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Star Wars 41 ABY - Shadow Games

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    41 ABY: Shadow Games

    "And there were Five. The Five ruled, but the future did not belong to them - it belonged to the Three, to those who held the galaxy in their hands. But, there were the Hidden Three, those unknown to us all, who would decide which of the Five would survive..."
    Sharu Tome, uncovered in 40 ABY, the tome itself dating back to 30,000 BBY.

    The Corellian system has boggled for millennia. Five inhabited worlds, and the massive Centerpoint station, all connected in some unknown and mysterious manner. The Galactic Civil War uncovered the truth; that the Corellian system was a construction, it's planets gathered into one place by Centerpoint, each of the planets fielding massive repulsors which could destroy capital ships with ease.

    Centerpoint itself was capable of shattering stars, and destroying entire solar systems, a weapon which included a massive interdiction field generator and jammer - the most dangerous superweapon in known history. And still, even after the Swarm War revealed the Celestials were responsible for this and the Maw, there is no indication as to the purpose of construction.

    The Second Galactic Civil War against Darth Caedus saw the Corellian system repeatedly raided by the fleets of the Galactic Alliance. In one particularly violent raid, the Hapan Fleet ? forced by the kidnap of the late heir Allana by the Alliance - attacked the Corellian moon of Shadow and drove the defenders from it entirely, pockmarking the moon with massive craters and destabilising the satellite with gravity mines.

    In an even more devastating blow, the Jedi engineered the destruction of Centerpoint station, killing millions of Corellian citizens and removing the starbuster from the hands of both the Corellians and Caedus, both of whom wished to use it. The planetary repulsors attached to the Five Brothers deactivated, severely weakening the defense of the system.

    In the months since the death of Caedus and the creation of a new Galactic Alliance under Chief of State Daala, those who called Shadow home have moved back carefully with Alliance, Hapan and Imperial assistance, the latter seeking to place an Imperial Mission on the moon to relieve the suffering the war spread. The Hapans have started efforts to assist in the recovery of Shadow, with a guilty conscience for the Corellians they slaughtered.

    However, two months after the Battle of Shedu Maad, all contact with the colonists was lost, not long after they discovered that the bombardment had uncovered mysterious technology within the depths of the now-exposed moon.

    Tensions raised as it became possible that the colonists had discovered a new Centerpoint-type weapon, and the Galactic Alliance, Hapan Consortium, Imperial Remnant, Corellian Navy and even elements of the Chiss Ascendancy have blockaded the world until a team could be created. A representative from each government has been selected to study the moon, and those with backgrounds within the military and sometimes the Force have been picked. The Jedi have acted as mediators, but, as their own faction at this moment in time, have also qualified, with the support of the Remnant and Hapans, for a representative in the team. A seventh element, an YVH battle droid screened by all of the interested parties, has been selected to lead the team, giving the controllers the ability to keep an eye on the mission.

    What they discover will unveil the truth of the past, and the beginning and end of the Corellian system as it is known...


    The Alliance

    Reformed by the Jedi coalition and Imperial Remnant at the death of Darth Caedus, the Alliance has nonetheless re-established itself as its own entity under the ex-Imperial Admiral Daala, who has weaved the Alliance together. Her alliances with the Mandalorians and Remnant are disliked by some, and the Mon Calamari are furious that she is in charge of the Alliance, but overall the Alliance has been restored as a powerful force of peace and prosperity.

    Imperial Remnant

    The remnants of the
  2. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    methinks you mean five factions ryan. you'll be getting a sheet from me, probably from the empire.

  3. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005

    Name: Mal Judder
    Age: 34
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Bastion
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black stormtrooper armor
    Affiliation: Imperial
    Rank: Imperrial ARC Sargeant Major
    The Force: Yes, but latent. Shows up mainly as intuition
    Weapons: Custom blaster rifle with sniper scope, custom blaster pistol, vibroblade in his boot, molecular stiletto, grappel gun and five hundred feet of monofilament cable (retractable), three concussion grenades, two sleeping gas grenades, one thermal detonator with deadmans switch.
    Bio: Mal grew up on the street and could find little going for him. So he joined the military before reaching the age of 16 and quickly found a home. Excelling at about everything requested of him, Mal joined the commandos at the age of 18. From there he became the king of the Empire's black ops. Mal snapped his leg in a training exercise when his parachute failed caught a bird and tore up about fifteen feet from the ground. The doctors were unsure how well he would be able to recover, and as a result he has been training others and rehabbing for a year. Finally Mal has been declared fit to go, and was assigned the trip to Shadow as his first mission back.

  4. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006

    Name: Alec Nephrite
    Age: 21
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Mandalore
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: As all Mandalorians go, Alec is in top physical condition, sporting a muscled physique from not only participating in the usual practices that Mandalorians undergo through fighting but also during his time as a smith. At 5?9?, Alec has tanned skin, short blond hair at the top of his head, and his most notable feature being his violet-colored eyes. And as is common of all Mandalorians, Alec?s form is hidden within the blue and red beskar plates of Mandalorian armor and the jetpack attached to his back.
    Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
    Rank: Mandalorian
    The Force: No
    Weapons: Alec has a unique taste in slugthrowers such as a Verpine shatter gun tucked in a holster at his right side, a souveneir from Nickel One. But his pride and joy is the pump-action shotgun that he carries, the product of well-thought out design and immense hard work in the smithy. Possessing a pistol grip, a sliding stock, a grappling hook launcher tucked beneath the barrel with a beskar-made bayonet next to it, and plated with good old beskar, the shotgun is fed with cylinder-shaped magazines that hold six shells of whatever Alec may have loaded. One of the more common loadouts are shells containing beskar slugs to hit targets at longer range, but he does possess shells loaded with flechette and even miniature grenades that can turn the shotgun into a miniature grenade launcher.

    His armor, like all other Mandalorains, has its own surprises as well but not to the extent as other Mandalorians. His left hand is completely encased in a crushgaunt but the weaponry in the rest of his armor is minimal. Instead of the missile launcher system that can be installed onto his jetpack, Alec has instead installed a canister for extra fuel in his jetpack that can be siphoned and used for the ZX miniature flame projector attached to his right wrist while, instead of a vibroblade, a cutting torch is hidden within the knuckle plate of his gauntlet. The only other piece of weaponry that his armor has is the small wrist laser at his left wrist that is also equipped with a stun setting.
    Bio: Alec is a part of the newer, younger generation of Mandalorians. Having been born long after the Empire had been expunged from Mandalore, Alec had been too young to do much fighting during the Yuuzhan Vong War and had mostly been committed to helping restore Mandalore to it?s former when he had indeed come of age. In that essence, Alec is pretty much a clean, fresh face compared to your ?average? Mandalorian in which the several grudges that have been ground into them because of years of injustice and hardships that have been brought forth by?well?everyone have not become so deeply rooted into Alec.

