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30 Somethings - The First Star Wars Generation?

Discussion in 'FanForce Community' started by crashdown, Nov 22, 2003.

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  1. Maulfly

    Maulfly Moderator Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 23, 2001
    I'm 29 and SW has always been a part of my life. I was too young to see Star Wars in the theater, but Empire was the very first movie I saw in the theater. In school during recess we used to play with our SW figures (and Transformers and He-man... :p ) and roleplay SW scenes. We'd talk in the lunch line about what the next SW film was going to be like. There were the cartoons and tv special. It was everywhere. And especially if you have a strong imagination and love to draw creatures and stuff anyway, SW was perfect.

    As I grew up, scifi/fantasy was always a part of who I was. Next thing I know, I'm hanging out online at a SW internet board meeting a bunch of people, some turning out to be very close friends and one now a fiancee, that I would've never met if it weren't for all of us having been influenced by a certain little trilogy of "space cowboy" movies. ;)
  2. alferret

    alferret Jedi Youngling

    Aug 28, 2004
    Im **cou37gh**,
    I first watched SW at the State cinema in Grays with me brother and dad. This film was by far the most awe inspiring life changing film I have ever watched and even today when I watch it, its like watching a new film every time. I always spot something, or notice something different or missed every time.
    To say im a first gen SW fan would be a bit of an understatement, more probrably a fan for life, got the films, play the games, read the books etc...
    Lets hope that the rumour mill is more than just that and that Ep 7, 8 & 9 do go ahead.
  3. ororom103

    ororom103 Jedi Youngling

    Aug 28, 2004
    I'm 35, my brother 33. Our parents took us to see SW in theatres, after we begged and begged. We were one of the last to see it I think. We sat, wide eyed, no fidgeting, no fighting, no talking, just some glances back and forth, for the whole film.

    We've seen each movie together since. For AOTC, we both took the day off from work, I took my 5 year old out of school early and the three of us went to see it. My husabnd went that night with his brothers. We plan to see the next together as well, somehow (we both have babies now). My daughter is also hooked and counting the months until we go to the movies to see the next!

    I guess you could say SW has, in some way, strenghtened my relationship with my brother. This was something the two of us could always play, talk about, fantasize about, something we share together. I think it too shaped all our other interests as well.

    As far as the effects go...I think the OT (I hope I'm getting these abbreviations right, newbie and all) was, for a long time, the movie that all effects tried to achieve. I'm not sure when I finally saw how dated they are now.
  4. Jedi_Satimber

    Jedi_Satimber Jedi Knight star 8

    Jul 3, 2002
    I was 3 1/2 when SW came out...and absolutely loved it.

    I believe that you are right. The 30 and above crowd has a more personal feeling for the movies, I believe.

    [hl=black]~J.Sat - Mobster Kingpin~[/hl]
  5. sweetcaroline

    sweetcaroline Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 23, 2004
    I was 5 when Star Wars came out in 1977. It was the first movie I ever got to see in a big theater and was I in awe!!

    I'll never forget it. The memories I have of that momentous occasion. It's like a friend of mine, who's 2 years older than I am, once said, "We're the class of '77". That is true. I'm very happy to have been around when it first came out. When I saw "Empire of Dreams" on A&E last Sunday night, seeing all the retro footage really took me back. It was like being transported back in time to 1977.

    Am happy to be in the "Class of '77" :)
  6. Allie Fox

    Allie Fox FanForce CR Macon GA US star 3

    Jan 13, 2000
    It's interesting to me when I think about how long I have been a "fan." I was about ten when the first film was released and fell in love with the series immediately.

    One thing that has troubled me in the past (more recently than not) is the fan that feels they are more "in tune" to the saga simply because they were there in the beginning.

    Older fans were there to see it all on the big screen, TRUE.
    Older fans were there before Greedo shot first, TRUE.
    Older fans did not know that Vader was Luke's father; TRUE.

    These things, however do not make one a "bigger," "better" or "more important" fan.

    The thing, I think, that draws people to the original trilogy is the simplicity of the myth. Star Wars is a basic tale of good v. evil. We expected and saw the good guys win in the end despite the trials and tribulations that were presented in The Empire Strikes Back. The saga had characters that everyone could identify with, be it Han Solo, Chewbacca or even Darth Vader; there are a lot of neat things like aliens, spaceships and lightsabers that qualify as eye candy; the actors were young and good looking, etc. These are the things that draw us ALL in and keep us coming back.

    The new trilogy is different in that it is the story that sets up the battle of good v. evil depicted in the original trilogy. It still has interesting characters, there are still a lot of neat things to look at and the actors are certainly young and good looking. The ?black and white? is there but it takes a back seat to the set up. Star Wars is not openly ?good v. evil? until Episode Four.

