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SWRPF Archive 133 ABY - The Dark Odyssey

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. kit-kenobi

    kit-kenobi Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 10, 2007
    IC: Zeth Tak'n
    Above Gesaril

    Zeth liked Sabre 4's idea. He liked it alot. He himself couldn't find a better way of getting out of the current situation. Though he thought that giving the enemy predators an entire second to react was a bit to much time.

    "Sabre 1 to Sabre Squadron, break at 19.25 seconds instead of 19. I'd like to give the eyeball's as little time to react as possible." Zeth ordered the rest of his squadron.

    12 seconds until Max reaches us, I hope everyone is ready to break, the Zabrak thought to himself.

    "Lerner to wings, a Sith has entered the Battle. I repeat, a Sith has entered the battle."

    Oh, for the love of the force, can't you just give us a break. 7 seconds left, we'll deal with the sith, but we have to pull off this little maneuver first.


    "Break!" Zeth yelled into his comm system, as he rolled his X-83 away from the incoming storm. He could only hope the rest of Sabre Squadron pulled away in time.

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  2. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    ooc: actually he gave the Darktrooper names :p DT-19 & DT-27

    Jacen Cole

    "Romar what the hell is wrong with you!" He shouted out. Was this the Reaper of Roon. Had she decided not to fight anymore the moment hundreds of comrades were in danger.

    He turned and fired again, on his knees, where he was slightly less covered than on the ground. Another two Snowtrooper fell to the ground. They would have more where these came from, he was sure.

    "Jacen. Destroy platform, stop killing." Lorj said to him. At least the Reptilian still fought. He looked up. There was platform slowly rising. Looked like a command post. "Good thinking!" He replied and took aim. A bald-headed, scared man in the uniform of a commando was on it. With a strange smile on his face. It gave Cole the creeps. Only one thing a man could do about hit.

    He pulled his trigger.

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  3. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Kira Romar
    Gates to the Frozen Hell

    Some of them fought, some of them wanted to leave. Some just waited. Confused, she cowered in her corner. Everybody was shouting, explosions rocking through the Asteroid.

    They can defeat the Troopers, but they cannot defeat the Droids.

    She knew. She knew. Death all around her. It was like Roon. Roon, where she had send legions to death. Friends, teachers, allies. Enemies and Sith. She had become death on Roon.

    And now? You have let them all die and now you want to do it again? It was her own voice. But it was accusing her. Disappointed in her.

    Asaja? Simeon? I cannot do it anymore? I cannot . . . Her hands began trembling. But inside of her the force raged. Like a beast chained for to long. Hungry for the battle. It had always come to her in battle. Maybe she could only truly understand it through the trials of violence. Maybe . . .

    "No more maybes." She hissed. These people in the pods had one chance to stay alive. Only one. THEM.

    The face of dead Sae appeared before her eyes. Of Kai Lonati. Of the Sith. Then they were all gone. And a deadly calm came to her. She felt the anxiety of the men around her. The Force in the other Jedi, strong and pulsing. The fear of Sae´s brother. The serene fury of the reptile. The unleashed anger of Cole. The burden of responsibility on Tahnan.

    And Death.

    And the Force.

    It didn´t matter what the force wanted. She wanted these people to life. And therefore, she would need to fight.

    With a roar she forced herself on her feet and as her body was in danger to fail the power of the force glowed in her. She unleashed it in a single gesture. Grabbing the left of the two Darktroopers through the force and hammering it into his right-sided comrade. With all her left strength. With all her will. She hoped it would be enough. She hoped she had enough power left.

    Die fighting, Kira. DIE FIGHTING . . .


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  4. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Gesaril Asteroid Complex



    Seven warheads impacted into the already damaged structure of the Lancer-Frigate and proofed to be too much. Black Squadron yelled through the com-links, as the Lancer-Frigate broke in two. "Lancer down, repeat, Lancer down." Captain Vayland was already looking for his next target, as he saw on his radar who had rushed to the Lancer´s position and had come too late. "Black-2 break away, break away!" He screamed, as the Fury-Class Fighter unleashed it´s first burst into the Trilon-Class gunboat.

    Captain Lerner stood on the deck of his command post and smiled. Explosions were rocketing through the Sunlight Ranger, now. Half it´s systems damaged or not functional. But at least the Empire had lost their ship, too.
    "Ranger, fall back. Tell the Colonel he NEEDS TO GET OUT there, NOW!" The Captain screamed into the com-link. Then another explosion lighted the darkness of space. He looked over and shielded it´s eyes, as seven Predators collided on the left flank, near the transports.

    Maximl´s sensor backlash had not the hoped for effect. Disturbing the systems of the Predators, but not making them dysfunction. To much range between the backlash and his pursuers. But combined with the explosion of their lead-ship, it was enough to distract them all.

    Talia had broken away, just as she had to. A moment too late. Leaving the Predators no split-second to realize their danger. For a moment it looked like their plan had failed, as the first of her pursuers ruched through the line of the Squadron hunting Maximl. But then the second one rammed itself into two of Maximl´s hunters and they swirled out of control. Out of control, was what the imperials were from that moment on. Six, seven, eight of the ships exploded building a barrier of fire, through which the other pilots only passed with damaged and disoriented ships.

    "Sabre One, weapon system damaged. Weapon systems damaged. Zeke! I need cover!" Talia shouted into the comlink. As one of the surviving three Predators tried to get a lock on her.

    Commander Loben had remained in the shadow of Maximl. And broke away just in time. His systems had suffered from the complete backlash of the sensor disturbance, but no as much as Maximl´s own. He realized immediately, that the enemies systems would be offline for a few seconds, and took aim. Pushing the trigger he busted three salvos of fire into the X83 aft-shields.

