.

    Her muscles spasmed, her heart was beating faster, he lips opened but not voice came out of it. Her mind was a maelstrom of feelings. Her heart ached from fear. Her son. He wanted her son. She would have a son.

    She could not die. Her son . . . would die with her . . .


    No. No. No.

    "Nooooooooooooooooooooo!" Her blade jumped alive, her body whirling around and brought it down. The force had taken control now. All the force she felt flowing inside of her. She had thought she grew more powerful, when she was in danger. That had been minor surges of power compared to this! The blue plasma met the red coloured one of Hoole´s lightsaber. The ancient Weequay, for all his power, trembled under the strength of the impact. His hand extended to reach out for her, but the force already wrapping her into it´s protective embrace and the anger inside of her mirrored his. Sending her wave consuming his she felt his will bend under her anger and agony, radiating. Hoole was slammed into the energy shields beneath, screaming in pain. She let him go, her face now one of disgust.

    "Well, if that´s the way the force wants it . . . seriously . . . you and the force are having a little problem here." The leap was accelerated and her blade came down from above her head, as she stroked down at his head from above. Hoole was on his knees. And that´s where he would die.

    Die, old man. Die. You can´t have my son. No, you can´t have him . . .

    And Darth Zorn laughed somewhere, now dimmed by all her own rage.

    Well, it wasn´t Zorn. She knew now.

    Tag: LordTroepfchen
  13. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Shaper Laaxtiin Kiar
    Asteroid Alpha, Hall

    The poison of his lungs, his longest companion in this life, left him bereft at first. He had finally killed the giant amphistaff with the abomination that was in his hand, it's coils slowly slackening in deaths short relax.

    But then another gift was given, an old one that he had known for all his life though never to such fullness. Was this how the weaker races felt the slighter pains of life? As something that grew beyond the ordering of ones thoughts and clearing of the mind into an induced chaos if but for a while, was that their view?

    If so the simple had to be pittied for their fallen state, to have the gift of pain and never fully know the blessing that lied beyond their reach. Poor unfortunate souls.

    Screaming? Who was screaming?

    Oh yes, I am. It has been a long time since pain alone has brought such utterances from these tattered lips, I doubt I had even felled my twin the last time it had escaped unbidden without someother driving force behind it.

    I liably would be crying if it weren't for my maa'it making such a thing beyond my ability. It would have been nice to feel tears in this victory...but it isn't complete...not yet.

    Slowly he turned getting to his knees, then to his feet, he reattached the yorrik saber to his waist, bent picked up his arm holding it before his face as it twitched in spasms. I never really thought how it clauterizes the stump but leaves the severed part leaking before. A most odd effect for a weapon, but one that saved his life.

    I should stop screaming now...that's wracking with out tears...better. Slowly the limb fell from his grasp as he kneeled to pick up the lightsaber from Qat's grasp. Melmot's saber.

    Despite the taint of an abomination he would keep this, as a token of the passed friend...Yarong!

    Taking a deep inhale he steadied himself, he still had a task to finish, as his amphistaff crawled up his body he looked down at his severed limb. A shaper's limb. He no longer had it, and his final task was not the task of a, it was the task of a warrior and that...that was the only limb he had left.

    Fitting, he put the blade hooked beneath his whip-sting before tugging at his crab armor upon his chest, working it up and off. Dead armor was dead weight to his wounded form, something he could not even breath freely enough in now. It fell to the ground of a time of one armed struggle, with it the bomb that left the marks bleeding from his chest.

    Slowly he made his way to the door, his hands hovered a second as he tried to remember how many nanoblips those two decreasing numbers equal? The door opened, and he began his journey to the hanger once more, a failure that knew he no longer had it in him to find a birthing god Yarong within the giant maze of Xenly. If he found out, if the gods put her in his path he would do what he could but what could a lone man with one arm, pain beyond that of the Embrace, and his surest ways to success spent in merely killing Yarongs guardian and midwife?

    What was he to do, but walk...walk quickly.

    TAG: Rachel, Fin
  14. RachelTyrell

    RachelTyrell Jedi Knight star 1

    Feb 15, 2009
    Inside the Hive somewhere . . .

    She, it spasmed and screamed in pain. A high, hysterical scream, which suddenly died. This dividing was different. Whatever remained of a living creature inside of Eloa Lan´s body realized that. It took too much of her. Demanded too much.

