2000 New Reasons You Know You're Obsessed with Star Wars

Discussion in 'Star Wars Community' started by black_saber, Jun 5, 2009.

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    352. You counted all your number of reasons to know your obsessed with Star Wars and came up with 208 reasons. GUlTY now it is 209 reasons :p
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    353. You dress up like a star Wars charctor when you have a job Interview. Meaning that when you are in Interview you dress up like Luke Skywalker and have his Haircut too. [face_laugh] LOL

    354. You wonder how Vader uses the Bathroom since he is in a suit all the time.

    355. You wish you could read a book about Darth Plaquis. gulty

    356. You want to know all the Sith lines from Darth bane all the way down to Darth Plaquis then Palpatine. Gulty and its a good Idea.

    357. You try to make a youtube movie about how you got your girlfriend a millium falcon. I got a line. "baby come check out whats in front of Our house." then she asks "What is it?'
    then she looks outside and she says "no way." I would say yep "its the falcon from Star wars."
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    358. You compare stuff bears to Ewoks

    359. Whenever theres a Halloween party and other Custome partys you only dress up as Star Wars Charctors.

    360. You wish Dash rainder was in more books. Gulty

    361. You wish Shadows of the empire was a longer story. about 800 or so page long. Gulty
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    362. You're not quite sure what it is about Star Wars that attracted you in the first place, but you're too obsessed to care.
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    363. You have several star wars ringtones on your cell phone.
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    364. When you have to close the door, you stretch out your hand, close your eyes, and concentrate really hard, only to open your eyes and see that the door is still open [face_laugh]
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    365. Whenever you have a bus pass You imagine its a V.I.P pass to meet Star Wars actors or George Lucas on Stage. Gulty

    366. You love star wars since you 10 in a half all the way to 23 years old. Gutly and I will never stop loving it.

    367. Instead of saying in a gangster talk, Eastside, Westside, you say Darkside.

    368. You steal other peoples ideas when you are offline and turn it into Star Wars Ideas. Gulty.

    369. You knew all along before episode 3 came out that the Sith and the Jedi are simliar cults.

    370. You get ready to duel a bad guy because Automatic doors opens up.

    371. Whenever someone asks "is this is legel" you say " I will make it Legal."

    372. You notices that Some of the Star Wars lessons about Yodas quote is true, Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to suffering.

    373. You want to change 1000 reason to 2000 reasons thread to know your Obsessed with Star Wars. Gutly because thats what I am going to do once we hit 1000.

    374. You have more fun posting in this thread more than any other thread. Gulty

    375. Ypu post in other Star Wars threads then in this one to also know you are obsessed with star Wars.

    376. You start other Star Wars threads to know you you are obsessed with Star Wars.

    377. You came up with many reasons to know your obsessed with Shadows of the Empire.

    378. Out off all Star Wars books and you could only pick one book you would pick Shadows of the Empire because its always been your favorite book since you were a kid all the way to the Present time. Man I would be so gulty of that and I would really hate myself for doing that.

    379. You listen to Shadows of the Empire theme Music on Soundtrack. Gulty.

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    380. You wish that Shadows of the Empire was made into a movie. Gulty. [face_frustrated]
    Frustrated because it never happened.

    381. You listen to The Destruction of Xizor's Palace theme music and think its a better theme music then the Battle of the Heros theme music. Really Gutly of this one. :eek:

    382. You also like Xizors theme music and think its better then the Duel of fates music. Gulty of this one and for those who have not listened to the Shadows of the empire theme music I beg you to listen to it. Alot of the theme music is better the the Prequel music. I still love john willims music but You got to listen to the Shadows of the Empire music on youtube I mean WOW.:eek:

    383. You like the Imperial City music and think it would of made a good chase theme music When Anakin and Obi-wan chased Zam in Attack of the clones! Gulty. :eek:

    384, You posted way too many Shadows of the empire stuff. Gulty. :p
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    385. You wish that Shadows of the empire was slipt into three movies to cover what happen between the one year timeframe in between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Gulty and maybe I even wanted six movies of it. :p

    386. You wish that the new jedi order books where turned into Video Games. Gulty.

    387. You want every Star Wars books to become video games and become as good as Halo. Gulty.

    388. You want to go further back in time around 100,000 years before the Phantom meance time frame. GUlTY I would love to see something new in the Star Wars Universe.