    "Peeeeeeep! Was the response of Maximl R-Unit. Damage reports everywhere. Hyperdrive and launcher were damaged, shields were simply gone, speed down to 70%. Another hit and Maximl would be done.

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    Glave punched in the forth code, just as the arrivals began their wave of grenades. Satisfied he looked down to see that they had not only reduced his guards, but also the explosions had taken out various of the nearby pods. Collateral damage, he grinned. And suddenly felt a scream of danger through his whole body. Pushing his head to the side he was missed by Cole´s shot only by millimeters. The heat of the laser leaving a black strain in his face. Falling down, as second shot hit his console and it exploded in sparks. "Damned Intruders! Glave to Command, reinforcement, NOW! Where are the SITH?!?" He shouted and crawled to the edge of his platform, staying in cover. "No reinforcement available." A cold voice replied. Were they joking? They had a legion down here! Where were all the troops?
    "Then the hard way." He hissed and took his weapon of choice from his belt. Pushing the timer to one minute and blast-radius to maximum he grinned and threw the Thermal Detonator down to the pods, jumping off his platform on the other side.

    At the Gates

  5. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    OOC: Ok, Fin.

    Kira Romar
    Gate to Cryochamber

    She felt the surge of the force and then the black colossus of a Dark Trooper moved as easy like a feather. Crushing into the second technological monstrosity the two slammed into the railway above them. And stayed down. Before she could msile or feel relieve, she felt the blood flowing away from her head, pain flashing into her brain, as he knees denied her their service. She pushed herself against the wall to her right and coughed.

    Jacen Cole was down, explosions somewhere behind her. And they seemed to be cut of. Shots came from behind now. She could hardly focus her view, but obviously they were trapped now between two forces of Imperials.

    A flash on her left. Tahnan collapsed, wounded at the shoulder. "Kira, get them out of here." He coughed into the intercom. She only stared at him. How could he dare to give her command? She could lead . . .

    But it was senseless. She had learned to be a soldier as much as a Jedi in the long Sith-Imperial War. And in such a situation, when you were handed command, you commanded. She breathed in, calling on the force to give her any strength and forced her to her weak knees.

    And what do you do now, Kira? What he asked you to, I get ´em out. All of them.

    She looked into the Cryochamber, then to the corridor. She had felt hundreds of soldiers from the corridors, with less then twenty-five left in the chamber. And in the chamber was a turbolift. Probably leading to the hangar for prisoner-transport the Sith had talked about. At least a chance.

    "ORDERS:" She shouted, taking Tahnans headset, while helping each other. "Get all inside." She pointed at the Cryo-Chamber. "Reptile, Cathar, take care of the troopers inside the chamber." She tried to help Tahnan up, but was too weak. "Kya, help Cole. Anomid, get here NOW! Close the Gate!" And finally she looked at the Jedi. She had understood why he hadn´t taken the lightsaber. She had understood totally well. But she wished one of them had it now. "Jedi, keep our back free. Troops approaching. Speed ´em down, as long as you can." She then used her weight to slide the wounded Colonel into the Cryo-Chamber. Shouting her last command. "NO DISCUSSIONS. Proceed!"

    Pushing Tahnan to the side, she held him tight, while firing a few unmotivated shots to the troopers ahead. "Don´t you dare to die here. You´ll get better and take the freaky command back, soldier!" She hissed to Tahnan.

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  6. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    I hope that the death of the remaining troops was not god modding. With Kira, Jacen(soldier), and Lorj(sniper) firing at unprotected and morale-dissipated troopers. The death is of the Darktrooper is of course not finalized. That is all.

    Lorj Danathin

    [blockquote]Three more stormtroopers fell to Lorg's fire while Kira used her powers to destroy one of the Darktroopers while the other continued to spray fire into the air and around them. The coward on the platform had dropped something down onto the chamber floor and the murachaun saw Jacen mouth Detonator. The woman wanted to usher them into the room that now had an active thermal detonator and at least ten surviving stormtroopers. Lorj would've taken the time to question her decision making since she was tired, but Jacen was in trouble.

    His rifle killed two more stormtroopers before he grabbed Jacen, placed him on his back, and rushed into the chamber guns blasting before finding shelter behind a pod. The last stormtroopers were recovering while Lorj took aim at the Darktrooper's open shoulder, which contained explosive missiles. His eyes focused, Lorj fired a bolt that would ignite the missiles upon impact and end the Darktrooper before he had a chance to hurt anyone else on the team.

    Eyeing the wounded Jacen who still had his weapon, Lorj nodded. Behind the pod, Lorj moved on to eliminate the rest of the stormtroopers. This was the first time his sniping skills would be tasked on this mission. His eye behind the scope, one knee on the ground, covered by the pod, Lorj was at his best and the numbers of the surviving stormys, aided by Jacen, dwindled to none.

    Before deciding what to do next, Lorj discovered that he had been shot twice, one grazing shot across his stomach and blast at the edge of his hip. Breathing hurt and turning was hard, making his posture stiff. Kira appeared next to them with Tahnan and he could see in her determined face that she was spent. "Jedi, detonator." She at least had to have the energy get rid of the thermal detonator. Lorj pointed to the other side of the disabled disk that the killer had escaped behind.

