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SWRPF Archive 145 ABY- The New Jedi Trials- Shadow War

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Ree, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Ree

    Ree Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 25, 2005
    145 ABY- The New Jedi Trials ? The Shadow War

    A hundred and sixty-six years ago


    The second Chu?unthor had wandered the stars of the galaxy for decades, as the mobile praxeum of Djin Altis and his rogue Jedi sect. With nearly fifty Force users and thousands of support staff, the sect was the largest order outside the mainstream Jedi of Yoda.

    Today, that wandering would stop.

    Djinn Altis turned to his apprentices, to the Iron Knights and to the other apprentices. Callista Ming could feel the dread in his heart. ?What has happened??

    Altis closed his eyes, and spoke, softly. ?Yoda and the Jedi have made an assassination attempt on the Chancellor. The Order has been destroyed by the clone troopers ? they?re all feared dead. Even Skywalker ? the Jedi Temple has been burnt to the ground.?

    The entire conclave paused, in shock. Altis broke the silence.

    ?It?s time for us to abandon the Chu?unthor.?

    A hundred and forty-one years ago

    Captain Darb stared at his screens in complete shock. ?How did they find us??


    The Vengeance decanted from hyperspace, and began opening fire upon the Chu?unthor. Explosions ran down the support ships, X-wings and B-wings vanishing as the Imperial Fleet destroyed the enemy vessel.

    The crew began to panic as the massive vessel rumbled with damage. Corwin Shelvay, a commander in the SpecForce, turned to Darb and shook him, hard. ?Come on, we have to get the Force-sensitive?s off the ship!?

    Darb was staring into space, numbly repeating himself. ?How did they find us?? Shelvay left him be, helping others off the ship. As the Rebellion abandoned the Chu?unthor, Darb seemed to get control of himself and activated the hyperdrive randomly.

    He was, finally, smiling.

    ?They?ll never find me now.?


    A hundred and fifteen years ago

    Darkness crested the space between stars, idly named darkness by most individuals, bit generally described as space otherwise. It was, however, focused upon a patch in the darkness ? upon the Chu?unthor.

    It didn?t stay long.

    But it stayed long enough.


    Fifteen years ago


    Blades hissed with fury, and Kol Skywalker cut down Sith after stormtrooper after Sith. They were an unending stream, something he and his comrade, Wolf Sazen, had to plug, until the younglings escaped.

    He reflected upon the death of the New Jedi Order. Upon the casualties of the Sith-Imperial War; upon the factioning of the order as the New Jedi Trials retreated from their posts following the disastrous Battle of Trulalis only months earlier ? and upon the death of half the surviving Jedi here.

    On Ossus.

    At the Massacre.

    Then Wolf was down.

    And so was Kol.



    Malloren Chi-Ba had taken the Trials beyond the limits of known space. They did not flee from the darkness; Jedi did not ? instead they searched for new light in the Unknown Regions. They had done so for over fifteen years, having scraped a survival from the Sith-Imperial War by simply refusing to fight for the Yuuzhan Vong against the Sith. She knew that it was just the Clone Wars all over again ? and she would not fight so Jedi could die.

    Not after Trulalis.

    And never again, after Ossus.

    The light had fled the Galactic Alliance, and now the Trials had to bring it back.

    The motley collection of personal fighters and freighters emerged from hyperspace one more time. And there it was. Hanging above a world of water and life. The Chu?unthor.

    Their new home.

    [u][i]The Force[/i][/u]

    The Force is to be used with common sense. A Dark Lord will have more powerful abilities than a new apprentice. And someone who has just become a Marauder will not be able to unleash lightning like Darth Sidious. Common sense is the rule of thumb.

  2. Ree

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    Jan 25, 2005
    General Information:
    Character's Name: Malloren Chi-Ba
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Languages: Basic, Bocce, Durese
    Home Planet: Chandrilla
    Age: 27

    Character Traits:
    Personality: She is a happy and positive women, yet she is a professional and confident leader who is realistic and pragmatic. She has very strong values and ideas of right and wrong. True to her roots she can be quite outgoing, light hearted and opinionated but her Jedi training allows her to know when to turn it down and get down to business.
    Habits/Mannerisms: With people she knows well, she amuses them with her jokes and her quirky sense of humour. When she was younger she got bored easily if not intellectually stimulated. Having travelled much of the galaxy since then she has become more patient and wise for her years.
    Likes/Dislikes: She delights in discovering new things, whether it be new technology, and new piece of information, or new natural phenomena. She enjoys flying her ship. She dislikes maths as it isn?t one of her strengths. She will not suffer bullies and often tries to educate narrow-minded people- yet she knows when to hold back her opinion.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: She is apt in flying, politics and history. Not so good at science and advanced maths. She has an affinity with nature that comes from her descendents on Chandrilla who have lived in harmony with their ecosystem for centuries. She is strong in the Force, yet has trouble reading the future. She is patient in lightsaber battle which makes her strength and stamina the envy of many. Though some say she has limited herself by not learning the more difficult and darker forms of lightsaber combat.
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: She has physical strength and fitness, though has an old knee injury when she was struck in the back of the knee with blaster fire. She also has a back injury she sustained from having to hide out in the caves of Geonosis for 7 days straight, crouched over in a ball. Though the Force helped with the pain, it didn?t stop her from retaining a Repetitive Strain Injury that flares up every now and then.

