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SWRPF Archive 145 ABY- The New Jedi Trials- Shadow War

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Ree, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Ree

    Ree Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 25, 2005
    Dramatis Personae

    Malloren Chi-Ba [Grand Master] = Ree

    Kai Koon [Council Member] = Mister_Master

    Grush Terk
    [Council Member] = JEDIGUNSHIP

    Corbr Fraub [Master] = ObiWanJedi93

    Lignan [Knight] = Darth_Boba

    Drake Dankari [Knight] = DarthDragon194

    Taryn Jeando [N/A] = Mr-Fett

    Sorcha Ferrum [Knight] = Serafine Tenaste

    Dann-I Skoolar [Knight] = Seremela

    Kay Koda [Knight] = witchdoctor187

    Karn Fell [Knight] = Littledawg

    Grosh Crander [Pilot] = 92SE-R

    [hl=red]LET THE GAME BEGIN![/hl] :D

  2. Ree

    Ree Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 25, 2005
    IC: Malloren Chi-Ba


    Control Room

    Malloren replaced the comlink in its? holder on her utility belt. Her ship was waiting for her at the hatch she entered. But before she left, she wanted to have a further look around.
    With her feet hooked under the desk she was at, she took the liberty to take a better look around her. The Chu?unthor looked very old, yet not dated. The screen that had showed the last video message was still blinking green. She typed in a basic command, and the ships diagnostics came up. The fuel tank was half full and all power was functional, but had been shutdown.
    Typing in a few more commands the lights came on, then the life support, then the grav sensors. Unprepared she fell to the ground, throwing her arms out to break her fall.

    ?Ow!?, she exclaimed, rubbing her wrists. She was glad no one was around to see that happen. It wouldn?t look good for the Grandmaster to do something as simple as falling over.

    She raised herself off the ground, and continued observing other diagnostics. The ship was very large with over 100 different compartments for many different uses- half the ship was taken up by the engine and hyperdrive.

    As she was trying to determine what state the hull was in, the lights suddenly blinked out! She felt herself float up into midair, with grav sensors apparently out too. She grabbed onto the desk before she could go too far.


    She whipped her head around to the noise. Instead of calling out, she used the Force to reach out and feel what was near... She felt nothing. Confused she looked around, deciding what to do next. She surmised that the power had gone out. She would need mechanics and repair droids to get the ship back together. She decided to make her way back to her ship.

    Pulling herself over to the door to the control room, she rolled under it and out the other side. She let herself float to the ceiling again in order to use the piping to pull herself along.

    As she began floating up...whoosh! A strong wisp of air floated past her, sending her tumbling down the hallway. She used the Force to thicken the air and stop her hurtling down the hallway. She reached out to see if there was anything nearby. There was nothing. Yet something wasn?t right. There was an eerie silence surrounding her. She sensed danger...she had to get back to her own ship. Quickly, and quietly she pulled herself down the hallway, turned right heading towards the hatch she had entered.

    She used the Force to feel for obstacles and dangers ahead. A sense of urgency overwhelmed her and she quickened her pace as much as she could, the overwhelming silence enveloping her.


    A stream of air came down the hallway she was in, blowing her hair onto her face. She bent her head and put her hand up in front of her face to protect her eyes. The whistling was so loud she couldn?t hear anything else. She looked up, and saw something...a figure, making her towards her.
    She couldn?t make out what it was, but as it came close she sensed malcontent coming from it. The air dissipated and went who knows where in a ship with no life support on.
    She raised her hand and used the Force, stretching out to the pale figure coming towards her to halt its? approach... had absolutely no affect on it whatsoever. Worried now, she turned and hurried faster towards the hatch, using the Force to help her along. She could hear heavy breathing and it was coming closer and closer.

    She reached the hatch and yanked it open. Her colleague was there waiting for her with his hand reaching out to help her into her ship.
    As she reached for him, their fingers almost touching each other, she was all of a sudden pulled back fast through the hatch, a look of horror on her face, and with a woosh- Slam! the hatch snapped shut.

  3. Ree

    Ree Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 25, 2005
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  4. Mr-Fett

    Mr-Fett Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 11, 2009
    IC: Taryn Jeando

    Two days ago a ship in the fleet went out of contact with the rest of the network... The ships hyperdrive generator leaked radiation and killed the pilot and his copilot without a sound. Nobody really knew the two men and when the ships files were searched they came up with nothing on these two people. It was a very sad thing, to die alone, with nobody left to remember you and what you did. I don't want that to happen to myself and my crew so that is why I am starting this captain's log. To chronicle my life as a Jedi and that of my crew.

    My crew, a rather rag-tag group of beings thrown together out of desperation, and necessity. I have known my crew for a good number of years now and I would give my life for any one of them. We serve aboard the Icy Truth a heirloom of sorts from my late family. I never knew my family for they died when I was a baby and I was taken in by the Jedi. Four years ago my ship was delivered to me by a man named Grosh Crander who was hired by the local police of my home world to deliver the ship. After he completed his task he requested that he be able to stay along with the ship. Grosh is my co-pilot and most trusted friend. He has pulled me out of countless situations with the help of his mando lineage. My communications droid Ar-four Cee-nine is a relic of a astromech droid but he does his job well and enthusiastically. That is the basic background of my crew and how we got here, but who knows where here even is.

    We have been exiled from our galaxy and are roaming the unknown regions for an place we can call home. A safe haven to train and live. We dropped out of hyperspace a few hours ago and after doing all post-jump status checks I suggested to my crew that they get some rest in case we need the extra energy later. Grand Master Malloren Chi-Ba went in her personal shuttle to explore a giant ship that we think might be able to suit our needs as a new home. It has been a few hours since any fleet wide communications have been sent out, but there has been no ripples in the force. Surely if something were going wrong the grand master would send us a warning in the force. I guess all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

    --Captains Log 1--

    Standing up from her small desk inside her private quarters Taryn walked to the front of her ship to find Grosh sitting in his co-pilot chair watching a holo from the Grand Masters pilot. Taryn watched intently and after seeing the whole thing play through twice she said "What do you make of that Grosh? She got sucked back into the ship but she did not send out any force warnings... She didn't even send out so much as a twitch. She ordered the fleet to stand bye but if she is in danger maybe she cant call for help. What do you think we should do?"

