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Awards 2011 Beyond/NSWFF Awards Excerpt Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Beyond-NSWFF_Awards, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. Beyond-NSWFF_Awards

    Beyond-NSWFF_Awards VIP star 1 VIP

    Jul 21, 2011
    Best Romance

    [Star Trek 2009] [link=]Love's Unfading Splendor[/link] by Jade_eyes

    The First Time I Loved Forever

    You could tell that his mind had not been content without the touch of yours; his thoughts had been chaos, and his every mental and emotional balance unable to be struck without your guidance.

    ?Right back at you, hon,? You whispered tiredly, as your mind sang with love against his.

    Spock lifted you up so very easily but with gentle strength, something he clung to greedily, as if daring the winds to snatch you from him again.

    /I'm not going anywhere./

    Your hands clung to his shoulders for strength, and your limbs shook with the effort of disrobing. He tried to help you as much as he could, speaking soothingly of anything that came to mind, even as his mind enveloped yours in a snug cocoon of warmth and devotion.

    His hands traced the paths that the others had ? theirs curious and cruel; his cleansing and claiming.

    His thoughts came to you clearly as if spoken aloud: You were his, and he would protect you ... he was so sorry for where he had failed.

    You could feel his sorrow build further as he traced the long marks on your body with his fingers.

    /My sweet, precious, darling love!!!/ You sent to him.

    Your fingers rested over his when they lingered over a gash on your side, high on your rib-cage. He let his thumb pass soothingly over the mark under yours before leaning in to lightly brush his lips against the wound. This gesture had you melting utterly.

    You leaned into him, grateful, and when your tears fell to mingle with the spray, he wiped them away with a thumb regardless of what were tears and what wasn't.

    When your eyes started to droop closed, he turned off the water, carefully and gently passing the cloth over your injuries before dressing them as McCoy had instructed.

    Chapel had left your favorite jersey from home, and a pair of regulation sweats. He helped you on with these, speaking soothing words until your mind pulsed with contentment against his.

    By the time he finished combing your hair and tying it back for you, you were somewhere right on the line between sleep and consciousness.

    As he settled you back in the biobed, his hands were gentle as he caressed you whenever he could, wiping away the touches of the last few days with soothing ones to remember. You craved his touch as much as he did the feel of you, it seemed.

    As his ineffably tender ministrations continued, your bond hummed and strengthened, weaving together even more strands.

    Spock delved deeply in the beauty of your mind and unquenchable spirit, like a melody, the masterpiece he found you to be ...

    He traced a hand lovingly over your cheek as another hand tucked in the covers around you.

    You held his hand fast against your cheek and leaned warmly into the touch as you breathed out: ?thank-you? against his skin.

    ?There is no thanks necessary, ashal-veh.? He whispered in return. ?I have nowhere else I'd rather be. I ... I felt fear while you were gone, Nyota ... a fear that was stronger than any control I could exercise. I ... I could have lost you.?

    ?To think of the what-if is human,? You teased gently, your voice a rasp from the burning in your lungs. ?Is that logical??

    ?It is something that I cannot seem to shake myself of,? he confessed readily.

    You leaned into him and clasped his hand tightly.

    ?I was scared too,? You admitted, your heart racing at the memory.

    ?I will always come for you,? he vowed, something low and urgent in his tone. And you fell, all over again. As you would tell Sherralyn in a letter later: "Only he could make a gal fall in love several times in one day!"

    ?I know,? You replied, tears in your eyes and voice.

    Even though the bed was only made for one, he acceded to both your intense wishes and joined you there. You wrapped yourselves firmly together, and you felt able to finally fall into healing sleep and serene dreams.

    * * ~~~~

    "Hi, my sweet love."
  2. Beyond-NSWFF_Awards

    Beyond-NSWFF_Awards VIP star 1 VIP

    Jul 21, 2011
    Best Humour

    [Star Trek 2009] [link=]Jade's You-Box Moments[/link] by Jade_eyes

    A/N: No prompt for this one, just couldn't -- resist.

    Lots of Teasing Going On, Etc.

    "Are you kidding?!" McCoy was saying in response to Jim's and Sulu's good-natured teasing about he and Christine going out on a date.

    "You don't have a thing about not dating a colleague, do you?" Jim persisted.

    "Ha! I wouldn't get far with that line around here, now would I?"

    That had both Sulu and Jim laughing.

    "And you can't deny she's very attractive, caring, and warm..."

    "No, I just would have to worry about following in your illustrious shadow."

    This drew another laugh.


    Nyota had to chuckle from the next table over. She winked at Audrey, who was taking it all in.

    "That doesn't bother you, does it?" She questioned.

    Audrey smirked. "No...although when I heard about Gaila... I did have my moments."

    Nyota laughed. "I have a feeling he doesn't find you a slacker in any degree, and the bond more than compensates."

    "That it does." Was the firm assent.


    "How do you keep your head on-task, Jim, with Audrey on the bridge? Doesn't she distract you?" McCoy was saying.

    "I'm terrific at juggling several things, although I cannot deny she wouldn't have a hard time persuading me to come late on-shift."

    Surreptitious glances were cast in Nyota's direction.

    She raised an innocent brow, and Audrey remarked soto voce: "Hey, when you got it, you got it."

    Nyota laughed.

    At their table, Spock was heard to observe: "I definitely detect a note of ... envy there..."

    "Yes, Len..." Audrey called. "And I can actually feel it."

    This had both tables in stitches.



    Jim scooped Audrey up in a hug and kissed the tip of her nose. "All that talking gave me ideas... you know I wouldn't actually mind if you made me run late of a morning... accidentally, on purpose."

    "Now, what kind of example would that set?" She teased, her eyes dancing.

    "The best kind." He quipped, and she laughed.

    "You're such an adolescent. But I love you, anyway."



    "Well," Nyota remarked to her love as the doors slid shut, "Do you think he'll ask her?"

    "I have no doubt of it... whether she accepts or not..."

    Nyota laughed. "Is a tiger of another stripe." She concluded.

    He had found the sound of her rippling laugh throughout the evening enchanting, as always. He reached for her, but she drew away suddenly.

    He quirked a curious brow, but she simply said: "Just you wait there. I have something -- special for you..."

    A moment later, she emerged wearing a pale rose and satiny negligee. It had transparent shimmering lace accenting in the most intriguing locations.

    "You like what you see?" She purred, although their bond was conveying the answer definitively, as was the fervently appreciative way he was drinking in her loveliness.

    He moved to her then and wrapped her up in a warm, fierce embrace.

    He slid one hand underneath to stroke her shoulders and she sighed contentedly, giving his ear a nibble, before working her leisurely way to fasten her lips on his.

    /My oh-so-delicious love!/ She thought, holding him fast in turn.

    /I believe you and I shall be ... late again.../ Came the loving, teasing rejoinder.

    /Is that a promise?/ Came Nyota's laughing reply. /Or a request?/

    /Both, my own./ He sent to her, neither one of them breaking their hold or bothering to come up for air.

    [link=] Harry Potter and the Aliens from Outer Space [/link] by Cobranaconda

    ?I?m an alien.? said the alien, helpfully.

    Harry Potter summarised his feelings in a single sound.

    ?ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!? he yelled, before running away.

    ?It?s a fair cop.? the alien sighed.


    Well, that was a strange way to start a story, wasn?t it. I just sort of leapt in and started in the middle o>
  3. Beyond-NSWFF_Awards

    Beyond-NSWFF_Awards VIP star 1 VIP

    Jul 21, 2011
    Best Humour continued...

    [link=]The Reluctant Journal of Ron Weasley[/link] by FelsGoddess

    We were throwing Harry and Ginny a surprise engagement party tonight. She apologized for the last minute, but she claimed she knew I wouldn?t be able to keep a secret.

    Now, not only do I have to pretend to be happy they are getting married, but I have to help throw a party to celebrate it? I miss fighting Death Eaters. Maybe one will break out of Azkaban for me to catch tonight. It can be the start of my real-world training. It?s cold outside. It will challenge my survival skills.
    Hermione proceeded to give me a list of tasks to complete. It was going to be held at this hall down the road. Bill was already there setting up with Percy and George (forced to by the women in their lives, I guarantee it). Then she said that as Best Man, I had to make a toast.

    How do you toast the man marrying your sister? Thanks for corrupting my innocent baby sister, Harry. Have a great wedding. Here, let me pay for your honeymoon. Take a couple extra days. My gift to you.

    Yeah right.

    I didn?t voice any of this to Hermione. I just finished my breakfast, dressed, kissed her goodbye and left. There was no point in arguing if I was going to have to go do the work anyway. (Shut up, Bilson! I am not, as you saw with exaggerated sound effects, whipped.)

    Ginny and the man-who-shall-not-marry-my-sister decided to hold their wedding in the winter. Where, I don?t know. I?m hoping for outside in a blizzard. Ginny will have to wear three coats. I can?t remember the exact date. All I know is that it is going to be cold.

    I arrived at the hall to find my brothers hard at work. I apparated to avoid the chilly air. I spied the reason sitting on a chair in the back: Fleur. I should have known Hermione would send Fleur to keep us in line. She doesn?t need magic. She can knock you in the back the head with a wooden spoon so hard you?ll spin. Poor Bill. He must be on such a tight leash.

    After set-up, Fleur told us we had to decorate. She was laughing, I swear. Hermione did not put decorate on the list. She put set up tables (12), hang the banner over the back doorway, hang paper flowers-

    Wait, she did say decorate. I knew there was something fishy about it when I read it.

    Anyways, we were released from our labor that afternoon with strict instructions to clean up. I went home, hoping Hermione would be there. Like I said, today is not my day. Instead of just Hermione, my flat was filled with all of my female relatives. Hermione saw me, and shoved me to my room to clean up. I asked where Harry was, and she said that Charlie was keeping him occupied. Lucky. Apparently Luna was visiting Ginny and would bring her back for the party.

    The rest of the afternoon was fairly uneventful. I hid in my room until it was time to go. I wasn?t going to go outside where it was cold, nor was I going to hang out with a bunch of women going on about the wedding I hoped to stop. Hermione was wearing a short, dark blue dress that made me really not want to leave. It?s just not fair. She drug me out of the flat and to the party.

    The party?

    After Harry and Ginny arrived, Hermione disappeared. I found my brothers by the back wall. I joined in their brooding. We must have looked intimidating. No one came near us. Those people pointing and snickering were referring to something else entirely, probably Percy?s shirt. Not us. Nope.

    After awhile, Hermione retrieved me to make my speech. She growled that if I said anything out of line, I would be in for it. It?s important to remember that factor when I tell you one of the sentences I said.

    I said, ?Harry, there is no better man than you to marry my sister. I know you two will have a long, happy life together. I look forward to the day when I can call you my brother-in-law. Ginny, you will make a beautiful bride. I know Harry will take care of you, not that you need it. You have my blessing.?

