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    OOC: Forgot Lorj ranked U'tek. And it would've been cool if it was Section 18 instead of 12 for us Megadeth fans...

    Hangar - Section 12

    The sight of numerous bodies and a Jedi/Sith/whatever standing in their midst immediately sent U'tek's carbine pointing at the hooded figure. He scrambled out of the turbolift so he wouldn't get cornered and slaughtered in there.

    The fact that those were Imperial bodies made U'tek second guess the intentions of the hooded figure. Did a Jedi prisoner escape? Do Sith like killing their own men for the hell of it?

    U'tek was going to call out a challenge to the figure for identification, but the Jedi with them seemed to know the figure, a "Quin Vos." That name didn't register. Taking cover behind a heavy maintenance bench, U'tek kept his eye and weapon on Vos and waited to see where the conversation would go. At the same time, he tried to keep his ears open for any new sounds, such as the sound of a hundred stormtroopers making their way to the hangar.

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    IC: Si Kya
    Surprises In The Netherworld

    "Quin Vos"

    Si suddenly recognised the man beside him. Tenk Qatar. Si had known him as 'the' Jedi who had saved the Alliance at Bakura, ending the Confederacy by bringing the Mugaari and Ssi-Ruuk into the war against them. Rumour had he'd slaughtered a dozen Sith on Kiffu, and it was a well documented fact that he had been a peripheral member of the team that had fought at Roon. Sae had never met Tenk, but they'd all been apart of the Ten Greats.

    Tenk Qatar - Kira Romar - Jacen Cole - Quin Vos - Kai Lonati - Aru'wn Bonadon - Cade Skywalker - Bosa Nejeco - Sae Kya - Ratep Sentarin.

    For the Year of the Betrayal - the second year of the Sith-Imperial War, which was filled with so many twists and turns that it was impossible to predict who would survive, and who would die, and how much. That year had seen the Sith return at the Battle of Bastion six months in, and ended on the emergence of the Horde - thousands of Sith supporting the Imperial Navy in a terrible year long thrust at Coruscant, culminating in the Battle of Caamas - these Jedi had decided the fate of the galaxy.

    Si had memorised the names of the Ten Greats, and their stories. How they had fought the Year of Betrayal, and most, if not all, had fallen or vanished within the final year of violence. Ratep had fallen at Anaxes, and Cade at Ossus... but what had happened at Roon was still a mystery to almost everyone who hadn't fought there. The Museum of Jedi on Coruscant had painted such a beautiful picture of what had happened there - and Si had believed it until Caamas.

    In awe, he forgot the circumstances in which he'd met them, and suddenly realised that the 'Cole' dying at his feet could very well be Jacen Cole. Si had killed one of the Greats, choosing not to save the man. If there had been space in the turbolift he would have sank to his haunches and cried.

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    Kira Romar
    Section 12 - formerly numbered 18 -, Gesaril

    The hooded figure could be felt in the force, even before she saw the scene. When the doors of the turbolift opened it was nothing like she had expected. But exactly what she had expected in a weird other way. A slaughter. Of a man who obviously enjoyed one.

    The lightsaber in her hand snapped alive, immediately. The crimson blade humming in the dark. But she knew it would only be a futile attempt to stop this Sith. If he could do what he had done to the guards of the hangar, they, weakened as they were, would be no enemy for him, now.

    "Long time no see, Jedi Qatar." The man said. And it hit her. Something was strangely familiar about him. The face. It couldn´t be . . .

    "It has been hard enough to arrange your escape. Let´s not foil my plans by loosing precious time, yes?"

    "You?" She only asked. And as he gave her a glance she knew it. It was him.

    What have you done. What have you done Kira. What have you done to him. Please, anybody. But not . . .

    "Quin Vos," Tenk Qatar spoke out her thoughts. Thoughts rushed through her head. She remembered Jedi had killed his father. And he had been on Roon. Prisoner. Captured by the Sith. They had never seen him again. After he had sacrificed himself for Lonati on Ryloth she had . . . forgotten about him.

    "You're the one responsible for this escape?"
    Tenk again spoke out her question. And as the Sith deactivated his blade, she did, too. The sithsaber felt uncomfortable in her hand. It felt wrong.

    Quin, what have they done to you . . . what have you become . . .

    And as if he wanted to answer her question the broad grin of him send cold, dark ripples through the force.

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    Hangar Section 12, Gesaril

    They were confused. Obviously lost. Worried. Their wounded comrades. Yes, of course. They were afraid to die. They were afraid to survive when hteir friends wouldn´t, they were afraid all kind of things. The youngest of them, almost a boy. He was unsure. Worried. His first blood, Melmot guessed. But none of them shared the inner torment radiating from Romar, like a deadly ray of suffering.

    "Quin Vos," The Murder of his father stumbled. "You're the one responsible for this escape?"[/b] His eyes snapped back to Qatar.

