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SWRPF Archive 135 ABY - The Hidden Darkness

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Evil Incarnate, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003

    [color=blue][i][b]A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...[/b][/i][/color]

    [hl=black][color=green][b]Star Wars: The Hidden Darkness[/b][/color][/hl]

    [b][link=]Chiss Ascendancy[/link], 135 ABY[/b]

    [b]The Story:[/b]
    The Force, once thought to be almost non-existent among the Chiss species, has secretly been manifesting for the last thousand years. The minor family, house Tann, once relocated to the planet of Thule by the Brotherhood of Darkness for reasons unknown, returned to their people two hundred years later with strange riches, and dark secrets. They quickly set about gathering every individual with force potential that they could find. In 700BBY, the secret Phalanx was born, known as the Altus Obscurum. Originally they were trained in infiltration and assassination, but as House Tann rose through the ranks, they adapted and were trained to appear as normal soldiers. The more people they brought in under their wing, the more diverse the Phalanx grew, and the more they desired power. One of Tann's own, exiled from her family, made herself known to the galaxy during The Clone Wars. Though her victories proved numorous, she died after only a month of service to the CIS. In 17BBY, expeditions were organized to seek out repositories of knowledge where they could learn more of the force, they continued to do this throughout the time of the Empire, as most centers of learning were abandoned by force users going into hiding. Their powers grew exponentially in this time frame, but House Tann would bide it's time until it could take over the Ascendancy in a bloodless coup, for once it took control, it would need the resources of the entire chiss empire if it wanted any chance of succeeding in it's plans for Galactic Domination. In 27ABY, they secretly made pacts with four of the nine ruling houses. Csapla, Nuruodo, Inrokini, and Sabosen. The Deal was that House Tann must remain as a minor House for a hundred years, and in exchange, Tann would remove their rivals, and protect them from outside invasion using the resources the other five ruling families. They thought that they could rebuild their resources and keep Tann from ever ascending to be one of the ruling families, and they did an admirable job at it. Together, after 100 hundred years, the four houses had achieved what seemed like a stalemate with House Tann. Though they still did not have any force users on their side, they did have the CEDF, and they had been training to fight force users for the last fifty years.

    In 129ABY, the balance was tipped. Kye'eldes'tann returned to Csilla with a fleet of Sith Warships, though it was unknown to the ruling families at the time that the invasion was led by one of their own. Kolel'des'tann, the current Head of House Tann what most thought was strangely out of character for a Tann, and joined forces with the CEDF to drive back Sith invasion. This earned him the respect and gratitude of House Nuruodo, who have previously detested them with great vigor. The Balance of Power was tipped, Nuruodo no longer acted in hostility towards Tann, and talks of an alliance opened up. In truth, Nuruodo also desired more power and once they had come to terms with Tann, they saw them as a means to obtaining that power.

    [color=darkblue][b][u]Ruling Houses[/u] - [/b][/color]
    Though they appear united on the surface, and would stand together should any outside power invade, they are very much at war with one another, though mostly due to House Tann's addiction to power. Whenever an outsider is around, they take up a semblance of peace, and will flat out lie if asked about their history. Though in the last one hundred years, some of the houses have turned to outside powers to gain advantage. There are currently only Five Ruling Families, with Tann being the most powerful. The Order being: Tann, Sabosen, Nuroudo, Csapla, Inrokini.

    [b][color=gold]House Csapla[/color] -[/b]
    One of the Five ruling clans, Csapla was responsible for colonial affairs, agriculture, and redistribution of resources>
  2. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    [hl=darkblue]The Evil_King_Wiggins[/hl] has Approved

    Rank: Lieutenant
    Name: Ofkini?xedu?csapla ?Nixed'ucs? (Nixed?uks)
    Age: 47
    Species: Chiss
    Race: Chiss
    Gender: Male

    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Blue-Black
    Height: 1.7 meters
    Weight: 217lbs
    Build: Muscular
    Clothing: Simple yellow, sleeveless shirt and loose fitting clothing edged in brown, with a long black robe.

    Weapons: Modified Sith Lanvarok: The primary trigger is modified to easily activate a built in charric or liquid cable launched grappling hook in addition to the disk launcher, Alchemized Vibro Sword, vibro-dagger in boots, and Charric.
    Equipment: Balled necklace that contains, two communication devices, two spare liquid cable launched grappling hooks, two smoke bombs, and one grade A thermal detonator. Data-pad, a thermal detonator, water purifier, substance analyzer, breath mask system, and spare power packs around waist.
    Skills: Personal combat, physical information retrieval, linguistic deciphering, and protection.
    Abilities: Trained with strengths in telekinesis and physical manipulations (force choke, push, pull). Weakness? are in telepathy and environmental manipulations such as altering molecules, bending light, or influences to body systems.
    Bio: Born of the direct lineage of the House of Csapla is an honor as well as a burden compounded by his observed force sensitivity, which left him under the proclivity and teachings of House Tann?s Altus Obscurum. Although his father tried to prevent his sons being taken by trying to fill in the gaps of teachings, by going so far as to obtain training artifacts from Krayt and plans to send him for training by his order, but such deceptions to gain a force user for the House of Csapla to begin offsetting Tann eventually failed.

    It was a bitter loss as that sweetest fruit that Csapla thought it had was taken out of reach by agents of the Altus Obscurum, but the fruit remembered its tree, remembered his House. With that knowledge he advanced, pushing his way through what constituted the ranks, wearing his House colors whenever able with pride, pursuing the knowledge he had first been brought to feat upon. He was not one like the old or original members of the Altus Obscurum, with his larger than common bulk, and odd sense of style, he fit the view of a gladiator from an alien pit. The Altus Obscurum, whatever it?s view might be has left him to his paths so long as he met theirs, along which he has found allies and those that would travel the force in a similar darker path.

