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SWRPF Archive 133 ABY - The Dark Odyssey

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. kit-kenobi

    kit-kenobi Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 10, 2007
    IC: Zeth Tak'n
    Above Gesaril

    "That eye is coming for me, Sabrelead, I need some help here, I need some HELP!"

    Talia's voice rang through Zeth's comm unit. The zabrak turned his ship around while cursing under his breath. He picked up her ship on his radar, and slammed his accelerators towards her. She was doing an excellent job of spinning, and dodging, but Zeth knew she could only keep that up for so long.

    "I'm on way Sabre 2, just hold on for a little longer," Lt. Tak'n instructed his wingmate. He was about there, when another comm came through his system, "Sabre Four to Sabre One. Sabre Four is inbound with a few visitors in tow. Get ready to make room! Sabre Four out!"

    Sithspawn! How am I supposed to get them both out of trouble, and what had happened to Sabre 4's wingmate? Zeth had become distracted and realized he had missed his opportunity to get a decent shot off at Talia's pursuer, but never the less, He fired a few shots around the TIE trying to distract for a second of two.

    Zeth watched as the imperial regained his composure in pursuit of Sabre 2. He whirled his ship around and sped off in chase of Talia and her pursuer. It would take a little longer before Sabre 4 was close enough for him to help. While in pursuit, Lt. Tak'n thought to himself that perhaps they could help close the distance between 4 and themselves.

    "Sabre 2, try to shake that eye off you, and change your course to approach Sabre 4, maybe by reaching him we can kill two birds with one stone, or at least, put a plan together."

    "Sabre 4, this is Sabre 1. How much longer until you reach us? Have any ideas on how to get out of this jam?" Zeth questioned, hoping the answer was yes, as he did the same as he had instructed Talia to do, and headed for Sabre 4's X-83.

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  2. HalloWaru

    HalloWaru Jedi Youngling

    Oct 29, 2006
    IC: Si Kya
    Helluva Fight


    It's amazing how quickly events can change. Si managed to hit the Sith, and elation filled Si. And then, just as quickly, the Sith simply turned around. The stun shot was probably a mistake. He began to back away, fear engulfing him. I am so dead.

    "Hands of the boy, you ugly son of a horny Hutt!"

    The big man lunged in, and Si started to edge away, pushing at the floor with his bare feet. It didn't get him far, and Si looked back to see the Cathar too running past him, and Kira's expression suggesting immense concentration. He turned back, as the Cathar slid under the fight and started firing slugthrower rounds into the Sith, who appeared to have difficulty moving his hands. Leaning hard to the wall to angle around the human, Si started firing stun bolts at the Sith as fast as his finger could touch the trigger.

    His intellectual mind saw that the Sith was about to be overwhelmed.

    "Please, for love of the Gods. Die!"[/blockquote]

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  3. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Gesaril Asteroid Complex


    Commander Loben
    hissed as the X-83 escaped him again. But no maneuver this hot-job could perform would have him loose him. "Squadron, follow my lead." He shouted and accelerated out of the Lancer´s shadow after Maximl Vektir. "Fire at will." He ordered and opened fire with every energy he could give the lasers.

    Talia turned her ships and dived the Rancor, which had suffered heavy under the fire of the Asteroid Station.
    "Affirmative. I´ll try to drag him in. Two new eyeballs on 8 and Max seems to have made friends, whole Squadron ahead." She screamed into the com and accelerated her ship. Being under fire with a fighter was much more comfortable than with a shuttle, after all. Hopefully, they would get Tenk out, soon. Because she saw that they were loosing and she wouldn´t retreat without him.

    Captain Lerner
    watched the battle, Black Squadron hammered the Lancer and he waited for damage reports. But he felt the Blacks missing against the Asteroid. Then his sensor officer raised his hand, growing pale. "Sir, arrival." He only said. Lerner saw in the eyes of the man, how terrified he was. "What is it?" "Fury-Class Fighter." The man only replied. "By the corellian hells." Lerner opened a channel to the Sabre-Squad and Black-Squadron. "Lerner to wings, a Sith has entered the Battle. I repeat, a Sith has entered the battle.

    And a few clicks away from the battle Darth Archeos punched in a message to the nearest imperial fleet and accelerated his ship, without the slightest haste. He had just left Hyperspace and already had something to kill. The red-faced Twi´Lek searched for a good target and his sensors indicated the Gunboats were doing the greatest damage. "Archeos to Gesaril, have no fear, I am here!" He grinned into the com. Approaching the Battle of Gesaril fast, he would make the Resistance understand the power of the Dark Side.