    "That is no longer my Name. And, yes I have . . . had my hand in it. Among others." He smiled and nodded. To clam them down his lightsaber snapped into the clamps at his belt. The Dark Side would be weapon enough, if necessary. But they needed him. And he was there to offer an escape.
    "It was me who let the information of your prison slip to our enemies in the first place and it was me who took care of the defense of this station, so your petty little fleet would survive at least for a few minutes." He smirked.
    "And all of it and everything else I have done will be in vain, if you do not enter these shuttles now. Regentis will not be fooled forever." His eyes flipped to Romar. "And there are others, hungry for your soul, Romar. I must say, I can understand them. It seems so ready to embrace our ways."
    He finally turned the group his back, waving with his hand to make the shuttle bays open.

    "You are lucky it is essential for us all of you escape. No time for explanations. Explanations will soon find you." He smiled and stepped back. "Good luck, out there."

    And with that, he turned and walked away. He stopped a last time, as he passed the Reptilian.
    "And if you want to save your friend. There is bacta beneath the Co-pilot seat, Lorj Danathin." He gave him a smile. It had been a hint as well as a vulgar presentation of his advantage when it comes to information. "I would usually say, it´s a waste on him. But as we Sith know very well, Jacen Cole is a man quite hard to kill."

    He walked on, his hand laying on his lightsaber.

    "See you. Soon. All of you."

    He added shouting on his way out. They would take his help or die. If they decided for the second option . . . there were always other possibilities he could explore.

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    Jacen Cole

    Same Hangar

    Strykre . . . Roon . . . Romar. And everywhere the corpses of the third fleets troops. Blood soaked by the yellow sand ot that forgotten planet. The giant Black Sphere and it´s shadow over it all. And in the middle of it all stood Jacen Cole. His dress now the beige camourflage of desert operations. His gun was different. Not the one he had used on Gesaril. This was his old one. The original one. He pushed it and it fell into two. Yeah. Just where the Sith had cut through it. Back then on Roon. He made it slip from his hands and looked towards the pieces of metal falling into the sand. It moved in slow motion. While he himself seemed to be fine. Real time. If anything real was about it.

    Coughing he awoke on Lorj´s back. The pain was still everywhere. "What . . . ?" Was all he managed to say. He wanted to know what was going on. They were talking somewhere. Nearby. Something was wrong. he couldn´t say what. He slipped back into his nightmares.

    He had always wondered . . . what was it like to die throw a blade of pure energy . . .

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    OOC: Sinrebirth, you put Jacen Cole on a list full of Jedi [:D] Thanks man, makes my little authoroty-shy sniper the equal to Han Solo in the Legacy Era :p
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    Lorj Danathin

    The threat had passed and Jacen was dying, though Lorj was not fully fooled. Keeping his guard up, Lorj slipped out from the turbolift and onto the shuttle. "On board." He commanded everyone else while he slipped Jacen into the bacta tank and turned the power on along with starting the ship's engines.

    "Tenk, move on." The reptile warned as he moved back into the turbolift, nudging Kaya out of it, lifting Tahnan on his back, and dragging Si Kya off his knees and up the shuttle's walkway. Lorj laid Tahnan on a bed and moved to the cockpit. It was time to get the battered group out of here before the Sith and his troopers followed them down here, which would only be a matter of time. Shifting some controls, the spacecraft lifted off the ground and hovered in the air. It would only be stationary for a few minutes.

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    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Gesaril, Hangar, Section 12

    "See you. Soon. All of you."

    Tenk watched Quin - Quin, not Malmont; he wasn't going to use that name - walk away, his one eye keeping track of the other until he could no longer see him.

    Had this been because of me? Tenk questioned, his eye locked in the direction of where Quin vanished. Because of Kiffu? Because of my choices?

    Tenk could do nothing against the Force attack that Unlin decided to throw at him. Finding himself being launched from the floor, pain once against lashed across Tenk's back as he smashed into one of the walls of the corridor within the cruiser
    Impenetrable before sliding back down to the floor, his back to the wall. His vision blackened for a moment, his pain and exhaustion momentarily becoming too much. The battle down at Kiffu, the Kiffu Guardians that had really been suicide bombers, his duel with Unlin, it was becoming too much even for the Knight. His back, having been previously gotten hit by a Kiffu Force user's staff down on the planet, throbbed with pain as did his thigh where Unlin managed to cut with his lightsaber, and as well as his hands and arms, still burned and blistered from when he had shielded himself from one of the Kiffu Guardian's kamikaze attack. With dozens of other aches and pains and whatever other damage the fight was causing Tenk, the Knight was nearly finished.

    He wanted this all to end, but the High Guardian's last attack had caused his shoto and blaster to drop from his hands when he collided into the wall. Slowly, weakly, the Jedi Knight looked this way and that. His shoto, thanks to it's cylindrical shape, had rolled a little far, and even as Tenk tried, he couldn't find the strength to get back to his feet or even use the Force to retrieve it. The Bluebolt, on the other hand, was much closer on Tenk's right. Tenk reached out his right hand, trying to grab the blaster, but it just proved to be just a couple inches too far. To compensate for the distance, Tenk allowed himself to slowly slide against the wall and then finally dropped to the floor on his side, his right hand still stretched out. The drop caused sudden pain to lance out through Tenk's middle, making the Knight wonder if the throw to the wall cracked or broke a rib or two. Either way, this time his fingers closed around the grip of his Bluebolt and Tenk raised his head up to try and find Unlin. While he was looking for the High Guardian, he saw lightsabers, no doubt under Unlin's control, streaking after Aruw'n. Soon, while Tenk couldn't find Kai, the other Jedi that had to come save him, he found Unlin, on his knees, missing an arm.