    "Mercy." Her raspy voice spitted out, no longer aware of who she was. Her birth, her uprising, her travels, all of it had melted away in the fire of Xenly´s darkness.

    An arm came from her shoulder. Made of chitin, as was most of her body now. And Head drew out of her stomach region, hissing. Not another drone was born here . . . not even a god . . .

    Something else welcomed the world screaming . . .

    Kiar, Qat, Melmot, faces . . . on it´s pathway into the real world . . .

    Eloa Lan´s body, no longer holding her mind, breathed in a last time.

    What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE?

    And Melmot´s warning echoed into her mind . . .

    The Dark Path is a treacherous one . . .

    Treacherous . . .

    Treacherous . . .

    She breathed out, just as the creature drew it legs out of her body, robbing it the substance to survive. And it slowly raised on top of the hill she had fallen on.

    Eloa Lan was screaming inside the dark and nobody would ever, ever hear her.

    A treacherous path, indeed.

    Tag: TheSithGirly
  15. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 26, 2007
    The Hive

    From her body he had sustained himself, created the very flesh and bones and chitinous armor he was now forming. Long, so long . . .

    Eloa Lan´s remains screamed in agony as he hissed out his first breath and gloated over the sweet pain of existence.

    He had heard them talk. Years earlier. Before the darkness had been released. One had been a chagrian woman tattooed and red-skinned, wearing black robes. The other had been a Yuuzhan Vong, hissing in the dark and wearing a cybernetic left eyes . . . against her peoples beliefs. The Chagrian had yelled at the Vong. "Never! Never shall we allow him to have what you found here! Never!" And the Yuuzhan Vong had nodded. "I agree. That is why I came to you. Hoole must be controlled. Hoole must be . . . dealt with. If he ever makes his dreams come true, the consequences would be . . . " The Chagrian nodded. Calmed and stared at the holographic data provided by the Vong. "Rebirth. Is it possible? Could he have waited all those years?" The Vong shrugged. "Not waited, Lady Wyyrlok. He has changed. His state of existence. His foundation of existence. My people know this process really well." Lady Wyyrlok looked at her. "You do, Yu´Dor?"

    The Vong woman smiled. Yu´Dor hinting endless fascination with it. "Of course. That is how our gods came to be." Lady Wyyrlok nodded. That made sense in a very dark way. Staring into her small cave, contained by powerful energy walls she watched her five XENLY crawl and spread into a sixth. It was killed immediately by auto-guns. But even five now seemed a threat to great ot keep it on Korriban. Lady Wyyrlok turned her massive head one last time to Yu´Dor, who was slim and tall but not as impressive as her, physical. "Destroy the project. Bury it. Let it never get into Hoole´s hand." She hissed. Yu´Dor nodded. "Project Yarong will vanish, my Lady." She said and turned. Outside her children were waiting. Staring at their mother in unbound fear, as she left . . . the older one, Eloa . . . XENLY kept her in mind. [/i]


    He had heard them talk, without them knowing. He had heard them all. And then he had understood. Through endless cycles of knowing, understanding had found it´s way into the dull mindless hunger that reigned his galaxy. Understanding. Hoole had taught him understanding was the true weapon of a master. Understanding. What. He was.


    [link=]The Xenly-Theme[/link]

    Darkness. Shots, nearby. Screams. Voices. And his compound eyes opened for the first time. The force entered him with a breathe. Every aspect of his existence expanded into the dark. Xenly. XENLY. They had awaited his coming. They had understood.

    His muscles spasmed and learned to obey. A clacking noise escaped his mouth. A laugh. And then a hiss of pain. His back, his organs seemed to be in motion, still. Whispers. Whispers in the dark. Calling him by his name. Memories, incomplete. Feelings, long echoes of emotions passed and now revived anew. Thoughts, whirled and twisted but still there . . .

    They had kept it safe for him.

    Corrupted and eternally present in one mind.

    To be given form again.

    He stood up. Beneath him, unheard by his not yet working ears and explosion send a giant wave of death through the cave, devouring thousands in the pain and fire of it´s destructive act. He stepped towards the edge of the plateau he stood on and watched beneath. Then his ears returned. Voices. There were voices. There were spoken words.

