2nd Fan Force Meeting Report

Discussion in 'Charleston, SC' started by motf-jan, Jul 26, 2002.

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    We had our second fan force official meeting tonight at Barnes and Noble at North Charleston. We had 8 members present. 3 were new from the last meeting. Although we discussed mainly plans to attend the up coming Dragon*con, we also discussed possible club events.

    The first focus is on a Halloween event. Various ideas were discussed. Some ideas were going in costume to the malls on Halloween night or some kind of party type event the Saturday before Halloween. All members agreed to look into events being held around the area that we may be able to participate in as a group. We also discussed joining with the local Trek group in this event. Perhaps showing up in costume for other movie premieres, etc. Krista also suggested working with the college to do some kind of educational retrospective at the college on the Star Wars movies with viewings at the College.

    As it is now, there probably won't be an August meeting, but another one in mid-September and then in October to plan the Halloween event.

    Any suggestions are and ideas are welcome.

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    It sounds as if y'all had a productive meeting. :)

    I'll soon be posting the information regarding the Dragon*Con FanForce dinner in various different FanForce forums. All of you are invited. :)
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