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NSWRPF Archive 24: The Olympics

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Ofi-wan, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Ofi-wan

    Ofi-wan Jedi Youngling

    Nov 13, 2008

    This will hopefully be the first of many 24 ?seasons? and I would like it to be successful. So who would be interested?
    IT?s the Olympic times. For the first time in history some of the most controversial countries are allowed to participate. Qumar, Sangala, and many other countries. The current President and many world leaders plan to travel to France, the location of the Olympics to show there support of the recent openness of these countries. However there is a bigger problem. A Terrorist Cell led by Abu Fayed is on the move and CTU knows that they plane on terrorist activity. Therefore a CTU unit has secretly entered France mere hours before the President has arrived. Now things have gotten from bad to worse.

    Within an hour of their arrival Special agent Jack Bauer was forced to kill a terrorist who planned to blow himself up in the middle of one of the major streets in France. Now time is running out major terrorist attacks have popped up all over France. Terrorist threats have been made against one of the main American front runners of the Olympics Jack Cruise.
    Based on special investigations CTU knows that there is a hidden terrorist among the world leaders and the Olympic Athletes but they don?t know who or from where they come from. CTU now has to work with French National Security. Pierre Jacques the official liaison from French National Security is thrown into the mix as well.
    Time is running out and both sides with different policies have to work together to solve the problem fast.


    Welcome to my new 24 RPG! I am new to this but I hope it is successful. You can place yourself as a 24 agent, a member of French Security, a terrorist, or a simple citizen who is trying to survive. No matter what you will play a major role in this game? I will propose some characters that one may take.

    For the most part this is a first come first serve basis but for characters such as Jack Bauer or Tony Almeida I will be requiring at least some talent in writing. As far as combat is concerned this is a turn based RPG and now God-moding at all. There is a strong possibility that your character will die however I will do my best to make sure you are treated fairly and it will only be with my consent. For that reason I am allowing more than one character.
    There are ranks in French National Security and CTU and that to will come on a first come first serve basis. There is no designated position for Jack Bauer or characters of that nature as of yet and I will determine that based on the requests of others. In this timeline both Palmer brothers are alive and it depends on who pm?s me first on the position for President.

    I may be taking control of some characters such as the top honcho man that Fayed answers to and a mole or two. You never know who you can trust. There is some information only you as a character can know so I will pm it to you. It is your choice to give that information to somebody else but realize that you might not be able to trust anyone.
    Don?t think that being a computer analyst is boring, there are limited CTU members and you might find yourself on the field. Or you might miraculously find yourself stumbling across information that you don? know what to do with. Be careful your own CTU leader or friend might be a leak.

    CTU is held in a hidden area and you might be stormed by baddies any time now.

    The RPG starts 2 minutes after Jack Bauer has gunned down the terrorists?

    Positions needed:

    President: He will make the major decisions for America?s and CTU?s response to terrorist attacks.
    Special Agent in Charge- In charge of CTU?s response
    Top Computer Analyst- Finds Information,
    2nd- Second in Charge of CTU
    3rd- Third in charge of CTU
    Olympic Medalists/ Runners- You will often be in danger of kidnappings, ect ect
    Terrorists- You will receive your assignments from Fayed
    French National Security:
    Agent in Charge- Same as CTU
    French Prime Minister-Sa
  2. windu4

    windu4 Jedi Master star 4

    May 15, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Miles Warren
    Alias: none
    Age: 25
    Appearance: 5?11. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is lean and slightly skinny.
    Personality: Miles is a quiet unassuming young man. He is known for his affinity towards his work and as a loner. He is one of the best in his filed and knows it. He is not prideful or haughty but he often reluctant to get help because he feels he can handle the work load.
    Clothing: He is wearing a long-sleeved black shirt over a white t-shirt. He is wearing jeans and black nikes.
    Nationality: American Caucasian
    Position/Profession: Top Computer Analyst
    Computer Hacking/Computer Specialization- 5
    Physical Activity- 4
    Hand to Hand Combat - 2
    Fire arm use- 4
    Charisma- 2
    Persuasion/ Torture- 1
    Resisting Torture- 3
    Deduction/ Investigation Skills - 5
    Automobile Use- 4

    Weapons: Swiss army knife, Glock with silencer
    Inventory: Untraceable cellphone, laptop computer, palm pilot
    Bio: Miles Manning comes from a distinguished family of public servants. His father was instrumental in helping establish New York CTU. Miles had a close relationship with his father. He worked hard in school obtaining a degree in computer sciences. By then Detroit CTU was nabbing students right out of College. Miles was given the offer and he accepted so he could work with his Father.
    Miles was sent to France because he was the best of the best. He hopes to solve the problem quickly and quietly.