    Tenk glanced over at his blaster, wondering if he still had shots left in the power pack for his blaster before it went dry. His vision blurred slightly, and Tenk narrowed his eyes to focus on the reading. Two...no wait...three shots left? Or was it two? Didn't matter, he still had at least one shot left in the Bluebolt. Looking back at Unlin, Tenk forced his hand to raise the suddenly heavy blaster and, holding it in a shaky grip, Tenk fired a blaster bolt at the High Guardian and hoped he would still have the strength - not to mention the power in his blaster - to fire off a second shot if Unlin didn't finally go down.

    But he did go down. The bolt hit the High Guardian in the breast, dropping him to the floor. It was over.

    "Tenk, move on."

    The former Jedi was pulled out from his memories at the sound of Lorj. Looking over at the trooper, Tenk nodded his head before following his lead, making for the shuttle that would be their escape vehicle. Tahnan had been taken from him so with that weight taken care of, Tenk stopped at the ramp of the shuttle, remaining there to make sure that everyone was loading into the shuttle and that no one was being left behind before he got inside himself.

    He still had time to think of one more thought.

    I'm sorry Unlin. Quin.

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    IC: Zeth Tak'n
    Above Gesaril

    Zeth watching both of the other Sabre pilots make their runs, had also put himself in position to clean up anything they may have missed. Kit watched as both Max and Talia executed the maneuver to perfection. He watched as Max's target exploded into thousands of cells, and then turned his attention to Talia, who, though had set herself up for the kill, missed her target.

    No sooner had her laser missed the mark, then Zeth rolled his ship towards the predator, and watched as his crosshairs settled onto the wing of his target, and then sqeezed off a storm of laser fire, and almost sure that he had hit his mark pulled the ship up so he didn't catch any debris.

    Zeth flipped the switch on his comm unit, "Sabre Squadron this is Sabre-Leader, all personal fall back to the Ranger. I repeat, all pilots back to the Ranger." Turning his ship, Lt. Tak'n accelerated back towards the hangar.

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    Kira Romar
    Hangar in Section 12

    She listened to him, trying to hide her shock and fear in the force. But she was exhausted, out of training. And Quin had grown in power. No doubt he had. The slaughter in the hangar was the testament of that.

    And he played his hand well. Why has he helped us? Me? She was sure he was feeding on the insecurity that question produced as much as on the confusion.

    "And there are others, hungry for your soul, Romar. I must say, I can understand them. It seems so ready to embrace our ways." His eyes snapped on her. The ill yellow eyes of a Sith. She remembered the insecure boy from Roon. He had a crush on her, back then. Something she had considered so unappropriate back in these days. His look on her now was a lot more disturbing.

    But he was right, of course. It had been her curse. Only good in fighting, only strong in the force when lives were in danger . . . she had been forged into a warrior. But the killing had changed her. She was only one step away from laying down her burden. From becoming one with her anger. She hadn´t taken that step. The Sith waited still.

    "Haven´t there always been, Sith?" She replied and made her way to the shuttle. Quin had ascended over the mindless thugs of the Dark Lord. He had forced his game upon them. A true puppet-master in the making. And she could do nothing but play along. Enter that shuttle, whatever purpose he had for her.

    She climbed into the ship and sat next to Colonel Tahnan. Lorj Danathin had taken the pilot seat. "Ready to go." She said and fastened her belts.

    "See you. Soon. All of you." Was the last she heard of the Sith as he left them to their own fate.

    She had the disturbing feeling he was a man of his word.

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    OOC: blu, I think it was just bacta under the seat, not a tank for someone to be in. If I'm wrong, then imagine the appropriate adjustments to my post.

    [link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtsD2tBPZgo]Not Hangar 18[/link]

    U'tek slowly stood up as the Vos character left, still keeping his weapon pointed at him. This turned out to be a regular family reunion, full of intrigue, a master plan, hidden agendas, confusion, all that regular stuff that accompanied the Jedi.

    "The damn lot's gonna blow up the whole galaxy," U'tek muttered to himself as he made his way to the shuttle that Lorj already started up. He stood on the ramp with the male Jedi, Qatar, was it, to make sure no Imperials decided to poke their head around a corner. Once the shuttle started up, he ran inside and found the bacta under the copilot seat. Making his way to Cole, he used all the first aid knowledge he had to attend to his colleague in arms.

    "Hang in there, Cole," he spoke clearly, "just another day in SpecForce, right?"

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    Wrong game, sorry. Must PM Fin, however.
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    Chapter One: Broken Wings Must Fly - Last Update

    My next post will be the conclusion of the Chapter where your fleet goes to Hyperspace. So everybody got one more post to make in Chapter One, before we jump. In time and space.

