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SWRPF Archive 3,997 BBY - The Cleansing of the Nine Houses

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Evil Incarnate, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003

    [color=blue][i][b]A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...[/b][/i][/color]

    [hl=black][color=green][b]Star Wars: Lords of the Expanse, The Cleansing of the Nine Houses[/b][/color][/hl]

    [b][link=]Tapani Sector[/link], Dynastic Era, 3,997 BBY[i](8,733 Tapani calendar)[/i][/b]


    It has been three years since the beginning of the Great Sith War, but there are still many places that have not felt the touch of it. But even so, the Tapani Sector is on the brink of Civil War, the Great Houses can no longer be controled by Emperor Leocald VII. Even his own house has lost faith in him, and seeks to have him removed from the Throne. House Mecetti seeing an opportunity to take Power begins to broker deals with lesser houses in an attempt to disrupt the balance of power between them and House Pelagia. But they aren't the only ones plotting to gain the throne, each house seeks to find advantage in the coming chaos. House Pelagia, fearful of Mecetti's Mecrosa Assassins has contacted the Jedi in hopes that they can negotiate peace between the houses, and protect them from the Mecrosa Order. A group of Jedi Shadows are dispatched to investigate the matter.

    [b]The Story:[/b]
    House Mecetti has been waiting for a chance to take control of the Empire since the Advent of Shey Tapani from House Melantha, and the instability caused by the Great Sith War has allowed them to gain political advantage through Manipulation and Assassination, they will stop at nothing to gain what they believe should be rightfully theirs.
    Information and History:[i] Please read before you create a character.[/i] [/b][/color]

    [b][color=darkblue][u]The Nobility[/u][/color] -[/b]
    The population of the Expanse is divided into two socio-economic classes: the nobility and the common people. There are approximately 345 noble families in existence in one form or another. While in most of the Republic the idea of universal suffrage and equality existed, the philosophy in the Tapani Sector continued over the millennia that the right to rule belonged to the well-born. Both nobles and commons subscribe to this point of view.

    [b]Noble life[/b]
    [i]Although nobles were equal to commoners in law the well-born enjoyed honors and privileges rarely extended to others on a less formal and official level. Even the lower ranked knight expected a certain degree of respect from the common citizen although the real favor was reserved for the barons and lords of the nobility.

    The noble elite were accustomed to special treatment wherever they traveled in the Tapani sector. They did not typically have to wait in line except behind higher-ranked nobles. They did not generally need to make reservations at exclusive restaurants, stadiums and concert halls since the proprietors would remove commoners from reservations lists in favor of noble customers. Nobles were also invited to evaluate complementary new products in the hope that they would receive their endorsement. This practice was frowned upon by some in noble society as a front to their dignity but many younger nobles often jump at the chance to get their hands on the latest toys for free.

    The privileges of celebrity inevitably had consequences. More prominent nobles get little privacy when traveling. There were special sections in the newsnet media that focused on following the daily lives of popular nobles waiting for something newsworthy to report. This treatment was less of a problem for lesser nobles who lived in relative obscurity. The media was not typically interested in house knights unless they had distinguished themselves, such as being great warriors.[/i]

    [color=darkblue][b]Great Houses - [/b][/color]
    The Tapani Noble Houses were the ruling families of the Tapani Sector. When the Sector was first colonized, there were twelve houses. Two were destroyed in the civil war Shey Tapani initiated, while another collapsed on itself shortly there after. Competition between the houses was fi>
  2. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007

    House: Reena
    Rank: Petty Knight
    Name: Julian Christopher Ors III
    Age: 42
    Species: Human
    Race: Tapani Commoner
    Gender: Male
    Eyes: Steel blue
    Hair: Brown, shaved to stubble atop his head and on his face.
    Height: A fraction under two meters.
    Weight: One hundred six kilograms
    Build: Julian is built like a work ox, with powerful, muscular arms and legs and a relatively flat stomach. Julian has the body of a boy half his age.
    Clothing: For much of his life, Julian has gone shirtless, with a blacksmith?s apron and pants, both made from a protective leather and scarred from exposure to heat and sparks. In most cases, this is preferred apparel, though he has an array of tunic and trouser pairs, along with several robes, for classier events. He has a worn suit of leather armor, that was crafted by his father?s father, who was a tanner.
    Weapons: One and a half meter long war hammer.

    Two six-tenths of a meter long tomahawks.

    Fourth-tenths of a meter long dagger.
    Equipment: Blacksmith?s hammer and tongs
    Skills: Metallurgical, militaristic, charismatic
    Abilities: Non-Force
    Bio: Julian Ors is a true Tapani Commoner, in that his ancestry dates back to the first humans in the Tapani sector. However, he was the first of his family to be elevated above a commoner.