    Illuminated by the red light of the thermal detonator exploding below the twisted darkened, muscular shape of something resembling a Verpine faced the young man standing behind him.
    Xenly had returned. [/b]

    [b]Tag: DarkLordoftheFins, Sinrebirth[/b] (then?)>
  16. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Above the Hive

    [link=]Music - Duel[/link]

    "YEZZZZ! Show me!" He spitted out and knew he had no time to leap up. On his knees his blade slided up just in time to meet hers. The sound of unloading energy filled the Sphere, as did the explosions, shots and death screams fill the halls, as did the death of billions echoed the force . . .

    Pushing himself up and her blade away he unleashed a series of strikes to keep her distracted and dodged her counter-attack, diving a second blow. She was fast. By the force was she fast. And powerful. Yes, Xenly´s favourite indeed. But Hoole knew she had no chance. Out there was a galaxy thinking that fighting was about power, declaring one stronger and another one weaker. Believing you could evaluate outcomes by scaling their relative power against each other. Midichlorians. The victor of a fight could be determined by two factors alone. Power was none of them. Technique and will. That was what fighting was about. And he had both of it.

    Three centuries of uninterrupted training with the blade had made his fencing a flawless series of instinctive attack, complex but performed with ease. And two centuries of slow death had prepared him not to fail.

    Both their lightsabers whirled. Her Makashi was well trained. Precise, adapting and improvising she send a series of strikes at him from all sides. He allowed his blade to move freely, moving, turning, whirling it around, keeping it in a high stance dropping only to defend himself. Her strikes were met by his. Above his head, behind his back, left, right, reverse right and the series anew. Her frustration, her need for a fast kill was apparent. Her anger failing her. And as her slice showed a little weakness by being pushed to far, he unleashed his own attack. A strike to her head, followed by a kick into her knee. Pain. Marked his success. Kira Romar´s pain. Her scream was silenced though, as his blade broke out, missing her throat barely and then being blocked, as it came back. His fist crushed against her skull. Unseen by her it send her to the floor and a second kick pulled her body into the air again and it landed painfully on the ground.

    She was on her feet again before the pain was gone. The force flowing to her like nothing Hoole had ever perceived. "Powerful. You are indeed powerful." He nodded and raised his blade above his head again, watching her mirror the gesture.

    Tag: SirakRomar
  17. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Asteroid Alpha

    [link=]Music - Tahnan and Selpha . . . Kiar in the corridors[/link]

    Command Center

    Tahnan hissed out air, fighting his own pain. Then he lay his hand down on Selpha´s chest. "She will, Selpha. She will win this. Trust me. She always does. She will save Mandalore. She will save your people." Tahnan said and felt the breast of Selpha Nephrite not moving anymore. Looking up and around, there was no sign of Lorj Danathin. Maybe he was dead now, too. They all would die. If nobody ended that madness. Taking the IviinST . . . unknowing what it was called . . . he stood up. Taking his own Thermal Detonator from his belt he looked to the door from where the attack had come. Someone would enter this room, ready to kill when the dust had settled and Tahnan knew he had no time to deal with that person, and probably not even the strength. Looking odwn at Selpha Nephrite he smiled. "You would like that, Mando." he said and went to work.

    Tag: Nobody


    Kiar stumbled into the next corridor. In pain. Alarms everywhere. Sounds of blastert fire. Whatever had happened here, there was battle raging now. He met several piles of corpses and saw at least one group of Lancers return fire against an unknown attacker. He did not have to take care of them. As he passed around the next corner he suddenly faced several blaster rifles pointed at him. Iktochi-soldiers, breathing heavy, covered in blood and dirt stared at him. "Shaper?" Their leader asked? The same man who had been present when the resistance had paralysed him.

    Behind the resistance soldeirs a group of men poured into the corridors Kiar had probably not expected here. Stormtroopers.

    From the end of the corridor he heard the hissing sound of his armor´s integrated bomb activating.

    Tag: Mitth-Fisto

    [hl=black][color=silver][b]In the Hive of Xenly [/b]
    [i]The Stone Ledge[/i][/color][/hl]

    [link=]Music - Xenly-Theme[/link]

    "Worth saving?" Sae asked. Then smiled and was gone. Suddenly. Leaving Si stand with his back to the void beneath him, now not anymore filled with Xenly, but simply darkness. Although there surely were Xenly down there, somewhere . . . many of them.

