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Beyond - Legends 200 Proposals [L/M] - Complete!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by ginchy, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    If the Ewok band and Luke singing doesn't work, he is just going to have to kidnap her and fly her to Dathomir. Where is that Hapan gun of command when you need it? Oh well, I guess he is going to have to rely on that Tatooine Farmboy charm, those pretty blue eyes, that cute little butt. o_O What is Mara thinking? Maybe somebody told her that once you are married guys stop romancing.:confused:
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  2. Demendora

    Demendora Jedi Knight star 2

    Apr 9, 2010
    On Dathomir Luke will have to run from the bunch of over-eager witches, who are ready not only to marry him, but to give a birth to his daughters. What? Judging from Mara's state, this male representative is not only attractive, but is also very fertile.:p Lol!
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  3. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    You are right. Mara doesn't seem to be the sharing type when it comes to her men...well, except in that fic The Taming of the Jedi. :p
  4. Demendora

    Demendora Jedi Knight star 2

    Apr 9, 2010
    and in "Sharing":p:p:p

    Ginchy, sorry for off topic
  5. ginchy

    ginchy Jedi Master star 4

    May 25, 2005
    [face_rofl] No problem! Y'all are cracking me up!!
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  6. EmeraldJediFire

    EmeraldJediFire Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 23, 2012
    The gun of command on Mara..yeah that's not a good idea.[face_laugh]
  7. EmeraldJediFire

    EmeraldJediFire Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 23, 2012
    The droid proposal is my favorite, though the baby one is a close second..

    I don't know just is so Luke to use R2 to help him like that lol
  8. Luna_Nightshade

    Luna_Nightshade Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 25, 2006
    I quite like the droid proposal--poor innocent Artoo being an accomplice! I also loved the "Not tonight" line--I enjoy a good little snarking. Adorable update!
  9. lukemaraben

    lukemaraben Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 2, 2012
    A droid proposal [face_laugh]. Loved it. Great update!
  10. Valiowk

    Valiowk Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 23, 2000
    Like everyone else, I look forward to seeing what else Luke will think of after a droid proposal :cool: and a fetal proposal O:)! Also lovely to see that the location of Luke and Mara's wedding has been settled (even if the wedding itself hasn't been!). :)
  11. DaenaBenjen42

    DaenaBenjen42 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    May 15, 2005
    “Marry me, Mara. Come on, just imagine the wedding night.”

    Was that a bribe? Mara! Take him up on it!!!!

    And the fetal proposal... [face_love]
  12. mavjade

    mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 10, 2005
    Tee hee hee... Oh Luke, getting R2 to do your dirty work! Loved it!

    Magnanimously, she had decided not to kill Luke for that
    [face_laugh] That was so kind of her! ;)

    Luke was so cute when he felt the baby move! [face_love]

    Another great update! I'm loving every word.

  13. NYCitygurl

    NYCitygurl Manager Emeritus star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 20, 2002
    Just wanted to pop in and say--the title caught my eye, and I read the first chapter (and plan to read the rest). I'm really enjoying it! IF you have a PM list, I'd love to be added :)
  14. ginchy

    ginchy Jedi Master star 4

    May 25, 2005
    New post tonight!! What happened was the original chapter 6 was many 'mini' proposals but a lot of them grew on me. I'm going to try to fix a few issues I found in a couple of them and post four new proposals in tonight's post. Thanks for reading everyone!! [:D]

    Jade_eyes: I’m going to say that there is more adorable than you can shake a stick at. It is Lukie, after all. ;) Thanks!!

    JainaSoloYJK: Thanks for the squeeeeee!! I, too, love Daddy!Luke.

    Briannakin: hahahahaa thanks, gal. I like the droid proposal, too. Luke is leaving no stone uncovered.

    Jedi_Lover: Awww! Crazy hubby! ;) My little one was not much of a kicker. I thought that would mean she was laid back. Turned out she was just so long she had nowhere to move. But the moments when she did kick were magical. Thanks!!