    Having been born to a father that had been a resistance fighter during the Empire?s occupation of Mandalore who later turned into a blacksmith, it was natural for Alec to take on the role of armor and weapon smithing and so had been one of the first to get to work with the new beskar deposits that had been uncovered years after the Yuuzhan Vong War. From creating armor to the new fancy fighters such as the bes?uliks, Alec has become a master smith and is considered to be brighter than most not only due to his knowledge of metallurgy but even some geology and a little bit of chemistry that came from the extensive work to rebuild Mandalore. Despite that, however, Alec is a trained warrior and got his fair share of battle during the Second Galactic Civil War on a trip to Nickel One, having been sent along with Boba Fett and the Mandalorians that had been supposed to form a garrison to discuss some more options that involved the meshing of Mandalorian and Verpine tech before the Imperial Remnant came in and Alec had to show the stormtroopers some Mandalorian tech as well in his own special way.

    With the war ending, Alec had been planning on either returning to his smithy or earn some pay in a new way by
  5. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    My return to the boards . . . oh I am glad to be here again!

    [hl=black]GM approved[/hl]

    Name: Cara Ta´Manis
    Age: 35
    Species: Hapes
    Planet of Birth: Gallinore
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Blonde, athletic, exceptional attractive but with piercing grey eyes
    Affiliation: Hapan
    Rank: Commander of the Hapan Navy, Captain of the Song of Victory
    The Force: No
    Weapons: Blaster Pistol, Hold-Out, Monowire, Dagger (and a Blaster Rifle in her bag, just because it is standard procedure)
    Bio: Bio: Cara Ta´Manis, born on Galinore, served her whole life as a spy and agent of the Hapes Consortium. Inside and out of the cluster she was an infiltrator, assassin and occasional diplomat on behalf of her Queen Mother. Her loyalty was total and her believe in what she did flawless.

    The Second Corellian Insurrection changed all that. Suddenly espionage was not the most effective tool of politics, anymore. Spies where still in high demand, but the heroes where those who served and those who fought. In a war of ever-changing loyalties, Cara knew the military needed those who where loyal and trained in the field of deception and politics to lead Hapan into this struggle. She sacrificed rank and much of her achievements to rejoin the navy, in which she had originally served before her recruiting.

    Eventually, through some help of old contacts, she became a commander of her own Nova-class cruiser. And happened to be above the Moon known as "Shadow" when the raid happened. She showed no mercy, as it had been expected from her. But the death of innocents had been nothing she had ever before experienced. No corrupted, no ambitious enemies of her Empire, but civil population died under the brutal fire of her weapons. The regret of it never left her. Cool to the outside, she was torn apart by her own brutal acts. When the war ended she volunteered to the rebuilding of the planet. Trying to undo a little of what wrong she had clearly done.

    Then it happened. The "vanishing" as she read in the reports came as much as a surprise to her, as it came to everybody else. Not so surprising where her orders from the Queen Mother. Obviously, among the military personal she was the most qualified to investigate an affair like this. No expert in ancient technology or early history of the galaxy she is an expert in uncovering the truth. Especially if someone tries to hide it. Cara packed her equipment and took the shuttle to the meeting point, eager to investigate whatever has befallen the colony. Her guilt still making her heart heavy she is decided to help the moon. To save it. And to find out, what danger it was hiding all along.
  6. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007

    GMaster Approved.

    Name: Seth Sabosen(Borus'eth'Sabosen)
    Age: 33
    Species: Chiss
    Planet of Birth: Csilla
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Beige cargo bodysuit and red CEDF tunic. Curly hair and youthful, handsome face. Tall and slim with a fit build.
    Affiliation: Chiss Ascendancy
    Rank: Captain
    The Force: No
    Weapons: Dual blasters
    Bio: Born on Csilla, his people's capital world, Maven grew interested in politics. He was an intelligent, athletic, and overall successful student in school and after he finished, Maven quickly signed up for the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet, knowing that the military is a good way to gain political recognition. Trained and controlled soldier, Maven's rise ended up being a sluggish climb to the top. He's very ambitious to gain power and his drive is just for power, yet he does stand by the law and a strong moral code that dictate what he will and will not do for success.

    Noticed an inconsistency in my bio and homeworld. Also, wanted to change the name for the fact that he wouldn't have a core name setup if he was born in the center of Chiss society on Scilla. Though I should note that the Sabosen family doesn't have a setup for the beginning of their name. Also, the naming of military chiss is a bit Ambiguous, so if you have any discretions, please discuss them with me for I would really like to be apart of a long lasting adventure from the very beginning.
  7. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    GM Approved[hl=black]-------[/hl]

    Name: Driggs Norghar
    Age: 37
    Species: Drall
    Planet of Birth: Drall
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Just over a meter tall, brown fur with white tufts around the mouth like a beard and mustache. Wears a leather belt and bandoleer to carry his equipment in, and a metal Drall made chain about his neck with his badge and identification hanging down in front, much after the fashion of Drall officials.
    Affiliation: The Corellian System
    Rank: Commander
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: 434 Death Hammer blaster pistol, small lightsaber (Yoda sized), and knowledge.
    Bio: After several years of service as a Jedi Knight in the order, he decided to leave after the battle with Darth Cadeus was over. He felt that while such things as compassion and saving the erring kid was fine in theory, however, when it came to actual continuous long-term practice with people?s lives, one had to be cut to save the greater number. Something he felt should have been done to Jacen, long before it spiraled to such galactic heights, and something the new Alliance will be better positioned against now that they have a stronger leader at the helm. He claims he would have left to serve his home system, as he believed it was the Jedi?s duty earlier to guard the people and not be in the front lines. If it had not been for the fact that Jacen/Cadeus was the Alliance and for the order of the Grand Master Luke at the time he would have, but the order from the Grand Master at least had him helping against the tyrant some of the time.

    One of the downsides of his eventually leaving the order is his reputation being more of a sullied variety, especially from his current association with the current leaders of the Corellian system, Admiral Delpin and Minister Teppler. It was through them, indirectly and discretely of course, that he gained his government status as a separate operative of the Corellian System where he operated chiefly as the records and information head of several research divisions. As even a Jedi he had always pursued technology and theories to the point of being published, so it was more than just a placating gesture in his eyes. Even though it was something some might call a waist of a resource, but the projects he was put in charge of were nothing to be scoffed at in his eyes, or those that actually knew their nature, and none had a better kept record of everything done or discussed.

    He changed his first name to its current standing after being ?hired? by the Corellian System and keeps his lightsaber hidden in a pouch on his bandoleer next to a torque converter to keep it and himself from being recognized as the Jedi Knight he used to be. Back before he began settling into a more structured tour of service to the people in technologies and theorems of the future. His changed name was actually the partaking of a secret pseudonym that he had used for all of his earlier publishing?s, which he had done originally as he knew the Corellian system would not openly take the work of a Jedi, which included its own biography as his third cousin once removed. Although this of course was made fully official and fleshed out with relatives when the Corellian government took him in for an official posting. With his expansive knowledge he was chosen to represent the Corellian System, not to mention if anything went awry he would be one of those most likely to survive and return with a full detailed report to the Corellian System about what was discovered on the Shadow Moon and its most likely uses. Not to mention his race would serve as a placating gesture to the Corellian systems non-human races where the moon is located.
  8. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Stamped as a Jedi.