    Pushing himself to get back to the gate opening, he found the rest of the group. "Room clear. Kaya and Si, inside." Si could probably see in the reptilian's face that he was losing his energy, but he still pushed them into the chamber. Lorj reloaded his rifle and posted himself on the ground with it pointing towards the newly arrived Imperials marching down the hall. Behind Tenk, he prepared himself for the assault.[/blockquote]
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  7. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Si Kya
    Hell Just Got Busier

    [blockquote]Si saw Cole take the hit. Si froze, wincing in pain, only Kira's voice snapped him into reality. Si paused, and knew he didn't have time for this. He was a historian, and that gave him an understanding that if he didn't act at the right time, he, and everyone else, was going to die. Si grabbed the sniper rifle, completely filled with adrenaline - not actually thinking about his actions. He eyed the downed Darktrooper, at the massive weapon on its arm. He had to shoot it - or they would all die.

    "Sorry, Cole. I have no doubt you'll forgive me if I save us all over you."

    He aimed, and fired. The moment he pulled the trigger, his mind caught up. What the hell was he doing?[/blockquote]

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  8. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar

    "Cowards! I´d rather die then leave our people to die, here! You think you´re the only ones worth saving, JEDI?!"

    The former Jedi winced slightly at the reply, having not exactly been surprised that he would receive one of that nature. No, Tenk didn't think his life the only one worth saving - if it had any worth at all - but there was no mistaking the facts that were being thrown at them. There was the opposition within the chamber, and if they did manage to get within the cryochamber what then? Unfreeze everyone within? How were they going to do it and how long was it going to take? And what were going to do after that? They may get the upper hand in this prison place but Tenk was thinking of the rest of the GA force that was out in space - his wife included -, fighting what could be a losing battle. They may get their prisoners in exchange to losing what vessels they had to transport them and then get stranded.

    Their odds weren't getting any better as, one by one, members of their team were getting taken down and the report of stormtrooper reinforcements cutting them off. Tenk had to duck his head once at an explosion behind him but despite it he came out unharmed.

    That was when he felt a sudden, powerful spike through the Force. Finding the source, Tenk found his gaze landing on Kira, her hand raised and pointed into the cryochamber which caused him to shift his gaze and see one of the Dark troopers smash into the other. Tenk's eye had widened a bit at that, and once again looked over at the other Jedi to find that it had taken a toll, her body slumped in exhaustion. Unfortunately, while her efforts helped turn the tide, the one named Tahnan was suddenly shot from behind - the stormtroopers that had cut them off - and slumped to the ground.

    And there was also Regentis. He was here, in the direction of the fresh reinforcements of troopers that were coming at them. And Tenk sensed the other's anger, directed solely at him.


    Looked like he was about to face him too. Despite the situation, Tenk couldn't help but smirk at his assignment.

    As the remaining troopers were defeated, Tenk stepped into the gate opening and turned back to face the opposition that was coming at their back. Through the Force, finding the presence of Regentis easily enough, the former Jedi sent out a challenge to the Sith just like he had done when they first met. Last time, Tenk had done it to protect his wife and willingly got captured because of it. He was doing it again, challenging Regentis to buy the rest of the team time to find a way out.

    The difference with this, however, is that he wasn't going to be so willing to get captured this time.

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  9. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Jacen Cole
    In Hell

    The man dodged his shot. as if he had seen it coming. A Sith? Something like it, surely. He gave another two shots at the approaching troopers and then felt the pain. He went down. His flesh burning. His skin aching. He had seen the man drop something. Silver. Blinking lights.

    "Detonator" He hissed. "Detonator"

    And collapsed.

    Everything around him whirled. But he knew he had to go on. It was just . . . he couldn´t feel certain parts of his body anymore.

    Fire. The noice of metal crushing into metal. And Lorj got him and carried him. Romar was shouting orders. Why her? He drew his remaining blaster and fired. Fired while Lorj dragged him into safety. Even wounded, even dying, which he probably was, he was an excellent shot. He would hit someone. If only he would not have felt his body growing colder.

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  10. kit-kenobi

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    Nov 10, 2007
    IC: Zeth Tak'n
    Above Gesaril

    "Sabre One, weapon system damaged. Weapon systems damaged. Zeth! I need cover!" Talia shouted into the comlink.

    Zeth wirled around and sent a volley of laser fire towards her pursuer, but the shots did little, more then by her a second of time since the blast flew over the TIE fighter's hull. The X-83's droid rushed a series of beeps.

    "What's that Z?" Lt. Tak'n questioned his droid. Z quickly repeated his statement. "Fierfek!" Zeth turned his attention to Sabre 4 and saw a predator on his tail as well. He knew he had to think of some way to get everyone out of this jam...alive. There was a maneuver he remembered from a simulator run known as CCB or Cardiac Crossover Break.

    "Sabre 2 and Sabre 4 I need you two to try a maneuver known as CCB. Both of you will need to pull two hard jinks in order to try and shake your followers and set up for the maneuver. Once you've done this, turn and fly toward each other head on. Then, at the last possible moment, both of you roll 90 degrees to your right and light up the other's pursuer. I'll follow up from the side to hopefully finish off anything that you cannot. Sound like a plan?" Zeth had presented his plan and now he could only hope everything worked out.
  11. sprintabm

    sprintabm Jedi Master star 3

    May 20, 2005
    prison complex

    The fight went furiously, and U'tek was rather surprised to see Danathin doing some impressive close-quarters battle for a sniper. As a matter of fact, U'tek got off only a small fraction of the shots that Danathin did and spent most of the time trying to cover Danathin. Unfortunately, the sniper was too aggressive and got himself wounded. Now they had three wounded and a tired Jedi - not good.

    Jedi, detonator.

    U'tek spun around at the sniper's words. "Where?!" He quickly searched around and saw it lying on the floor of the cryo-chamber. A thermal detonator in their midst sent U'tek almost into a panic, although it wasn't visible on his face.

