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    Title: On the Shoulders of Giants (Revisited)
    Author: Arin Atona
    Timeframe: 1 year after NJO (with flashbacks to other eras)
    Characters: Numerous canon and original characters
    Genre: action, drama, angst, squadfic, romance, jedi, epic

    Summary: A Jedi, a bounty hunter, and an Ewok walk into a cantina...

    While the galaxy is trying to recover from the devastation of the Yuuzhan Vong war, the fragile Galactic Alliance struggles to stabilize itself. Grand Admiral Pellaeon is slowly losing the loyalty of Imperial forces, and mutiny within the Empire seems unavoidable. Kali Atona, a failed Jedi trainee that turned to piloting during the war, stumbles upon the dark secrets of her family's past and touches off a chain of events that will entangle not only herself, but many of the galaxy's greatest heroes and villains in a struggle for both power and survival.

    Notes: Readers from the first time around will find many changes! The plot is essentially the same, but most of the story has been revised and rewritten with a more developed backstory.

    Awards for the Original:
    Best Original Male Character (Galvin Tercion) - Winter 2004 Readers' Choice Awards
    Best Fight With No Lightsabers - Summer 2004 Angst Awards
    Best Battle Sequence - Summer 2004 Angst Awards

    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to George Lucas and I own no part of it. This story is simply in tribute.

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
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    31 years after the Battle of Yavin

    "Irony of ironies," Moff Flennic said with a sneer, leaning in toward the hologram before him, "don't you think?"

    The hologram of Dif Scaur gave him a perplexed look in reply. "I don't take your meaning."

    "Come, come, Mister Scaur," Flennic chuckled. "A former Alliance intelligence operative collaborating with an Imperial Moff? Surely you can see the irony in two sworn enemies consorting with one another in a desperate hope to remain enemies?" He didn't wait for a response. Leaning back in his chair, Flennic tossed a datapad onto his desk. "I am curious, though - Just what exactly do you expect me to do with this information?"

    "It's your project: you figure it out," Scaur said flatly.

    Flennic blanched. "I'm running several projects. Which might you be..."

    "As I understand it, a small group of officers are slowly luring certain... rogue Imperial forces into what appears to be an attempt to gain control of what remains of the Empire."

    "You must be joking," Flennic scoffed. "I've heard nothing about such a coup."

    "Strange," Scaur said in mock-thoughtfulness, "considering you seem to be their chief recruiter."

    Flennic raised an eyebrow and steepled his fingers. "I'm insulted, Mister Scaur. You know as well as I that if Grand Admiral Pellaeon found that I was doing anything to subvert his authority, he would have me tried, tortured, and shot - in that order if I'm lucky. What evidence suggests that I have anything to do with these rogue factions?"

    "None at all, which is why I know it's you. You've covered your tracks too well, Moff. There isn't even circumstantial evidence that you have any connection with the rogue Imperials."

    Moff Flennic pursed his lips for a moment before responding. He looked down at the datapad in front of him and cleared his throat. "I believe you are mistaken, Mister Scaur. However, if I were involved in such a project I would probably be very appreciative of this information - and your commentary."

    "Of course." Dif Scaur inclined his head and the hologram vanished.

    Moff Flennic pondered the information for a moment before calling his aide to him. "Make sure this gets to our friends. Take Scaur's suggestion and have it published as a security briefing. Make it look as though we are openly making this information available."

    "But sir, won't Admiral Pellaeon wonder where you came across it?"

    "Probably. I think the fact that we intentionally posted it to the entire fleet might raise a few eyebrows, but may also smooth a few feathers."

    "I see, sir." The aide saluted and exited the Moff's chambers.

    The officer seated across from Flennic broke his quiet observation. "Something I need to know about?"

    Flennic looked up at the graying man. "Yes, General Calfist. It seems your activities in the Tynnan Abyss have not gone unnoticed."


    "Worse," Flennic sighed. "Skywalkers."

    * * * * *

    Dim starlight did little to illuminate anything that might have existed in the Tynnan Abyss. From a starfighter's vantage point, the expanse of the galaxy could be seen in every direction, but only as a faint cloud of stars that seemed to barely permeate the darkness that threatened to consume every last trace of light. The cold light of even the brightest star had been traveling for thousands of years to reach this deep into the Abyss, vainly trying to pierce the dead black of eternal night.