    Gesaril Prison Complex



    Loben´s lock began blinking and he send another burst of green energy after the pilot in front of him. Maximl Vektir lost his shields and weapon power. The life support that had just began to reboot slowed in it´s reactivation stage. He shouted orders to his droid, but communications were over. He saw the green energy flow around him and new he faced his end.

    When the energy flow from the Predator behind him suddenly vanished. He had no more sensors to show him what had happened. But he seemed to be save. The red lights of his fighter began blinking from everywhere. Energy was down to 27%. It had been close. Really close.

    Zeth Tak´n pushed the trigger seconds before that, just as the two fighters crossed their path and his red energy bolts cut through space directly into the central orb of the Predator-fighter in pursuit of Maximl Vektir. Then he ordered retreat. His pilots were more than ready to follow that order. To their surprise the Empire did not intend to pursuit their enemy, but the Resistance fleet could slowly retreat under the fire of the Gesaril Asteroid Station.

    "Sunlight Ranger to fleet, Sunlight Ranger to fleet, jump in one minute. We meet at the rendezvous-point. All ships without hyperdrive return to hangars, now. Emergency landing procedures have been prepared.

    The last comment was especially important for Maximl and his crippled, hardly flyable remains of his Twintail X83. Talia had already landed her own damaged fighter. Zeth remained on the outside of the Nebulon-G frigate in escort position, as his Astromech Droid activated the jump-sequence.

    Of his 14 Wings only 9 had remained. And another two fighters were heavy damaged.

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    Command Station

    Colonel Raud watched the Resistance retreat. He hadn´t given a single order, for the last ten minutes. Instead of him Darth Tenebrous had taken command. And he had done a terrible job. The Sith was even among his people no soldier. A spy. A master spy in many ways.
    "Shall I send out our remaining two Squadrons, Sir?" Raud dared to ask. The Sith ignored him and turned to the screen again. He obviously saw what he had searched for, for a short smile hushed over his almost human, noseless features.
    "Secure the Asteroid and contact the Ascendancy." Tenebrous only said. "Let them get away, for now. They won´t get far." He only said.

    Actually the first order of the Sith that made any sense. Now loosing more people would be the path of honor. But the lurking Paelleon-Class Star Destroyer that had entered the system a few hours ago, would wipe them away with ease. "Yes, Sir."

    The Sith nodded and turned away. "I am in the audience chambers." He left the command center and left the cleaning to the imperial soldiers. "Freak." Was all Raud could press through his thin lips.


    Far Side of the Asteroid


    While the two small fleet had violently crashed into each other on the part of the giant Asteroid that looked towards the sun, there was no sign of a battle on the planet-facing side. And Lorj Danathin saw the sunrise on the surface of the beautiful green giant of Gesaril beneath him. Then he catapulted the shuttle out of the bay and fled the Asteroid Prison the Empire had build and the Second Empire had rebuild. Kaya had taken the Co-pilot seat and punched in the coordinates for the rendezvous-point with the fleet.
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    IC: Tenk Qatar
    Far Side of Asteroid, Shuttle

    Tenk sat in the aft section of the shuttle with the two other prisoners; Kira and the other one that he had still yet to catch a name from. He could find out later...he was a little tired at the moment. Both in the body and the mind. The former Jedi leaned back against the wall of the shuttle, letting the back of his head rest against the cool metal while his only working eye closed.

    There was something he needed to know before he decided to rest though. Rest would prove to be quite difficult to find if he didn't know...

    He stretched out with the Force, wanting to make this quick; who knew when the drugs were going to kick in again and sever his connection. His senses expanded around him and outward, pushing out of the shuttle and into space. Where...

    There was chaos and darkness from the direction of where they were fleeing from, no doubt from the Sith and the very complex of Gesaril itself. Tenk ignored it, searching for...there. The link was there and the former Knight latched onto it like he had done in Gesaril. It was still there, the link was there. If it was still here then...

    There she was. Mixed within so many others but Tenk was able to find her easily enough because of their link. Talia. She was there, she was alive. And as the link was suddenly stretched, becoming longer and longer as the ship she was on went to light speed, he knew that she was safe.

    Despite the dark presence of Gesaril still at their backs, Tenk smiled anyway.

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    IC: Maximl Vektir.
    "Sunlight Ranger to fleet, Sunlight Ranger to fleet, jump in one minute. We meet at the rendezvous-point. All ships without hyperdrive return to hangars, now. Emergency landing procedures have been prepared."

    *It was rare that Max was relieved to get back to the base or hangar that he was stationed out of, but this was one of those times. Although it was a massive weight off his shoulders that Talia was safe and that his own tail was clear, he was ever so slightly disappointed that he wasn't the one to end that fighter at his tail.

    However those feelings diminished rather quickly. Although he was burning space towards the Nebulon-G as fast as his crippled fighter could muster, the air was getting stale rather quickly in the cockpit of the fighter, the internal comm with the droid was silent, and he still had no sensors of any kind, forcing him to fly by eyes alone.*

    At least the comm works, hopefully somebody is listening in the Ranger.