    389. You want to go far into the future about a 1,000 year after Return of the Jedi. Gulty.

    390. You wish George Lucas accpetted that book written after Return of the Jedi really happened in the Star War Unverise. Gulty.

    391. You want to write your own Prequel trilogy of Star Wars.

    392. You wish that all the Star Wars books where longer stories. 900 pages or so. GUlTY.

    393. You want to see Deleated scenes from the classics Trilogy other then the Prequels all the time. Gulty.

    394. You wish George Lucas had put the scene on how yoda Arived at Dagabah. Gulty and not alone in this one.

    395. You Scream outload Nooooooooooooooo when things aren't going your way.

    396. You listen to Star Wars on CDs for someone is reading it on the Album just soo you can feel like you are watching the movies. Gulty.
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    397. You listen to the Biggers caynon chase from Shadows of the Empire which happens to be the score when Luke was being chased by Swoop Gangsters. Gulty of this one and man that was a good score. I wish Joel Mcneely was doing the score for the clone wars t.v. show.:eek:

    398. You listened to Bobas theme music at the end of the battle of Gali score music. He had a theme at the end of the score and man it was really cool. Gulty. :eek:

    399. You put alot of shock faces next to Shadows of the empire music that you said because its got really awsome theme music.

    400. You scream yippee when more Star Wars stuff comes out.

    401. You still want people to listen to the shadows of the empire album on youtube. Gulty.
    I am telling you guys it is one of the most Awsome music ever. Especally Xizors theme. :eek:
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    402. You try to find a star Wars cookbook.

    403. You go on a hunger strike if Star Wars goes out of buseness.

    404. you try to get a burger and have them cut it in a Star Wars shape.

    405. You are deeply a daddys boy.

    406. You borrow from the last 1000 reason thread that is locked up to know you are obsessed with Star Wars. Gulty some but most of my reasons are new.

    407. You imagine Star Wars like it's the never ending story. Gutly.

    408. You think of Star Wars as singing "this is a song that never ends, it keeps on going on and on my friend." Gulty

    409. You borrowed from the barney song on your earlier reason looking back on it and singed We love George, George loves we. We are Lucas family." Gulty. I don't Watch Barney but I thought I could add that a long time ago as a joke. [face_laugh] LOL :p

    410. You wonder if Jar Jar Binks and Barney are related to each other because of being the most hated Icon in America.
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    411. You own both the orignal releases and the Specail edtions of the Classic Trilogy on DVD. Gulty.

    412. You wish looking back on the last reason to be obsessed with Star Wars for not only Peter Jackson, Del toro, or Steven Spielberg, but You also want fan based people to be Directors of Star Wars movies in the future. Gulty

    413. You remeber alot of Star Wars advertisments show.

    414. You watch alot of old previews even if they are from the 70s and early 80s. Gulty.

    415. You regret that you did not go camping out in front of the theaters for Star Wars. Thats soooooo not me. I figure that time flys by faster for the movies to come out when you keep yourself busy.

    416. You do Star Wars roleplaying games alot like Dungeons and Dragons. Yet again that is still not me.

    417. You wish to see a orange colored Lightsaber. gulty.

    418. You wish to see a yellow lightsaber. gulty

    419. you know and remeber when the Star Wars movie were released. Gulty
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    420. you try to come up with a triple bladed lightsaber. Gulty

    421. You always wonder why the jedi never got rid of the hutt clans along time ago. Gulty

    422. You wonder how many planets and moon the Trade federation took control over.

    423. You wonder what a Tuskan Raider looks like without a mask. gulty

    424. You want to know what a Jawas looks like without the cloak. Gutly

    425. You wonder if Jawas and Ewoks are related because they make the aeeeehah sound.

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    426. You try to get other people to post more reasons to be obsessed with Star Wars. gulty

    427. You wondered if other people read your reasons to know your obsessed with Star Wars. Gulty

    428. You hope your threads to get locked up. Gulty

    429. You want to know how many criminal gangs are there in the Star Wars Universe. Gulty

    430. You would like it if Steve perry and Zahn would work on Star Wars novels together. GUlTY. That way we can have storys of Thrawn and Xizor together.

    431. You wish to see every planet of Star wars to make it on Screen.

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    428. You hope your threads dont get locked up. Gulty

    I meant to say don't get locked up
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    429: When your coming up too a red light, and you give it a wave, and it turns green. Guilty, though it does not always work. [face_blush]
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    430. You use the force to open automatic doors.