    I k
  4. Beyond-NSWFF_Awards

    Beyond-NSWFF_Awards VIP star 1 VIP

    Jul 21, 2011
    Best Sci-Fi

    [link=][Doctor Who] Austen Adventure[/link] by Idrelle_Miocovani

    ?Shut up,? the Doctor said. He looked at Amy. ?I mean to say that a person like Jane, who has created something so powerful that it lasts billions of years throughout history, should never, ever step outside her timeline or learn anything about her future self. In the future, everyone knows her work, and not just humans. Her novels have touched the lives of many, many people on thousands of worlds. She?s influenced great politicians and powerful generals and influential businessmen, and if she finds out one thing about her future beyond 1797, all of that will shift.?

    ?So that?s it, then?? Rory said. ?That?s why we?re in trouble? Because if she knows too much, it will have some kind of ripple effect??

    ?Exactly. There?s a reason why I never take historical figures with me?? The Doctor stopped, laughing. It was a rather hollow laugh, the kind he usually got when he was thinking of something that happened to him a long time ago. ??or at least, why I should never take historical figures with me. They make things very inconvenient for the past if they learn too much at the wrong place in their timeline. Young people are the worst.?

    ?How does that change things so drastically if she knows a little something about her future?? Amy asked.

    The Doctor closed his eyes, rubbing his forehead. ?Amy, Amy, Amy,? he said, ?I shouldn?t have to explain this to you!? He looked across the console room at her. ?Okay. Say, you find out that you are going to die in thirty days time. You know when, you know where, and you know how. What are you going to do??

    ?Try not to get killed??

    ?Exactly. Survival instinct, good. How do you try not to get killed??

    ?I?d probably stay away from the place where I?m supposed to get killed,? Amy said.

    Rory was looking uncomfortable with this hypothetical situation, but he didn?t interrupt.

    ?Right. So you stay away from the place where you?re supposed to get killed, and so you stay alive, and live a long happy life, get a nice home in Leadworth, have a lot of kids, and do whatever it is you humans do.? He pressed his hands together. ?Do you see my point now??

    ?I was supposed to die, but didn?t, because I knew my future,? Amy said. ?So, if Jane knows her future and everything about her books and her life, that would change how she writes them, wouldn?t it??

    ?And that means that all those politicians and things you mentioned earlier, all throughout time, wouldn?t make the same decisions because her novels have changed,? Rory added.

    ?And that?s the big picture we?re dealing with,? the Doctor said. ?Jane Austen?s novels. What happens here, right now, could possibly wipe them from existence. The Jane here with us isn?t the Jane Austen. The Jane with us is a twenty-two year old woman with her whole life ahead of her. She hasn?t become a successful novelist yet, and just because she is where you two come from means nothing. She may never be a novelist after today; or she might write completely different books. She?s already started a manuscript that never existed before; it?s hard to tell where this could go.?

    ?So, Pride and Prejudice and all that don?t technically exist right now,? Amy said. ?It?s completely new stuff, yeah??

    ?No, no, no, no ? it does exist, it just might not.? The Doctor raised a hand, his fingers tapping in the air. ?Time isn?t straight,? he said. ?It?s not a line we can run up and down on. It?s more like a giant, multi-layered squiggle. Or a pencil scribble. It?s like when you write something that you really want to get rid of and you scrawl all over it because you don?t have the sense to use your eraser, but it?s still there. But sometimes the eraser gets used, whether you want it to or not, and then something can get erased for good, completely by accident, because you forgot that you didn?t want to use your eraser.?

    There was a long silence before
  5. Beyond-NSWFF_Awards

    Beyond-NSWFF_Awards VIP star 1 VIP

    Jul 21, 2011
    Best Fantasy

    [How To Train Your Dragon] [link=]Trial By Fire[/link] by mrjop2

    Time was very short. Stoick had wished the news had gotten to him sooner. This evening, Berk was to receive a guest of the highest caliber. In preparation for this visit, he had to get this village cleaned up, and fast. Unfortunately, that also meant getting rid of the dragons.

    His brother, Spitelout, and his closest friend, Gobber, were helping him direct the Vikings on leading the dragons out of the village. The village was bustling with activity; all in a mad rush to gather the dragons, which proved to be no easy feat without Hiccup.

    ?Spitelout, take some of the stronger Vikings, and head up to the Highest Point. Gather the Monstrous Nightmares and the Zipplebacks that are gathered up there.?

    ?I?m on it,? He replied, running forward to start his search for some of the stronger Vikings on the isle.

    Gobber kept up to Stoick?s pace awkwardly, despite having a peg for one of his legs. They came across a couple of young Viking men trying to get a few Deadly Nadders to move forward. The dragons looked at them curiously and then continued on ignoring them. Further down, Fishlegs was chasing after a Gronckle with his arms waving franticly. ?Gronckle on the loose! Gronckle on the loose! Wo-wo-Whoa!? The Gronckle had escaped from him, and was dragging the end of the rope, which was meant to be the leash, across the ground.

    Ruffnut and Tuffnut entered that part of the village, apparently successful in leading their Zippleback in the right direction. However, everything started to go sour when Tuffnut tripped over a rock. Ruffnut bellowed out an exaggerated laugh. ?You?re such a klutz!?

    ?What are you talking about?? Tuffnut shot back up onto his feet, and butted heads with his twin sister. ?Everyone knows that you are the clumsy one in the family!?

    ?Are not!?

    ?Are too!?

    ?Are not!? Ruffnut shoved her brother, which caused him to stumble backwards and to fall onto his backside. ?Who?s the clumsy one now, Dwarf Puke??

    Their fighting made their dragon unsettled and confused. Stoick sighed as he rubbed his forehead. He was about to address the situation when he noticed his nephew, Snotlout flirting with a young, Viking girl. ?So, Gertrude, maybe you want to take a flight with me one of these days. I fly on a Monstrous Nightmare, the deadliest of all the dragons.?

    The girl seemed less than impressed by his advances. Snotlout had long given up on impressing Astrid. Since his cousin, Hiccup, defeated Red Death a couple of months ago, he knew that there was no way to top that. He began to go after this new girl, Gertrude. She was lovely red-headed Viking girl who was learning to become a baker. She was the first girl, that he had gone after, who was not a warrior Viking.

    ?Some of the beasts seem to have a mind of their own,? Gobber said with a chuckle.

    [Avatar: Last Airbender] [link=]Soul of Fire[/link] by MasterGhandalf>
  6. Beyond-NSWFF_Awards

    Beyond-NSWFF_Awards VIP star 1 VIP

    Jul 21, 2011
    Best Non-SFF

    [link=]Superman: The Man of Steel (Book 2 of 3)[/link] by mrjop2

    This was the most secure and hidden military base in the world. Few were privileged with the knowledge of its existence. The base was unassumingly located in Wyoming, a state no one would ever think of finding a tiny military hideout. The U.S. Government bought an entire multilayered apartment complex right in the heart of the city of Casper. No one would ever think that this apartment complex was a hidden military base.

    This base was brand new, and was designated for one purpose alone: to protect the contents in one of the most top of the line safes available. The contents of the safe were so dangerous, that the government created this small base, just to make sure that it stayed lost. On the outside, the apartment complex was nothing more than just that: an old, run down, rat infested building. On the inside, however, there were some of the most high-tech security features available to the U.S. Military. On top of that, just over a dozen soldiers were always hidden somewhere in the complex, and at least five guarding the safe itself. There could be no chance for Newton?s law to play a factor.

    Unfortunately, no one could imagine the capabilities and determination of the Intergang. The five military soldiers were stunned by a blinding, bright light that engulfed the entire room. When their eyes readjusted themselves, they found five adult men in business suits standing in the center of the room. All five officers prepped their automatic weapons, positioned themselves around the intruders, and pointed their weapons at them. ?Hold it right there, or we?ll shoot!? The captain of the group shouted.

    Bruno smirked at the threat that was supposed to intimidate him. ?Boys, deal with them!?

    One of the men behind Bruno spun towards the closest Military officer and pointed a strange metal wand towards him. A streak of lightning fired from the wand, and hit the officer in the heart, killing him instantly.


    The four remaining military soldiers open fired, only to have their bullets bounce off a thin, green electrical shield surrounding each of them. The rest of Bruno?s men whipped out their weapons and took out the four remaining military soldiers.

    Upon the death of the last soldier, all the lights in the room turned on. ?Good, I would have been disappointed if that was the extent of their security,? Bruno laughed.

    Panels of wood vanished on both walls, and sticking out of each empty space was a barrel of an automatic machine gun. There were ten machine guns pointing at them in total, and all ten unleashed all of their power at the intruders. Again, their shielding protected them from the guns, allowing two of Bruno?s men to place a glowing device at the base of both walls. As soon as they were clear, the devices let out a giant explosion. Both walls were shattered, and all the men hiding behind them were killed instantly.

    The security did not end there. Apparently, before one of the hidden soldiers was killed, they activated the next line of defense. There could be no more doubt that they had found what they were looking for. The room began to fill with gas. ?Gas masks on,? Bruno ordered, glad that he had anticipated the need for them.

    All of his men deactivated their personal shields and raced to put on their gas masks. As his men did, Bruno could have sworn he heard a high pitch bleep. It was already getting difficult to see through the gas, but when the barely noticeable beeping continued, he knew that he had to look hard and fast around the room. He followed his ears to the far corner of the building when he could make out a round object with a timer on it. It was on ten and counting down. Bruno had to be impressed; the government was willing to kill before asking questions to keep the contents safe. It was too bad, that for all the security measures they were taking, they had not anticipated anyone havin
  7. Beyond-NSWFF_Awards

    Beyond-NSWFF_Awards VIP star 1 VIP

    Jul 21, 2011
    Best Multi-Fandom

    [link=][Multifandom] Tilting at Windmills[/link] by Idrelle_Miocovani

    A/N: This is a series of 50 sentences, with each entry dealing with a different fandom. I currently have eleven different fandoms in this series; for this particular excerpt, I am including sentences from the more well-known fandoms in the series.

    from ?Strange Brew? (Doctor Who)

    2. Bravery
    There were many definitions of bravery, but challenging ten thousand Dalek war ships with a kettle and a bowling ball probably wasn?t one of them? probably.

    7. Family
    The only day Amy managed to get the Doctor to remove his bow-tie was the way they did a group photograph ? and even then, that was after a well-time bow-tie heist and the disparaging compromise that stated that if the Doctor was not allowed to wear a bow-tie, he must wear a fez.