    Appearance: She is a fit and toned woman of above average height. She has clear, lightly tanned skin, almond shaped eyes, medium unobtrusive nose and rosy cheeks from her frequent trips outdoors. She is curvy with long legs and arms.

    Eye Color: Grey
    Hair/Fur: Long/Chocolate Brown
    Skin Color: Tanned
    Height: 5?10?
    Clothing: Traditional Jedi Garb

    Personal History:
    Biography: Canna was acquired by the Jedi Order at the age of 2 when local government in her hometown contacted the Temple. She had a rather unremarkable and easy life at the temple since then. She went to her classes, made friends, did her training. She used to have heated argument with people who had been picking on one of their classmates- her sense of honour and respect are very strong.

    She hoped that when her padawan training began, more interesting things will begin to happen. She worried that having had a quite easy and sheltered life at the Temple she would not be able to handle real life circumstances and incidents. It turns out she thrived out in the ?field? and took in her experiences and lessons with enthusiasm. She miraculously became a Knight at the young age of 20 years old, when the Order and the galaxy was in a state of turmoil. During the conflict of the Shadow War, many of their Order were dying. Only three members of the Council survived and she was chosen by the last Grand Master to lead the Order as he lay dying. She became one of the youngest Grand Masters to ever lead the Order. But these were dark times.
    She and the Council decided to take what was left of the Order and find a new home away from the conflict, until one day they could return stronger, to fight the darkness. She led the New
  3. Mr-Fett

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    Mar 11, 2009
    This looks like a great rp! Just sent in my cs, although after seeing yours I might have to add a bit to it. Let me know!
  4. Ree

    Ree Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 25, 2005
    OOC: Thanks! THough I have to give credit to Sinrebirth who wrote it. And no problems you're CS was fine. Also remember if you're gonna type something as you put the "OOC:" at the start, sticking to RPG etiquette.;)

    [hl=seagreen]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    Name: Taryn Jeando
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Humanoid
    Homeworld: Burska

    Physical Description:
    --Height: 5'10
    --Weight: 109lbs
    --Skin: White, slightly tanned
    --Hair: Shoulder Length black hair with shocks of blue
    --Eyes: Green
    --Body Art: Swirling snowflakes starting on left side curling to middle back
    --Build: Athletic
    --Likes: Music, Art, Nature, Food, Reading, Friends
    --Dislikes: Rudeness, uncleanliness, pushy people, loud obnoxiousness
    --Traits: Very popular among friends, always the center of a crowd, brightens up conversations, always looks for the peaceful solution, follows the jedi code very strictly, drums fingers on her elbows when nervous or anxious, makes her opinions known, takes charge, good leader, energetic, helping
    Rank: Apprentice

    Lightsaber: Dual Phase
    -blade: Standard Length blue
    -blade: (phase 2) Two Meters white
    -hilt: white opaqued transparisteel, with dark blue frosting
    Additional weapons: n/a
    Personal starfighter: Barloz Freighter
    --Name: Icy Truth
    --History: Her families ship salvaged by local police after the attack on her town and passed on to her by birthright.
    Bio: Discovered as the only survivor in a viscous attack on her village she was rescued by the regions Jedi protector. Realizing her force adeptness she was sent to train with the Jedi and has become known among them for her ability to solve things without violence and for her ability to bring light into things and bring out happiness in the people around her. It is this aspect of her personality that makes her very popular and often the center of attention
  5. Ree

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    Jan 25, 2005
    IC: Malloren Chi-Ba

    Jade?s Wing - Bridge

    Grandmaster Malloren Chi-Ba gazed out the viewscreen of her vessel the [i]Jade?s Wing[/i], at the hunk of metal floating in space. Her eyes closed a little and came closer together as she squinted in the hopes of focusing better. The ?thing? floating in space had sort of shape, but it looked brown with rust and scoring.

    [i]?Very interesting...?[/i] she muttered to herself. The shape looked familiar, but she couldn?t grasp what it was; even with her expertise in history told her it was something important, and the Force was telling her it had a connection to the Jedi.

