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NSWRPF Archive 24 (Day 5 1/2)

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Eme-ma_Himou, May 28, 2006.

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  1. Eme-ma_Himou

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    Aug 29, 2004
    If you would like to play, but you don?t know what has happened in the show, please report to [link=]24 on Wikipedia[/link].

    Previously on 24:

    Jack Bauer, former CTU agent, went after not only Russian terrorists with Sentox Nerve Gas, but the President of the United States.

    Right after he proved that the POTUS did indeed authorize the previous day?s events (Assassination of President David Palmer and supplying the terrorists with Nerve Gas), Jack Bauer settled down to receive a call from his daughter.

    But Jack?s past finally caught up with him: the Chinese, who issued Bauer?s arrest for leading the strike that resulted in the murder of their consul (18 months earlier), kidnapped Jack and are currently on a ship, en route to China.

    ?Kill me, just kill me,? a bloodied Jack says.

    Cheng Zhi replies, ?Kill you? You're far too valuable to kill Mr. Bauer.?

    [b] The Following takes place between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM, the day after Day 5. [/b]

    Agent Davis has just alerted the weary Bill Buchanan as to the unknown location of Jack Bauer.

    Consider this to be the sequel to Day 5, taking place exactly where it left off, and tying up any loose ends. The Official Day 6 (airing in January 2007) is taking place approximately [hl=black]a year or so after Day 5, thus Jack?s escape will not be part of it[/hl].

    This? is Day 5.5.

    You have the choice of being either one of the ?unnamed? CTU agents in the background (Intelligence, Field, etc) or a Foreign agent, both sides attempting to find and rescue Jack Bauer and bring to light some of the villains of Season 5 (aka The Bluetooth Guys). [b]If I did not mention a position (Intelligence, Field Ops) that you are thinking about, feel free to pm me and I will accept it if it is reasonable.[/b]

    All Canon Characters will be controlled by me, the GM, as this is a player character driven game. As Canon characters are introduced, some of them may be available for player control. These characters will be given to players who have expressed a desire to play as the specific character in question.

    The game will start off at 7 AM but regular 24 rules may not end up applying (for example, hour-by-hour play).

    If you are dead set on wanting to be a mole, include that with your character sheet in your pm to me. When you post your character sheet, this bit of information will not be there. Any mole activity will be pm-ed to me as evidence that the action happened (so it isn?t obvious you are the mole), but an IC post with the excuse (character has to call Division, or what have you) is necessary.

    Faction (CTU, Department of Defense, etc; if Foreign Agent, give country you work for):
    Position (Intelligence, Field Ops):
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color and Style:
    Skin Complexion:
    Weapon of Choice (likely to be changed, if I do not find it suitable):

    Education/Military History (College? Mentor?):
    Traumatic Experiences:

    The Rules:
    1. GM is indeed the law of the land. If for some reason I am unable to post for an extended amount of time (extended = 2 days or more), I will have announced a Co-GM that will take my place in chance of something dreadful happening.
    2. Follow ALL TOS rules. That includes language! Given the nature of this game, I want you all to go through the acceptable language: some of Jack Bauer?s favs are not allowed. This also includes [b]Racial Slurs[/b]. This is not going to be tolerated: you?ll not only be kicked out of the game, but reported to a Mod.
    3. Let?s try to keep the writing somewhat decent. Meaning: grammar applies, but minor errors are acceptable. No run-ons and please take advantage of the nice Enter/Return button on the right side of your keyboard. Different paragraphs are your friend.
    4. There will be no killing of other player characters without my and the other player?s agreement. If the possibility of your character getting killed is 99.9%, you must go along with it regardless of >
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