    Nothing existed here except the burned-out cores of dead stars, the rumors of a long extinct civilization that had mined the fuel from every one of the thousands of stars in this cluster many millennia ago. The hard, cold void of the Abyss, as it was aptly named, could seemingly consume entire worlds, comets, and stars without any thought. Even hope itself seemed to ebb into the nothingness that gluttonously devoured all thoughts of ever leaving.

    And yet, there was the Force. Despite
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    Very interesting revision of the beginning that sets up the intrigue of later parts very nicely. Welcome back, hon!
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    I read the original, and I loved it, so I'm very excited to read more! [:D]
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    it's back.

    And I am so, so, so so so so very excited that I can read it again, in all its revamped glory.

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    This should be very, very interesting! :D I can't wait. =D=
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    Arin! [:D] [:D] :D


    "Worse," Flennic sighed. "Skywalkers."

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Priceless!

    I can't wait to read more! :D [face_dancing]
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    Thanks! I'm happy you found the thread :)

    Woot! Tristan has pointed me toward some of your stuff, too, so I'll be poking around in some of your threads.

    Let's hope the revision lives up to the original :)

    Glad to have you around :)

    [:D] Scoundrel!
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    I didn't know you were reposting so soon!!!

    *saves space for later* BUT OH life has just become a little better.
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    Tris! [:D]

    * * * * *

    As soon as the canopy of her fighter was cut away, Jaina wasted no time climbing out of the cockpit to defiantly throw her helmet against the control panel, drawing a scowl from the maintenance tech that would likely be tasked with fixing whatever components she just busted.

    "Kriff it all," she cursed, pulling her sweat-soaked dark hair out of her face.

    "Good to see your mood is improving," Kyp chimed as he rounded the nose of her fighter.

    Jaina gave the demolished fighter a good look, then sighed as she crossed her arms in resignation. "That's the third one this month. Kre'fey is going to have me shot."

    Kyp squinted as he viewed the fighter in mock examination, using his fingers to frame it just right. "Two and a half, really. And I wouldn't worry about Admiral Kre'fey killing you; if you keep picking fights with space pirates that outnumber you ten to one, you'll do that yourself."

    Jaina gave him a sideways glare. "Oh, my mistake. In the future I'll remember when you say 'Get 'em', you really mean 'Hold here and call for backup'."

    Kyp shrugged. "I thought you could handle yourself."

    She laughed. "Better than you."

    "I'm not the one with a shot-up ride."

    "I was drawing their fire so you'd have a clean shot!"

    He dismissed her with a wave of his hand. "Details."

    "I really hate you sometimes," she muttered, unhooking the excess trappings of her flightsuit to make herself more comfortable. "Let's just find Kali and get this over with."

    "Which reminds me," Kyp interjected. "We could use her help, so you not killing her would be a good thing."

    "I suppose you want me to act all cheerful and friendly, too."

    "Couldn't hurt," he replied.

    "Sorry," she half-sang. "Too much of my dad in me to do that."

    Kyp's voice lowered. "I don't know what exactly this grudge is that you have against her, but for the time being, you might want to keep it to yourself."

    Jaina scoffed at him. "You, of all people, telling me to be sensible? That's like a Hutt calling a Bantha ugly. Why we're asking for help from a coward like Kali is beyond me."

    Kyp cleared his throat and interrupted her. "Just drop it. We'll argue my hypocrisy later."

    Jaina felt scolded. "No, I won't. Kali Atona abandoned the Jedi and went on her own personal little war. Instead of being there when so many of us died at Myrkr - my brother included - what was she doing? She was in the battle over Coruscant; but not trying to save the planet. No, she was too busy giving military escorts to fleeing Senators that didn't even bother to let civilians board their ships to escape certain death."

    Kyp winced.

    "And to top it off," she continued, "the media declared her a hero for it - 'she kept safe the people needed to run the galaxy'. She gets fame, and I get to watch my brother die. In what possible way can you expect me to just 'drop it'?"

    "Because, Colonel Solo," a new voice from behind her said calmly, "your viewpoint is a gross distortion of the truth, and impugns the honor of every battle-worn soldier on this ship that fought alongside her that day."

    "I told you to stow it," Kyp mumbled as Jaina spun around to face the newcomer.

    The woman before her was imposing in physical stature, and after a quick glance at the rank cylinders on her officer's uniform, Jaina pulled herself to attention and forced herself to proffer a dignified salute - one which was not returned.

    "Commander Cheriss ke Hanadi, Gladiator's X.O.," the woman introduced herself, looking past Jaina and extending a hand of greeting to Kyp. "Master Durron, I presume."