    She turned to the man standing next to her.
    ?I?m going to go check that out?[/i], she said as she pointed back to the ?thing? in the viewscreen. [i]?I think it?s something good?[/i], she said with a smile, [i]?so keep an ear out for my comlink. I?ll let you know when I find something. Steer the ship right up next to it...?[/i] she pointed out the viewscreen again, [i]?right next to that protruding part.?[/i]

    He nodded his understanding.

    Her comrade saw a glint of excitement in her eye, the first time she had shown any sort of emotion in the last few weeks. She grasped his shoulder for a minute with a smile on her face then turned and left the bridge, heading towards the docking arm.
    ...Half an hour later...[/i]

    The Grandmaster stepped up to the shape in her space suit. On close inspection she realised the ?thing? could be a ship. She could also see that there were more colours than before-purples, pinks and silvers.
    ?It?s a ship! I know it is?[/i], she thought to herself with excitement. She called on the Force as best she could in deep space, trying to feel what she should do next. Her hands up against the side of the ship, her left hand moved further to the left and down. She pressed hard and...*[i]snap, woosh[/i]* a hatch appeared.

    She moved as quickly as she could to get inside. Without grav-censors turned on, she floated inside, using her hands and feet to pull and push herself along the hallway. Switching the head light on her helmet to help her see, she could see underneath her there was dust and debris everywhere. But the structure itself seemed to be intact.

    Unsure of where she was, she stopped and called on the Force once more. She sensed to keep going straight as far as she could, and she continued. The ship seemed to be very large as it seemed a very long time till she came to a hatch that wouldn?t open.
    With the ship offline she couldn?t open it the normal way. She would have to use the Force; her trusty ally. Freeing a hand from the pipe it was holding, she focused and challenged the energy of the Force through her towards the door. It very slowly started to move upwards. In five minutes she had a gap about 2 feet wide. There was a green glow emanating from the room on the other side. She used her arms and legs to pull herself lower to the ground and rolled underneath the door.

    Inside was a control room. Her suspicions had been correct- this was a ship. She made her way over to the where the green light was glowing very brightly. It was a viewscreen, with the ships logs. She pressed a button and the screen came to life.

    The face that appeared was wrinkled and worn, with a receding hairline of gray wavy hair and sad eyes. The image began moving, but there was no sound. Malloren pulled herself under the viewscreen to the panel underneath, checking everything was plugged in. Reconnecting a few stray cables, a voice echoed throughout the control room.

    [i]?...tain Darb, signing off. We pass on the [b]Chu?unthor[/b], to the next Jedi refugees.?[/i]

    The screen glowed green again. The message over. Malloren remembered.

    [i]?The [b]Chu?unthor[/b] of course! I can?t believe we found it!?[/i] she thought to herself.

    With a large grin on her face, and hope in heart, she reached for her comlink.

    [i]?It?s me?[/i], she said to the person on the other side, [i]?I know what it is. This is going to be our new home.?[/i]

  6. darth_Boba

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    Aug 28, 2002
    OOC: Is this game open to people who aren't part of the thread in SWC?
  7. DarthDragon164

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    Jun 25, 2008
    OOC:I sent my CS in.
  8. Ree

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    Jan 25, 2005
    OOC: Yes Darth Boba anybody can join. :D

    [hl=seagreen]GM APPROVED [/hl]

    Character Sheet

    Name: Corbr Fraub
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Physical Description: Normal height for 27, about 6' 2", dark brown hair, hazel eyes, great personality
    Personality: Likes: Practicing lightsaber training, fighting with his lightsaber, combat, negotiating Dislikes: Enemy Victories (Is also a happy human, and likes to also rest. Very helpful)
    Rank: Master

    -blade Blue
    -hilt A hilt made for Form III Soresu users
    Additional weapons: All sorts of utility on belt
    Personal starfighter: An old Delta-7B Aetherspite Jedi Starfighter with blue deco (Astromech droid is R2-G3

    Biography: Corbr Fraub was born on Coruscant and discovered by the Jedi Order to be Force-sensitive. Fraub was taken to the Order, where he showed great accomplishments in the Force. He became a Padawan at the age of 13, and became a knight at the age of 16. When he was 20 years old, Fraub was granted the rank of Master. Fraub has yet to be put on the Council. Fraub is an expert at Form III, Soresu, following the footsteps of renowned Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Fraub has studied the galaxy, along with its alien inhabitants, mainly the Hutts, discovering their deep roots of evil and treachery, and foiling a Hutt slave auction in the process. Fraub is loyal to the Jedi, and will keep fighting the evil in the galaxy.
  9. Ree

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    Jan 25, 2005
    [hl=seagreen]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    General Information
    Name: Drake Dankari
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Rendili
    Rank: Knight

    Physical Description

    Height: 6?2?
    Weight: 163
    Build: Lean, Slightly Muscular
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Brown

