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Star Wars 41 ABY - Shadow Games

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Driggs Norghar
    Tertiary Adjunct Zero-Seventeen, roughly a kilometre south of the cave system

    The best laid plans of Ixill and Drall, if ever that saying seemed to yet hold sway now was a particulary glaring point. He knew he had to do this, not for the Jedi, not for this moon, and not for himself. No, all those things pailed in the face of why he had to do this. He had to do it for Corellia, for the GA, for Drall, for even the Empire's present and yet to come. For in the end this was a mission of self or even those present here or above, it was a mission for those that were being born, those that would inheret the future. . .those that held nothing of himself and would change all he knew to ways unknown.

    Taking his blaster in one hand, and his lightsaber in the other he ran. He screamed a string of obscene technological combinations, enough to make any designer blanch at the insane combinations.

    It felt better than any curse ever had.

    Then as ground gave way he jumped, pulling on the force to propel his chubby body to land atop one of the security devices he like-wise grasped to keep on course beneath him. No guts, no glory. That had been the motto of many a warrier, instead as he lept he screamed. . ."No theorums, no progress!"

    His mind wondered, if just for a moment, if his plan of leaping across the security devices and blasting those that might target him with his blaster was such a bright idea. Not that there was any time to divert to another, but still he had to wonder if he was going to die here with no one to record or recall the last actions of himself. It was an odd sense for a Drall, for Driggs as he realized that no one might recall his last moments, no one would write them into the history of his family as his true story had died in hidding when he left the Jedi Order and became a true tinkerer with the past, with the Celestials.

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  2. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Isis Stele
    Surface, Shadow

    It only took a brief second, for Isis to realize the scope of her opponent?s power. Her finger?s tingled, grew hot and began to burn against his skin. This man had a power that was nigh immeasurable, and it was dark. This darkness was something that Isis had not experienced in such magnitude. She had brushed the surface of the darkness within, but it was only in dire circumstances, when no other viable options seemed readily available.

    Here, this was overwhelming. And, Isis found herself drawn to it. Even has she felt their two consciousnesses meet, and the man looked into her mind and her heart, Isis could not break the contact. She waded through his mind?s gate, not sure of her intentions.

    She saw a man who was on the precipice to knowledge he had only dreamed of. He was ambitious, confident and charming. And, in a moment of prophecy, Isis could see what this man would become. A shell, broken, many times, but still alive, prevailing, many years after he should have died. Isis could see that this was a man that would never truly die.

    As Isis and her enigmatic opponent shared a greeting far more intimate than words could ever signify, she began to realize that she did not want to kill this man. He had seen a part of her that no one had ever touched. Not Luke. Not any one of her mentors, before they were each tragically snuffed. This man had seen what had twisted her, and he had not shied away. The sight of such a mangled soul should be enough to turn anyone away, but he embraced her, seemingly as interested in her, as she was in he.

    Isis abruptly broke the connection between them. She closed off her mind, and separated them by the Force. She leapt back to her feet as the man was pushed away, still on the ground. She had taken more than enough energy to heal her ribs, and she felt invigorated. If her opponent still seemed intent on attacking her, she would gladly, maybe even easily strike him down.

    The moon was still crumbling around them. The earth vibrated beneath Isis?s feet. Before anything could happen, she spoke.

    ?What is your name??

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  3. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Surface, Shadow

    [blockquote]Insipid stared into the abyss of Isis Steele, and remembered the old anecdote; "When you look into the darkness the darkness looks back at you." And it was true. He looked into her, through the contact she had made, and realised that she was looking back into him. They wrapped around each other, understood each other. He saw the future inside her, the seed of darkness that had been nurtured by her heart, and by the wars, and by the loss of... her masters, he saw. But she did not hate those who had killed them; she resented those individuals who had failed her...

    She broke the contact, backing away. He felt his energy lessen, but he was invigorated nonetheless by the experience. He steadied himself mentally against the shaking of the world around them, remembering where he was, and he realised he was wilting slightly.

    ?What is your name??

    Her eyes were expectant, yet cautious, as well. But he had no fear. She would not escape. ?My name is Darth Insipid. It is a name you will not know. My relation to your Darth Caedus is not for me to tell. But you may consider me what you wish ? I already know what you do. More, Isis.... a Jedi, a Steele??