    Again, it is the simplicity of the myth, the ?good v. evil? that has the hooks. The new trilogy gives the saga EPIC myth status. It is now about Anakin Skywalker and his fall and redemption. Originally, it was about Luke?s struggle against the Empire.

    I feel MY interest in the new trilogy has a lot more to do with the nostalgia rather than content in the films. I am, however, eager to see it play out and finally understand the entire epic. I think a lot of younger (or newer) fans that first saw the original trilogy after seeing The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones (or even Revenge of the Sith) should still be considered ?Original Trilogy Fans.? They think the newer films are interesting and it draws them to the video store or where ever to see the original trilogy which hooks them. The first two chapters definitely look cool but the story, as intriguing as it is does not have the simplicity of the original series and until we can look back at the entire saga as one epic we should all be considered FIRST GENERATION FANS.
  7. Jedi_Triba_Blakan

    Jedi_Triba_Blakan Jedi Youngling

    Jun 1, 2004
    I was 12 in '77. It was wonderful to grow up with Star Wars. The first time I saw ANH my friend & I sat through it as many times as possible before they threw us out of the theater. ESB I saw so many times I lost count. And when ROTJ was released, a group of us went to see it right after our high school graduation.

    It's great to be counted amongst those who saw Star Wars when it was first released, but what really makes me happy is that it continues to thrill and inspire each new generation.

  8. Diane

    Diane Jedi Youngling

    Oct 12, 2004
    I am 35...and I am very grateful that I don't look it! My first encounter with Star Wars actually when Return of the Jedi came out at the Ventura Majestic Theatre. I fell into love with it! Ever since 1977 when I was 7, my nephews and niece tried passionatley to get me to watch SW long before this..but unforuantly the horridness of SW rip-offs on TV like the very HORRID New Buck Rogers turned me off from all sci-fi and I was affraid of SW thinking it would be corny like this..But when i saw the ads on tv for Jedi I was hooked into wanting to see it.

    And yes I agree with this statement:

    "I feel MY interest in the new trilogy has a lot more to do with the nostalgia rather than content in the films. I am, however, eager to see it play out and finally understand the entire epic."

    Yeah, the same here. But I feel the key to the original magic was due to the unscreen chemistry between Mark Hamill, Carri Fisher and Harrison Ford.

  9. Aquarius_1977

    Aquarius_1977 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 18, 2004
    I'm 34, was 7 when Star Wars made its debut, and have been a fan from moment one.

    I was dismayed by a previous poster's assertion that the 30-somethings are grasping for superiority over younger fans by feeling that it was different for us than it is for them. The fact of the matter is, it *is* different. We grew up differently because times were different. Viet Nam and Watergate were fresh in our minds even though many of us were very young. To say that someone who isn't even old enough to remember Reaganomics first-hand would have the same experience is a stretch, in my humble opinion. While we can all get along out of a shared love for the films, there is a fundamental difference in experience just as there is a fundamental difference between men and women, apples and oranges, cats and dogs, etc. Things are going to have a different meaning to the younger fans because they will be experiencing them in a different context. This is not a bad thing at all. It's just what makes us different from each other.

    In terms of my own feelings about my experience as a Star Wars fan, I feel I had a unique opportunity to "grow into" the films. Star Wars came out when I was a kid, so I naturally gravitated toward the things that had built-in kid appeal: droids and spaceships are cool, and like a lot of little girls I wanted to be like Princess Leia when I grew up because she was smart and funny and strong and beautiful. At the very least, I wanted to be her for Halloween.

    I was 10 when Empire came out, a little older, a little wiser, and a little more able to read between the lines. Let's just say that I'm part of a segment of a generation of girls who were launched into puberty as they discovered the sex appeal of Han Solo.

    As a teenager when English classes started to move on to things like critical analysis of literature, I began to understand and embrace the Star Wars saga as an epic tale of heroic archetypes and universal themes. Moving into my 20's and 30's, I've gained the life experiences to have a more mature perspective of the tale as a whole and of the Han and Leia relationship I fell in love with from the beginning. Star Wars has had the ability to change with me as I grew up.

    The Prequels, on the other hand, seem a little lackluster to me by comparison. I have thought long and hard about whether this is because I am starting with TPM as an adult and not a seven-year-old, or if there are definite observable differences between the two trilogies. For myself, I have concluded tht it's the latter. The emphasis seems to be on the flash of special effects and other elements seem to be contrived and kiddied up purposely rather than letting the movie sell itself. (Don't get me wrong; I have these feelings about certain elements of ROJ, too.)