    Name: Isis Stele
    Age: 24
    Species: Kiffar
    Planet of Birth: Kiffu
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Isis had long, thick braids down to her mid-back that were held out of her face with a large head band. She had green eyes and most of her clothing was designed to accentuate that feature. She was most often seen in a tight brassiere style top that was either green or brown. The top had a hood connected to it that was of the same tone. She wore tight pants of a similar material as the top, which resembled leather. Rather than shoes or boots, Isis wrapped her feet up with yellowish wrap. Isis was very muscular, though not to the extent that it made her unattractive. In fact, she was very beautiful, despite various scars on her chest, neck and hands. Her clan tattoo is a green bird just above her breasts.
    Affiliation: The Jedi Order
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: Green lightsaber
    Bio: Isis was a feisty child who had grown up as a Jedi. She had various homes, but had always been told that she had been born on her species? planet, Kiffu. Because of Isis?s pugnacious attitude, she never gained a typical Master. She was instead trained by many Masters, when they were on the same planet as her. At one time, she was even instructed, briefly, by the Grandmaster himself.

    She was always a hard-worker and a loyal friend, but the scattered aspect of her training left her with conflicting views about history and philosophy. The only apparent good that came out of her lack of a Master, was that she was never involved in the Second Galactic Civil War. She did, however, feel the repercussions, when she discovered that Jedi that had trained her, had been taken by the crossfire.

    It was as hard for her to accept death as any, but because she had never had the same relationship as the usual master-apprentice alliance, she was able to see the death as a part of life. Despite this, the war left her calculating and reserved.
  9. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Welcome, everyone, to Shadow Games!

    Alright. The game will start, as explained, on Tuesday. Between then and now you'll all receive reports from your respective governments. These will be yours to keep as hidden as you choose, but obviously there will be consequences if your mission objectives are revealed.

    I will be PMing you when we start, though, so don't worry about forgetting. I have coursework due, thus being reduced to Tuesdays. Any questions, PM me, please.
  10. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    As I have supposed the battle droid shall require some personality for us all...

    Name: YVH 1-1A 'Nill'
    Age: 14
    Species: Yuuzhan Vong Hunter Droid
    Planet of Birth: Unknown
    Gender: Masculine
    Appearance: [link=]Skeletal battle droid, with laminanium armour, yellow photoreceptors[/link]
    Affiliation: None
    Rank: Team Leader
    The Force: No
    * Variable-output blaster cannon (right arm)
    * Electroray discharger
    * Class-C thermal detonators
    * Coma-gas canisters
    * Self-guiding minirockets
    Bio: The first YVH battle droid off the lines, it served as Lando Calrissian's bodyguard during the Yuuzhan Vong War, fighting at Borleias and Coruscant. It slowly developed a personality during the war, when a memory wipe was too time-wasteful to be considered, and Lando let it do so, and the droid retained it's personality. Because of the droids experience with alien technology and it's growing knowledge in the field of being human and thus armed with the ability to lead a team without killing them all, YVH, now calling himself 'Nill', has been picked to lead the Shadow Team, having been painstakingly checked by security teams overseen by Jedi, CorSec officers, Hapan agents and the Alliance, Imperial and Chiss Intelligent services for any biased programming.
  11. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    ?Kessel is a mystery, an odd-shaped world that somehow retains gravity and warmth. Recent studies suggest the planets core is closer to a particular side of the planet, implying a piece of the planet was removed at some point in history. Others would rather consider it a 'phenomenon' no more complex than the Flamewind of Oseon or the Starcave of Thon Boka, but it appears to be much more intriguing a planet, and should not be overshadowed by the Maw, simply because of its recent history as a slave world...
    Abstract from a paper by Dr. Mamene Ryg, unpublished due to academic disapproval.

    IC: Nill
    Aboard the Fell Defender, Shadow Orbit, Blockade Line

    [blockquote]It wasn?t an hour after Chief Millen?s team went missing on the surface before the galactic community had drawn up a response. Not one of mutual love, but one of mutual distrust ? peace may have been created, but distrust had not passed. It had been only two months since the war had ended, and while the truce lasting was a surprise to all, it had only deepened suspicions of the rest, suspicions which were poised to be brushed away like so much stellar dust ? it was time to move on.

    But, the disappearance of Millen?s team, in conjunction with the report of strange technology being unearthed, had set off a chain of galactic events. Remnants of the Centerpoint Party had demanded the Corellian fleet be recalled and seal off the system almost instantaneously, but the Chiss had arrived, followed by an Imperial force, and before long Hapan and Alliance forces had gathered with the Corellian fleet, and with Jedi mediation the blockade had became a joint venture. A hundred ships now surrounded Shadow, each government providing a twenty-vessel task force built around three large capital ships ? be it Turbulent-class Star Destroyers, Hapan Battle Dragons or Mon Calamari cruisers.

    ?Nill?, YVH 1-1A had been picked to be the leader of an elite team created to scope out Shadow and report back about the technology that had been uncovered. During this process, every contributing party had pulled him apart and put him back together again, scouring his crevices and programming for anything which suggested he would breach his neutrality and assist any faction in acquiring the technology.

    Equipped with a powerful HoloNet transceiver, it was believed Nill would be able to communicate with the controllers in orbit for the team, even through the thunderstorm. Nill had yet to meet the team the Coalition had assembled, and now, through all the secrecy and politics, they were finally due to meet.

    Standing alone in the hangar of the Chiss Star Destroyer Fell Defender, Nill turned to look at the entrance to the hangar at 0955 hours, Shadow time, and waited for his team to file in and introduce themselves. Behind him sat GAT-24r Skipray blastboat, prepared with space for all of the team.

    The team was due to arrive at ten hundred hours, though he expected some would arrive late, or early. Nill silently hoped this would not be a consistent issue. And so, six hundred seconds began to count down within his skeletal skull, a brain capable of whole calculations in tenths of a second taking the time to run through all the lists of munitions and supplies and objectives. Done with that, he simply stood, for the remaining four seconds and ninety milliseconds.

    TAG: Everyone
    OOC: An opening post for you to get firmly into character and to define yourselves in relation to the others. You can post, once, twice or as many times as you feel necessary by next Tuesday, when we shall head down to the surface. A little freedom to define the team, in relation to mannerisms, personality, history, mentality etc ? essential to the team. Have fun. You will be tested very, very soon. [face_skull]
  12. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Alec Nephrite
    Shadow Orbit, Blockade Line, Aboard Fell Defender

    Mandalorians, fully armed and armored was becoming a not-so-uncommon sight on Alliance ships since the end of the war. With the now Chief of State Daala running, her ties with the Mandalorians - more specifically Mandalore Fett - have placed some Mandalorians to be part of the new elite security and intelligence forces that have been recently approved. Alec had been tempted to be part of that until he got a new job offer involving Shadow.

    A Chiss Star Destroyer, on the other hand, was a new one and Alec had done what he could to take a look around the warship, taking note of any of the Chiss ingenuity that had been integrated with the Empire's well-known class of ships. He was a warrior, but Alec was also interested on the makings of weapons and armor that made up most of his other job as a smith.