    Taramidala: Thanks, lady!!! <3

    Hazel: You know she does. She’s just eating up these proposals with a spoon! ;) Thanks!!

    Demendora: hahahaahahaha that cracks me up. I can just picture Wes and Hobbie doing do-wop in the background. LOLOL!! Thanks for reading and enjoying!!!

    Mayo_durron_666: I love the cute fics. It’s a sickness. LOL I’m glad you’re enjoying the romance! Thanks so much!!

    Jedi_Lover: Gun of Command. Ack! LOLOL I agree. How does Mara just not fangirl all over him????

    Demendora: hahahaha yes, in this universe it didn’t take so long for Mara to get knocked-up. Heh.

    EmeraldJediFire: You know Artoo is his wing-man. LOL! Thanks!!

    Luna_Nightshade: Thank you so much!!

    Lukemaraben: Artoo is too cute. Thanks!!

    Valiowk: They pretty much have everything but the bride now, right? ;) Thank you!!

    DaenaBenjen42: I know I would take him up on it!!! ;) Thanks!!

    Mavjade: I love Daddy!Luke so much. I am glad you’re enjoying him, too!! Thank you!!

    NYCitygurl: hahahahahahaaa I LOVE that icon. And thank you!! I will add you to the tags for sure!!


    TAG LIST: NYCitygurl JainaSoloYJK Blackfish mayo_durron_666
  15. ginchy

    ginchy Jedi Master star 4

    May 25, 2005
    This may be a bit long, but I couldn't decide if I should break it up into pieces or not. I'm afraid that this chapter isn't very good, but after all this time of feeling blah about it and editing I'm just going to post it and move on. It doesn't do exactly what I wanted it to do, but there are still pieces I like. I hope you'll enjoy.

    Tag List: immertreu Hazel Briannakin lukemaraben bkwrm752003 Valiowk Luna_Nightshade mavjade Demendora DaenaBenjen42


    The 166th
    Day 187:

    Imagine what you will say to your baby when the two of you meet and how you will stroke its skin and hold its tiny hand. Your baby’s birth is not very far away.

    Mara woke to a slight noise, out of place in her apartment. Opening her eyes she tried to wipe the fuzz from her brain, sharpening her ears to listen for the sound again. A beat or two of silence passed and her tense muscles relaxed slightly. Realizing Luke wasn’t in the bed next to her she assumed he had made the noise and sat up slowly, stretching. The baby rolled over inside of her and she watched her sleep shirt push out with the movement. Her stomach growled almost in concert with the somersault and she shook her head. “Have your father’s appetite,” she murmured, standing to shuffle to the ‘fresher.

    A few minutes later she wandered out into the kitchen, and smiled to find a plate of food awaiting her. A take-out bag from one of her favorite restaurants was lying on the counter. She realized Luke had already been up and out of the apartment even though a quick glance at the chrono told her it was still very early in the morning. With a mental shrug she opened the lid and inhaled the spicy breakfast scents from the plate before digging in right where she stood.

    The edge of hunger wore off as the food disappeared and she slowed down, taking time to savor each bite. Pushing out a chair to sit, she heard another sound, a clank of two items slapping together. Her brow furrowed and she didn’t sit, taking her plate with her and walking toward the noise. She had idly wondered where Luke was when he didn’t come into the kitchen to greet her, but the food had been foremost in her mind. Bypassing the empty sitting area she realized the only place he could be was the small extra room that by default would one day be the baby’s room. Palming open the door, she found him on the floor, surrounded by slatted material, a baby crib.

    He looked up at her with a distracted grin. “I see you honed in on the breakfast.”

    “You only think you’re cute.” She sniffed before taking another bite of her meal, settling herself into the chair that had once been at her desk. He looked at her and playfully rolled his eyes. She had to concede that he was cute, even as a mental nudge let her know that he had caught the errant thought. “Did you buy that this morning?” She reached out a toe and touched one of the white slats.