    "Ar-four see if you can raise the council members, see what they think we should do... In the mean time Grosh I'm going to bring us in a little closer to see if we can either raise the Grand Master on her comlink or maybe feel something in the force."

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  5. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    IC : Karn Fell

    Karn Fell lifted the man in the cantina up with one arm pointing his saber another smuggler. He looked into the other mans eyes, he yelled at him "Where is it, where is the Icy Truth."

    "I...I swear i dont know where it is." said the bounty hunter.

    "You dont know or you dont remember. Maybe I can help you remember." Karn began to choke the man.

    "I...I...I followed it the Unknown reigion but I...I left it after..." the man lasped into unconciousness.

    Karn tossed the man onto the table and force pushed the other into a booth. Karn walked back towards his ship. As he walked into his hanger bay he felt a blaster wedge into his back.

    "Give me all your money"

    Karn turned around and looked straight into the eyes of a child.

    "Give me all your money" the boy said again.

    Although the boy couldn;t ha ve been more than eight years old, he still had the blaster which was the problem. "You dont want to use that on me." Karn waved his hand and the boy dropped the gun and went unconcious.

    "Oops." Karn felt bad, mind tricks werent his thing and he had a tendency to over power them. Then he went to his X _ Wing and went off towards the unknown reigion in search of an Icy Truth.

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  6. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    IC: Dann-I Skoolar
    ~Inside his coralskipper on a freighter in the Jedi fleet~

    Dann-I was slouching comfortably in the pilot chair of his coralskipper, long legs stretched before him, feet propped on the console in front of him. All around him he felt the quiet peacefulness of the ship. It liked having him inside and he liked being inside it whenever they were in hyperspace.

    In hyperspace he was lonely in a way he never was in real space, when all around him he could sense life, humming, vibrating, a myriad of different songs all woven into one beautiful whole, the Living Force, connecting them all. Connecting him.

    In hyperspace he felt cut off. All he could sense were those on board the freighter. He felt the Living Force still out there, somewhere deep in the back of his mind, but it wasn?t the same as being close to the life filling the galaxy.

    So he sat in his coralskipper as often as he could, let the living ship surround him and somehow, with the Force fallen so far away from him, he could sense the coralskipper stronger than ever. Not through the Force, but in a different way, one he couldn?t quite understand.

    It didn?t matter how it happened. With the hangar pitch black outside his ship?s window, being inside it gave him the illusion of sitting in a cave at night, on a planet full of life.

    He put his hand against the wall of the ship and it immediately responded with a flush of warmth. Yes, she was completely healthy, a far cry from the pitiful wreckage he had found years ago. She had fed the last time they were in real space. She would be ready to fly as soon as they left hyperspace again.

    A shock went through the ship, a shock that didn't come from her, but from the freighter. He smiled when he felt the Living Force flood back inside him, filling him. They had left hyperspace. He pulled his feet from the console and got out of the pilot chair.

    ?I have to leave, Yorik,? he told the coralskipper. He didn?t really know the Yuuzhan-Vong language, but he knew that Yorik was their name of the life form the ship was primarily made of, so that?s what he had called her first when he had found her, hurt and dying, in orbit around a small, dead planet at the Outer Rim. After he had managed to slowly heal her back to health, it had stuck.

    ?But don?t worry, we?ll soon fly on our own again.? He actually looked forward to it. So did she, he could feel it in her soft presence still filling a part of his mind. She opened the hatch for him and he jumped out. Immediately the hangar filled with light, triggered by the motion detectors. As he jogged through the hangar, dodging around the many items stored in it, he felt a song stronger than all others in the warm hum of the Living Force. They were approaching a planet, one full of life.

    He smiled. Maybe, just maybe, the Jedi had finally found their new home.


    Hours later Dann-I stood with some of the others, staring through one of the view ports in the small dining and recreation area of the freighter. From here they had an excellent view on the planet they had found. Dann-I thought it looked beautiful. But what interested those beside him wasn?t the planet itself, it was a huge, flat and strangely designed ship that hung in orbit above it, lightless, lifeless.

    It was this strange ship that was supposed to become their new home, not the planet.

    Dann-I again gave the planet a last look with quiet longing before he escaped the growing crowd, all curious about the mysterious ship.

    He felt a deep disappointment. Not with the mission, he knew it was the right thing to do for the Jedi, find a place to start anew - but he longed with a deep longing for true, planet born air in his lungs and soil beneath his feet. He could only hope there would be visits to the planet as well.

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  7. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    IC: Kay Koda
    Aboard Freighter, Jedi Fleet, Above Unknown Planet

    Kay hated hyperspace travel. It just took so damn long. Kay was a wilderness man himself, he never cared much for space travel, and even throughout his years in the Jedi Order and all the traveling he had done the two of them never seemed to click. So when the time came for the Jedi to move on and find a new place for them to build their lives, Kay was less then happy to delve into space travel for weeks, even months at a time in order for them to find a new place to call home. But one way Kay found to relieve his anxiousness and hatred of space travel was teaching. As well as being a Jedi Knight and participating in missions from the council, Kay also taught the initiates and apprentices the technique and use of the lightsaber back at the academy before the Shadow War had begun. He was the students? favorite master back at the academy, mainly due to his approachable personality and kindness he showed towards all the students.

    But even as they traveled, Kay continued his lessons aboard the freighter he was traveling on, teaching the students inside a cargo hold that had been converted into a training room. On the days they weren?t traveling through hyperspace, initiates and apprentices were flown over on transports for their day of training under Master Koda. This always helped to relieve Kay?s stress. He liked teaching the younglings, it always helped him to forget about simple irritations and focus on the most important thing, teaching future Jedi.