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    The Sith was about to raise his lightsaber, as the human jumped up. Son of a Horny Hutt?. With a forming grin on his face he turned, only to see the Cathar moving. His lightsaber raised. The force unloading into the human breaking two rips of him, as he was blasted into the walls again. It was as if he could move and everybody else was bound to a slow-motion of themselves. His anger had indeed made him powerful. And just as his blade was about to come down to slice through the sliding cat and the younger guy in one perfect movement, it stopped mid-air. Stuck in the air, he never realized what had happened. The rounds of the cats slugthrower hit him and entered through his skin one by one. The stunblasts of the young joined the staccato and he was caught in a bizarre dance of death. Just as both men had no more munition, he collapsed. Finally dead.

    In the moment he hit the floor Kira was grabbed by a powerful trembling in the force. Cold. Approaching. The premonition of death coming. For many many souls.

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  4. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Jacen Cole

    He saw the Sith collapse and realized that it was mircale they were all alive and unharmed. These monsters hadn´t become any less dangerous, in the years since the war. "Easy, wasn´t it?" He joked, only to take some pressure out of the situation. Then he saw Romar rise. Yeah, when she was around, the Sith came running. He should have let her be killed. She would bring them all death. Before she could, he leaned forward and grabbed the lightsaber of this monster. Standing up and ignoring the other two he pierced the Jedi with his glance.

    "So, Romar, I guess you will dying to get this one, will ya?" He asked. He couldn´t hide his disgust anymore.

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  5. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: relocated the "surge" hope it´s okay

    Kira Romar

    She raised and slowly neared the Sith. Unconsciously she called he pistol to her hand, not realizing how unusual a flying weapon would be fore the others.

    "Easy, wasn´t it?" The familiar soldier said. She nodded. Indeed, this man had been a blunt instrument. They will send worse. Much worse.

    Checking her weapon again the soldier held up the lightsaber of the dead Sith.
    "So, Romar, I guess you will dying to get this one, will ya?" The man asked. Cole, Jacen Cole. She remembered him. He had killed a Sith on board the Kenobi above Roon. And later fought in the thick of the ground battle.

    She looked at the weapon. Obviously the man didn´t liked the idea of giving it to her. It was dark, chorral-made like most sabers of the Sith these days.
    If you take a lightsaber into your hand, you will return to the game, you know it. It´s like a ticket, like string attached to you. Whoever it is this time, they only want you to grab that weapon and kill him again.

    "Not at all." She replied dryly. Meeting his disgust and piercing gaze with her own eyes. Cold and detched. "Keep it." She said and turned around checking her pistol again.

    She gave them a moment to understand she knew him as well, "was right. It is a trap, they are amassing a small army down that . . ." She pointed right to the Corridor leading to the entrance but never finished her sentence. A premonition of death. Hundreds of dead. And it happened now.

    The Prisoners. They are killing them while forzen, Kira.

    "I know where the others are! WE MUST SAVE ´EM!" She yelled out and began running without waiting a second for response.

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  6. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Lorj Danathin

    [blockquote]Tenk wasted no time proving his usefulness as he shielded them from the incoming storm of blasterfire. Lorj's rifle was up onto his shoulders and he began clearing the hallway of the black armored bodies with fearsome accuracy. The power of one shot was, not only enough to kill a stormtrooper, but knock his body back a few steps, bumping into his comrades. With shocking efficiency, he took down four troopers within seconds of Tenk creating his shield.

    "Must keep move." He hissed at Tenk before grabbing a blaster rifle off the ground and handing it to him. Leading them to the end of the hallway, Lorj moved on towards their designated meeting area, but heard a rousing commotion in the distance; in the direction that the others had went in. Though it, within seconds, had ceased and now there was screaming by a woman, but not the scared or in distress often associated with a scream.

    He would have to make sure that his teammates were okay, but there was no reason to risk Tenk's newly found safety, more than what they had already. "Behind me." Lorj made his choice as he began to go down the other hallway, stormtrooper footsteps growing ever louder in his ears.[/blockquote]
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  7. sprintabm

    sprintabm Jedi Master star 3

    May 20, 2005
    Prison complex - interrogation block

    U'tek got to his feet and didn't acknowledge the exchange between Cole and Romar. If anything, Cole was infuriating him by harassing the person they were to rescue, and Cole knew better - you had to put aside personal feelings to get the job done.

