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SWRPF Archive 133 ABY - The Dark Odyssey

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    The Rock

    She met his attack with . . . great fury. Cold, deadly fury. Oh why had she never give in to that. What beauty lay in the perfection of her ruin.

    Her blade was there. Her body seemed to be broken, but kept alive and together by the force. By Xenly. By power. By the Dark Side. And as she unleashed her own attacks, her blade twisting, turning and blocking her saw it. Xenly had taken her. She had finally made her final, last step. And her eyes went from the icy blue to an obsidian black. A kick. An attack. He had problems to keep with her speed. Had problems to make his stand against the impact of her strikes. And Xenly was coming.

    His. It was all his. The Dark Side favoured those who willfully conquered it. And he had travelled deep and far into the void that was his soul. Her blade came around. Shifting sides and coming for his face. He did not block it this time, but bended his head to the side, until the sinews of his head were in danger to be ripped. Diving, moving, flowing like a river of rage around her attack. Laughing, screaming. All the same. As his blade came up. His fist of his free hand hammering into her broken rips. Her scream shifting into pain. Her blade pushed aside by his. And a second strike smashed into her skull. A punch so hard it would have killed a rancor. But not Xenly. Not Kira. Not the two melted into one. It stopped her. Not for a moment. No, for the smallest part of a second. It was all he needed. All he had ever needed. In a perfect, flawless rise, his blade met her flesh, severed it. Cut through the bone with the same effortless flow and finally through her flesh again. Leaving her lower left arm severed from her body, her lightblade dying in the dead hand as it fell to the stony floor. And even before Kira could scream, before she could make her agony known to the galaxy through a noise, she found no air passing her throat. No more breath. His own hand extended, as if he was holding her, though she was tumbling back and left in his invisible grip and his blade slowly raised pointing to her head. His head turned and he watched the dark legions of Xenly. Stopping.
    ?Don´t.? He smiled. An insane grin. The cold mask gone. ?Even think about it.? He added and laughed. Xenly. Powerful. A fool. As always. Then he looked over the legions. Soon to be his. Almost. Xenly had almost got him. But Xenly always failed like that . . . almost was Xenly´s worst enemy. Laughing, laughing he reached out . . . laughing . . . laughing . . .

    All his.

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  2. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Kira Romar
    The Rock

    The pain overpowered her. Her lower arm was severed. The muscles, bones, sinew cut through and for all the power she had accepted form Xenly, she had failed. The air that did not enter her lungs only seemed to be a fair retribution for such a failure. But then she understood. Understood the future unfolding. Her son. Her poor, poor son.

    Would be his? Apprentice? Xenly´s companion from birth on? Created to rule the dark power that would spread through the galaxy under Hoole´s guidance? Planet for planet?

    Tears ran from her eyes, as she felt there was no escape from the invisible hand of Hoole. The Dark Jedi Master had won. Almost won. And in the force there was something. Another presence. Slowly growing like a newborn darkness within the sea of cold death around her.

    Gasping for air, Kira felt as she was lifted from her feet. Strugglung, her hand gone. Her lightsaber, the force . . . red . . . before her eyes.

    Maybe . . . he can´t control himself. Maybe he will kill me?

    My son. My poor son.

    But the galaxy would have been saved. From the evil he wanted her to bring into the world.

    With her last power, she breathed what little air was left in her out and gave herself to the pain of suffocation.

    Kill me!

    And her soul began to cry for the son she would never have. Feeling it. Whatever happened. Whatever did happen . . . it would cost her life.

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  3. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    ooc: To avoid keeping things back - a short reply.

    The Rock

    Someone was draining power from his children. Someone close to them. He felt confusion. Who? And turned and finally understood. There was someone. Distant memories not entirely his. The Prize.

    "Yarong!" The name, held a strange familiarity in it´s vibe. Was he Yarong? Was it what they called him now? The Dark God. A female voice whispered and memories of agony accompanied these memories. "Is it you that wishes still to feel what you have felt in have felt, delivered, and caused the third gift in many. Are you ready for me to return the give you that gift you asked me for before? Is there another that you cannot give it that you wish me to give it first before you? Yarong." He looked down, not stopping ot near the point of decision. But looking down. Then he stopped, staring at the croppled man in pain. Did he think he could kill him? Did he even think he understood?

    Hunger in it´s simle perfection was something the sophisticated mind finds hard to accept.
    Hoole´s words. Hoole. Xenly knew. He turned his head a last time to the man and saw one of his children crawl over him. "Yarong. i am MAN y. hurrrrrIIII!" He hissed and walked on. Through the ocean of bodies that were his. He felt the man was meant to be here, even though he did not feel the man. His mind expaned into the many, many bodies around him, but still he did not feel him.

    Xenly did not have time to understand, now. He had understood enough. He leaped over the heads of his children and landed in the natural circle they had created. And he saw him. Illuminated red from the blade he held. A young girl in his grab. The young girl who had stolen control of Xenly a few seconds ago.

    The Prize. She was no longer of any use.

    Hissing, spreading his arms his children entered the circle they had avoided for now. And Xenly hissed air out of his lungs. Then breathed in, making a rustling sound. Looking up, he faced Hoole. His Master. His Mentor. His victim.

    "loongtime. NO. SEE!" He spitted out.

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  4. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007

    Okay, we´ve arrived at the end of the Odyssey. From here you guys rule the outcome. I have only one or two things to add. Update freely, as long as no results from dice are needed ERGO as long as no attack or defense is involved (mental or physical).

    If you do attack, wait for me to post the results. Let everybody involved reply. But do it whatever way you want to. Especially don´t wait for updates if they are not needed. Like right now. It is your moment.

    Obviously, godmodding (including multi-action) is still forbidden, but who am I telling this. I got the finest RPers I know there. I´ll just lean back and enjoy!

    Good hunt! May the Force or Xenly be with you.
  5. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Laaxtiin Kiar, Consoler
    The Rock

    Yarong answered, an odd name for one that would be a dark god to not even take the tome of Yun-to preface it. But that was the choice of one who wished to kill the life of others, stuck in a lower plane simply to destroy a base above which all other dwelt.