    Today was not one of his training days though, so Kay found the rest a relief. He then headed to the training room on board to hone his skills. He spent hours in the training room, practicing his lightsaber techniques with a wooden pole carved into the form of a lightsaber, much safer than using a real one on board a fragile ship. He also worked on skills such as hand to hand combat as well as meditation, which was disturbed by a group of curious female apprentices who snuck in to spy on Kay as he trained. Upon feeling their presence through the force, Kay quickly looked behind him only to see the group of girls fleeing with smiles on their faces and girlish laughs emanating from their mouths, Kay, embarrassed, quickly put his top robe back on, which had been removed due to the heat in the room. Kay figured he was done for the day and retreated to his room.

    Kay sat in his room enjoying a drink when a call came over the comm. in his room.

    ?Master Kay you are wanted on the bridge?

    Kay downed the remainder of his drink, grabbed his lightsaber, hung it on his belt and headed for the bridge. Upon arrival he was greeted by Captain Garrus, the freighters commander, he looked concerned.

    ?Master Koda I wanted you to see something,? Said Garrus

    ?What is it Captain?? Kay said with a mild sound of worry in his voice, not knowing always bothered Kay.

    ?I?ll show you, Lieutenant? Open the visors,? commanded Garrus. The bridge crew sometimes shut the visors to the bridges windows to keep the dull and boring sight of hyperspace travel out. The metal visors slowly rose, and when they where finally fully opened and locked, it all was revealed. Kay looked out the bridge windows in astonishment. There before him stood a behemoth ship, one that was supposed to be nothing but a lost treasure, a rumor, but there it was before him. The Chu?unthor.

    The massive colony ship stood hovering over a planet unknown to Kay. Its rust exterior almost blending in with that of the planet it hovered above.

    ?So it is real, it has finally been found,? said Kay more to himself than the bridge crew. All he could do was look onward in pre amazement. But this was soon interrupted by Captain Garrus.

    ?Master Koda, we just received a transmission from the Jade?s Wing. Their crew reports of Grand Master Chi-Ba going into this ship you Jedi called the Chu?unthor and being trapped inside,?

    ?By what!? demanded Kay, worried that they were going to loose another Grand Master.

    ?They didn?t say, just that she
  8. Littledawg

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    Aug 19, 2008
    IC - Karn Fell

    Karn came out of hyper space at the coordinates he had gotten from the bounty hunter. Nothing, exactly what he had expected, even when faced with death bounty hunters were scum. Of course he wouldn't have killed the manm, at least not there in front of everyone. He was scanning the region of space for any trace of the Icy Truth when he felt a ripple in the force, a distinguishable one at that, yet very close to his position, suprisingly close. Karn crossed to the other side of the mysterious planet he was orbiting and saw a massive ship. With a smaller ship near it apparently sending down a shuttle. he followed the shuttles apparent trajectory and saw its destination, The Jade Wing.

    "Grand Master Chi-Ba" Karn hissed with worry, he had sensed Koda, why not the Grand Master. He then hailed the Jade Wing and Koda's transport "Hello? Koda is that you, Grand Master? This Karn Fell knight of the Jedi order transmitting signal 1104 on tac com channel 8 encription code D774 anyone respond." He stopped his transmission long enough to see Koda's transport dock with the Jade Wing and then after a few minutes realised he could no longer feel koda's pressence with the Force. "What the ...? R2, scan that massive ship." after a series of beeps and whistles a message scrolled on his screen. "Can't detect it, its right there, what about the other ships docked with it." More droid speech. "What do you mean theres no one there I see the ships right infront of me you loose wired little scrap pile." Karn ignited his engines and began to fly towards the docked ships "I think someones home, and I can only imagine what it is.

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  9. Mr-Fett

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    Mar 11, 2009
    OOC: Had to make a few changes to my cs

    Name: Taryn Jeando
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Species: Humanoid
    Homeworld: Burska

    Physical Description:
    --Height: 5'10
    --Weight: 109lbs
    --Skin: White, slightly tanned
    --Hair: Shoulder Length black hair with shocks of blue
    --Eyes: Green
    --Body Art: Swirling snowflakes starting on left side curling to middle back
    --Build: Athletic
    --Likes: Music, Art, Nature, Food, Reading, Friends
    --Dislikes: Rudeness, uncleanliness, pushy people, loud obnoxiousness
    --Traits: Very popular among friends, always the center of a crowd, brightens up conversations, always looks for the peaceful solution, follows the jedi code very strictly, drums fingers on her elbows when nervous or anxious, makes her opinions known, takes charge, good leader, energetic, helping
    Rank: Apprentice

    Lightsaber: Dual Phase
    -blade: Standard Length blue
    -blade: (phase 2) Blade is twice normal thickness white
    -hilt: white opaqued transparisteel, with dark blue frosting
    -style: Niman
    -style: (phase 2) Soresu
    Additional weapons: n/a
    Personal starfighter: Barloz Freighter
    --Name: Icy Truth
    --History: Her families ship salvaged by local police after the attack on her town and passed on to her by birthright.
    Bio: Discovered as the only survivor in a viscous attack on her village she was rescued by the regions Jedi protector. Realizing her force adeptness she was sent to train with the Jedi and has become known among them for her ability to solve things without violence and for her ability to bring light into things and bring out happiness in the people around her. It is this aspect of her personality that makes her very popular and often the center of attention

    IC: Taryn Jeando

    "I cant sense anything at all from that ship, and sensors aren't picking up Master Chi-Ba's shuttle. I don't like this, not one bit. Ar-four send a message to the main transport tell them that I am going to... Wait hold that. That is Jedi Koda's shuttle. It's going to dock with Master Chi-Ba's shuttle. Grosh you better get your gear on. Im taking us in to dock with them. If Kay is going to find Master Chi-Ba I am going to help him."

    Standing up Taryn keyed in the auto-pilot to dock and she rushed over to her private quarters. Jedi had always customarily worn their plain robes as a diplomatic symbol of peace and trust. Taryn quickly slipped into a light powered armor vest that was given to her by Grosh. He had taken on a older brother standing and insisted that she wear whenever there might be a battle. It was very flexible yet still had the power to stop a few blaster shots and even stop a vibro-blade on a a glancing blow. After fitting her jedi garments over the armor she made her way back to the bridge finding Grosh waiting in full mandolorian battle armor. She was glad to have him at his side.