    Every time. [face_blush]
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    434. You noticed that other people went backwards on 429 and 430. because you made a mistake on 428. Now its a Star Wars confussion. Gutly. So we already did 432 and 433.

    435. You want to learn about other Darksider cults other then the Sith and Dark jedis. Gulty.

    436. You want to learn about Anakin and Obi-wans adventures between episodes 1 and 2. Gulty.

    437. You want to read more Adventures of Darth Maul. gulty

    438. You compare lifesaver things you drink from a tube in a plastic package to lightsabers. Gutly and I just thought of it.

    439. You skip your yardwork chores to post Star Wars stuff. Gulty
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    440. You wish you had some Shadows of the Empire posters to hang on your wall. Gulty.

    441. You wonder if Prince Xizor had much more then 10,000 memebers or Soliders for Black Sun. Gulty

    442. You wish you could add more fallen villians to shadows of the Empire for luke to battle other then just xizor. Gulty.

    443. You noticed that its theres a three way battle vs duel between Xizor Vs Vader, Vader Vs Palpatine, Xizor vs Palpatine. Three are at odds on each other and winner has the fate of the Galxey. Gutly.

    444. You noticed that in the Dark Empire comics which in my opinion Awsome storys the rements of Jabba the hutts clan and the Empire are on Hans back.

    445. When reading the books about the New jedi order, the jedi not only faced the Vong but also Criminal gangs as well as Hutt clans alined with the Vong too.

    446. You wonder if the Vong killed half of the people in the Galxey. Gulty

    447. You read Crimson Empire and noticed that the Emperor had a hell of alot Royal guards other then just two. Gulty

    448. You Noticed that the Emperor had has own Loyal servents, and Vader had his own Army too. Meaning that some only answered to Vader and Some Answered to the Emperor only. Gulty

    449. You Compare the Knights of the old Repulic era as well as Tales of the jedi to the middle Ages. Gutly.

    450. You wonder how many Sith Factions took over many planets when fighting among each other before they became on Empire then slipt into many. Gutly.
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    On 450 I meant to say one not on.

    451. You still listened to the Destruction of Xizors Palace Over and Over again and still think it better then the battle of the heros theme from Revenge of the Sith. Gulty of this one and Proud of it. :) I have to tell you guys you Have listen to the shadows of the the Empire music. Go to youtube and I mean WOW :eek:
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    452. You are currenly reading Shadows of the empire! Gulty.

    453. You still looking a back on the last idea of a reason to be obsessed with Star Wars wanted shadows of the empire to be split into six or nine books. Gulty. 1 year is alot to tell between The Empire strikes back and return of the jedi. The Shadows of the empire book was in the middle of the year and it was just one story.
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    454. You did a couples spoghtlight in ice skating and you were Obi-Wan. Your partner was Vader.

    455. Every time you see a license plate that says "Kenobi" youi try to communicate with them telepathically.

    456. You and your friends ride your ripstiks every morning wearing a Darth Vader cape and mask or a jedi robe.

    457. The inside of your locker at school is completely covered with a collage of Star Wars pictures.

    458. You go to the Star Wars books in the bookstore and stay there for hours reading all the new books you can find.

    459. You joined TF.N in the first place.

    460. When someone tells you that you are Star Wars obsessed you say, "Know that, I do."

    461. When you clean out the car you find about 10 Star Wars books.

    462. You have dreams about lightsaber duels.

    463. You get depressed when something bad happens in Star Wars.

    464. You can think of eleven reasons you are obsessed with Star Wars off the top of your head.
  23. black_saber Force Ghost

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    Man am I so gulty and 458.

    465. You wish that every Star wars books and comic to become New york times bestsellers. Gulty

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    466. You wish that black sun and its allies where in the prequel movies. Gulty.

    467. You can never get enough of Star Wars. Gulty

    468. You learned that reading the books after return of the jedi are approved by george Lucas even when he changes his mind about those storys of ever happening. If its lucas books then its approved. gulty and confused.:confused: The authors of course have the copyright.

    469. Once you stop reading shadows of the Empire you are going to start reading Zahns books. gulty.

    470. You try to know about every single bounty Hunters in the Gaxley.
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    471. Someone left a Star Wars book in class, and when your classmates ask you if it is yours, you tell them, "No, I already read that book."

    Guilty as charged.