    He nodded, snapping one end of a slat into another. “I woke early this morning and had my daily chat with our daughter.” He picked up his multitool and began tightening a screw. “She told me that she would be here very, very soon and that she needed at least a bed, if not more.”

    “She told you that, hm?” Mara chewed another bite and looked around at the off-white walls of the now bare room. Save taking her desk and HoloNet connection out of the room, they hadn’t done anything to ready it for the baby.

    “She did.” Luke fit another slat into place and used the tool again. “She also told me to let you sleep and that’s why I slipped out of the bed before we could wake you.”

    Mara scoffed and ran a hand over her stomach. “She should take her own advice. I seem to remember her kicking around until very early this morning.”

    “Would you rather she be a morning person, like me?”

    “Touché.” They settled into a companionable silence and she finished her meal as the crib began to take shape. It was smaller than she expected and she told him so.

    Placing the last slate into its groove, he stood and began attaching a draped canopy to the head of the small, oval crib. “Well,” he said, adjusting the gauzy white fabric, “I looked around on the ‘net to see what the best kind of crib was. And this crib grows with the baby. First it’s small. A bassinette. It can be wheeled wherever we need it while the baby’s tiny.”

    Mara looked at the little bed, and set her plate on the floor. Pushing out of her chair, she walked over and fingered the filmy fabric Luke had just set into place. “And then as the baby grows…?”

    “There are extra packs you can buy to increase the size with the baby. All the way to toddler size.” Luke glanced toward the packaging that the crib had been in, and rooted around it in, pulling out the mattress. He removed its protective wrap and fluffed it, placing it in the crib.

    But Mara was busy imagining a toddler, a little girl with Luke’s big heart and her green eyes, too big for the bassinette they now looked it. It was hard to fathom. Her hand dropped to her stomach. “Looks about finished,” she murmured.

    He knelt down on the floor to rustle around in another shopping bag. “Not quite.” He looked up at her through the fringe of his hair, a bashful smile on his face. “Just two more things.”

    She watched as he attached a mobile to the bassinette, tiny colorful stars and moons that rotated to music that was actually soothing, not annoying as Mara would have expected. When he was finished she lifted a brow. “You said two things.”

    He grinned again. “For you,” he said, holding out a small stuffed toy. A pitten.

    “What if I’m allergic?” She reached out for the toy.

    “Ha. Luckily this is of the stuffed variety and a non-allergenic. Besides, I didn’t mean it was for you. It’s for her.”

    Mara shook her head, but couldn’t stop a smile. “You’re so smitten. A smitten-pitten.”

    He laughed. “Now you’re being cute.” He kissed her cheek before starting to clean up the mess around the room.

    Mara stood in the sunshine pouring through the window and contemplated the baby’s bed, trying to picture their daughter lying in it, sleeping. She ran her fingers over the coolness of the wood and carefully placed the pitten inside. As she had known he would, Luke came to stand behind her, wrapping her in his embrace, one hand resting gently on her stomach.

    “I thought about having the pitten holding a note that said “Marry Me” but I thought it would be overkill. Or that you would find a way to marry it just to spite me.”

    Mara chuckled. “Good choice.”

    “She’s going to be here soon,” he murmured, before kissing her ear. “Marry me now? It’ll save time later…”

    “Such a romantic.”

    “Look who’s talking….” Luke rested his head against hers. “She’ll be here soon,” he repeated.

    Mara laced her fingers with his on her stomach. “Soon,” she agreed, knowing that there was more in that word than just an echo.

    The 168th
    Day 201:

    You may notice that you’re a little clumsy these days...