    Kyp returned the greeting. "Commander, did you receive the orders we relayed from Fleet?"

    "We did. Captain Tar'lya has us on course to rendezvous with the Ralroost within the hour."

    Despite being ignored intentionally, Jaina swallowed both her anger and embarrassment and wisely allowed Kyp to do the talking.

    "We have to be tight-lipped about our m
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    Seeing Cheriss brought an instant smile to my face. :D Kyp and Jaina were great, and I'm looking forward to seeing Kali and Jaina together. Jaina will find that there's more than one side to every story, as Cheriss implied.

    "Colonel Solo," Cheriss interrupted her again. "However you came to own your opinions of Major Atona, or anyone else in this crew, I can assure you that nobody on this ship gives a damn."

    Ouch. She's not pulling any punches - but who can blame her?

    And Kyp had to open his mouth. "I like her."

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    Okay, I have to kick myself here for not seeing this up before.

    I don't have a lot of time for reviews, but for now I'll just say that it's great to see this back up and I can't wait for more.
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    Kyp's voice lowered. "I don't know what exactly this grudge is that you have against her, but for the time being, you might want to keep it to yourself."

    Jaina scoffed at him. "You, of all people, telling me to be sensible? That's like a Hutt calling a Bantha ugly. Why we're asking for help from a coward like Kali is beyond me."

    Kyp cleared his throat and interrupted her. "Just drop it. We'll argue my hypocrisy later."

    Jaina felt scolded. "No, I won't. Kali Atona abandoned the Jedi and went on her own personal little war. Instead of being there when so many of us died at Myrkr - my brother included - what was she doing? She was in the battle over Coruscant; but not trying to save the planet. No, she was too busy giving military escorts to fleeing Senators that didn't even bother to let civilians board their ships to escape certain death."

    Kyp winced.

    [face_laugh] Boy, Jaina can be pretty dense when she's on a rant, can't she? I just love how you write Kyp and Jaina together - you've really nailed their friendship/partnership. :D It's really a shame that we didn't get to see more of it in canon. :(

    I really like the fact that Jaina (fairly or not) really has a grudge against Kali in this version - it should make things very interesting! :D

    Great post, as always! :D
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    You know, I like this version of Jaina a lot better than the hero-worshipper of the first version. Her being bitter over Kali not being with the Jedi makes so much more sense. And great use of Cheriss. Now, when can we see Tar'lya?
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    Ah. So!

    Wow, interesting. I like the mystery of this (why are they searching for their own ships?), and I actually really like the anger Jai holds for Kali. It makes so much sense, and fits her personality really well. It makes her more real.

    I'm also really glad that we get to see more of your ubiquitous but amazingly realized OCs! Yum! Cheriss is hilarious, I can't wait to see more of her (reminds me of Galvin...but not too much.

    Thanks for doing this again, you know that SoG is my favorite fic EVER and rewriting it is a tremendous task that I can hardly believe you're doing.

    I AM SO HAPPY!!!!

    ~Tris (sorry for my lateness. Stupid RL, man.)
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    I'll get around to replies in a bit.

    Yes, I'm back (more back than before, I think), and yes, I still have the same masochistic desire to finish this project - that, and there might be bodily harm inflicted upon me if I don't.

    So, without further ado - SoG continues!

    * * * * *

    Kali Atona frowned into the mirror, blowing several sweat-moistened strands of dark hair out of her brown eyes so she could see to fasten the uncooperative rank insignia onto her lapel. The cloth slipped from her fingers again, prompting a tight frown.

    She heard the door to her cabin slide open and the familiar face of her squadron's Executive Officer appeared behind her in the mirror, a curious expression drawn through his gray beard.

    "It takes a very sadistic person to design a military dress uniform," she commented, turning around and handing the offending scrap of metal to him. "Lend a hand?"

    "I don't like the way it looks" he remarked, quickly fastening the metal plate bearing three red pips to her lapel. "It makes your legs look too girly, and your chest not girly enough."

    Kali winced. "Pops, that describes every piece of clothing I own."

    "Only one explanation for that," he replied. "All fashion designers are runt maggots." He straightened the misaligned collar. "What's the occasion?"

    She shrugged. "Cheriss didn't tell me much - we just took on two Jedi passengers and we're set to receive some other 'important guests'. Apparently I'm invited to the party."

    Pops appeared thoughtful for a moment. "Odd timing. You think they're here to talk you into becoming a Jedi again?"