    18. Studious
    ?Go away, I?m processing information,? the Doctor said from behind his ceiling-high pile of books, flicking through book after book and throwing them on the equally-high discard pile.

    from ?Winterised Crime Investigations? (Sherlock)

    5. Wool
    His grandmother had once knitted him a woolly hat for Christmas and he continually assured her he still had it, quietly hiding the hat?s ultimate fate ? being set on fire and used as an emergency beacon ? for years.

    15. Skates
    She was always one step ahead of him on this one ? gliding on ahead and tearing up the route as best she could to confuse him when he followed.

    49. Toasty
    ?You do realise how easy it is not to burn toast,? John said when their kitchen was flooded with the scent of burnt toast for the fourth time that week.

    from ?Kaleidoscope? (Inception)

    1. Journey
    The human mind was a labyrinth ? so many twists, so many turns, so many impossibilities, so many probabilities ? and it was a privilege that bordered on the sacred to travel through its mazes.

    18. Footnote
    ?Didn?t anyone ever think to add ?Do not use when in the company of those who have psychotic projections? to the label??

    45. Decutient
    He had never wanted to be a criminal, but fate had not been so kind ? and now he had no choice but to press onwards, to be the best he could possibly be no matter how horrible things became, otherwise his children would be lost to him forever.

    from ?To Teach the Stars to Dance? (Titanic)

    4. Water
    Afterwards, it took her two decades before she swam again, and even then she was never comfortable in water ? some fears were too deeply engrained, they were unavoidable.

    25. Elemental
    ?It?s elementary, my dear Rose,? Jack said in a horrible false British accent, tipping a hat and putting a borrowed pipe in his mouth in an awful imitation of Sherlock Holmes.

    40. Favour
    She had the idea for the portrait after their first kiss ? and after their second, she was insistent on finding the nerve to ask him and make her idea reality.

    from ?Empyrean? (Troy)

    11. Nature
    Briseis looked at the sleeping face of her abductor, knowing that though he had saved her from the hands of a few slimy, malicious Greeks, killing was embedded in his character and that would not change.

    18. Elysian
    Troy burned around him as he succumbed to his wounds, but he was at peace ? he would soon join the men he had killed in the afterlife.

    34. Hatch
    Caught between the bloodthirstiness of various Greek leaders, Odysseus knew he was the only one with the brains to save the Greek soldiers from mass-slaughter against Troy?s walls.

    from ?Not Every Man Really Lives? (Braveheart)

    14. Ranger
    Stephen never said what exactly had caused him to leave ?his? island ? perhaps his fellows had thrown him into the sea for his bad mouth and claims to speak to God and he had miraculously swum to Scotland?s shores ? but whatever the reason, the Ir
  8. Beyond-NSWFF_Awards

    Beyond-NSWFF_Awards VIP star 1 VIP

    Jul 21, 2011
    Best Obscure Fandom

    [link=][Multifandom] Tilting at Windmills[/link] by Idrelle_Miocovani

    A/N: This is a series of 50 sentences, currently with eleven different fandoms. Though there are more well-known fandoms in this series, there are quite a few obscure ones as well, which I am representing here.

    from ?Horizons in the Mists? (Mistborn)

    2. Gravity
    There was nothing more firmly secured in her mind than gravity ? no one, skaa or noble, thought much of it unless they were Mistborn and had tasted the freedom of rising and falling through the air, teasing and taunting gravity?s power to keep them grounded.

    31. Bicker
    ?You are completely insufferable, Elend Venture, and I would gladly pitch every single book you own out the window right now if I were strong enough to carry them all,? Vin said irritably, even though she hid the shadow of a smile in the corners of her lips.

    from ?Men of All Seasons? (The Departed)

    3. Vocalize
    Out here in hell, they didn?t need to talk ? in hell, if they wanted something, they used another man?s body to send the message.

    49. Void
    For most of her pregnancy, Madolyn felt like a walking paradox: she had a life growing inside her, filling her, changing her in mysterious ways, but when she thought of this child?s father ? or who he could be ? she felt a crushing emptiness that simply refused to go away.

    from ?Ashes to Ashes? (Blood Diamond)

    11. Hesitant
    The child stood still, watching, confused, unsure of what to think, unsure of what to feel, knowing there was only one option: raise the gun and pull the trigger, because no one else would.

    43. Quixotic
    ?If you really think you can make a difference here, Maddy, you better turn around and get back on your goddamn plane right now and fly to America where your pitiful dreams can?t bother the rest of us, ja??

    from ?Providence? (Hamlet)

    43. Manila
    One night she found herself at her father?s silent grave and she tore through the dirt with bared fingers, finding nothing but a crusted finger-bone, which she cleaned and gently wrapped in her kerchief for safe-keeping.

    46. Meaning
    He thought surprisingly clearly for one with unstoppable poison burning through his veins, though his final thoughts, as he looked for a last time into Horatio?s eyes, were not invigorating ideas nor provoking philosophies ? instead, they were the cold, dull realisation that the end had come, and despite all his wishes and curses, he, like so many others, was not ready for it.

    from ?Song of the Queen? (Heroes of Might and Magic III)

    17. Backbone
    Other kingdoms required time and effort to train many troops, but Deyja took what others gave them ? death was inevitable to all, and the Necromancers always profited.

    42. Tact
    There were days when she wished she had never strayed into the life of a soldier; but then she remembered she was much better at navigating a battlefield than a social function ? her words were far more blunt than her blade.

    from ?Avatar for Armageddon? (Heroes of Might and Magic III)

    14. Anathema
    When he first held Armageddon?s Blade in his hands, the sheer power of the artefact nearly destroyed him ? he beheld it with wonder, with joy, and with an utter loathing for the things it was capable of and the purpose for which it was forged.

    37. Prayer
    Towards the end, he questioned whether gods existed ? surely one would have stopped him by now, but even the Immortal Gavin Magnus (a god in all but name) did not raise a hand to smite him down.

    from ?Maker of Sorrows? (Heroes of Might and Magic III)

    10. Stigma
    ?I trust you will not fail me, Xeron, or else I will have been misguided to trust a half-Kreegan with human blood in his veins,? the king said as the smoke consumed him, teleporting him back to Kreelah.

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    Jul 21, 2011
    Best All Around

    [link=][Inception] Au troisième temps de la valse[/link] by Idrelle_Miocovani

    01. Epitaph
    The mind of a child was a strange and wonderful thing. Just as a child never knew when he was dreaming, a child had no concept of death. And just like you could never quite remember the beginning of a dream, you could never remember the exact time when you realised that there was such a thing as death.

    Cobb had died countless times in dreams; so many times, in fact, that it was if he had become impervious to the concept of death. The idea of it was always there in the back of his mind, but it was overshadowed, consumed by the spectacular world of dreams ? until Mal died. Until she threw herself from that building, stealing herself away from him and their children, forcing him to run.

    He couldn?t attend her funeral, he couldn?t see their children ? so what was he now?

    He had seen death and knew the tremendous folly lying in wait of those who pretended it did not exist.

    07. Fumble
    The first time Arthur had attempted to set up a coordinated kick, it had gone quite badly. He had only managed to put one charge in place before projections broke in, stole the rest, and threw them into the rapidly flowing river outside the nearby window.

    ?Really smart, Arthur,? Cobb said irritably as they dove behind a door for cover. ?Congratulations on getting us into this mess.?

    ?Weren?t you the one who was supposed to be keeping them off my back?? Arthur retorted.

    ?No, that was Eames.?

    ?Oh.? Arthur peeked around the doorframe and immediately jumped back as a projection shot at him. ?Where is he, then??

    ?On the top level. He got shot.?


    ?You?re not helping.?

    35. Astute
    The girl an extraordinarily fast learner. She was very talented and gifted in this art, even going so far as to surpass anything Miles himself had created ? or even Ariadne, his most gifted student. Phillipa was rapidly approached the area that had seduced Dom and Mal into further experimentation and exploration; Miles could only hope he could keep her out of it.

    She was headstrong. She took many, many risks.

    He hadn?t had a student with this much potential and this much nerve since Ariadne, but at least Ariadne had understood the dangers. She had witnessed them herself when she worked alongside Dom.

    Phillipa could not understand them. She had only trained ? and trained extensively ? but she truly needed to begin field work to keep her from going over the edge. Field work humbled the architect?s mind; without it, an architect would believe anything to be possible. They would not see the dangers associated with their line of work.

    Miles was torn. He didn?t want to send his only granddaughter off to do unscrupulous work, but he also knew that she was in even graver danger if he did not.

    After much deliberation, he picked up the phone and dialled a number.

    ?Arthur? Yes. I need your assistance as soon as possible ? but with one stipulation. You must not, under any circumstances, allow Dom to know the identity of your new architect.?

    On the other end of the line, Miles heard Arthur?s ?huh? of understanding and ? he hoped ? agreement.

    Events could quickly spiral out of control if not handled correctly. It was the usual consequence when any of Miles? relatives entered the field.

    46. Syllable
    Their wedding ceremony was private ? a small event, with only their closest friends and family members. Mal had wanted it to be as personal as she could make it, and so they chose her parents? Paris backyard garden as the location.

    She couldn?t have asked for a more beautiful day.

    Having been born to a bilingual family, Mal was insistent that she keep with the family tradition. Dreams were her trade, but words were just as important and beautiful to her. And so, they wrote their own vows in both English and French.

    Later in her life, her wedding was one of the most perfect of her numbered days.
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    Most Underrated

    [link=]Superman: The Last Son of Krypton[/link] by mrjop2

    The blow was so hard, in caused Clark to shiver. He was powerless to do anything about this. Lex?s face was already moistened from his tears. ?Are you going to lie to me again, boy??

    ?Excuse me, sir!? A teacher who was supervising all the kids saw what was happening and immediately ran to come to the rescue of the boy. ?I don?t care who you are, but??

    ?Woman, you better start caring,? Lionel growled towards her. ?I am this boy?s father, and I will do to him what I want. I have the money and the power to get you and your husband fired from your jobs. I can blacklist you two all across this country. I will have you living out in the streets, before you can even blink an eye. Unless you want to be living in a cardboard box, having to sell yourself for services to desperate, young business men; you will keep out of my family business.?

    Never had Clark seen a teacher get torn into like that. The teacher was shivering uncontrollably. She wept as she turned and ran into the school building.

    Before returning his attention back to his son, Lionel glanced over Clark, seemingly inspecting him visually. ?Who is this boy??

    ?My-my-my friend,? Lex stuttered.

    ?Wait a minute, I know you. You are the Kent?s boy.? Just when Clark though he could not get any angrier, he was wrong. ?You become friends with the son a farming peasant! Do you realize how bad this would look for me? Do you have any idea, whatsoever??

    Lex flinched, getting ready for another hard slap which nearly came. Lionel stopped himself, figured that he had embarrassed himself long enough; airing his dirty laundry in public.