    Julian?s grandfather, Julian Christopher the First, was a tanner and armorer living in an urbanized district of Reena, when he was hired by the Tian family of Caloria. He was offered a tanning house on the planet, and a home for his extensive family. Julian I accepted and moved his wife and seven kids onto the Tian family's grounds, on the trade world. Julian I and his wife, Paniar, lived in a state between poverty and comfort until their deaths.

    Julian Christopher the Second inherited the family?s home and business, as the eldest son, but he left everything to his sister, Teila, and her husband, Siabon, as he sought to join the army of the current High Lord. His tour of duty lasted six years, and though he saw limited combat, Julian II was trained and given purpose. His time in the military was cut short, however, after the tragic death of Teila and Siabon.

    Julian II was granted leave of the army, as the only suitable guardian of his sister?s four kids. Intending to take over the tannery, Julian II came back to his father?s home, only to realize that a lack of funds and expertise would prevent his success. Instead, Julian took a modest job as an apprentice to an aging blacksmith, who had never been graced with a son.

    Julian II learned from this smithy, called Galen, until his death. During this time, he courted and married the smithy?s daughter, a petite girl named Alyssia. Before he had died, Galen had made Julian his heir, and thus the new head blacksmith of the Tian family. The Baron at the time took this change in stride, and often worked closely with Julian II as he crafted jewelry and weapons for the Baron and Baroness. Over time, Julian II and the Baron grew to be friends, and Julian II?s first born son, Julian Christopher the Third, grew up alongside the Baron?s second son, Caius Tian.

    Julian was his father?s apprentice and had a natural skill with the metal. Before he was twenty, Julian had outpaced his father and when his father died, Julian was ready to take over the forge.

    By his thirtieth year, Julian?s mother had passed and all his siblings had left home. In this year, Julian?s friend Caius was made Baron, when his older brother was killed in a space battle, with pirates, over Reena. This same year, Caius and his wife, Ziarah, had a son, who they name
  3. JespisGrabecca

    JespisGrabecca Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 11, 2009
    GM Approved!!!

    Character Sheet -

    House: House Reena
    Rank: Commoner
    Name: Jespis Morganis
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Race: White
    Gender: Male

    Eyes: Dark blue
    Hair: Dark Brown and curly, goes down to mid-neck
    Height: 6?2?
    Weight: 150
    Build: slightly muscular
    Clothing: Shabby cloth and leather, soon to have his father?s Jedi robes[Under tunic is dark brown, outer tunic is dark blue, and a darker brown Jedi tabard with gold, Celtic-like trimming]

    Weapons: An almost-complete lightfoil
    Equipment: all the parts for a lightfoil, minus a focusing crystal
    Abilities: Weak telekinesis[not full developed] and precognition[only a couple seconds before it happens, only when truly afraid of his opponent or during crucial moments]
    Bio: Born and raised in a shabby log house, Jespis felt that he had more purpose in life then to grow up and be an ore miner. He wanted to be more then just a commoner; he wanted to be a knight. He wanted to do great deeds for the House of Reena, go to many planets, and have more then what a commoner could possibly dream of. If he was a knight, he would be educated and respected, although; the nobles of the House of Reena were polite and kind to their subjects.
  4. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    GM Approved

    House: Pelagia
    Rank: Knight
    Name: Xander Stryfe
    Age: 26
    Species: Human
    Race: Caucasian
    Gender: Male

    Eyes: Midnight blue
    Hair: Red
    Height: 5?11
    Weight: 194
    Build: Muscular tone
    Clothing: Thin mesh over shirt covering a dark grey undershirt. Red gauntlet on his left arm. Fitting leather strap pants with a silver buckled belt, comfortable boots. He wears a long sleeveless white coat with black fur. The coat has his family crest on the back and is very tattered on the tail.

    Weapons: Beautifully ornate custom made sword. Twin blaster pistols on either thigh
    Equipment: Occasionally wears various pieces of silver plate armor
    Skills: Swordsmanship, Marksmanship, handiwork
    Abilities: Non Force
    Bio: Xander was born into a wealthy family. His father was good friends with High Lord Dressin and because of that relationship, he saw much of the High Lord.

    Upon reaching the age of 14, Xander was to be Knighted into his family, as such, he was sent to school so that he could learn exactly what it meant to be a nobleman. It was in this school that he was educated in etiquette, mathematics, language and various other academic fields that nobles were expected to know. It was also here that Xander picked up his first sword. Along with learning how to behave as a gentleman, he was also expected to know how to defend himself in a noble duel. It was there in the school that the young Xander found that he took not only a liking to the sword, but was also exceptionally skilled with it. However, due to the times, he was also trained in marksmanship with his blasters. Though not as good with a blaster, he was still only a step below his skill with a sword.