    Mara exited the street ahead of the photog that was trailing her, practically tripping over her own feet in the process. Righting herself, she doubled back against the door to watch as he continued down the skywalk, head whipping from side to side as he searched for her. She sighed, relief in not falling and in evading the idiot with the holocam warring in her mind. That one had been intrepid, noticing her even with the care she had taken to hide her bright hair under a hat and to leave her apartment building from a back exit, clearly marked as one for staff only.

    The paparazzi had calmed down in recent weeks, moving on to a new scandal involving a Twi-lek actress in the burgeoning holofilm industry that was just beginning to reshape on Coruscant. Mara didn’t know the specifics of it, but silently thanked the woman for taking the heat off. The Dug that had broke the news on her had seemed to move on to bigger and better things, and good riddance. But she knew they would be back, and sooner rather than later. The baby’s birth would rate a galaxy wide news release. Leia had agreed to take care of that duty when the time came, and Mara was grateful. Hopefully it would mean that the news could be released on their terms. But if it were up to her she would just show up in public when her daughter was of age and let the masses figure it out then.

    Turning to face the establishment she had entered, she realized that she hadn’t been taken much notice of. And that suited her just fine. It was a cantina, a large one, and sentients of every species sat in darkened corners, conducting deals, drinking their strange drinks and generally staying out of one another’s way. Waiting a beat or two more Mara figured it was safe to leave. But as she turned to brave the street once more when she felt a familiar presence in the crowd. She turned and looked closer, until she saw him, alone, at a corner booth. She wondered if he were waiting for someone. He didn’t appear as if he were trying to be incognito, and Han Solo’s face was too well known on the holovid for him to be undercover.

    But he seemed to be enjoying his solitude, and Mara once more turned to the door to leave, only to have the comm ring on her belt. Pulling it off to silence it, she saw that the call was from Solo. “Too late now,” she muttered.

    She elicited no strange looks as she passed through the bar area, but then no one seemed to pay much mind to her, pregnant or otherwise. She knew that was all for show and that everyone there knew, or suspected, everyone else’s business, but that was the way of it. She sat at Han’s table and favored him with a smirk as she removed her hat. “A little early for that, isn’t it?” She nodded to his Corellian whiskey.

    “Not today.” He was slumped back in a characteristic laze, but even with his words she could see that he hadn’t drank much of his glass, if any. And she would bet her ship it was his first, and only, of the day.

    “I thought maybe you were going to hem and haw at the door a little longer, Jade. Interesting drinking buddy you have there.” He looked pointedly at her stomach.

    Mara rolled her eyes. “Maybe Leia sent me to collect your ass.”

    Han grinned, good humor lighting his eyes. “I think she could do that on her own.”

    “I think you’re right.” Mara leaned back against the worn cushion of the booth. “I ducked in here to get away from a photog.”

    “Only one?” Han was instantly on his guard, straightening and looking toward the door.

    Suppressing the urge to roll her eyes again, Mara nodded. Han was acting almost as over-protective of her and the baby as Luke would. But, she had to concede, there were few men who would be better to have at your back in any scenario.

    “Kriff ‘em. They wouldn’t leave Leia alone the last time, either. I guess it’s just lucky that she was in hiding so long while pregnant with the twins.”

    Mara suppressed a grimace, thinking back to that time. In a way it seemed only yesterday, but looking down at the slope of her belly, she knew that it had been a very long time ago. “Well, this one caught me leaving the staff exit of my building.”

    “Just wanted to get out?” Han seemed confident in asking as if he already knew the answer.

    “There’s only so much I can do at home.” She didn’t mention that she had felt Luke was underfoot. And that his latest proposal, written in the fog of her bathroom mirror, had vexed her more than it had made her smile. It was just one of those days.

    “Kid’s driving you nuts, huh?”

    Mara couldn’t help it. She laughed. “You know him well.” Now that she was away from the apartment her restlessness and irritation seemed trite.

    “Ah, cut him some slack, Jade. He’s new at this, too.” Han picked up his glass, but didn’t drink. He just seemed to need something to do with his hands.