    One of Xenly crawled over his form, like the tide continueing around a rock in whatever way it could. It clicked somewhat in his mind then, as Yarong spoke. "Yarong. i am MAN y. hurrrrrIIII!"

    It viewed itself like the ocean, to much to ever die or be destroyed...foolishness. The Yuuzhan Vong had destroyed oceans, even the infidels with their abominations had been able to break them back down to their constituent elements to reform into something else. Oceans could also be poisoned, so many ways to destroy oceans...foolishness...eternally starving foolishness bent on a self destruction after taking, making everything else go before it.

    An ocean that needed the rain of anger, of fear to keep itself alive, and all armies were bound by their stomachs, but what of millions that only fed on these things? That killed these things? Then killed themselfs by starving to death?

    Walking forward, partially carried by the tide that was Xenly he followed the dissappeared back. "Yarong. You hunger in ways that defy these infidel minds that cannot think of the grander scale that drawfs all individuals. Think begged for your death...escape from the pain...escape from the hunger, to be free. Oceans have died, stars die, and a galaxy has died, you? Remember?"

    All Yuuzhan-Vong remembered the tale of how they had killed their home galaxy, every living creature in it, and been forced into the migration that by the gods had eventually led here where they were laid low to understand...all things paled to the might beyond the gates...everything. Death was merely a change to a greater state for the worthy, even if you died in that greater state if still worthy or a found a replacement you moved only higer or you were stuck outcast. Hopefully Yarong remembered, would still accept that which she had begged escape...the final gift that all eventually would experience.

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  6. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar

    Once again the Force showed Tenk everything that he needed to see. It almost felt as he was witnessing the epicenter of the Dark Side itself. Hoole, Kira, and now Xenly. Not just the swarm but the resurrected Xenly that had come back to try and depose of his master. The battle having come to an end, the darkness no longer clashed as it did rest. There was no conflict now but the darkness was building, readying up for when it would start again.

    All this darkness...and nothing of the light within it.

    "I'm going," Tenk told Tahnan. "To see how this ends."

    And then he did just that. The lightsaber that had been given to him stuck to his belt, Tenk made his way to where this nexus of the dark side was contained, ready to be unleashed upon the very galaxy. Or to be dispensed with here. Whatever outcome came to be on this asteroid, it would be decided here. Shall the galaxy be consumed, or shall this abomination of the dark side, the machine of death and destruction known as Xenly, be put to an end here?

    Strangely, there was no fear. Or at least fear that had been so rooted, so controlling of him. He stepped towards, and then into the carpet of Xenly as he made his way through what felt like the center of the Dark Side several hundred meters away. As before, the Xenly seemed to ignore him, seeming to remain focused, to try and witness what may decide the fate of...everything.

    All these Xenly...and then Xenly himself...and Hoole...and perhaps even Kira.

    All of them and there was only him; a blind, recently reinstated Jedi who's gift with the Force was suppressed here. What could he possibly do?

    He thought of Talia again who he still sought out. He thought of Tahnan, U'tek, the Mandalorian woman who Tenk had never met but possessed her lightsaber. He thought of all of them that are living, that are dead, and even those that have yet to come.

    "Don´t forget to save one life by trying to save all of them."

    Trak again. As if thinking the dead Master could see it, Tenk nodded his head.

    I won't forget.

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  7. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005

    The cathar was slowly coming to his senses as his hearing was slowly returning. He was deaf after the explosion of his detonator, not ever hearing any ringing in his ears. He now heard the rumble of battle about them, and realized that his confusion was not fully due to his own physical disorientation. The bugs were fighting down below. He could see Jedi Romar dueling with another, likely a Sith. Jedi Qatar, with his horrendous disfigurement, was leaving to join the fray. How could a being with no eyes do that?

    U'tek began to evaluate the situation as best as he could. He left Glave bleeding to death below. Could he save him? He left Kaya, Talia, and the dying Romar back in the room. He promised to return to them with Jedi Qatar, but obviously he had other ideas.

    "We're in over our heads," he shouted out to Tahnan, mostly the shout of one that was trying to hear himself over his recovering hearing. "Hell, I don't know..."

    His voice trailed off. He had never felt so powerless before, so helpless. There was a battle with the powers of the Force going on below, and with the spectacle going on before him, he knew his blaster would be useless.

    He felt utterly crushed.

    "Glave's down there," he started shouting again, "and I've got Kaya, Talia, and the other Romar locked away where we came in. He's dying. He might be dead. The Vulture screwed us!"

    U'tek realized that he was rambling, not sure what point he was trying to make. What about the fight going on below? Isn't this what started the whole mess in the first place? Was he going to run away from it?

    Again, he thought of what he was up against. May his ancestors forgive him, but he was not going to strand those that still needed saving.

    "This ain't our fight, we got nothing to contribute!" He was shouting at Tahnan again. "The bugs look like they're all here. We grab Glave, we make out way to the exit point, rendevouz with Talia, Kaya, and the other Romar, and head back to the ship! And we nuke this place if we can, or get a better strategy and larger numbers!"

    U'tek pulled out his comm. "Kaya! Talia! What's your situation? The bugs look like they're all gathering where I'm at!"

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  8. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    combined with TheSithGirly, as we felt we need to do this together to make it work in any way . . . hereby, the table is set.

    The Point of No Return

    [link=]Music - Authorized Soundtrack - Xenly Theme[/link]

    His head shifted and in the sea of black armored bodies the one he had not expected showed up. He had felt Qatar near them and even the slight determination of a Vong left traces in the force if one needed to read them, the soldiers anyway but a Verpine? Even if a twisted, tall version of one . . .

    "Long time no see, indeed." Hoole said and his face grew the leathery mask of a deadly absence of feelings again. A mask, only. As inside of him fear, terrifying fear began to rise. His grip on Romar almost loosened as he felt the shock impact his soul. His mind felt as if it was squeezed. The pain in his chest came with every breath now. "How?" He only asked. And knew the answer. Yu´Dor. The project . . . oh how could he have been such a fool. A betrayal by her against him to hide a betrayal by her against them all. A perfect endgame. The Yuuzhan Vong made his way through the masses and Hoole shifted his gaze from the Verpine only for a moment. Then returning to him. The Vong, one-armed, mutilated and obviously dying seemed in a sort of religious trance, talking only to Xenly now. Who he called Yarong. YARONG. Hoole knew Yarong. He knew Yarong all to well . . .