    He sprinted at top speed towards the detonator, slinging his slugthrower to his back so he could pump his arms as hard as he could. He slid on the floor and snatched up the detonator as he passed it by, quickly getting back to his feet. Where to throw it, where to throw it?! He noticed that there was a level up above as well as doorways leading to who knows what. It probably came from there, so it was best to send it back.

    Eying the furthest of doorways visible to him up above, U'tek threw the detonator with all his might towards the doorway, hoping to get it through and away as far as possible. After his throw, he sprinted back to the group and sought a nearby wall. "Take cover, detonator gonna go off!"

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  12. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Gesaril Prison Complex



    The last Predators were still exploding, the Imperial Battle Line recovering from the loss of a third of their ships. But those who had survived were furious and out for the kill.

    "Affirmative!" Talia screamed into her com and rolled to the side, her fighter having a hard time following her. She was more concerned about the other fighter. The one she would have to shoot down. It looked as if Maximl had an ace on his tail.

    "Sabre-Four, now!" She screamed and rolled into position.

    Captain Lerner allowed himself to smile, as he realized the battle had been turned. The Ranger took heavy damage, still. But now the Empire had been sufficiently weakened. If only the Colonel would get of this Asteroid and they could leave.

    "Captain, incoming." The Captain turned his head to the sensor officer. "Report?" "Long-range has picked up hyperspace activity Sir. One object." Lerner turned towards his officer. "Another Sith?" "No Sir. Bigger. A lot bigger." Lerner hissed.

    He had hoped they had a little more time. But he knew what it meant when the Empire got reinforcement. He opened a channel to all units. "Lerner to fleet, Lerner to fleet. Prepare to withdraw. Clear paths and all ships without jumpdrives return to hangar. All others clear our path. We jump out in T- . . . " He waited. How much time could he afford. When would they be lost? Tahnan needed more time. Just a bit. " . . . 3 Minutes." He sighed.

    Then he opened a channel to the teams on board the asteroid. He didn´t bothered to keep the chain of command. Something had gone wrong and probably no commanding officer was alive, anymore. "All commandos. Return to your shuttles, NOW. We get company. We need to get our people out of here. Repeat. Abort mission and return to your ships!"

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    Tenk Qatar
    stood up in the middle of the Gate and waited, as a squad of storm-commandos and a small army of stormtroopers came down the corridor. But none of them shot at him, as he had send out his "challenge" to their Dark Master Regentis.

    Meanwhile U´Tek and Lorj Danathin had cleared the inner chamber. Somewhere a single Commando named Glave was hiding, but they could see only burning corpses from the frozen pods and the white armors of dead stormtroopers.

    Both Si Kya and Lorj took aim at the remaining Dark Trooper´s missle launcher. Heavy armored itself it needed luck and precision to ignite a single missle inside. As they both pushed the trigger, the trooper began to rise. His self-defense program kicking in again. They would never now who of the two hit it, but the missle launcher exploded in a wave of heat in the midst of the ice cold chamber. Throwing most of them to the ground and triggering a chain reaction in which another ten pods and their sleeping inhabitants caught fire.

    Colonel Tahnan send shots out to the corridor the small army was approaching from. He was leaning next to the gate. "Kaya, close the gate!" He shouted in pain. His wound was bad, but not yet fatal.

    Kira Romar could feel the death in the force. And it only went worse. Next to her Jacen Cole felt the pain taking over. Dropping his pistol, he slowly descended into delirium.

    [hl=silver]"All commandos. Return to your shuttles, NOW. We get company. We need to get our people out of here. Repeat. Abort mission and return to your ships!" [/hl] The voice came through all channels.

    "Jedi, detonator." Lorj shouted but not Romar but U´Tek began sprinting towards the device lying in the midst of burning troops and took it up. 11 seconds. He did the only thing he could. He threw it up, to the furthest of doorway above and began running back.

    In the corridor Tenk Qatar[
  13. Rally_Fan_84

    Rally_Fan_84 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 14, 2009
    IC: Maximl Vektir
    [i]*Things had not gone according to plan. Despite an enormous amount of chaos and damage being done to the Predator ranks, Max still had one pilot on his tail, hanging on like a diadonga in a trash compactor.

    Coupled with the near failure of several key systems that had forced some major re-routing of power supplies and his growing frustration and rage, Max was about to dive for the asteroid and force an engagement near the asteroid when Sabre 1's voice cut through his newly restarted comm*[/i]

    [color=blue]"Sabre 2 and Sabre 4 I need you two to try a maneuver known as CCB. Both of you will need to pull two hard jinks in order to try and shake your followers and set up for the maneuver. Once you've done this, turn and fly toward each other head on. Then, at the last possible moment, both of you roll 90 degrees to your right and light up the others' pursuer. I'll follow up from the side to hopefully finish off anything that you cannot. Sound like a plan?"[/color]
    *Max was both irritated and intrigued by this call. Irritated because unlike an uncomfortably large number of the pilots that he flew with, he was not only a multiple-time ace but a top graduate from the Advanced Starfighter Combat and Maneuvers Academy, so he knew very well knew how to perform the maneuver that Zeth had called.

    He was intrigued because it was a good call, albeit one for experienced pilots. Talia had heart and talent, but experience was a question with her, so it was a matter of just how talented and daring she was.*[/i]

    "Sabre Four copies. Sabre Two, you call it."

    [i]*Grimly reminding himself rank hath privledges as well as duities, he spoke with the droid on board*[/i]

    "Turn off anything that isn't powering life support, comm, basic targeting, sublight drive or laser cannons and re-route it to those systems, we're going to need it, but keep watch on that Eyeball back there. If both of us aren't dead after that pass, well lets not think about that.