    Mara studied him, watching him abstractly as she realized he was right. Such a simple statement, but a correct one. Luke was new at this…at all of it. He had never lived with another woman, had never proposed to another woman, and certainly wasn’t a father already. Unless the holovid rumors turned out to be true one day, because there wasn’t a woman that Luke knew who hadn’t been linked to carrying his child. She hummed a slight agreement but gestured to his glass. “What about you? You never said why you’re nursing that drink so early in the afternoon.”

    “I guess I just wanted to get out, too. The day has been...” He paused and seemed to contemplate the ending of his sentence. “Loud.”

    Mara nodded. She could imagine. The twins and Anakin were cute, but constantly on, seeming to have only two speeds. The other speed was sleep, but one look at Han and Leia and anyone could tell that they weren’t getting much of that. “Yeah. So what are you going to do? Sit here and not drink all afternoon?”

    “I could ask you the same, Jade. Whiskey and your delicate condition don’t go so well together.” Han gave her his infamous half-smile.

    Mara looked around the cantina. She spotted a circular game board in the corner. “I’m going to throw darts,” she said, scooting out of her seat and walking away.

    She didn’t need the Force to know Han was walking behind her. A couple of nervous looking Rodians scattered as she approached, and she turned to face Han. “What, you want to play, too?”

    “Beats sitting around and not drinking, I guess.” He set his drink on the counter in front of them.

    Mara shook her head but handed Han the box that contained his darts. She eyed the lit board and then looked back at him, silently asking who would throw first. Han bowed an arm out to her graciously. Stepping around the counter they stood at, she grimaced as she bumped her belly on the edge of it.

    “Careful. You’re a bit top heavy and clumsy of late.”

    Han’s damnable grin made Mara want to throw her dart at him instead of the board. But she didn’t answer him, throwing her first dart smoothly, landing it almost at perfect center. “Don’t call me heavy.”

    Appraising her dart, Han nodded his approval. “Pretty good if you didn’t use the Force.”

    “I didn’t!”

    “Okay, okay. Don’t get all worked up.” He sat his darts and drink on the counter. “Let’s see what else you’ve got, sister.”

    Mara scoffed. “I’m not your sister.” She aimed another dart at the board, readying it to fly—

    “Not yet.”

    Mara overcompensated and the dart landed in the outer ring. “Kriff!” She whirled on Han. “Stop trying to distract me.” Before he could say anything else, she threw the third dart, landing it much closer to the bullseye.

    “Not bad at all,” Han said, walking over to read her score. “Though I think I shook you up a bit to throw this one,” he pointed, “so far out of bounds.”

    “The baby kicked.” Mara nodded as if she believed it herself. “Can’t help it if she has her father’s sense of timing.”

    Han grinned at that. “Sounds about right. But come on, Jade. Why are you still so jumpy over this? I know the Kid’s been laying it on a bit thick, but, well…” he pointed a dart at her stomach. “Can you blame him?”

    With a sigh, Mara sat on the stool at the counter. “Come on, Han. Not you, too.”

    Taking his place on the demarcation line, Han threw his three darts, one landing perfectly in the center and the other two only barely off. “What kind of buddy would I be if I didn’t talk him up a bit? He’s not so bad. A bit too idealistic, sure. But you could do worse.”

    Mara thought of Luke. With him, she could only do worse. “He’s already had Artoo propose to me, Han. Please don’t tell me you’re going to, too.”

    A rogue grin crossed his face. “I don’t do normal proposals. Just ask Her Highness.”

    “I’ve heard pieces of that story. I think it’s safe to say that you’re lucky she sees past your faults.”

    “Yeah,” Han said, removing their darts and sitting down opposite her at the counter. “Sounds like someone else we both know.”

    Mara was silent for a moment. “I just don’t want to get married while I’m still pregnant. Really, at this point it’s just a game between us, this proposals thing. It’s not like I’m...scared or anything.”