    "Yarong. You hunger in ways that defy these infidel minds that cannot think of the grander scale that dwarfs all individuals." Hoole smiled at that, and Xenly shifted his head. Not to face the Vong, but only to show his acknowledgment that he talked. "Still arrogant, my apprentice?" Hoole hissed. The Vong continued, his words sounding like a chant, now. While the Xenly grew restless. "Think begged for your death...escape from the pain...escape from the hunger, to be free. Oceans have died, stars die, and a galaxy has died, you? Remember?" No answer. Nearby Tenk Qatar was coming. Maybe one or two of these soldiers, too.

    Hoole breathed out. Xenly the resurrected did not reply, but raised his head to Hoole again. "diiiid I? deZIRE deaZ?" He asked Hoole. Staring at him. Directly. Hoole felt a spasm of anger inside of him. He had thought Xenly had died because he had been weak. But had he known? Had Xenly left the Lost Hive to find death? Be consumed and know that by through that, he would consume all others? Had he actually . . . WANTED to become THE XENLY?

    "You fool." Hoole hissed back at the Yuuzhan Vong. And understood. "Just like I was such a fool. Seeing good, seeing purpose. Where chaos reigns. You never wanted to die, did you, Xenly? You knew you would become many. Many, many more. Split in tiny pieces, but ever growing, ever consuming more. So much more than one body ever could. So much more than one mind ever could. You never left. You never failed. And you knew . . . all along, I would eventually die. And set you free. Unleash your hunger." Hoole spitted. Xenly had played on time. Just as Hoole had taught him to. "And now you come to make sure I do. To make sure no heir takes my place?" Hoole looked at Romar and gave her free. Xenly would not let her stay alive. "Vong, all Xenly wanted back then, all he wants now, all he ever wanted and will ever want is . . ." Hoole shifted his gaze towards the Yuuzhan Vong, feeling the darkness building up around him. Tensing, as if concentrated. It was Xenly.


    And with that word Hoole raised his arm and unleashed what fear and anger was left in him towards Xenly. He gave it all of himself. Not holding back. The dark tendrils of chaos ready to grab his soul. Nothing he did not deserve. His vision had been flawed. His life had been a betrayal of unknown proportions.

    All he was now left with was . . . make Xenly pay. No, not pay. He admire
  9. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Saving Hoole against Xenly might actually not have been a brilliant plan, but the idea underlying it was brilliantly right, Tenk. I think you got it. What is going on here . . .

    So as a note, my interpretation of Xenly is TheSithGirly authorized and therefore, I will KILL HIM!
  10. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: LordT apologizes for this post up there, it was meant for ABYverse Thread. Well, here she comes . . .
    Kira Kara Romar
    Point of Opportunity

    She did not die.

    Collapsing to her knees, she felt the air return to her lungs and the darkness inside of her rise back again. And as she raised her head, she saw him. Xenly. A Verpine, in a dark twisted shape of his own kind.

    Lightning raged towards his form. And Hoole´s anger, his unbound fury was in the force. Two waves of darkness clashed here.

    Get up, Kira. You´re not giving up. You know what you got to do. Darth Zorn whispered into her ear.

    Yes. Her hand, her remaining hand dropped to the ground and with her obsidian eyes burning from deadly intent she rised to her feet. The force now keeping her together where her body was, by any physical standard, broken. The lightsaber returned to her hand by itself and her finger touched the cool button of the ignition.

    And slowly she stumbled towards Hoole. Feeling the eternal hunger of Xenly pulsing in her head.

    And Kira Kara Romar opened up, reached deep into that hunger. Deeper than she had ever touched anything. Come Xenly, come to me. I am yours.

    Only two more steps . . . two more . . .

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  11. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Point of Darkness


    With the Xenly paying him no mind and the storm of darkness that continued ahead of him, Tenk had burst into a run, intent on making it before it was too late. Everything would either end or begin here. He had to get there, had to make it before it was all too late.

    This was why he was here, Tenk soon came to realize as he drew closer. To where Hoole and Xenly now battled. Master against apprentice. Creator against creation. And behind Hoole...Kira. The darkness that was building and raging here was infecting her just as Tenk had been infected by the darkness that had consumed him on Bakura. He had been consumed...and he had been saved. Kira was being consumed...and he had to save her.

    That was why he was here. That was why he had been taken and then saved at Gesaril. The Force demanded that he had to be here, at this point, where the heart of the dark side was ready to be unleashed, with nothing to stop it.

    Except him.

    In front of Hoole stood Xenly. Behind him came Kira. Two of the same darkness. Wanting to come together, to be one. And once that last obstacle between them was cut down, there was nothing to stop them from uniting. And then...


    With all of the Force that he had left to command, Tenk jumped. He sprang forward, to this process of dark unification. He had to get between this. He had to stop this.

    And he did intervene. Landing on his feet, Tenk turned, his back facing that of Hoole's, and his blindfolded eyes turned to Kira. His hand was at the lightsaber at his side but he didn't draw it. Whatever happened would not be settled with blades.

    "Stop," Tenk spoke, gently, his hands resting at his sides before being lifted just a bit, as if to embrace his comrade. The one who had helped them get free from Gesaril, the one that he had fought with against Imperi, the one who had saved his life. He remembered these things that tied them together as he reached out towards her, the lost teachings of the Jedi that he now embraced again guiding him as he sought to reach into the core of Kira Kara Romar. Of the Jedi that she had once been.

    Of the Jedi that she can become again. Just like him.

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  12. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Laaxtiin Kiar
    Damming Salvation

    The words were spoken, the only the word that mattered...More. As Darkness raised to darkness he moved forward, the gods had set his task and with a religious fervor that went beyond the point were infidels fell or faltered he would strive on as he walked toward the core...toward Yarong.