    "I never stopped being Jedi," she said, picking up the silver cylinder of her lightsaber and attaching it to her hip. "But no, I don't think they tracked us down all the way out here just to ask me to finish my training."

    "Would you even want to?"

    That question made her pause. "I honestly don't know." She headed toward the doorway and stepped out into the Gladiator's corridor. Pops kept pace at her side. "The military days of my life are over - so I'm not sure what's ahead."

    "Personally, I think you should start hatching plans for galactic domination."

    "My plans don't extend much beyond dinner just yet."

    "You disappoint me, kid," he sighed, gray beard twisting into a mock-frown. "You're two days away from being a civilian and nobody can come up with a theory for why." He stopped quickly and slapped her on the arm. "It's me, isn't it?"

    Kali fixed him with a sideways 'you must be crazy' look.

    "No, really," he insisted. "I can request a transfer if my sexiness is distracting you from your duties - it's the least I can do."

    Kali shook her head and hooked her arm through his elbow. "It would be futile. I'd still be plagued with visions of that cute bald spot and dreams of your shriveled pectorals."

    "You make being mature sound like such an ugly thing."

    "There's nothing mature about you, Pops," she noted. "You're just plain old."

    "But I'm a damned good X.O.," he insisted. "Remember that when you figure out the whole galactic domination thing. Ardiese would be a good place to start - I hear you've got quite a fan club back home."

    Kali stopped in her tracks. "Home," she snarled. "You do remember the part where they banished me, right?"

    "No, they didn't banish you," he corrected. "They banished Jedi like a thousand years ago or something. They changed the law to let you come back. You're some kind of folk hero now."

    She smirked and looked down the corridor. "Ardiese is a very superstitious place. I think the Council of Regents would prefer me as the hero afar to me being the Jedi next door."

    Pops shrugged. "Civilian life is so full of drama."

    "So you have no plans for retirement?"

    "None at all," he remarked. "The military treats me too well. I get to fly fast and get bossed around by pretty women half my age."

    Kali quirked and eyebrow. "And what if you end up with a C.O. that's an old codger like you?"

    "Then I'll fa
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    I like this intro much better than the original. It feels more natural.
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    I don't know how much of a role she's going to play overall just yet - but she'll be around a few times (next post, even).

    It could be interesting - it has already forced me into evaluating all of Kali's relationships.

    She's rather blunt. Plus, she's one of Kali's superiors, so there's going to be some bias ;)

    Thanks! If you're still around, I hope you enjoy it :)

    Aye :p


    I'm rather happy with it myself.

    It appears you haven't logged in for some time, but if you happen to see this... [:D]

    Hmm, the explanation may not have been as obvious as I'd hoped. They're in the Tynnan Abyss, which has no HoloNet relays - communication is prohibitively difficult.


    Neither can I! And if you're still around... [:D]

    Yeah, that was really bad :p

    Let's hope ;)

    First appearance... next post. Along with a lot of others. ;)

    Thanks! [:D]
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    I am around! Just not as much as I'd like to be.

    Man. It's Kali! What can I say? My favorite OC ever, chillin on the boards. I'm so excited for this!

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    Yay, Arin's back! The average quality of writing on the boards just went up a lot. ;) This is looking even better and more exciting than the original. Keep up the great work! :D
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    Tris: [:D]
    Oh well. You're around, that's all that matters. :D

    Such kind words!


    Thanks! And I'll certainly give it my best effort.

    There was a reason why pre-briefing briefings by desk-bound junior officers were called naptime. Issues pertaining to communications and hyperspace difficulties in the Tynnan Abyss were something that Cheriss was all too familiar with thanks to the Gladiator's presence in the cluster of burned-out stars for the last six standard weeks. Consequently, the occupants of the briefing room - most of whom Cheriss recognized - took a collective breath of relief when the monotonous aide wrapped up his fifth point on the complications that dark stars and gravity wells inflicted upon navigation computers.

    "At this time," he continued, relinquishing the white-knuckled grip he'd maintained on the lectern's sides for the duration of his talk, "we will be briefed on the current status of military integration into the Fleet by the Imperial Remnant."

    A few groans could be heard from the various attendees, one of which came from the seat next to her.

    "We're going to die of old age before this starforsaken briefing ends," Kali whispered to Cheriss.

    She was nodding her agreement when the aide's next words seized the room's attention.

    "Grand Admiral Pellaeon, the floor is yours."

    Fear. Respect. Disgust. Admiration. Whatever the sentiment anyone may have felt toward the Old Man of the Empire, the briefing room fell silent when he stood. He paused a moment to banish an insignificant wrinkle in his crisp, white uniform, and proceeded to the center of the briefing room floor, not bothering with the lectern.

