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SWRPF Archive 4,000 ABY- The Ending of Shadows

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Zadann_MaRanna, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Zadann_MaRanna

    Zadann_MaRanna Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 21, 2009
    Forever, almost as long as the Jedi have been in existence, the few stories of Jedi Shadows have been told. The perfect assassins, infiltrators, warriors, and masterminds compounded into this special force barely known. They accompanied themselves with the graceful looks and attitudes they held however, there darker sides worked better in their specific line of work. In this future the Shadows are only some of the best and the brightest of the Order, and with the Sith growing in power- the Shadows have been used more and more.

    Through their glory, defeat, and instantaneous consumptions of time infiltrating through the Dark Jedi ranks they are gold- never forgetting. Even with this respect- accusations have now shrouded them. Ones in which say they've all fallen to the dark teachings- the dark learning?s which they helped to eradicate. The Council...of course The Jedi Order Council. They believe in what their Knights and Masters believe to keep unity. Even with this belief, they've been produced proof of only several Shadows who had secretly fallen to the side opposite.

    This, to them, could mean the whole entire system was corrupted. After debate the Shadows were labeled Sith, the enemy of the Order. This was contributed mostly by the Senate of the time, who also believed in the circumstantial proof provided by various members closely acquainted with the workings of the secretive group.

    That same day four hundred Jedi Shadows were completely obliterated within various temples on various planets unbeknownst of what they were thought of being. They were killed with only believing that they were to be sent on another mission, but their stories were ended swiftly and without regard for their lives. Of a thousand Shadow Members those four hundred were not the last. An additional five hundred where hunted down like complete dogs until they were murdered. Now, the last hundred hide across the galaxy, even joining the Sith for the sake of surviving the assaulting Jedi and Republic.

    However, the Jedi assigned to watch the Shadows has survived. His name, Qi-Von. He seeks redemption in , what he believes, falsely accused Jedi Shadows. With his tedious work, some have joined him. The others, cowards who hide, fighters who rebel, and fallen Jedi who seek to simply smite those who they had been smitten by. This is where we start, 4,000 years After the Battle of Yavin.

    Let's hope this is the end of the Shadows or the beginning of a Revolution of Jedi and Sith. You decide through your actions. Maybe Qi-Von will ally with the Sith, who knows, the choice is yours.


    Welcome to the game 4,00 ABY- The Ending of Shadows. Alright, read up on your Jedi Shadows as you will most likely be playing as them. Of course there are other choices but I don't want to explain that now. As of now I created this because well, I'm slightly bored sometimes.

    Henceforth game. A game in which I would like to see end at is the RIGHT TIME, meaning i'm giving my all to it. I especially like this one as I've gone through Three Drafts before choosing this one. I hope it exceeds my expectations along with yours. This is why I hope that you act your age and participate in a matter you know as appropriate. I also hope you can exceed posts of five lines too.

    This is about the Jedi Shadows in the line of duty attacking the Sith by their own methods. However their Order has turned against them, and now everyone is hunting them. Jedi, Bounty Hunters, Republic Soldiers, all of these choices just hoping to become well-known for accomplishing the kill of a "turned" Jedi.

    As you can believe, many twists, once this starts. Maybe the Shadows will align themselves with the Sith they helped destroy. Free-Roam is basically given here, however if it does not comply with the story(not striving to bring the story forwards) the consequences will not be liked by most. So with the endless possibilities I hope you enjoy this coin toss of a story.

  2. Zadann_MaRanna

    Zadann_MaRanna Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 21, 2009
    A Little Clarification....

    The Sith- If you so choose to be one, have just come out of a "slumber." Roughly five years ago they "showed up" back on the galactic screen, since then they've only played a small part in most of the happenings in the galaxy. So their not going to positively be annihilating cities with huge ships. They'll most likely have to gather some sort of army(there's not going to be thousands of Sith!). Mostly these types of characters will be introducing themselves back into the world as a dominant force- and one to be feared. If you do have a ship for your Sith character it cannot be a ship able to hold "Two Thousand Troops," as we do not want to go overboard here.

    The Jedi- If you so choose to be a Jedi Character you must remember this is realistic. The Jedi do not have massive battle ship capabilities- maybe transports and starfighters but nothing so huge it could hold itself out against a lot of enemy ships. Also, the Order has slightly grown, and on various planets there are Jedi Academies(if you want to call it something different that's alright). They approximately number in the thousands- but not more than eight thousand(Keeping it realistic), they've flourished because of the Sith not really being active, and wars were kept to a minimum for hundreds of years. As they are known, they are diplomats, senator aides, and sometimes fighters in small skirmishes, but this is changing as the Sith have revealed themselves once again.

    Bounty Hunters- Mostly still the slime of the galaxy. As not before they are now more concentrated, in small groups. There are various guilds- with various realities and ambitions, and sometimes these different personalities clash in what is called by most as Bounty Hunter Wars. The last was only fifty years ago- and the Jedi along with the Republic had to step in to stop civilian life from being lost in the crossfire. In this century Bounty Hunters are well acquainted with "jobs" or "hits" and mostly operate alone on missions. In high priority jobs they deal with small groups, not very large, and usually get the mission done with ease depending on if their a greenhorn or a seasoned veteran. Maybe the Sith will hire Bounty Hunters? Always a possibility. The known leaders of this group are well hidden behind a mist of uncertainty, therefore it is unknown who "calls the shots."

    Republic- The Republic during the year 6,700 ABY was totally obliterated in resources after tending to Outer Rim territories who opposed them. Sparks of rebellion in the Mid and Inner rim also poised them to defiantly lay out more soldiers, meaning more money for supplies also. By the time the seeds of rebellions and war had been un-dugged the Republic was at its weakest reform. It died for another hundred or so years- leaving the policing to the Jedi Order. It soon was reinstated by various non-profit organizations, including the Jedi, and it's reformation started with the Republic soldiers, mostly hired Mercenaries. From there, fleets were launched for patrolling and safety along with foot soldiers trained deeply in hand-to-hand combat and some known weaponry. From there the Senate was started, then many more projects followed, and finally the Galactic Republic had finished rebuilding.

    Mandalorians- Still keep their roots as Mercs and Bounty Hunters. Now though, they have inhabited planets and are becoming a society. It is here, the Senators expect these people to join the Republic. However, the Mandalorians planets are mostly found in the Outer Rim. So who will become the spokesperson of this group? What side will they choose? Who knows, but the current leader, Manadalore the Exuberant, is the deciding factor.

    Mercenaries- Most have been hired for the Republic, however some do really actually still free-lance. Mostly hired by Senators and a vast array of other races able to speak in tongues that are universal. Some Mercenaries can also have joined the Sith, by rights of your own perception of how the Sith contribute. Basically they are w
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