    "You are twins!" he shouted rapidly as he walked forward, "Yarong I killed my twin, so hunger of death grasped my heart to never be filled. The only end of it for us is in our own death, completely, That is THE more!" His words were rushed like the flowing of a fast chant as he came to Yarong of Xenly.

    Unsure if the revelations, if the teachings of the Yuuzhan-Vong yet echoed from Eloa Lan's strident and unbending beliefs yet rang anywhere within Yarong. Only time would tell...but time was over, nearly over.

    Stabbing forward with his warriors arm he aimed to slice into Yarongs heart, to pierce the was not hidden to him. He knew Verpine, he knew Xenly, and he knew Yuuzhan-Vong, his slice would travel through all three locations, that tight grouping where they all dwelt. It was time to fulfill his destiny. Circumstances, darkness, and death be all meaningless, not even lightning could deter to slow his path to come beside Yarong.

    This was why he had killed his brother, the one that had his own face.

    This was why he had killed Yu'Dor.

    This was why he had killed Qat.

    This was why he had killed...

    To Train...

    Past pain...

    Past reason...

    Past intent...

    To kill a god was to move without anything...except to give a gift in duty, love, honor, respect, flesh, death, and give all without a drop of self.

    "I give..." he whispered in the last moment as he thumbed on the crimson blade, "Your gift."

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  13. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    ooc: Fin said I don´t need his judgment, as I won´t resist.

    The End of Many Thngs

    [link=]Music by Fin[/link]

    Hoole understood. Finally. He was the only one. Of all of them. Who understood.

    Yarong, known as Xenly raised his arm and the storm of Hoole´s rage hammered into him. Making the air itself bristle with electricity. Making his bones ache under the impact, but not his soul. Xenly contained the lightning in his hand, forcing it to reform, to reshape, but trembling under Hoole´s power. He had grwon stronger even. So much stronger. Memories of his apprenticeship, of his many duels with him floated his minds. Then there was the Vong. Yelling over the noise of dark energy charging.

    "Yarong I killed my twin, so hunger of death grasped my heart to never be filled. The only end of it for us is in our own death, completely, That is THE more!" He shouted and a red blade hissed alive. Something inside of Yarong listened. Something inside of Xenly laughed at him. Did he care who this pathetic thing killed? Or what he thought. He was Xenly. A God. The Vong dared to try and convince a god.

    Xenly turned towards him, not saying a word, seeing the blade come down on him. The world slowing down at his command. And his mind expanded into so many bodies. And his will were there orders.

    The girl. Why did they not desire the girl? Who was she? Maybe she was . . .
    The blade came down, piercing his chest and he looked at the Yuuzhan Vong, as the red energy burned him from inside. He stared at him. And his Verpine mouth did, what his brethren would have called a smile. Why had he allowed him, too? Something inside, deep inside had wanted him to. A whisper. A distant memory not his. Not entirely his.

    "Your gift." These were the words of the Vong. Xenly leaned forward. "OURRRR gift." He hissed. "told YOU. we ARRRRE many!" And he allowed Hoole´s dark power to unleash, embracing the nameless man and himself inside the pain and agony of the Dark Side as the lightning pierced into their bodies to their very cores. He would be reborn. Again and again and again. A billion souls held his essence, a billion bodies his mind. Screaming he embraced his murder. His will carrying into XENLY. A body had died. So much more than one body remained. "yaaaaaaaarooooong!"

    While a million Xenly served once more Xenly´s last will. Kill.

    Kill ´em all.

    Satisfy your hunger.


    And dragging the Yuuzhan Vong close to him, he remembered his name. Kiar. "Kiar." Xenly whispered. And it sounded like another persons voice. Before Xenly could realize this, pain overcame him and he welcomed the thousands of bodies attacking . . .

    Xenly would not die within´a body. Not again.

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  14. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]The Hive
    Beneath the Battle of Souls

    [link=]Music - Escaping the Hive[/link]

    Tahnan turned to U´tek and nodded. He knew the soldier was right. But his place was up there. His place was with Romar. Whatever way that might turn out. "Good luck, Lt. Colonel. You´re in charge of our people now." He only replied and nodded. Then turned and hurried after the blinded Tenk Qatar.

    U´tek made his way back. Where Glave was still sitting next to a rock, his sidearm dragged from the holster. Next to him stood Commander Keean. The Iktochi looked terribly bruised.

    "U´tek. You´re alive." He coughed. "Not many are. Found Kaya. And Romar. And my people . . ." He coughed again. "Stormtroopers. Empire is here and the space battle, looked not too good, last time I saw it." He ended his sentence and looked down to Glave. "I think I could help him, but . . . looks bad." He added and then looked to U´tek again. "Stormtroopers came from that direction. Got eaten by Xenly. But I guess they have a shuttle somewhere there. Might be our only chance." Keean had a hard time staying on his feet. Obviously he had fought to exhaustion. Glave gave them a smile.

    "Don´t you think about burden your little team with me, cat. I am not here to make life harder for you." He smiled. Then a wave of pain ran through him. "Good fight we gave ´em heh?"

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    [color=orange][hl=black][b]Above the Battle of Souls[/b]
    [i]Command Center[/i][/hl][/color]

    [b]Talia[/b] watched the scene. Tenk! Oh no, why? Why was he there? Arming her pistol she took her hand to the control of the jetpack and prepared. Then she saw it. And she realized, The Vulture had been right. All along The Vulutre had been right.

    Breathing and breathing out, she prepared. Fear. Everywhere inside of her. Millions of Xenly. Jedi, Sith. And she had to kill one of them. Had to . . .

    "Please." She begged the powers above. And watched the battle unfold.

    [i]Tenk . . . why did you have to get here? Why? [/i]

    [b]Tag: Nobody, yet[/b]


    [i]ooc: I´ll update on Xenly and Kiar tomorrow, need a PM answered, first. [/i]>
  15. sprintabm

    sprintabm Jedi Master star 3

    May 20, 2005
    beneath the battle

    U'tek found himself muttering under his breath, going off on Tahnan's actions. He would never get a chance to understand that being, to never figure out why he decided to deal with that wretch known as the Vulture or why he decided to jump into a fight that meant certain death. The insanity of it all...

