Lou, KY 2010 Year in Review

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by jedimika, Dec 29, 2010.

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    In addition to our usual fun activities like book club, lazer tag, meet and eats and just getting together at each other?s homes, in 2010 we took part in ConGlomeration, gaining some new members by participating in the programming and throwing a room party. We also participated in and supported cross group events including Morgan Country Cops for Kids Day, Walk for Diabetes at Churchill Downs, the Caufield Halloween Parade, Light the Night with a team organized by our own Vox, and Star Wars Day in Charlestown IN?making new friends along the way and meeting lots of Star Wars fans. Our costuming members took on leadership roles with the area costume groups with Dar getting the Mandolorian Mercs Blue Moon Squad off the ground, Zannah being elected Temple Master for the Russan Temple (the largest) of the Dark Empire and I took on the role of XO for the Rebel Legion Corellian Base. Of course the big event of the year for most of us can be summed up in two letters?.CV.

    Thank you to everyone who made it such a great year for us and for being such good ambassadors, not just for the LGA but for all Star Wars fandom.

    Have a favorite 2010 memory? Share it with us.

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    I think my favorite memory has to be the whole time during CV... I'm still missing those moments spent there. But the highlight for me was getting to meet in person.... "The Maker of the Bane and Zannah trilogies, Mr. Drew Karpyshyn himself"! My only regret? Not getting in to watch the "Main Event". I can't do it over, but there will be the next time... and the next time, I'm so there! [face_dancing]
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    hmm, don't have just one. First, getting to meet all you guys and making new friends, and finding yet another outlet for fun and fellowship.
    also, taking road trips with Zannah. I love ya sister.
    and of course, light the night. you guys were awesome, thanks for the help, can't wait to do it again in 2011.
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