    Cheriss found herself captivated by the man almost immediately. There was a certain mystical quality to the man that embodied every good quality ever found in the Empire, if one believed such things existed.

    The Grand Admiral also broke the unwritten protocol that seemed to require every officer to clear their throat before speaking to an audience.

    "Thank you, Lieutenant." His hands clasped behind his back. "As most of you are aware, I've been granted the unenviable task of integrating what remains of the Imperial Navy into the Galactic Alliance Defense Force. This lofty goal has been met with not a little resistance on both sides.

    "There are many in the Defense Force that, understandably, have no desire to serve with former Imperial personnel. Likewise, there is tremendous pressure from within the Remnant to keep the Navy intact. Regardless of the merits of their positions, the Senate has made it clear that integration is the way forward.

    "Conviction to the contrary has brought this process nearly to a halt. While most Alliance commanders seem willing to accept disciplined Imperial troops into their units, that willingness is not shared by the Remnant Navy."

    Pellaeon pursed his lips and carefully weighed his words. "Opposition is so strong, that it has led to the creation of a resistance movement within the Remnant. My support from the Moff Council has been dwindling since this process started, and attempts at integration have been met with insubordination, and in some cases, outright mutiny.

    "In short, the Imperial Remnant is falling apart. The opposition has fangs, as this is not merely a military problem - the insurrection has political leadership and a groundswell of popular support on Remnant worlds.

    "I want you to understand just how ugly this situation can become." Pellaeon broke his posture and began to pace slowly. "This is not just a few officers resigning and crew members disobeying orders.

    "At th/>
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    Luke described the radiant array of white spheres as a holo-sculpture - a piece of artwork called Enhenta Solstice.

    The harsh sounds of blasterfire had all but ceased, and what remained was sporadic and in the distance, where sentry droids - not compelled to lay down their arms like their human counterparts - still waged battle. In here, though, only the only sounds breaking the somber peace were the clicking sounds of armored boots and the strained rhythm of mechanical wheezing. Passing through the wooden archway into the Regents' Hall, he found the assembly he had come for already awaiting his arrival.

    His surroundings, however, demanded his attention.

    Brilliant streams of sunlight cascaded in rainbows through the thousands of intricately placed facets of colored glass that lined the circular walls of the great Hall in opulent windows of mosaic murals - each apparently depicting a scene of some historical importance for the people the Palace belonged to.

    Luke had learned from the Jedi historian, Tionne Solusar, that Enhenta Solstice's origin was on Major Atona's homeworld of Ardiese. Nearly a millennia earlier, Ardiese was embroiled in a bitter war with one of its neighboring planets. At the climax of the war, one of the five Ardiesian moons, Enhenta, was destroyed in its entirety.

    The floor beneath his feet, though less spectacular than the colored glass surrounding them, was no less opulent in its own design. Intricate circular patterns made by the precise arrangement of marble and rock of varying shades were bathed beautifully in the splendorous colors streaming in through the glass murals.

    And yet, the magnificent beauty of the Regents' Hall went largely ignored on this day. A swarm of white-armored stormtroopers filed into the Hall behind him, while the five men he had come for stood facing away from them, not so much as deigning to notice his presence. Instead, they had gathered amidst a field of holographic white spheres. Their manner was defiant, but their slumped shoulders spoke of defeat - they knew this would be the last time any of them stood in this marvelous Hall.

    For the superstitious moon-worshipping people, the anonymous piece of art depicting the moon's shattering became a sacred relic. It remained on display in the Regents' Palace on Ardiese for over eight hundred years.

    "Tell your troops to use extreme caution," one of the men said. "This place is sacred."

    Darth Vader ignored the instruction. "You offered to surrender to spare your world from the Emperor's judgment - I'm here to accept that offer."

    One of the men, the High Regent if bright, flamboyant garments were any indication, turned to face him with a resigned look. "And what will happen to our families?"

    "They will be ignored, unless we find reason to do otherwise."

    He walked forward, studying the series of holographic spheres the Regents had been studying. Or perhaps praying.

    He waved his hand slightly over the projector and the so-called artwork's data matrix ejected itself, causing the white spheres in the Hall to dissipate.

    "No!" The High Regent shouted, stepping toward Vader with audacious bravery. "Enhenta Solstice belongs to the people of Ardiese. You've already desecrate our world with your filth, but you cannot defile our most sacred heritage by..."