    He looked at the dead Sith, who was now a mess. That certainly wasn't an easy job, and U'tek realized how close he'd come to death, although that didn't bother him - it was his job to be close to death. He'd lost count on how many close calls he's had by now. Odd how it seemed that the Sith hesitated bringing his lightsaber down. Did Romar have something to do with it? No matter. U'tek pointed his weapon at the Sith's body and fired the last 10 rounds - "for insurance," as those in the military would say - and reloaded.

    But Romar not accepting the lightsaber didn't sound like a good idea to him. She was a Jedi, and that was their weapon, so what sense is there in not giving it to her?

    He was about to protest when Romar suddenly ran off screaming about saving the others. That crazy Jedi! This rescue mission had already exceeded its time, and now they were in jeopardy of even pulling it off!

    "Wait," he shouted at Romar as she disappeared down the corridor. He looked at Cole. "After her!"

    He looked at the young man and pulled him to his feet, pushing him to start running. "Set that rifle to kill, not stun, and start running," he barked.

    It'd be good to let the Colonel know of this mess... "Colonel, U'tek, Romar just sprinted off babbling about saving some 'others' and we're trying to catch her! We're overstaying our welcome here!"

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  8. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Gesaril, Outside Awakening Chamber

    Despite having been reconnected to the Force, Tenk was still not at his best. A couple blaster bolts had come too close, and the gray overalls that he wore bore a scorch mark here and there that hinted to last second avoidance that kept them from getting a direct hit. The former Jedi was still proud of his own work nonetheless; if this had been five years earlier, before he had worked so hard to strengthen his connection to the Force, he wouldn't have been able to perform such an ability.

    "Must keep move."

    Tenk looked over at the Murachaun just as the reptile tossed a blaster rifle to him. He caught the weapon, and a quick trip down memory lane occurred as Tenk held the blaster rifle in his hands and looked it over.

    Safety disengaged, Tenk started through his old mental checklist, power pack in place and charged, stun setting... he flipped it on. Just because death and combat was now around him once again, it didn't mean that he was willing to take lives again. He had made an oath to himself...

    They moved on down the hall to where the storm commandos had just stood and Tenk once again focused on the gate and what he had felt before, what he still felt. Lives were about to be lost behind that gate. A lot of them.

    "Wait!" Tenk spoke, the reptile that had given him the blaster rifle having seemed willing to move on without a second thought about the gate that the storm commandos had seemed to be protecting, not sensing what Tenk was sensing. But the former Jedi did sense what was going on and couldn't move on. "Something's going on behind this gate!"

    Tenk tapped into the Force again, his hand raising and pointing at the gate. He was trying to open the gate, to find the lock and unlock it to get it to open. If that didn't work though, he would just try and tear it down. There may be more prisoners behind here and they may be the ones that were about to die.

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  9. Synrebirth

    Synrebirth Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 12, 2009
    IC: Si Kya
    Hells Aftermath

    [blockquote]The Sith was finally dead. But the others were fighting - the big man was Cole, Si finally discovered. He couldn't believe how quickly they fell into that. They must have had some history. And then Kira screamed. "I know where the others are! WE MUST SAVE ´EM!" She started running, and the others started snapping commands.

    "Set that rifle to kill, not stun, and start running."

    "I don't have any ammo left!"

    Si wondered when he started caring about ammunition. He mentally sighed.

    "We're so going to die." Si paused. "Oh, I'm Si, btw." He glanced at Kira, as he started jogging after her. "Si Kya."[/blockquote]

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  10. Rally_Fan_84

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    Jan 14, 2009
    IC: Maximl Vektir
    *The X-83 Twintail that was currently identified as Sabre Four hurtled on towards the Predator Squadron and the edge of the installation.
    As the nanoseconds ticked away, Max felt something for the first time in this battle other than frustration and the typical Corellian fire.

    He felt, foreboding, a slight sense of distrust in himself and his surroundings.

    This was mildly disconcerting. A veteran and an ace, Max had gotten out of tighter situations, though not much tighter. However he was supremely confident in his plan, hackjob it may have been. His thoughts were re-focused however with Zeth Tak'ns query*

    "Sabre 4, this is Sabre 1. How much longer until you reach us? Have any ideas on how to get out of this jam?"

    *Max was genuinely surprised. Horn-Head was actually listening to him rather than barking orders at him. Maybe he finally recognized Max for his talent rather than his record or supposed attitude problem*

    "Roger that Sabre One, Sabre Four does have contingency but no time to elaborate. ETA Sabre Four is 20 seconds, advise all Sabres engaged in combat break away in 19 seconds due to Sabre Four comm out momentarily. Sabre Four over and out."