    [i]*Instantly the droid complied, and the cockpit went dark. Max now only had his eyes to track Talia as she maneuvered. Although the X-83 was not going at full speed, it was still closer to 100% than it had been, and it was enough.

    Starting with a hard outside spiral and transitioning straight into a pair of split-S jinks, Max did his best to maneuver closer to Talia, mindful of the fact that his aft portion could fail with the right shot and that he wasn't as fast as he had been at the start of the battle.
    It all relied on giving the pilot behind him as little time to react as possible.

    Soon enough Sabre Two called for the maneuver*[/i]

    [color=indigo]"Sabre-Four, now!"[/color]

    [i]*And with that, Max turned the Twintail hard directly into Talias path.

    Time seemed to slow down for Max. Although the closure time was less than a second, it felt as if he had ages.
    He could see that the starfighters were lined up perfectly, filling each others' profiles, see the errant pieces of debris around them, and note the green bolts that slided by at shallower angles, meaning the Eyeball behind him was going to line up for a shot just as the crossover occoured.

    At the last possible moment, both Max and Talias' fighters banked at 90 degrees in opposite directions, putting their fighters back to back and being seperated at most by a meter, most likely less.

    Max unconcioussly held his breath, automatically started counting the time between the beats of his heart without thinking of it, and kept his eyes on the tail of Talias' starfighter. When the rear spar of her fighter was parallel with the top of Maxs' head, he yanked the controls back violently and squeezed the trigger.

    The bolts shot out towards Talias' pursuer in a crossing line that appeared poised to bisect the cockpit in two equal halves. Behind Max, Talia was performing the same exact maneuver.

    Max kept the trigger down as he pulled up. Right now his focus was on Talias' pursuer, but the hairs on the back of his neck were like needles to his skin. Although his confidence in his squadron-mates had been bolste>
  14. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    OOC: And just when I hoped we might slow down . . .

    Colonel Tahnan
    In Hell

    "Get these gates closed!" He shouted, his lungs hurting and he barely conscious.

    "All commandos. Return to your shuttles, NOW. We get company. We need to get our people out of here. Repeat. Abort mission and return to your ships!" Came Lerner´s voice from the comm. He could hear the man´s fear. He could hardly blame him.

    "We are cut off from our shuttles. Have the transports reunite with your fleet without us. We search for an . . ." Pain made it almsot impossible to speak anymore. "We will find something else." He sighed. And let his hand fall down.


    Kira Romar
    In Hell

    The explosion send her to the ground. Every muscle in her body ached and every bone could be felt when they moved. Only the force kept her going. Flowing, raging in her, as it always had. But no matter how powerful an ally the force was, it could not substain her forever.

    She came to her feet and watched around. Cole was still lying there, obviously descending into coma. He needed a medic. They all probably did. And they needed to leave. She watched around to the pods remaining. Their attempt to save them had cost them two thirds of all prisoners. And they had no time to melt-free the others.

    What have you done? Her own voice accused her. The smell of burned flesh in her nose. I tried. I tried to save them. And when I am gone, they have no reason to kill them.

    She looked at the gates and awaited them to close. The imperials had to be kept outside. For these men wouldn´t survive another wave. "Close the doors, Anomid." She said and leaned against an intact pod. "We retreat through the turbolift. Beneath us . . . " She held her rip for a moment. Was it broken? " . . . beneath us is a hangar with shuttles." She just said and coughed.

    "Well done." She nodded to the Cathar U´tek as he rejoined them. then she also nodded to Lorj, as the others had called him and Si Kya. "All of you."

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  15. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar

    The marching troopers came into view and Tenk spread his feet apart, dropping down into a small crouch in preparation for the blaster bolts that may be soon sent his way. But the troopers didn't fire. Apparently Regentis had accepted Tenk's challenge and upon that discovery the former Jedi held a hand up at the Murachaun that was positioned behind him at the gate, signaling to hold his fire. It was working so far, no need to make these stormtroopers rethink about opening fire and filling the whole corridor with so many blaster bolts that Tenk doubted he'd be able to save his own life if he tried to deflect them.

    "Got it, get inside, I´ll close the GATE!"

    Job's done, Tenk told himself, having been ready to step back into the cryochambers so that the Anomid could close the doors. Regentis had other things in mind, however, as Tenk suddenly felt an invisible grip at his throat. He didn't worry too much about it, even as he was lifted up into the air and saw Regentis marching towards him. He could break free of the Sith's grip with the Force and get back into the cryochamber.

    That was the plan anyway, until when Tenk tried to do so his connection was abruptly cut off again.

    That...was not supposed to happen.

    Just when he was starting to think that he may need to worry, a large explosion suddenly went off somewhere in the cryochamber. While it provided the area with a good shake, more importantly it made Regentis lose his concentration. Tenk dropped back to the floor, landing on his hands and knees.

    "Get IN, NOW!"

    He didn't need to be told twice. Without wasting a second he pushed against the floor with all his might to leap back into the chamber so that the Anomid could close the gate, his gaze on Regentis as he landed on his back on the floor within the cryochamber.

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  16. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Lorj Danathin

    [blockquote]The odd stalemate was obviously one of Force proportions for Lorj did not understand why none of the stormtroopers were firing, but as the bomb went off behind Tenk and himself, the Murachaun made it his objective to get behind the door before Kaya locked him out. Lorj turned around up from his knee and bustled inside, almost being tripped up by Tenk's flying body, just as the doors closed.