    ?This is my fault. I wanted to save myself money by not having to pay for your education, but now I see that that was a mistake.?

    Lionel grabbed Lex by the arm. ?Ow! Ow! Ow!? Lex cried as his father?s grip was so tight, he was afraid his bone would shatter.

    ?I?m sending you away to private school, and getting you away from this riff raff.?

    Clark watched with tears flowing from his eyes as his best friend was being dragged off. His heart was breaking as he knew that he would never see him again. Lex was looking back towards him with apologetic eyes, and a tear-soaked face. He, too, knew the same thing.

    * * * *

    Lionel threw Lex into the giant entry with such force; he tripped over his own feet and fell to his side.

    ?Get up, boy, and take your punishment like a man.?

    ?I?m-I?m sorry, Dad!? he pleaded to his father, as he slowly got back up onto his feet.

    His response was another swift slap across the face. ?You are an embarrassment to me, boy.? Another slap across the face caused his lip to start bleeding again. ?Why do the gods torment me with such a pathetic excuse of a son??

    His father delivered an even harder blow. Lex could not hold back the tears, which he knew was causing his father to continue hitting him. ?You are weak. You are not worthy to be a Luthor!?

    His father was not stopping. His face had become so numb, that the sting of the slaps were losing their intensity. That was when something snapped inside of Lex. It was something he never knew he had within him. Like a caged animal suddenly let loose, he screamed and delivered two quick punches to his father?s abdomen. The two punches forced Lionel forward. Before Lex came back to his senses, he was able to deliver one last jab; this time, square in the face.

    The anger quickly receded after he saw what he had just done to his father. The rage quickly turned to fear when his father regained his posture. Lionel pulled out a white handkerchief from his chest pocket of his jacket. After gently dabbing the handkerchief on his lower lip, he looked down on it see his own blood.

    This was it. Lex knew that he was dead. He knew he should be running for his life right about now; but he was so scared, his legs would not comply. He expected a wallop like no other, but instead, his father just chuckled. ?Perhaps
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    Best Response To A Challenge

    [Tron: Legacy] [link=]End of Line[/link] by RX_Sith

    A/N: This is mainly Flynn's diary of his time inside of the grid before Tron:Legacy occurs.

    End of Line: Entry One - First Line

    The grid was beginning to form. It would be perfect in every way Kevin Flynn had told himself and the program that he made in his likeness; CLU. CLU would be the leader of the grid when Kevin had to leave into the real world. It was during these cycles that CLU slowly gained control of the grid until he finally did not need his master anymore.


    "I'll be back tomorrow and we will go to the arcade," Kevin Flynn told his son Sam as he flipped him a quarter, "The first game is on me."

    Those would be the last words that Sam would hear from his father. The twenty years that had transpired between then and now felt like a lifetime. He was preparing once again to go to ENCOM and do his annual hacking into the system there. It would be the ultimate test of his hacking abilities and he was prepared to once again win.


    Cache was a program that transparently stored data so that future requests for that data can be served faster. He was a program that learned from his previous requests and used that information to his betterment with the next request. Sam had developed this program specifically to interrupt ENCOM's system so that he could gain access to it. Then he would use another program called Crash. This program would cause ENCOM's system, being a series of computers and programs, and its plethora of applications that were part of the operating system, to cease to function properly, thus causing the system to exit after encountering errors. When all of the programs froze or hung, then a crash would occur which would allow Sam access to the system.

    During this time, Sam would reprogram the system to inputs that he specifically hid in the system which would run certain programs. When the ENCOM system recovered, these programs Sam could access off-site thus allowing him the ability to control the system from his home. Cache was one of the programs that Sam hid within the system. Because it could learn each time new data was inputted into ENCOM's system, it was growing into a super program; one that was with the wealth of information that is was storing, becoming self-aware of itself.

    End of Line - Second Line

    The second day inside of the newly created grid was going to become one of the greatest ever, Kevin Flynn told himself. CLU, or Codified Lifeform Utility, was made in his image to run the grid when he had to go back to the real world. But, Kevin Flynn did not see what was becoming of his creation when he was gone.


    CLU had started to form a group of programs that would eventually take over the grid. His first task was one of subverting Tron. Tron had been brought over from the original grid as still the enforcer for Kevin Flynn. CLU had other plans for Tron. Once he was finished with Flynn, he would take over Tron and use him to serve him in his battles against his opposition.

    CLU's first program that he gained control of was Jarvis, who would become his right hand. He assigned him as his chief executive officer merely to appease Jarvis; for in reality CLU knew that when he no longer needed him, he would destroy him.

    But, first was the reprogramming of Jarvis to be his subject. With him in his control, CLU now had the means to take over more programs when Kevin Flynn left into the real world. Each time Kevin Flynn left, CLU became more curious as to where he could be going. He wanted to go with him.

    "No," Kevin Flynn had stated to him, "Only users can leave the grid."

    But, CLU knew that this was a lie and he was going to eventually not only enter Kevin Flynn's world, but control it as well.

    [Multifandom] [link=]For a Few Drabbles More (UDC VI)[/link] by Salacious_Drabb

    Title: Opposite, Maybe
    Fandom: [i]Doctor Who[/i]
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    Best Multi-Post Story

    [link=] Superman: The Man of Steel[/link] by mrjop2

    A giant ring formed around him, and the moment it was completed, it began to hover upward. As it did, it spun around rapidly and began to multiply until Dru-Zod found himself in a transportation tube. This technology was invented to bring criminals immediately before the council for trials. It gave criminals no time to react or defend themselves. To be brought to the council in such a manner was insulting to him in the highest degree.

    The tube released a bright flash of white before it disappeared, leaving him in the heart of the council chamber, the very same place he had accepted his commission to the military just eight orbital cycles ago. Holographic images of all twenty-four council members surrounded him in the room that was kept nearly pitch black.

    ?I demand to know why you have decided to treat me in such a manner!? he scowled at the council.

    ?The family of Dru is under investigation. We have obtained evidence that your father, Dru-Kal, is a spy for the dark lord, Darkseid. Your family has been caught giving information to the enemy.?

    ?That is impossible; my family has served Krypton loyally for generations.?

    An image appeared over his head. It was a video from the security archives. He could only watch the security video as his father did exactly what the council was accusing of him. His father had walked up to a communications terminal, in a location Dru-Zod was not familiar with. He activated the terminal, and an image of Darkseid appeared.

    It took everything Dru-Zod had not to throw a fit of rage. ?Your mother and sister are also being accused for treasonous actions against the people of Krypton as well. With your whole family charged, one stands to wonder if you too are part of this conspiracy. It would explain how you have had such success against the armies of the dark lord.?

    ?I have poured out my life, and have bled for my people. You have no proof that I am a traitor, for I have done nothing to prove such an accusation.?

    ?You have done nothing to disprove it, either,? another member of the council remarked.

    ?Unless you can prove your loyalty to this council and to the people of this planet, you shall stand trial with your family.?

    ?So, you demand that I prove my loyalty to you, despite everything I have done. So be it,? he replied. ?My family has brought disgrace upon the family name; therefore, I now denounce the family name of Dru, and henceforth, I shall be known as Captain Zod of the Kryptonian military force, soon to be General Zod.?

    This announcement took the council by surprise. The family name was the most important thing a Kryptonian had. They wore their family name as a sign of honor. In normal circumstances, to denounce the family name was a serious matter. To disown your own family was typically frowned upon, and seen as the most shameful act imaginable. However, Zod was not about to lose everything he had worked so hard for. By disowning his family lineage, he could save his reputation at the expense of his father, mother, and sister. This would force the council to seek further evidence of his betrayal by his own actions, and not the actions of his family, which he was no longer a part of. The council would do the investigation, only to find his innocence.

    After a moment of discourse among the council, the council returned their focus on him. ?Your disownment of your family name is duly noted, Captain Zod. You shall not be tried with your family. A further investigation of your actions is in order, and if anything is found, you shall be tried on your own.?

    ?Good, and you will find no such evidence, for my loyalty lies with my people.?

    ?Very well, then. As for your natural parents and sister, they shall stand trial immediately for their crimes. If they are found guilty, they shall be executed. Will you abide by this council?s decision??

    ?If they are guilty, as you say, then they must be put to dea
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    Best Multi-Post Story continued...

    [link=][Doctor Who] Austen Adventure[/link] by Idrelle_Miocovani

    Jane shook her head. ?Please, Mrs Pond,? she said, ?allow me the comfort of my own time?s formalities. Your origins may be far beyond my own humble roots, but I still feel inclined to treat you with respect. Calling this man with the rather remarkable nose by his Christian name would seem indecent.?

    ?Remarkable nose?? Rory said.

    Amy, however, was unconcerned by this slight on Rory?s character. She stood up, fixing Jane with a look that was both daunting and questioning. ?How did you know we?re married??

    Jane smiled and swept down the stairs with the grace and ease of one practised in the art of moving in long skirts. ?My dear Mrs Pond,? she said, ?it was obvious to me within the first moments of meeting you this evening. Your treatment of each other, however crass at times, displays deep affection that has clearly been garnered over time. Then there is the small matter of your hands; you have recently been in some strong sun and there is a lighter mark where your marriage band should be. I assume, given the robust nature of your work, that you removed it to keep it safe from tonight?s adventure.? She finished and sat down calmly on the nearest available seat.

    The Doctor chuckled quietly to himself while Amy appeared quite taken aback. Shock flitted across her face for the briefest of moments, and then she walked over to Jane and sat down beside her. ?How could you possibly know about my wedding ring??

    ?I find it helpful to be an observant woman,? Jane said. ?Naturally, if one is to write about the British gentry, one must be watchful, otherwise their actions become too layered to understand. As for you, Mrs Pond, I noticed your band ? or, I should say, lack of one ? when I noticed that absurd, infernal lacquer on those talons of yours.?

    ?Talons?!? Amy cried, standing up. ?What?s wrong with my nails??

    ?I fear you are far too? futuristic for my tastes, Mrs Pond,? Jane said.

    Amy made a face. ?Please don?t say that.?

    ?Say what??

    ?Don?t call me ?Mrs Pond?!? Amy said indignantly. ?It makes me sound like I?m eighty.? She huffed and stalked over to the machine.

    Jane smiled, absentmindedly tugging at the hem of her long shirt.

    ?Well done, Jane,? the Doctor said mildly. ?You?ve managed to make my friend quite irritable.?

    ?And my nose isn?t that big, by the way,? Rory added, still annoyed at her earlier comment. He withdrew, moving to speak quietly to his wife.

    ?What an enigmatic group I?ve found myself in,? Jane said. ?Tell me, Doctor, is there a name for you??

    He glanced at her. ?The Doctor.?

    Jane blinked. ?Do you not have Christian name or a surname??

    ?The Doctor,? he said.