    *Max wondered if those who were listening heard the insinuation that things were about to get crowded where the other fighters were, or the bleating of his alarms in the background. The laser fire from the rear had intensified, and despite his drifting and swaying on vector he had taken some direct hits to the aft deflectors which were in danger of failure.

    Seconds away from springing his surprise, Old Man Lerner came over all channels with news that Max reckoned might have had something to do with his apparent new-found sense of self-preservation*

    "Lerner to wings, a Sith has entered the Battle. I repeat, a Sith has entered the battle."
    Sithspit! *Max thought to himself* That probably means a Fury, nothing good there. They may be barely a step above the standard Dupe, but their pilots make up for it badly! Well, once more unto the breach...

    *And with that, Max closed with the onrushing squadron, and pressed the trigger that normally launched torpedoes, and started counting backwards by second intervals from 20.

    What the droid had done was set up a sensor resonance backlash. It acted like runaway gain between a pair of speakers, disrupting transmission wavelenghts and temporarily jamming up any gear used to communicate, detect, or track, in essesnce a starfighter-systems flash-bang grenade.
    Though not especially big, it was big enough to cover the squadron that he passed close to and the Predator chasing him.

    More importantly, while it shut down his sensors and his comm and a multitude of other guidance and tracking gear, his foes shared his temporary blindness deafness and muteness. While they could still fire at him, all they had now were their eyes to track him.

    This was not a large hindrance to the Predator pilots who were screaming after Max. Resistance starfighters typically were not only slightly larger than Predators but were also carried a lighter livery on their hulls.

    However, Max intended to use the dark paint of the Predators to his advantage. He intended to cause the deep space equivalent of a massive airspeeder wreck, exploiting the dark paint of the upcoming and lack of sensors or working comms gear on the trailing Predators.

    He could only hope that fortune did in fact favor the bold, and that Sabre One had gotten the idea and was pulling himself and the rest of the squadron out of it temporarily, giving the Predators plenty of room to have a little reunion.

    As he rounded the curve of the Asteroid and saw the exhaust drives and bolts fly, he continued to count backwards from 20. The thump of the occasional glancing hit made him grit his teeth, but he stayed his course and speed, hoping that the Predator pilots would focus on him rather than ahead, until it was too late...*

    "Seven, six, five, four, three..."

    *At three he pulled the tri
  11. sprintabm

    sprintabm Jedi Master star 3

    May 20, 2005
    prison complex - interrogation block

    What a time for chit-chat and a whine. U'tek rolled his eyes. "That can't stop you from setting it to kill, Si," he snapped back to the young man, "and hope we run into ammo. I'm U'tek, special forces, now get going!"

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  12. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Jacen Cole
    The Corridors

    She didn´t wanted her lightsaber? He didn´t wanted to give it to her either, but eventually he would have handed it over. She was said to be rather deadly with it. The Reaper of Roon, the soldiers had called her behind her back. Or sometimes simply the Jedi Admiral. For the fleet had done what she told them. Even when the Jedi turned against her, they had followed her. Some did still. Like Colonel Tahnan.

    "I know where the others are! WE MUST SAVE ´EM!" Romar suddenly shouted out. Before Cole could say anything, she ran away. Si Kya tried to introduce himself to her. Cole only shook his head. Then U´tek and him began discussing his weapon. Picking up his rifle Cole ran after Romar. She was going to get them all killed.

    He stopped at the next corner to check the pathway. the Jedi had just stormed towards his direction. The Cathar told this Si guy about ammo. Irritated he turned and drew his left pistol, holding his rifle in the right. He handed it to Kya.
    "Take this one. It´s set to stun. Extreme stun." He said serious and winked to the boy. His pistol obviously had no stun option. but another 20 shots left. Then he charged after this crazy Jedi.
    "Romar, stop it!" He hissed. "Shutta!" Pressing his breath through his teeth he hoped she would be dead when they catched up.

    "But when have things been that easy?"

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  13. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Kira Romar

    She didn´t notice the others. Even Si, Sae Kya´s borther was only half percepted by her, as she felt the urgency in the force building. Death. So much death. Charging through the corridor, she came nearer. Whatever it is, it seemed to be in the center of the prison.

    Somewhere would be a door. Somewhere inside something did a terrible act of murder.

    As she turned around the next corner, she stared into the barrel of a rifle. He instincts wanted to rip it awa and smash the owner, but the force showed no sign of danger. A huge reptilian stood before her. And pointed a rifle not unlike Cole´s to her her.

    "I am Kira Romar, I am a friend of Colonel Tahnan!"
    She said. A quick glance revealed another prisoner to her. She felt him probing the gate with the force. A Jedi?