    "Grosh lets go to the air dock we should be locked in soon. I want to be there in case the council orders an immediate rescue operation."

    Tag: 92SE-R, witchdoctor187
  10. 92SE-R

    92SE-R Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 15, 2005
    OOC: Sorry for the delay in posting, DRL is my master on weekends. :)


    IC: Grosh Crander
    Aboard Icy Truth, Unknown Regions

    Grosh had watched the holo-feed a few times, and each time it perplexed him even more. He heard Taryn walk into the cockpit as he was finishing up the video again. He let it loop again afterward, both of them watching.

    "What do you make of that Grosh?" Taryn asked after the holo had finished.

    He sat there, looking at the space that had been occupied by the holo only seconds ago. He rewound the holo, pausing it at the point where the Grand Master was being sucked back into the hatch. It wasn't something he thought he would ever see from a Grand Master: a look of shock.

    "Look at her face, Taryn, she's not terrified, but she is shocked. It's a slight variation in her facial muscles that give it away, but it's there. Whatever it was that sucked her back in, it shocked a Grand Master."

    Grosh sat there for a moment, rubbing his chin. There were times when he wished he was a Force sensitive. Perhaps being one could give him a hint as to what he was missing.

    "I'm not sure what to make of it, to be honest with you, but I don't like it."

    Off in the distance they saw Jedi Koda's shuttle.

    "Grosh you better get your gear on. I'm taking us in to dock with them."

    He didn't waste any time. He knew that if Taryn wanted him to get his gear on, then it usually meant she wasn't too sure about what was going to happen. He walked out of the cockpit and went to his quarters. Sitting in the corner of the room was his armor, Beskar'gam, painted in a flat black with a gold painted shoulder pad on the left, and a red colored on on the right. He liked the way the flat black looked with the traditional T-Visor when it was lit. It seemed to intimidate most beings to a degree. He quickly suited up and clipped his helmet to his belt. He grabbed his slightly modified DC-17b and strapped it to his back.

    Grosh made his way back to the cockpit of the ship. Sitting in the pilot's seat was Taryn.

    "Grosh lets go to the air dock we should be locked in soon. I want to be there in case the council orders an immediate rescue operation."

    Grosh nodded in agreement. They both walked down to the airlock in silence. Grosh then looked down at Taryn.

    "What do you think it was? There hasn't been this much chatter about something in a long time. Between that ship and losing a Grand Master on it... something just feels off about it."

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  11. -Kypster-

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    Jul 1, 2008
    OOC: I'm Ree's apprentice here too right?
  12. Ree

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    Jan 25, 2005
    OOC: I want to congratulate you all on such high quality posting!=D= I really appreciate it. Just a reminder that if you want to discuss this game, it all goes in the [link=]New Jedi Trials thread[/link] :D

    [b]IC: Malloren Chi-Ba[/b]
    Position Unknown[/i]

    Malloren slowly blinked her eyes open, and saw nothing more than darkness. As soon as her eyes were wide, she felt the throbbing pain at the base of her skull, running down her neck and to her back. She dipped her head down against her chest, stretching her neck...[i]?Ow!?[/i], she winced. Her hand went to the back of her head and felt the huge lump beginning to form there.

    She closed her eyes and tried to recall what happened. Whatever had pulled her through the hatch had yanked her up and she hit her head on the ceiling, knocking her out. After that, she didn?t know what had happened.

    She opened her eyes and tried to ascertain her surroundings. Though it was dark, she could feel that she was sitting upright against a cold metal wall. Her hands and feet, she was happy to find, were not bound. But getting up was out of the question.

    The pain in her head and neck was beginning to make her feel sick. While she was apparently alone, she closed her eyes again and called on the Force to relax her. Her breathing slowed as she slipped into a light sleep, gaining strength from the Force. She focused it onto her head injury, letting the soothing power of the Force massage and ease the throbbing and swelling in her head. Ideally having living organisms nearby would have helped better- the Living Force was a better healer than any other. But in deep space she had to make do.

    She sat in this meditative state a while. She felt the throbbing ease. She slowly opened her eyes, and she felt much better. Stretching out the muscles in her neck, she breathed slowly in and out to get the oxygen flowing.

    Now she felt she could do something. She was tempted to head back to her ship. But she was determined to find out who, or what, had done this to her. She wanted the [i]Chu?unthor[/i] to be the Jedi?s new home. But it had to be liveable first. She raised herself from ground, and using the Force to guide her in the darkness, she made her way forward.

    She didn?t get very far, before a hazy figure appeared before her. It was the same one she had seen earlier! Instinct told her to run, but the Force told her to be patient. She stood still, waiting for the figure to make the first move. She thought that her sight was impaired, as she couldn?t focus.

    She thought she could make out facial features, but the figure was too blurry to be sure. A disembodied voice started talking. Or at least, it had to be a disembodied voice, as the figures? lips didn?t move.

    [i]?Do not be afraid fellow Jedi?[/i], the voice said. Malloren made eye contact with the hazy figure, realizing that the voice was coming from it.

    The misty, soft voice continued, [i]?I apologize for the harm caused you. But we are desperate. We need help.?[/i]

    Malloren couldn?t see or hear anybody else in the room with them; and the figure had said ?fellow Jedi?. It was inconceivable that there could be any living beings on the ship.

    She responded with an authoritative voice, ?Who is ?we?? And who are you??

    [b]TAG: Kay Koda, Taryn, Grosh, Kyp Kalrin OR Dann-I[/b]

  13. Mr-Fett

    Mr-Fett Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 11, 2009
    IC: Taryn Jeando

    "Ok we are securely docked with Jade Wing... Grosh lets do this cautiously and safely. We have not had any contact with Jade Wing's pilot and based on what he said there could be trouble aboard. So lets be careful and make sure the ship is secured."