    Character Traits
    Personality: Drake is intelligent and a logical thinker. He is also a good fighter, but analyzes the situation and looks for advantages before charging in. Drake can be stubborn, pursuing a goal, even if it is a detriment to himself and others and never backing down. He is prefers following someone else?s lead, but can be a good leader when the situation calls for it.
    Likes: Challenges, Friendly Debates
    Dislikes: Ignorant and Immature People

    Jedi Traits
    Lightsaber(s): Two Single Bladed
    Color: One Blue, One Green
    Saber Forms: Makashi, Djem So, Jar?Kai
    Force Strengths: Drake has a general ability with the Force. He can use most basic powers, including telekinesis, affect mind, and healing.
    Force Weaknesses: Drake?s weaknesses come from his generalization; while he can use most abilities, he is not particularly skilled in any of them.

    Drake was discovered by the Jedi Order was a toddler. Despite remembering his family, he has no desire to meet them because he feels that the Order is more his family than his parents could ever be.

    He progressed well at the Academy and through his apprenticeship. He enjoyed the challenges- both intellectual and physical- that were presented to him, and would never give up until they were completed.

    After he was knighted at age 22, he took on two Padawans. The first tragically went missing on a solo mission. His whereabout, or if he is even still alive is unknown. His lose of his apprentice hit Drake hard, but he soon realized that his time would be better served training another Padawan. He did just that, and is still training that Padawan.

    Personal Starfighter

    Name: N/A
    Model: X-83 TwinTail Starfighter
    Maximum Speed (Atmosphere): 1,200 km/hr
    Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.0, 10 jump memory
    Shielding: Equipped
    Hull: Shuttle Grade
    Navigation System: Navicomputer
    Armament: 4 heavy laser cannons, 16 proton torpedoes
    Crew: 1 pilot, 1 integrated astromech droid
    Cargo Capacity: 70g
    Consumables: 6 days
    Astromech (integrated): R11-N0, ?Neo?
  10. Ree

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    Jan 25, 2005
    [hl=seagreen]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    Character's Name:
    Dann-I Skoolar
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Languages: Basic, Bocce, Durese, Shyriiwook, some Hutt
    Home Planet: unknown
    Age: 28
    Rank: Jedi knight (healer)


    Personality: Warm, friendly, wonderful with children and although he is shy with others, he is playful with them. Has a quiet sense of humor.
    Dann-I?s main personality trait is his empathy and his great compassion for all living beings. He will try and help whoever, or whatever, he finds in need.
    He is also stubborn to a fault and will do what he thinks is right, whatever others may tell him. And he can be melancholy and withdrawn.

    Likes/Dislikes: What Dann-I wants most out of life is a peaceful existence as a healer and gardener; he loves to get his hands in the earth and work with plants, or take long walks through nature. He isn?t too fond of space traveling and doesn?t like to fly. He likes to cook, as long as it?s plain and simple, no elaborate nonsense please. Reading is a passion. He hates bullies and brutes, and beings praying on others and will step in whenever he encounters it.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: As a Living Force adept, Dann-I lives in the moment and the Living Force is his constant companion, he is attuned to it constantly. This makes him very adept at fighting with the saber, but his unease to use the Force for combat and his aversion to taking a life counteracts this natural ability. He often handles purely on instinct, without bothering to plan things first, which can get him, and those with him, in trouble that could easily have been avoided. He tries to work on this.
    He may be shy, but he recognizes the feelings and moods in others very easily, partly due to his empathy with all living things, and reacts accordingly. This, combined with his warm personality and his caring, makes him more liked than he realizes. On the other hand he?s easily distracted from his mission, or a fight at hand, by what he feels from other living beings around him. In his heart, Dann-I believes he shouldn?t be a Jedi, he doesn?t feel he has the right personality for it, he sees himself as a healer first.
    Dann-I may have a great affinity with life, technology is a different story. He has no feeling for it and has two left hands when it comes to repairing something. He once walked three days to his destiny rather than try and fix his speeder.


    Tall human male, fit, muscular, but not in a bulky way, more sinewy. Long legs. Half-long hair falling just over his ears and often annoyingly in his eyes. Clean-shaven, if he takes the time, often he has the start of a beard. Penetrating eyes. A generous mouth that smiles easily.
    Eye Color: blue
    Hair: sandy brown
    Skin Color: light, but tanned
    Height: 6?2??
    Clothing: usually traditional Jedi clothes, although often with a dark, long and wide sweater over his tunics instead of a robe