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  14. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Lorj Danathin

    [blockquote]A random woman popped out in front of Lorj and he responded the only way he could be expected to: By raising his rifle to the barrel placed in the middle of her forehead. She was a strange creature and, from the tone of her voice, Lorj concluded that this had been the woman he had heard scream only a minute earlier. He lowered the rifle a bit, but grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her behind Tenk who was busy working with the door.

    "No friend of mine." The Murachaun's face was one of inspection. He was curious as to the nature of this woman, but nevertheless she was not hostile and did not seem like she would be. "Back here." He stated with a certainty in his voice that made it more than a suggestion.

    Lorj turned to Kaya and nodded to the door. "Open?" She was a slicer and for her to be with them then she would have to be more than capable of opening a locked door. As for Kira Romar, she would stay back here and not be running around screaming, not under his watch.[/blockquote]
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  15. KraytDragon90

    KraytDragon90 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2005
    IC: Tahnan Sejon

    Tahnan was astonished. At every turn, whenever there was an Imperial, Lorj killed them where they stood. The colonel had barely managed to get off a couple dozen shots since getting off the shuttle. Probably for the best. His thoughts were not exactly in the present. He swore under his breath as they reached a door. "Something's going on behind this gate!" The last time a Jedi had sensed something going on and drug his comrades along? Tahnan had almost gotten killed. He muttered darkly before gesturing to the door, signaling the go ahead to crack it open. He pointed his rifle down the corridor they had just came up and waited. He didn?t have to wait too long. Moments later he heard someone running up behind him. "I am Kira Romar, I am a friend of Colonel Tahnan!? He spun around to see Lorj pointing a rifle at Kira. Lorj shoved her behind Tenk and ordered the slicer to pop the door. Try as he might, Tahnan could not fault the man. He did not know Kira, all he knew was that she was a liability. ?Kira!? He lowered his rifle and half ran over to her. He moved to embrace her, but thought better about it at the last second. Combat situation and all that, not a good idea. Plus it might start some rumor. ?Jedi Romar. It?s good to have you back.? The colonel saluted the Jedi and smiled widely. Nothing was going to stop them now.

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  16. sprintabm

    sprintabm Jedi Master star 3

    May 20, 2005
    prison complex

    The Cathar sprinted with the others after Romar, his weapon ready. He had a nagging feeling that they were going to run into someone with a blaster...

    And they did. Up ahead, he saw Lorj apprehend the woman Jedi and the Colonel greet her. But the sound of blaster fire meant that all was not well, and neither did the bolts hitting the wall beside them.

    "Hello, sir," U'tek spoke as he quickly skirted by, taking cover by the opposite wall. He peeked out his head to assess the situation. The man standing in the middle of the corridor was an - interesting sight. Must be Jedi. He's dodging the blasts and even holding some back with this hands. Definitely Jedi. And the gate and turbolift ahead - ah, storm commandos. SpecForce's Imperial equivalents, but definitely not equals.

    U'tek cleared his mind and got into the fight. He switched his weapon to single-shot to force himself to make every shot count. Crouching down, using the corner as his shield, he popped out and began returning fire.

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  17. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    OOC: From bluebeasts post I thought the commandos were dead now? If not, plesae have me dodge in your post, Fin.

    Kira Romar
    Corridors before the Gate

    The reptile dragged her into the corridor. His grip hurt her exhausted body. She felt the urge to make that pain stop. To push him away in an outburst of force. Or break his neck. Or grab his gun from him and make him suffocate.

    What is wrong with you Kira? What have you become? This man is here to safe you. He is risking his life, probably he will give his life, to save you.

    She shook her head. "Yes." She replied then and saw an Anomid woman pass her by. Then she felt something most unusual. A warmth. Excitment. Her senses sharpened and expanded through the force. She turned and saw the seriously relieved face of a Falleen. Tahnan. ?Kira!? She couldn´t help but smile. It felt so good to see an old friend. Someone who didn´t blame her. Someone who still believed in her. Unlike she did herself. Unlike all others did.

    ?Jedi Romar. It?s good to have you back.?
    He saluted to her. But he had wanted to embrace her. She couldn´t resist. "That´s farmgirl Romar, these days." She smiled and gave the Colonel a hug. "Thank you. Thank you for coming for me." She whispered into his ears. Tears on her face.

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  18. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Jacen Cole
    Corridors of Hell

    He ran after Romar, only to run into the second team. When he arrived Romar was hugging the Colonel who looked like he had just won the frekin´ war. Jacen felt the need to throw up, while watching. Nodding to Lorj and looking around in the corridor he saw another prisoner, waving around with his hands. Doing force stuff probably.