    Although some philosophy rules his life, Might does not make right, but it can set things right. One set of such beliefs inspired the dark blue tattoos upon his forehead, he refers to the greater as that which is paramount above all else, the Chiss, and the smaller set lower is one?s allegiances, below that is for anyone to decide.
  3. TheManinBlack

    TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 1, 2007
    [hl=black]Wiggins Approved[/hl]

    House: House Nuruodo

    Rank: Lord and Admiral

    Name: Kazuh? Iroi? Nuruodo (Teiws)

    Age: 52

    Species: Chiss

    Gender: Male

    Appearnce: [image=]

    Eyes: Light Red
    Hair: Graying black
    Height: 6?3
    Weight: 180
    Build: Tall and well toned, Kazuh?iro? still has a light very lframe .
    Clothing: Normal Chiss Military uniform

    Weapons: Standard Blaster and durasteel sword blade

    Equipment: Chiss Super Star Destroyer- Unity, and any other ships he can request to be relinquished to his command

    Skills: Tactician, Management, and Orator, also known well renown for increasing already tight Chiss discipline in the military. He is also quickly becoming a blooming statesmen, quickly learning the ropes after his father?s death

    Abilities: Non Force


    As an intelligent but impulsive and idealistic young man, Kazu opted not to take the Chriss Ascendancy Management and Political University entrance exams despite his parent?s wishes, preferring instead to jump headlong into the world by joining the Chiss Defense Forces after finishing Primary School. His intelligence and strong respect for duty were noted by superiors in basic training, resulting in his being recommended for advanced officer training. Soon after graduating the training program he was given command of a domestic relief emergency ship, meant for civilian or military emergencies.

    Having established a life of his own, Kazuh?iroi made amends with his parents by agreeing to marry the daughter of a family friend, ?Eukia?. Though not particularly enthusiastic about the marriage he found it a fair arrangement and fathered a son, Ryuit, in short order. The couple made a relatively stable if not happy home in Tenupe, where his unit was posted and called upon infrequently for earthquake, flood, or meteor shower relief.

    When the Sith became active in the Outer Rim and pushed into Chiss territory, it brought a new importance to his position, where he earned a quick promotion for his calm and professional management of local rescue efforts after the sudden disappearance of his unit commander. Resources were woefully inadequate for the task, but he made hard choices in rationing out supplies and manpower in a triage-like manner. Though his efforts likely maximized the good that could be done, his unflinching seriousness and seeming callousness to the many people he chose not to aid did not make him popular with the locals.

    Since then, he was rotated into a combat command position and placed into the thick of the battle in the Chiss borders. It soon became clear however that given the serious lack of resources on the ship and in the fleet, the emphasis was firmly on containment rather than repelling the invading force. At the order of Admiral Maka?Ulautr (now the head of the Chiss Defense Fleet) who disobeyed his commanding officer deding to strike at the Sith instead of merely delaying the inevitable. Kazu?s ship was ordered to be in one of three groups assigned to take part in the dangerous gambit to try and do what good honorable Chirss do, repel invaders.

    They succeeded, but Kazu and his crew were the only ones to survive. Since his brave actions in the Sith-Chiss war, Kazu has been on the track of promotions and after his father?s death; taken his father seat in his House?s Governing Council.

    With the outbreak of the Sith-Imperial War, there seems to be yet another opportunity to hop up the ladder of political power even further and quicker. Something he takes with seriousness and as a Chiss without glee, at least consciously, but deep down Kazu is more than a little bit glad that he might day rule his House and by extension the Chriss Ascendancy.
  4. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    [hl=black]Wiggins Approved[/hl]

    Character Sheet -

    House: N/A
    Rank: Lieutenant Commander Within the Remsian Special Forces
    Name: Briston Moor
    Alias: Mitth'hal'edor (Thale)
    Age: 27
    Species: Remsian (human) w/ Cosmetic changes to appear Chiss
    Race: Uh... Remsian?
    Gender: Male
    Allegiance: Special Forces Branch "Ascendancy"

    Eyes: Blue (Red using contacts to appear as Chiss)
    Hair: Black
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 220lbs
    Build: Muscular
    Clothing: Varies, generally wears outfits consisting of black pants and shirt with a silver/grey coat. one suit of [link=]Norn-type Combat Armor[/link]

    Weapons: Large Combat Knife x 1, [link=]X-6t Tactical Carbine[/link] x 1, [link=]TTI-D-RBP[/link] x 1, Various [link=]Grenades[/link]
    Equipment: [link=]Sub-dermal Identification Implant[/link], [link=]Electronic Access Tools[/link], pocket communicator, the equipment within his Armor.
    Skills: Excellent Ground tactician, and stealth operative. Adept at slicing, and other forms of espionage.
    Abilities: Class 2 Sniper (in a rank of 10-1 with 1 being the highest), Class 5 Pilot (in a rank of 10-1 with 1 being the highest), Echani Martial Arts (trained, not master).
    Bio: Briston is a Third Generation Remsian, meaning he is the grandchild of a couple that settled on Remsi Prime at a point in the past. He joined the Military Academy at the age of 16, and entered the Intelligence courses. Half way through his second year he transfered to Special Operations and took another four years of training within the field. At 22 he graduated as a Lieutenant Junior Grade and over the course of four years operated on various Prowlers within the Republic.

    During the last year he received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, and was assigned the Dark Wolf and tasked with observing the Chiss Ascendancy, the Republics 'northern' neighbor. Along with the rest of the crew, he underwent Cosmetic operations to appear to be Chiss, and has sent the past year within the space of the Ascendancy.

    [link=]Dark Wolf[/link]
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