    Unclipping her light saber and switching it to phase two she slapped the hatch button and the door whirred open. Barrel rolling through the doorway with Grosh stepping in behind her covering her entry she snapped into a defensive stance. Her dual phase saber looking more like a long thing paddle perfect for deflecting blaster shots in the soresu technique. The ship was silent... She could feel the pilot's life form in the force but he was completely unresponsive to comm calls.

    "Grosh you picking anything up? I think we should move up to the control room. I am going to send out a transmission to the rest of the fleet." Moving slowly forward throughout the ship using basic close quarters tactics to secure the ship. Upon reaching the control they found the pilot unconscious but unharmed slumped in the pilot seat.

    "Ar-four do you read me?" "breep!" "Send a transmission to the fleet... We found the pilot unconscious but unharmed. The Jade Wing is secured but it is unknown what happened to the pilot. We are waiting for the arrival of Karn Fell and think that it would be best to go ahead into the Chu'unthor and try to find Master Chi-Ba. We await your response, and also note that when we were coming in force auras and sensors were blocked..." (end-transmission)

    "Ar-four you still there?" "boop boop" "See if you can raise Karn Fell... Let him know Grosh and I are aboard the Jade Wing and that it is secured. Tell him we are awaiting his arrival for a possible rescue mission pending the council's orders" "Breep!"

    After sending out transmission and moving the pilot to a bed until he woke up Taryn and Grosh went to the hatch that had slammed shut. After inspecting it and trying to open it she turned to Grosh. "Grosh can your sensors pick anything up on the other side of the door or from its internals that might keep it from opening?"

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  14. Littledawg

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    Aug 19, 2008
    IC - Karn Fell

    Karn listened to the transmission. It was brief and very well thought out, Taryn Jeando was smart, enough to tell him enough to make him dock but not enough to let him know anymor than he already did.
    Once he docked with the Jade wing he immediatly went to the hatch were the Jade Wing docked with the larger ship.

    "Taryn what are you waiting for here shouldn't you be inside looking for the Grand Master?" Karn said as he pulled out his saber to cut the door down. "A but wait there's that problem that keeps you from doing anything here and know. The council, why wait for their permission, we have Koda, yourself your Mandalorian friend here and myself, three Jedi knights are more than capable to take on what ever took the Grand Master." Karn awaited her response and signaled his droid to come into the room.

    "Ouch, that door got slammed hard, look at the door its bent inward, whatever did this is either really big or force sensitive." Karn said as he put on an enviornmental suit. "Karn checked the comm systems to make sure they worked and that his suit still had air. It was empty. "What the" Karn mumbled and took the suit off, then he checked the rest they we all empty. "Great".

    "Any ideas, Taryn."

    tag: All involved
  15. Darth_Brutus666

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    Dec 25, 2006

    General Information:
    Character's Name: Brutus Crantilla
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Languages: Basic, Bocce, Durese, Rodese, Huttese, and can understand Shyriiwook though cannot speak it very well.
    Home Planet: Kuat
    Age: 32

    Character Traits:
    Personality: A Gruff and distant man, Brutus carries the marks of war still, even if the physical wounds have went away. Uneasy to become personable with at first, Brutus will come off cold. However to his closer friends in the order, he is at ease, and even quite humorous, though it can be a little dark at times.

    Habits/Mannerisms: An extremely hard worker, Brutus is very studious, most likely why he became a knight so early. He is early to rise, and late to bed. With his few friends, he is extremely close too, especially the Young Grand Master Malloren, who has been Brutus's friend since their days as younglings. Brutus is known to glare at the padawans in the hallways, and will not take pity on any youngling as they attempt to learn, even his own Padawans. He eats quickly and spends more time sparring and dueling than even sleeping. He is in constant need to perfect his skills, and drives this trait into all he knows.

    Likes/Dislikes: Brutus, while gruff on the outside, is still a typical male. He enjoys technologies, especially fast ships, big weapons, and anything that can make an explosion. He dislikes immaturity in all forms, and will not tolerate when training someone.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: Brutus's main strengths are his piloting abilities, dueling abilities, and relative good looks, which is useful in undercover missions. His major weaknesses are in politics, as he prefers a fight to diplomacy, and that he doesn't always keep his emotions in check.

    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: His major physical strength, is his physical strength. Brutus is an expert duelist and can combine raw power, with finesse, which makes him a dangerous foe to his enemies, and an awe to watch train by his friends. His weakness is the many wounds he has received over the years causes him pain from time to time, which he uses the force to suppress...most of the time.

    Appearance: Brutus is taller than average for a human, He has dark brown hair, and broad shoulders. Combined with his muscular frame, Brutus is considered to be attractive, although he has never tried to act upon this particular trait with much enthusiasm.
    Picture: [image=]

    Eye Color: Blue Grey
    Hair/Fur: Brown
    Skin Color: Pale
    Height: 6'9"
    Clothing: In the Temple: Traditional Jedi Robes. Everywhere else, it depends on the situation really.

    Personal History:
    Biography: Brutus's entire life has been one of the Jedi. His father was a Jedi Knight, and Brutus's namesake. His mother, a freighter pilot that His father met while on a mission and fell in love with. Brutus was born in the Jedi Conclave on Kuat, his parent's homeworld. Tragedy occurred when Brutus's mother Kendra, died in childbirth. Elder Brutus died soon after, killed by pirates in an attack on the Shipyards above the planet.