    The man's words were cut short - held in his throat along with his breath.

    After the Battle of Yavin, the Empire dissolved the Council of Regents in reprisal for their quiet support of the Rebellion. About that same time, Enhenta Solstice was lost.

    Vader casually removed the data matrix and turned to face the choking High Regent. The insignificant man clawed madly at his neck, sucking in desperation for life-giving air that evaded him.

    "Perhaps its loss will serve as a lesson," Vader intoned. "If your people wish to follow leaders that give aid to Rebel spies, the Empire will be most unforgiving."

    Vader gestured toward the other four men wh
  23. JediTristan Jedi Youngling

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    Well, that's one mystery I don't remember.


    I'm totally interested in seeing this story play out again (and in mostly real time this time!)

    ...perhaps certain events can be, uh, rethought?

    hehe. Man.
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    Did I mention there would be changes? [face_whistling]
    I'm glad you approve :p
    I'll keep it in mind... but don't get your hopes up ;)
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    * * * * *

    For all the light available in the Tynnan Abyss, the bridge viewports aboard the Star Destroyer Roughshod might as well have been black walls. No stars were visible, thanks to the bright background light on the bridge, and even with the ship's exterior lamps deployed, only parts of the ship's wedge-shaped hull were visible outside.

    The place was bleak, and while that may have annoyed her some years ago, she had long since learned the value of anonymity and shadows.

    "Lady Surok..."

    Lumiya winced at the use of her latest alias - an ancient Massassi name selected by the two former Jedi that now followed her around like sycophants proclaiming themselves her Acolytes. The name, however, kept her as anonymous as the mask on the headdress that covered her face and the black cloak that kept her cybernetic prosthetics hidden from view - and so she allowed it.

    After all, it was just another name she would shed in time, just as she would shed the two Jen'jidai imposters obsessed with becoming apprentices to the Dark Lady of the Sith.

    Lumiya needed no apprentice - she wanted a master.

    "Have you found something?" she asked, finally replying to the younger of the two annoyances.

    Destu lowered his head slightly. "No, my Lady. We've scanned the entire area; there's nothing here."

    "Then you just aren't looking in the right place," she chided him, stepping around him and stalking across the bridge toward the sensor officer. It had to be here - she had taken great pains to decrypt the ancient records.

    The ancient Sith Lord, Darth Sacrious had been very explicit about the coordinates.

    "Did you scan the star?" she inquired, approaching the sensor station with determination.

    The trembling Imperial officer tried to pull himself together after being singled out. He glanced toward the viewport as though to confirm that he wasn't crazy before he answered. "There are no stars here, Lady Surok."

    Anger flared in her gut at the man's incompetence. "The gravity well out there, you idiot - the core of that burned-out star."

    Brark, the elder of the two Jen'jidai trailing her every step, gave a clumsy defense for the sensor officer. "That's a solid mass thousands of times larger than any planet - scanning it would take eons, my Lady. It wasn't scanned because we simply lack the capacity to do so."

    Lumiya focused on the sensor officer. "If you value your life, you'll scan the star."

    The poor man nodded furiously and set about the task she assigned.

    "Start with the magnetic poles," she added. "It would have to be easy to locate."

    Destu, hardly discernable from Brark in their matching cloaks, was nursing his customary impatience. "Scanning empty space is one thing," he remarked. "You send a signal out, and if something bounces back, you know where to look." He then gestured vaguely toward the forward viewports. "Scanning a mass - especially one that size - is futile. We'll never-"

    "I found something," the sensor officer blurted. "At the magnetic north pole. It looks like some kind of building complex."

    Lumiya glanced at both of her companions in turn, allowing herself the satisfaction of being right. "Let me see it."

    With a few pushed buttons, a small hologram of a series of buildings appeared.

    "What is it?" Destu asked.

    "It was a Jedi enclave," Lumiya answered. "A large group of them hid here fourteen centuries ago when Darth Sacrious ruled over the Old Republic. I suspect we'll find our prize here." She pointed to the section of the complex that looked like a hangar. "We'll need an engineering team and a shuttle."

    "What's so special about this ship you're looking for?" Brark inquired.

    "I don't care about the ship," Lumiya answered. "I want what Palpatine could never find - the Iluma'Yoden."

    "The what?"

    * * * * *

    "What they found in Palpatine's vault may not be known," Luke conceded, "but thanks to Fleet Intelligence intercepts, we have a good idea of what they're looking for."

    A throaty growl caug
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