    His armor was the product of his efforts in his job as a smith back on Mandalore. Red and blue colored plates made out of the nearly indestructible beskar that Alec had been one of the first to manipulate once the secret deposits that the Yuuzhan Vong had unearthed were revealed. But what had to be his pride and joy was the pump-action shotgun that he had in his hand which rested against his shoulder as he marched down the halls of the ship. Obsolete as some would like to say of shotguns, but Alec had seen the promise of a weapon that could prove to be a jack-of-all trades item best suited for Mandalorians. He had proved how far from obsolete it was when he tested it in actual combat against stormtroopers on Nickel One during the war. At the moment, the sliding stuck wasn't extended - which made up a third of the shotgun's length - which allowed Alec to rest it so comfortably against his armored shoulder and, if it demanded it right this second, the Mandalorian could fire it one-handed.

    The workings of his and the Chiss weapons had to be put aside, however, as now was the time for the strike team to meet up at the hangar to prepare and be on their way to Shadow. Alec glanced up at the corner of his visor to check the current time: 0955 hours. The members of the team were ordered to arrive at ten hundred hours, but Alec wanted to be just a bit punctual to show that, like his brethren, he was always armed and ready to go into the next fight despite his more intellectual pursuits. No need to be seen as unprofessional just because he was late to board.

    The door to the hangar parted as Alec drew close to it and the Mandalorian immediately saw the YVH droid that waited within. The droid sparked another bit of interest in Alec ever since he heard of the droid, especially about it's self-regenerating laminanium armor. It may not be superior to beskar - who needs self-regenerating armor when you have a metal that never breaks? - but Alec had fantasized about other purposes for the laminanium nonetheless.

    Other then the droid, however, the hangar seemed empty. Oh good, he was the first. Beneath his helmet, the Mandalorian started to whistle a tune which was restricted to the confides of his helmet - no one else outside would be able to hear it - as he made his way over to the droid where he would wait for the rest of the team.

    TAG: Sinrebirth, Any
  13. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Enter Isis Stele
    Aboard the Fell Defender, Blockade Line, Shadow Orbit

    Isis?s gait was steady, but it hinted at a brief urgency, that was concealed indefinitely behind a placid expression. Indifference, had been instilled in Isis by her first teacher. He had been the very definition of a model Jedi. He had never flustered; never broke rank. Isis had missed him when he joined the war and she missed him now, since his death by treacherous hands.

    Isis ticked off time in her head. She was running late by a few seconds. Imperceptibly, Isis lengthened her stride and accounted for it. Her fourth instructor had always stressed the importance of punctuality and Isis never forgot a lesson.

    So it was, that when the standard chrono signaled that the hour was the tenth, Isis made a subtle entrance into the hangar of the Fell Defender. Without a braid out of place, she glided over towards the droid designated YVH 1-1A and a Mandalorian called Alec Nephrite. Having never met either, Isis bowed her head a fraction of a degree.

    Isis offered no other greeting, however, for speech would only hinder her ability to perceive her surroundings. And, at this initial point, surveillance was vital. It was Isis?s intent to understand her teammates before they corrupted her observations with exaggeration.

    She would have studied the android first, as he posed the greatest threat, at the moment, but Isis already had his file on hand. She had requested it from the Archives, before she embarked on this journey to Corellia and then Shadow. Procuring the documents for the rest of the team, had proved unfruitful, though. There was a great discrepancy in information, since the end of the war and the librarians at the Archive were still struggling to sort all the incoming data.

    Isis turned her attention to Alec, without actually moving. Her eyes bored into the floor. Isis observed Nephrite through the Force. In some ways, it was a limited venue, but the Force offered more varied answers than your eyes.

    Alec was muscular, but covered for head to toe in Beskar armor. He was 69 inches tall, just one taller than her. Alec had blond hair and peculiar purple eyes. Isis mused, that Alec looked prepared for the aftershocks of a war. A product of Mandalorian vigilance, no doubt. He carried enough armature to take down a bull rancor and his stance suggested that he had the knowledge to do so.

    Isis looked up at the helmeted Mandalorian and amended her previous thought that the YVH droid was the most dangerous ally.

    Tag: Sarge and Sinre
  14. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Driggs Norghar
    Fell Defense, Chiss Star Destroyer Launch bay, orbit of Shadow in defensive blockade

    He lugged himself into the room, weighed down as he was by the hard biscuts stuffed in his bulging pockets and his strict abstenance from using the force while aboard this vessel and around the team he was to meet. Like all Drall he was short limbed with sharp clawed feet and hands, all of his body covered with short fur, his was a distinguished brown with a white long goatee like beard patch around the end of his snout. He was about average for a Drall standing only a meter tall, not much compared with the behemeths that would be on this mission, he also was average in being on the roly-poly end of the scale. Perhapes a little below average since he still hadn't regained all the wieght he had lost from the stress and missions of the war, which was part of the reason his Duchess had seen fit to send the care package for the mission of hard biscuits and tea. They weren't just biscuits like humans liked, no these were the good proper hard biscuits that one could really sink ones incisors into.

    It was hard to be seen as dignified when one was a bit 'plump' or 'stuffed' as some humans said, even if it was normal for a Drall to be such, and perhaps the reason why he stood so much on dignity was from the remarks of him being like a stuffed childs toy. Although the truer indignity was when he was treated as such. Whatever the reason he was who he was: a dignified and curtacy worthy individual of high scientific standing with a good long background that backed it up, at least in theory, and that was what mattered to him now. Theories were sometimes better than truths when dealing with questionable situations, and often saved more lives if properly reasoned out.

    There was so much that could be deduced by theory, such as how the Chiss had improved this vessel, he must have stopped five times on the way to the launch bay just to stare and observe add ons that most people probably missed, as he felt them hum in the force. He probably got a few strange looks for staring at what others viewed as a blank wall, while he puzzled about the machines working seemlessly in the back ground.

    When he finally arrived in the launch bay he found he wasn't the first as he had planned, but that was no bother as long as he wasn't the last and was within a minute of being on time, nearly punctual. He moved as best he could as he headed over to the others, one was a Mandalorian, interesting, and the Jedi, tricky he would really have to keep clamped down to remain appearing as a normal alien to her. But more interesting was the droid, YVH 1-A1, a unique specimen and an insult of egregious proportions to him. A droid was ment to be something working seemlessly in the background, and it was proper etiquite not to mention or talk about or with the automation until its owner or someone of higher station addressed it, to have a droid in the higher station was just not...not dignified for their team at all. Though if it held a glimmer of self-sentience and survival beyond the base programing their might be hope of seeing it as one who had been leveled up to that of a living servant or waiter much as those that served at the Duchess' estate.

    He would just have to make do and suffer this indignity, unless he could properly find out something more, "Madame Jedi? What is your take on our team?" He knew he could not ask about the droid straight out, but also that they all weren't present yet, so it hopefully would bring about the subject of the droid in some fashion readily about so that he discuss it or possibly talk to it prior their launch. Not to mention best to approach the Jedi and cloud whatever inroads she might try to make into him, his identity was his own, and that of a higher up researcher. Being an opportunistic heady Jedi, his unimportant past, that didn't bear thought whim beyond keeping his force aura in check and dampened.