    Not much is known about where Dann-I comes from; he was rescued as a baby with his mother on a slave ship, but she died before she could tell their rescuers much more than his name. The Jedi in the rescue party recognized his Force signature and brought him to the Temple. It was clear very early on that Dann-I was almost exclusively tuned to the Living Force and that Coruscant, full of buildings and with hardly any nature, wasn?t the place for him. He was sent to the Temple on Ossus.
    Here he grew up between plants and animals as well as his fellow Jedi. And here he was sheltered from the worst of the Sith-Imperial war, until the massacre of Ossus. By then he had been a padawan to a Jedi healer for two years. He and his master were amongst the first on the one of the escaping shuttles, trying to help the wounded and both survived the massacre, but it took Dann-I a long time to get over the many deaths he?d felt through the Force that day. He still has nightmares about it sometimes. On the other hand it streng
  11. Mr-Fett

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    Mar 11, 2009
    OOC: ;) So is this officially started and we can begin to make our posts? Also my ship requires a co-pilot gunner and droid for communications... should I make small cs's for them, just bring them in, or try to recruit members of the rp to fill the spots?
  12. ObiWanJedi93

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    Aug 29, 2008
    OOC: Hooray! I'm glad to be a part of this RPG!
  13. Ree

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    Jan 25, 2005
    OOC: As long as the co-pilot and droid do not turn into major characters, you can do them yourself.

    I'm very glad you're excited OBJ!

    Just a note to any prospective players- I am going away for a week. SO please PM you're CS's to Sinrebirth for approval. Thankyou :D

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    Jan 25, 2005
    [hl=seagreen]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    Name: Sorcha Ferrum
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Languages: Basic, Paecean
    Homeworld: Dathomir
    Rank: Jedi Knight

    Physical Description: Short stature but fit with lean muscles. Shoulder length jet-black hair and green eyes. Olive skin, or sunburned as she doesn?t tan well. Her nose is nobly as it has been broken in the past several times.

    Clothing: Lizard skin armor, traditional for Daughters of Allya. With enhanced plating to protect her from blows that may cause internal bleeding.

    Personality: Quiet and somewhat reclusive. When asked why she doesn?t speak up more her usual reply is, ?I don?t have anything to add.? Despite her silence, she is opinionated and strong willed. Often she is calm and patient. She has a great memory and often remembers conversations others weren?t aware she was present at. Her quiet nature tricks other into believing she is naïve, weak and easily taken advantage of. However, she uses this to her advantage to keep her weaknesses a mystery to first time opponents; often catching them by surprise. Although she is exiled from Dathomir she keeps its culture close to her heart often citing, ?Never concede to evil?, which is the last entry in the Book of Law for Daughters of Allya.

    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Sorcha was born with haemophilia; a condition that makes it difficult for her blood to clot. She has kept it a secret from the Jedi as she fears that she would be relegated from her combat position if they were to know. However, she has a high pain tolerance and in the past has cauterized her own wounds on the battle field.

    -blade type: shoto, single blade
    -blade color: blue
    -saber amount: one

    Combat forms: Shi-cho and Ataru, when needed she also utilizes shien.

    Additional weapons: Vibro knife

    Personal starfighter: Allya?s Ghost

    Force Strengths and Weaknesses: Sorcha is skilled in mind tricks and telepathy but she was known to experience lapses in her sensitivity. During times of depression she would lose sensitivity and after her exile from the Dathomir she felt completely cut off from the Force for nearly an hour. Other weaknesses include psychokinesis and physical perception.

    Bio: Sorcha?s family line was traced back hundreds of years as members of the Singing Mountain Clan. All female relatives were Force sensitive and warriors on the native world of Dathomir. Many of the Force sensitive witches chose to stay on Dathomir and train in the ways of the Force. Sorcha did so until her teens when she disagreed with the elder?s decision to exile a close friend who had been in contact with Nightsisters. While Sorcha often tells the story that she had chosen to leave Dathomir, in reality she had been exiled as well after it came to light she was aiding her friend. Sorcha feels that it was her compassion that was the cause of her exile. She strongly believes that only the Light Side can cleanse the Dark Side and that had the elder?s showed more empathy for her friend she would have been redeemed. Because of this she turned to the Jedi and left Dathomir. While many opposed her joining the order, it was her previous training in the Force that persuaded them to let her join at such a late age. It was only recently that she was granted the rank of Knight.
  15. Ree

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    Jan 25, 2005
    [hl=seagreen]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    Name: Lignan
    Age: 50
    Gender: Male
    Species: Shard
    Homeworld: Orax

    Physical Description: 30 cm long irregular cylindrical blue crystal, various droid bodies.
    Personality: Years of being thought of as a droid has turned Lignan into the opposite of the common droid personality. Where a droid would be subservient, Lignan is disobedient. Where a droid is honest and polite, Lignan is sarcastic and rude. He is still a Jedi though, which means he ultimately chooses to do good. Often, he rushes into danger with less concern than others might have. After all, he can put his arm back on; most people can?t.
    Rank: Knight

    -blade: Blue, single blade
    -hilt: plain silver cylinder made of a magnetic metal that can attach itself anywhere to his mechanical host bodies. Because the crystal is a piece of his own body, the lightsaber doesn't have an external activator switch: Lignan uses the Force to activate his lightsaber.
    Additional weapons: Various droid weapons
    Personal starfighter: Modified R-28 starfighter; Lignan is able to jack in directly to the ship?s systems through his containment module, but can also pilot it through a droid body.