    Once inside, Lorj slid his rifle to his back and stepped over some of the dead stormtroopers, grabbing one of their rifles and the lightsaber he had thrown while doing so, sliding both around his hip. He found a fire extinguisher and sought out the potentially deadly fires and put them to rest, hoping to preserve some of the prisoners. Lorj put his arms on the edge of a control panel and rested for a minute before standing back up straight, ignoring the pain radiating through his body from his abdomen. He was not in any danger of dying for the bolts had seared his wounds shut.

    "Need to move." He told the group as he picked Jacen over his shoulders. "Tenk, Tahnan." The Jedi would have to carry the Colonel, everyone else would have to carry their own weight. He moved to the turbolift, Jacen secure on his shoulders, and raised the trooper rifle in one hand. "Need, hurry." Lorj stated to his comrades. Time was of the essence.[/blockquote]
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  17. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Jacen Cole

    He felt his mind drifting. Explosions. Burned meat. Yelling soldiers. It felt just like home.

    His vision faded and his body seemed to dissolve into smoke. It simply wasn´t there anymore. So many battles, so many kills and he ended like this?


    Hey Jace. I always guessed being named after a Sith Lord is no good look, is it?

    Jacen turned around. Where he was or that he seemed to be corporal again was of no importance, suddenly.

    Strykre? Is that you? He coughed out.

    Yeah, Jace. Surprised?

    Well, yeah. I thought they send a friend or something. He joked.

    The old Commander laughed. They wanted to Jace. But they couldn´t find any friends of yours. Looks like I am the closest thing you have to a fiend. So I said I take you in. Does it hurt?
    Sure it does.He grinned.

    I am sorry. You were the last of us. The last of those who got out of . . . Colonel Strykre had suddenly turned into a serious man.

    Roon. I know. I doesn´t matter, Colonel. It doesn´t matter. I simply didn´t made it this time. I am a soldier. I am bound to end like this.

    But I liked the thought of being remembered. Strykre said. And smiled down on him.

    Naaagh. You barely passed my mind, Colonel. Only when I was drunk and beat up cadets.

    They both laughed.

    Then Strykre sighed, suddenly blood streaming form his mouth.

    At least they haven´t cut you in two. He smiled. The blood still flowing. And collapsed into two pieces, just as the Sith on Roon had left him.

    "Strykre!" He screamed out, as he came back into the painful reality of his world.

    Someone dragged him into the turbolift.

    "Don´t you forget my rifle, guys. Don´t you forget my baby." He mumbled.

    He tried to sit up, but the wound hurt, as if it would still burn itself into his flesh.

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  18. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    OOC: I guess we don´t need Fin to enter a turbo-lift. No enemies remain here.

    Kira Romar
    The rather heated Cryochamber

    She watched the reptilian Lorj take Jacen Cole and helped Tahnan to his feet.

    A Sith. Another Sith out there.

    The presence of this one seemed vaguely familiar. But she spend no time with searching for his identity. She had no friends among the Sith, so he would surely kill her, as soon as she got before his red blade.

    "You heard Lorj, did you? Hurry people. Get inside the lift." She said and sat Colonel Tahnan down. Then she left the turbolift again. Jacen woke up. His pain was radiating into the force. Good. Pain means he lives.

    "Kya, don´t forget to bring his gun." She yelled over and walked to the midst of the dead stormtroopers. Kneeling down she sighed. Before her was the black choral lightsaber of the dead Sith.

    Would you have taken it, you might have saved a few of them. The voice again. Or was it a different one? I am no Jedi. And the voice seemed not to feel confronted by this. Perhaps you´re not. But does that mean you want them to die?

    "Freakin´ Sith."
    she spitted out. Of course, not. She took the lightsaber and weighed it in her hand. As she made her way back to the turbolift everybody else had already entered. Her hand tightened around the strangely warm chorral-yorrik the lightsaber was made of.
    "Let´s go. Section Twelve it is. Right beneath us, that´s where they said the shuttles are."

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  19. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sae Kya
    Hells Passing

    [blockquote]Fire and death surrounded them, but Sae found he was free from the violence. Cole was dying - there was no doubt of that. Si grabbed the blaster, guilt filling him. He'd made a soldiers choice - firing on the Darktrooper rather than saving a comrade. It sickened him. Saddened, Sae hopped into the turbolift, looking as pods exploded, killing more.

    "I want to go home."[/blockquote]

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  20. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar

    "Tenk, Tahnan."

    "Right," Tenk confirmed, picking himself up from the floor where he had fallen. Considering the Force was now cut off from him again, there was nothing else he could really do except pick up Tahnan. It was a bit of a strain on his muscles but the chore was able to be done nonetheless, the former Jedi draping the man over his shoulder in a carry before he immediately went into the turbolift where the others were gathering.

    "Let´s go. Section Twelve it is. Right beneath us, that´s where they said the shuttles are."

    Tenk waited for everyone else to gather into the lift before he pushed the button to start the turbolift's descent. They were almost out, just need to get into the hangar, find a ship, and hopefully they could get out in one piece.

    He looked up and felt a pang when he saw the state of the cryochamber. The battle into the cryochamber had torn it up a little, but what had to be the explosion that Tenk had heard that saved him killed several others that had been frozen in here. He and this little group may get out alive, but a lot of prisoners here had just been killed.

    Can't save everyone, Tenk told himself, another lesson from the war. He looked around within the turbolift, taking a moment to look over everyone that was within. He noticed Kira had a Sith lightsaber, possibly the same one that he had rejected at using. He didn't say anything about that, had no right to really.

    "I want to go home."