    And in the dark a mighty explosion spread. Sending dust nad bodies through the winding pathes of the Hive. Screams of dying Xenly. Trembles within´the structure of the asteroid itself.

    Then he heard a step behind him. It sounded like something wet and slimy had made a step on cold stone. And as Si turned he saw the mutilated body of something. A creature unlike any the galaxy had ever seen. And before it stood a Verpine. Massive. Stronger than a usual Verpine. Darker in his armor. Taller. Threatening in his very moves the existence of all around it. And Si understood this was not a vision. This was real. This was . . . Xenly.
    Tag: Sinrebirth, TheSithGirly (in that order, please) [/b]

    ooc: Others wait for sprintabm, a little. We´re pretty fast here, let´s not loose anybody . . . and timing is essential right now.

    And [b][i]RachelTyrell´s[/i] Eloa Lan[/b] and [b][i]Sarge221´s[/i] Selpha Nephrite[/b] are the first casualties of the finale . . . two great characters . . .

  18. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Kira Romar
    Above the Hive

    The pain was strangely distant. Her knee was aching but as if it was somebody else pain. The force was protecting her from it. Detaching it from her. Making it irreelevant.

    "You have seen nothing yet." She hissed back and leaped from the kneeling position right into his defense. Her lightsaber slashing out, her muscles almost tearing apart from the strength the force demanded from them. Her attack met his ever ready defense. And hissing she stared into his black eyes . . .

    Kill him.

    Pushing him away, she striked out two times, as he stumbled back and then followed him in his retreat. Jumping to the side, she dodged his attack and he barely defended against her next slash at his head. But he stood his ground. Frustrated, she unleashed another series of attacks. Faster, Faster, Kira, Faster . . .

    Tag: LordT
  19. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Shaper Laaxtiin Kiar

    As the Lancers fell and he turned another cornor the face that greeted him wasn't one he had expected. It was one of those that had stunned him, a rebel with idiots for brains or else a death wish.

    Speaking his names modifier it seemed shocked,and his fist did something he later would doubt it would have done if he wasn't in so much pain. He punched him.

    His amphistaff curled on his arm and he punched him as if it was only them two here as he hissed out his reply "YESssss!" To which if his eyes weren't tired from the pain they would have widened as the stormtroopers came around the bend...the bend he had to get past. There was also the hiss of bomb in the air, something he knew he had to get farther away from if he was to survive and that involved getting past both these idiotic specimen groups.

    "Act." he whispered quickly as he pulled the metalic lightsaber from behind his whipsting to hold it in the air, waving it in a come hither gesture.

    "Can't even pull the trigger you pathetic desert worm!" He voiced in a most Sithly air he could manage, which with his pain was not as hard as he thought.

    "Keep going I have these worms for my prisoners to return. Only one's we might need alive from the rebels if you do your duty Troopers. Next corridor is clear...Now get to it!" the last was hissed loudly as he ignited the blade and proded the Iktochi with the blade laughing maniacly.

    TAG: Fin
  20. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Si Kya

    [blockquote]"Worth saving?" Sae asked, and he smiled - and vanished, just like that. Si realised he wasn't falling, and he swayed in realisation, as if he had hit a wall of cold water. He blinked, and turned, to look behind him. A void. Xenly... somewhere.

    He could work out that much...

    Si believed so, anyway.

    Turning drunkedly away from the gap, he plodded towards where Tenk and Trasc had been. An explosion rang out, throwing a wave of pressure that pushed Si down to his knees. Then he heard a step, and turned, slowly, looking in what could only be dread. He couldn't suppress it; it was fear, mingled with hope and loss and pain and suffering. He'd reached his limit, and wondered if it was at this point that Si came through the confusion and destruction and found something in the devastation...

    It was mutilated.

    And it was a Verpine.

    Or had been.

    Or maybe it was something else...

    Or was it what Xenly was really supposed to be?

    Si began to understand the separation more, and more.

    "You're Xenly," he breathed, pushing off the floor with torn hands. "I think... I think I understand now."[/blockquote]

    TAG: TheSithGirly, Fin

    OOC: Welcome back, SithGirly!!!
  21. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 26, 2007
    ooc: Took a little liberty, by assuming Si could do little against Xenly´s approach. Hope you´re okay with it, Sinre. It was for the dramatic moment, only.

