3D toymaker seeking job at Lucasfilm

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by NightmareHero, Mar 29, 2017.

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    I have struggled for years to acquire a job at Hasbro without any success, I believe that even though my designs are primitive modeled, they are exceptional in comfrotability and holdability. I am showcasing a few samples of my artwork in the hopes that word of mouth would spread and someone would get in contact with Lucasfilm in ways that I cannot to make these designs someday soon a reality as toys.

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
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    What else do you have?

    Are there any non SW/TF pieces? It's hard to tell, some look original, some are sw/tf pieces. Do you have any game ideas?

    If you do, perhaps try this:


    The aim is for games that are family friendly so it maybe not applicable but it wouldn't hurt to attempt to.

    The other thing is, these remind me of Fantasy Flight Games, and the X-wing series. FFG is a pretty successful company (X-wing is the most popular tabletop game in the UK) so you could try there. I can't speak for FFG but an original IP maybe something they'd like to develop.

    FFG are owned by a parent company and I found that they do allow freelancers to submit applications.


    They also allow internships so that might be an idea for something to put your foot in the door/ gain some experience.

    Another idea would be to do a Kickstarter and see if you can produce them as toys, if you could work a story into it that would probably be even better.

    You could also go to investor/toy fairs and pitch there. I'm sure they exist somewhere.
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    Thank you for sharing your designs, you are welcome to continue to showcase your artworks in this thread. :)

    @Darthmaul208 has given some great advice. In terms of feedback about getting your foot in the door for that industry, the Collecting Forum might also shed some further insight.
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