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  15. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Mal Judder/ Random Hallway/ Fell Defender/ Shadow Orbit/ Blockade Line
    En Route to the Hangar

    [blockquote]Not much to look at on the inside either. The thought flitted through Mal's mind while walking along varied corridors on the ship. Having tired rather quickly of his bunkroom, not like anyone was staying in those for terribly long anyways, the stormtrooper had emerged into one of any number of nondescript corridors. That was the Chiss taking Imperial efficiency to the extreme. There was absolutely nothing unnecessary anywhere. Over all, from a purely ascetic sense, this was a very boring ship. It was only when one looked at the technical details that things got interesting, and then every ship builder in the galaxy could learn something. True, the amount of time he'd gotten to look at the schematics was limited, but they had proven most revealing. Definitely never want a fight with the Chiss. From their ships to their weapons, they knew how to be extremely deadly in a very short amount of time.

    Mentally reviewing what little that had been shared about his compatriots, Judder was not terribly pleased. He hated being under-informed, and there was absolutely no hope of anything else given the situation. All that the Sergeant knew was the names and ranks of those going on this mission. Well... there was general knowledge of what a Jedi could do, if one could believe the stories. Most likely exaggerations from a stressed mind. Time would tell either way, and the ARC was determined not to underestimate anyone.

    Thinking back to his training time on Bastion, the commando was glad to finally be stretching his legs again. It had been unnerving to be forced to not wear the armor. A feeling of being naked, especially when everyone around you has theirs on. It had revealed his pale skin, black hair and piercing blue eyes. It had also revealed the scar that had ruined his nose, stretching from near his left eye and passing to the lower right corner of the jawbone. A lesson in never losing one's helmet given by an instructor many years ago. A harsh lesson. A painful lesson. A lesson extremely well learned.

    Glancing at the chrono on the helmets HUD, it was time to start heading towards the hangar and time to meet the groups "Commander". Taking orders from a droid was going to be incredibly irksome. Well, having to take orders at all was going to be a pain. As a commando he typically received an objective, was inserted and given broad discretionary powers on what exactly to do. The result was a psyche that hated functioning in a group, hated camaraderie (that didn?t mean he couldn?t fake it though), and hated dealing with the distraction that other's inevitably would result in. [i}I understand why Boba Fett always worked best on his own. You have no distractions, you have no unknowns concerning what you can do, and only yourself to blame for failure.[/i] Failure was NOT an option, and Mal had never failed once. Never in a mission. Obviously there were a few shortcomings during training.

    Turning down a corridor on the outside of the ship he glanced outside. There were a hundred ships out there, but one could hardly tell it. Every once in a while something would pass in front of one of the stars, giving away the position of one of space faring boats. Mal would have loved to be back onboard an Imperial boat, not having to worry about gods only knew what with a completely unknown squad. Muttering to himself, Mal continued down the bland hallway.

    The chrono read 01003 as Mal came down the hall from the opposite direction as the others. It was a statement. Basically he was telling the droid that he may technically be in charge, but there was little respect from the ARC. Respect had to be earned. Marching at attention, the Imperial ARC Trooper entered the hangar in all of his black armored glory. There were no patches on his shoulders, nothing to denote his rank. Solid matte black, Mal seemed to be a man shaped shadow that absorbed light.

  16. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Isis Stele
    Aboard the Fell Defender, Blockade Line, Shadow Orbit

    A Drall named Driggs Norghar joined the trio next. He was, altogether, average looking, as Drall went. Naturally, red flags went up all over, but with no evidence suggesting anything, Isis quelled her feelings. She instead, began to formulate her unbiased opinion, based on his appearance.

    She noticed, first, the color of his fur. Having known a member of the Drall species would be accompanying the expedition, Isis had studied his people. The color of his fur suggested a fairly young age. If Isis had hazarded a guess, she would?ve said he was thirty-five. Isis barely got further, when Driggs interrupted her observations. He addressed her politely, asking, ?Madame Jedi? What is your take on our team??

    Driggs was smart. Before she could make her own inferences, he had planted a seed of doubt into her mind. By the style of the question, Driggs appeared polite and the fact that he was so forward, hinted at a confidence beyond his station. There was something about Driggs that alerted Isis.

    She replied, stoic and pleasant, ?All of our crew comes with the highest regard, Master Drall. Beyond that, I have not concluded anything.? Isis smiled politely, lifting her eyes from Driggs?s form, to watch their fourth enter the hangar.

    He came dressed in matte black and sporting two custom build blasters. Everything about Mal Judder shouted Imperial. His helmet featured the traditional stormtrooper frown. Mal was large and his presence in the Force was disjointed. Beneath his Imperial mask, lay a pale face sporting black hair. His eyes were sharp and excessively blue; almost painful to view. Typical of a stormtrooper, Mal?s face was scarred. His was exceptional, however, snaking from his eye to his jaw.

    Isis imagined Mal to be a dry, serious individual. When he spoke, he assured Isis?s conviction. "Mal Judder, Imperial ARC. I figure we should at least introduce ourselves, otherwise this is going to be a very long mission.? He was prompt, with an air of arrogance to him. Isis nearly broke her vigil to raise an eyebrow, but kept it back. The only evidence of the struggle, was an unnoticeable twitch of her eye.

    Isis blinked twice and looked up at Mal. Her eyes twinkled with faked interest and she replied, ?I am Isis, of clan Stele. Pleased to meet you, trooper.?

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    ((OOC: Despite what people think, Alec has his helmet on [face_laugh] ))

    IC: Alec Nephrite
    Shadow Orbit, Blockade Line, Fell Defender Hangar

    Pretty, Alec thought, still whistling within his helmet, having repeated the tune a third time before the next member of the team stepped into the hangar; a Jedi if Alec had to make a guess. As Alec's thought hinted, the Mandalorian found the woman to be attractive...which was one of the reasons why he thought that she was a Jedi. It had always been a joke among Mandalorians, and even his father, on how Jedi didn't wear anything that would give them adequate protection in a fight. Just a robe, a cloak, just bits of cloth that wouldn't even stop a low-powered blaster bolt. No, the protection they had came from their lightsabers and the so-called Force, the former Alec managed to identify when she stepped closer. Yep, jetii.

    The thought that she was perhaps Kiffar, or at least got some of her blood from that species, tickled in Alec's brain when he saw the braids but she didn't seem to possess any of the facial markings that most of them tended to possess. Something he may have to keep under advisement nonetheless as Kiffar tended to have some interesting abilities. At the small bow of her head, Alec just lowered his chin a tad and his shotgun temporarily moved off his shoulder in a forward motion as a small form of a salute in return.

    And that was when something strange happened, something that caused his whistling to momentarily cease. He didn't know what brought on the feeling, the droid was just standing and staring like it was when he got here and the Jedi was staring at the floor. But for some reason Alec felt like he was being watched, the hairs on the back of his neck bristling beneath his armor. Weird, and on a hunch the Mandalorian's violet eyes shifted to look at the Jedi again just in time to see her turn to face him as well. His earlier hunches about watching out for this one just got reinforced.

    The doors to the hangar opened up again and Alec removed his gaze from the Jedi to look at their next arrival, which added another form of interest when he saw that it was a diminutive Drall. Like those Ewoks that had managed to best the Empire at Endor, the creature was small, furry, and just a surprise that it was the selected representative for the Corellians. Or at least that was Alec's hunch anyway; Drall was within the Corellian system and Alec's hunch was later confirmed when he saw the creature's identification hanging from his neck. An interesting choice there.