    ?Surely you must be Doctor something,? Jane insisted. ?What is your surname? I must call you something other than ?Doctor?.?

    ?It?s what everyone else does,? he said, shrugging. ?It?s fine, Jane, really.?

    Jane frowned. ?So that is what they call you? ?Doctor???

    ?Yeah. Nice, simple, easy to remember. Doesn?t necessarily bring about a sense of doom like some names?? He stopped, suddenly looking awkward. ?? to some individuals, that is.?

    ?That?s highly unsatisfactory, sir,? Jane said. ?Names are important??

    ?Oh, very! That?s why I chose mine carefully.?

    ?Then tell me what it is!?

    ?I did. The Doctor.?

    Jane laughed, even though she felt entirely irritated by this fundamentally useless exchange. ?I would have you know that I am a novelist, sir,? she said. ?If you do not tell me your name, I will have to create one for you.?

    ?Hmm.? He seemed genuinely interested by this proposition. ?It?s been a while since someone?s given me a name, Jane Austen. What would you call me??

    Jane smiled, thinking of her blossoming manuscript sitting on her desk at home. ?John Walker,? she said confidently.

    ?Really?? He adjusted his oddly-shaped cravat ? the bow-tie. ?And how did you come by such a name??

    Jane rubb
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    Jul 21, 2011
    Best Vignette

    [Star Trek 2009] [link=]Start of Something Magical and Marvelous[/link] by Jade_eyes

    Title: The Start of Something Magical & Marvelous
    Author: Jade eyes
    Genre: Humor and mush, origins.
    Disclaimer: Borrowing with affection.
    Summary and A/N: Nyota's and Kashore's folks' meeting. Akilah & Muombwa -- OCs from Mira's spectacular 'burn-verse, which I took on as canon.

    It was the third day of the multi-sector talks. Muombwa Uhura was in the library, doing searches through the world's 'net system, when a melodious voice spoke at his elbow.

    "Excuse me. This data-reader seems to be malfunctioning."

    He looked up into the most striking pair of eyes he'd ever seen. Lovely highlights sparkled in their depths.

    She was wearing a form-fitting dress with a pin-striped jacket.

    "I don't work here, ma'am." He answered with a smile. "I'm part of the entourage to --"

    "Oh!" She exclaimed. "I'm sorry."

    His innate mischief took over. "Do I look like a nerd/tech type?"

    She laughed. It was one of the most delightful things he'd ever heard. "No. But you seemed to know what you were doing -- at the very least. I watched you come in here without passing the reception desk."

    "I have a visitors' pass-card." He replied.

    "Ah! That explains it! I'm one of the linguists on staff at the Prefectorate on Valdar VII; the High Prefect's attending the conference also." She explained. "I'm Akilah. Can you help me, anyway?" She blushed. "I'm sorry, if I'm bothering you."

    "Anytime I cannot assist such a lovely lady is a day when there's snow in Nairobi." Muombwa answered.

    Not given to casual flirting, he wondered at such a statement -- except that it was the gods' truth.


    On her end, Akilah had seldom seen such an attractive gentleman before; his rich voice sent happy thrills down her spine, and there was mischief dancing in his deep eyes.

    After he got her 'reader working correctly, she thanked him effusively and asked how she could thank him.

    He asked her to dinner, oh so naturally.

    Not given to take up with just anyone, Akilah surprised herself by accepting.


    "So how do you like working with the various delegates?" She asked. "Lots of hardass types, I'll bet."

    Muombwa laughed at the sound and idea of such a beautiful and elegant lady using such a term. "Yes, quite a few can be. Many are not, though. I've reached a point in my career where I can pick and choose more or less, or if a particular one likes me enough, he/she will request my services again."

    "Ah! Like what was called a free-lancer in times past?" Her eyes twinkled.

    "Something like that." he laughed, and the sound of it was rich on the air.

    "I love my job right enough. But it doesn't allow me to travel as much as I'd like."

    He regaled her with stories of his travels; they lingered over dessert and espresso.

    "How long will you be here--I mean, will you have to leave as soon as the conference is over?" He asked.

    "I and the team usually have a day or two afterwards to leave on our own -- to make a mini-vacation out of it." She grinned, "Unless something urgent comes up in the meantime."

    "I'd like to see you again."


    Even while part of her wondered what point there could be in starting something that would end by week's end with their forced parting -- and she wasn't one for long-distance relationships -- trying to juggle schedules and forge intimacy across the vast spaces between - especially when a relationship was starting?! If that was what this was anyway --

    But she couldn't deny an immediate liking -- so if all they became is friends, that would be fine too.

    She smirked at the turn her thoughts were taking and agreed to a quick lunch the next day.


    Their time during that week was full of laughter and banter. They took a moonlight sail toward the end, and though he wanted to kiss her then, he resisted. Who knew when/if their paths would cross again?

    They agreed to write by the time they had to separate. The tim
  15. Beyond-NSWFF_Awards

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    Jul 21, 2011
    Best Drabbles

    [link=][Sherlock] Perhaps It?s Elementary[/link] by Idrelle_Miocovani

    A/N: Various drabbles from unconnected sets.


    Lestrade considered himself to be a good leader, a good captain of his team. On a good day, he led his team to the best of his ability and they solved the case. On a bad day, he regularly wondered how he could possibly be a good captain when he couldn?t even figured out if a murder was a murder or a suicide.

    Bad days happened much more frequently than good days. On bad days, Sherlock Holmes made a fool out of them all.

    And then Lestrade had to do the press conference and he remembered why he was captain.


    No One to Trust


    Sherlock?s voice echoed, his call repeating itself over and over again, but there was no reply. John was no longer at the place where he should have been.


    The echoes faded. Silence.

    Sherlock cursed. He was by himself now. John was the only person he could have gone to. He couldn?t go to the police ? they?d only interfere. He couldn?t contact Lestrade; that would be devastating. He still had Yorick, but Yorick was only a skull, and skulls were only good for grinning.

    He was alone. There was no one he could trust now.

    ?Damn it!? he swore.



    If there was one thing John could never get used to, it was the body parts that kept showing up in inconvenient places (the fridge, freezer? occasionally the microwave). He could stomach it ? he?d seen enough on the battlefield ? but the final straw came when Mrs Hudson opened the fridge door and? well, her scream could be heard ten blocks away.

    She sounded like she being murdered. John had rushed into the kitchen to find her staring at the severed head.

    ?It?s just a head, Mrs Hudson. Come on, I?ll make you a cup of tea.?

    Silently, he cursed Sherlock.





    ?You? really??

    John looked at Sherlock in amazement. His friend didn?t seem the least perturbed; instead, he sighed irritably at John?s apparent lack of brains.

    ?I don?t know why you seem so surprised.?

    ?I really don?t know, either. You would think after all this time I?d stop being, well, surprised??

    ?What is that supposed to mean??

    John ignored him and gestured in Sherlock?s direction.

    ?Oh.? Sherlock frowned. ?How does this surprise you??

    ?You are riding a bloody horse! I didn?t know you could ride!?

    Sherlock raised an eyebrow. ?Where else would I go to get a riding crop??



    ?That was quite the performance.?

    ?Go away.?


    She glared at him, her eyes gleaming furiously under layers of smoky eyeshadow and mascara. ?Get lost!?

    ?Oh, trust me,? Sherlock said, ?I am. I am very, very lost as I fail to see why you bothered opening the door in the first place. You obviously knew it was John and I standing on your front step.?

    She didn?t look impressed. ?I already told you??

    ?If you think about it,? he continued, ?we?re technically your guests since you did open the door for us.?

    She slammed the door in his face.



    Sherlock collapsed against the wall, taking deep breaths.

    ?Thanks,? he muttered when he could speak.

    ?Don?t mention it,? John said. ?Next time you get locked in an airtight cell, you know who to call.?

    Sherlock chuckled.

    ?Why the hell did you go in there? You could have asphyxiated.?

    ?Blame it on a sudden rush of blood to the head,? Sherlock said. ?Or?? He paused and crawled towards the busted, open door. His eyes scanned the edge, locating a small, dark stain near the bottom. ?Or,? he continued, ?call it an extravagant and potentially self-harming way of finding the murder weapon.?



    It was a blur to him ? blinding, watery darkness, pain and gunshots, and then it was over. That was typically how things went.

    ?It?s about time,? John said as Sherlock helped him up.

    ?I agree.?

    ?You were cutting it pretty close.?

    ?In my defence
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    Jul 21, 2011
    Best 50 Sentences

    [link=][Multifandom]Tilting at Windmills[/link] by Idrelle_Miocovani

    A/N: One sentence from each entry so far.

    [Doctor Who]
    23. Prophecy

    ?Prophecies,? the Doctor said as he munched on popcorn, ?are like Hollywood movies ? there are some spectacular ones, there are some horrible ones, there are ones that make you cry like children, and then there are ones that make you want to slam your forehead against a wall ? and all of them are best to be accepted strictly as fiction, unless you happen to be talking to a trillion-year-old pan-dimensional being shaped like an octopus, because that?s when you get into trouble.?

    12. Stunt

    ?You insane genius,? Dox was fond of saying whenever Kell surprised him with some ingenious move; however, this time when Dox said it, so soon after their deep loss, there was a bitter sadness that made Vin feel that this was the last time Dox would ever say those words.

    41. Cinnamon

    Mrs Hudson apologized for the cocoa and cider incidents by making some kind of hot drink with cinnamon ? at this point, Sherlock gave up the hope of her understanding that he took issue with the drinks being hot and not with what was in them.

    [The Departed]
    2. Visualize

    As the days passed, Billy continually surprised himself by staying alive, like he was daring himself to keep standing, keep breathing; but there was only one way he could ultimately see this ending, and that was with a bullet in his brain.

    50. Eternity

    A loved one could pass on, leaving you forever, but they never truly abandoned you ? but for better or for worse, they would remain alive in your memories, in your dreams, and it was the best you could do.

    22. Bend

    She saw Cal and Jack watching as the boat was lowered towards the water; she saw Cal?s smug look, the acceptance on Jack?s face (as if he were steeling himself for the worst); and then she acted ? she threw herself forward and jumped.

    [Blood Diamond]
    15. Opposites

    The black man was everything he was not, and while it was difficult to shrug away the sense that he was better than him, Archer could not help but feel envious of Solomon ? envious for something Solomon had, something Archer never could have, and it had nothing to do with the damn diamond.

    7. Murder

    Though Gertrude did not hold the knife herself, she may as well have performed the deed that took her husband?s life ? her honey-soaked words to her lover, her husband?s brother, lay at the beginning of a cycle of bloody actions that refused to come to a halt.

    44. Equinox

    She had not known that she would come to love her enemy ? if it could be called ?love? ? but she found that despite her captivity, she felt more alive now than she ever had before.