    ?Yet,? he said, as he stepped forward. ?That?s not just all you are.? Darth Insipid pulled himself up, deactivating his lightsaber. ?You are intrigued. You understand that I, too, understand you. But we also know that wherever this will go?? he pointed his free hand at the exact pocket where she had placed the remote, ?? that needs to come with me. But importantly, so more importantly? so do you.?

    Insipid clipped his hilt to his belt, and then pulled off his gloves, holding out his hands, clear, evident. No danger, no poison, no lightning surrounding his hands. It took all of his willpower to not use the Force on her, to not influence her, to hold himself back. It had to be pure. He held out one palm, face-up.

    He opened himself to her, her, a Jedi, on a world that was shaking itself to death. Her, who stood between him and freedom. Her, who stood between him and the Celestial technology.

    But he knew it was truth.

    Or, as he knew it, as close to truth as he could pull off, anyway.


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    IC: ?Gorog?
    Control Room

    [blockquote]The ball of light ? the malfunctioning memory sphere ? reached out, and absorbed fire and brimstone, and then, retreated, the energy too much for the matrix? driving it back meters ? buying precious seconds for the planet, and for Alec.

    Alec, who had just lost much? if not his mind, on top of it? his skin bubbled, his breath was short, but now he gone over to the Cara-side? his hand touched the wall of controls, and an aperture formed, transforming into liquid which looped around his hand ? disintegrating the glove, so his skin touched the Celestial technology.

    Alec?s eyes suddenly saw an overlay in his minds-eye. It was the galaxy ? and it was dotted with blue dots, and, clustered where Alec knew lay the Unknown Regions, were a gathering of red ? and a faint red dot, between Csilla and Lwhekk. The blue ones were throughout the galaxy ? in the Rim, the Core, and so forth ? often above the galactic plane. One particular blue light, approximate to where Corellia was, flashed yellow ? the only yellow dot on the entire map.

    No, wait. The blue dots flickered yellow, once, and then returned blue?

    The system told Alec the truth; the blue indicated Celestial technology ? and it was ailing. Deeply. The red? Something? Infinite? The translation did not cross the void of his mind well, as if it was being? blocked.

    The blue dot that was Corellia looped out patterns of white, connecting with the other installations, a web that began to strangle the galaxy, and little stars across the galaxy began to blink? targets? many of them were recognisable ? Coruscant, Kuat, Kashyyyk, Bastion, Mon Calamari, Korriban, Gree, Rafa? worlds Alec would not care about? and then there was Mandalore?

    A timer appeared beside him, as a
  4. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Alec Nephrite
    Control Room

    You people and your superweapons...even after whatever hundreds of years have gone by, you're still idiots.

    The pain that Alec had felt moments ago was now gone as his mind seemed to separate from it in order to view the information that was now being transmitted it. There was nothing but that and the cold anger he felt freezing over him as he looked upon the galaxy.

    A sad attempt to give yourself some measure of power over the others. Even the innocent.

    Mandalore blinked amidst the web.

    And then, when you lose control, there's others that will be on it like starving hounds craving for that power.

    The map vanished in a flash of white, being replaced by it as Alec was brought to an area that was surrounded by the color. The only thing off about the setting was the cloaked figure that stood in the middle with yellow eyes that reminded Alec of the Hapan. And within the figure's hand, a lit lightsaber.

    I'm really getting sick of tired of these bugs.

    Alec's visor flashed with color as he raised his head to stare at the intruder, displays coming to life within his newly-repaired helmet. It wasn't the only thing that was repaired he soon saw upon looking down at himself. His armor, completely bent, charred, and outright trashed a minute ago, was in pristine condition. His weapons as well, his shotgun being in hand while his shatter gun was holstered comfortably at his side. As the displays blinked on, Alec saw that his flamethrower, cutting torch, and wrist laser were all in the green.

    He took note of the timer that was settled at the top corner.

    Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes to kill the bad guy and save the galaxy.