    He shot the Colonel another look and took his position next to Lorj. Ready to fight. He gave the new prisoner another look. Then he grabbed the dead Sith´s lightsaber from his belt and offered it to him.
    "Jedi?" He asked. Then added. "And don´t frekin´tell me you don´t wanna have it, too."

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  19. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: Welcome to the climax of Chapter I. Space will be updated when all have catched up.


    Gesaril Prison Complex


    Inside the Cryochamber

    Glave punched it the next line of codes and another 25 pods began to move in the rail-system. His console gave him the results of the first round. 25 pods poisoned. 25 prisoners dead. He smiled, as the alarm of the security console went off. Somebody tried to breach the gate. He looked at the huge iron door. He felt them. A strange gift he had aquired through the years as a soldier. He could feel the enemy sometimes.

    "DT-19, DT-27, guard the gate. Whatever comes thorugh, kill it!" He yelled to his [link=]Darktroopers[/link] and pushed the intruder alert. The turbolift slid open and two squads of Stormtroopers, wearing the [link=]Coldtrooper[/link] Armor that was needed in this environment, left the lift. He executed the second code and began entering the third. He just needed a few more minutes.

    To get away from the battle that would break out in a minute, he activated the repulsor of his plattform. the small disc with it´s four consoles began to rise above the ground.


    Gates to the Cryochamber

    moved forward, getting out her tools, just as U´Tek, Si Kya and Jacen Cole arrived. "Hey guys." She sighed and pushed Tenk Qatar gently to the side. "Please? I think I will be faster." She said almost shy. then she knelt down and began to attach her datapad to the keypad.

    A few stormtrooper had entered the corridor behind and opened fire. U´Tek answered it it. While Kira Romar and Colonel Tahnan had their short moment of comfort.

    Then death infected the force like a black cold cancer. 25 living beings ended. And Tenk Qatar and Kira Romar felt the danger behind the Gate, just as it opened. "Open!" Kaya shouted. And ducked for cover. Jacen Cole and Lorj were the first to face the huge Cryo-Chamber inside and it´s two impressive guards.

    Two black iron bulky droids, with some resemblance to a giant stormtrooper, lowered their guns and fired. The Darktroopers sprayed their deadly load into the corridor. Behind them were hundreds of cryotanks integrated into some railway system. And almost 50 Snowtroopers entering the freezing cold chamber in the center of the Gesaril Asteroid.

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  20. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Si Kya
    Hell Just Got A Lot More Hellish

    [blockquote]Si Kya didn't have time to wonder what 'extreme stun' meant, when the doors opened and unveiled two Darktroopers and a veritable sea of plasteel white Stormtroopers. There were over half a dozen of them now. He vaguely recognised one or two of the names - his history professor would have killed him for admitting as much. He had acknowledged he had only twenty shots in the blaster, but that didn't stop him firing a shot before turning away, looking at the others, leaning close to the wall to narrow his target.

    "Si Kya. Hi. Whatever - it's really time to run. Unless any of you have any better ideas?" Before they could reply, he shouted at them, fear overriding his etiquette. There was an etiquette to panicking? "I'm a freakin' historian, for Force sake!"[/blockquote]

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  21. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Gates to the Cryochamber

    "Please? I think I will be faster."

    Tenk was gently pushed to the side by the Anomid of the group but he didn't object to it. His control of the Force was still a bit shaky and it was probably better for technology to try and get them past this obstacle. Though of course, with that job having been taken from him, he immediately wished that the Anomid would hurry, Tenk now able to freely sense what was going on behind the gate.


    "Hm?" Tenk questioned, turning to look to see that a new member had joined their group, a human that held out a lightsaber to him. Despite the offering, Tenk was only able to stare at the lightsaber. He had hung up his lightsabers long ago when he left the war, and this was no Jedi lightsaber. These new Sith lightsabers had an interesting and disturbing new look, making it appear like a piece of yorik coral. It was a symbol of mockery focused on the Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance of how their dealings with the Yuuzhan Vong had ended in the war and the following disaster of the GA's defeat.

    "I have a few tricks of my own," Tenk replied, and did his best to offer a bit of a smile to the individual. "Thank you, but I'll be fine without it."

    He took an oath. He had sworn to never take another life. And he didn't want a tool, especially a Sith-made lightsaber, in his hands to tempt him.