    [Heroes of Might and Magic]
    (I) 20. Aplomb

    As Catherine walked the ghostly halls of her childhood home, she held her head high, refusing to shed tears for her broken homeland.

    (II) 29. Demon
    ?You are no more than I, half-breed,? Xeron said, his absurdly human green eyes flashing, ?a part-human with the blood of a better species, destined to give your life for the magic of a demonic blade to which your fate is eternally tied!?

    (III) 27. Lithe
    He saw his enemy?s lean face for the first time on the battlefield; the half-elf had a grace of movement that reminded Xeron uncomfortably of himself ? it was the grace born from human instincts.

    (IV) 31. Perceive
    He did not see Kreegans the way others did: to him, they were far more than demons ? their malice and thirst for power were much close to human needs than others would admit ? however, even if that made them more understandable, he would still willingly kill them.

    30. Right

    When she asked him was right he possessed to invade a land that was not his, he merely looked a
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    Best Canon Interpretation, Male

    [How to Train Your Dragon] Hiccup in [link=]Trial By Fire[/link] by mrjop2

    After his embarrassing mishap, Hiccup needed to let off some steam. The best place to unleash his anger was the blacksmith shop. There was something stress releasing about forging a new sword. He had used the giant cast iron pliers to pull out the sword from the furnace. The blade was glowing red, when he placed it carefully on top of the anvil. He took the forging hammer and began to pound on the metal into the proper shape. With each impact, red-hot sparks sprayed out in all directions. His protective apron protected him from the sparks from burning him.

    He continued to unleash his rage onto the blade. He had become so focused on pounding the blade, that he failed to see Gobber enter the shop. ?Ah, I see you are making a new weapon.?

    As he continued to hammer the blade, his mind raced to come up with an excuse for making this weapon. He rarely volunteered to forge a new weapon; he usually only did so upon request by Gobber or a Viking who needed a replacement weapon. With no current requests for a sword, it was kind of hard to explain this away. He really had no desire to talk about what had happened today. ?I just thought it would be a good idea to start a stockpile of swords. A sword is a totally underrated weapon among the Vikings.?

    ?Aye, that?s the truth, lad,? Gobber replied. ?We definitely have a shortage of swords small enough to be used as toothpicks.?

    Hiccup paused on his hammering to look down at the blade. The sword was indeed smaller than he had hoped. He let out a depressing sigh as he rolled his eyes and shook his head. There goes his perfect excuse to keep to himself. ?I just had a bad day, that?s all.?

    ?Aye, I?d say that you did, too. I saw the whole thing.?

    ?I just want to say, that it?s very hard to throw an ax with only one good leg,? Hiccup said eagerly wanting to save face. Truthfully, he was trying to convince himself of it more than Gobber.

    ?And not to mention that you?re as scrawny as a twig.?

    ?Thanks for reminding me,? Hiccup replied dryly.

    He looked out the window and saw his group of friends walking by. They were all gathering around Bitwolf laughing and having a fun time. When he saw Astrid right there next to him, his blood began to boil. He brought down his hammer onto the blade.

    ?Oh, I see what?s going on here. You can?t hide it from me; I know the look of a man with women problems.?

    ?Women Problems? What?? Hiccup looked at him weirdly.

    ?I was a young boy once, too. It doesn?t take a genius to see what you?re feeling. Another goat has entered the pen. Am I right??

    ?Uh, I don?t think I understand what you mean?? Hiccup said, raising an eyebrow,

    ?Yes you do,? Gobber said, slapping Hiccup in the back with his real hand. ?There?s one too many axes in the shed.?

    ?Still not getting it.?

    ?Really? I was sure you were going to get that one,? Gobber said, rubbing his chin. ?Ah well, the point is, it appears you are in need of some advice about women.?

    Hiccup looked up at him slyly. ?No offense, but how are you qualified to give me advice about women??

    Gobber chuckled. ?Just because I never got married, doesn?t mean I don?t know a thing or two about women.?

    Hiccup glanced out the window at Astrid and Bitwolf and shook his head in depression. ?What was I thinking? Why would I think she would stay interested in someone as boring as myself??

    ?Don?t sell yourself short, Hiccup. Sure, you may be weak, clumsy, scrawny??

    ?You really have a knack for making me feel better,? Hiccup said sarcastically.

    ?The point is, what you lack in all of those, you make you for up here,? he pointed to Hiccup?s forehead. ?It was your brain that killed Green Death. If you hadn?t found a way to make peace with the beasts, we would not be standing here now. That boy out there?he would have been dragon food. I?m sure in Astrid?s eyes, you have him beat, hands down.? Gobber looked down at his ax a
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    Best Canon Interpretation, Male continued...

    [link=]The Reluctant Journal of Ron Weasley[/link] by FelsGoddess

    My name is Ronald Bil-

    This is the life and times of

    Recordings of Auror in training

    Oh, forget it.

    As part of the Auror training, I have to keep a journal. It?s supposed to keep my head clear or some rubbish like that. I?d love to see Moody?s diary.

    So, I?m Ron Weasley: best friend to Harry Potter (yeah, THAT Harry Potter) and boyfriend to Hermione Granger. I?m the sixth child of Molly and Arthur Weasley. Auror-in-training. Hogwarts graduate.

    Auror training is intense. My instructors randomly take us to the middle of nowhere for days at a time. We can?t contact anyone. Hermione?s used to it by now. She doesn?t like it, naturally. Ginny isn?t as worried about Harry. Of course, she?s off becoming a professional Quidditch player. She spends weeks away at a time. I almost dread when she comes back. She lives with Hermione when she?s in town. Well, technically. She comes to Harry and me?s flat and the two of them disappear. I don?t like it. Hermione won?t let me do anything to Harry so I?m reduced to glaring. Hey now, don?t laugh. He flinches and Hermione does not keep me on a short leash. Take that, Bilson. At least I have a girlfriend.

    Right, back to this journal thing. Hermione spends a lot of time at my place. Auror rules say we can?t cohabitate, not that Hermione would go for it anyway. Plus, if Hermione and I lived together, nothing would stop Harry and Ginny from doing it too. It was a safety net. That?s my story and I?m sticking to it.

    I?m avoiding the issue. I just need to come out and say it:

    Harry just proposed to my baby sister four hours ago.

    Charlie, Bill, George, Percy and I are still trying to come up with way to stop it. We haven?t ruled out locking her in a tower. Hermione snapped at us when she heard that. She said something about Ginny not being Rapunzel. I?m guessing she?s some Muggle book character. Everyone Hermione references is a book character.

    See the problem is that it?s Harry Potter. If she were marrying some nobody, we could deal with him easily. The fact that my parents love him doesn?t help at all. You?d think Mum and Dad would be upset about Ginny getting married. Nope. They are thrilled to have Harry as an official member of the family.


    Don?t get me wrong. Harry is a great guy. But this is my baby sister. Harry had to point out, in front of Hermione, that when I proposed Mr. Granger would feel similar. I wanted to smack him both for being right and for saying that I was going to ask Hermione to marry me.

    I am going to do it, but you see, I have a plan. First, I?m going to get a year of being a professional Auror under my belt. Then I am going to find us a nice place to live. I want to be able to provide for our future family. I do plenty of things like taking Hermione on trips and cooking dinner. See, I?m a good boyfriend.

    And no, she doesn?t boss me around. Well, not all the time.

    Take that, Bilson.

    I should probably explain who Bilson is. Bilson is the Draco of Auror training. He thinks he is better than everyone. He started making annoying comments to me after I said I couldn?t go out night because I was taking Hermione out. He drives me crazy. Hermione and Harry say to ignore him, but he?s like a paper cut. Once you know it?s there, you can?t stop being irritated by it.

    Anyways, back to the story.

    Harry asked Ginny to marry him in a romantic-so she says- way. He brought her to some park, got down on one knee, the whole routine. She fell for it. I thought we had taught her better than that.

    Right after the proposal, they arrived at Mum?s for Victoire?s birthday party. How convenient that the whole family was there to hear the announcement. I think they were going to wait until the end, but Mum spied the rock within five minutes.

    Harry asked me to be his best man. I said yes, but I still don?t like it.

    Don?t give me that look. Saying yes w
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    Best Canon Interpretation, Female

    [Superman] Lois Lane in [link=]Superman: The Man of Steel[/link] by mrjop2

    After taking another fork full of spaghetti, Lois looked at Clark as if she were trying to figure him out. She had been acting very peculiar ever since that morning. Clark could not figure out what she was thinking, but she definitely had something on her mind. ?I don?t see it.?

    ?You don?t see what??

    ?You and that woman. I mean, you?re nice and everything, but she?s way out of your league.?

    ?You mean Lana? It?s good to know that you have my best interest at heart,? Clark said dryly, and then took a bite from his slice of pizza. She had a knack for being brutally honest. It was hard to get used to at first, but over the months, he had grown accustomed to it.

    ?Now don?t get all sensitive on me, Smallville. She seems to be a business woman and you?well, you come from somewhere where cow tipping is considered hip.?

    ?Lois, we both grew up in Smallville.?

    ?You grew up milking cows and feeding chickens. Somehow I get the feeling that the same can?t be said about Miss CEO.?

    Clark took another bite of his pizza, determined not to let Lois to get to him. ?Why, Lois Lane, you?re not jealous, are you??

    That playful accusation caused her to become defensive. ?Jealous? Don?t make me laugh. I?m just looking out for you. Without me, who knows what kind of trouble you?d find yourself in.?

    Clark was about to respond when he felt his Blackberry vibrate in his chest pocket. He reached for the phone and saw that his mother?s name was displayed on the screen. ?Hold that thought.? He pressed the button with the image of a green phone. ?Hello, mother.?

    ?I?m always impressed when you know that it?s me, even before I say a word.?

    ?I?ve told you before, cell phones have caller ID as standard technology.? His parents had never been very big on modern technology. Clark was only recently able to finally convince his mother to give up her rotary phone and upgrade to a standard dial-up phone.

    ?I just find it amazing what technology can do, that?s all.?

    ?Is there something I can help you with, Mom??

    His mother?s tone quickly became more serious. ?I think it?s important for you to know that Smallville was just hit with a meteorite shower."

    ?Really? Was anyone hurt??

    ?I don?t think so, but there is a lot of damage.?

    The first thing that came to his mind, when he heard the word ?meteorite?, was ?Brainiac?. Jor-El had warned him that Brainiac was likely on his way to Earth to find him. His mother did not know any of this, and he was not about to tell her, either. He may be the man of steel, but she was still a typical mother, who was always concerned about his safety. ?I think you?re right; I'd better come over and check things out for myself.?

    ?If you do, you better make some time to visit me. It?s been months since your last visit.?

    ?I?ll do what I can, Mom. Bye, now.? Clark hung up the phone to find Lois grinning at him.

