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21-30 Wishlist

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV' started by JediMasterGuff, Apr 8, 2004.

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  1. Matt_the_Jedi

    Matt_the_Jedi Jedi Youngling

    Apr 8, 2004
    Ill still come back to read them darth :)
  2. OwenSkywalker3

    OwenSkywalker3 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 23, 2002
    Well, if I had MY way...

    I'd use Episodes 21-30 to more closely tie the PT with the OT. For example:

    - Show how Obi-Wan served bail Organa during the clone Wars, as Leia mentions in ANH.

    - Introduce Tarkin, or, better yet, show how his friendship with Anakin leads to his influence over Vader.

    - There was a throwaway line in an ROTJ adaptation waaaaaaaaaay back in the day where Jabba says "I was killing your kind when being a Jedi MEANT something". Show that.

    - Show Anakin in a space battle, preferably with Red Leader from ANH. Remember, they served together at one point (according to the SE of ANH, anyway).

    - The geek in me wants to see all the grumpy old men of SW in their prime. Guys like Jan Dodonna, Morgan Katarn, Gundy Tosh, Jedi Master Rahn, Saun Dann, Commander Krane, Kez-Iban, Jeremitt Towani (ok, so he'd be a kid), Itchitobuck (sp? Chewie's dad!), Noa, Captain Merrick, etc. Maybe just lump them in one big scene... have them captured by Dirge and show them being lead along in shackles... then see if you can guess who they are. Maybe that would explain why they're so darn ... grumpy.

    - I agree that we need to see more of Rattatak. I do, anyway. I konw it doesn't tie in with the OT, but I like those freakishly big gladiators... Other planets I want to see again: Dreighton, Sulon, Nar Shadda.

    - And, finally, another geek request: some scenes that tie in with the GB:Clone Campaigns and The Clone Wars (X-Box) console game. I'm thinking specifically Raxus Prime.


  3. ThrawnRocks

    ThrawnRocks Jedi Master star 6

    Apr 10, 2004
    "Show Anakin in a space battle, preferably with Red Leader from ANH. Remember, they served together at one point (according to the SE of ANH, anyway)."

    What is SE?

    There are four ppl that I would like to see. Booster Terrik (sp?), Isard's father, Nejja Halocron (sp?) (Corran Horn's grandfather), and Senator Garm Bel Ibis (it would be even cooler if he were in Ep III, but I know that won't happen) :-(
  4. JediMasterGuff

    JediMasterGuff Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 18, 2002
    SE is Special Edition (1997). Actually, that Red Leader line was edited so it didn't include the part about him serving with Anakin.
  5. OwenSkywalker3

    OwenSkywalker3 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 23, 2002
    Thanks for the update, Guff.

    Nice website, btw.

  6. LottDodd

    LottDodd Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 4, 2002
    [hl=black]The Kidnaping of Palpatine...[/hl]
  7. darthevil

    darthevil Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 6, 2004
    Sorry,but I can't make that much.Anyway,the Clone Wars take place 3 years,this is the first year!
  8. Master-Fett

    Master-Fett Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 25, 2002
    My Ideas...

    21, 22
    My idea is two episodes in the begining showing the end of the Greivous Hypouri battle.

    Then one single episode of another Republic battle be lost.

    24, 25
    We take two then for jedi to discuss many recent losses to the chancelor. The chancellor uses his same CH1 negotiating to make the jedi ask for more efficent clones from the kamonians, with stronger armor and incresed genetics. We see these new troopers at the end of the 25th episode, which will have a little time gap. But the Kamonians saw this comming somehow, an other syfo dias mystery maybe so they were already in creation and alomost finished. This would be cool, because we would get to see a cartoonized Kamino.

    26, 27
    durge and asjajj both come crawling back to dooku, badly defeated to see Grievous by dookus side. Sidous makes them go along with grievous and some kind of henchmen of grievous to battle the republic.