    “Hm.” Han picked up his glass again, looking at the amber colored liquid before setting it down with a soft clunk. “What good is it if it’s not a little scary?”

    Mara eyed him. She thought of what he had left at home. Three children all under three years of age. “Even on ‘loud’ days like today?”

    “Yeah.” He grinned ruefully. “Maybe sometimes I just like to remember why I stay out of joints like this, especially in the middle of the day.” Pushing his drink down the bar, he stood up and looked down at her. “Whaddya know, we had our first heart-to-heart and I’m still alive.”

    “I must be slipping.”

    Han gave her his sideways smile and took up his darts again. “Another game before I head back to the hellions?”

    “You wouldn’t have them any other way, and I know it, Solo.” Mara half-smiled, stroking a hand over her stomach.

    “Only cause they all got their good looks and wits from their father, Jade.”

    “And sense of self-preservation.” Mara didn’t miss Han’s amusement at her comment. She stood to accept his challenge for another game. She watched him make his first two shots and started to groan while he took an inordinate amount of time lining up for the third throw. Leaning forward to take up her own darts she made sure to bump into him, making him lose his stride. His third dart landed left of bullseye, and Han turned to scowl at her.

    “Sorry. Top heavy. Clumsy. You know how it is.” She couldn’t hide a smirk.

    “Right,” Han said, with an exaggerated eye roll. “Your turn…sister.”

    Mara was glad her back was to him as she lined up her shot. She didn’t want him to see her smile.

    The 170th
    Day 207:

    This month you will notice many of the same symptoms that you’ve experienced before, including backaches.

    Mara shuffled down the hall, a hand on her aching back. It was the middle of the night and she was awake. Again. She suppressed a grimace and sat on the sofa, propping two pillows behind her. Grumbling under her breath, she flicked on the HoloNet, searching for mindless entertainment.

    Luke was still awake but looked comfortable, slung across the couch in only soft sleep pants. He looked over at her from the work he was doing on his datapad. “Anything I can do to help?”

    “You’ve done enough.” Her voice was frosty enough to scare off any man. Of course, Luke wasn’t just ‘any’ man.

    Pursing his lips, he looked back down at his datapad. “Well, it’s early yet so I’ll get it out of the way. Will you marry me?”

    Shut up.”

    “I’m having flashbacks.” The glare she sent his way was murderous. “Okay. Shutting up now…”

    The 189th
    Day 216:

    Some women are concerned about the dreams they have during pregnancy, but dreaming a lot is a normal response...change, even a good change like having a baby, requires adjustment and adjustment causes stress...

    Mara woke with a start, eyes snapping open to look at the sunlight on the ceiling. She put her hand to her throat and took a deep breath, willing herself out of the haze sleep and dreaming had put her in. She rolled onto her side, glad that Luke wasn’t there to make her talk about her feelings. He was always ready to cajole even her darkest of thoughts or fears out of her, and she wasn’t ready for that. Not today. Glancing at the chrono, she realized it was a good thing she had awakened when she had. She was due at Leia’s in just under two hours.

    For her baby shower.

    Making a face at the thought, she decided to linger in bed for a few moments, not ready to get up and face the day. It was nice of Leia to host a shower for her. The baby was due in a few weeks and there was so much to do. Luke had put together the crib but other than that, they weren’t really sure of what the child would need. Leia had taken one look at their confused faces and had put together the shower, inviting the people they had gotten to know over the past couple of years. Mara only really knew Leia and her friend Winter, but Luke could vouch for the rest of the invited guests. Several were new contacts he had made through his search for Force sensitives, but of those the only ones Mara knew were Corran and Mirax Horn. She had helped in a rescue of Mirax the year before, and genuinely liked the brassy woman. And her husband was okay, too.