    Although his hearing was still recovering he did hear Keean but his words didn't fully register as he mulled over the situation, standing amongst the wounded iktochi and human. Finally, it hit him.

    "Kaya's dead? And Romar," he spoke in his semi-shout, still doing his best to hear himself. The cathar's frustration built up again. "Not Kaya, dammit! Is Talia dead, too? Whatever - kriff her!" His shout almost turned into a scream. His feelings for the human female were easily revealed under the stressful situation they were in.

    "We're getting out, and you're with me, furless," he barked at Glave. "Don't you kriffing die on me now." He knelt down beside the Imperial, wincing as he forgot the injury on his left arm as he tried to raise it. "Keean, let's do something, quick, and we'll get to that hangar. You're with me, right?" U'tek look at Keean, concerned about his battered appearance. "I need your help. My arm's jacked, so you and me are going to drag Glave out of here and into the hangar. We're getting out."

    U'tek's eyes looked into nothing for a moment as the thought of those that he tried to save were now dead - Kaya and Vero-Romar. Now all of Keean's soldiers were dead, Glave was dying, and who know's what was waiting for them in the hangar.

    One thing at a time.

    He looked up at Keean expectantly and impatiently, ready to assist him with whatever quick field dressing he could put on Glave. They needed to get out now. Only gods and the Force knew what madness was going on with the Force users and bugs above them.

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  16. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]The Battle of Souls
    Kiar and Xenly

    [link=]Music - The Battle of Souls[/link]

    The dark energy burst into both of them. The lightning crawling into their bones, into the flesh, into their very soul as Hoole unleashed the rage of centuries into the dark world of Asteroid Alpha. Xenly screamed out, into the dark, into the word and as his body burst under the pressure, setting free the red lightblade buried into his chest, his scream, like a shockwave . . . made his children move again. All of them. And they moved in to kill. All of it.

    Of a million became two in a few seconds as they spread and the distance of a few meters they had kept was now dwarfing with every second. Kiar collapsed, lightning still spasming through his muscles. But alive. And for he was Vong, safe from the Xenly for now. As they did not feel him alive.

    In his mind a single word seemed to be whispered by Eloa Lan´s voice. Godslayer.

    And in the midst of it all . . . as two million Xenly charged forward to consume them, from every possible side. And in the center of their attention, as Xenly had wished it to be, three force-users. Tenk Qatar, offering his embrace to what had been called Kira Romar. And the exhausted Hoole, right behind them. Still enough life in him for one last act of . . . retribution. For a destiny he had been betrayed of.

    Tahnan, in the dark between all the Xenly hadn´t kept up with Kira. But now he had arrived and as the Xenly began to move he pulled himself into a corner, trying to be not seen. Too many. He thought and saw Kira Romar over there. Black eyes. Pale skin.

    By the force . . .

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    [b]The Hive[/b]
    [i]Escape the Hive[/i][/color][/hl]

    [link=]Music - Escape the Hive[/link]

    Keean looked down on Glave, then took out a patch of bacta and wanted to attach it. "Are you kidding me?" Glave spitted out blood. "If the cat is to stubborn to let me die, don´t insult me by faking you can do anything about a piece of metal as big as my arm in my side. Get me up and we make a run for the Empire´s shuttle. [i]Nune[/i]-Classes have Bacta-Tanks on board." He hissed and pushed himself up. His sidearm ready, Keean helping him.

    Keean than looked at U´tek and gave a bitter smile. "Insects are busy. Let´s go. Before they realize they missed a part of their lunch." They began to stumble through the maze. And indeed, safety had been close, so very close to them all the time. A hundred meters behind the place was an airlock, now open and right behind it what looked like an unharmed [i]Nune[/i]-Class shuttle. In front of it was, what might have been stormtroopers. A hundred, maybe. The few Xenly bodies between them told the whole story. They had made the same mistake than the Resistance. They had dared to challenge this hive. That had no other purpose than devour life.

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  17. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Kira Kara Romar
    Battle of Souls

    Every step poured with anger. Xenly´s anger as her borekn body stepped closer to Hoole. Her lightblade ignited, her mouth opened, as if she was ready to bite him if she had no other way to slay the Dark Jedi. And then someone was there. Her blurry vision had little time to adjust, but she felt who it was in the force. Tenk Qatar.

    And behind him, behind Hoole millions of Xenly rushed to make an end. Tenk?

    "Tenk. You shouldn´t. Be here." She hissed, her words came with pain now. Every one of them a stab into her heart now. Second left.

    You know what you have to do. Darth Zorn laughed inside of her. To defeat Hoole, to save Tenk. You know what you have to do. You know it. Know it.

    And her obsidian eyes showed the eternal sadness of her realization, as Darth Zorn screamed inside of her head.


    And her inner self curled together, fearful of the decision already made.

    She had gone as far he could without loosing herself. It had nopt been far enough. In the future Tenk´s death already was apparent. As was her owns. In the future they were all dead and it was her to change it. To make it never happen. As she had always been meant to.

    In a strange moment of silence she stared at Tenk Qatar and her eyes became the cool blue eyes of herself again. Breathing out she gave him a sad smile.
    "It is too late for me, Tenk. I was . . . never meant to be saved. You are." And spreading her arms, just as Hoole began to move behind Tenk, her eyes grew the darkest dark and her soul gave itself to Xenly.

    No longer to draw strength from him. But to become one with him.

    A weapon. No. Hunger.

    Eternal hunger.

    Falling to her knees she felt a million minds respond. Welcome her. She took the place the deceased Verpine crature had in their souls, she took the place Hoole had conquered so often but never been able to hold.

    Xenly. There was only Xenly.

    Welcome into me. Darth Zorns voice hissed into her mind. Only it wasnt Zorn. It was Xenly. It was her.

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  18. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005
    escaping the hive

    Of course there had to be an airlock closer to where the prisoners were, U'tek grumbled to himself. And of course they had to enter through the farthest one, forcing them to kill as many bugs as possible to get there. He was grateful that he brought that class A with him, but at the same time, he hoped to never use a class A ever again.