    I am not saying I categorically dislike the Prequels; they're a good bit of fun for what they are. What I am saying is that if I had started with TPM and not ANH as it's called now, I probably wouldn't have been as moved by the Star Wars machine and the epic probably wouldn't have left such an indelible mark on me.

    Just one "fossil's" opinion. We're probably supposed to just be speaking generally here, but I can only speak to my own experiences and feelings.
  10. Zar_Valen

    Zar_Valen Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 19, 2004
    I'm 32 and first saw Star Wars in the theater at age 5.

    Although it's hard to imagine that newer fans can fully realize the impact the movie had on society and on the film industry itself without experiencing it firsthand, the message and magic of the films is obviously still there as new generations fall in love with the epic.

    My friend's 13-year-old son is a new generation fan and we often talk about Star Wars when visiting and share news and trivia with each other. This says a lot about the relationship of the older and newer generations to me. We can talk about the films on a common ground just as fans. We may have had vastly different experiences with the Star Wars universe but in the end it doesn't really matter. :)
  11. jedimastermonkey

    jedimastermonkey Jedi Youngling

    Nov 25, 2004
    well I am not that old I am 14 but, ever since my grandma first gave me the star wars vhs tapes I was forever changed. When I first got them I watch them over and over-ect every day for like 2 or 3 years and no I am in love with sw so much.
  12. crashdown

    crashdown Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 6, 2003
    For a 14 year old to love the Classic Trilogy as much as us old timers must say something about the films. It's not just the special effects, or why would someone so young love such old movies, with old special effects. It's the story. It sinks in you heart and becomes part of you.

    But is this true about the new Star Wars it the special effects or the story? In the Classic Trilogy we were watching good triumph over evil. In the new film we watch evil triumph over good. I have heard that many younger fans like the new movies better than the this because of the special effects or the story? And if it is about the story, then is it good for fans to like stories about the power of evil rather than the power of good? What happens when stories about evil sink into your heart and become part of you?
  13. Owned

    Owned Jedi Youngling

    Dec 20, 2004
    I am 23 years old, And SW was a HUGE influence on my childhood.

    I remember watching these four movies, IN SUCCESSION at least once a month on the weekend

    Star Wars: A New Hope
    Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
    Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
    Ewoks: The Battle for Endor

    I have also read every full length novel in the EU (post ROTJ) with the exception of the latest Zahn book released just this month. I have written some fan fiction, and i believe that It probably had the same effect on my life as it did the people that went to see it in the theatre's at its original release.

    I will confess that I did not go to see the SE's in theatre's, but only because I felt that they would not be the same. While having the experience of seeing that "A Long Time Ago...." trail off on the screen might have been great, I wasnt ready to see a new version of SW because I felt it might taint my view of the originals, and it almost did.

    I spent a weekend once first watching the SE's then watching the originals and in my opinion the Originals are FAR better.

    *Aquarius_1977* as for "growing into" i believe that children born in the 80's who's parents were SW fans probably had that same opportunity, I know that I did. My mother was a huge fan of SW and she was the one that started me on that path.

    the Prequels, well, TPM they didn't do enough charachter building in my opinion. and the gap between TPM an AotC is too long. you dont get to see the trials and tribs that Anakin faces with Obi which causes him to be who he is in AotC they probably could have made another entire move spanning his teenage life up until AotC.

    as for the Good vs Evil thing. I think while the Originals are that classic view of Good over evil, its also kinda the story of the Skywalker family's triumph after a fall to darkness, and I can see the fall in the story of the first three, while minute it is there.

    im very tossed up on the prequels, i will probably have to watch the first 2 before going to see the third in the theatre just to be sure that I am getting the whole story in one shot.

    DIVINATIONVI Jedi Youngling

    Jan 26, 2005
    I remember standing in line for Star Wars.Yes, I'm older. Thirty something. I was younger then, yet still today I look upon Star Wars in awe. This motion picture was a turning point in my life as well as many others who stood in line that misty day to be ingulfed by the introduction of the Force. I remember my amazment as the projector produced a photoplay of such breathtaking and wondrous special effects, the likes of which I have only seen in my dreams.Short of pinching myself, I remember I had to see it several times just make sure I wasn't dreaming. I followed this marvel ever since. I started reading Timothy Zahn and found a hole new avenue for my overwhelming desire for more. Of course I've seen all the continuing Star Wars movies and soooooo look forward to May 19th for Episode III. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and I look forward to conversing with you. Safe journey and may the Force enlighten our minds......
  15. The_Littlest_Jedi

    The_Littlest_Jedi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 15, 2005
    Hi, new to Fan Force!