    He flexed his fingers, the muscles in his arms, his legs and feet performing small jumps while his head rolled around along his neck. While flexing, he took note of the black substance that rippled upon his arms. Almost like what happened with the map, knowledge that wasn't his came into his mind, telling him exactly what it was. A weapon. An unfamiliar one but a weapon nonetheless.

    I won't even need five.

    Experienced to plenty of combat and having seen quite a few weird things both during then and now, Alec didn't even bat an eye as a glob of matter rose before him and shot forward, the intruder not far behind it. It was the intruder that Alec's cold anger now focused upon.

    Like any true Mandalorian, Alec didn't even take a step back from the assault. Instead, he met it head on. There was none of the limp that he had been handicapped with in the charge that he performed as he ran forward. Ducking under the glob, Alec came helmet-to-cowl with the individual that now stabbed forward with the lightsaber.

    He intended to get a lot closer.

    His beskar-plated shotgun clutched in his left hand, Alec brought it up to knock the lightsaber off to the side while his right hand dug for the holster at his side. Not even slowing down, Alec brought his helmet forward, closer, as the space between it and the cowl of the intruder rapidly disintegrated, the Mandalorian going for a headbutt to knock the figure back and disorient him. His right hand, having unholstered his Verpine shatter gun, was already bringing the weapon up to fire point blank at the individual.

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  5. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Mal Judder
    Back in the Past

    [blockquote]Ringing. There was ringing in his ears, and mud covering his visor. Bloody hell, back in this stupid memory blob and in the middle of a shelling range? Last time I was in a situation like this... Never. Never. Being a commando type made being in the middle of a front-line battle was abnormal in the extreme.

    Muttering to himself, Mal wiped the mud off his visor, along with bits of someone Lovely so that he could actually see what was going on. Being in the bottom of an artillery crater was not his idea of the best place in the world to be, but it was unlikely for another shell to that particular spot.

    Checking his weapons, and equipment, he found everything there, so far as he could tell, just now coated in mud. Mud that had found the cracks in his armor, and water, leaving him filthy, soaked, and in a highly irritated mood.

    As he managed to get to his feet the Trooper saw some... thing falling out of the air. Ignoring the smoking carcass of the kolo monster that he'd managed to kill, the troops that were circling around, who would be unlikely to take kindly to finding a strange looking man in unrecognizable armor in the midst of their battlefield, all that mattered was the creature that now was before him.

    Eyes widening in horror at what... ever had happened to Seth, Mal aimed his blaster rifle and started pouring fire into the monstrosity that lay before him in the ground. The last thing he wanted was for that scumbag to come back into his life. He had more than enough problems to deal with than having to deal with the glory hungry, homicidally idiotic chiss. But with his luck he probably wouldn't kill him. It wouldn't stop him from trying, so he poured near as he could count dozens of shots into the burning body.[/blockquote]


    still really doesn't like seth.:p
  6. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Driggs Norghar
    Tertiary Adjunct Zero-Seventeen, roughly a kilometre south of the cave system

    Nothing goes as planned, when planned hastily.

    Never had that axium proved more true to his mind then when his errant attempt to cross by jumping from drone to drone had ended on his very first landing. As the drone, or rather celestial modular droid as he now began to think of it, reformed around him he was speechless. First from finding himself sliding into something that disturbingly reminded him of a childs seat popular from Llord in the distant galaxy, then by the fact that he was unable to do anything as his mind processed the flood of information that was pouring into his synapsis. If anything, these machines. . .these drones. . .these droids. . .this Nanta-class drone.

    The skematics flooded his mind, and part of him wondered how far such knowledge could propel not only his career in the sciences but the Jedi and his home system of Corellia, and homeworld of Drall in particular in galactic standing. Then again, as liquid reformed to solid metal with a HUD enveloping him, what did it matter if there was no galaxy or home to help?

    His mission, he had to focus. As the air hummed and sang with the discharge of many Celestial drones around him, he felt himself pulled back by the force into the moment as his danger sense screamed for his attention.