    U'tek peered through the airlock, his rifle at the ready in his good arm, his bad arm clutching his side. He saw the shuttle and was glad to see it looked space-worthy. The amount of debris from the dead littering the floor wasn't very comforting, though. If there were bugs hanging out here, he didn't know how three wounded soldiers would be able to stand against them. And the last thing he needed was to deal with was scared, trigger happy Imperial survivors. He didn't see any, but that made sense; they'd be in the shuttle. It was better for them to take their chances with the Imps than with the bugs any day.

    The cathar silently motioned to Keean and Glave to follow him as he moved quickly but quietly forward towards the shuttle, his rifle readied as best as he was capable, scanning the cavern and the shuttle for any movement. If he made it to the boarding ramp with no problems, he would scan it from the outside before cautiously entering.

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  19. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    The Battle of Souls

    [link=]Music - An End in Darkness[/link]

    All his rage and Xenly still stood. His breath was hasty, his chest burning. Xenly prevailed. How powerful he had become in his endless spreading? How invincible? And yet, fate had never meant Xenly to be a Master, had it?

    The Yuuzhan Vong appeared and a red lightsaber flashed alive. Grinning Hoole unleashed another wave, as the red blade pierced the insect´s chest. The twisted version of a Verpine. And finally Xenly´s ban over his power broke and it unleashed itself in full fury. Hitting both of them, crawling beneath their skin, beneath their protection and filled them with Hoole´s hatred. A dark poison. It´s effect was coming fast. Agony. Death.

    They did not prevail anymore. They did not defend themselves or make a stand against his power. Bursting into pieces, as the power and the lightsaber made Xenly suffer, his apprentice ended his short-lived resurrection in pain. And more was nothing he would have, now.

    The Vong lived, as Hoole turned his attention to something else. A minor player in this game, he knew. Not important anymore. Barely alive. And Xenly, just as he had done on Roche two hundred years before - spread his last will among his children. And millions began to charge.

    Hoole realized he had no strength left to hold them. No power to bend their wills anymore. Not with Xenly raging in XENLY´s collective minds. He realized he had nowhere to go. Nowhere to run.

    Hoole was about to end.

    But a few seconds . . . maybe two, three . . . were left.

    Turning half, just enough to reach those behind him, he saw Tenk Qatar and Kira Romar in a strange embrace. And he knew their pain. Kira was fulfilling her destiny, finally. And Tenk Qatar had found his light again. And all of this would end before it would ever mean something. Through Hoole. They were no enemies for him, anymore. His blade raised and he saw what was about to happen. A vision so clear it betrayed reality.

    His blade would slash to Tenk Qatar´s side and the Jedi would block it, with his own igniting blade. But Hoole´s blade would come around and despite his best efforts, Qatar would not be fast enough. The Jedi would feel the burning plasma slice through his lungs and his own life fade into the madness that was Xenly. Kira, intoxicated by her new found power would realize it a little to late. She would bring her lightsaber up, but in a fluid move, without preparation his slice through Tenk Qatar would turn into a stab. And it would reach her belly, making it´s way inside. Killing her child a second before life would leave her. Then a million mouths and claws would rip him apart. He would be curling his lip in disgust of their weakness. Before he would scream in pain. They would all be dead. United in failure. And eternal damnation.

    The moment to begin this play came and he realized all he had to do was give himself to it. And his hands wanted to. the red blade nervously vibrating in his hand. A last, unforeseen wave of power fueled his rage once more. His heart rushed in anger, hurting, but wishing for blood. The need for revenge pulsed within´ his head.

    All he had to do now, was begin. It was unstoppable.

    Hoole´s thumb pulled the ignition button and his red blade vanished. As did the need to kill. A wicked smile appeared on his face. Eternity seemed to happen in that moment. Making it an endless second of triumph. Yes, the Dark Side had wanted another sacrifice. More death. More. More. More.

    But why? Who were these two to deserve death in the last second he had? What could he have revenge for? Against them? No, the hunger. The hunger demanded their lives. The eternal need for more, the Dark Side breathed into all living creatures touching it. The poison of darkness that had slowly eaten him from the inside for more than three hundred years. He had been a slave to this poison. Just as Xenly had been.

    He had served it. He had
  20. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Laaxtiin Kiar
    Kiar and Xenly within The Battle of Souls

    "As soon as you dispassionately place yourselves among those whom you are willing to send to certain death, you take another step toward strategic wisdom." ?Czulkang Lah

    That thought, that memory from that villip recorded class session of the famous Warmaster, it raged in his mind as the pain...searing soul rending pain tore through his body...and Yarongs.

    He had done as he had been taught whilst trained as a warrior, to not keep oneself distant from those you wish to kill, and had even stepped into the fire as he stabbed a god...killed a god. They burned together, both touched by the unleashed flames, both writhing, both screaming "Yaaaaaarrrrrooonnngg!" together like a warning to the gates. A god is coming, and this will be his name.

    Death comes unexpectadly to the ill prepared warrior, unready to leave his prison of life. -

    Who said that? Where had he heard that? Must of been another record biot, another lesson, Nas Choka maybe. Where was the gate? Why wasn't he there yet? A voice whispered his name, once more sight gained meaning as he saw Yarong explode from the unleashed energies filling their bodies.

    Me next. He silently thought waiting for pain that surpassed knowledge or even function bring the same fate to him.

    He found himself upon the ground staring up, convulsing, shallow breaths coming in and out. He wasn't dead...why wasn't he dead yet?! This was supposed to be enough! Why!

    A solitary whisper graced his mind, the whisper of Eloa Lan. He knew she was dead, so was she to collect him? Had he fallen instead of risen, her sole word echoed in his mind Godslayer.

    Godslayer, yes that is what I've done, did I do what shouldn't? Why am still here, I was prepared for death, why haven't you taken me! Where is my gate!

    I killed a god what more can one do?

    Tears slowly fell from his maa'it, blurring the Xenly that crawled past his form, some being wounded to die by the lit lightsaber that jerked with his bodies spasms. One even touched him in crawling over while most went around, smoking as it took an electrical shock from his twitching body.