    Home Sweet Home

    A voice. "I think... I think I understand now."

    nothing. To understand.

    Darkness. Oh sweet, welcoming darkness. This was not Roche. Not Ishtani. Where was he? He? Who was this he? His thoughts . . . the thoughts, he was not sure if it were his own, whirled inside the new born consciousness.

    For a moment he felt weak. For a moment he felt abandoned. Then they answered his whisper in the dark with a thundering cry in the force. Spreading his arms, Xenly . . . he believed that was what he was called . . . made a undefinable, creaky noise. And hurled around. The world was dark. The Hive was his. And he was them. And they were the hive. And the Hive was him. Them.

    The Hive. The Children of the Lost Hive.

    How long had it been since they had been called that? Xenly remembered. Little by little. Siri. The pain. There was so much pain. And yet. Not enough. Never enough.

    "I lieeed TO yOUUU." Xenly said, without knowing who he was actually talking to. He only recognized the young man when he turned around. Not his memories. Theirs. Where were his? "no fAAARther, no mothere. only XENLY." Slowly his hands reached out for the head of the wounded boy. "siiiii." He remembered his name. "SIIIIII." He hissed again. His black eyes spasming as he touched the boys head. "i was BORRRRN by EATing my brrrrrotherrrz! bOOrn by murrrdeRRR." He remembered. He did. "you SUFFER from your brrrrothers death? I. could. neverrr. kill. enouve of my brrreathen." A creaky sound escaped his mouth. A laugh? He was unsure himself. Did Xenly laugh? Xenly? Was he Xenly?

    "I want always. MORrr" And grabbing the boys head, staring at him, his foul breath escaped his lips once more. His knees did tremble for a moment. Then power reached him. And where was he? Why couldn´t he feel him?

    "wherrrre is HOOLE?"
    He asked and his hands began to apply pressure to Si Kya´s skull.



    Where. Was Hoole?

    Tag: Sinrebirth

  22. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    GM-Note: I got the approval from sprintabm to move him a little long and just wanted to do so . . . so, we are entering the final sequence of events and it´s still, open who lives or dies . . . good hunt, everybody. And welcome Mel. Amazing you´re with us.

    The Mestra-Asteroid Field

    Outside Alpha

    [link=]Music - The Battle is over, the Battle has begun[/link]

    The ships had ended firing on each other. Only the Vulture´s Talon was remorselessly pouring fire into the Asteroid Complex, ignoring the threads of space-worthy Xenly and an imperial fleet altogether to unleash it´s weaponry on the one enemy they had come to kill.

    The imperial fleet, meanwhile. Proud and strong with five Star Destroyers alone was silent. As was the Ascendancy. Inside of their dark steel hulls a battle raged. Their weapons gave only occasional shots. While Alpha´s defense ring of turbo-laser batteries send deadly fire into the fleet.

    The last of the Lancer´s frigates, the Black Lance itself, was siding with an Arset-Class cruiser and breaking free of the enemy. Their turbolasers bringing deadly sprays of energy to the imperial vessel. The battle raged only among the starfighters now. Ancient droidfighters, the Lancer´s mandalorian designs. The Resistance in their mixed group of fighter ranging from Crossfires to Tie-Predators. The Empire, most numerous tried to fdefend their ships against the Xenly though.

    And those Predators who went into hoovering mode over their mother-ships saw the hulls crawling with black insects. Commander Techaun ordered a full retreat, but nobody listened anymore on him. sitting in his cockpit he hissed in disgust about how rushed and incompetent the Sith had arranged this attack. Just as something hit his cockpit. Looking up, he was conscious enough to touch the acceleration control and stared into the small black eyes of a huge, heavy armored Xenly. Hissing against his view-screen. "Dammit." Was the last he said and the stings of the creatures pierced his front-window. The void took him.

    Aboard the Overlord

    [link=]Music - Desperate Measures[/link]

    "I said KILL THEM!" Darth Regentis screamed into the comm. Only hissing and noises of screaming imperials came from the other side. Looking at the internal sensors he saw the creature count. It went higher and higher. The breaking point would soon be reached. Hissing he looked at Admiral Praer. The newly appointed, weak-willed slave of his will looked at him in utter confusion. Regentis did not care to hide his disgust. Strike him down with his bare hand and turned to the communications officer. "Order the Terror on course 55.2.9. NOW!" He yelled. The man looked at him, but followed orders. As Admiral Praer came up again Regentis only gave him a look and the man stepped back.