    Thats same fight is the new clones first fight, and it is is huge battle. the republic wins, and grievous blames it all on durge and asjajj. Sidius and dooku then fufill the "one dies and one changes dramticaly" prophecy. all the jedi who fought in that huge battle (including yoda, mace, obi-wan and anakin) rejoice over their win and the new troopers untill yoda stops and says something like the battle today has been won- but i fear our actions have only lead us faster to the time of the jedis demise.

  9. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    Chapter 21-Finish Up The Grievous fight with Ki-Adi, Obi-Wan and Anakin then arrive and have their first interaction with Grievous, yet no fight. Obi-Wan then says something along the lines of: "The future is growing dark, I fear this war will only become worse."

    Chapter 22-It starts up saying "Two Years Later". We see an EPIII looking Obi-Wan protecting Bail Organa on Alderaan, they are suddenly attacked by the Hunter Durge, Obi-Wan and Durge then go in for a re-match! The episode ends with the bridge they are blowing up, and Obi-Wan falling to his death

    Chapter 23- We see Plo Koon leading an army of EPIII designed Clones into battle! He speaks giving orders on what to do. The planet is Ossus, the first home to the Jedi. The episode ends with Plo encountering a Dark Jedi

    Chapter 24- Plo continues his fight with the Unknown Dark Jedi, after a fierce battle through ruins and gun fire, Plo strikes down his enemy, he then faces his army and raises his hilt, another victory

    Chapter 25- We rejoin Durge about to kill Bail Organa, when Obi-Wan pulls himself up, his Tunic tattered and torn. Durge turns back in surprise with "How?!" Obi-Wan says nothing, he simply ignites his saber and slams it straight into Durge's chest, jerking it out he punches him and starts to push him back, the battle ends with Durge falling from the bridge. Obi-Wan and Bail gather together, and Bail says "Excellent job Obi-Wan! But I suggest we shouldn't stand here." Showing their friendship, the two then make way to Bail's Senator complex

    Chapter 26- Mace Windu is in a argument with Palpatine when word is received Grievous is attacking Danthomir, home of the Sith Witches, Mace quickly rises from his seat and goes to prepare for battle.

    Chapter 27- Padme's informed of Bail's near death, she quickly contacts Obi-Wan and begins speaking with him, showing the two's friendship forming, unknown to her, Anakin arrives and hears their conversation, it ending with Padme saying "Be careful, Obi-Wan." Anakin grows jealous and leaves the room without her even noticing.

    Chapter 28- The ships are primed for take off and with Mace leading a squad of Jedi and an army of Clones to Dathomir, focus shifts to Grievous, who is now on the planet leading the battle. It ends with the Republic's ships exiting Hyperspace

    Chapter 29- Republic Gunships land with Mace and Jedi running from them, Clones follow behind as a great battle begins in the dark jungles. Mace realizes the threat of the battle and contacts Obi-Wan, informing him they need help. The episode ends with Mace walking out into battle.

    Chapter 30- We see Obi-Wan board his Starfighter and blast into Hyperspace, focus shifts back to Mace who watches two Jedi die at the hands of Grievous. Windu quickly draws Grievous to him and the two begin a fierce spectacular duel, it ends with rain beginning to fall, Grievous jumps at Windu.

    Well, there ya go! Those are chapters I'd love to see! :D
  10. brook_33

    brook_33 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 30, 2003
    21: Grievous fights the Jedi, and the Jedi escape.

    22: Obi-Wan goes to find the Jedi attacked by Grievous, only to fight the villian himself. Obi-Wan survives and takes the Jedi back to the temple.

    23: Plo Koon is given an assignment to go to Yavin 4 and lead clones into battle. Durge has survived and fights Plo Koon. Koon escapes to a ship

    24: Durge follows Koon onto the ship. After a second duel, Plo blasts Durge out of he ship's hull and sends him flying into space.

    25: Anakin takes the remaining clones back to the temple. On the way, he recieves a distress call from Aayla Secura, on Vjun. Aayla is captured by the Separatists and taken to Dooku.

    26: Mace returns to the Temple and meets with Yoda and Palps to discuss news. The Temple is bombed by a new villian. Obi-Wan returns and saves Palpatine from falling off the Temple after being blasted away by the explosion.