    Brutus was taken to Coruscant, and the main Temple. It was there that me met Malloren Chi-Ba, Kai Koon, and Grush Terk, all padawans in a similar age. It is noteworthy that these 4 padawans grew to become the leaders of a shattered order. Brutus was a model student. He excelled in his studys under the watchful eye of then Grand Master Integral and graduated to knighthood at the age of 17. The following year, he was granted his first padawan. Since then he has trained three padawans to Knighthood. Brutus was later promoted to Jedi Master, at only 25 years of age. Soon after, he was appointed to the Council, joining his childhood friends. Brutus, was also named Battle master of the Order and was thought to be one of the best duelists alive.
    Brutus spent a lot of time away from the Temple when he did not have a padawan. What he did during that time is unknown, as Brutus has never told.
    Brutus has been in his share of combat, and has scars
  16. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    IC: Kay Koda
    Aboard Transports in route to the Jade Wing

    Kay sat inside the small transport that would carry him to the Jade Wing. It was an old transport, a Theta-class T-2c Shuttle, very old and had not seen much action since the Rebellion Era, after which it was decommissioned. This resulted in the Jedi fleet picking them up for a cheap price at an old Imperial scrap yard. They patch them up and got them back into working order along with many other old ships. Kay sat along the right wall of the transport waiting as the pilots did a quick diagnostic and then fired up the engines to let them heat up, sometimes these old engines had a tendency to die in mid flight, a fate that Kay would very much like to avoid. As he sat then a small ring emanated from the small holo console in the middle of the transports bay and suddenly a figure appeared. Master Arik Tarin

    ?Jedi Knight Koda what do you think you are doing?? asked Karn with a hint of irritation in his voice.

    ?I am launching a rescue mission for Grand Master Chi-Ba Master, is there a problem?? asked Kay, knowing that Master Tarin would object. Kay never like Master Tarin, he was egotistical self promoter, who cared more about pleasing his fellow peers rather than the Jedi Order, he was no Jedi and how ever achieve the rank of Master or a seat on the Council was beyond Kay.

    ?You listen to me Kay, you will not step foot onboard that ship until we the Council have had time to evaluate this new threat and what kind of danger the Grand Master is in. so you copy??

    ?Yes Master,? said Kay showing obvious irritation.

    ?So step down Kay, the Council and I are tired of your reckless, hard charging ways. But when we evaluate this threat be assured that the Council will retrieve Grand Master Chi-Ba to the best of our ability,?

    ?Yes Master,? and with that Kay flipped of the holo screen. That is why Kay never liked him; he just sat and waited for others to come up with a solution. Kay knew that in fact that Master Tarin was just trying to bully his way up the ranks, hoping to achieve the rank of Grand Master, he had been hateful of Grand Master Chi-Ba ever since she was given to the rank, and what better time to make his move than now. Kay would never trust Tarin to go in and rescue the Grand Master, but after all Kay was never one to follow orders. The pilot soon walked back.

    ?What are our orders sir?? asked the pilot

    ?Take me to the Jade Wing,?

    Minutes Later:

    Kay was soon aboard the Jade Wing and inspected the statues of the crew; the pilot was unconscious on a bed. And upon further inspection he found two figures near a hatch that must have led into the Chu?unthor. It was a young lady and possibly a man as he could tell from the Mandalorian armor. The young woman was a beautiful sight for being so young, but guessing by her youthful look and robes, she must have been an Apprentice, but the other he had not a clue who he was, if he was part of the fleet, he had definitely not been acquainted with him. The two went about their business, unaware of Kay?s presence. They were obviously discussing how to open the sealed and mangled hatch or else they wouldn?t be talking about sensor picks. But before Kay could interrupt he heard more footsteps coming from down the hall. Kay disappeared into the shadows where he observed, but as the person drew closer he could feel the Force emanating from the sentient. And as the figure of a person rounded the corner he saw that it was a Jedi, Karn Fell. Kay was surprised to see Karn here, he had not been expecting him. Karn approached the two at the hatch and began conversing with them about the door. The only part of the conversation Kay caught was the ending.

    "Any ideas, Taryn." Said Karn. Kay finally stepped from the shadows, hoping to help the three as best he could.

    ?I would suggest possibly finding another entrance, whoever shut that hatch obviously did not want anyone to follow them,? said Kay as he approached the three.

    Tag: Taryn Jeando, Karn Fell, Grosh[/
  17. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    IC - Karn Fell

    Karn whipped around at the sound of Koda's voice "Well well well, nice of you to drop by. Anyways i dont think the hatch is the problem, the problem is we dont know if theirs air on the other side of this door(taps hatch), and i dont feel like suffocating." Karn was suprised when the hatch he tapped on was pulled farther in, suprised enough in fact that he ignited his saber and put himself infront of the door. "What was that? Well, anybody."

    Karn deactivated his saber and hit the door again. the door pulled farther in. Then Karn went to hit the door again, his droid freaked out and Karn halted. "What is it." *beep beep* "Something what, something big, sentient what. *Breep booop* "Oh how thoughtful I dont want to know, the only reason i brought you was so I could find out what was in there. You little scrap pile you." *Breep* "So its big, im twice your size does that make me big too? Well." *Beep beep* "Aww fine so its bigger than m...." Karn leapt away from the door as a massive roar was heard on the other side and a huge indent in the shape of a fist was put into their side of the door. "Oh my god." Karn said.

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  18. Mr-Fett

    Mr-Fett Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 11, 2009
    IC: Taryn Jeando

    "Karn I understand that the situation is dire and that we have our grand master at stake but I am sure that Kay would agree with me that we must practice patience. Grosh has been scanning this door and he should be able to open it safely... once the council gives us the go ahead. We cannot risk setting off another trap or getting trapped potentially ourselves... We have not encountered anything like this before and it was strong enough to take our grand master without any fight. Two Jedi knights and a trained mandalorian are a formidable force but hubris and unpreparedness can topple even the greatest warriors. I am going to meditate while we wait on the council to see if I can glean something from the force about our current situation."

    Taryn sat down cross-legged and closed her eyes. At first she thought of the most peaceful moment of her life and she focused on it and began to draw in the force, letting it flow around her and through her like a great river teaming with life. In her moment she stood up in the small clearing in the woods and touched a droplet of water hanging off a leaf. The droplet caught the lite, the life energy of the universe at the tip of her finger. Water and light combining to create that which is the force. The droplet fell into a small pool and in that pool she saw....... A shadowy figure pulling itself in a zero-g environment. Something coming behind the figure. Taryn called more on the force and the figure came into focus, It was Grand Master Chi-ba and she was being chased by some sort of apparition. The figure grabbed the Grand Master and pulled her away. Ripples started fading from the pool and Taryn struggled to gain more knowledge from the force. Drawing heavily on the force she saw one last thing, the Grand Master standing next to the apparition... Taryn opened her eyes to find a large fist punch concaving the hatch and a lit lightsaber.

