I.E., CA 2011 CHOC WALK at Disneyland this Sunday Oct 16th

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    :oops: So very sorry for the late posting on this! I know this is the shortest notice ever for CHOC! At least most of you know about this as we've got 7 walkers this year, wahooo!=D= If you go to the main CHOC website link at the bottom of this thread, you'll see a quick 2 minute video. The IEFF is in it. 21 seconds into it to be exact. We're walking down Main Street!

    Well here we are again getting ready for our annual CHOC WALK at Disneyland this Sunday the 16th! I'm picking up everybody's shirts and walking bands in Irvine on Thursday. I'll be dropping the shirts with Allen who will give you your shirts whenever you see him next week. I'll have your walking wristbands that I will give to you on walk day :)

    Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

    We're meeting up at 5:45AM at the bottom of the escalators at the Disneyland parking structure. Please be on time so we can all "warm up" and walk together. Please wear your IEFF shirts if you have one:D

    We'll then walk over to Main Street in Disneyland to wait for the festivities to begin. We should arrive in our IEFF "Spot" by 6:15 at the latest

    Opening ceremony at 6:45 and Walk starts at 7:00

    We walk the 5K through both parks and Downtown Disney

    After we're done we'll get breakfast across the street at Dennys. They've been our place to go after the walk for the past couple years

    Any questions reagrding the walk, go here:


    CHOC main website:

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    Even though it was early, I did end up having a good time. Thanks for keeping the momentum going. I-)
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    =D= Well another great CHOC Walk for the IEFF! We had so much fun. Anyone who missed out on this great event can always join us next year, wahooo! Below is your IEFF 6th Annual CHOC Walkers.[face_dancing]

    Got there nice and early

    And here we goooooooooooo

    Megan, Sean, Jennifer, Isabel, Sheila, Mike(Me), Tony a couple minutes into the walk

    Watch out for giant whales

    Well...yeah ofcourse we had to get this one

    Yea! We made it!

    [link=http://s176.photobucket.com/albums/w193/ieffphotoalbum/2011-Fun-Things-We-Do/CHOC-Walk-Disneyland-10-11/?start=all]Go Here to see all the pics from CHOC Walk[/link]