    27: The new villian escapes, and meets with Grievous and Dooku. Anakin takes the clones into the meeting. The ARC troopers kill the new villian, but are then killed by Grievous and/or Dooku.

    28: Anakin saves Aayla. Suddenly, Boba Fett appears, and fights Anakin at long range. Boba has a repeaters, and Anakin and Aayla soon run from the fight. THey get back to the Temple.

    29: Anakin meets with Padme. Obi-Wan and Yoda travel to a new planet where they lead a battle on the ground. Dooku takes a separatist ship over Coruscant.

    30: Mace and Anakin meet. Mace is angry that Anakin rushed to save Aayla without consulting the Council. Grievous attacks Palpatine's office, and takes him away. Mace fights Grievous, but Grievous connects his four sabers to make two staffs. Mace loses, and Palpatine is taken onboard a Separatist Ship.
  11. Tatooine_Fireman

    Tatooine_Fireman Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2003
    You guys came up with some very cool ideas for new episodes!
    Maybe I'll make my own episodes in Macromedia Flash. It won't be as good as the series, but the style is easy to draw so may it would work...
  12. Ganner_The_Hero

    Ganner_The_Hero Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 14, 2003
    21 - Kenobi, Skywalker and the Arc's travel to Hypori. They find Ki-Adi beaten, but alive. They take him and the rest of the jedi (including the bodies of those that died) with them back to Coruscant. They inform the council of Grievous.

    22 - Plo Koon, Aayla Secura and a squad of Republic Commando's (from the game, not the Arc's) are en-route to the planet Ord Mandel, were a Separatist base is discovered. And GG is present there, as is Assajj. They are holding senator Ask Aak captured. Plo, Aayla and his squad land on the planet using a gunship. The land a couple of miles away from the base and proceed on foot.

    23 - Plo, Aayla and the Commando's infiltrate the base, taking out Battledroids on the way (in Predator style). when they walk to towards the command-center, a door opens and Assajj appears, igniting her 2 sabers.

    24 - Aayla takes on Assajj and Plo and the commando's move on. Assajj jumps at Aayla, and they start fighting. Plo and the commando's eliminate some more droids.

    25 - Aayla continues to battle Assajj, while Plo and the commando´s finally find senator Ask. then Grievous appears and attacks Plo, who orders the commando´s to evacuate Ask. Grievous has the upperhand on Plo, until Aayla appears, saying she has taken care of Assajj, and they both team up.

    26 - Plo chops off one of Grievous arms. He arms a selfdestruct device that will blow up the entire base, and escapes. Plo and Aayla run for their lives.

    27 - the two jedi manage to escape from the base just before it explodes. The gunship carrying the commando's and the senator is waiting for them.
    Plo suggests that an experienced jedi will be able to defeat Grievous, if he keeps his head cool and will be able to surprise Grievous.

    28 - Anakin and Obi-Wan amnd Alpha are on the planet Nar Shadaa, seeking a Neimodian deserter, who may have vital information about an plan to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine. It turns out to be a trap and the three of them have to take on Durge and of couple of bounty hunters. Alpha and Anakin take out the bounty hunters, while Obi-Wan takes on Durge once again.

    29 - Durge turns into his massive liqiud form again. Alpha makes an end to the battle quickly by stuffing a pair of thermal detonators inside Durge's body. Durge blows up once again.

    30 - Plo, Aayla, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Alpha and the commando's are awarded for their heroic actions.
    We cut to a spacebattle between Republic forces and and enormeus Separatist fleet. The Republic ships are utterly destroyed. We cut to Dooku, standing on the bridge of his giant flagship, telling GG, who stands besides him, that their decoy on Nar Shadaa was a succes and that The real mission has just begun.
  13. brook_33

    brook_33 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 30, 2003
    i think some new episodes need grievous to encounter obiwan, and palps to encounter obiwan, because it seems like obiwan knows them quite well yet we haven't seen the connection yet.
  14. StarDude

    StarDude Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 28, 2001
    No, because apparently their first encounter is in Episode III.
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