    When he graduated from the school, Xander took a very serious step in a direction that was unexpected from his family. Xander vowed to become a real Knight, and not only one because of title. His family had always been generous to the commoners, but never had they branched out to accomplish what the youngest member of the family had.

    The day before his Knighting ceremony however, tragedy struck his home. An ?accidental? fire claimed the lives of his entire family, and only with the help of one of the house servants did the 15 year old Xander make it out. His fathers relationship with the High Lord came back now.

    Dressin had heard of Xanders dream and decided to Knight the boy himself, after the funeral. Dressin took Xander into his home and finished educating the boy in his own way.

    Since then, Xander has looked to Dressin like a second father figure, and has worked as something of a body guard for the man at times.

    Xander Stryfe is a kind man, always ready to give a smile to anyone. Regardless of his title and standing, he is willing to help anyone with anything. Whether it be fending off bandits with his weapons, or helping to repair a leaking roof, noble or commoner alike.

    He is the kind of man that will avoid a confrontational situation if he can, and will smile right up until the point where he has to draw his sword
  5. JespisGrabecca

    JespisGrabecca Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 11, 2009
    Note: Just realized that most of my bio is missing! so here is the rest:

    One day, while helping his mother with the hay outside, he felt as if someone, or something, was helping him. He dropped the pile of hay and tried lifting it, merely by the wave of his hands. The pile of hay lifted up by a couple of feet. He was amazed and shocked that he had such a gift. He was so excited that he used this gift to try and lift the rest of the piles of hay into the barn, which was not as successful as the first. He found some pebbles by the barn, after he finished piling in the hay, and levitated them just above his palm. He would continue playing with this ability, but he had other chores to do that day, so he went to do those chores.

    As he was doing the chores, he continued to think about what he did in front of the barn. He had heard that there were sentients in the galaxy that could move things with their minds. He heard of two groups, one being the Sith, and from what he heard, he did not want to join them. The Sith were too dark for Jespis? good natured heart. He wanted to find the other group, whoever they may be. The House of Pelagia was also a group that possessed these gifts of levitating objects with their mind.

    A couple days later, a boy from a neighboring farm came to the barn to find Jespis all alone at the farm. The neighboring boy was physically bigger by muscle and by weight as well, but was shorter then him by about three inches. This boy always made a habit of picking on Jespis whenever he found the chance to, but this time, the outcome would be a little different then what he would have expected. The boy, Dakn, snuck up on Jespis, like he always would, then he made a wide swing at Jespis to knock him flat on the floor. Jespis, in awe of it, saw a punch coming towards him, and quickly jumped to avoid it, as if by instinct. Dakn was also shocked and flung a quick punch this time, that no ordinary boy could dodge in time, however; Jespis was no ordinary boy.

    He quickly dodged it as soon as it came and jump kicked Dakn in the face. Dakn, enraged by this act, rose from the kick that knocked him down and ran at Jespis to give him a full array of punches, ?The Rain?, as Dakn would always call it. ?The Rain? was a signature move of Dakn?s that no one had ever come out crying or knocked out?until this day. Jespis ?saw? the move before it actually happened, then ducked under ?The Rain? and as Dakn passed, he elbowed him in the back hard enough to make Dakn fall flat on his face.

    Seeming defeated and flustered, Dakn ran home screaming and cursing that he was defeated by ?the Weasel?. Jespis would have never let it down if he wasn?t so intrigued with his ?gifts? that seemed to be piling up on him lately, so he went to talk about it with his mother, a very understanding person and a real good listener.

    Jespis told this to her mother, then she went to her room, and came out with a box; the box of his father. His father died a few years ago in a cave-in at the ore mines, saving hundreds in the process before his heroic and untimely death. Jespis? mother told him that his father was apart of a group that was similar and yet different from the Sith. She did not know the name either, but said that his father wanted him to have the box if he ever decided to go out into the galaxy and find a better purpose for himself.

    Inside the box were different metal components to something. ?Your father said to make it your own, to build it in a way that represents you. It is a lightfoil, or an energy sword. Find a crystal that can fit in the handle and you will have a weapon far more powerful then any vibrosword.?
    Jespis? mother, Jayleen, reminded Jespis of his father?s creativeness and curiosity of the unknown. Jespis laughed at the pleasant memories of his light-hearted and laid-back father that never extremely disciplined his three children, unless it was severely need. She continued to tell him of his father?s history, one she made Jespis swear to never repeat.

    Jespis? father, Mikin Morganis, was apart
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