    Name: The Informant
    Alias: Joshua Latham, Jason Guthrie, Jebediah Conner
    Age: mid 50?s
    Appearance: 6?1. Graying brown hair and green eyes
    Personality: He is a mysterious individual little is known about him. All he is interested in is exchanging information.
    Clothing: A sports jacket over a white shirt and black pants.
    Nationality: French, Caucasian
    Position/Profession: Unkown
    Computer Hacking- 1
    Physical Actitivy- 3
    Hand to Hand Combat - 4
    Fire arm use- 3
    Charisma- 5
    Persuasion/ Torture- 3
    Resisting Torture- 3
    Deduction/ Investigation Skills - 5
    Automobile Use- 3

    Weapons: Jericho 941 F with silencer, 4 clips on hand
    Inventory: A cell phone, laptop computer
    Bio: Not much is known about The Informant. He is just there. It is not clarified whether he is a villain or not but he has proposed on both sides.

  3. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    GM approved

    Name - Jack Bauer
    Alias - None
    Age - Born on the 19. Feb. 1966 in santa Monica
    Appearance - see link
    Personality - Dedicated, single-minded and utterly aware of his duty and responsibility he lacks a certain humor.
    Clothing - Normal Streetwear and a bulletproof west
    Nationality- U.S.
    Position/Profession - CTU Field Agent

    Computer Hacking - 0
    Physical Actitivy - 4
    Hand to Hand Combat - 5
    Fire arm use - 5
    Charisma - 2
    Persuasion/ Torture - 5
    Resisting Torture - 4
    Deduction/ Investigation Skills - 2
    Automobile Use -3

    Weapons: Glock-17. MP-5 with laser-pointer and long-range scope in the car
    Inventory: Cell-phone, blackberry, Walkie-Talkie, License, Passport, Ammo (4 magazines)

    Bio: Well, I guess you know this guy, do you? After school he resisted the offer of his father to join the family company BMX Technologies and went to the U.S. Army instead. Becoming a part of the Delta Forces. Later he received training by Richard Walsh and Christopher Henderson and became member of the CTU.

    He raised through the ranks, until he became the field agent of the agency. He has been evolved and successfully prevented several serious crisis for national security in his line of duty.
  4. Ofi-wan

    Ofi-wan Jedi Youngling

    Nov 13, 2008
    WE are starting very soon just waiting for a cs. If you wish to join just send me a cs and I will be able to integrate you into the story.
  5. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008

    Name: Nate "Onikami" Blake
    Alias: "Onikami"
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Onikami has a carefree dress manner as he rarely goes out and is usually in a shirt that has a moody quip on it, along with baggy jeans held up by a black belt and sneakers with black socks. He sports black hair that is unkept, and moderately long, and red eyes. (natural) He has aviator glasses and a fedora that he wears on occasion, the glasses more than the hat. He wears a book bag that is carried loosely on his left side.
    Personality: Onikami is paranoid and socially challenged, and prefers to keep to himself. Despite this, he has a freindly quality about him and is usually nice to be around. Onikami has issues with public relations and will usually socialize with those he knows in secluded locations.
    Nationality: Scottish/American
    Position/Profession: Top Computer Analyst

    Computer Hacking : 5
    Physical Actitivy : 3
    Hand to Hand Combat : 2
    Fire arm use : 4
    Charisma : 2
    Persuasion/ Torture : 3
    Resisting Torture : 3
    Deduction/ Investigation Skills : 4
    Automobile Use : 4

    - Hand-to-hand: None
    -Pistol: Smith & Wesson Model CS45 Chief's Special - Compact Semi-Auto (Four clips)
    -Rifle: None

    Inventory: Cell Phone, Laptop, Tazer

    Onikami was born and raised in Florida by his Scottish family, and had developped the Scottish accent early in life. He was brought up normally despite his obvious superior intellect. By grade two his teachers noted his ability to complete grade five work, and suggested that Onikami was placed in a special school for the gifted. By the age of ten Onikami was doing work that would normally be done in grade 10. He graduated from high school education at age 13, and went on to college education through scholarships.His only problems was his lack of physical activity, depite being very fit. He graduated from college level education at age 17 and was looking at a scholarship to Harvard. His parents were thrilled, and they moved to Massachusetts. At this point Onikami had already obtained his nickname due to his great love for dark anime. Onikami had also been quite interested in computers and law, and took to the Law school at Harvard, along with as many computer courses he could cram. Due to this he was the youngest there, and looked down on, and usually had no time to socialize in school, and generally sociallized with his parents and over the internet.