    *As he counted his limited luck in his comms gear working, a small thought in the back of his mind tried to make itself heard, something that might have been important*

    "Sabre Four to Ranger, I have no sensors and life support is compromised, declaring an emergency, get the crash teams ready. Sabre Four out."

    *Then he remembered what it was, the whole thing about not talking in an oxygen-depleted environment or risk a slow excrutiating death by suffocation a lot sooner than nesseccary.*

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    IC: Zeth Tak'n
    Above Gesaril

    Zeth breathed much easier as he watched Talia land. turning his focus towards Max's X-83 he saw him approaching the hangar, and decided he too would be ok. Now that his mind was not occupied with Talia's and Max's safety, Zeth's mind wondered towards those pilots that had died on this mission. The zabrak couldn't help but partially blame himself for their deaths.

    "Sunlight Ranger to fleet, Sunlight Ranger to fleet, jump in one minute. We meet at the rendezvous-point. All ships without hyperdrive return to hangars, now. Emergency landing procedures have been prepared.

    Zeth switched his comm to the proper channel, "Copy that Ranger, preparing for the jump now."

    "Z activate the jump-sequence for the rendezvous."

    Now there was nothing for Zeth to do, but wait for the jump to hyperspace, and ponder the mistakes of the last battle.

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    edit: Mistake, I thought draco asked me to post it. But he hasn´t. Sorry.
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    ooc: [face_laugh] Only asked you to correct my spelling, Rachel. But thanks, anyway.

    Thanks to Fin, for background. Partially his post

    Jacen Cole
    Above Gesaril (Planet)

    He felt back to his painful slumber . . . U´tek was there. Somewhere. He only mumbled his words. "Roooon!"

    The Battle of Roon. He had seen it before. But never from that perspective. He stood on one of the barren hills, someone stood next to him. And watched as the giant barges of the galactic alliance set down. Shuttles hoovering above them. And like an army of nightmares, the Sith rushing to attack the newcomers. So few Sith, so few Stormtroopers. One for every ten soldiers of the Alliance. But there was no shelter in numbers from their fury. Simple stormtroopers slaughtered them. A fight so wrong . . .

    Then he saw himself. In an assault shuttle, the side-door open, aiming. His old rifle. He knew at whom he had aimed. A red-faced horror slaughtering soldiers. `Now´ He heard the man besides him say. He didn´t turn to him. Why not? He didn´t know. His other self, the past-Jacen of Roon pushed the trigger. Somewhere in the field a Sith died from a headshot. He saw it and then his past-self screamed. A rocket hit his ship. It crashed. Exploding. he had fallen out of it. He survived. he killed another Sith, that day. He would escape their onslaught. On that shuttle were his people. Strykre, Soaia, the others. They had all died that day. He finally looked to his side. He stood there. Not in the desert suit of Roon. But in the black combat-suit he wore on Gesaril. His other-self turned and revealed the burning wound in it´s side. A fine stream of blood coming from his mouth. `You should have died then, Jacen.´ The other-self said without emotion. `Time to make that right, isn´t it?´

    He tried to raise again as pain welcomed his consciousness, again. "No, no. Not . . . " And he slipped back to the void of his dark nightmares.

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    Melmot will be posted last, as Fin has requested it that way.
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    U'tek held down the delirious Cole as he tried to rise up. At least he was still talking. Maybe he could hear. "Cole - Jacen," U'tek spoke loudly, "Roon's over. You're not there. Stay with me. You're safe."

    He was at a loss for words otherwise. He wasn't at the Battle of Roon himself as he was stuck in his own enchanting paradise during that time. He only heard a little about the battle. It seemed that not many survivors wanted to speak of it, but he could tell how much of an impact it had with the amount of post-traumatic stress that the survivors had.

    But never mind that. U'tek found himself becoming very frustrated with the situation. Not only was it a dying soldier in front of him, but it was a dying SpecForce soldier. And there weren't many SpecForce around these days. He shouted to his Maruchaun superior. "Lieutenant Colonel, sir, I suggest that if this jump is going to be a long one we immediately get back on the Ranger. I don't know how long Cole is going to last without proper medical help." He glanced back at the Jedi. "Unless our Force conjurers can do something," he added sarcastically and quietly, thinking only he and Lorj could hear. "Although it looks like they're too broken to help themselves."

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    You were completely right, Sprint.

    Lorj Danathin
    -Gesaril Orbit

    "Three. Two..." The Nu-Class shuttle and its escorts the Madine-Class Assaults that flanked them were about to disappear into hyperspace with an utterly silent boom, but U'tek had suggested the best option. Lorj did not look to Kaya as he ansered her question.

    "Not always." He continued to span the control panel, getting a feel for where everything was. "Worse or better." This ship could be his new tool. It was very advanced despite them having to grab it a rush. More importantly, he was inspecting the ship because of the confrontation they had had with the young sith. The shuttle had been a little too convenient. Lorj was not a suspicious individual, not expecting too many dangers, but he was experienced so being cautious was necessary.