    ?I see that you still have the Blackberry that I gave you.? Like his mother, Lois was not too fond of new technology; she typed up all her stories using an electric typewriter. When they first met, she refused to carry any cell phone, so she gave him her unopened business Blackberry. Recently, she decided to buy the most basic of cell phones for emergency uses. The few times she used her phone, she quickly became impatient with the small number-buttons. Clark had tried to get her into using a Bluetooth earpiece; with that she could use vocal commands to use her cell phone, but she refused to consider it.

    ?I?m afraid that I?m going to have to cut our lunch short,? Clark said, standing up from the table. ?Smallville was hit with a freak meteorite shower. I have to see if everything is alright at home.?

    ?Oh, ok! You better go, then. I?ll pick up the tab this time, but you owe me, Smallville.?

    Clark smiled as he turned and made for the door. Lois remained seated until Clark was out of the restaurant when
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    Best Original Character

    [Star Trek 2009] Audrey in [link=]Jade's You-Box Moments[/link] by Jade_eyes

    A/N: This uses Week #12 prompts of deficient and perfect and abundant.

    A Slow Dance in the Rain

    We took a gondola ride in Venice as the sun was setting. We had barely crossed over to where our pensione was when it started to rain. "Oh!" I exclaimed. "I love dancing in the rain!"

    Jim gave me a speculative look, then always up for a lark, started waltzing with me.

    I loved this playful spontaneous side of him, very much. He certainly wasn't deficient in that area. When I first met him, I admit I thought he didn't know when to be serious.

    Rather like Wes Janson in a fancy uniform?

    Then I realized he was perfect in command. He knew how to lead and inspire loyalty, how to fly by the seat as well as go by the book.

    And never in all our days together, could I ever ever claim to be bored!

    He is a passionate, tender loving soul. I have counted it a privilege to receive his confidings as well as repartee.

    Our days and nights together are abundant with love, laughter, and romance.

    Jane Austen in
    [link=][Doctor Who] Austen Adventure[/link] by Idrelle_Miocovani

    ?I know you are not fond of me??

    Amy looked at her in surprise. ?Hang on, what makes you think I don?t like you??

    Jane seemed legitimately astonished. ?I felt certain that you did not. Your general attitude towards me has been? well, it has been unwelcoming.?

    ?I didn?t mean??

    ?Quite frankly, you are loud and rambunctious and free-spirited and? and very, very different.? Jane sat back in her chair. ?I didn?t know what to think of you.?

    ?Oh. Thanks.?

    ?You make me feel like I should apologize.?

    ?Maybe you should. Or shouldn?t. I don?t know, whatever you want. I?ll just sit here and work on not being offended.?

    Jane laughed. ?Amy, you are a trifle ridiculous.?

    ?Yeah, I know.? Amy held her hands out in front of her; the bright red nail polish on her fingernails glinted in the warm library light. ?You don?t really think my nail polish is ? er ? ?infernal?, do you??

    ?No,? Jane said. ?I was merely accosting a physical attribute because I didn?t like you very much at that moment.? She paused. ?They?re? pretty.?


    ?I have never seen a thing like that. Is it common, where you?re from??

    ?Yeah, sure.? Amy shrugged. ?I guess? I guess it was a bit strange for me hearing that kind of thing from you.?

    ?Oh, I see,? Jane said. ?From your point of view, you were insulted by the Great Jane Austen. That could be considered quite an accomplishment in days to come, I imagine.?

    Amy snorted. Moments later, Jane was joining her in her laughter.

    ?So you do have a sense of humour after all,? Amy said.

    ?Perhaps,? Jane answered with a smile. ?Amy, I? have a confession to make.?


    ?I think that my initial rudeness towards you stems from the very real fact that I am?? Jane paused, looking a bit lost as she searched for the right words to say. ?I am jealous of what you have.?

    Amy stared at her. ?What??

    ?I am envious of you.?

    ?What?? Amy repeated. She stared at Jane, hardly able to comprehend what she was hearing. ?Did you really just say that??


    ?Jane Austen is jealous of [i]me??[/i]

    Jane frowned. ?Please, don?t look so excited, it?s rather odd.?

    Amy laughed. ?That is the silliest thing I have heard in a really long time. Now who?s being ridiculous??

    ?Amy, I am trying to be serious!?

    ?Yeah, well?? She shrugged. ?Yeah. Why are you jealous of me??

    ?You have no restraints,? Jane said, sighing. ?You?re a free spirit, as I am trying to be. But mostly? you?re my age and you are married. I feel a similar sense of envy towards other women I know who have also been fortunate enough to become engaged and to marry. I am twenty-two, a>
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    Best Villain

    [How to Train Your Dragon] Ivar the Fearsome in [link=]Trial By Fire[/link] by mrjop2

    ?Stoick!? Ivar shouted from off in a short distance. Their time was up. Ivar was here, and he was going to punish them, severely, for their deceit. It was only a matter of seconds before he stepped inside their home with a look of fury and rage on his face. ?You! You! Both of you have committed the highest degree of treachery!?

    ?Ivar, you don?t understand the situation."

    ?I know enough to know that I?ve been made to look like a fool. You?re village has betrayed the Viking code by befriending those?beasts!?

    ?Dragons are harmless,? Hiccup replied. ?There is no need to kill them.?

    ?Your words are as treacherous as your actions! Who?s not to say that you've been trying to keep the Shadow Lord hidden from me??

    ?It?s wrong to hunt these creatures for sport! They are highly intelligent, and?? Stoick replied, hoping to pull the focus of Ivar?s wrath completely on him, and not on his son. If he could spare his son the punishment that was about to be handed down, then he could breathe a little easier.

    ?You?re words are that of a coward, and an unworthy Viking chief. You have turned your tribe into a village of weak-minded, fools. You are the worst example to your son. You have done your son a grave injustice by teaching him these blasphemous practices.?

    ?I?ve only done what I know is right for the people of my tribe, and my son. I make no apologies for anything that I?ve done.?

    Ivar shook his head in disgust. The pure sight of Stoick was sickening to his stomach. In his eyes, he was worse than those dogs in the Roman Empire. ?You leave me no choice but to take away your authority. You, Stoick the Vast, are no longer chief of Berk. Upon Wolfbane?s suggestion, I will leave one of my men to remain here, and under my authority, rule as the new Viking chief.?

    ?What!? Hiccup could not believe that Ivar would dare make a move of this magnitude. His father had been right about Ivar, and what he was capable of. It was only now sinking in, that his father?s fears were justified. ?You can?t do that!?

    ?I've just done it, boy!? Ivar snapped. ?You have tried to keep the Shadow Lord from me, but for all your vein efforts, I've just discovered the dragon?s whereabouts. I am taking a team, immediately, to the far end of the Island to kill the dragon. You are coming with me, so you can witness the death first hand,? Ivar said towards Stoick.

    Ivar turned his focus towards Hiccup. ?As for you; your father, and the people of this village have failed to train you properly. Therefore, after I have my trophy, you will be coming back with me to my tribe, and I will train you in the art of dragon killing myself. From this point forward, you will be a part of my tribe, and you will never again set foot on this Island.?

    ?You can?t take my son from me!? Stoick responded angrily.

    ?Later, you will have time to say good-bye to your son. For all intents and purposes, you may never see him again.?

    [How to Train Your Dragon] Wolfbane in [link=]Trial By Fire[/link] by mrjop2

    The two ships followed the Island?s shore to the opposite end of the Island. It was very weird for Stoick not to be the one giving the orders. He could only stand and watch as Ivar gave all the commands. He felt like a stranger among his own family. The funny thing about this hunting party, was that more than half of it was made up of Berk?s Vikings. This was not the make-up for this party that he would expect Ivar to come up with.

    Even more surprising was that Gobber was on the same boat as he was. At least they were able to talk to each other, because everyone else was afraid to. Ivar seemed to make sure that the two of them were made to feel like outcasts.

    ?Perhaps the Shadow Lord deserves what?s coming,? Gobber said, desperately wanting to break the uncomfortable silence.

    ?Perhaps,? Stoick re>
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    Best Ensemble Cast

    [Superman] [link=]The Man of Steel[/link] by mrjop2

    When Lois noticed Clark, she turned to face him, escorting the young girl up to him. ?Hey Clark, I want to introduce you to my baby sister, Lucy!?

    ?Nice to meet you, Lucy!? Clark shook her hand and then noticed that she was looking at the coffee stain on his shirt. ?Oh, I had a little accident with my coffee this morning.?

    ?Oh, Clark, you can be such a klutz sometimes," Lois said, shaking her head. ?She?s come to visit before she heads off to college.?

    ?Really? What are going to study??

    ?I?m going for my Bachelor's degree in political science,? Lucy replied curtly, with an air of confidence very much like her sister.

    ?Somehow, that seems very fitting,? Clark remarked with a smile.

    ?Hey, Mr. Kent, I need to ask you something. I-? Jimmy came strolling along in his typical, youthful manner when he saw Lucy standing there. Everything that was on his mind coming into work this morning had evaporated.

    There was a moment of awkward silence until Lois jumped in. ?Jimmy, this is my younger sister, Lucy,? Lois said, hoping to help the boy save what little dignity he may have left.

    ?Hi!? was the only word he could come up with to say. It was as if he had forgotten how to function.

    ?I take it that you?re a photographer?? Lucy grinned, looking at the camera that was hanging by a strap around his neck.


    ?Jimmy here has gotten some very impressive photos of Superman published. He?s probably the best photographer we have,? Clark added, but leaving out the fact that he was the only full-time photographer on the Daily Planet?s payroll.

    ?That?s interesting,? she replied, showing no signs of whether or not she meant that sarcastically, or if she was really interested.

    ?Jimmy, why don?t you show Lucy around,? Lois replied. ?Clark and I have to get ready for a meeting with the boss.?

    Jimmy?s eyes lit up with excitement. ?Sure!?

    ?We?re still on for dinner tonight, right, Sis??

    ?I promise, no working late tonight; I promise!? she assured her.

    The two teens walked away as Jimmy showed Lucy around the office. Lois sighed. ?I feel bad that she has to be stuck here with me instead of enjoying herself in the city.?

    Clark nodded. The Intergang had such a hold of this city that martial law had to be put into effect. The police also had posted a recommendation that no one be alone while walking through the city. Crime had never been so out of control that such drastic actions had to be taken. ?Speaking of which, did you find out anything about yesterday?s events??

    ?Of course I did," she replied curtly. "I discovered that while Superman was busy with a group of those kids, their actual target was the police headquarters.?

    ?You?re joking!? He knew that the Intergang was not afraid of the authorities, but to attack a police headquarters was beyond crazy.