    Onikami graduated from Harvard at age 23 and with perfect grades. The government saw this, and asked him to join the CIA. Onikami considered, but declined due to the inability to share work with family if he wished. CTU saw him as a promising Intelligence and Information gatherer, and therefore asked him, giving him more freedom then the CIA would've allowed. Onikami accepted and became an assistant Information/Intelligence Operative, until the secondary position had an empty seat, of which he took quite happily. Onikami went to france with the rest of CTU, and set up a base of operations for himself immedietly.
  6. Ofi-wan

    Ofi-wan Jedi Youngling

    Nov 13, 2008
    Alright Here we go!

    Previously on 24?
    It was a normal day. Jack Bauer had just landed in France and had decided to take a walk and stake out the land. That was when he noticed something suspicious. A man an Arab by the looks of it was walking through the street listening to music. Jack Bauer would normally ignore it but then he noticed the man close his eyes and start to speak. He was chanting. Jack?s hand slipped into his pocket.

    The man pulled out a small remote like object and started to yell something.

    ?Everybody duck!? There were two gun shots. The terrorist was shot in the hand and than in the throat and collapsed to the ground. There was panic as everyone ran. Jack couldn?t help but notice another man looking on. He had dark hair and a curious expression on his face. They locked eyes for a moment than the man ran.

    Jack Bauer looked around quickly and noticed security walking towards him.

    ?Sir? I am assuming you are with the CTU?? The man had a thick accent he was tall with brown hair.


    ?Allow me to direct you to Pierre Jaques. He will coordinate with you on the assignment.? The man stepped back before
    making wild guesters at the slain terrorist and speaking in rapid French.

    ?Greetings Mr. Bauer? Pierre spoke in a heavy accent as well. ?It seems that we are to work together on this assignment. I would like to commend you on your actions towards that dead man. I doubt I would have been able to stop him in time.?

    Pierre nodded at Bauer before directing him towards the body which was on a stretcher. There was a small table. On it was a gun, a cell phone, and the bomb.

    ?If I were to send this to CTU would they be able to crack the server code and get any messages or anything?? Pierre asked scratching his chin.

    ?Yeah, they should.? Jack stated.

    ?Good. I will suit up.? Pierre walked brusquely away to the supply table that some nearby agents had set up.

    CTU headquarters

    Miles Warren scratched his chin. He tapped the computer as he stared at the firewall he had just bypassed. In it was a recording of a phone conversation between an unknown man and the terrorist. Around him was his tech staff along with a language specialist. An unidentified man was giving the bomber a briefing on where to go.
    When the recording ended Miles turned to the language specialist.

    ?Could that be Fayed? Command said something about him leading this operation.??

    ?No not likely. It sounds like a modern accent. The transmission is garbled give me a few minutes with it. I can have the whole thing translated and maybe pinpoint the accent. They spoke a lot in Arabic.? The Specialist scratched his beard.

    ?Very well then.? Miles quickly copied the phone call to a disc and handed it to the specialists.

    ??K everyone back to stations except you Onikami I need to talk with you a sec?.?
    Onikami stayed behind.

    ?There is more in this cell phone. Files and everything it being a blackberry . This bomber wasn?t to careful. I need you to hack the system and update, scan, download, and purge this phone of any information possible. Can I trust you to do that?

    ?Yeah Miles.? Onikami stated as he held out his hand for the phone.

    ?Here I am giving you Level 5 clearance in case you need to check anything. Don?t let anyone know though.? Miles whispered as he handed him a flash drive and a phone.

    As Onikmai left Miles picked up the phone and called Jack Bauer. ?We traced the phone call. It was made from a land line about 9 miles from your position I will give you the exact position. We think it is an actual base, maybe for bombs. Normally the first couple floors have just guards. I think you can handle it on your own we don?t want to draw attention to you. Just in case we will have our forces standing by. I sent it to Pierre to.?

    Jack nodded. ?Thanks.?

    He then hung up the phone

    Pierre pulled his holster and vest on before trotting to Jack. ?We have confirmed that some men are in a complex 9 miles from here. Forces are standing by according to your men. You ready? We have to go
  7. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    OOC: As these are the olympics, I assume we are in Paris.

    Jack Bauer, 09:00:00

    Near the suspected terrorist hide-out

    He opened the suitcase for operations and took his silencer out of it, looking first at the house, then at Pierre. He would have preferred someone he knew, but the french would have to do the job, for now.