    Stormtroopers came into view down the corridor, firing off blaster bolts that were soon returned. It was only then that Tenk decided to look at the group again and see that they had gotten quite a few other members while he had given his shot at the door. Some of them had to be more members of the GA team such as the human that offered him the Sith lightsaber, but Tenk noticed the individuals that wore the same gray overalls that was draped over his frame. More Jedi? Tenk didn't recognize either of them, not by appearance, but he recognized the name that the Falleen spoke of when he greeted the the woman.

    Who was Kira Romar.

    Tenk didn't remember meeting the Jedi in person - he had left the Order during his diplomatic missions and thus was a bit of a distance away from Roon - but that didn't mean that Tenk didn't know about that well-known conflict.

    Trying to catch up on the past, however, wasn't on Tenk's to-do list at the moment, especially when he felt it. The dreaded feeling of a life lost. Except it wasn't just one life. What felt like over two dozen lives had just been extinguished. He looked over at the gate just as he felt danger behind it.

    He would've pulled the Amonid back as the door opened, but she ducked for cover quickly enough when it was revealed what was behind the gate.

    "Si Kya. Hi. Whatever - it's really time to run. Unless any of you have any better ideas?"

    What had to be the other prisoner - Si he called himself - offered an idea that, to Tenk, may be the best course of action. Despite seeing what was behind this door, seeing what was inside, and realizing what could only be going on inside, Tenk didn't think they would be able to do anything. Two giant, black stormtroopers, and about fifty more of the snow-variant against the small team in the corridor.

    Tenk ducked away from the gate as well so as not to get hit by the firepower that was now being thrown at them. Death was still emanating from the room, the deaths of those that had already died and those that were to come. And the former Jedi knew that they wouldn't be able to do anything to stop it. Too much opposition for the few of them.

    "We have to go," Tenk agreed, and the pain that such situations had given him years ago returned. To have lived a peaceful life for five years, only to be thrust back into the world he had thought he had left like this. "We can't fight through that many."

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    Jacen Cole
    Gate to the Cryochamber

    "I have a few tricks of my own," the other Jedi replied, and tried to manage a smile. "Thank you, but I'll be fine without it."

    "Sure, because you so don´t need us or a weapon." Cole replied dryly.

    What was wrong with their Jedi? They didn´t liked lightsabers, anymore?

    Before he could say anything about it the massive steel-door slid open and revealed what was behind it. Had Romar said she sensed death? Well, that WAS death. He dropped to the ground and rolled into cover, as the first savlo of the massive repeaters of the Darktrooper came flying. "Frek it!" He shouted and returned fire with his rifle. Shooting the left-sided behemoth in the head, two times. He knew his energy output was to low to get through this armor, but it would hopefully keep him distracted.

    "Si Kya. Hi. Whatever - it's really time to run. Unless any of you have any better ideas?"

    He turned to the boy only for a second. He was no soldier, obviously. He didn´t blamed him. Then he took out the first of the advancing troopers. From that distance he hardly needed to aim. He could have shot blindfolded.

    "I'm a freakin' historian, for Force sake!" The boy added. Great! A historian!

    "You´re a guy with a gun!" Cole shouted back. "Use it!" And spit shot after shot into the advancing troops. The boy began shooting, too.

    Then this new Jedi who had leaped into safety spoke up.
    "We have to go," The Jedi said. "We can't fight through that many."

    Cole couldn´t believe what he heard. They all had written their lives of, when they had joined that suicide mission. But they had done so, well the others at least, because they believed the Jedi would need to be saved. Would lead them. Would bring hope. And now they wanted to abandon the other prisoners? Hundreds of them? Soldiers, Jedi?
    "Cowards! I´d rather die then leave our people to die, here! You think you´re the only ones worth saving, JEDI?!" He shot again. But the stormtroopers were now approaching fast. He ducked into cover, just as two shots hit the ground besides him.

    And his gaze went to Kira Romar. "What about you?" He shouted through the battle-noise.

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    prison complex

    "Get a hold of yourself, Cole!" U'tek was visibly frustrated at his fellow soldier's explosive attitude, more so than being frustrated that he could hear his bullets ricocheting off the dark troopers' armor. Even aiming for the eyes didn't seem to help.

    "The Jedi's right, Colonel," he shouted over the din of the intense firing, "we better get out! We got what we came for, but the chances of success are rapidly going away! Let's get back to our transports!"

    He crouched against the wall and pulled out his second frag grenade. Only one more, and the two concussion grenades he had would be useless against the dark troopers. A bit more planning in the future would be helpful.

    He armed it and threw it towards the Imperials. "Grenade out!"

