Roch, NY 2nd Annual Regional FF Holiday Dinner - Jan 14th

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Doc_Bev, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. Doc_Bev Jedi Knight

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    Jun 28, 2003
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    Here are the current plans for the
    2nd Annual Regional FanForce Holiday Dinner and Gift Exchange

    When: Saturday, January 14th
    Meet & Greet: 12:30pm
    Dinner: 1:30pm
    Gift Exchange: 3:30pm-ish
    Dessert: 4:30pm-ish
    Bowling Party: 6pm-ish

    Where: MacGregor's Grill and Tap Room
    607 Coldwater Road, Rochester, NY 14624
    Click [link=]here[/link] for mapquest map.
    From Buffalo:
    Take I-90E toward Rochester
    Merge onto I-490E via Exit 47 (Route 19/Leroy/Rochester)
    Take the RT-386 (Exit 5) toward Chili Center
    Turn left onto NY-386/Chili Center
    Slight right onto NY-386/Westside Drive
    Turn left onto Coldwater Rd/NY-386
    Stop at 607 Coldwater Rd (on left side of street) right before the railroad tracks.
    From Syracuse:
    Take I-90W toward Rochester
    Merge onto I-490W via Exit 45
    Take the RT-33W exit (Exit 7B)
    Merge onto NY-33/Buffalo Rd.
    Turn Left onto Coldwater Rd/NY-386
    Stop at 607 Coldwater Rd (on right side of street) immediately after the railroad tracks.

    How Much: $20 at the door

    For your admission fee you will be getting:
    Admission to the dinner in a private room
    Bottomless Soda
    Cheese & Cracker Tray and Veggie Tray
    Entrees: Meat & Cheese Tray, Baked Ziti with Tossed Salad and Chicken Fingers
    Opportunity to participate in the gift exchange
    Opportunity to meet and reunite with fellow FanForce members
    Note: alcoholic beverages are not included, but can be purchased separately at the bar. A list of available beers can be found [link=]here[/link].

    If we should happen to have any extra money left over after the bill is paid, this money will be donated to the American Cancer Society (specifically TK-0976?s marathon this summer).

    Note: Kids 12 and under are $10 pre-order or at the door.

    Gift Exchange "Rules"
    If you wish to participate in the gift exchange, please bring a wrapped unisex gift valued at aprox $10. You may bring multiple gifts or one per person/couple.

    After Dinner Activity: We will be having a bowling party after the banquet dinner for those interested. We have 4 lanes reserved at AMF's Terrace Garden Lanes located at 1151 Ridgeway Ave, 14615. I will provide printed directions from MacGregor's to the bowling alley so that folks don't get lost. Right now we don't have a firm cost, but it should be less than $15 per person for 3 games and shoe rental. Everyone is welcome to attend even if they choose not to bowl.

    I went over to MacGregor's to check out the room and it is very cool. We have a private upstairs room that fits 50. There should be plenty of room for us to eat plus tables for the gifts, etc. The only downside I saw is that it's not exactly toddler friendly - pre-crawler's and school age kids would be fine, but with the open stairwell and a small railing on the balcony overlooking the first floor - let's just say we don't feel safe for the patrons below because of Connor's tendancy to toss stuff over balconys :p. Other than that - the place is awesome and the dinner we had last night was great. Here's a link to their [link=]menu[/link].

    I will continue to update this entire first post with more details as I get them.

    Guest List:
    (updated 01/13/06 at 11:10pm)

    JediKnightLisa & Victoria
    VideoPrince (Larry)
    VideoPrince (Janice)
    Lyndi Scott

    Strawbary + 3 family members (pending)
    TD-027 & Lisa M. (pending)

    MadKidJedi & Emily

  2. RogueSquadronWingnut Jedi Master

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    Apr 7, 2002
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    I'll go as a Definite already for this one.
  3. T_StarFlyer Jedi Padawan

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    Nov 2, 2004
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  4. HothGirl Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 23, 2002
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  5. Karate-Jedi Jedi Youngling

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    Feb 4, 2003
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    I don't know if i will be able to make it. I will try and get the night off work
  6. BobaChris12 NE RSA & North Ridge VP

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    Aug 30, 2002
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  7. STAR-WARS-FREAK-JPB Jedi Master

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    May 27, 2001
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    Sounds good for me right now. Count me in. I think we should try for the Buffet. How many people do we need to do that? I vote for Bowling.
  8. Doc_Bev Jedi Knight

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    Jun 28, 2003
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    I don't know if there's an exact number, but I do know that if we have less than 20 it makes more sense to not go with the buffet. However, the restaurant would prefer us to use the buffet service as it would be easier on their cooks and we'll all get our food at the same time. I'm hopeful that we'll get 25-35 attendees.

  9. HothGirl Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 23, 2002
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    I'm going to try and bring Lyn up for this as you can put her on the tenative list. :)
  10. TreborGahKor Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 14, 2005
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    Put me down as a tentative. A lot depends on how drained my funds become from Christmas this year (our first year in a new house). Also, what do I need for the gift exchange? Also, are we dressing in costume for this, or is it more casual for this? Thanks.
  11. wookie_cookie Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 22, 2001
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    I'll go, weather permitting. :)
  12. Doc_Bev Jedi Knight

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    Jun 28, 2003
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    If you choose to participate in the gift exchange, you'd need to bring a wrapped unisex gift valued at aprox $10.

    This will not be a costumed event. MacGregor's is quite casual, so jeans/slacks and a nice shirt or t-shirt would be appropriate. The room we will be in is sort of like an attic so (at least when I went) I found the room quite warm and that was with only 5 1/2 people in the room. So, for example, I wouldn't recommend wearing a turtleneck and sweater - or if you do, be prepared to tear off the sweater and push up your shirtsleeves as soon as you arrive. ;)

  13. HothGirl Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 23, 2002
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    Doc -

    Please put Lyn on the tenative list as well. I see you updated today but must've missed that in my post.

  14. Doc_Bev Jedi Knight

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    Jun 28, 2003
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    She's added now - sorry about that. I think I read your post in this thread and the VGTS thread at the same time and got the two of them confused. 8-}

  15. HothGirl Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 23, 2002
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    Meh, it happens. I get confused on a daily basis so that's nothing new to me. ;)
  16. Recaf2000 Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 24, 2005
    I would like to attend. I'll ask for the day off A.S.A.P.
  17. VideoPrince North Ridge Treasurers / Diplomat

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    May 31, 2002
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    We are both planning on coming, weather permitting - of course.
    The Buffet looks promising.
  18. strawbary Syracuse CR, RSA Emeritus

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    Mar 11, 2002
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    Im sorry I havent been online much we have been swamped at work and my head cold has got my mutlitasking skills at zero lately :p

    you can put me down for 4 from my clan..... I will bump up the thread in syracuse and see if we can get any more RSVP's :)
  19. JEDI_SMURF Jedi Master

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    Nov 20, 2002
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  20. Chang Jedi Youngling

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    May 6, 2002
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  21. MakanPyralis Jedi Master

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    Aug 16, 2005
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    i will be there!

  22. starwarsarmboy Jedi Knight

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    Nov 9, 2002
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    Danielle ans myself will be there!
  23. JediXXL Jedi Grand Master

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    Apr 11, 2003
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  24. jedimaster1610 Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 1, 2005
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  25. jedijaime Jedi Master

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    Nov 17, 2002
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    Me & jedijason8080 are in weather permitting as well. Sounds like a blast can't wait.
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