    "Priority is getting the bombs. Second priority is finding out if any other bombs are out there and who is behind them." He said, with a monotone tone. He had done this stuff too often, as any observer would realize immediately. "So we must get in fast and secure the workshop. Have your people establish perimeters, in case anybody escapes." he opened the door of his car. "Do french houses have backdoors?" He asked, realizing he was in quite unfamiliar territory. "If so, I suggest you enter there in five minutes from now. I will enter through the front." He checked his gun a last time and took his coat from the back seat. It would hide his vest and help to not get all wet. It seemed to rain always in Paris. "We meet at the first stairway and proceed from there, level to level." Hiding his gun in his pocket he nodded.

    "Good?" He asked and looked to the house a last time. "Then go."

    Slowly he made his way over the street, dodging a VW and shielding him from the rain by pushing his coat over his head. It would mae him less recognizable, too.

    He walked slowly, leaving Pierre with enough time to reach the back-door.

    09:05:27 . . . 28 . . . 29

    Tag: Ofi

    OOC: I added a timecode, estimating how long this scene would take. If you wanna do this all by yourself, Ofi, tell me.
  8. Ofi-wan

    Ofi-wan Jedi Youngling

    Nov 13, 2008
    Pierre pushed his hair back slightly ticked. Bauer acted like he had never done this before. He jumped out of the jeep and slammed the door. He pulled on a coat as well and screwed on the silencer. He walked to the back seeing the barbed fence. He sighed and pushed his hair back before climbing it.
    Michael stood up and walked out the front to admire the rain. Something about it made him happy. That was weird and he knew it. As Michael did he noticed a man walking across the street trying to look inconspicuous. Michael frowned and sat by on a near rocking chair and patted the gun in his pocket to make sure it was still there.
    After Pierre hopped the Fence he noticed the man on the front. Pierre sighed irritated.
    He pulled out his phone and called Jack. As far as he knew Jack had an ear piece in ,hopefully?
    ?Jack there?s a man at the front keep walking. Move in when I give the word.?
    Pierre stepped into the back and analyzed the lock. He should be able to pick it. With extreme concentration he undid the lock. The door swung open. Pierre walked down the hallway and noticed a man standing back to him a shotgun in his hand. Pierre crept up to him and grabbed him by the head twisted and cracked his neck.
    The man dropped without a sound. The shotgun clattered to the ground. Pierre cursed.
    Michael turned around hearing a noise he moved into the house and pulled out his firearm. Holding it he walked through the house quietly.
    Pierre had somehow managed to jam himself in a small closet. As Michael passed he lashed his arm out. Michael flailed out and grabbed an umbrella on the floor. He swung behind him hitting Pierre. Pierre hit the ground rolled and whipped out his pistol. Michael tackled him the gun clattered to the floor and spun across the room.
    ?In case you haven?t noticed.? Pierre pushed Michael slowly away from him as he found the gun at his forehead. ?That?s your cue!?
    9:10 ...1?2
    Tag Bauer

  9. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    OOC: Against my habit, to get things going I´ll update a second time, today

    Jack Bauer, 09:05:27 - 09:11:00

    He crossed the street, as the man got out of the building. He didn´t looked to civilian. His phone went of the same moment. He just hit the activate button, his earpiece still in place.

    ?Jack there?s a man at the front keep walking. Move in when I give the word.? Said Pierre with a heavy accent. "Sure." He only replied and passed the man, laughing as if he had a private conversation. Then he stopped, as the man seemed to return to the house, acting like he had to take care of his right shoe. He waited for the man to get inside and rotated 180°, heading for the house. Keeping himself close to the wall and waiting for the signal.

    The sound of fighting came to his active earpiece. His finger automatically pushed the safety button of his Glock down and he breathed out. He turned around the corner. Not caring for the door, but the window. If he cracked the door, the guard would probably shot Pierre, before he could get him.

    ?In case you haven?t noticed.? Pierre´s voice was a little tense now, and Jack saw, why. The guard had a weapon at his head. He raised his guns and shot. ?That?s your cue!? The frenchman said, as the first two bullets shattered the glass of the window and hit the head of the man. A third went to his chest. As Pierre opened the door he knelt besides him, having a quick search on the guard for possible means of communication. As he found nothing like that he pointed to the upper floor. Showing he would go first. No word from now on, he thought. The adrenaline and foreboding of further violence crept into him. With quick silent steps he moved to the second level, checking both sides of the floor. Usually a third guard would be here, to make sure intruders couldn´t enter unseen into the rooms behind. His finger circles over the trigger. Should he see any, he would shot, before compromised. Until now, nobody seemed to be aware of them.