    The feel of her dream was fading with her thoughts on the shower, and for that Mara was grateful. The dream was somewhat fuzzy, but no less intense for the abstract nature of it. Her stomach started to clench again, and she threw off the blanket to stand. A small piece of flimsy fluttered to the floor with the movement, and she frowned. “What did he...” she trailed off as she tried to kneel. After an awkward moment where she was unable to successfully get to the floor to reach the flimsy, she held out her hand and called the envelope to her with the Force.

    She knew what to expect, but bit her lip at the written message.

    I wanted to write something about how soon we’d be a family, but I believe that even without our baby we are already family, Mara. We’re both stubborn so I know what your answer will be, but my question will remain the same. Marry me?

    “Family,” she murmured. The word felt almost foreign on her tongue. Her mind swirled, thoughts of her dream meshing with the ideas in Luke’s note.

    Pushing the thoughts down, she set the flimsy by the bed and took a shower and ate breakfast. It cleared her mind, and before long it was time to head to Han and Leia’s apartment for the shower. Luke would meet her there after another morning of overseeing plans for the Temple. He was so close to having all his dreams come true, Mara reflected, waiting for the elevator. The Jedi back in their Temple and a baby…there was only one more dream to add... Glancing down, she placed her ringed hand on her stomach. So many dreams wrapped up in one person. “How did I get here, baby?”

    Her whispered question went unanswered, of course, and she felt foolish for posing it. She walked briskly to Han and Leia’s, ignoring the random flash of light from holocams. The photogs never seemed far away, but at least none of them were in her face. She chose the most out of the way path to her destination, managing to evade the photogs with one particularly inspired trip through a maternity store. One of the only places she blended into the crowd these days, she thought with a cranky twist of her lips.

    Leia herself answered the door when Mara placed her palm on the security sensor. “Hi! Come in.”

    Mara entered the quiet apartment. “Where is everyone?”

    “You’re a bit early yet. Han and Chewie took the kids to the park. They’ll be back. Winter’s around. I think she’s soaking up the silence. So far it’s just me and you.”

    “Oh.” Mara felt somewhat awkward, not having spent too much time alone with Leia. “Um, thanks for…this.”

    “You’re welcome.” Leia’s grin was a truly happy one, and Mara noticed how content she looked, every hair in place and color in her cheeks. She looked lovely, happy and complete. The Force seemed upbeat and alive around her, much in the same way it did around Luke. They might not have looked very similar, but in that respect they were very much twins. They drew people to them with their very natures and kept them close, even old smugglers and ex-assassins.

    “Uh, is there anything I can help you with?” Mara sincerely hoped that helping did not involve cooking. That was not something in her skill set.

    Leia laughed. “Oh, it was all catered. There’s really nothing to do but wait for the guests. Do you want something to drink?”

    “As long as it’s not pink and fruity.” The second the words were out of her mouth, Mara felt her cheeks flush. “I mean—”

    But Leia was laughing again. “I don’t do ‘pink and fruity’ myself.”

    “More Solo’s speed.”

    The former princess snorted in a very unlady-like manner. “You never know with that nerfherder.”

    She walked toward the kitchen and Mara followed, noticing a few marks on the walls as she passed. “The twins’?”

    “Oh are there—?” Leia stopped down and looked at the bright red squiggles on the wall. “They know that crayons are taken away if they draw on walls. We must have missed this creative moment.” She sighed and looked back at Mara. “Buy washable crayons. Your first tip of the day.”

    “I’ll keep that in mind,” she murmured, looking at the marks once more before moving on. It seemed surreal to think that the baby that was still so safely inside of her body would one day be moving around and marking up walls, among other things.

    In the kitchen Leia poured them both a drink, a type of punch that her aunts had liked to serve at festive occasions, she explained. Mara took a grateful seat and a long drink. It was neither pink, nor particularly fruity. But it was delicious.

    Leia sat opposite her and tilted her head as if studying her. “How are you feeling, Mara? You’re getting close.”

    Mara grimaced. “A little too close.”