    Bio: Lignan is a descendant of one of the original Iron Knights; the crystalline Shards who joined the Jedi Order during the Old Republic. Lignan served as a Jedi for more than thirty years, but was forced into hiding when the Sith attacked Ossus. Lignan was offworld during the attack, and because of his droid host body, he was able to escape detection. Fearing that the Sith might catch on to his continued heroic activities Lignan created a mobile container, not much bigger than his own lightsaber, that would allow him to insert himself into a constantly changing series of droid host bodies. Spending time as everything from an astromech to a human replica droid to a robotic satellite, Lignan managed to remain hidden long enough to re-establish contact with the remaining Jedi.
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    Mar 11, 2009
    OOC: Ok would anybody like to be in my ships crew? It would be a good way to establish relationships between a few characters. [link=]HERE[/link] is a link to my ships interior.
  17. witchdoctor187

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    Aug 14, 2007
    GM Approved!!!

    Name: Kay Koda
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Wayland
    Rank: Knight
    Languages: Basic, Mandalorian, Zabraki, Miralukese

    Personality: Kay has a stern look to him, but this is off-set by his warm and friendly demeanor that he greets everyone with. Kay is content with his life and what he is doing to serve the galaxy, but that is not to say that he is unserious, Kay is professional and commanding when he needs to be, especially in battle. He also has a very strong set of values, such as loyalty, respect, and responsibility.
    Habits/Mannerisms: Kay has a very good sense of humor about him and knows how to have a good time even with other Jedi. His training of initiates has made him calmer and more patient over the years.
    Likes/Dislikes: Kay likes hiking in the wilderness and exploring the world around him, sometimes taking long hikes that can last days at a time. But besides his love for the wilderness, Kay has one other love, playing cards, sometimes convincing the initiates and apprentices to play with him. And even though he is a Jedi, Kay enjoys a drink once and a while. He was never a fan of hyperspace travel, or flying in general for that matter, he preferred to mostly travel by foot when going anywhere
    Strengths and Weaknesses: Kay is a fierce warrior and a brilliant tactician, but sometimes he tends to follow his emotions rather than reason.
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Though Kay?s muscles are very toned, he is not some big, bulky tank, he has trained each muscle of his body for a function, whether it be improving his speed in combat or his ability to lift. He does suffer much though from a lightsaber wound he received a few years ago to his thigh; the tenants and muscle have still not fully recovered from the wound despite what the Jedi Healers have done for him, it doesn?t both Kay much but sometimes the wound flares up and causes him to limp. He also received a wound from a vibro sword to his left shoulder that still bothers him on occasion.

    Appearance: Kay is fairly tall and fit. His muscles have been toned by the years of training that his body has endured. Kay?s skin is tanned from the time he spends out in the wilderness exploring, his yes are green, but hold a sense of kindness and understanding behind them, as well as a twinkle of ferocity. His face is slightly rugged but still looks youthful, most of it contributes to his five o?clock shadow he has most of the time. His nose is straight and of medium size for a male. Kay?s looks do not help him in his training, as sometimes the younger female Jedi develop crushes on him, this sometimes causes Kay some embarrassment, but Kay understands their just young girls and he goes on teaching despite their giggles and eyelash batting.
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Brown
    Hair Style: Cut short in a military style
    Skin Color: Caucasian but fairly tanned
    Height: 6?1
    Clothing: Tradition Jedi Robes

    Personal History
    Biography: Kay was not brought to the temple as many force prospects are, instead he found it. Kay was an orphan, alone on the streets, with no parents or guardians to look after him. He had been living in the gutters since he escaped from the orphanage. But one stormy night when Kay was alone, cold, and hungry, he passed out from exhaustion on the steps of the temple. It was here that he began his life as a Jedi. The Jedi healers who looked after him tested his Midichlorian levels, which had the level of a Jedi prospect and his recovery rate was phenomenal. After reporting to the head Master, it was agreed that Kay would be able to undergo training.

    This was hard for Kay at the beginning due to his independent lifestyle he had picked up on the streets. He refused to listen to some of the Masters and open up is mind, and in some cases got into fights with other students. But one day the Grand Master held a personal meeting with Kay that lasted for days as he taught Kay the significance of the Force and how he had to learn to trust his masters. It was after this 3 day long m
  18. Mister_Master

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    Oct 17, 2007
    OOC: I have a couple questions.
    1. Are NJT members carrying over their ranks? In other words am I still a Council Member?
    2. Who does all these CS's belong to? I can figure out a couple from the names, but the rest I have no idea.
  19. DarthDragon164

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    Jun 25, 2008
    1. Yes
    2. That's a good question.
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    Please keep OOC's to a minimum, everyone. PM me to confirm your character, and I'll throw together a dramatis personae. All OOC discussion in the NJT thread, as stated, please.
  21. Mister_Master

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    Oct 17, 2007
    Sinre Approved.