    09:10:57 . . . 58 . . . 59

    Tag: Ofi

  10. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    IC - Onikami

    Onikami sighed under his breath and locked his computer, looking about, watching for Miles. He then proceeded out of the building, and across the street. He had a horrible feeling of oncoming problems, but was prepared, as his pistol was at an accessible location. He also always kept a headset attached to his cell, so he could immedietly call HQ.

    As he stepped into the ally, he heard the approaching sound of a motor, though it seemed slightly off. That made Onikami unnerved, and watched as a car went by the alley.
    Nope, not him...I wonder what this price is...this info's got to be worth it, cause Miles'll kill me...

    Tag: The Informant
  11. Ofi-wan

    Ofi-wan Jedi Youngling

    Nov 13, 2008
    Pierre wiped his head. ?Thanks. Listen normally the bombs are on the fourth floor. That is the biggest room normally stocked full with weapons so it could be a toughie. There aren?t all that many on the other floors. You follow me. We are moving to silent.?
    Pierre picked up his gun and pulled back the hammer. He sniffed looked around than up the stairs. He screwed off the silencer he had a plan.
    ?Forget original plan just follow my lead.? Pierre yelled at the top of his lungs and barged up the stairs.
    He descended up to the second floor and saw the first two guards. His elbow cracked the first guard and he tripped the second guard and stabbed him through the jaw with his knife. He ran up the third stairs and dispatched the other two easily. As he moved he moved up to the final floor. Panting for breath he approached the last door.
    HE made a signal to Jack indicating him to keep silent as he screwed on a silencer. He pushed the door open a crack. Three Arabs were at a radio listening intently. The news. Pierre wiped his hand with the back of his mouth. He twisted and fired. Two Arabs collapsed the second wounded in the arm. Pierre handcuffed him. However it was to late. The final Arab slipped something from his pocket and swallowed it. He convulsed than died.
    Pierre looked around it was a brick room. A box was in the corner. Pierre approached it and looked through. He reloaded his gun. An Uzi was in the corner Pierre slipped his weapon into the holster and picked up the Uzi. He grabbed an additional clip.
    ?They know we are here and are about to try and escape. They don?t know how many. Follow me we will barge and hold them hostage until forces arrived.
    Pierre wiped his face panting from the physical activity. He breathed in than rushed down the hallway. A door was at the entrance he slammed the door down and aimed the weapons at the others.

    ?Freeze drop the gun don?t move don?t move dammit!? Pierre yelled at the top of his lungs. There were 8 men in the small room 3 were crowded around the bomb 2 in the corner and 3 at computers.
    ?Don?t move!? Pierre walked to the nearest man and slammed him in the forehead. There was a crack as he collapsed backwards.
    The man nearest the bomb yelled and reached for a switch on the bomb. Another man leapt at Pierre obstructing his vision. The gun coughed as the man fell blood streaming from his chest.
    9:20 ?. 56?57?58
    Tag Bauer
    An assassin stepped forward and shoved his knee into Onikami?s back. He pulled out a gun and slammed it onto Onikami?s head as he restrained him. Near impossible to move.
    ?Don?t move my friend. ? A French Men stepped from the shadows. ?My man has deactivated your phone remotely and you can not call for assistance. There is little time so I will cut to the chase. I can tell you the next two areas of the bombings. However you must install this on your computer.?
    The Man handed Onikami a chip. ?There is little time the next bombing may occur soon make your decision. I apologize for being so rough. Walk back to wherever you came from. Release him.? The Assassin released Onikami and tossed the chip to the boy.
    ?Tell no one least there will be great consequences.?
    Tag Onikami
  12. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    IC - Onikami

    Onikami winced from the pain in his back, but kept straight, even after the assassin let go of him. He looked at the chip, and watched the two men leave as inconspicuously as they came.

    Well that sucked... Onikami thought to himself as he looked at the chip, still wincing from the knee. He checked his phone, and reactivated it, changing it's signal trace. He walked back to the HQ, knowing what he was to do. He wouldn't install the chip on CTU computers, or even his laptop, so he needed an alternative, and found it, one of his old programming test Laptops that he kept with him for, creative purposes. Glancing around to ensure Miles wasn't about, Onikami installed the chip, and watched as the loading screen popped up. He had grabbed a heat pack for his back, and was letting the ache soothe away.

    Stupid Informant, physical coercion is not my favourite way of being greeted. Onikami groaned to himself as he pulled out his phone, and plugged in an earphone, letting the sweet sound of metal rush into his mind, while keeping quite aware.