    "You may get the chance," Tenk replied, hoping to comfort the other prisoner that was with them. He had no idea who this person was but that meant nothing. He was one of them.

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  21. sprintabm

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    May 20, 2005

    Before getting up from the blast, U'tek rolled off to the side to make sure he wasn't in anyone's field of fire. He slowly got up - his whole body ached, and the yield of the detonator was so large and the blast was so close that the sound dampers in his helmet didn't do much to keep his ears from ringing. He realized that the gates were now closed, and everyone was making their way to the turbolift. Too many people wounded, and they would only slow down the rest of them from escaping. And now they were going to try to use a method that wasn't even planned - everything was pointing towards disaster. As if it already wasn't.

    U'tek brought his weapon back into his hands and shoulder and moved across the debris, joining the rest of the group in the turbolift. The Colonel and Cole didn't look good at all. Being a member of SpecForce, he was trained in battlefield first aid, but the fatigue of the quick battle had left him wondering what to do to alleviate their pain. Now he didn't even have time to do that, as they were already going to take the lift to another surely enjoyable part of the prison.

    He heard Romar thank him, but he didn't respond. He glanced at Romar and the other Jedi for a moment with a look devoid of emotion. He first wondered why they had put so much effort into rescuing these individuals. He then wondered why in the world the Colonel put Romar in charge. Part of that infuriated him, putting an operation into the hands of someone that was just rescued, who had no idea what the entire rescue mission plan was, and wasn't even a military officer. U'tek wondered why he wasn't put in charge - it wasn't that he was jealous, it was that there was a military hierarchy for a reason.

    He also ignored the complaints of the young man, Si. He was trying to get himself ready for the next fight, and unless it was something that had to do with their situation, shut himself off to everyone.

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  22. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Sirak, Lorj picked up the lightsaber in an earlier post, but we can overlook that.

    Lorj Danathin

    [blockquote]Lorj looked at Major U'tek and nodded in approval. The Cathar was a warrior and a soldier, those were rare and exactly what they needed in the Rebel group. The reptile would ask that U'tek be granted a Medal when they got out of here; he had shown courage by grabbing an active thermal detonator and saving the entire team by risking his own. Lorj looked at Kira and decided that the woman was broken and trying to put the pieces back together. The battlefield was not a place of indecisiveness and hesitation. Lorj was Lt. Colonel, second in command according to military ranks, he would take control.

    "Si, pull self together." He reached his hand out and gripped the young man's shoulder. "Home soon." Jacen began to awake and Lorj adjusted the man on his shoulders accordingly and raised the stormtrooper rifle. As the turbolift his the designated level, the reptilian nodded his head. "Strap up."[/blockquote]
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  23. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Nearing it´s end . . .

    Gesaril Prison Complex

    Prison - Section 12


    Kaya entered the turbolift as the last person. It had more than enough room for all of them. But not enough to escape the smell of the blaster wounds. Colonel Tahnan was still awake and seemed to be stable. Jacen Cole on the other hand slipped back and forth between feverish dreams and painful awakenings. At least Lorj´s wound were not too bad.

    The last thing they saw was as the red blade of Darth Regentis began to pierce the metal of the gate, melting the closing mechanism.
    And still over a hundred pods with frozen prisoners. Lorj had extinguished some of the fires. But the battle had killed a good part of the prisoners they had come to rescue.

    Then the doors shut and the turbolift made a short humming sound. Gravity dampeners were not functioning to good. Obviously damaged by the various explosions. They all were shaken, when they arrived on the level beneath the cryo-chamber.



    Glave leapt out of his hiding place. Among burned bodies and destroyed pods. His face hurt, but his breath wasn´t so heavy from his pain, but because his anger poured out of his body.

    He had been left behind. Reinforcement had been denied. And he had lost the fight. He hated to loose a fight.

    The gate opened, as the lock disintegrated from the heat of the lightsaber stabbed through it. The red faced Darth Regentis entered the chamber, followed by almost a hundred troopers. Glave resisted the urge to shot the man. Instead he just stood there. The Sith entered the room with a deadly calm step.
    "Where are they?" He asked. And not daring to say anything that could hint his frustration and disgust towards his superior Glave simply pointed at the turbolift.

    Darth Regentis nodded and turned. Leaving the chamber and leaving Glave behind. His soldiers secured the room. "A little late, aren´t you?" Glave grunted to their commanding officer and followed the Sith Lord.


    [link=]Hangar[/link] - Section 12


    The doors of the turbo-lift slided to the sight and behind it was a huge hangar on the rear-side of the battle. It housed a dozen Predator-Class fighters, hanging from the walls and three Nu-Class shuttles.

    Lorj Danathin and U´tek were the first to see the devastation. While Si Kya, Tenk Qatar and Kira Romar were in the aft-part of the turbolift with the wounded Colonel. Jacen Cole rested safely on Lorj´s shoulder, still. But it was Kaya spelling out what possibly was all their thought: "What the Sith!"

    The floor of the hangar was covered with bodies. Dead stormtroopers. And another Darktrooper that looked like it had imploded from the inside. Some of the dead still showed spasms. Blueish electricity still crawling over some of their bodies. But most had been killed by a weapon. Their wounds were obvious. And since the war everybody in the galaxy new what weapon caused such wounds. A lightsaber.

    A single hooded dark figure stood in the center of this slaughter. Hooded, wearing the black robes so typical for a Sith. His two-bladed lightsaber still activated.

    For those who had the force at their command his deadly cold presence was vibrating from the fresh act of murder. And to both Tenk Qatar and Kira Romar there was something strangely familiar to this presence. They needed an endless second to recognize the man.

    He had changed in the many years since their last meeting . . .

