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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Zelda_Skywalker, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Zelda_Skywalker

    Zelda_Skywalker Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 4, 2005
    7 skaters, 7 bmx bikers, one goal-The Sharp Cup. A trophy that symbolizes their skill and ability.
    These seven skaters and bmx bikers were chosen from hundreds to compete in this tournament. They're the best in the United States and are now to face it down to who is THE best in the US, and to take away the Sharp cup for their division.
    You are one of the seven that have been chosen.
    basically, this is a RPG for Skateboarding and BMX biking. I only need seven skaters and seven bmx bikers. I need two impartial judges to decide scores on runs with the skaters and bmx bikers. You can also play as people like Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Shaun White and the like. you can be a pro skater, but you do have to post up a character sheet.

    1.limit your cursing are not a skating god, you will fall.
    3.nothing that is scientifically impossible
    4.2 character minimum
    5.obey rules
    6.obey GM and co-gm
    7.interact with other players. flaming, baiting, trolling...etc...

    character sheet

    PM me your character sheets.

    plz & Thank you.
  2. Darth_Meerkat

    Darth_Meerkat Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 4, 2006
    Character Sheet-Judge
    Name: Kevin "Doc" Williams
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Miramar, California
    Height: 6' 5"
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Clothing: Olive-green shirt, cutoff jeans, dark blue baseball cap
    Piercings: Diamond stud in right ear
    Jewelry: Dog tags
    Make-up: None
    Scars: Knife scar on left side of face
    Tattoos: Skull on right upper arm
    Board/Bike: Old worn-out Mongoose
    Personality: Doc is laid-back, and has a great sense of humor. He would much rather be out looking for a woman that judging a contest, but he is content to sit through contests, if only for a free chance to watch some of the biggest names in BMX and boarding
    Bio: Doc was born to an instructor at the Aviation school in Miramar, and and his wife, who was an administrator at the school. He grew up skateboarding around the base, and made several friends among the pilots. One such pilot, Mac Smithers, took him to his first skateboard exhibition when he was seven. Kevin was awed by some of the tricks preformed, and knew he could never reach that level of performance, and settled for watching. When word came down from the editor in chief of the newspaper where he worked that reporters were needed to cover the X-Games, Doc jumped at the chance. The judging committee was impressed with his analysis of the participants, and asked him to come onto their staff. That was 5 years ago. Since then, Williams has traveled all over America judging various contests.
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