    The next one, however, Alec knew with certainty which side the third newcomer was from and he was a choice that definitely held the iconic image of the Empire. He wore the stormtrooper armor though black which had signified black ops in the past with the Empire, and Alec noted the custom weapons like the blaster and pistol. Not good, reliable Mando tech but no doubt better then the cheap, laughable E-11's that the Empire had fielded to troopers that they had considered expendable. Probably nothing that could piece his armor though.

    While the Jedi and the Drall spoke, the trooper decided to speak with Alec.

    "You know, if things get much stuffier in here we might suffocate. Mal Judder, Imperial ARC. I figure we should at least introduce ourselves, otherwise this is going to be a very long mission."

    ARC, eh? Alec thought that the Empire had dissolved the ARC after the Clone Wars, the surviving members having either retired or continued as trainers for the Empire's new stromtroopers.

    Alec didn't reply right away, which was where the Jedi - Isis as she introduced herself - spoke first in introduction and when she mentioned her clan it seemed that another of Alec's hunches were proven correct about her being Kiffar. It was only after a moment did Alec give out his name, momentarily activating the speakers of his helmet so that everyone could hear him.

    "Alec Nephrite," he introduced himself, his voice coming clear t
  18. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Driggs Norghar
    Shadow Orbit, Blockade Line, Fell Defender Hangar

    She replied, stoic and pleasant, ?All of our crew comes with the highest regard, Master Drall. Beyond that, I have not concluded anything.? Isis smiled politely, lifting her eyes from Driggs?s form, to watch their fourth enter the hangar.

    The Jedi was playing ancient Jedi cards to the last it seemed with her reply. No problem, stoic resolve may be what most saw but he knew better and that was enough for him at the time. If only she hadn't been so obstinate as to not mention those already here he would have been much happier, but he took her cue and looked at the newcomer.

    Black and imposing, an Imperial trooper to the dead last. Dead being the operative word, most were no better then soldiers with little intellectual interest beyond their field of infiltrationa and death. Infultration could be usefull but this still would be an interesting conglamoration.

    Then of course the thing spoke, breaking whatever spell of supperiority it might have weaved, "You know, if things get much stuffier in here we might suffocate. Mal Judder, Imperial ARC. I figure we should at least introduce ourselves, otherwise this is going to be a very long mission."

    The Jedi responded next, no surprise from these quarters, as she gave her name and clan. Not human, good to know. Might be able to build a little interspecial solidarity on that foundation, probably Kiffar or Llordian with that complexion and human-like body structure. If a Llordian he was kriffed, but maybe a Kiffar unmarked then he would just have to be carefull that she didn't touch the tools enclosed in a pouch with his lightsaber. Time would tell, but on second theory Llordian culture didn't focus on clans. It was a more one for all with family unity arch-type society, definately Kiffar then.

    The Mandalorian spouted his name next, and just his name. No rank titles or pleasantries, oh my what a fun one at family gathering that one must be. He would be the one that never spoke and all the family had to gossip about was what they heard from any consorts and observed behavior, how drowl.

    "An exelent idea indeed Mister Mal Judder, Imperial ARC. A good way to pass the time while we wait, I am Driggs Norghar, you might have read or noted my publications in Technology of Tomorrow Found Today biannual on Advance Race's Pandemic Dissappearance Theories on why we are so alone with so few advanced beings still in the galaxy. Or you might be more inclined with my Aunt Moiratte that such foibles are too indicative of head lost in space, no bother either way unless you could make a cup of tea like her's. Now that is something truly note worthy, although her cups haven't quite been the same since she heard about her neices excapades in the city last week. Quite a rouge that one, gets it from Uncle Eithrum and his clandestine meetings with young women that ole bachellor. But oh I am getting off topic, perhaps some of you might like a cup of soothing tea on the ride down? Her recipe of course."

    He was nervous, why was it whenever he got nervous he resorted to speaking about his family? Probably because it soothed his nerves to remember them safe and sound back home, or maybe the perspective it gave his life and that of what he was doing. Either way it comforted him speak of them almost as much as a good session of meditation. Hopefully the 'team leader' would speak up soon and introduce itself, the thing was starting to make him slightly nervous to had spoken like that.

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  19. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    -Fell Defender

    [blockquote]Borus observed the satellite from the front viewport. The planet seemed like it held mystery and he didn't think it was just his avid paranoia that was saying so. He was not force sensitive nor had special powers of a metaphysical anomaly, but he could feel that the planet secreted danger and hidden nightmares from beneath is dusty exterior. Yet, it was majestically sinister and the captain felt that it held a certain intention and destiny molded for him. Borus wasn't a dreamer or even an idealist. Actually, he would like to take a number of galactic idealists and tie them to the side of a crashing light freighter just to hear the screams and watch a bright explosion.

    Yet, however ironic it was, Borus'eth'sabosen had a slightly brighter blue on his face and a tinge of megalomania bled onto the floor from his eyes as he looked at the satellite from the front viewport and felt glory in his grasp, not hidden, not lied behind an unmovable obstacle, but there! Right in from of him! Reach it, grab it!

    A twisted grin dragged itself across the Captain's face. Pivoting on his heel, the Chiss moved down the hall with authority and purpose. Over the command room's monitors, Borus had watched his guests assemble, watching in amusement as some of them decided to inspect Chiss technology. They would see nothing out of the ordinary, of course, and Borus considered them fools to even take the time to inspect. Any technician, or child for the matter, could repeat that you didn't judge a book by the cover. Simply put, if it was possible, nothing's true nature could be discovered from just looking at it. Though it did expose his Chiss pride to know that his people were still envied, mysterious, and even feared by the galaxy at large.

    He strode into the hangar and, for a minute, watched the other members of the group. He was right on time because he had no reason to associate with them nor did he want to. There was much more on the table then surviving this mission or becoming friends, though the two were related. What would happen in the next day or so could, and probably would, drastically alter the galaxy as its inabitants knew it.


    Borus' eyes were intense and seemed to be the center of a sun in the way they burned, as if they would melt his body and explode into a star at that very moment. Crossing the distance that separated them, Seth paced forth towards the group exhibiting controlled, ferocious energy on a magnitude that the company present did not call for.

    The group consisted of the following: A drall, a kiffar, a mandalorian, a stormtrooper, and of course the impartial droid that was torn apart and analyzed before Seth's very eyes. Unnecessary, the Chiss thought, but procedure for such an undertaking. Seth glanced over the company. Basic information on all present had been requested and received, under the guise of Seth being very cautious on who came aboard the ship.

    He stared at the mandalorian, the only interesting subject, with an unyielding gaze across two meters. Expressionless, though not bored, Seth Sabosen's gaze burned holes through the unpenetrable helmet, into Alec Nephrite's skull and out the back.

    "Quite the artillery." The Chiss turned abruptly away from the one man army and to the Drall, ignoring the Jedi and the Stormtrooper.

