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W.VA 30 Days of Night - Movie Reviews and Opinons (Possible Spoilers)

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by -Fettish-, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. -Fettish-

    -Fettish- Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 7, 2003
    Anyone go see "30 Days of Night" yet?

    I did.... And here is my "good vs bad" review without giving the story away. (Warning - contains slight spoilers):

    Lame-o category:
    This movie failed to scare me....or even startle me really. If you've ever seen the "Bat Boy" featured on the cover of the Weekly World News, then you've seen the "head vamp" dude. He wanders about with this slack-jawed expression which is supposed to be..........scary? Other vamps resemble that guy from The Cars, Marilyn Manson, and a shrew... They make a peculiar noise which sounds like a cross between a Ring Wraith and an asthma attack. (Speaking of asthma ? you?ll see the small town cop scrambling for his inhaler, but I digress.) None of the vamps strike me as intelligent and most look inbred (which they might be). Lots of red blood splattered on white snow....and even more spraying about. Small town mass panic.... Women screaming.... etc.... Plot is completely predictable and reminds you somewhat of the old black and white "Night of the Living Dead" (which is a really cool movie in itself). The ending is a total copy-cat of another vamp movie ending but with the genders reversed, which you will recognize when you see it. I couldn't really identify a sub-plot that was tangible, they tried a few times but it doesn't fly very far. And there are a few characters that start off good, but peter out...

    Redeeming Qualities:
    There are four cool but brief scenes involving an axe that are very disturbing (yeesh). The gore and sound effects are pretty realistic (you'll know which scenes I mean). The vamps? mannerisms and general demeanor are really cool, as are their array of fangs. The head vamp guy is disturbing. Arial shots of aftermath are unsettling. Some creepy scenes with little girls....(if you have a soft spot for kids - don't look). Oh, and there is Josh Hartnet to gander at, which is always fun for the ladies...

    I would unfortunately have to give this ride a C+ grade. It didn't scare me, and I even found myself giggling a few times. I did miss the first 15 min of it due to the wrong show time being listed in the newspaper, so if I have missed any beginning key elements fill me in... There should have been more background info on who the vamps were, where they came from, history, etc... This film is based on the graphic novel (which I have not read) so perhaps more insightful information is available from that source. I think if they had went with a more intelligent "mess with your mind" film, then this movie would have impressed me more. It was fun to see, but I was disappointed. :(
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