    Nodding, Leia placed her glass on the table. “When I was pregnant I used to wish that I could stop time for a little while. Just until I got used to the idea. Don’t misunderstand me. I was happy to be pregnant. But everything just seemed to happen so fast.”

    “That’s… yes. I was worried I was the only one who felt that way.”

    “No, oh no. I think a lot more women feel that way than want to admit it. It’s a big change.” Leia eyed Mara shrewdly. “You’re in the midst of a lot of big changes.”

    Mara rolled her eyes. “Is this when you’re going to propose to me on Luke’s behalf?”

    Leia smiled, looking amused. “No, I learned long ago not to interfere in Luke’s love life.”

    “Farmboy had a love life? This I have to hear.” Mara’s lips curved upward in a smile. “Whenever I mention his past he likes to claim it was all skyhoppers and Death Stars.”

    “I don’t know about skyhoppers. But he was the Hero of the Rebellion...” Leia trailed off and shook her head as if she didn’t want to think about that line of thought any further. “But we’re talking about you. I know a subject change when I hear one.”

    Mara sighed. “There is a lot of change. It can be…overwhelming.”

    “I bet.” Leia took another sip of her drink. “When I was pregnant I used to have these dreams…oh, about the stupidest things. In one dream the twins both looked exactly like Han and kept calling everyone ‘sweetheart’.”

    “That is frightening.” Mara couldn’t hold back a smile. But it dropped off her face when she remembered her own dream from earlier in the morning. “I’ve been dreaming a lot, too. I woke up from a dream this morning…it was just images, really, but the baby was in her crib and kept levitating toys in with her. I couldn’t stop her. She was stronger in the Force than me. In the end she slammed the door on me and that’s when I woke up.”

    “I had those fears, too.” Leia didn’t try to invalidate her fears, and Mara liked that. “I used to think that they would all gang up on me with the Force…I even wanted Luke to teach me a few more Force techniques right before I had Anakin, just in case.”

    “Did he?”

    “He did. But afterward we sat down and he reminded me that Force sensitive children are often born into families that have no sensitivity at all. Or that they’re adopted into those families.” Leia smiled softly. “And they all seem to do fine... He’s a good teacher, in more ways than one.”

    “Did you know how close he is in getting the Jedi Temple? Soon he’ll be an actual teacher.” Mara finished her drink, and tried not to eye the buffet set up along the wall.

    “Yes. I’m so proud of him. And at least he’ll get a few years of practice in before he gets to our kids, right?” She seemed to notice the direction of Mara’s gaze. “Are you hungry?”


    Leia grinned. “Hang on.” She stood and bustled over to the buffet, taking a cupcake from an artfully arranged tower of them. Nudging at the group of them so that it wouldn’t look like one was missing, she threw a conspiratorial wink in Mara’s direction. And then returned to the table with her gift. “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

    “Tell what?” Mara took a large bite. “This is amazing,” she said, after swallowing.

    “They also make wedding cakes.” Leia’s features were schooled into a helpful cajoling.

    “You just had to bring that back up, didn’t you?” Mara took another bite, savoring the icing.

    “What kind of sister would I be if I didn’t help my brother out? You should marry him, Mara. He’s nice, considerate, cute…can fly a skyhopper and blow up a Death Star…”

    “But can he get me to the altar on time?” Mara popped the last bite of cupcake into her mouth, and chewed slowly.

    “Let’s just say I have faith in the power of my brother’s persuasion. After all,” she looked pointedly at Mara’s belly, “you’re here at a baby shower in your honor. So I’m going to bet that yes, he can.”

    The security sensor chimed then, and Leia left the room with a smile to invite in the guests. Mara watched her go, the words from the flimsy Luke had left her earlier drifting through her mind. We are already family, it had read. Sitting with one hand resting on the swell of her stomach, waiting for her baby-shower to begin, she realized that he was right.
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