    Character Sheets

    Name: Kai Koon
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Species: Kel Dor
    Homeworld: Dorin

    Physical Description:
    ---Skin Color: Orange-Red
    ---Hair Color: None
    ---Eye Color: Black with silver irises
    ---Clothing: Blue tunic, with brown boots, and gold gauntlets. (see picture)
    ---Other Attributes: Nicely toned muscles.
    ---Other Details: 5'10, 153 lb.
    ---Traits: Compassionate, optimistic, ridiculous at times, patient, honorable.
    ---Likes: Honor, truth, justice, obedience, patience.
    ---Dislikes: negativity, disobedience, falsehood, impatience
    ---Habits: He tends to rub the ends of his breath mask when thinking, Sometimes makes stupid jokes.
    Rank: Master, Council Member.

    -blade: Single blue blade.
    -hilt: Silver standard shaped, round pommel, spiked crown around the top of the hilt where the blade comes out.
    -form: Soresu
    Force strength: Telekinesis, and Battle Meld.
    Force weakness: Mind Trick, and Healing.
    Additional weapons: His fists, and his brain.
    Personal starfighter: Modified Star Saber XC-01 starfighter
    Bio: Kai was born in Dor'shan, the capital of Dorin. It wasn't long after he was born that he was discovered to be force sensitive, and taken to the Jedi. Kai learned so much about a Jedi's life, and about his great uncle Plo Koon while he was a padawan. At this point in his life he had no idea that he would end up one of the greatest Jedi of the order. He never expected to be on the Council, and contributing to the leading of the Order. Kai has been greatly honored to be on the council, and to know the Jedi he has known.
  22. Jedi Gunny

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    GM Approved! [face_dancing]

    Name: Grush Terk
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Species: Togruta
    Homeworld: Unknown

    Physical Description: Grush stands at approximately 1.9 meters tall. He wears typical brown Jedi robes, with a hood that is large enough to go over his larger-sized head (compared to other species). On his belt is a hook for his lightsaber to dangle on, a small utility belt and his comlink. He wears thick boots made out of hide from a species only found on a planet somewhere in the Outer Rim that go up over halfway to his ankles. On his left arm, he has a tattoo of the NJT insignia marked there as a sign of loyalty to the cause of the Order.

    Likes: Reading, the NJT, piloting, eating, modifying things
    Dislikes: Run-on conversations, smugglers, bounty hunters, Sith, selfish acts
    Strengths: Literacy, mechanics, piloting
    Weaknesses: speaking in front of a lot of people, hunger, survival missions

    Rank: Master

    -blade: green
    -hilt: silver with two blue stripes down the side to add a personal mark.
    Additional weapons: One DC-15 blaster hidden in his robes, survival knife, thermal detonators, can run large energy weapons such as cannons
    Personal starfighter: Grush owns an unnamed starfighter that looks similar to the ARC-170's from the Clone Wars. A one-man fighter, the cockpit is oval-shaped, with certain functions on control panels lining the inside that Grush can activate using his hands, the Force or a small hardwired droid that can run the ship in case of emergency. It has a Class-1.5 hyperdrive, and advanced landing gear so that it can land in almost any conditions possible. As far as weapons, it boasts two medium laser cannons on the wingtips, a light rear cannon, a concussion missile launcher and an ion cannon mounted on the bottom of the craft. A decent sensor suite rounds out the fighters capabilities, providing rudimentary jamming capabilities, life form detectors and scanners. If the systems on the ship overloaded and became dead, the cockpit could serve as an escape pod, but with rather low sublight speed, and going to hyperspace would take twice as long.

    Bio: Grush?s home planet is unknown, because he was adopted by a family at less than a year of age. As he grew up, he was always curious why he didn?t look like his siblings, and he pestered his adopted parents with questions about it. When they never gave him a response he was hoping for, he decided to give up on the quest, instead focusing on his other interests and letting the species question go to rest, although he was still curious about it. One of his interests was fixing things; at only five years of age, he was able to put complicated things back together, sometimes modifying them to increase the total output. At this time, he was discovered to have untapped Force potential. However, nothing was done about it for quite a while, and this too was a dangling question that Grush didn?t quite understand.