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  24. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Hangar - Section 12

    The adrenaline and rage still pulsed through his veins. It felt so wrong and it felt so very, very good.

    Slowly Melmot raised his head. Showing the arrivals his yellow eyes and broad grin. His gaze locked on Tenk Qatar. Uncontrolled breath hissed through his tears. And then he deactivated his two blades and raised to his full height.

    Last time they had met he had been nothing but a talented amateur in the use of the force. Not even worthy of the title of a Jedi Padawan. A shadow of his once great father and the apprentice of the very men who had slain him.

    Of which one was now standing right in front of him.

    "Long time no see, Jedi Qatar."
    He grinned. "I am glad to see you made it so far alive."

    He lowered the long hilt of his lightsaber. And his piercing gaze looked from one member of the crew to the other within´ split-seconds. As he saw Romar he smirked.

    "It has been hard enough to arrange your escape. Let´s not foil my plans by loosing precious time, yes?" He said and waited for the others to finally recognize him.

    Quin, son of Unlin. Grandson of the famous Jedi Quinlan Vos.

    While none of these names held meaning to him anymore, the Jedi would surely remember them.

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    Reintroduced for a few scenes only . . . not only approved, but requested

    Name: Melmot, formerly known as Quin Vos
    Age: 26
    Species: Kiffar
    Planet of Birth: Kiffu
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A young man of medium height, he appears older than he actually is, by now. Looks like [link=]this[/link]. His body is much more powerful than it was used to be.
    Rank&Affiliation: Sith Apprentice and a rather unclear affiliation right now, I would say
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: [link=]Double-bladed lightsaber[/link](red), constructed from metal, not grown from vong-material
    Equipment: Comlink
    Bio: Ever since the death of his father High Guardian Unlin Vos, above Kiffu by the hands of Arwu´n Bonadan, Kai Lonati and Tenk Qatar Quin Vos had searched for his purpose in life. He had hoped the Jedi would show him. He had even followed them, the men who had killed his father, into their war. But he never was Jedi. And nobody missed him really, when he vanished after the Battle of Roon.
    How he came to the Sith is still a mystery, but he has learned their way for half a century by now and is considered one of their most devoted students. He took the name Melmot, to erase all signs of his former self. Or so his masters thought.
    But to teach one deception is always a two-edged blade and he may show his master that he is a better student than they might have thought.
  25. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Hangar - Section 12

    "What the Sith!"

    Obviously that didn't sound good. Thinking that their escape had somehow just been foiled, Tenk pushed out from the turbolift, being careful not to drop Tahnan in the process, to get a better look at what was awaiting for them in the hangar.

    At first the former Jedi could only stare, dumbfounded at the scene splayed out before them. Bodies of stormtroopers, a destroyed darktrooper. At first Tenk figured this was a good thing, that another GA team had secured the hangar. Even the wounds that seemed clearly dealt by a lightsaber didn't put a damper on the idea either, Tenk thinking that a Jedi had helped with this.

    He didn't think it would be someone of the past.

    The hooded figure dressed in black and wielding a red double-bladed lightsaber was the only thing standing. Tenk was still dumbfounded, seeing that the person was clearly a Sith yet all the evidence pointed to him having killed all the troopers here. The Force, now back to him, recognized the dark presence that could only belong to a member of the faction.

    But there was something familiar, as if Tenk had sensed this presence before.

    "Long time no see, Jedi Qatar."

    The breath went right out of his lungs, Tenk's single green eye widening. It couldn't be...

    His weapons came to life, blue blades springing from his lightsaber and the shorter shoto before he put them to use, piercing through the armor of the downed shuttle and cutting a hole to make a doorway out. With a bit of use from the Force, Tenk pushed the sheet of metal outwards, creating his door before he jumped through, dropping from the shuttle and landing upon the discarded metal in a kneeling position that had crashed onto the surface that belonged to Kiffu.

    Two Kiffu Guardians awaited him in front of the Palace and Tenk turned to face them, his two green eyes locking onto them before holding his shoto horizontally in front of him while his right hand raised behind and to the right side of his head, the longer blue blade of his lightsaber humming beside the Knight's face, highlighting his features as he waited. One Guardian twirled his phrik-made staff and stepped forward while the other gestured. The front end of the sheet of metal that Tenk stood upon rose up in the beginning of a spin. Having sensed it, Tenk stepped back off the sheet of metal before chopping down with his lightsaber.

    The metal easily split in two and the Knight thrust his left hand forward, sending a Force Push to send the two sheets flying forward, one for each Guardian. The two Guardians tried to stop the oncoming projectiles, but the sheets of metal didn't stop at their command. But they were stopped by someone else's.


    Tenk looked to the source, quickly spotting the newcomer that walked out from the Palace. Draped in a golden sash, a lightsaber at his waist, Tenk recognized the tattooed face. He was the man that he had come to kill.

    Unlin Vos.

    The face that Tenk stared at now was not that of the High Guardian of Kiffu, despite it being so much like it. No, this was his son: Quin Vos. Someone who Tenk had heard existed but had never spoken face-to-face with despite how a part of him had desperately wanted to back then. He had gone off on his diplomatic mission before he had the chance.

    Apparently he did now.

    "It has been hard enough to arrange your escape. Let´s not foil my plans by loosing precious time, yes?"

    "Quin Vos," Tenk finally spoke once he got his breath again. It took a moment before the Knight even registered what the son of Unlin had just spoken. "You're the one responsible for this escape?"

    His meeting with the High Guardian wasn't the only thing that Tenk remembered, such as his tendency to say one thing but do something completely of the opposite.

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