    ?I wish I was. They ravaged the evidence cage. The Intergang is clearly looking for something in particular. Whatever it is, they are risking a lot to get their hands on it.?

    She was right; the Intergang had taken their crime to a whole new level. They were no longer doing crime for the sake of terrorizing the people; they had a distinct agenda. He was going to have to keep that in mind the next time he encountered them, especially when he knew they were carrying weapons from Apokolips.

    ?Kent, Lane, come with me to my office,? Perry White, the executive editor of the Daily Planet said stopping at their desks.

    ?Sure thing, Mr. White,? Clark responded on behalf of himself and Lois. She was not raised with the same level of courtesy has he had been.

    The two reporters followed the hefty, aging man, who had only recently gone a diet due to the recommendation of his doctor. Being forced to lay off red meat, he had become more irritable as of late.

    ?You two are my best reporters, so I figured that I would give you a heads up. There is a strong possibility that the Daily Planet is going to be bought by
  23. Beyond-NSWFF_Awards

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    Best Author


    From [link=]The Last Son of Krypton[/link]

    There was no reluctance as she took his hand and stood from her chair. In hindsight, she probably should not have looked so eager when taking his hand. However, his massive hands were surprisingly warm and inviting. Her whole hand could almost fist in the palm of his. His hand looked like it could crush bricks with ease, yet it was as smooth as silk.

    He led her to the ledge of the building, and her senses had finally realized what she was about to do and began protesting. ?I don?t know about this.?

    ?You can trust me; I will not let anything happen to you.?

    His voice was almost hypnotic. She found herself not able to resist it. Her soul trusted him, explicitly; but her mind wanted to take over. Most of the time, her mind would win over her soul, but this was the first time her soul was pushing so hard, that her mind could not hold back the tidal wave.

    She joined him on the ledge, and looked down the side the building. The cars? headlights looked like white fireflies flying between the buildings. ?So how does this work? Do we jump-up and fly or do we jump off and then fly??

    ?Just follow my lead.?

    He gently floated upward instead of jumping off the ledge, pulling her with him. She did not know how he was doing it, but he had her flying by her side, as he held her by the hand. At first, she was terrified, and she found herself hugging his muscular bicep. Slowly, her terror subsided, and she loosened her grip on his arm. For someone so strong and steel-like, his arm was just as soft as any other male?s arm. That only confirmed to her, that he was not a robot.

    As her fright level decreased, she became more aware of the beauty all around her. She had become completely relaxed by the time they were out of Metropolis and flying over the water. The view was magnificent. The full moon reflected off the small ripples of water. They were flying low enough that they could also see their reflection, as well.

    After enjoying the view, they lifted back up towards the cloud. Now totally at ease, he held her only by her hand as she spread her arms out like a bird. She fought the urge to raise her hand up and touch the billowy cloud.

    There were no words to describe what she was feeling. She had never been this excited since being a little girl on Christmas morning. As she looked towards him, he could see the enthusiasm in her face and smiled in return.

    She knew that she was falling for him. She had never met a man who made her feel the way she did. She was the daughter of a military man. Her father raised her as if she was a boy, so she had pretty much grown up as a tomboy. She had a very strong and independent personality who intimidated most men. Yes, there were many cute men out there, but she did not want to be the one wearing the pants in the family, like most people assumed.

    However, this man was different; he was soft spoken, but very strong. He was the first man she had encountered, that made her feel like a real woman. He was the first man who would be able to protect her, and not vice versa.

    They were now flying over a small, wooded mountain range. The moon light provided enough light to allow her to see through the trees, and glimpsed a few deer leaping through the forest.

    Superman hovered higher above the ground before coming to a complete stop. Before she knew it, she found herself standing on his toes, with his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Her arms were around his, and she found herself gazing into his eyes. Pressed up against his body, she found herself memorized by his gaze. Their faces were inches apart; and their lips, even closer. Never had she desired for someone to kiss her as she did at that very moment. The moon?s light across his face only enhances his stunningly handsome, dark-blue eyes.

    She wished this moment would last forever. This was better than
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    Jul 21, 2011
    Best New Author

    Sherlock Holmes- books[link=]Kicking the Habit[/link] by MoonspunDragon

    Mycroft jerked awake as he heard sobbing in the room next to his. The nursery, where his five- year- old brother slept. Mycroft closed his eyes, half- hoping his brother would go back to sleep, but the memory of how horrible his own nightmares had been, coupled with another cry, this one louder than its predecessors, shattered his hopes.

    With a sigh, Mycroft heaved himself out of bed, grabbed his dressing gown, and went next door to his brother. He opened the door to the nursery and stood in the doorway to let his eyes adjust to the darkness.

    When they did, Mycroft picked his way around parts of random items Sherlock had pulled apart to investigate how they worked. He reached Sherlock's bed, without tripping over anything, as the little boy whimpered again.

    Mycroft touched Sherlock's shoulder and whispered, "Sherlock."

    The boy stirred, but didn't awaken. Mycroft said his name again and gave his shoulder a little shake.

    Sherlock shot upright, his mouth open to scream, but Mycroft quickly planted his hand over Sherlock's mouth.

    "Sherlock," Mycroft hissed.

    The five- year- old blinked his terror- filled eyes and turned his head to look at his brother. "Myc'oft?"

    Mycroft sat on the edge of the bed. "Yes."

    The boy visibly relaxed and Mycroft put an arm around the child's shoulders. They were silent for a few minutes, until Mycroft asked, "What was your dream about?"

    Sherlock shifted, and by the moon's light filtering through the window, Mycroft saw him point to a vauge, shapeless shadow. "That was after me."

    Mycroft stood and touched the shadow. "A coat?" He looked skeptically at his brother. He knew that Sherlock knew that this was a coat.

    Mycroft sat next to his brother again and said quietly, "You knew that was a coat. What was your dream really about?"

    There was a flash of uncertainty in Sherlock's grey eyes and Mycroft knew. Sherlock was terrified of all this overwhelming data he sees on a daily basis. The child doesn't understand or know how to control this constant influx of information.

    As the child sleeps, his brain pieces together the information, subconsciously, what he had seen during the course of that day. At night, his brain gave him a mental, visual report.

    Mycroft hugged his brother closer to himself. He knew what Sherlock was going through. He had been there himself, but, unlike Sherlock, Mycroft didn't truly have anybody to tech him, show him how to turn this constant vision of images and sound, always blending together as if they were one, off.

    "It's alright, Sherlock. I'll help you understand. The bad dreams will go away," Mycroft whispered.

    Sherlock shifted so that he could return his brother's hug. The little boy soon found himself falling asleep. He didn't fight it, this time; because he knew his big brother will protect him and watch out for him as he slept.

    The year 1891

    "Sherlock, I wish you would reconsider."

    "Mycroft, you know as well as I, that if I don't leave for the Continent, you will never again get the chance to capture Moriarty."

    Mycroft sighed as he watched his brother pace up and down his living room. He did know that. He, also, was afraid the price for Moriarty captured or dead will be a too high a price. The only price his brain could think of was his own brother's death.

    Sherlock paused in his pacing and looked at Mycroft. He guessed what his brother was thinking about. "Mycroft, I am not planning to die, but here are all my legal papers... just in case," he said, slowly, gesturing to a nearby table that had a bundle of papers tied together with a black string. Sherlock had broken eye contact when he spoke of his probable death. "Mycroft, I will write to you if I survive. If I don't, Watson will tell you." Sherlock continued quietly. He fel
  25. Beyond-NSWFF_Awards

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    Jul 21, 2011
    Best Technical Author


    [link=]Love's Unfading Splendor[/link]

    Most Cathartic & Healing

    You are on a rescue mission to help evacuate a planet which is in the line of assault of a vicious solar flare.

    Their warning systems activate in plenty of time, and 3 ships arrive to take them further out in the solar system to orbiting space stations and natural satellites positioned for such an emergency. The locations they are moving to are stocked with provisions and equipment for a protracted stay.

    There is a flurry of medical personnel on standby -- just in case -- and science and other teams.


    It all has rather the feel of the rush to rescue the Vulcans, you think with a sharp pang -- and that ended so ... tragically.

    You tell this to Sherralyn whose ship is also assisting.

    She gives you a hug. "I'm sure if that's occurred to you, Ny -- it must've occurred to Spock as well." She said, her green eyes warm with affection and concern.

    You grimace and sigh. "My sense of him has been of quiet and complete efficiency -- but I wouldn't be surprised if it had, Sherra."


    With this thought in mind, you catch up to your love emerging from one of the main sensor labs.

    "Hi." You whisper, taking his hands in yours. "I can't help but think of another such -- monumentally huge rescue attempt." You say and trail off.

    "It is not something I allow myself to focus on, Nyota." He answers.

    "Oh, my love, my darling --"

    "We shall talk later." He cuts in and gives your hands a squeeze and hurries off.

    You frown -- ouch! Nothing in your connection has bristled or cooled -- but you wonder -- "Should I have said anything?"


    After the successful relocation, you sigh happily and sink into the sofa cushions -- with an extra large macchiato in your hand and the Magic Flute playing in the background. Spock enters and comes quickly to your side. He takes the mug from your hands and draws you very close, rubbing soft circles along your back. You clasp him tightly in turn.

    "I want to apologize, my love, if I seemed rather short with you earlier. It was not my intent and you offered no offense. On the contrary, I find your never-failing compassion to be a source of reassurance and solace.?

    Your eyes fill, and your voice catches. "That is all I want, my own!"

    "It was very gratifying on so many levels to bring this particular mission to a successful fruition."

    "Yes." You answer softly. "But I thought maybe that I -- that you --" You sigh again. "You will tell me if you feel I'm pushing or crowding you in any way, please?"

    His embrace tightens, leaving you breathless. "You could never be that to me, ever!"

    This time your sigh is one of relief. Your gazes hold, and there is something haunted in his. He speaks after a moment. "I did indeed feel a striking similarity between the two situations, although the cause was of course vastly different. But the urgency of success was more intense and personal than it otherwise would have been."

    "I know," You answer tenderly. "I mean -- I don't -- actually, but I understand."

    "I love you." He answers and gives you a warm kiss of thanks, then hands your drink back with a wry tone: "Your drink will get cold."

    You smile. "Thanks. And I, you." /More than words./ You add silently through your bond.

    He holds you as the lovely and soothing melodies continue, and the hot drink is soothing; but even more soothing are the adoration and gratitude you feel from him.

    After a long handful of comfortable moments in silence, he kisses your shoulder lightly and asks: ?Would you like another drink??

    ?I just want to hold you.? You answer lowly, lacing your hand with his and getting up from the sofa. ?Just that ?? Then passion lights your eyes. ?Or anything else you might like me to do.?

    Laughter flows across your bond. ?Nyota ?? He says warmly.

    ?Spock ?? You rejoin with a chuckle.
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