    As a teenager, Grush took courses on flight and mechanics, looking to try and make a living my fixing ships. However, as these classes wore on, he shifted his focus to piloting, which he found much more fun than studying manuals all day and switching out parts. Still, he decided to keep taking the mechanics class to have it as a skill if necessary. His flight training steadily improved, and his instructors took notice of his progress, moving him up to harder exercises that some thought seemed excessive and harsh for someone of his skill level. However, he passed each one of them, not always perfectly, but he got the job done each time.

    As an adult, Grush?s Force potential got him noticed again, this time by the founding members of the New Jedi Trials Order, who saw great potential in his abilities. They took him to their testing lab, which wasn?t much at the time, and decided to run some aptitude tests on him; he passed easily, and they extended an invite to join them and take the Jedi way of life as his own. Seeing it as a way to travel the galaxy and keep the peace, Grush j
  23. 92SE-R

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    GM approved

    Name: Grosh Crander
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human/Mandalorian
    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Personality: Usually an easy going person, Grosh has been known to fly off the handle about things that irritate him.
    Habits/mannerisms: When in difficult situations, Grosh tries to crack jokes to ease the tension a bit, something he learned in the military. He also speaks Mando'a from time to time, his second language.
    Likes/Dislikes: Grosh likes a good ale and good friends. Given his expertise with demolitions and heavy weapons, he likes to tinker with these items to see if he can make them work better. Grosh does not like people that abuse or mistreat others.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: While being physically strong, Grosh is also mentally strong, making it hard for Force users to use any kind of mind influence on him. His traditional Mandalorian armor, Beskar'gam, is nearly impervious to lightsaber attacks and blaster rounds, helping in close quarters combat. Grosh does have a weakness for women, especially those in trouble. Also, not being a Force user, he can be at a disadvantage at times against Sith opponents.
    Physical strengths and weaknesses: Grosh is at his physical fitness peak, and takes very good care of himself. He has suffered a few cracked ribs from explosions that went bad, and one time injured his ankle. During cold weather his ankle hurts and he walks with a slight limp, but he tries to not let it bother him.
    Appearance: Standing about 6'4" with a military posture, Grosh can be an imposing figure. He has short black hair with silver specks. His eyes are dark green and look even deeper because of his tanned skin. He has a tattoo indicating his demolitions expertise.
    Rank: None, non-Force user; Co-Pilot of Icy Truth
    Weapons: Heavy repeating blaster, modified hand blaster, vibroblade, and any demolitions ordinance.
    Bio: As soon as he turned 18, Grosh entered military service with the Sith Empire, mostly to get away from Coruscant. In the military he learned many traits, but seemed to excel at demolitions. Serving for three years, he and a small band of other specially trained soldiers went rogue. The group stayed together four years, calling themselves Theta Squad. They came and went as they pleased, still on the records of the Sith Empire, but not reporting to anyone directly. Finally Grosh grew tired of sneaking around in the military and decided to leave. After searching different planets and having many different jobs, Grosh came to know Taryn Jeando. After some time, Grosh joined Taryn on his ship Icy Truth. Grosh and Taryn became good friends, and eventually Grosh became co-pilot. He still likes to get his hands dirty, helping where ever is needed, especially if it requires blowing things up.

  24. Littledawg

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    [face_dancing] GM APPROVED[face_dancing]

    Name: Karn Fell
    Age: 30
    Gender: male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Dantooine

    Physical Description:
    --Height: 5'10
    --Weight: 170lbs
    --Skin: White
    --Hair: Anakin episode three / black hair
    --Eyes: brown
    --Body Art: n/a
    --Build: athletic
    --Likes: Music,Reading,Food,
    --Dislikes: evil, sand, flying, and space
    --Traits: always getting involved when he really shouldn't, follows the jedi code loosely, makes his points very clear,takes charge,inspiring leader,
    Rank: Knight
    Lightsaber: single blade
    -blade: Standard Length blue
    -hilt: think Count Dooku
    Additional weapons: n/a
    Personal starfighter: X-Wing
    --Name: nothing but a callsign 04420
    --History: Given to him by his father, who said it was an ancient relic fighter but it could get him anywhere and it still ran, so he should be thankfull
    Bio: destined for a life of farming and scavaging on his fathers land. Karn felt something was missing from his life, then the Jedi came, three of them, came for his father. Claiming he was a sith lord(which he was) they came to kill him. arrogantly his father fought them,killing the two apprentices with lightning, he burned them, only to kill the jedi Master with his lightsaber. Karn ran away from his fathers farm and escaped with a smuggler. Karn met another jedi who took him on as a padawan learner and now Karn Fell has one pure goal in mind, to find his father and turn him back to the lightside. To do this he will need friends, but he doesn't know where to ind them or who to trust.
  25. C0rr4n-H0rn

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    OOC: I'm working on putting in my CS as I post, but I have a question - Is there a precedent about bringing in new characters to fill out crew positions on a ship?
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