    "Hold on! We dont know that what is being picked up is real. There is obviously something in their but it could be tampering with our senses and your droid. I just had a force vision, the Grand Master seems to be ok. She was pulled into the ship and knocked out, but now she seems to be meeting with some sort of apparition, the one that pulled her in. That is all I could see. I implore both of you to exude caution and patience as is the way of the jedi and the wishes of the council. Jedi Koda when did you arrive? I am glad that you are hear we can definitely use your help in the event that we do mount a rescue attempt. Forgive me if I am wrong being that we have not met formerly but I understand that you are adept in the art of the battle mind, maybe you could begin to meld our minds so that we will be more prepared if any threats arise. I want us to take every precaution in this."

    Tag: Kay Koda, Grosh Crander, Karn Fell, Kai Koon, Grush Terk
  19. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    IC - Karn Fell

    "What!? What are you talking about. Something in there just punched that hatch a meter into this room. Whatever 'apparation' is in their its messing with every thing here and im going in their with or without you." Karn began cutting open the hatch. He got about half way when the room shook with a massive roar. Karn kept cutting, "Whats the matter we arent invited to the party." Karn said to the door but more to himself. the hatch fell with a clank and Karn looked inside, Dark, no light not even emergency power, yet there was breathable air, how? "Well," he said turning around "you coming or not."

    There was another more distant roar from down the hall, "Yea thats right you better run. See R-2 its not so big and strong, its probably just AFRAID" he yelled the last word down the hall. Karn floated down the hall with only the glow of his light saber to guide him. "Come on grand Master give me a sign here smoething anything."

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  20. witchdoctor187

    witchdoctor187 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 14, 2007
    IC: Kay Koda
    On board the Jade Wing

    Kay looked onward at the two Jedi and Mandalorian as they conversed about the door. Kay wasn?t sure what was on the other side but he wasn?t going to let it take another Grand Master from them. Kay stood pondering what to do next; he never liked rushing into things, and always liked to have a firm plan of action and especially a back up plan. Kay was known to be a brilliant tactician on the battlefield, but this was different. A battlefield is solid, and it is simple, two armies meeting on the field of battle. Those were easy to plan, but this was different, this was more or less thrown onto Kay, a surprise situation. Kay had never had to rescue a person from a ship infested with invisible beings before. He did not like going into a battle in which he did not know his enemy. But in this case only a direct assault was possible, considering they had no idea what pulled Grand Master Chi-Ba inside the ship. If they were to attack it would be more for of a scouting mission to figure out what they were up against, but they might as well turn it into a rescue mission while they were at it. Soon Taryn spoke. She had been meditating at the time but was now fully out of her trance and caught off guard by the sudden impact that was inflicted to the door. Suddenly a lightsaber was ignited and illuminating the small hallway.

    "Hold on! We don't know that what is being picked up is real. There is obviously something in their but it could be tampering with our senses and your droid. I just had a force vision, the Grand Master seems to be ok. She was pulled into the ship and knocked out, but now she seems to be meeting with some sort of apparition, the one that pulled her in. That is all I could see. I implore both of you to exude caution and patience as is the way of the Jedi and the wishes of the council. Jedi Koda when did you arrive? I am glad that you are hear we can definitely use your help in the event that we do mount a rescue attempt. Forgive me if I am wrong being that we have not met formerly but I understand that you are adept in the art of the battle mind, maybe you could begin to meld our minds so that we will be more prepared if any threats arise. I want us to take every precaution in this."Said Taryn

    ?I have been here for a little while Apprentice, and I will do what I can to help you, but you are right we still do not know if this is a real being or simply an illusion put on by whatever is in there,? said Kay. But soon Karn spoke up, apparently opposed to Taryn?s approach. But before Kay could speak his mind on the matter and give a strategic perspective on the matter, Karn was already cutting through the hatch. Kay turned to stop him but the hole was already cut through the hatch. Kay reached for Karn.

    ?Karn wait!? yelled Kay but it was too late, Karn was already through the hole and into the ship, quickly in pursuit of whatever was indenting the hatch.

    ?Damn it!? yelled Kay. They had no choice now, they could no longer wait for the council or reinforcements, they had to go in there themselves and pull out both Karn and Grand Master Chi-Ba. This had just turned into a two person rescue mission. Kay walked over to the hole and then looked over at Taryn and the one they called Grosh.
    ?Well this plan has just become way more complicated, come on we?ve lost one Jedi today, we don?t need to loose another,? said Kay as he stepped in though the hole and into the Chu?unthor.

    Tag: Taryn, Gosh, Karn
  21. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008
    IC - Karn Fell

    Following the sounds of the roars to a small hallway Karn stopped the roars were more frequent and sounded more and more like calls for help. Then Karn saw a small door. It was open, he couldn't say why, he was just drawn to it, his whole mind was suddenly devoted to finding out what was on the other side, even his pursuit was completly tossed aside in sight of the door. It called to him, as if all his questions would be answered perfectly and all his path would be unfolded, so he floated to it. Then he went for the controls and the door opened, even with no power a door opened. Karn was confused, but he stepped inside, the door closed behind him, "Noooo!" Karn yelled, then he turned to see a man he hadn't seen in a long time. His father, his father stared at him through his dark eyes.

    "Hello son."

    "No." Karn said

    "But son its me."

    "I know."

    "I see youre a jedi now. You know what has to happen now dont you."

    "Yea, something I've waited for for a long time." His fathers blade ignited its red light washing over his blue light. Then he attacked his father with such fierceness he himself was surprised. his father blocked them with ease and struck back twice as hard. Karn blocked the blows and struck back and knocking his fathers blade aside he plunged his blade into his fathers stomach. He stared at the lifeless body and saw his own face on the body "No, thats impossible, im not like you. Youre a monster." Then the body vanished infront of his eyes without a trace and only the red lightsaber was still there."Youre a monster"he yelled and with it he began to search for the missing grand master following any trace he could find.