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    ooc: Krayt and Fin asked me to do Tahnan when he needed to be done, until Krayt is back. So, I´ll do it. I try to stay as close to the character as I can.

    Colonel Tahnan Sejoun & Kira Romar

    The Colonel had no time to think about the hug, the Jedi gave him. The doors opened and he jumped to cover, dragging Kira Romar with him. The repeating blaster unleashed their full fury into the corridor. He drew up his Carbine and returned fire. Most important thing now was to keep the troopers away.

    Kira Romar landed next to him. she was shocked how exhausted her body still was. And even more surprised how powerful it grew, as soon as the shots missed her. The force was more violent in it´s shifts then ever. She felt helpless to these comings and goings.

    Si Kya wanted to leave. She heard him and only felt the next wave of death coming from the room. The Other Jedi took cover. Jacen Cole obviously lost his nerve, when the other Jedi agreed. Almost absent she returned fire, killing a single trooper. But nothing they had could hurt a Darktrooper. She remembered him as a hot tempered soldier.
    "Cowards! I´d rather die then leave our people to die, here! You think you´re the only ones worth saving, JEDI?!" Cole screamed.

    Colonel Tahnan
    had doubted the choice of Cole. He had seen to many battles, perhaps. "Stay Calm, COLE!" He shouted and gave the approaching troopers another round. The Cathar also wanted to retreat.

    "What about you Romar?" Cole now asked her directly. She stared at him and blinked. Irritated. What happened here? Another sacrifice? She almost missed the voices who always told her what to do. Who always forced her to act. At least they could be blamed for the consequences. Where are you now, hm? I could need you!
    But she couldn´t let them all die and run away. Could she? She couldn´t let them all die! Not to run and hide. Not to secure a survival she no longer wanted.

    "Grenade out!"
    The Cathar shouted. "Fire in the hole!" Tahnan Sejoun shouted and dragged Romar back into cover. She just stared at Cole. All his hatred. All his fear. It was so . . . familiar. Tahnan also looked at her for direction. He still saw a leader there. Still thought the force would guide her. From Cole she switched to him.

    "I . . . I . . . don´t know!" She stumbled. Fire all around her. Laser shots ringing through the hallway. "There is another . . . army . . .!" She pointed at the direction of the entrance.

    "You feel them?"
    Tahnan asked, obviously hoping that she didn´t. She nodded. "FREK." He hissed and turned around the corner once more, giving a Darktrooper a round of fire.

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    As Fin stated, I killed the stormtroopers with no identification. The Darktrooper survival or demise is to be played out by Fin, of course. Note: If Tenk or Kira decide to feel Lorj's emotions, they are an unpredjudice resolve. He's not desperate or in a panic, but controlled, calculating fury.[face_peace]

    Lorj Danathin

    [blockquote]The large chamber that Lorj now found himself facing supplied fifty stormtroopers and two large variations that he had heard of before, Darktroopers. Before the stormtroopers knew it they found themselves in dangerous territory: In range of a high powered rifle. Lorj begin to slay the stormtroopers before they had even fired bolts that were within the vicinity of the crew. Eight had fallen victim to his rifle before he had to reload. Stormtroopers were nothing more than target practice, especially when they attacked in, seemingly, endless seas of white, just ready to be killed.

    He saw Jacen Cole offer Tenk a lightsaber, but the man denied it, pleasantly. He thought that Jedi used lightsabers, that was the common analysis, but apparently he was wrong and Lorj was not one to wait patiently. Jacen and he had similar perspectives on the situation: The Jedi were not the only ones worth saving. However, he also was not one to attempt spectacular feats without the proper equipment. The ship that they had was not large enough to save all of these prisoners, but the situation still needed to be answered.

    The Darktrooper's firepower was astounding and action needed to be taken. Grabbing the lightsaber out of Jacen's hand, Lorj thumbed it to life and threw it towards a darktrooper like a spear from his homeplanet. He ducked and then shot the grenade that U'tek had tossed in the air, resulting in a mid air explosion.

    "No fight, leave weapon and move." Lorj's words were heard to the whole group and the message got off clear enough. If you were not going to help, you needed to leave your weapon and move out of the way. The murachaun was not spiteful and would cover their escape if they chose to run. Moving for cover after ten more shots, he recognized Kaya and pushed the girl down the hallway. "Return to ship." She was a slicer, not a warrior nor killer. She would be key to getting the ship prepared for their inevitably rushed escape.

    "Jacen. Destroy platform, stop killing." His well-trained eyes had not failed to see the rising platform with the being atop of it, no doubt the culprit trying to escape death.[/blockquote]
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