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Sac, CA 1ST METTING: 1:00 Sunday, January 20th at the Starbucks at 1901 J Street in Sacramento

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Aunt Jar Jar Mimah, Jan 13, 2002.

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  1. Sac-Town-Knight

    Sac-Town-Knight Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 13, 2001
  2. sacul-1138

    sacul-1138 Jedi Youngling star 5

    Nov 9, 2000
    (Let Cindy Brady try and say that three times fast.)

    The Sith in the Sack By Sacul-1138 (And that's Sack like as in Burlap not Bed Perv's)

    The Sith in the Sack

    The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the forums All that cold, cold, wet day.

    I sat there with Sacul. We sat there, we two. And I said, "How I wish We had something to do!" Too wet to go out And too cold to play Quidditch. So we sat in the forums. We did nothing at all. So all we could do was to Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! And we did not like it. Not one little bit.


    And then something went BUMP!

    How that bump made us jump! We looked! Then we saw him step in on the mat! We looked! And we saw him!

    The Sith in the Sack!

    And he said to us, "Why do you sit there like that?" "I know it is wet And the sun is not sunny. But we can have Lots of good fun that is funny!" "I know some good games we could play," Said the Sith. "I know some new tricks," Said the Sith in the Sack. "A lot of good tricks. I will show them to you. Your Master Will not mind at all if I do."

    Then Sacul and I Did not know what to say. Our Master was out of the house For the day.

    But our Opee Fish said, "No! No! Make that Sith go away! Tell that Sith in the Sack You do NOT want to play. He should not be here. He should not be about. He should not be here When your Master is out!"

    "Now! Now! Have no fear. Have no fear!" said the Sith. "My tricks are not bad," Said the Sith in the Sack. "Why, we can have Lots of good fun, if you wish, with a game that I call UP-UP-UP with a Opee Fish!"

    "Put me down!" said the Fish "This is no fun at all! Put me down!" said the Fish. "I do NOT wish to fall!"

    "Have no fear!" said the Sith. "I will not let you fall. I will levitate you up high As I stand like Darth Maul. With a Saber on one hand! And a cup on my hood! But that is not ALL I can do!" Said the Sith... "Look at me! Look at me now!" said the Sith. "With a cup and a cake On the top of my Hood! I can hold up a Saber with TWO blades! I can hold up the fish! And a litte toy ship! And some blue milk on a dish! And look! I can hop up and down on a ball! But that is not all! Oh, no. That is not all... "Look at me! Look at me! Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun But you have to know how. I can hold up the cup And the milk and the cake! I can hold up these blades! And the fish on a rake! I can hold the toy ship And a little toy Han! And look! With my tail I can hold a red fan! I can fan with the fan As I hop on the ball! But that is not all. Oh, no. That is not all...."
    That is what the Sith said...

    Then he fell on his head! He came down with a bump From up there on the ball. And Sacul and I, We saw ALL the things fall! And our fish came down, too. He fell into a pot!

    He said, "Do I like this?" Oh, no! I do not. This is not a good game," Said our fish as he lit. "No, I do not like it, Not one little bit!" "Now look what you did!" Said the fish to the Sith. "Now look at this house! Look at this! Look at that! You sank our toy ship, Sank it deep in the cake. You shook up our house And you bent our new rake. You SHOULD NOT be here When our Master is not. You get out of this house!" Said the fish in the pot.

    "But I like to be here. Oh, I like it a lot!" Said the Sith in the Sack To the fish in the pot. "I will NOT go away. I do NOT wish to go! And so," said the Sith in the Sack, "So so so... I will show you Another good game that I know!" And then he ran out. And, then, fast as a fox, The Sith in the Sack Came back in with a box. A big red wood box. It was shut with a hook. "Now look at this trick," Said the Sith. "Take a look!" Then he got up on top With a tip of his hat. "I call this game FUN-IN-A-BOX," Said the Sith. "In this box are two things I will show to you now. You will like these two things," Said the Sith with a bow. "I will pick up the hook. You will see something new. Two things. And I call them Fett One and Fett Two. These Fetts will not bite you. They want to have fun." Then, out of the box Came Fett Two and Fet
  3. Aunt Jar Jar Mimah

    Aunt Jar Jar Mimah Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 10, 1999
    ROTFL! That's hilarious sacul! :D

    I hope you can bring your son, since I've heard so much about him. I'm trying to talk my husband into joining us too.

    See everyone tomorrow!!

    I'll check by here, before leaving for the Starbucks tomorrow (in case you need to reach me).
  4. Sac-Town-Knight

    Sac-Town-Knight Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 13, 2001
    Good 1st meeting. Hopefully the first of many. I was suprised to see that many people (10?). Sounds like our second meeting will consist of infiltrating the Star Trek convention. I'm good for either day. Anyone else gonna wear their costume? I can see it now. Some Klingon is gonna take a swing at me. Oh well, bring it. BTW, no parking ticket for my expired meter. If I had one, I'm sure Lord Darth Vader could have pulled a few strings. ;)
  5. sacul-1138

    sacul-1138 Jedi Youngling star 5

    Nov 9, 2000
    I might be in costume (as well as my boy if his is done in time)

    and I should be bringing My friend with me who is very interested in The Garrison Group as well.

    I was thrilled to meet so many of you and it looks like our Fanforce chapter is off to a good start.
  6. Jeremyguy

    Jeremyguy Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 11, 1998
    Aargh! I haven't been here in a while so I missed it!
  7. Lord_Darth_Vader

    Lord_Darth_Vader Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 13, 2001
    That's right Sac Town.....Do not fear.... One phone call would have done the trick ;)

    It was really cool meeting everyone. It's nice to know there are fantatics out there just like me. :) Oh, btw, I did check that part again when Obi Wan is fighting Maul. WOW! Obi Wan sure did display some fancy saber handling. Man! I totally missed that before. That was really cool. I may not be able to make our next meeting at the Sci Fi convention. It's according to whether I am up and moving around by then.

    Oh, and Sac Town? Heh heh heh, you're just a young pup. ;) Try 36. :D
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