    Tag: Unknown
  13. Ofi-wan

    Ofi-wan Jedi Youngling

    Nov 13, 2008

    "Connect your old laptop with the main CTU server board I want level 5 access. I need the information now. If you do not give me what I want I can use the chip to reverse the servers on the CTU mainframe and shut the whole place down. I am sure Miles wouldn't want that now would he.?

    The Frenchman smiled with that chip he could monitor anything in the CTU mainframe. He may not be skilled with computers but he had people...

    Tag Onikami
  14. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    [hl=black]IC - Onikami[/hl]

    Onikami grimaced, but responded over the phone.

    "Can't do that if it's not connected that you've unvieled that it's a survielence program, I'm not sure if it'd be in my best intrest to connect to the mainframe..." Onikami was trying to chose his words wisely, but knew any attempt to even track this man would have concequences. Onikami was of course typing away trying to figure how the program worked so that he could work with it, but it sounded as if he was just doing his job.

    "Give me one piece of information as to why you need to be in us, and I'll work on it." Onikami replied in a hushed tone. He hated this form of situations, and therefore knew he had to remain inconspicuous.

    Tag: Informant
  15. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Jack Bauer, 09:12:00 - 09:21:01

    Pierre seemed to have changed the plan. Jack only grunned. No sense in discussing an assault while an operation was still on, but charging up, making noise . . . to a group armed with bombs in the middle of a civilian part of town. He remembered himself to talk about this with Pierre, once they had survived it. For now, he followed.

    The door was slammed down and Pierre entered the room without cover. Staying close to the door Jack held watch for the bombs. If only one got of, there would be hundreds of civilians dead. When the first one of them reached for it, he pulled the trigger. Two shots bursted into the mans chest.

    Pierre had some fight with a third, and Jack shot down another one, just to make sure, they wouldn´t reach for the bombs. Then, his gun aimed at the remaining five terrorists, he brought himself between the bombs and them.

    "Package secure, I repeat package secure. send in the bomb squad." He reported over radio. A look to Pierre secured he was fine. "You don´t care that much for yours fellow citizens, do you?" he hissed and began do push the terrorists to the ground.

    Tag: Ofi
  16. nancyallen

    nancyallen Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 19, 2007
    Hey, have a character, it's been approved and all.


    Name: Carlita Francesca

    Alias: Sledgehammer

    Age: 41

    Appearance: Dark tan, red messey pixie hair, brown eyes, wing tattoos on her chest. Carlita is ten pounds overweight, admitting to eating and drinking a lot especially during a crisis in order to help her cope.


    Personality: Carlita is a charming, friendly, funny woman who very rarely becomes angry. Despite her demeanor Carlita is seen as very much a female version of Jack Bauer, having been a family friend of the Bauers for years and years, and she looks up to Jack. She will do just about anything for just about anyone. If an agent needed help then she would give it with no, or few, complaints. However this was a double edged sword, if a CTU Director or Division asked where someone who bent the rules was she would divulge the information, so there was always a danger of her helping go outside normal channels. Carlita has many many hobbies outside of CTU. Art, playing the guitar and music in general, dog breeding, home decorating, cars, UFC. She is a big film buff and a fan of The Mask, and has the Daily Bugle 'Take a Walk' moon landing headline from the Spiderman films. Carlita says she hates Nina Myers even more than Jack and Kim do. She is also a racist, and did not initially warm to President Palmer, not because he was black but because she didn't think he was capeable of being President. She also abhors the government's improportionate response to terrorism, such as the use of torture.


    Clothing: Carlita is unashameably a jeans a t shirt woman, not fussing over fashion and prefering clothing that is comfortable and functional. As well as the battle dress uniform of CTU's Delta teams Carlita is commonly seen in faded jeans, a blue work shirt or T and brown suade jacket.

    Nationality: Spanish, half Hispanic, half French Canadian

    Position/Profession: Delta team leader, Miami CTU


    Computer Hacking: 0

    Physical Actitivy: 2

    Hand to Hand Combat: 4

    Fire arm use: 4

    Charisma: 4

    Persuasion/ Torture: 4

    Resisting Torture: 4

    Deduction/ Investigation Skills: 3

    Automobile Use: 4


    Weapons: Carlita uses the Model 500ES : 2 3/4" barrel, stainless steel emergency survival revolver. It is a varient of the five round monster that went into production in 2003 and is considered the most powerful production handgun in the world, so powerful however that some consider the recoil too much of a detriment. To compensate for the recoil and power Carlita carries three speed loaders of the .500 S&W Special, a grain less powerful than the .500 S&W Magnum but is made up for with a reduced load.

