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3D Digital Artists for Iconia – The Fall, a short film leading to Star Trek Horizon.

Discussion in 'Fan Films, Fan Audio & SciFi 3D' started by Leom, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Leom

    Leom Jedi Youngling

    Jun 6, 2014
    Project [N] Resource films are looking for digital artists for Iconia - The Fall , a short film that will serve as a primer to Star Trek Horizon – A feature length film set in the Enterprise era.

    Opening scene:

    Work will be for the next four months, concluding on November 1st 2014.

    Our focus for the short film (10-15mins) will be on the Iconian civilisation 250,000 years ago.

    Specifically we are interested in work involving:

    3D Alien figure – model and texture.

    • An alien figure, taller than a human, slightly humanoid except for head crest. We would like this to pay homage to the Iconians in Star Trek Online but given that this is set many years before, some artistic licence can be taken with it.

    3D Interior models (and textures if possible).

    • An industrial underground corridor that has multiple entrances/exits on either side showing that it is part of a lattice of corridors. This corridor covers considerable distance. The entrances/exits are large enough to fit a single elevator car through. A main character will be running down the corridor while dodging ‘large flying objects’ crossing the corridor through the entrances/exits.
    • Large industrial room which has not been used in some time. This room will be used for storage of the ‘large flying objects’. The room stretches far to two exits. One character will be walking through a field of objects to get to the other side.
    • An office/lab/chamber. Positioned at a top of a tower, it has one diamond shaped window to look below. The room is big enough to accommodate the work of someone in a leadership position. Tall ceiling.
    • Small Iconian Gateway. A gateway small enough for a single person or a group of people to travel through.
    • Large Iconian Gateway. To be placed in the office/lab/chamber against or built into one wall. It runs from floor to ceiling.
    • Small room with gurney. For a short hospital focused scene.

    3D Exterior models (and textures if possible).

    • Tower similar to a lighthouse or ancient look out. Tower has one diamond shaped window providing a view over the land and the distant city.
    • Distant city. Distant well lit city, ancient solid architecture. Blocky in design but tall buildings.

    3D landscapes – Models & Textures

    • Small dull planet with one lit up industrial area. Planet is for an Iconian industrial colony.
    • A Mountain for a second planet. We have a planet texture for use as comparison.

    In return we offer screen credit & recognition and the opportunity to showcase your work to thousands of Star Trek and Science Fiction fans.

    Please contact me for more particulars on the work involved.

    Yours faithfully,

    Leom Tait