    Quickly after reholstering his blaster he hit a button first at random, causing a stray blast to shoot out into the void of the chamber. Focusing he spun, dove, and rose. Feeling out the controls as he realized what they did or how they worked, as much as letting the force guide them to survive. Perhaps he wondered, and soon put wondering to the test, he raced to see if passing under another drone and letting his fur rub against it would in turn create allies out of the other drones as well. If so this quickly could become much more easier to dodge through the chamber if a formation of drones were assisting rather then hindering him.

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  7. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Cara Ta´Manis

    Laughter, her mind was lost. Her thoughts did not even acknowledge her pain. Her body suffered. Agony. Pure, agony. She screamed, out of refelx, out of instinct. But her mind could not stop laughing. This pathetic little creature. mistook the ability to do strange stuff with power. And did not get it. Power had one limit. Idiots could make Mountains move. It was no power. Because idiots would be outsmarted anyway. she was an amateur. and she did not fall? She had to laugh. It was so funny. So very, very funny.

    "Kill me. WHAT PART OF KILL ME DID YOU NOT GET?" She yelled though her clenched teeth and pressed the words through them. Also whispering them into the force.

    And with the force she lifted a rock. she could not aim with it. not yet. No control. Not interested in it. Because she only roughly send it to the thing. it would probably think it was aimed bad. But in truth it was slammed with all her power into the ceiling. the ceiling above and from there she would spread the forcce everywhere. make every stone, every peice of dust move until it collapsed onto them. All the time draining the bugs. Drainign them to death. Even the pain she used. She gathered strength. for every power this no-brain bug send to her, she would only gather more strength from the bugs. She would suck them dry. Then, perhaps he would have learned a lesson about killing someone. If you tried, you better succeeded. And with that thought, she unleashed all she was, against the out walls. Still feeling pain and laughing at the thing.

    "Worse than forgotten. Never known to anybody. Amateur." She hissed the same words she had hissed to Seth. And kept nothing back. her only goal was now to kill. Kill. Everything.

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  8. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Playing catchup, but that doesn't mean I ain't still the man.:p

    IC: Borus'eth'sabosen

    His body was in pain. The pain, seemingly, following the blood vessels to cause Seth the most pain. He would have cried out, but no sound left his mouth until he hit the ground with a thud. Seth clinched his teeth, but laid motionless, yet his eyes darting back and forth as he tried to analyse his surroundings. He had but a second before the foolish Mal Judder started firing at him. Oh, the soldier had a mean streak in him, indeed.

    The new appendages were a new addition to Seth, but they served him well as he used them to crawl out of the line of fire. Click, click. Seth counted until Mal Judder's blaster was empty before stepping out of the hole he had scattered into. At first, he only stared Mal Judder down before giving the man a smile as he looked over his new body.

    While the small, scared adolescent part of Seth wanted to scream at his body's new additions, the disciplined part only bit back his stunned disgust as he made a face at his claw. He held it up, examining it, before using its clamp to clip of the arms attached to his hip. It was painful, but a necessary procedure, for the extra appendages would only hinder him later, he was sure.

    Satisfied with quick work, he spoke without looking at Mal Judder, instead focusing on their surroundings. "Interesting...Interesting, indeed." The voice that he spoke with was deep and guttural. It hurt when he spoke as if someone was scratching a shiv on the inside of his throat with every syllable he spoke. It took him a moment before he could speak again, in this time he began noticing the soldiers on either side of him and Mal Judder. Apparantly, they were on some sort of battlefield.

    "I will disregard that futile attack in light of our current predicament, Mal Judder. What wickedness is this?" He asked as he kept one eye on the soldier while his hand wrapped itself around his holdout blaster.

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  9. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Isis Stele
    Shadow Surface

    Isis knew that what she was engaged in was more dangerous than anything she had ever done. She knew and didn?t back away. She didn?t destroy the device in the pocket on her belt. She just stared.

    Darth Insipid, a Sith, was offering Isis something that she had never truly felt. He was displaying his trust. This was the perfect opportunity for Isis to complete her task. She could stop this Insipid right now. But, instead, she just followed his lead and clipped her lightsaber onto its strap.

    Insipid offered Isis his hand. He had removed his glove. Another show of faith. He wasn?t even urging her with the Force. This interaction was meant to be pure. Isis pushed the cockpit door open with the Force. She nodded towards it.

    ?Let?s go.?

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