    The orders were given and Darth Regentis saw another sector of his ship go red. "Prepare my shuttle." He hissed. Not yet ready to give up. But not ready to go down like the others, either. He had underestimated Darth Atavus. They all had. The man was not brilliant. He was simply unbound. And mad.

    "Terror confirms orders. Collisions course with Asteroid Alpha resumed." The Officer reported and nodded.

    Tag: All and nobody

    Mestra-Field, The Ascendancy

    [link=]Music - the Second Battle for the Ascendancy[/link]

    The worst had hit the Ascendancy. By far. The Kat´lar, the newest hive of Xenly, or Yarong or whatever they called these new monsters, had exploded above them and send hundreds of these creatures down. Through the anger of the war and the fear of hundreds of dying, they had multiplied. Become thousands. Become tenth of thousands and spread . . . Vayland knew his ship was lost. No marines on board, only a skeleton crew he could not fight the Black
  23. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Inside the Hive

    So the truth of Xenly has been revealed.

    It was saddening, but in a way that the emotion just felt so detached from him. Hoole, Xenly. Tenk now saw them for what they really were: those who reveled in evil and sought power for the sake of power. Like Exar Kun, Palpatine, and all manner of Sith Lords and just average, ordinary people that had been so consumed by the dark side. There was nothing left of those two: only all-consuming darkness and evil. They were the plagues of the galaxy that Jedi were meant to cure.

    Fortunately, there was now a Jedi that had returned.

    I'm back, Tenk thought to himself as he opened his eyes. Darkness greeted him of course, that darkness that had consumed his eyesight, that darkness that had consumed Hoole, that then went on to consume Xenly, and now wishes to consume the entire galaxy. But there was the Force. Tenk could feel it again, suppressed, but it was there nonetheless.

    "He is awake."

    There was a ringing in his ears but Tenk heard the voice nonetheless. And the pain. Not only could he hear it but he could feel it as well. He could sense U'tek, the rebel that Tenk had known ever since Gesaril. But he couldn't sense Si. He couldn't sense the Professor. No Xenly for that matter. Where had they gone?

    Closing his eyes again, remembering that the sight of such destroyed orbs wasn't exactly pleasant, Tenk raised himself into a sitting position, just so he could turn and grip the armored shoulders of the other soldier, the one that was in pain and currently on his knees. That was dying. Inwardly, Tenk winced. The damage was bad and he doubted that his skills could save the man, especially when the Force was as suppressed as it was now. But he could do something else.

    There is no try, only do.

    "Thank you," Tenk spoke, both to U'tek and this soldier, but his useless sockets were focused on the man he held, that he gently lowered to the ground. With as much as he could, Tenk dripped the Force into the other man, to try and override his pain with comfort. Actually...Tenk's brow raised but his eye remained closed. Did he detect that there was some of the Force already in this man? "Who are you?"

    Something else about the soldier struck the Jedi and he allowed his head to tilt just a bit. He felt...familiarity?

    TAG: DarkLordoftheFins, sprintabm
  24. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004

    Home Sweet Home

    A voice. "I think... I think I understand now."

    nothing. To understand.

    Darkness. Oh sweet, welcoming darkness. This was not Roche. Not Ishtani. Where was he? He? Who was this he? His thoughts . . . the thoughts, he was not sure if it were his own, whirled inside the new born consciousness.

    For a moment he felt weak. For a moment he felt abandoned. Then they answered his whisper in the dark with a thundering cry in the force. Spreading his arms, Xenly . . . he believed that was what he was called . . . made a undefinable, creaky noise. And hurled around. The world was dark. The Hive was his. And he was them. And they were the hive. And the Hive was him. Them.

    The Hive. The Children of the Lost Hive.

    How long had it been since they had been called that? Xenly remembered. Little by little. Siri. The pain. There was so much pain. And yet. Not enough. Never enough.