    He heard Jacen screaming in the back, but did not turn his attention. A suffering comrade was not a sight to see. Plus, he had to focus about boarding the ranger. "Change of plans." He commed their escorts. "To Ranger." The ship arrived on the bay just as the ship began its jump into hyperspace.

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    OOC: I must say only now, that I see our bunch of unhappy characters escape I realize how well chosen the chapter-title was.

    Kira Romar

    Aboard the Shuttle, Gesaril

    Pain spread in her muscles and bones. As always the force left it´s tool, now that it was no longer useful. She sighed in disgust. How easy she had been drawn back into their games. Jacen Cole screamed out. Something about Roon. He suffered. Probably died.

    Her body hardly listened to her anymore, but to her it didn´t matter. She had brought these men to Roon. She had made them fight and then watched them die. All of them. 36722 dead. Everyone of them had been her responsibility. How could Tahnan even consider handing her command? She knew he wanted to, but couldn´t he see she could lead only into darkness? Because that´s where her path lead herself?

    She forced herself to the legs, stumbling over to the soldiers. "Please." She said to U´tek and knelt besides Jacen. Without the thick of war, the force was no way as strong in her, as in war. But she still was trained in many aspects. She had been a Jedi once. All of her was left, she would now give to this man who suffered still from the terribly wrong of her decisions.

    "Cole." She reached into his tortured mind with the force, sharing his fears and pain. "It is me. Admiral Romar." She felt his soul whirling like a maelstrom. Kira cleared her throat. His emotions were almost overwhelming her, now that she was weakened. But she would prevail. "We are on Roon, Cole. It is a great victory, Jacen Cole. You made it happen. You helped us all. We have defeated a great evil. We have saved the galaxy. We are heroes, Jacen Cole. You are . . ." She had a hard time speaking these words. Even harder to bring them into Jacen Cole´s mind. " . . . a hero, Jacen. We all have won. We all are heroes."

    And with that she stood up, coughing out in pain, as she did so. She nodded to U´tek, avoiding his eyes, so he couldn´t see her tears.

    Hopefully Cole would rest now in peace. Until the medics arrived.

    Every word had been a lie, of course.

    They had been broken on Roon.

    I have been broken.

    On Roon.

    With that thought she sat down and her body shut down. She lost her consciousness.

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    IC: Si Kya

    Si Kya leaned his head back on the seat and closed his eyes. It was over. And now he sat with so many of the Roon veterans. He heard Kira talk to Cole, slowly, calming the man in the fever of death. Roon was no victory. His eyes opened, a scowl on his lips - he couldn't help it. Roon was a terror. His half-brother had died there. So many people had died there.

    He suddenly realised that Kira was placating Cole, and turned to speak to Kira. It was time they spoke about Sae, surely? They had to get it over and done with. But she was gone, unconscious. Pain nibbled at Si's body, reminding him that he was pained, and smelt, and needed new clothes and a sanisteam.

    Si looked over at Tenk, lowering his voice so Cole wouldn't hear. "My name is Si Kya. My half-brother died at Roon. You were at Bakura, weren't you?"

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    Jacen Cole
    Nightmare, Roon

    We all have won. We all are heroes.
    He heard the voice and looked around. Surrounded by his comrades, on the middle of the Battle field he saw them smile towards him. Many of them, wearing their fatal wounds still but rising like undead celebrants of an forgotten victory. He felt the ease of that moment. They had won. In this world of dreams, Roon had not been their final mistake. It hadn´t been the slaughterhouse. And then he saw Kira Romar. The good Admiral. Celebrated in her long white robes she stepped to him and extended her hand. "Cole, will you lead me to them?" "Them?" Cole asked. And he saw a blood droplet forming at her mouth. She smiled at him. She was so beautiful. "To the living. Will you lead me back to the living?" He looked around. Everybody was suddenly laying dead again. "Why me?" "Because you need to go there, anyway." Romar replied and was gone.

    He mumbled Romar´s name, as he occasionally slipped out of delirium.

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    Combined Post with DarkLordoftheFins

    Audience Chamber, Asteroid

    "And?" Darth Regentis asked, giving himself an air of superiority. The fool, who would always wear the marks of underestimating a Jedi. In form of his armored exoskeleton. He seemed to feel superior. Higher in rank, for now, the Lord had surely hunted down several Jedi. But he had so far failed to bring the one Sith before the Dark Lord he had been ordered to find.
    This was their best chance they had in five years, to find their renegade brother. And it had been his plan. Melmot´s idea in the first place. Because only he had the ear of his mistress. They called her The Dark Lady, these days.
    Melmot turned to him and hissed. "Complete failure from your men. The team that has rescued her was very much alive and intact, when they escaped. Hadn´t the Dark Lady ordered them all dead? Only Romar was meant to escape? And thanks to the stupidity of your apprentice they now even have a second Jedi. The one I HAD BEEN PROMISED!" Melmot yelled at the taller man. Regentis hand slowly went to his lightsaber, but he did not dare to take it from his belt. Melmot watched his hand for a long moment.