    Inventory: Carlita, like all CTU agents, carries a celluer, the Motorola V6 so she can take audio and video recordings if needed and has a GPS system installed. She also has her own mode of transport, the Ford Focus sedan.


    Bio: Carlita was born to Roachelle Francesca and Jurez Sanchez in Tiawana, Mexico, not long before their marriage began to fall apart. She grew up witnessing domestic disputes and abuse to both her parents before choosing to drop out of school and run away as a teenager. She eventually found work at a brothal, before leaving to join the US Army as a pilot. In the military Carlita met who would be the first (of three) husbands. They served together in Kuwait and on the end of their tour in the Gulf married, moving to San Antonio Texas where they lived on base there. Oliver was recalled where Carlita remained on base. After a long absence and subsequent seperation Carlita lobbied for and was finally transferred to Los Angeles, where she began undertaking theory classes in hostage rescue with the LA
  17. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Jack Bauer 09:21:01 - 09:24:00

    The french agent still secured the bombs, while he had searched the terrorists for weapons. The additional forces would need to arrive any second, now. The french "Central Directorate of Public Security" had given them vast authorities, concerning threats, but he didn´t feel too comfortable with the shooting of anybody on foreign ground. Something you learnt in the years.

    CTU contacted him directly. "Jack, Carlita is on her way out. She wants to have a report." Jack looked at Pierre. "You got this?" He asked and took a step away from the terrorists. Carlita Francesca. A name he hadn´t heard in a few . . .

    "Put her through." He said. "Carlita, this is Jack. We are at rue persiéme 37. Terrorist hideout and bomb workshop. The terrorists have obviously operated form here. We have 5 men down and five in custody, among them the suspected bomb-builder. French untis arrive here soon, but I guess our data on terrorists might be better, so we should try to get something about them." He looked at the terrorists. "Good you are here, Carlita, I got the feeling this will be a long day." He sighed and returned to the terrorists, waiting for any response.

    Tag: nancyallen
  18. Ofi-wan

    Ofi-wan Jedi Youngling

    Nov 13, 2008
    OOC: Due to RL windu4 can?t assume control of his control of his characters until Tuesday or Wednesday. So for now I will control Miles and The Informant.

    IC Pierre

    ?They were ready to detonate the switch we didn?t have time to be sneaky.? Pierre pushed his hair back. As he did the cellphone rang. ?Give me a minute.?

    Pierre walked off for a moment.

    Miles Warren top computer analyst and Second at CTU walked into the building with the bombs. As he did he was talking on the phone.

    ?Onikami, I am on the field and you will have to be Second until I get back. Don?t let me down alright? Ok bye.?

    After getting some help from Curtis who was in charge of the armed forces he sat down at one of the computer terminals. He looked around from what he understood Carlita was on her way. Jack was taking 5 terrorists into Custody and Pierre was on the phone.

    ?Hey guys.? Mile said waving slightly. ?I am going to scan these computers. Delta is on their way. Carlita should be at the door right now.?

    Miles sat down and began to analyze the computer. It was hooked up to the bomb. How strange?

    ?Lemme work my magic.? He got to work


    ?You are now second congratulations. Your men have just gotten the terrorist but there is a lot more to the bomb than you think. Hurry up and hook the chip to the main interface no one will notice you are in charge it is vital that I get the information. Make your decision soon. If you don?t the consequences will be very dire and I am afraid I won?t be able to stop what might happen from happening.? The Informant hung up the phone.

    Tag Onikami

    9:50 ?45?46?47


    Miles scanned the files that shot up to him. He was confused. There was a dish on top of the building according to his men. Jack was talking with Carlita in the corner. Planning their next move. One of the terrorists was being interrogated for information.

    They had unpacked everything in a matter of minutes. Luckily the street block was secured. After a few minutes of scanning Miles came up with startling information.

    ?Guys we got a problem!? Jack and Carlita walked over quickly.

    ?What is it?? Jack asked folding his arms.

    ?This isn?t only a bomb it works as a satellite according to my data it sends out Frequencies.?

    ?And?? Curtis Manning joined them.

    ?Well to cut to the chase the computer sends out frequencies and messages to people. I think that there are going to be about 7 to 12 terrorist attacks within the next 3 hours. Were running out of time we have to catch these guys soon. According to my calculations the bombings can add up to a death toll of 3,000. The best we can do is find these guys. I downloaded everything onto my laptop so I might be able to find some clues and we might find some results from those terrorists. We have 8 minutes of grace time because of the time it takes for them to send the information. We have to stop these guys before the president gets here in 5 hours. You guys are gonna need my help. Frankly I?m the only who is good with Computers around here.?

    Pierre walked over his face ashen.