    "I read your publications, Mr. Norghar. They were compelling, though they seemed like borderline conspiracy theories. Looking back now," The Chiss said with a thumb pointed down (planetside). "Abit ironic, I must say."[/blockquote]
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    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: [color-crimson]Mal Judder[color]/ Random Hallway/ Fell Defender/ Shadow Orbit/ Blockade Line

    [blockquote]There were surprises around every corner, it seemed. Finally their esteemed host had deigned to present himself, and Mal had decided earlier that he wasn't even going to attempt to say the Chiss' name. It simply wasn't worth it. Some irritating monicker would suffice, certainly. The relatively rude behavior he was exhibiting, certainly made it vastly more likely. Standing off on his own, obviously trying to seperate himself, become more important than was really the case, was amazingly self evident in Seth.

    First to respond was the Jedi, who was supposedly "pleased to meet him". Unable to stop a brow quirking up at this, Mal simply nodded back. Repsectfully, even though it surprised the trooper. He was still unable to get the nagging sense about her out of his mind. That would have to go away before the mission started. One way or another.

    Then came the stoic. There was one in every group, and a name was all that came from the Mando'a. Somehow there was more going on than met the eye. Or the ear, as the case may be. Maybe there was music going on inside that helmet. It certainly wouldn't surprise Mal. Which brought to mind the fact that he didn't have any on himself. Blinking in the correct sequence, some music started piping through the helmets speakers. None made it through the microphone to "the outside world" however.

    While doing this, the Drall had rambled on about a great many things. Chubby, stuck up and long winded. A simply enthraling combination. But what could one expect from a scientist? Something that might have surprised everyone present, Judder had actually read the article in question. He typcially found things of that nature vaguely entertaining, even if they seemed more like a cock and bull story than anything else. Before such could be said, the resident snob nose broke into the conversation after having stared lasers through Alec's helmet. Intriguing though the dimintuitive dralls thoughts were, Mal was not alone in thinking that they were highly unlikely. Except that they were currently residing above one of those "Elder Races'" artifacts. Not to mention that Centerpoint had been one as well. And the whole corellian system.

    Finally all of the talk came to a stop. "Surprisingly, I'm with Captain Blowhard here. They were intriguing in certain aspects, but highly improbable. Then I should know that the improbable is frequently the case. The simple fact that I'm standing here is proof of that." Thankfully the speakers in his helmet were basically right at his ears, and no sound of the synthitar made it through to anyone else. Having decided to screw protocol in general, going all the way made the most sense.[/blockquote]


    the same could be said of Mal's helmet.

    oh, sarge? imperial ARC sounds so much better than black ops assasin.:p

  21. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Alec Nephrite
    Shadow Orbit, Blockade Line, Fell Defender Hangar

    "Quite the artillery."

    Alec had been about to raise his shotgun from his shoulder in another small, similar salute to what he gave Isis but there was apparently no need for that when the speaker, the Chiss just turned away. Okay then.

    While the others spoke amongst themselves, Alec just kept to himself, putting some of his attention to the conversation at hand such as the Drall's - Driggs - article about Ancient Races or something of the sort. History wasn't something that Alec really cared about; went with the territory of Mandalorians and how they looked out for only themselves and their comrades. Having spent nearly all of his life restoring Mandalore once he came of age, the here and now was all that had concerned Alec. Spending time trying to think of a past that spanned several millenniums ago where all you could go on were scientific theories and idiotic conspiracies was never something he thought highly of.

    If you cannot find a way around the problem then wait and the way will find you. Sometimes with a very big bang.

    That had been something that his father had liked saying. That's how Mandalore was currently getting back on it's feet as well; it waited, gathering it's strength such as with the recall of two million Mandalorians, and then one of those returning Mandalorians found the hidden beskar deposits. Just like that the economy was booming, Mandalore's lands were slowly being restored, alliances were being made such as with the Verpines to mesh technologies, and now their new alliances with Chief of State Daala.

    And with the topic of ancient races and history, you have the current debacle that is Shadow and the technology that may've belonged to said ancient races had been unearthed when, with the war over, the Corellians were trying to regain their strength and may've inadvertently found a replacement for their precious Centerpoint. Meh, his father never did say that the way would always be pleasant.

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  22. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Driggs Norghar
    Shadow Orbit, Blockade Line, Fell Defender Hangar

    Their crew was nearly complete as their ungracious host decided to step forward, not that he would ever tell the man that to his face...or belly button as the case may be. He definately seemed the brisque and direct, and a bit on what might be the insulting side from the way he was treating the others present. One would think a Chiss would kinder to an Imperial, but maybe one or the other had changed too much the Chiss' tastes to still match despite having come by Imperial tipoff if the story was true.

    "I read your publications, Mr. Norghar. They were compelling, though they seemed like borderline conspiracy theories. Looking back now," The Chiss said with a thumb pointed down (planetside). "Abit ironic, I must say."

    That was either a shot below the belt or a compliment, he couldn't quiet tell which. But since he hadn't given his name the chain was the broken and it looked like the droid wouldn't be brought up for a while yet. Either way he gave a small smile and curt nod, he was saved from a quipped and hasty reply when Mal Judder the Imperial Arc added his own two deci-creds.

    "Surprisingly, I'm with Captain Blowhard here. They were intriguing in certain aspects, but highly improbable. Then I should know that the improbable is frequently the case. The simple fact that I'm standing here is proof of that."

    He couldn't help but give a brief nod to the Imperial both in thanks and for his imput, "Too true Mal Judder Imperial ARC, especially as my race might either not exist or do so some place possibly in the Unknown Regions for all one knows." he sincerely hoped they found an acronym or abbreviated title for this man, as his current one wasn't something one would want to say ten times a day.

    "The true irony was in that evidence was blindly accepted so long as merely a quirk or random occurance instead of the construct it truly was. We may just be accepting many things that are abnormal, not because they aren't blatantly odd and wrong, but because they are so familiar. So to me several of my publications are merely informed theories on how what I grew up with came to be, and why any race would leave such big multipurpose toys lying around in the open. Of course, that now begs the question as you indicated sirs, what toys did they leave hidden?" he nearly whispered the last sentence as he glanced suggestively down toward the moon below, twitching his beard as if lost in thought. Despite the fact that he knew his theories about the moon already, as well as what some of the Corellian scientific community was churning out and the true conspiracy theorists.

    He was getting tired of standing, to say the least, but there were only two ways to lighten his load. Either take off his belt with the 434 Death Hammer blaster pistol and bulging pockets or eat the weight off. As neither were preferable he merely stood their doing his best to look dignified and weighed more heavily by the lives and future relying on him instead of the hard biscuits that his well meaning family had seen fit to send as a care package that now filled his belt and bandolear pockets. He only hoped they had a smooth ride so that none of the biscuits damaged any of his equipment.

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    OOC:ACK! first a code doesn't work, and then i forget i'm IN the hangar... copy and paste for the loss.

    on a different note, hope sirak can jump in soon. at least she's hapan, they wouldn't have much in the way of qualms about being late to a meeting with her "lessers".:p

    IC: Mal Judder/ Hangar/ Fell Defender/ Shadow Orbit/ Blockade Line

    [blockquote]Blinking in surprise, and very thankful it couldn't be seen, Mal listened as Driggs rambled some more. Longwinded may have been an underestimate. Having looked up at least a little bit about the Drall culture, upon reflection it shouldn't have been quite a surprise that the dimiuitive being would use his title as well as being quite the verbose being. That didn't quite prepare one for the offhanded manor that it was practiced in.