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  22. C0rr4n-H0rn

    C0rr4n-H0rn Jedi Youngling

    Jun 5, 2009

    Name: Kryn Sei'lar
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Species: Bothan
    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Physical Description:
    -Height: 5'4"
    -Weight: 116 lbs
    -Fur: Black with white patches on the triceps, calves, small of the back, and at the wrists.
    -Eyes: Violet
    -Build: Athletic
    -Clothing: Often wears loose fitting clothing that can be easily secured while working. Favors neutral colors in his ensemble.

    Personality: Kryn can often be found tinkering with some sort of machine. He is not introverted, but will not often start conversations without what he believes to be a good reason. He has a strong sense of honor and will not go back on his word. He can be stubborn to a fault if he sets his mind on something but will usually take the advice of others into consideration before making any major moves. Kryn is also very loyal and will not easily abandon anyone he considers to be a comrade.
    Likes: Tinkering, being useful, learning new things.
    Dislikes: Wasting time, rudeness, helplessness.
    Strengths/Weaknessess: Kryn is a good hand with anything mechanical, but he is not quite as skilled at social interactions. He will not give in to something he does not believe in easily, but that also means that he can also be stubbornlly insistent on a point that should be abandoned.

    Rank: (N/A)

    Lightsaber: None
    Additional weapons: Blaster Pistol, 2 datapads, assorted tools in utility belt, one vibroshiv in left side of utility belt, one vibroshiv in right boot.
    Personal starfighter: Communications aboard Icy Truth

    Bio: Kryn Sei'lar was born to parents working as diplomats on Coruscant. He lived a comfortable life as a youth but as he grew he quickly became bored with all of the ceremony and decorum that accompanied his parents' positions. At the age of 14 Kryn left his parents to try to find his own way through the world.

    Moving through the undercity of Coruscant he learned bits and pieces of whatever anyone would teach him. Through the years spent outside of the influence of the politics of his family Kryn discovered his aptitude for machinery and programming. By age 17 he was already a skilled slicer and a competent mechanic, making his living helping people who would have otherwise been in dire straits.

    In his 18th year Kryn encountered a man who was desperate to get his ship repaired without any official notice of his existance on the planet. Kryn felt compelled to assist the man and so made the repairs that the man had requested of him. Before he left the man asked Kryn if he could put a test to him and Kryn accepted, curious as to what this test may hold. After this test was finished the man told Kryn that he had felt a sensitivity to the Force within Kryn and requested that Kryn join him in leaving the planet. Kryn searched within himself and felt that there was nothing holding him where he was, he had severed ties with his parents and felt no attachment to anything here on Coruscant. After this evaluation Kryn accepted, feeling like something greater was going to be happening soon and that this way he might become a part of it.

    As they departed the man began to explain things to Kryn. He explained the Force and instructed Kryn in how to feel the flow of the Force around him. Throughout these elementary sessions Kryn knew the man only as "Master". Not very long after leaving Coruscant, the two men encountered a jedi named Taryn Jeando. While Kryn was engaged in a conversation with Taryn he lost track of his master and soon realized that he was nowhere to be found. Taryn agreed to help Kryn find his master, but the search was cut short due to a bad feeling that Kryn and Taryn shared about continuing. Taryn offered to take Kryn aboard her ship, Icy Truth, and Kryn accepted, feeling slightly lost without the man who he had come to view almost as a father. Since this fateful meeting Kryn has been serving as Communications officer aboard the Icy Truth and has been doing his best to pick up what he can about the Force without directly imposing upon the others onboard.
  23. Mr-Fett

    Mr-Fett Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 11, 2009
    OOC: GM-APPROVED My rank is Jedi Knight not apprentice
  24. C0rr4n-H0rn

    C0rr4n-H0rn Jedi Youngling

    Jun 5, 2009

    While the other crew members disembarked from the ship, Kryn had stayed behind to finish the necessary post-docking checks aboard Icy Truth. The young bothan double checked his work, making sure everything was set before grabbing his gear and following after the others.

    Kryn noticed as he disembarked that Icy Truth was not the only ship currently docked with Jade Wing. He idly wondered who the other ships belonged to but dismissed the thought. Realizing that there were several pressing matters at hand. He hurried through the ship to try and find everyone. As Kryn came around a bend he saw several people arrayed around a severely buckled bulkhead. In a quick scan of the group he located Taryn and Grosh and approached them quickly.

    Kryn addressed his crewmates, "Master Taryn, Grosh, I've finished up in the ship. What is the current situation? What can I do to help?" After speaking, Kryn realized that Taryn and Grosh were in the middle of a conversation with several Jedi that he was not well acquainted with. "Ah, I apologize Masters. Please forgive my speaking out of turn."

  25. Mr-Fett

    Mr-Fett Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 11, 2009
    IC: Taryn Jeando

    "Patience my student... Take some deep breaths calm yourself. Jedi Fell just went through the hatch we need to go in and find him and rescue Grandmaster Chi-ba. Grosh have you picked anything up yet?"

    Taryn continued to prepare for insertion into the strange ship along with the others. She wanted to wait for the council but now she could not and she had to rush into a potentially dangerous and alien situation. She had become a Knight merely a year ago and now she had a young apprentice to look after. She was glad that she had Grosh to watch her back... she would need it today. Grosh flipped on his head lamp and she along with Jedi Koda lit their lightsabers... It was time to go in and save their fellow jedi.

    "Ar-four make note, we are entering the ship after Jedi Fell and Grand Master Chi-ba. Send notification to the council tell them to send us backup as soon as possible"

    "Breep dwooo"

    "It's ok Ar-four Grosh is here to watch my back and we have the force. Dont worry I'll be back before you know it... And Grand Master Chi-ba will be there. I know you like visitors especially Chi-ba."


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