    ?What is it?? Miles asked.

    ?The ambassador he was assassinated. I will have to go over and help my people I am sorry I will try and help later but we have to secure some things. Honor working with you Jack.? Pierre shook his hand then left.

    One of the Interrogators walked over. Johnny Dix. ?Good news we got information. We can find a bombing in the Times Square a few miles from here. We can interrogate the bomb maker now.?

    ?Let?s go.? Miles stated as he pulled on his jacket.

    9:59 ?56 ?57 ?58

  19. Spatz

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    Oct 10, 2008
    IC - Onikami

    Onikami winced at the notion of being charge and looked at his results. The program was too complicated for him to fix, and therefore he had no choice.

    "Fine then, lets do it this way then." Onikami reluctantly hooked his labtop to the mainframe, with a filtering program to prevent any unwanted file alteration or downloading. Onikami then phoned the Informant.

    "There, its up, now what?" Onikami asks, watching the filter carefully, he was also recreationally programming on the labtop.

    Tag: Informant
  20. Ofi-wan

    Ofi-wan Jedi Youngling

    Nov 13, 2008

    ?You are being watched put CTU on lockdown. Since Bauer and Jaques have taken all their forces you are in danger. There is a leak in CTU. You are lucky I do not have the man power to stop those who can harm you but if you are on lockdown they will wait to attack. There is a larger threat than the simple bombings do what I say it will do you good.?


    9:54 ? 32?33?34

    Tag Spatz

    OOC: I am winding the clock back when I talk with Spatz

  21. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    IC - Onikami

    The sound of typing stops as Onikami's thought takes a halt.

    "A mole? You're telling me that there's a effing mole?" Onikami bashes his hand on the desk and looks about himself, automatically getting the intercom and announcing the immediet need for lock-down.

    "How am I supposed to figure out who the mole is?" Onikami asks the Informant.

    Tag: the Informant
  22. nancyallen

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    Nov 19, 2007
    IC: Carlita Francesca
    9:24 - 9:25 AM

    "I'm two minutes out Jack," Carlita told him, stopping to turn off the radio, it was more or less go time now, which was why for the moment she was all business. "Delta's bomb response unit isn't far behind." She thought for a moment whether it would be more important to get onto the bombs or to interrogate the bomb maker, perhaps Jack could make a start on that. "We'll be able to sort this out," she assured Jack, deciding that he would need at least until the time it would take for her to get there to arrange some form of interrogation, so she could help him out with that when she arrived. "Can you tell me about the bombs?" Carlita was counting that the terrorists weren't crazy enough to have them set and going, not where they operated from. On the other hand, if they thought it might stop French Intelligence from getting the upper hand they could well be set to blow. Carlita thought if she would do that if she was a terrorist. "Jack," she pressed, "Is there a way you can see that we might be able to stop them?"

    Tag: Jack
  23. Ofi-wan

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    Nov 13, 2008

    "That is where your so called skills come in my friend. CTU is in danger be careful, watch your back, you have almost no armed forces so keep your weapons by you." The voice fizzed then went out.

    "I have some information sir." The Language Specialist approached Onikami slightly rocking on his heels.

    Tag Onikami

    OOC: While on lockdown CTU can not respond to calls and can not be detected on radar. One will know they are on lockdown. This will cause consequences for Bauer and his allies such as they can not get help from some of the best analysts on the planet and will definately slow them down.

    There is a consequence from every action and this is one of them.
  24. Spatz

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    Oct 10, 2008
    IC - Onikami

    Onikami looks to his language specialist with curiousity and disdain, and responds,

    "What is it?" Onikami had his hand completely ready for the need of his pistol, as he kept it in an unexpected location. Onikami was now completely ready for anything.

    Tag: Language Specialist
  25. Ofi-wan

    Ofi-wan Jedi Youngling

    Nov 13, 2008

    Jacob made a motion quickly and two guards trotted behind him. The hand movement hadn?t gone unnoticed.

    ?I analyzed the language and I did a little digging and there?s a mole here. Than I had a computer analysis. It seems that there is a remote transponder installed on your computer. Furthermore there have been various cell phone calls in and out of here that have been scrambled through the area. Would you care to explain.? Jacob pulled out his fire arm.

    ?If you do not have a good explanation you will be arrested and interrogated. I never liked you second? You don?t even deserve it. Onikami whatever that means.?

    Josh the first guard laid his hand on the man?s shoulder. ?That?s enough.?

    He turned to Onikami. ?I don?t want to hurt you but you better have a good explanation. You are our second the only in command person here. We can?t be divided right now.?
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