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3D Time-lapse Installation at the East End Film Festival

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by suebeelexi, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. suebeelexi

    suebeelexi Jedi Youngling

    Apr 9, 2009
    Friday 24th-Thursday 30th of April 10 am until 10pm, Spitalfields Market

    On March 18th our 3D guerrilla filmmakers completed shooting their 3D
    time-lapse installation, due to be unveiled on the 24th of April as part
    of our 2009 festival. You can catch the 'making of' pod-cast on YouTube
    NOW, which shows the camera that artists Brian McClave and Gavin Peacock
    specially constructed for the project. The film combines 3D technology
    with the time-lapse film method - compressing a whole day's activity
    into several minutes to present a view of East London as never seen
    before! The last view they captured was an amazing sunset over the
    Thames seem from the Tower of London. It is truly breath-taking and you
    must see it to take in the glory and beauty! All five films are now in
    post production, and will be premiered at East End Film Festival '09 as
    part of a cutting-edge 3D cinema strand. There is also musical
    accompaniment from composers including Michael Nyman (The Piano), David
    Arnold (Casino Royale) and Alabama 3. During the festival you'll be able
    to visit our outdoor screen in Spitalfields Market, where you can don 3D
    glasses and marvel at these unique films which play with time, space and
    sound to create a whole new way of experiencing the city. It does not stop there; Cineworld as well is putting on a 3D showing called ?Another Dimension and How to Get There ? The Future of 3D in Film.? This event is complete with screens in the foyer of the cinemas and panel discussions led by speakers.

    More information about the 3D installation and the East End Film
    Festival can be found at:
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