    36 male here, and been into SW ever since my dad took me to see it. I've been searching through the various forums and am constantly amazed and thrilled to finally see that there are people out there like me who love SW and share the same interests about it.

    Since I'm in the age bracket, I had to post at least once lol.
  16. darthhomeboy-G

    darthhomeboy-G Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 19, 2005
    hi there, this is darthhomeboy-G, and i'm 50 yrs young and also the first generation and will always be a fan!! i'm from detroit and plannint be at the c3 and will be at lots of events. i wear a awesome "darth vader costume and and awesome "anakin costume as well. i wish the best and god's blessings on you all. may the force be with you!!!!
  17. MusicTrooper

    MusicTrooper Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 22, 2005
    At 54, I feel younger than ever, thanks to Star Wars.

    Cleary, Star Wars is for Children of all ages.
    and can change your life no matter what your
    actual or percieved age.

    was bored and
    Saw it on a lark (barely got to the theatre in time)
    on day one (no lines, theatre mostly empty!)
    ..have not been bored since.

    "For generations to come"
    is a comment that seems to fit this story.

    Now, let us hear from some ......really old fans,
    anyonein their 100-s yet?
  18. Dark_Lady_Jada

    Dark_Lady_Jada Jedi Knight star 5

    Dec 7, 2004
    [blockquote][link=]jada_marnew[/link] posted on 11/29/03/05 10:50pm

    ~~~Queen Jada Marnew~~~

    Geez! Who does she think she is [face_silly]

  19. Jedi_Satimber

    Jedi_Satimber Jedi Knight star 8

    Jul 3, 2002
    ^ Wench, look at all of these fellow Geriatrics...if only we could get them into our insane world. :p
  20. Dark_Lady_Jada

    Dark_Lady_Jada Jedi Knight star 5

    Dec 7, 2004
    I know! Post the link! Post the link!

    See if we can lure them with the promise of [hl=#009900]GREEN JELLO[/hl]
  21. Jedi_Satimber

    Jedi_Satimber Jedi Knight star 8

    Jul 3, 2002
    don't mention the [link=]Green JELL-O[/link]. :p
  22. Dark_Lady_Jada

    Dark_Lady_Jada Jedi Knight star 5

    Dec 7, 2004
    thank you very much, Satimber :p
  23. KennyT

    KennyT Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 25, 2005
    I see this is where i belong. Like many of you have expressed, Star Wars was the first movie I had seen in a theater. I was 6 when it came out, and my sister had to take me three different times before we could finally get in to see it. I would say it had an impact on my life, and is one of the main reasons I love SciFi/ Fantasy so much.

    Back in the day, as someone mentioned, it was just Star Wars. We wondered why it started as Episode IV, but had no idea that other films were to come. I remember a buddy of mine, the SOB, told me about Empire Strikes Back before I ever got the chance to see it. He told me that Vader was Lukes father, and I was dumbfounded (Thanks Jason). Anyway, to this day Empire is one of my all time favorite movies. Were it not for the Ewoks, Return of the Jedi may be it. But at least Jedi showed Leia in all her glory.

    The original trilogy is the first I knew of films that took several years to make, and you had to wait like forever to see the next film. It was torture.

    I agree that those of us fortunate enough to see the films as they were meant to be seen, in theaters, starting with Episode IV, and waiting years for each sequeal, and then prequel have a different relationship with the films than the younger generation of Star Wars fans. That is not to say we are bigger fans, as I know many youngsters who have embraced the Star Wars universe and know more about it than I; but we group up in love with Leia, idolizing Luke, and hating Vader. Vader was the most awesome bad guy of his time, for us 30 somethings. To now see Vader was a good guy at one time, adds a whole new prospective for us, than I believe it could for those starting with TPM.
  24. platform327

    platform327 Jedi Youngling

    Apr 1, 2005
    [blockquote]I was too young to see Star Wars in the theater, but Empire was the very first movie I saw in the theater.[/blockquote]

    Ditto. :)
  25. ChewieSkywalker

    ChewieSkywalker Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 8, 2004
    I am 30. I saw ANH when it first came out on the big screen. According to family legend, I wanted to know why R2-D2 "farted." Anyway, I had the sheets, the books, the stuffed Chewbacca (he's going with me to Epi III), you name it. I was cutting out pictures from the box of Dixie Cups when I cut my little sister's hair. SW has been with me from the beginning. I am very excited to be able to share it with my own children. They love it too.

    I remember showing the video at a sleepover when I was like 9 and all the other girls thought it was boring. Today my Kindergartner took her new Shaak-Ti action figure to school for show and tell and everyone was so excited. I guess SW girls have come a long way baby.
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