    Life comes as sadness, for what is a life for but setting the foundations for the next, and as a delay to experience the first two gifts fully before being allowed the third and final gift. - Priest teaching the Creche.

    Yun-Ne'Shel! You watch over all cycles of life, why do you leave mine here? Have I not experienced enough suffering of life? Have I not known pain more great than Nas Choka? Of Lah? Why am I denied to whither in spasms unseen by enemies or friends, to waste away like a forgotten biot upon the gatag, the shaper leaving it formed yet stuck between life and death.

    His vaa-tumor ached whithin his skull, that which shaped the mind, altered the pathways to bring higher understanding brought reciprical pain...memories brought unbidden danced before eyes he no longer had, had not had for many many years...

    Like a great horror and travisty his life began to dance before him, there was his brother, his twin. He met him for the first time that day, how happy he was to know his brother to learn of his ambitions...The look upon his face, their face as he plunged the claw into his chest, ripping down, exposing his brother, himself for all to see what he was made of. Something broke that day...why did it break? How...Did I...?

    A scream shattered into his reality and once more he stared at what was, Xenly were clawing and crawling. "Kill, End the Hunger, Devour...Each other!" Was his words. And likely they would be his last. He had no delusions of living long in this realm, though in a way he almost now wanted to...if only to find out the answer to...

    What foundation have I left for the next?

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  21. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    The Hive
    The Battle of Souls

    Millions of claws and small teeth ripped Hoole apart, while dragging him deeper and deeper into the Hive . . . to suffocate his final scream in the force . . .

    And Xenly´s cry for blood sang in their minds as Kira Romar reached deep, deep into the darkness the Verpine Dark Jedi had once become and which had been developed, nurtured from generation to generation of his children. Making them a dark twisted version of what they had once been. An incarnation of darkness.

    They heard Kiar´s demand, but did not care about it. They did not wanted to end. They wanted to spread for eternity.

    Then there was Romar. Everywhere inside of them. Powerful, because unresisted she reached into their soul and they welcomed her. Embraced her in their insane need and unending power.

    And they stopped. Just as they were about to rip Tenk Qatar and Tahnan down, they frrezed. Their foul breath hissing. One of the Yarong, the greater, better armored Xenly, had his sting right before the Jedi´s dead eye, ready to pierce his skull, as he stopped and turned back. Kiar felt their stings above him, waiting. Tahnan was on the ground, as they did not bring their stings down on him. Kira had not wanted them to die. Though they did not devour them.

    But their hunger needed satisfaction.

    Not even Kira Romar could change that. The hunger was eternal.

    And through the force, they showed her worlds dying. Xenly spreading in every corner. Awaiting more places, more lives, more worlds. Where she would lead him. A galaxy awaiting death.

    A galaxy serving his hunger.

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    [hl=black][color=silver][b]The[/b] [i]Nune[/i]-[b]Class Shuttle Aboat[/b]
    [i]The Edge of the Hive[/i][/color][/hl]

    [b]U´tek[/b], battered as he was, entered the shuttle. Right behind him [b]Keean[/b] brought [b]Glave[/b] up. Indeed, the Empire had prepared for their final stand inside the shuttle. Two stormtroopers, a pilot and an officer lay there. And what had killed them was not the claw of a Xenly.

    They had been shot.

    Glave hissed. [i][b]"Commando units. Somebody got them cold. Never turned. Just dropped." [/b] [/i] Glave pushed Keean away and leaned next to the exit, his handgun in his right. His wound still bleeding. Keean took his rifle from his back immediately. [i][b]"I´ll check the cockpit, you clear the ship?"[/b][/i] He asked U´tek. And outside they saw movment. Xenly. They were back again. Obviously the insects had found their hunger.

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  22. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    The Battle of Souls

    "It is too late for me, Tenk. I was...never meant to be saved. You are."


    With his lack of eyesight, Tenk hadn't been able to see her obsidian eyes - the color of the Xenly - having switched to the blues that he still remembered seeing during their brief time together. But he still felt it. For a moment, the darkness of the hive seeming to cloak her from view, the Kira Kara Romar that he knew had poked out. Just for a moment.

    And as he spoke her name, as he reached out through the Force to try and pull her the rest of the way out, she ducked back within.


    Tenk had taken a step towards her, a hand raising as if to physically pull her away away from the dark consumption of her soul. He was too late however...far far too late.

    A scream from behind had caused Tenk to look over his shoulder, towards where Hoole had been behind his back. But he wasn't there anymore either. Just as it was now happening with Kira, Hoole was being pulled into the darkness of the hive, not just his soul but his entire being becoming consumed by the Xenly. And just like Kira, having just been there, if only for a moment, Hoole then vanished from Tenk's senses.

    Was it was to end?

    Hoole was gone, and the only thing that now stood between the approaching Xenly and Kira was him.

    He was going to die.

    Become devoured.

    Swallowed up by these abominations of the dark side.

    The Force had led him here for a purpose, for him to battle against the darkness that had consumed him before once again. So that it would not happen to another. But had he...failed?

    The Force held great tests in store for all living creatures. He had his on Bakura and failed it. Had it already come and gone here, at this very moment? And had he failed yet again?

    One of the more evolved Xenly - Yarong? - seemed to rear up before him, an extension of the dark side that wished to strike him down and take his life just as it had done to so many others. Tenk stayed where he was, not even bothering to draw his lightsaber. What was the point? He lost. He failed. To fight against the inevitable seemed so pointless now...

    Tenk jerked. Not because of some death blow that was delivered, however. The Xenly was before him and Tenk could feel the stinger that was held back just in front of his eyes.

    Slowly, very slowly, Tenk's dead eyes turned away from the stinger, his sightless gaze sweeping towards where Kira stood.

    "...Kira?" he questioned, a whisper that, for a second, made him wonder if he had even said anything afterall.

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  23. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Laaxtiin Kiar
    The Battle of Souls

    The times raged before his mind once more as the stingers stole close to his flesh, one last look at the life that was led and now was lost, killed by the minions of a dead he had slain fresh to the of death.