    "Nevertheless, I assume that is irrelevant. They are free and my Master will keep an eye on them. Romar is free. The bait is out there. Now we will have to wait." Melmot turned his back to Darth Regentis, stepping down to the smaller frame of Darth Tenebrous. The human Sithlord nodded only.

    "It won´t need long. He will not be able to resist this chance. We have made him wait for too long. And he hungers for her." Darth Tenebrous hissed in his raspy voice. Then turned to Regentis. "Prepare."

    Melmot saw all other Sith leave the chamber. Only he remained and watched the stars outside, as the fleet of the resistance made it´s way into hyperspace.

    His revenge would be far worse than simple death by executions. Melmot would undo everything his enemy stood for. And grow stronger in the process.

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    IC: Tenk Qatar

    "My name is Si Kya. My half-brother died at Roon. You were at Bakura, weren't you?"

    Tenk turned to look at the other passenger that was seated with him - Si, he had a name to call him by now. But Kya...the former Jedi rolled the name around in his mind, trying to see if it rang any bells. It didn't. If he had been at Roon though, that was no surprise. Tenk had been nowhere near Roon, having been busy convincing other beings to fight in a war that they ended up losing in.

    Tenk glanced over at where the rest of their party were, seeing the unconscious Kira and the half-dead Cole.

    All those hardships for nothing. At Bakura. At Roon.

    "Tenk Qatar," Tenk introduced himself, looking back at Si and holding out his hand for him to shake. "And yes I was at Bakura. I don't think I've ever met your half-brother though."

    That didn't matter to Tenk though. He was with another victim of the war. He didn't just mean the war itself like Bakura and Roon, but of what the Sith are also doing now with their victory.

    "Nice to meet you either way."

    They were all in this together.

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    Chapter One - The Broken Wings Must Fly - End



    Retreat was going well. The Empire did not pursuit the fleet around the battered Nebulon-G but instead formed a tight defensive formation of Predator-Class Fighters around the Asteroid. In some distance an Imperial Fast Frigate jumped out of Hyperspace, making a desperate but hopeless run to catch the fleeing fleet.

    Transports and fighters who had lost hyperspace capability rushed to the small hangar of the Sunlight Ranger.

    The Twintail of Maximl Vektir crashed into the landing deck, just as his repulsors failed. Whirling into one of the huger maintaince droids installed in the ceiling and ripping itself through the wiring of several back-up systems, before a traktor beam could keep it from doing anymore damage. Maximl had been pushed into the side of his cockpit head-first. He lost his conscience, bleeding from his head, just as his fighter hit the ground.

    Right behind him the Nu-Class Shuttle Shadowcaster arrived. Technicians hasty began to clear the deck for the one ship they had all waited for. The Prisoners. The reason for all their suffering. Medics rushed to meet the inhabitants, already informed some of their own were wounded. One of them, Jacen Cole, possibly fatal. Also Soldiers, technicians and pilots gathered around the ship. Awaiting the return of the men they had fought for. The moment the ramp of the shuttle was lowered thundering applause swept through the hangar-area. Lorj Danathin, U´tek and Si Kya were the first to leave the ship. Applause raised. Only to die down in shock, as the wounded and broken faces of the soldiers and their exhausted rescued companions appeared. People began to help. Kira Romar was still unconscious. Colonel Tahnan had to be carried out of the shuttle, as did Jacen Cole. The others could walk but only barely. But one of them did not get far, at all.

    Tenk Quatar
    was suddenly ripped to the ground and found himself under a . . . more pleasant kind of attack . . . as Talia covered his face with kisses. And suddenly the applause returned. Even louder and more thundering than before. "Don´t you dare to ever leave me again!" Talia cried tears of joy, as she finally was reunited with her husband.

    The Battle of Gesaril was over. It was another victory for the Resistance. But one they payed another high price for.


    "Fleet, on my mark. 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . MARK!" Lerner shouted and felt the burden falling from his very heart, as the remains of Sabre-Squadron, Black-Squadron, the three ActionX-Transports and the battered badly damager Sunlight Ranger made it to hyperspace. Among these ships Sabre-Leader Zeth Tak`n.


    Hours later the Broken Wings Commando would learn, that their decisions to make a run for the Sunlight Ranger had saved Jacen Cole. Badly injured he would recover slowly but steady inside of the only available Bacta Tank in medbay. He would live. Again, Jacen Cole had shown to be a man who was really hard to kill.


    Yet there was hope. Again.

    Tag: Nobody

    Chapter Two: Impostor
    will begin on Sunday evening and will TAG you all 24 hours after the Battle of Gesaril.

    Please use the time before the update to send in any ideas for your character. I am sure I won´t be able to make it all happen, as we are about to dive into the main-plot of the game, but I´ll see what I can do.

    Otherwise I am only left with the need to tell you all that you are doing an amazing game. I got great players. Incredible players. Just wanted to let you know . . . that I know ;)
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    Approved by DLotF, I introduce to you all, your standing Medic! Give him a round of applause, folks.