    IC: Si Kya

    [blockquote]Xenly looked around, as if he didn't recognise his surroundings. 'He'. Si had assigned him a sex. Why? Oh, yes. The first Xenly identified himself as a him, for logics sense. But that little mental arithmetic was just an aside. Si understood that Xenly probably was lost. And afraid. And thus...

    "I lieeed TO yOUUU." Xenly sounded hoarse, and all Si could do was nod.

    "I know."

    "no fAAARther, no mothere. only XENLY." Slowly his hands reached out for the head of the wounded boy. Si chose not to resist. "I know. You're a Verpine."

    "siiiii." Xenly was testing the word, as if learning it. Or re-learning it. "SIIIIII." Xenly hissed. Si met Xenly's eyes, eyes which spasmed like insects do, especially as the claws touched his face. "i was BORRRRN by EATing my brrrrrotherrrz! bOOrn by murrrdeRRR."

    Si would have nodded, but he couldn't. "I know. It's how insects are born."

    "you SUFFER from your brrrrothers death? I. could. neverrr. kill. enouve of my brrreathen." A strange sound emerged from Xenly, a rattle, or a croak. Somewhere between. Si blinked, unafraid, because... he had already died. Moments ago, he'd accepted it. He'd died years ago. At Roon.

    He'd just taken five years to lie down.

    "I want always. MORrr" Si felt breath caress his face, and blinked, again, as his eyes watered at the repulsiveness. Xenly trembled, as if he was unsure if himself. Si wondered if this was guesswork, some remnant of his bond with Xenly, or Sae's personal information.

    But all Si knew was that he wasn't afraid.

    And that was all that mattered.

    "wherrrre is HOOLE?" Xenly rasped and his hands began to apply pressure to Si Kya´s skull. He winced, closing his eyes, gasping a little as Xenly raised him from the floor.

    Si pressed his teeth together, and forced apart his jaws.

    "He's above us."

    "Passed Tenk and Trasc. Above the Sphere. And the shields."

    Si knew what he needed to say.

    "Killing Kira, unless you do something. Using your brethren to conquer the galaxy for himself. Everything will be his."

    Si was faced with a galaxy ruled by Xenly, or a galaxy ruled by Xenly controlled by Hoole. He'd studied records of Joiners from the Swarm War. Maybe the former wouldn't be too bad?

    Si shook his head - or would have - because he believed that everything would be saved.

    "Together, Xenly. We can only do this together."

    The student stared into his obssession, into his lifes studies, and blinked.

    "I care what happens. And so do you."[/blockquote]

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Laaxtiin Kiar
    Command Center, By the Hive

    When it was over, and consciouness dained to refill his form his first sight was a revolting one. The Iktochi, Keean...was that it's name? He was bringing Kiar up, getting him to his feet, dragging his battered form and he did not resist.

    They were the only one's left, he could kill him and no one would be the wiser. It was good Iktochi were not telepathic, he would doubt he would be alive now as they began taking the next steps. His mind worked, creating thoughts and ideas within cells within cells, but everything outside of his body was perceived as though through a tunnel.

    A tunnel of pain blanketed the world around him, it rubbed his emotions so raw he could no longer feel them. The world was closing in and if this gift of pain brought the third gift of death he would not even the emotions to sing the praises as they died upon shaping. This was his world now.

    But another beyond the fire stepped forward within it's light and challenged that silent thought, Keean brought up his weapon...twelve shots...millions of Xenly. Who cared?

    Then Yarong stepped forward, not the first, but a decendant for sure. Keean asked a question about the blade he held in his hand, to which he merely stared at Yarong, and Yarong stared at him...staring at him.

    "I killed Qat." he croaked, the first words since the explosion to leave his tattered lips. He raised the handle which Qat had before held, "Shall I bring the death you asked me for now Yarong? The death you could not bring yourself? Bring your core and me together then..." coughing a moment he looked on, beyond the flames to Yarong, "if not bring me to whoever occupies the place of Qat, of dominance over you that you want dead..." he coughed once more.

    "Or bring me to a ship that I may leave you be to your new home, I have earned that much Yarong of Xenly." he did not know what to expect, and that...that was okay.

    He had already lived through two things that were suicidal in their very essence. What was anything else living compared to that? He was no more a shaper, no more a warrior, and no intendant...though parts of each existed as a part of him still he was not them...

    He was the dead that did not die...

    He was Kiar.

    Irrevocably Kiar.

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