    There was his training, in the high gravity fields of the world ship, training of a warrior. His being singled out of the warrior ranks to begin training as a shaper after the invasion had failed and Zenoma fled to regions unknown.

    His attempts to be all things to all casts, to uphold a domain name that held no other heirs within the known galaxy, all other vanishing with their new homeworld. Eventually he had broken, had to choose and follow the way of the shaper, follow his Master Shaper as he advanced in rank to the highest echelons of the intendent caste.

    All was passing, so quickly now.

    His mission under Nas Choka, the two Jeedai, foul as they were proved themselves able warrior priests even in his eyes. They killed Yu'Dor destroying her fleet as she ran to her death at the hands of another. Avenging Nas Choka's death as he had promised.

    Taking roles of risk he advanced and led this ill fated mission, creating a god he was trying to prevent by saving the priestess' life. Was that were he erred on the realm of living? If it weren't for him, would Qat have continued without a birthing god, would all have never gone this far?

    Time could not tell, and those that could were yet silent.

    Deactivating the lightsaber he tried reattaching it to his waist, he couldn't manage to get to click the first...the second...the third time and still it hung freely in his hand.

    "For the Hate of Yarong!" he cursed as vehemently and loudly as he was able, which was a very weak hiss only given air by the stillness surrounding him. Staring at a death that would not come, yet hanging tantilizingly close. Why did the god's hate him so? What was left for a Vong that doubted even the strength to stand?

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  24. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    [hl=black]The Hive
    The Battle of Souls . . . comes to an end

    [link=]Music - The Romar-Theme[/link]

    And suddenly Kiar was rammed to the ground again ,as the Xenly begin to to reform. Tenk was dragged away from Kira, only far enough to not be able to reach her. And a cricle build around her. Of Yarong.

    And Kiar saw Xenly´s prophecy come true. Through the dark eyes of Kira Kara Romar a new Dark God was born. And Xenly guareded this second Yarong jealousy. His warriors lining between the two survivors and their dark Godess.

    Their stings brought up.

    Tenk Qatar felt a stir. Something in the force. Fear. Something . . .

    And darkness. Where Kira Romar had been, only darkness remained. All there had been was devoured, just like all the worlds would be, under her new guidance.

    Hoole had died. As had Xenly.

    But the Hive had gotten what it had wanted. The Hive had won.

    [hl=black]The Hive would devour all. [/hl]

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  25. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    [hl=black]Kira Kara Romar
    The Sad Queen of Hunger

    [link=]Music - The Destroyer of Worlds[/link]

    The world exploded in a dark burst of despair. Only Xenly remained.

    She felt so many dying. So much death. The galaxy was burning from a dark fire that threatened to consume it and it could not be stopped. Could never been stopped. There was no regret, no hope, no conscience, no doubt in Xenly.

    There is only hunger.

    A need to devour. To murder.

    Karideph, Mandalore, Chak`Dor, Kamparas, Eloraant, Ord Trasis, Haven, Yag´Dhul, Kal Shebbol, Salador, Ye`Yuuzhan, Yoggoy, Shadow, Drallus . . .

    They were only the beginning. The first to reach. In hyperspace Hoole had send hundreds of drone-freighters. Soon they would reach three thousand systems and nothing would stop Xenly. His power was beyond anything a single human creature could take. Ship-lanes would be infected with the Yarong, who no longer feared space. And from their they would find a way to spread anew. Kira felt those he had taken. The souls and minds of so many who had dared to touch the darkness that was him. Who had found their fears and their terror reflected. Come true. And had served another appetite of Xenly. For fear.

    "Kira?" She heard the voice of Tenk through a fog of emotion. A fog of hunger.

    "He is so hungry, Tenk. So hungry."
    She coughed and went to her knees. "Get away. Get away as long as you can." She hissed. And her voice was followed by a scream. Her vision blurred, with only one object in perfect sharp vision. A dark hooded man, with a long scar at his throat. With red eyes, gleaming at her. He was mid thirty, his face pale and grinning. Darth Zorn laughed at her.

    Let go, Kira. Just let go. You know you can´t stop him. It is what you were meant to be.

    She felt children die and she stopped it. Darth Zorn grinned. Tears running out of her eyes. Nothing there anymore.

    Yes, you would never hurt children, would you? What about . . . them? Darth Zorn asked and showed her the imperials. Aboard their ships outside the Asteroid. Darth Regentis, his troops. The people who had killed Jaleb. The men who had killed her husband, the father of her son. She tried to, but the truth was, she wanted them to be dead. All of them. And a hundred hungry Xenly, everywhere in the galaxy turned on the Empire. Teared down fortresses, killed troopers. Sith were slain. officers. Troopers. And everybody else. Their families, their children. Their weak, ill and old. The four Star Destroyers. Zorn showed them and Kira never made conscious decision. They were teared apart. Of a hundred-thousand Xenly grew a million in seconds. Death. Death spread among the stars.

    On Kamparas whole towns where consumed, walkers brought down and people ran screaming. Mandalore was no better, the Mandalorians, Selpha´s people. So much hatred. So much to devour. Salador was almost empty of living. And Kira wanted more. Weren´t there more? Weren´t they all . . . somehow . . .

    Yes, yes they are. They all turned on the Jedi. They all despised you, they never thaked you for all the things you lost for them. Kira screamed out. All her pain. All her anger. And Xenly heard her scream. And grew only wilder. Only more aggressive.

    "Tenk . . . Tenk, I . . . we . . . am lost." Kira stumbled, but her words meant nothing anymore. The Xenly were swarming around her. She felt their presence. She felt their protection.

    Kira understood. She understood it all. Roon. Alpha. Hoole had never failed to control Xenly. It had been the poisonous thoughts that he had tried to protect himself from. Yes, Xenly would never have hurt Kira by dragging her so deep into it. But she had done this herself.

    Salador. She felt another wave of death. Yoggoy, the Hives of the Killiks were reached. Billions of lives. Ready to be taken.

    Only the beginning, Kira. Only the beginning. Zorn laughed. Together we will end it
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