    Name: Ishtharr
    Age: 266
    Species: Wookiee
    Planet of Birth: Kashyyyk
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Covered entirely by fur as black as night, Ishtharr is reminiscent of shadows. He is lithe and tall, with powerful leg muscles for running. He wears a bandolier. His eyes are grayish silver. Ishtharr is seven and a half feet tall, or just under two point three meters.
    Rank & Affiliation: Galactic Alliance/Medic
    The Force: Nah
    Weapons: Ryyk kerarthorr scorched black.
    Equipment: Medical supplies.
    Bio: Ishtharr was born on the Woolwarriccan plains, on his species? homeworld of Kashyyyk. Ishtharr established himself as a introversive being, in his early years. When sent into the Shadowlands, as part of his hrrtayyk, displayed an affinity for life on the planet?s surface.

    After his coming-of-age ceremony, Ishtharr created his ryyk blade and took to a nomadic lifestyle. He spent most of his time roaming the planet?s surface, though he did, on occasion live in the higher levels of the canopy and, for brief time, on Korrokrrayyo Mountain.

    Ishtharr taught himself how to clean and tend to his own wounds, and how he learned to hunt without his ryyk blade. He became known for his great skill as craftsman.

    When Ishtharr was two hundred fifty three, he made the decision to leave his home planet, to join the Galactic Alliance, as a medic. He served throughout the Imperial-Sith War and the exile of the GA.

    In 133 ABY, Ishtharr found himself aboard the Sunlight Ranger.
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    GM Housekeeping

    Welcome NickLitYouAFlame. Good to have you.

    I haven´t heard of KraytDragon90 in a week, and therefore take control of his character, according to Rule 8.

    ~Chapter Two New Roster~

    Colonel Lorj Danathin, Maruchaun Resistance Member (bluebeast1237)
    Lt.Colonel Tereo U´Tek, Cathar Resistance Member (sprintabm)
    Major Ishtharr, Head of Medical Department, Wookiee Resistance Member (NickLitYouAFlame)
    Wing Commander Zeth Tak?n, Zabrak, Sabre-Squadron Leader, Sabre One (kit-kenobi)
    Flight Commander Maximl "Mad Max" Vektir, Corellian Sabre-Squadron, Sabre Four (RallyFan84)

    Kira Kara Romar, Former Jedi (SirakRomar)
    Si Kya, Archeologist (Sinrebirth)
    Tenk Qatar, Former Jedi (Sarge211)

    ~Guest-Slot Chapter One~

    Commander Jacen Cole, Corellian Resistance Member (Sir_Draco)
    Melmot aka Quin Vos, Sith Apprentice (Sir_Draco)
    Luminous, Force Entity (Eme-Ma Himou)

    Chapter Two: Impostor

    24 hours after the raid

    Gesaril Asteroid Complex



    Darth Tenebrous watched the Chistori as the droids ended their third operation within´ the last 24 hours. His left side of his face was scared beyond recognition. The Vong-bugs and acid had damaged it beyond repair. Yet, the pain had not overwhelmed the Chistori Major. The contrary was the case. It gave him focus. Dedication.
    Darth Tenebrous grinned. A gesture that did not go unnoticed by his companion. Darth Regentis stood net to him and wondered what was going on inside his superior.
    "You find this beasts suffering amusing?" He asked, folding his arms. Even a head taller than Tenebrous, his presence failed to be commanding in the presence of the younger Sith. "Yes." Tenebrous only added, his noseless face betraying nothing of his true emotions.

    After a brief silent which they both used to listen to Major Vun´s cry of pain Tenebrous spoke again.
    "Send Glave and two Commando-Units out to search the Ascendancy. And I wish you to accompany them." He sighed.
    "On a search-mission?" The elder Sith asked surprised.
    "Your skills will be most useful in searching for a ship that is lost anywhere in space, Darth Regentis. I trust your much acclaimed perception to find it. And you can proof that you aren´t a complete failure, after failing to kill a handful of soldiers that were right beyond your heel to crush." Darth Tenebrous words came out with a sharp edge in his voice.
    "Yessss. Master." Regentis only replied. And as Tenebrous was about to go Regentis smirked frustrated.
    "And Regentis," Darth Tenebrous added. "You haven´t ever mentioned that he is sensitive. Your Commander Glave." Darth Regenits turned.
    "Haven´t I?" Regentis asked. As if Tenebrous and his Mistress shared all their knowledge. "Now that your apprentice is fodder for the space worms, I suggest you train him. Too old to become a Sith but not too old to become useful. Another second chance for you." Regentis nodded silently.
    "I give no third chance, Lord Regentis. Remember that." And with that Darth Tenebrous vanished through the door. Darth Regentis remained watching Major Vun the Chistori suffer.

    One day Tenebrous wouldn´t be able to hide in the shadow of his Mistress. Darth Regentis would be there.

    Sunlight Ranger


    Tactical Operations Center

    The improvised command post of the Sunlight Ranger had been established in the view-port. It had been there for month but it had never been as empty as now. All hands were needed to repair the ship, that had suffered badly from it´s deadly duel with Imperial Prison F/>
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