    There were a couple of instances that Judder had opened his mouth, only to have to close it again so as not to appear rude in interupting Norghar. And as the rambling didn't end up revolving around family again, the Bastonion had to admit that Driggs made a certain amount of sense. Somehow, Mal figured that for the most part the reason there were no more ancients was due to the staleness factor. "First, for feths sake lose the Imperial ARC. Judder will be fine." Not to mention a hell of a lot faster. "As to the toys, well that's why we're here I believe." He considered shutting up there, but decided to shoot the breeze as it were. Trust needed to be engendered, as well as understanding of those he was being forced to work with. In the case of Seth, little understanding was needed. Glory seeker, pompous and automatically assuming that he was better than everyone else. In short, amazingly boring and predictable.

    "My extremely unlearned opinion on the disappearance is that the culture's just got stale, and eventually died out because of sheer longevity. It's only natural for all things to die after a certain amount of time. Look at the Old Republic. It had become bloated, atrophied and weak. There had been no real conflict in so long that they didn't even remember how to fight. Without something to fight everything becomes weak, prey." Odds were it would surprise the others that a mere stormtrooper would have any depth, or even intellegence, but they still seemed to remember the old troopers. The one's under Palpatine. Not all of them were like that anymore.[/blockquote]


  24. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: sorry for being late. Actually until yesterday I always thought how strangei t is when people say their internet connection is "broken". Now I am part of the club. I hope (for my provider and his health) that wont happen again

    IC: Cara Ta´Manis, Approaching the Fell Defender

    She had no eyes for the shuttle or any of the ships around her. The blockade was massive and
    only the most modern ships of the various factions had been send. Usually she would have ordered her pilot to scan and gather any data, despite the fact her Queen already had her specialists ordered to do so. But right now she was no spy. Not even a member of the military. She took that long moment for herself and her eyes stared down on the ravaged surface of Shadow. And in her eyes gathered tears, she would never show anyone.
    It´s me, who did this. Never forget. Never forget how you ordered the turbolasers to target, to spread their fire, to hammer the colony, to kill these people. I´ll never forget.
    And with a long sigh she wiped the tears away. Shifting her focus from the outside to the window to the reflection of herself against the darkness of space she made very sure, nobody would see a sign of her weakness. She had gotten what information she could in the short time. Jedi, Special Forces of various sorts, a scientist and a droid. It was an unusual team she was assigned to. And it was obvious, not everybody was what he seemed to be. But the crew was not the secret to be solved. Sighing a last time, her body straightened and she activated the com-station. "Arrival?" She only asked. Ignoring any military form or simply manners towards her male pilot.

    "Estimated arrival in two minutes, Lady Ta`Manis." The pilot answered immediately. That would be 10:09 she calculated. A smile came to her face. Professionals came in time, they never were late, they never kept any oppotunity to learn more about the others unused. That was, why she had decided to be late. No need for them to know, she was a professional. Shadow wasn´t her only mission, after all.

    "I´ll dress. Inform me, when we have landed."

    A few minutes later, Hangar of the Fell Defender

    She entered the hangar in all her grace and beauty. Clothed in the finest clothes in purple and gray she held her head high. Forcing herself not to show any interest in any others she had a mild smile on her face, as she entered the room. A protocol droid had carried her back. Her Rifle, scanners, datapad, analysis equipment and everything else was well hidden in it. Her only obvious weapon was a sidearm, a simple blaster, she was wearing at her side, as if she had no use for it.

    "Greeting, Lady. Greeting Gentlemen." She smiled and focussed on the only female in the room first. A Jedi. And a beautiful one. It would be interesting if she would make any use of her beauty. Something Cara herself had learned and done often in the years. Only after a long moment, seconds after she said her words her eyes wandered to the other members of the team. First the Drall, of whom she knew so little. Then to the Mandalorian and finally the Imperial. A polite nod came to the Chiss and the droid, both were not worthy of her attention, until she had seen their worth. Chiss only made things complicated and the droid . . . she had seen other leaders of teams fail. Mostly because they behaved like droids. Good to see the Republic had decided to admit their weakness by sending one in the first place.

    "I am Cara Ta´Manis and I represent the Hapes Cluster and the Queen Mother Ka in this mission." She gave a smile that was as cold as a smile could get. Then she folded her arms, deicded not to interrupt the ongoing discussion anymore than necessary. It was not impossible that one of them knew more than she did. Then it would be her first task to find out who.

    And of course she needed her considerable acting talent to make herself look comfortable with her clothing. While she had the stunning beauty of all Hapes Females in her blood, she had spend little ti
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    Shadow Orbit, Blockade Line, Fell Defender Hangar

    "I am Cara Ta´Manis and I represent the Hapes Cluster and the Queen Mother Ka in this mission."

    And this would be the representative from the Hapans. To this day Alec wasn't sure what to think of them. The matriarchal society that they possessed didn't really faze him as he had nothing against women, no Mandalorian really did as Mandalorian women were required to be strong and treated as equals. But then you had those stories of their "politics". Assassinations, power struggles, undermining anything and anyone as long as it furthered their own goals. Such a crazy society and Alec just didn't know how the government simply hadn't caved in. If he remembered correctly, he believed that the Hapans were busy fighting amongst themselves during the war, with one attempt near the beginning and another hidden attempt at the end to oust the queen and take the reins of power. Chaotic.

    Oh sure, they helped win the war but that was simply because they gave more ships which was what it really came to it at the end. His father had actually had some admiration for their sense of honor before downplaying their tactics as simply throwing what they had en masse at a target and banging their heads over and over again against it until it went down. No tact, a great way to gain plenty of casualties, just not a great way to fight. And then there was their apparent fanatical desire for beauty and class to the point where instances of practically were shunned thanks to their ignorance.

    Cara was a good example with her little getup. All prettied up in a piece of cloth that probably cost a lot yet offered no protection whatsoever, and possessing only a simple blaster at her side while a droid trailed behind her with the rest of her equipment. His father had warned him that the Hapans shouldn't be underestimated despite what is known of them but Alec still found it hard to imagine the Hapan as a threat at the moment. However, her body language did seem to say that she wasn't used to being in her current clothing so maybe she did spend her time in more practical clothing then something that wouldn't even stop a flechette shell from his shotgun. Perhaps the getup was just to hide some armor that she may be wearing beneath it or another weapon. If so, maybe his father's warnings were indeed valid.

    Alec suddenly smiled beneath his helmet, removing his shotgun before he swept it along the deck floor in front of him and made an overexaggerated bow, his visor centered on the new arrival.

    "Would you like us to prostrate ourselves along the floor so that you may walk upon us and not to dirty your skirt and/or droid?" Alec questioned to the woman, the Mandalorian feeling like having some fun. "Maybe you'd like to give your droid a rest and I could carry your equipment? I should warn you though that, as a man, I may not be so efficient and you might end up missing something when I give them back."

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